Francis M. Wells

 1.  Name and date of birth:  	February 20, 1940
 2.  Academic Rank:  		Associate Professor
 3.  Degrees with fields, institutions and dates:

	Degree		Field			Institution		Degree Date

	Ph.D.		Elect. Engr.		Vanderbilt		1970
	M.S.E.E.	Elect. Engr.		Vanderbilt		1967
	B.E.E.E.	Elect. Engr.		Vanderbilt		1965

 4.  Number of years service on this faculty:  28
 5.  Other related experience:
	Position			Employer			Employment Dates

	Visiting Associate Prof.	University of Illinois		1978-79

 6.  Consulting:
 7.  State in which registered:  Tennessee
 8.  Principal publications in the last five years:
 9.  Scientific and professional societies:
	Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Senior Member
	Power Engineering Society, Nashville Chapter, Past Chairman
	Electric Space Heating and Air Conditioning Committee, IEEE/IAS, Past Chairman
	Industrial Controls Committee, IEEE/IAS, Past Chairman
	IEEE/IAS, Past Chairman
	American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering, Inc., 			Member
	American Association of University Professors, Member
	American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, Member
	Energy Management and Control Society, Charter Member
	National Fire Protection Association, Member

10.  Honors and awards:
	Sigma XI
	Tau Beta Pi
	Eta Kappa Nu
 11. Courses taught in 1994-95 academic year:
							Lab	Lect.	No. Of	    Day or
	Semester	Title				hrs.	hrs.	Sections    Evening
	Fall 94		EE112: Elect. Eng. Science	0	3	1	    Day
			EE264: Energy Conversion	1	3	1	    Day
	Spring 95	EE265: Energy Conversion II	1	3	1	    Day
			EE266: Power Electronics	1	3	1	    Day

12.  Other assigned duties performed during the academic year:
	Director of Graduate Studies
	Chair of the School of Engineering Curriculum Committee
13.  Specific programs in which faculty member has improved teaching and professional competence: