Available through Library of Congress website also proquest

Aug 11, 1841 pg 2: Amateur is informed we know nothing of NYCC beyond fact of
existence nor do we have time to learn

Aug 16, 1842 pg 2: Philidor was even greater at chess than music

Dec 9, 1842 pg 3: Sale private lib SD Langtree includes works on chess (also
other days)

Nov 30, 1843 pg 1: Battle descrip says chess players will understand was
exactly like the capture of the P in the Muzio Gambit

Feb 14, 1844 pg 1: Chess Player's Hand Book pubd

June 12, 1844 pg 4: Article on Jean Paul Frederick Richter mentions study of
chess as youth

June 22, 1844 pg 1: Henry Clay's recreations include chess

Aug 31, 1844 pg 3: (also other days) List books for sale includes Walker, 
Labourdonnais, Anderssen, Deschapelles (whist), CPC, Lewis, Palamede, Chess 
Exemplified, Alexandre, Handbuch, Jaenisch, Carrera, Penn, Taschenbuch, Stein, 
Bledow, Mendheim

Oct 24, 1844 pg 2: Prof Rodgers coming to NY, indisputable thagt people 
magnnetized by him have played blind chess

Nov 22, 1844 pg 2: Checkers by telegraph played Baltimore vs Washington using
Morse's telegraph, will play chess next

Dec 11, 1844 pg 2: Prof Rodgers mesmerism exhibit included Miss Martha 
playing chess w eyes bandaged and beating opponent Dr Sherwood

Dec 12, 1844 pg 3: Professor Rogers magnetizer and phrenologist performance
exhibit assisted by Miss Loomis the great chess-player while in the magnetic
state (also other days)

Mar 26, 1845 pg 3: Any who want chess instruction write CW at Trib office
(also other days)

Apr 5, 1845 pg 1: Review book Phreno-Mnemotechny by Francis Fauvel Gouraud 
includes the problem of chess-play

July 7, 1845 pg 4: Ad for New English Works includes Souvenir of the British CC

July 15, 1845 pg 4: Usu Potter on 1st man to beat chess automaton in US
died in drunkard's grave

Sept 29, 1845 pg 2: Nathan Taylor of Montgomery Cty TX shot dead while playing
chess w wife, assassin unknown

Sept 2, 1846: Ad for The Palladium to be ed by strong Bkln player, to be
issued by Oct 1 (also other days eg Sept 29 says ed Marache)

Nov 28, 1850 pg 1: Family Journal has chess (also other days)

Nov 29, 1850 pg 6: Peek into exchange notes dozen chess tables taken up early

June 24, 1851 pg 7: Usu story Capt Thomas in middle corr match vs Williamson
ordered to Cape of Good Hope, while dying told how colleagues should play out
game and won

July 29, 1852 pg 7: Relics of Schiller's house include bd on which claim
Goethe and Schiller played; writer dismisses because games are resources
of the vacant

Oct 9, 1852 pg 4: General Scott's chief recreations conversation, reading,

Feb 2, 1853 pg 5: Long account Prof Alphonso Perrin lecture on
Home and its Influences

June 11, 1853 pg 6: Rcvd Anti-Fanaticism by Miss Martha Haines Butt response
to Uncle Tom's Cabin. In extenuation of its wishy-washy insipidity she informs
us she as youth on her side

Feb 17, 1854 pg 1: (also Fulton Cty site) 8 player NYCC tnmt near end survivors
Loyd and Perrin play tonight for prize chess set, all welcome

Sept 29, 1854 pg 1: NY Journal ad has chess prob

(also from Fulton County site) Mar 8, 1855 pg 1 col 4: NY Sat Courier is the
organ of the NYCC, and is now recording the doings in full of the chess tnmt
which has just started

(also from Fulton County site) July 12, 1855 pg 7: O'Sullivan, US Minister at
Lisbo said to be 1 of best US, beaten 21-3-3 by St Amant

(also from Fulton County site) Nov 7, 1855 pg 1 col 1: Reg mtgs Bkln CC each Wed

Feb 23, 1856 pg 1: Frank Leslies has chess (also other days)

May 24, 1856 pg 1: Frank Leslies will soon have portrait grps leading US
player s including Stanley, Thompson, Perrin, Marache, Mead, WJA Fuller of NY,
Thomas Loyd of Keyport, HP Montgomery of Philad, G Hammond of Boston,
Geo Roberts of Bkln

Nov 13, 1856 pg 1: Greatest chess player in world now engaged on chess dept
Porter's Spirit

Mar 20, 1857 pg 1: Porters Spirit has chess col (also other days)

Mar 28, 1857 pg 1: Ad for Inquire Within mentions chess (also other days)

May 13, 1857 pg 5: Obit Judge Thomas J Oakley, late Chief Justice NYC Superior 
Court.  Noted as great novel reader and chess player til end life

Aug 4, 1857 pg 3: Article on life in Mauritius says went to Govt House found
Mme la Gouvernante playing chess w young officer; Mrs S agreeable, intelligent,

Aug 19, 1857 pg 7: Chess universal game. France has Philidor, Labourdonnais, 
Deschapelles England Staunton, Scotland McDonnell, Germany Anderssen and Lasa.
Invented Trojan War/Petrea (Arabs)/Hindoo/China. Caxton 1st printed English.
US has players take odds from none, plan congress, subscrips and promises
attendance from PA, IL, LA, OH, CA, ME, MA, CT, NJ, MD, VA, the Carolinas,
AL, MO, IA, MN, NY. Willdiscuss US chess code, Grand tnmt starts Oct 5
pair by lot, 4 prizes, KO. Also minor tnmt, tnmt book, prob tnmt

Oct 3, 1857 pg 5: Chess and coming congress. Newton traced chess to Arabia-
Petrea may learn more when sealed country opens. Asia before Europe. Caxton 1st
book English; chess enthusiast ade set frm Caxton old house when pulled down 
few yrs ago. Always popular England. Cromwell played, infamous Judge Jeffreys
played w young lady for life of her lover. Duke of Cumberland (hero of Culloden
and Fontenoy) proficient as was rival Marshall Saxe who was good problemist and
player. Columbus and discovery America story. US congress starts next wk. CCs
in all large cities, players coming from CA, Mexico, Cuba. Starts Tues, 1st
US. Rec subscribe, Ben Franklin would concur; treas James Thompson of 
Broadway. NYCC originated idea. NY may well win but astonishing things vouched
for players from LA, IA

Oct 7, 1857 pg 5: NY congress started. Banners of US, GB, France, Germany,
Austria, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, Sardinia w names chps. NYCC pres Col Mead
opened, all agree to make Hon AB Meek pres. Meek 6'4 in stockings, spoke on
merits chess hopes taught in schools excellent speech. Other officers
George Hammond (Boston), Albert R Gallatin (NY), Prof Henry Vethake (PA),
Hiram Kennicott (IL), Thomas Frere, Frederick Edge, Robert J Dodge,
William Miller, D Julien, S Heilbuth. Col Mead read report mngmt cttee.
Suggested Chess Monthly Mar, NYCC acted, prov cttee CD Mead, F Perrin.
WW Montgomery, J Thompson, DW Fiske sounded out country, circular Apr 17
hearty response. Majority chose NY tho some wanted Philad as traditional seat
US chess. Discussed w Philad, NY could raise more money. NY+Bkln formed cttee
Charles D Mead, Charles H Stanley, James Thompson, Theodore Lichtenhein
(says stein), WW Montgomery, F Perrin, Daniel S Roberts, Thomas Frere.
Depression forced to reduce prizes but great gathering. Chess code cttee
Vethake, Samuel Lewis (Philad), Paul Morphy, Prof HR Agnel, Col Mead, 
Daniel Fiske, Hon AB Meek. Amer CA cttee AR Gallatin, Henry R Worthington
(Bkln), Hammond, James Morgsn (Chicago), TD Grotjan (San Fran). Tnmt
results Knott (Bkln) leads Perrin 1-0, Paulsen leads Calthrop (CT) 1-0,
Meek leads WJA Fuller 1-0, H Kennicott leads Dr Raphael (KY) 1-0, Morphy
leads J Thompson 2-0, Allison (MN) vs Montgomery (PA) tied 1-1, Stanley
vs Lichtenhein not started, Marache vs Fiske not started

Oct 8, 1857 pg 5: NY tnmt report. Many spectators including Hon Fernando Wood,
Marquis de Montholon; Lieut Gen Scott fair player great admirer also likely
to come. Paulsen-Calthrop 3-0, Hardman Phillips Montgomery-Allison 3-1,
Fiske leads Marache 1-0, Fuller leads Meek 2-0, Dr Raphael vs Kennicott 1-1,
Perrin vs Knott 1-1. Morphy did not play tnmt game but beat Hammond 2-0, 
Col Mead 2-0, Thompson 1-0. Paulsen will prob play 4 blind; general agreement
Morphy or Paulsen will win tnmt. Minor tnmt lists open, so far Frere (Bkln),
Keyes (Boston), Adolphe Mohle (NY), D Julien (NY), M Mantin (NY), Anderson (NY),
John S Dunning (NY). Automaton expected at congress next wk. Arrivals include
Lewis Elkin (Philad) and several other Athenaeum players w more coming. Brady
to take photo 16 grand tnmt players

Oct 9, 1857 pg 5: NY tnmt report. Morphy-Thompson 3-0 in next rd w Paulsen,
Montgomery. Fiske-Marache 2-0, Kennicott vs Raphael 1st D of tnmt. Surprise
non-appearance Stanley, expected today. Adj congress mtg, meek chair; Robert 
J Dodge read report on chess code. Congress adjourned; Morphy won game vs
Paulsen and another vs Montgomery; Morphy and Paulsen to play again today.
Sat Paulsen blind vs Elkin, Frere, Fuller, Julien, Morphy who will also play 

Oct 10, 1857 pg 5: Stanley, 20 yr noted player, 1st appearance congress. Unfit
for play unwell past 3 days, lost to Lichtenhein. Paulsen won game from 
S Heilbuth who made slip in wonb game. Heilbuth cannot play due biz, some talk
of $500/side match vs Paulsen after congress. Paulsen vs Morphy draw 6 hrs.
Tnmt Fiske ill could not play, Knott and Perrin did not play, Kennicott leads
Raphael 2-1-1, Meek vs Fuller 1-1-1 or 2-2-1. Paulsen 1st ever 4 blind today.
Philidor 3 weaker than self, Harrwitz opponents much weaker or extracts odds;
Paulsen says plays as well blind as OTB last Sunday 2-1 blind lost only due
teller incorrect annoucement. Much excitement over blind exhibit, Mayor

Oct 12, 1857 pg 6-7: Congress report. Stanley there early in full health ready
to play, Stanley won game 2 to even match vs Lichtenhein. Montgomery, Morphy,
Paulsen have advanced; Raphael, Kennicott, Meek, Fuller, Fiske each need to
play concluding game; Allison, Calthotp, Thompson elim; Marache won 1st game.
Paulsen blind exhibit. 970 AD Greek named Joseph Tchelebi played blind match
in Tripoli, Syria. Saracen Buzecca 1266 in Florence 2 blind while 3d OTB.
Carrera mentions good blind players eg Mangiolini of Florence, Zedrone,
Madrano, Ruy Lopez, Paolo Boi. Begin last century Girolamo Saccheri could play
4 blind. Philidor 3 blind, Harrwitz also 3 blind but takes odds if strong;
won double blind vs Anderssen. Labourdonnais 2, any 1st rate 1. Paulsen age 24
native Lippe-Detmold, came to US 18 mos ago to become citizen, tobacco dealer
Dubuque w brother. Learned chess age 5 as father taught brother age 10. Age 14
read Life of Philidor, tried blind play and succeeded, had never lost blind
game til came to NY. Has not played noted European tho at age 18 challenged
Anderssen who had just won London tnmt, never replied. Chicago CC brought to
attention of NY; club mems did not believe tales of 4 blind. Last Sat 2-0
blind, following Sat 2-1 vs strong opponents lost due misled on opponents
move. 4 blind at congress vs Morphy (also blind), WJA Fuller, Julien, Schultz
all noted players. 8 hrs, not fatigued, lost to Morphy, beat Schultz, large edge
vs Fuller, prob D vs Julien. Quiet and reserved, immense head, features lower
part little proportion to upper, tall. Phrenologists Fowler+Wells full report
given. Comprehensiveness, largeness thought+feeling, large brain, prudent+
cautious, great executive power, not notably warm-hearted or social or
cunning or ambitious, great sympathy, good will, ingenious+versatile, not
imitative but active sense wit, large frontal lobe, observant, excellent
calculation+planning+math talent+knowledge place, not musical or talkative,
critical analyst, wanting youthfulness+suavity. Chess talent due large brain,
of good quality, coolness and prudence, perception; phrenological development
harmonizes perfectly w chess reputation

Oct 13, 1857 pg 5: Decide to hold congress banquet Sat. Raphael-Kennicottt
joins Montgomery, Paulsen, Morphy. Stanley leads Lichtenhein 2-1, Knott beat
Perrin, Meek vs Fuller and Fiske vs Marache unplayed. Rd 2 pairings drawn Morphy
vs Meek or Fuller, Raphael vs Fiske or Marache, Perrin or Knott vs Stanley or
Lichtenhein, Paulsen vs Montgomery. Paulsen blind finishes beats Shultz, Fuller;
lost to Morphy; D vs Julien; great feat. Report on Amer CA given, to be called
Amer Natl CA, congress every 3 yrs, approved, motion by Elkin includes next
congress Philad

Oct 14, 1857 pg 8: Congress report. Meek-Fuller 20 min 15 moves to advance 5 moves to advance 5 moves to advance 5 moves to advance 5 moves to advance 
shortest in moves and time. Paulsen won game 1 vs Montgomery. Meek to play
Morphy regarded = or superior to any in world, Morphy won game 1. Lichtenhein
wins tied 2-2 vs Stanley. Perrin drew Knott, Fiske and Marache did not play.
Minor tnmt pairings JS Dunning (NY) vs Edward Feldner (NJ), MM Mantin (NY) vs 
Adolphe Mohle (NY), Thomas Frere (Bkln) vs D Julien (NY), M Solomons (NY) vs
John Tobias (NY), CE Anderson (NY) vs AF Higgins (NY), Robt J Dodge (NY) vs
Wm Miller (NY), Wm Horner (Bkln) vs Bernard Carples (NY), Dr Jas W Stone 
(Boston) vs Lieut Seebach (NY). Anderson won 3-0, Sunning won 1, Julien 1, Stone
and Seebach 2 each, Dodge 1, Horner 1; Solomons vs Tobias unf, Mantin and Mohle
did not meet. Many signed up for chess dinner. Excellent photo by Brady

Oct 16, 1857 pg 6: Marache 1st appearance, won game 1 vs Fiske. Morphy-Meek
leads 2-0, Paulsen vs Montgomery adj. Minor tnmt Anderson 3 Dunning 1 
Seebach 2 Mohle 1 Julien 1 Solomons 1 Stone 2 Dodge 1 Horner 1 Miller 1
Mantin 1. Consulting match planned North: Col Mead+HP Montgomery+Paulsen
vs South: Meek+Morphy+Raphael. Paulsen to play 5 blind before congress ends

Oct 19, 1857 pg 6: On congress banquet. Thx Denis Julien for opening hotel to
CC. Immense cake w chess bd icing. Meek at 1 end, Mead other; all but Paulsen
present. Speeches Mead, Meek and all guests including reps Herald, Express,
Evening Post, Trib. Julien in French accent said only bartender drinking
and he does not play chess. Perring praise chess given. Morphy eloquent speech
will make excellent lawyer. Songs by Julien, Meek given in full; Julien's in
French. Ended 11:45.

Oct 20, 1857 pg 5: Congress mtg cont. Adopt report on Amer Natl CA; Morphy 
submits Mead as pres 2d Marache, declined so Meek proposed, declined since
should be central noted Philad also wanted Mead, agrees to do so. Other
officers Meek, HP Montgomery, James Morgan (IL); on motion John S Dunning
Dr Samuel Lewis (PA), Daniel W Fiske (NY), James Thompson (NY). Chess code
cttee Prof George Allen (PA), Prof Henry Vethake (PA), Morphy, Prof HR Agnel 
(West Point NY), Dr Raphael (KY). Rcvd 2 ltrs from Loewenthal, re always gvg
W 1st move and analysis P+1 game. Elect 7 hon mems Loewenthal, Staunton,
Lasa, St Amant, Jaenisch, Anderssen, George Walker; on motion Schultz each
to rcv copy congress book. Paulsen 5 blind tomorrow

Oct 21, 1857 pg 5: 1st sec tnmt ends Marache-Fiske; Fiske only recent player
entered to make 16 but won 1st 2 games. Dr Raphael won game 1 vs Marache, well
matched will be close. Winner to meet Paulsen, Lichtenhein vs Morphy. Minor
tnmt rd 2 pairings Solomons vs Anderson, Mantin vs Dunning or Feldner,
Horner vs Julien, Miller vs Seebach. 1 of Paulsen's sisters, wife of a
physician who used to play even w Paulsen but out of practice came; lost
to Perrin but beat Meek. Paulsen 5 simul tonight vs Checbik Oscanyon of 
Constantinople, Thomas Frere (Bkln), Robert J Dodge (NY), Dr Haws 
(Providence), S Heilbuth (NY). Oscanyon well known in Turkey but little time
since here

Oct 24, 1857 pg 5: Paulsen finishes blind simul 4-0-1 drew Robert J Dodge; 
S Heilbuth had winning game but blundered thru overconfidence, Oscanyan and
Frere played well. Seemed unfatigued said could easily play 6 or 7 seems
no limit

Oct 26, 1857 pg 7: Natl congress expected 2 wks already 3 wks due biz for many
in tnmt; several connected w banks and insurance cos, late panic kept from
chess or played too fast and lost. Prize winners left Morphy vs Theodore
Lichtenhein, Paulsen vs BJ Raphael MD; minor tnmt Lieut Seebach vs
William Horner, M Mantin vs M Solomons. Grand tnmt prizes prob $300,100,66,33
but if not so high no disappointment playing for victory not money. Morphy
leads Lichtenhein 2-0; Morphy a prodigy beat all in tnmt and all others who 
tried including those who have won from European greats and claim Morphy best;
has played nearly 100 games lost just 2. Blind play attracted visitors
including Rev Dr Vinton, Dr Cressy (Auburn), Rev Ray (Bkln) et al. Saloon
rooms excellent

Oct 28, 1857 pg 4: Natl congress Morphy-Lichtenhein 3-0-1, Paulsen leads Raphael
1-0-1 game 2 14 hr D. Minor tnmt Solomons-Mantin 3-0, Horner leads Lieut Seebach
2-1. Prizes will not be in cash as prev stated but in plate

Oct 29, 1857 pg 5: Paulsen wins hard game vs Raphael who resigned 3d game of
his section, will start playing Lichtenhein for 3d/4th. Morphy, Paulsen each 
clean score except 1 D, will start 5 up match. Solomons, Horner D game in minor
tnmt playoff. Lieut Seebach (of old Municipal Police)-Mantin 3-1 for 3d in
minor tnmt

Nov 3, 1857 pg 3: Natl congress conts; grand tnmt Lichtenhein 3d Raphael 4th,
minor tnmt Lieut Seebach 3d, M Mantin 4th. Horner vs Solomons 1-1-1. Much
excitement Morphy vs Paulsen. Morphy won 1st, had 2d won but reversed move
order ended 13 hr D; Paulsen won 3d Morphy said outplayed him several ladies
spectators. Paulsen feels Morphy best in world and will beat him in fact best
ever. Despite attacks on certain clergymen in religious papers for visiting
tnmt, clergy out in force; no sect ever forbade chess, apparently ed new to
duties and vindictive rather than Christian motives. Plan prize ceremony and
testimonial to Paulsen for 5 blind descrip [strikes me as odd] massive gold
shield pendant by crimson velvet ribbon from golden eagle holding US flag,
gold buckle+fringe, face on shield full length portrait Paulsen, inscribed,
designed and executed by congress mems

Nov 3, 1857 pg 5: Morphy, Paulsen D game 4, game 5 adj. Minor tnmt Horner D vs
Solomons; both at 1-1-2. Match on tapis Mophy vs 5 best NYCC consulting

Nov 7, 1857 pg 7: Morphy beats Paulsen after gallant struggle; Paulsen declared
from start Morphy would win. Morphy won 5-1-2. Morphy peer best Europe, now
household name. Prize presentation next wk, Paulsen to be given testimonial for
blind play. Horner leads Solomons 4-2-2 in minor tnmt; will cont at NYCC

Nov 9, 1857 pg 3: Publish 2 games, 1 by hot blood of Southern sky, other by
phlegmatic Teuton blind vs Raphael. Paulsen sure could play 8 would not be 
surprised if someone plays 20. Many feel Paulsen better blind than OTB, he
feels so himself and is curious for Morphy's opinion; self-taught. Morphy
native genius plus study; horrible wit of supporter called him "nascitur non
fit, w heaps of the fit piled on the nascitur. Tnmt book to be ed well-known
Scandinavian scholar and ed Chess Monthly Fiske and Morphy; has photo Morphy
playing Paulsen Morphy combines brilliance McDonnell, soundness Philidor. Game 
Paulsen-Morphy 4N  B28 2:55. 1 of 3 blind Game Paulsen-Dr BI Raphael Scotch W25 
3:30; Raphael had to leave Paulsen willing to cont, Perrin came forward but
decided clear win for Paulsen did not cont

Nov 12, 1857 pg 5: Chess congress ends. Meek not present to award prizes, Mead
chair. Pleasant harmony thruout tnmt. Winners Morphy, Paulsen, Lichtenhein,
Dr BJ Raphael; minor tnmt William Horner (Bkln), Moses Solomons(NY), Lieut
Seebach (NY), Martin Mantin (NY). Inscrip on Morphy plate given. Rec Chess 
Monthly to all. Speech for Paulsen testimonial, Paulsen speech given calls
these days happiest of life and praise US. Ask all to join Natl CA. D Julien
offers rooms at hotel for NYCC in future

Nov 13, 1857 pg 1: NY Wkly Trib Nov 14 has chess congress

Nov 28, 1857 pg 7: Morphy challenged NYCC to match of 5,7 or more games gvg P+1;
taken up by Charles H Stanley, starts tonight, 7 up

Jan 22, 1858 pg 1: Ad for Chess Monthly (also other days)

Jan 27, 1858 pg 6: Morphy 3 blind NO

Apr 13, 1858 pg 6: La Magicienne in Paris includes danced game of chess uses
trap doors brilliant spectacle

May 4, 1858 pg 8: Boston YMCA discussing whether Christians to play chess.
The question has not yet been taken

May 12, 1858 pg 4: Applying for boarder as chess companion in country, must
be 1st rate player, low terms, contact RC (NY)

June 10, 1858 pg 7: Morphy left for Europe

June 28, 1858 pg 7: NYCC new rooms will be open 10 AM to midnight, formally
opened, speakers pres Theodore Lichtenhein, sec Robert J Dodge, Denis Julien,
Heilbuth, Thompson, Fiske, Perrin, Frere, Stanley et al. Flourishing, more
strong players than any 2 other CCs in US

July 21, 1858 pg 7: Morphy playing Lewen and Staunton incognito story, have

July 26, 1858 pg 3: From Bell's Life. Morphy arrives London, challenges any to
match 100 to 1000L 11 up would like to start at once plans to go to Birmingham
end Aug, not in private room, play daily none unf; we hope would insist on
plan to regulate time to prevent shabby resource. Means chess and nothing but

Aug 2, 1858 pg 6: Staunton accepts Morphy challenge begin Sept

Aug 4, 1858 pg 4: On Morphy from London Press; have elsewhere

Aug 6, 1858 pg 6: From Chess Monthly. Rcvd ltr from Morphy and other corrs
England. So far 13-6 vs Barnes, 3-1-2 vs Boden, 2-1 vs Owen, 2-0 vs Hampton,
6-0 vs Lowe. Morphy+Barnes-Owen+Staunton 2-0. Many odds games won almost all.
Match vs Staunton after Birmingham 500L/side. Starting 7 up vs Loewenthal 50L.
Rousseau, Bryan, Edge w Morphy in London

Sept 8, 1858 pg 6: From Bell's Life Aug 23. Morphy playing all w success. We
believe a phenom, best since McDonnell+Labourdonnais. Leads Loewenthal 8-3-1.
19-7 vs Barnes, 5-1-3 vs Boden, 10-1-1 vs Bird, 2-0 vs Hampton, 6-0 vs Lowe,
4-1 vs Owen then 5-0-2 gvg P+1 and will be another match gvg P+2. Has had
little time to play London CC anticipate good battle w their most promising
Geo Medley who we believe destined to go far. Morphy excellent health. Has
challenged Staunton 3 times 1st inviting to New orleans when replied desired to
play but too far to travel, 2d time in person when said needed few wks
practice. 3d in writing, repeat response love to play but no date; will play
any conditions. Morphy traveler cannot wait til 1860. If declines will prob
go to Paris to play Harrwitz then Germany to play Anderssen

Sept 13, 1858 pg 5: From Birmingham Journal. Morphy 7-0-1 blind beat Lyttelton,
Salmon, Avery, Carr, D Freeman, Rhodes, YR Wills; did not beat Kipping. Match
vs Staunton 500L/side starts Nov 1

Sept 23, 1858 pg 5: Morphy loses 1st game vs Harrwitz 3 hrs (pg 4?)

Sept 28, 1858 pg 8: Morphy vs Harrwitz 2-2, 7 up

Sept 29, 1858 pg 3: Worcester prodigy learned moves less than yr ago, now
plays 3 blind

Oct 1, 1858 pg 5: Morphy needs just 1 more to beat Harrwitz who is said to be
best Europe, employed to challenge all comers Regence

Oct 1, 1858 pg 7: Ltrs to ed Chess Monthly on Morphy in Paris. Leads Harrwitz 
3-2 250 fr/side, great crowds Regence, 1st sitting for Lequesne bust highest
honor yet, treated like god, dines w Duke of Brunswick Sunday, unconscious all
looking at him at Theatre Francais til pointed out, all want intro, players
from Labourdonnais time speak w greatest reverence, After Harrwitz goes to
Berlin and Breslau to play Anderssen, Lange, Mayet who w Lasa best German;
regret Lasa duties Prussian Minister Rio preclude mtg. ILN has portrait and
bio w 8 blind games played Birmingham

Oct 2, 1858 pg 7: Hudson Cty CC orgd, officers Rev JJ Bowden, Illnois Winter,
JS Flemming Jr, Walter Rutherford; cttee WT Van Riper, CN Jordan

Oct 7, 1858 pg 1: Harpers Wkly has Morphy in Paris

Oct 13, 1858 pg 4: Morphy beats Harrwitz; last known score 5-2

Oct 15, 1858 pg 5: Morphy 6-0-2 blind Paris, took no refreshment did not
seem fatigued

Oct 20, 1858 pg 7: Descrip Morphy 8 blind Paris. Journoud, Riviere tellers.
Baucher, Bierwith, Bornemann, Lequesne, Potier, Preti, Seguin, all old or 
middle aged Morphy 21. Spoke perfect French. 10 hrs never rose occasionally
crossed legs calm thruout. Spectators advised players so played vs 50.
Great applause. Prof Morse very interested in chess present; octagenarian
player stroked Morphy's head as if child. No beard looks like schoolboy.
May never be another such mind. Harrwitz vs Morphy resumed in private room,
D, Morphy leads 4-2-1. Much money bet, Harrwitz backers not wanting back bone;
Morphy has friends from New orleans ready to back for any sum

Oct 21, 1858 pg 4: Morphy-Harrwitz 5-2-1 retires due illness

Oct 25, 1858 pg 2: A few more mems wanted to complete private chess party in
upper part of city, write Trib office

Oct 29, 1858 pg 5: Harrwitz abandoned match vs Morphy in despair on doctor's

Oct 29, 1858 pg 7: London Era on Morphy; gives ltr to Staunton says not a pro
but has backing. Harrwitz down 5-2 to Morphy claimed too ill to play asked
15 day postponement tho played others at Regence; Morphy refuses stakes.
ILN does not print Morphy ltr claims lacks space; Post decries Staunton
contemptuous criticism Morphy games while avoiding match. Morphy expected
back London before end of yr

Nov 4, 1858 pg 6: Ltr from Philad says long noted for chess skill, Morphy
gvg fresh impetus, evening paper starting col, chess sets in great demand,
chess tables fashionable

(from Fulton County site) Nov 8, 1858 pg 5: NYCC vs Philad Athenaeum telegraph
match likely next wk. Same pg deaths Dr Lehfeldt, Matschecko. Anderssen plans
to come to Paris Dec 18 for match vs Morphy

Nov 9, 1858 pg 6: Staunton declines Morphy challenge citing lit concerns

Nov 10, 1858 pg 5: Morphy vs Harrwitz restarted, Anderssen coming from Breslau
over Xmas to play Morphy

Nov 12, 1858 pg 6: Manchester to invite Morphy for pub dinner before US return

Nov 17, 1858 pg 5: On NY vs Philad telegraph match. 7/side Washington vs
Baltimore 1844, Portsmouth vs London 1845. Single game Louisville vs Nashville
took just 3 hrs. NY: Lichtenhein+Perrin+Fiske+Mead+Thompson vs Philad:
Montgomery+Randolph+Lewis+Elkin+Thomas. Marache prevented from playing due
other engagements. NY-Philad French 2.Bc4 1-12

Nov 20, 1858 pg 1: Sat Press Nov 20 has chess (Nov 27 pg 1)

Nov 22, 1858 pg 6: NY-Philad 20-31

Nov 24, 1858 pg 7: On Morphy testimonial. Pres Theodore Lichtenhein, sec
Daniel W Fiske, treas James Thompson; cttee Hon John Van Buren, Judge
James R Whiting, Col Chas D Mead, Baron Regis de Trobriand, Hon 
Thos Addis Emmet, Alfred Seton, Hy R Worthington, WJA Fuller, A Foster Higgins,
JL Graham Jr, Dr Wm Walton, S Heilbuth, John S Dunning

Nov 25, 1858 pg 3: On Morphy ltr to Lord Lyttelton wants to let it be known
that match falling thru not Morphy's fault

Nov 27, 1858 pg 1: Sat Press chess col contents includes EB Cook vs Perrin game
(also other days)

Nov 27, 1858 pg 6: Field on Morphy triumphs, crossed ocean w chivalrous
challenge, straightforward, Staunton condemnation universal Paris and London;
no apology for attitude England must seek new chp; believe all Europe must
bow to Morphy

Nov 27, 1858 pg 7: 2d NY vs Philad game not yet started tho game 1 ended Thurs.
1st game drawn. NY-Philad 47-D58

Dec 15, 1858 pg 7: Morphy-Budzinski (says Ludinski) 7-0 noted Polish player
came to Paris just to play him, Morphy easily beat Laroche who he calls best
French. Riviere who is = or next to Laroche has occasionally won game; bro
of Capt Riviere of Blount infamy, gentlemanlyy, handsome, speaks English since
mother Scotch. Beat Frenchman named Erkel who came w friends and mocked Morphy
but was destroyed

Dec 20, 1858 pg 1: Boys+Girls Own Mag starting series chess articles (also 
other days)

Dec 20, 1858 pg 7: Bkln CC accepts invite from Hudson Cty CC, starts Mon
Jersey City

Dec 20, 1858 pg 7: 2d NY vs Philad telegraph Game Philad-NY Scotch 1-13

Dec 22, 1858 pg 5: Game 2 Philad-NY Scotch 1-19

Dec 23, 1858 pg 5: Philad-NY 20-27

Dec 24, 1858 pg 5: 2d match also L Paulsen-Pittsburg CC 6-4 9:45

Dec 29, 1858 pg 5: Game 2 Philad-NY Scotch W39

Dec 29, 1858 pg 6: Chess boom, great demand for chess sets. Room crowded for
telegraph match

Jan 3, 1859 pg 1: NY Sat Press ad has chess

Jan 11, 1859 pg 3: Morphy vs Anderssen starts, 7 up, Anderssen leads 1-0-1

Jan 11, 1859 pg 6: Harrwitz 6-1-1 blind, 7:30, witnesses include Duke of
Brunswick, Prince Galitzin, Anderssen et al; felt could play 12 as easily

Jan 13, 1859 pg 3: Lequesne fine marble bust Morphy, placed next to those
Philidor, Labourdonnais at Regence, duplicates on sale. Times on Morphy vs
Anderssen; Anderssen plays faster, neither talks, Morphy more originality while
Anderssen more experience; Tues D, Wed Morphy won 2

Jan 14, 1859 pg 1: Ad for The American Chess Book ed Fiske assisted by
Morphy+Paulsen [congress book?]

Jan 14, 1859 pg 5: Morphy-Anderssen 7-2-2

Jan 18, 1859 pg 3: Game 1 Morphy-Anderssen Evans B72 Game 2
Anderssen-Morphy Ruy D44 Game 3 Morphy-Anderssen Ruy W21 Game 4
Anderssen-Morphy Ruy B51 Game 5 Morphy-Anderssen Center Ctr W53 Game 6
Anderssen-Morphy 1.a3 B42 Game 7 Morphy-Anderssen Center Ctr W25 Game 9
Morphy-Anderssen Sic W17 Game 11 Morphy-Anderssen French 2..b6 W35. Morphy
won 7-2-2. Omitting game 8 D and tedious game 10 won by Anderssen 77 moves.
All above excelllent, game 9 considered most brilliant. Makes clear Morphy
best lvg

Jan 21, 1859 pg 7: NYCC match brought to conclusion after 2 mos, Shultz-Thompson
wins fine chess bd. Thompson played in late match vs Philad

Jan 22, 1859 pg 6: Usu Anderssen must think playing vs Prince of Darkness story

Jan 28, 1859 pg 5: Loewenthal resume chess 1858 notes Green on Indian prodigy
Rhumchunder Kurranchicer believes best in world, need Morphy vs him

Feb 28, 1859 pg 6: Cosmopolitan CC orgd San Fran, 100 mems, said to be larger
and have finer rooms than any in world

Mar 4, 1859 pg 1: Ad for Chess Players Instructor

Mar 19, 1859 pg 1: Ad for Appleton's Amer Cyclopaedia notes DW Fiske article
on chess

Apr 4, 1859 pg 6: Morphy-Mongredien 7-0-1, plans to visit Berlin

Apr 5, 1859 pg 1: New book ad Secret and Art of Chess by J Monroe (also other 

Apr 6, 1859 pg 7: Hudson Cty CC officers Rev JJ Bowdon, J Fleming Jr, 
Jason Torrey, AO Dummer; cttee Ellis Winter, Wm Hamilton, AJ Post

Apr 7, 1859 pg 1: Ad mentions the Morphy hat (also other days)

Apr 22, 1859 pg 5: Last mtg NYCC before moving to new rooms. Testimonial cttee
chair says Morphy arrives late May, no public demonstration on arrival will
meet w ctttee to pick time to present set and watch prob by John Van Buren
and WJA Fuller. Raising dues to $10/yr + 5 init fee; 64 say intend to remain
mems at this rate

Apr 23, 1859 pg 4: Baron v Steuben liked chess

Apr 26, 1859 pg 1: 2 new chess probs in Boys+Girls Mag for May (also other days)

May 6, 1859 pg 5: Morphy feted London, 2-0-6 blind, about to leave for US

May 12, 1859 pg 1: Ad for Edge's book has extract London Times Morphy 8
blind London beat Alfred Jones and Maude other 6 D; also ad Loewenthal book
w Morphy endorsement (also other days)

May 14, 1859 pg 6: Morphy arrives NY, warmly rcvd, arrangements being made
for presentations. Last 3 evenings at NYCC. 3 games vs Perrin gvg N, won. 
Will present Tiffany set and watch. Union CC to present silver laurel wreath
on 19th, Dr S Waterman to present. Morphy modest and quiet reception free of
usu clap-trap shows peace hath victories no less renowned than war

May 16, 1859 pg 7: Morphy visited German CC, played 4 games vs club pres
Isidor and 2 vs Bereke, both Germans, gvg N; won all. Boyish looking, dark
brown hair, dark eyes, pale face indicating delicate health; plays coolly
sometimes takes considerable time others quickly. Games diuscussed. Will
visit Boston, Edward Everett, Oliver Wendell Holmes et al will address.
Telegraphs from all over asking way home so can give reception

May 18, 1859 pg 7: Morphy visits CCs rooms daily; if any beat him 9 in 10
insist had given it away on purpose

May 21, 1859 pg 1: Tiffany ad displaying Morphy set (also other days)

May 23, 1859 pg 7: Morphy testimonial presenttion Wed. Descrip chess set and
bd, made at Tiffanys cost $1000

May 26, 1859 pg 5: Morphy to visit Boston Fri as guest Boston CC, dinner 
chair Oliver Wendell Holmes. Full coverage Morphy testimonial. Platform had
John Van Buren, Charles O'Conor et al. Col Charles Mead intro. Full John
Van Buren speech. Chess universal, writings of Goldsmith, Sir William Jones,
Franklin played by Tamerlane, Elizabeth, Louis XIV, Charles V, Charles XII,
Catherine of Medici, Frederick of Prussia, Leo X, Franklin, Voltaire,
Napoleon; K John and elector Saxony who was playing Ernest of Brunswick 
whose descendant you beatm Granada, da Cutri, Ruy Lopez, Philidor, Labourdonnais
and McDonnell. Blind play. Read ltr from Prof Morse given; saw Morphy at
Regence simul and their chivalrous response; ltr addressed to testimonial cttee
chair TSD Bradford. Van Buren watched some of NY 1857; brief review European
victories. World chp; some say of amusement but a benefit to all. Battlees of
blood abroad but only of wooden pieces here. St Amant called you the chivalrous
Bayard of Chess. Showed character Amer gentleman. Morphy reply given. Thx all,
glad to return. Return home soon, fond memories NY. Agreeable recollection
opponents. Chess shou,d always be recreation, played for honor, improves
morals. Fuller presentation of watch; descrip watch pieces for times, inscrip
given. Fuller speech Amer inventors. Can say best chess, few can be sure best in
any field. Morphy reply given. Testimonials will be on display for few days
Tiffany's. Same pg corr suggests Morphy hold chess event for ladies

May 27, 1859 pg 5: Union CC presentation to Morphy, M Isidor chair. Short
speech given. Presentation by DS Watermann. Morphy short speech inaudible from
reporters table. Toasts Dittenhoffer, Stein, [Jas] Thompson. Many speeches

May 28, 1859 pg 6: Holmes to preside Morphy dinner given by Boston CC $10 tix.
Same pg Morphy ltr accepts chess col offer from Ledger

May 30, 1889 pg 4: Morphy arrives Boston, met at depot by CC mems, formal
reception at CC this afternoon

May 31, 1859 pg 5: Boston dinner for Morphy, Holmes read poem, Sat Morphy-
Dr Richardson N odds. Informal dinner part Sat, Holmes, Longfellow, Field

June 1, 1889 pg 5: Usu Morphy mysterious lady story

June 1, 1859 pg 7: Ltr signed TK suggests opening chess school NY

June 2, 1859 pg 5: Morphy banquet Boston. 140 includes Chief Justice Shaw,
ex-Judge Thomas, Pres Walker, ex-Pres Sparks, Profs Agassiz, Longfellow,
Peirce, Lowell, Parker, Huntington of Harvard, Sen Wilson, Mayor Lincoln, Rev 
T Starr King, James T Fields, EP Whipple, Josiah Quincy Jr. Germaania Band.
Dr OW Holmes chair, spoke. Morphy speech given. Praises intellectual 
aristocracy around him, chess should never be object of life but good
relaxation which sharpens brain better than cards; toasts lit and sci men 
Boston. Edward Everett could not attend, sent ltr. Chief Justice Shaw speech
given, chess uses many same skills as law. Harvard Pres Walker speech given. 
Prof Jared Sparks speaks, says knows nothing of chess, alludes to Franklin's
morals. Prof Agassiz speech given. Prof Joel Parker speech welcomes Morphy
to legal profession. Prof Benj Pierce speech, said to make math his
occupation had to abandon chess as diversion but as developed by Morphy a
trancendenta science. Poems read Rev T Starr King, Sen Wilson, Hon
Josiah Quincy Jr, Prof Huntington, Mayor Lincoln, Charles Hale of Boston Advert.
Dr JB Upham spoke, Prof Lowell and James T Fields read poems

June 2, 1859 pg 7: Chess Monthly gives table Morphy results Europe. 117-19-13
even, 20-1-12 blind, 17-2-16 consulting, 18-2-5 gvg P+1, 14-2-1 gvg P+2

June 3, 1859 pg 6: Pres+Profs Harvard addressed Morphy+themselves a great deal,
Morphy must have been entertained by exhibition

June 8, 1859 pg 7: Morphy christens new Morphy Chess Rooms w number N odds
games vs Thompson, great crowd. Hard to convince some that player was
the beardless Morphy, not Fiske who was next to him. Thompson used to gvg,
not rcvg, N. Thompson won 1st game, game 2 adjd Thompson still up piece

June 11, 1859 pg 6: Ltr from Boston signed Byles asks why illustrious Thompson
who beat Morphy doesn't come to Boston, Revere House larder should be refilled
by now. Boston CC invite and dinner proper but dinner out of proportion by those
who knew nothing of chess. Only good sense Morphy saved from complete
ridiculousness. Writer saw Morphy playing at Boston CC, quiet and prepossessing
but to crowded toenjoy for nonplayer like self

June 15, 1859 pg 7: Morphy leads 5 up match vs Thompson N odds 4-2, will make
fact Morphy can give N to any US

June 18, 1859 pg 4: Morphy-Thompson N odds 5-3-1, above even what did Europe
despite Thompson playing closed games. No other could give N odds to such
strong opponent. Morphy dined Sunday w Robert J Walker and friends, 
entertained Thurs by Bkln CC at which beat Marache gvg N

June 28, 1859 pg 7: D Walker has perfected a chess automaton, leading NY
players examined it wo learning secret. Will be exhibited tonight

July 4, 1859 pg 1: Bkln CC rooms open to pub July 4, great view procesion
and fireworks, signed T Frere

(also from Fulton County Site) July 6, 1859 pg 3: Amherst vs Williams baseball
today followed by game of chess in Pittsfield

July 27, 1859 pg 4: At regatta JT Cole (Harvard)-H Champion (Yale) 5-1

July 29, 1859 pg 4: At regatta earlier JT Cole (Harvard)-H Champion (Yale) 5-1;
todya H Southwick (Brown)-JT Cole 3-1

Aug 5, 1859 pg 6: News from Philad. Morphy accepted invite to Philad but did
not come and now reluctantly compelled to decline coming at all

Aug 12, 1859 pg 1: Ad Morphy writes on chess for Ledger (also other days)

Aug 17, 1859 pg 5: Automaton whose ideas are supported in Montgomery journals,
suggests holding Southern chess congress Montgomery AL Dec 20

Aug 19, 1859 pg 5: Morphy at Brevoort House, has played little chess of late,
will go to NO in wk or 2 then return to make NY permanent res

Aug 25, 1859 pg 1: Ad for Morphy Match Games ed w notes Charles H Stanley

Aug 29, 1859 pg 1: Ad for Morphy portrait

Sept 2, 1859 pg 5: L Paulsen leaving IA to come to NY, challenge Morphy

Sept 2, 1859 pg 8: NYCA mtg. Pres Charles D Mead reported NY Historical Soc
offered room. Proceeded to election sec to fill place of resigned Dodge.
Proposed Monell be elected by vote to acknowledge service to club. Declined
honor. Vote Murphy 1 Miller 1 Higgins 2 Howell 5 Morrell 18 so elected
Wm H Monell. Agreed to serve thru next Fen. Now 150 mems free of debt

Sept 10, 1859 pg 1: Ad for 1st Amer congress book w Morphy endorsement (also
other days)

Sept 10, 1859 pg 7: Morphy at NYCC gvg N to Meek, R to Fuller, won every game

Oct 8, 1859 pg 6: Morphy victory esp commendable since not pro chess only
in leisure hrs

Oct 20, 1859 pg 3: 1st wkly chess pap in world starts NY. The Gambit ed
Theodore Lichtenhein ex-pres NYCC. Has 2 games Morphy gvg Thompson N, 
game Stanley vs Perrin, 2 Harrwitz vs Campbell et al. Says Paulsen will prob
not come to NY to play Morphy if does Morphy will be able to give P+1.
After match Morphy leads Thompson series gvg N 8-5

Oct 27, 1859 pg 3: Morphy to take leave friends NYCC tonight, tomorrow 
w a few intimate assocs, then goes to Philad. Total score vs strongest
opponent stands Morphy ?6 Thompson 9 2 Ds gvg N. On way to NO will prob stop
Philad, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Charleston, Mobile. Unclear if will
return to NY to live or stay practice law NO 

Oct 29, 1859 pg 4: Positive review NY congress book

Dec 8, 1859 pg 7: Chess tnmt in prog Morphy Chess Room for set donated Kaffner.
Stanley vs Johnston, Julien vs Patterson, Arthur Napoleon vs Harned, Taber
vs Delmar, Heilbuth vs Higgins, Michaelis vs Mark, Leonard vs Letour,
O'Connor vs Knox, Kurshudt vs Ottolengui, Isaacs vs F Doolittle, O'Neill vs
Ballantine, Blum vs McRae, A Doolittle vs Caldwell, Mildeberger vs McLean,
Brenzinger vs Doyle, Brisbane vs Hazeltine. 

Dec 24, 1859 pg 9: Mention expensive Morphy chessmen

Jan 13, 1860 pg 8: Fire originated in pub office Chess Monthly destroyed
nearly entire stock

Jan 16, 1860 pg 7: Great chess prog due Morphy. Chess season at zenith.
Marache (chess ed Wilke's Spirit) giving free chess instruction NYCC. Recent
club tnmt won by Perrin, victims include Thompson

Jan 18, 1860 pg 7: (Fulton Cty site) Ltr to ed, Bkln CC flourishing, grand
test tnmt starts Sat

Jan 21, 1860 pg 8: Brief positive review Loewenthal book on Morphy

Feb 9, 1860 pg 2: Owner Chess Monthly offers it for sale on reasonable terms
now in 4th successful yr (also other days)

Feb 18, 1860 pg 4: Staunton's supplement to Hand-Book pubd, has opening
improvements, revised chess code, Morphy games

Mar 8, 1860 pg 7: Boston vs NY match arranged. Boston team Hammond, Richardson,
Ware, Stone, Howard. NY cttee Thompson, Lichtenhein, Perrin, Marache, S Loyd.
2 game played simul 3d if tie

Mar 10, 1860 pg 8: Moves 1-11, 1-11 NY vs Boston

Mar 12, 1860 pg 7: NY-Boston Philidor 1-16,Ruy 1-17

Mar 14, 1860 pg 8: On NY vs Boston match. Boston proposes speeding up by
playing til daylight. 10 min/move and 4 times/game can take 15. Moves 1-28,
1-31 NY vs Boston

Mar 15, 1860 pg 8: Moves 1-36, 1-38 NY vs Boston

Mar 17, 1860 pg 10: NY-Boston 36-B47,44-B51. Boston will take time to decide
whether want to play a 3d game for chp

Apr 5, 1860 pg 1: NYCC monthly mtg tonight, will elect officers, signed sec 
Wm H Morrell

June 20, 1860 pg 4: Yale accepts Harvard challenge to best 2 of 3 consulting
match in Worcester during regatta wk July

July 25, 1860 pg 5: Harvard vs Yale match still in prog Worcester

July 27, 1860 pg 6: At Worcester regatta chess match in prog JT Cole+FH Nye for
Harvard vs Henry Champion+Simeon Baldwin for Yale

July 28, 1860 pg 6: Morphy about to take up res Paris; sister Mme Sybrandt and
mother having removed there

July 28, 1860 pg 7: JD Sybrandt (Swedish Consul New Orleans) who married
Morphy's sister gone to reside Paris, Morphy's mother and only remaining sis
will follow as soon as biz arranged which could take yr or 2. Morphy expected
any moment NY which he likes better than NO tho prefers Paris to all and will
doubtless reside there eventually. Family is wealthy. Sybrandt's partner in
cotton biz is Eugene Morphy, Paul's only brother, young man of superior
biz capacity

Aug 7, 1860 pg 6: Morphy expected in NY Tues or Wed

Aug 13, 1860 pg 5: Morphy has played only 6 or 7 games past yr, will not
spend as much time on it as prev, but says want practice has not hurt his 

Aug 21, 1860 pg 6 contd: Dr Duncan Forbes whose History of Chess announced is
Oriental prof U London, author best Persian+Hindustani grammars. New book 
comes out of ILN article 1854-55 which overthrew hypothesis of Bland who in
essay Royal Asiatic Soc 1851 tried to show chess fro Persia. Will supersede
crude treatises of Lamb, Twiss, Gunther-Wahl on same subject

Aug 21, 1860 pg 7: Violent war of words re supposed Morphy vs Deacon games
pubd in ILN and Chess Praxis. Morphy says never played, only Staunton
supports Deacon in England. In US battle Sat Press and Spirit of Times of
NY, Journal and Evening Bulletin in Philad. Last named hournal chess col
in a measure controlled by English players advocates genuineness

Sept 11, 1860 pg 6: Charles H Stanley, long known as best US, returned to US,
res Manchester. 1 of best there is Pindar who was noted chess player NY few
yrs ago. Pindar-Stanley 12-5-3 in 22 games played [?]

Sept 22, 1860 pg 6: Morphy played some games vs James Thompson N odds, show
chess skill not diminished

Oct 3, 1860 pg 6: Morphy and Paulsen both in town prob for coming wk. Fri both
at CC but did not play. Morphy-James Thompson 2-0 gvg N, Paulsen-Lichtenhein.
Morphy vs Paulsen contest discussed but may be kept apart since Morphy 
has declared will only play gvg odds. Paulsen will prob play 8 blind

Oct 11, 1860 pg 7: Morphy and Paulsen can often be seen at Club but tho 1 very
eager match unlikely; too bad, would revive drooping cause of chess. Paulsen
had never played 1st class before 1857, had to invent all defences and was thus
slow but studied since bolder and more rapid. Ltr from Paulsen to MMorphy
given, offers odds in games if not willing to play even but said did not come
N to play chess would play only at odds chess not profession he has satisfied
self (on proquest Oct 10 pg 5)

Oct 17, 1860 pg 3: Noted Oriental scholar Duncan Forbes book History of Chess
shows from India, traces how has changed over time

Oct 22, 1860 pg 6: Reasons Morphy declined to play Paulsen is that scored only
1 of 12 (14 if count blind) vs Morphy 1857 so should now agree to odds before
even play. Also prob influenced by slow play, determination not to be
chess pro. Leaves for NO during wk. Came infrequently to CC, won at rate
3 to 1 vs Thompson N odds 2 to 0 vs Perrin, 2-0 vs S Loyd

Oct 25, 1860 pg 7: Paulsen 3-0-1 blind Morphy Chess Rooms. Beat Denis Julien,
Dr S Wollheim, E Chamier; drew E McCutcheon ~3:30. Many spectators who also
gave advice. Paulsen leaves to spend winter Europe. Lists open for 3d free
chess tnmt Morphy Rooms, starts Nov 10

(from Fulton County site) Nov 12, 1860 pg 5: Morphy Chess Rooms 3d free tnmt
for large photo Morphy, Chess Praxis rd 1 pairings E Brenzinger vs AVK,
Wm H Lord vs SK, Wm Hey vs TM Brown, Wm Richardson vs SA Faber, Th Lichtenhein
vs M Rooney, H Lecour vs K McRae, JP Barnett vs D Julien, E Chamier vs
Miron H Hazeltine, S Loyd vs Du Costa, Daniel W Fiske vs A Doolittle,
E Delmar vs E McCutcheon, James A Leonard vs Wm Horner, Frederick Perrin
vs Wm Johnston, Carl Koppel vs P Richardson, O Edward vs AD Con

Nov 21, 1860 pg 6: (also from Fulton Cty site) Chess lively. Philad appoints 
cttee for 2d Amer congress May. 32 player tnmt in prog Morphy Rooms includes
Lichtenhein, Loyd, Horner, Perrin, Michaelis, Marache, young JA Leonard whose
prog remarkable. NY leads 18 game match vs Bkln 10-3. Kolisch expected US
om womter, about Morphy's age, tho Hungarian by birth said to be creole by

Jan 21, 1861 pg 3: Philad match Theodore Lichtenhein-Montgomery 7-2-1. A good
deal of money bet on result. Philad had done better in telegraph matches vs NY
so Montgomery was favd

Apr 11, 1861 pg 7: Kolisch challenges Morphy for $5000 in England or NY

Oct 24, 1861 pg 7: James A Leonard of NY plans 8 blind Fri Morphy Chess Rooms

Nov 16, 1861 pg 8: Leonard 10 blind tonight Morphy Chess Rooms

Nov 22, 1861 pg 7: Chess interest reawakening. In Europe, key event Paulsen
leads Kolisch 6-5-11. In NY new chess org, mostly Germans, called Paulsen
Schach-Club. James A Leonard, prob best US except Morphy, recently played 
7,8,10 blind w success; now plans OTB 10 simul vs 20 players 2 each bd Nov 23
at Morphy Chess Rooms

Feb 6, 1862 pg 6: Visitors to Ely in Richmond prison include Morphy

June 27, 1862 pg 8: Buckle was 1 of best chess players England (July 2 pg P2)

July 15, 1862 pg 2: St Ptbg CC ordered closed by authorities

Aug 30, 1862 pg 6: Ad for natl portrait chess+checker bd (also other days)

Oct 1, 1862 pg 7: Stimson's Advertising Chess+Checker bd which was entered
according to Act of Congress 1862

Oct 6, 1862 pg 8: Bkln CC season opened Sat, NYCC and Paulsen CC Oct 1. 
Promising player Leonard died recently Annapolis of scrobutic diarrhea
contracted while prisoner at Richmond

Oct 18, 1862 pg 7: Last Sat Sat Stimson, dealer in chess merchandise, 
promised a chess prob in today's Trib, was crowded out will appear next Sat

Oct 27, 1862 pg 8: Morphy in Havana. Saw him pay res Don Franciscoe Fesser.
82 invited guest, Morphy played our strongest Felix Sicre and won 34 moves.
We were anxious for blind match but Morphy has not been inclined to attempt
one, weather against any exertion

Oct 31, 1862 pg 2: Morphy electrifying Havana have elsewhere

Nov 4, 1862 pg 1?: (Fulton County site) Morphy still astonishing Havana, 
10 blind at house of Sedano tonight, fine time at General Piquero's last
night Morphy and Maurian were there

Oct 14, 1863 pg 3: Chess season opens this mo. Ann mtg Paulsen CC of NY,
officers Eugene Brenzinger, Dr Waterman, F Hallerbach, Wallach. Next Wed
noted German blindfold player Borch will play 10 blind Paulsen CC. Bkln CC
ann mtg, officers F Perrin, E Mathews, Capt Raymond, G Baxter; tnmt cttee
Thompson, Raymond, Horner. Club tnmt starts next mo at new rooms. Matches
planned this season between NY, Bkln, Paulsen CCs

Jan 12, 1864 pg 3: Telegraph match Philad CC vs Paulsen CC NY; moves will
also be rcvd at NYCC and Mosasola CC Bkln. NY cttee Brenzinger+Chamier+
Johnston; Philad cttee Reichhelm+Thomas+Whitman; umps Dr Lewis for NY,
Wm Hazelton for Philad

Jan 14, 1864 pg 5: Interesting telegraph match in prog Philad CC vs 
Paulsen CC of NY. Philad team Whiteman+Keicheler+Thomas vs NY team
Brenzinger+Johnston+Chamier 15 min/move. MJ Hazeltine ump for Philad, SW Walker
for NY. Gae NY-Philad Ruy 1-33

Jan 15, 1864 pg 5: NY-Philad 34-B39

June 11, 1864 pg 3: Review Life+Times Benjamin Franklin has statement from
grandson William Temple Franklin that grandfather inordinately fond of chess,
one evening Passy played 6PM til sunrise, usu allowing K to be taken story; 
gives alternate version in Jeremy Bentham as told by Fanny Wright

Aug 7, 1865 pg 4: Base-ball new fad, will it pass like chess-mania of Morphy?

Aug 24, 1865 pg 6: Europe no invention that rivals chess

Jan 6, 1866 pg 5: NYCC organizing tnmt. Class 1: Mackenzie vs CH Stanley,
Dr Burnett vs Worrall, Thompson vs Zerega, Johnson vs Belcher. Class 2: 
Gen de Trobriand vs Dill, Graves vs Martinez, Graham vs Dr Ward. Class 3:
Arietta vs Dr Gilbert, Schultz vs Young. KO tnmt each class then play w odds.
Mackenzie vs Stanley pairing attracts interest starts Mon

Jan 9, 1866 pg 8: Large crowd for NYCC match announced last Sat, Mackenzie wins
game 1 4-5 hrs. Gen tnmt score Class 1:Mackenzie leads Stanley 1-0, Belcher 
leads Johnson 2-0, Zerega leads Thompson 1-0. Class 2: Dr Ward leads Graham 
2-0. Class 3: Aretta tied 1-1 vs Dr Gilbert

Jan 11, 1866 pg 8: D, Mackenzie leads Stanley 1-0-1, 3 up, resumes tomorrow

Jan 24, 1866 pg 8: D, Mackenzie leads Stanley 2-0-2. 3 up, large crowd 
expected for game 5 today

Jan 26, 1866 pg 7: Mackenzie wins, beats Stanley 3-1-2

Mar 10, 1866 from Chess Arch: Mackenzie vs Reichhelm match eagerly awaited.
7 up, 12/1, no stakes; w Morphy retd may consider winner US chp (pg 8)

Mar 16, 1866 pg 4: Mackenzie vs Reichhelm match referred to few days ago
started NYCC. ~50 present including president Irving, Stanley, Wells of Philad,
Ware of Boston, Brenzinger, Zerega, Bernier, Barnet, Warner. Game 1 adj 3 hrs
Reichhelm up P, cont today

Mar 17, 1866 pg 7: Reichhelm vs Mackenze adjd game D, descrip game 2 won by 
Mackenzie. Reichhelm hasty blunder game 3, Mackenzie leads 2-0-1

Mar 20, 1866 pg 4: Much excitement Reichhelm vs Mackenzie. Reichhelm playing
some fine chess hurt by blunders in all but 1st. Descrip game 6, Mackenzie
leads 5-0-1

Mar 21, 1866 pg 8: Match ends Mackenzie-Reichhelm. Reichhelm attribs sudden end
to attack illness which since Fri seriously affected mental powers. No new
games since yesterdays report. Best was final Game 6 Reichhelm-Mackenzie 
Evans B49+ w notes

Apr 21, 1866 pg 2: New books include MJ Hazeltine's Brevity+Brilliance

Dec 15, 1866 pg 6: New books include Marache's Manual

Apr 29, 1867 pg 4: US chp match Mackenzie vs GC Reichhelm of Philad arranged.
7 up. Mackenzie easily won prev match, Reichhelm did not do self justice.
Likely to be important chess yr, likely US tnmt NY and grand congress w
French expo which Napoleon donates work of art; S Loyd 1 of prob tnmt judges

Apr 30, 1867 pg 8: Match soon NYCC Perrin vs JC Warner ex-Philad 1st to 5

May 13, 1867 pg 4: Staunton has acquired ownership Chess World. Telegraph
match soon Detroit CC vs NYCC, lines offered free

May 20, 1867 from Chess Arch: Mackenzie vs Reichhelm 7 up next wk Philad
for US chp

May 29, 1867 from Chess Arch: Mackenzie vs Reichhelm starts. Mackenzie 
beat Anderssen 1862 rcvg P+1, cool and collected. Game 1 Mackenzie-Reichhelm
French W32 w notes Game 2 Reichhelm-Mackenzie Ruy B37 Game 3 Mackenzie-
Reichhelm French W29 w notes; Mackenzie has not done self justice (pg 5)

May 31, 1867 pg 5: US chp match Game 5 Mackenzie-Reichhelm French W49 w notes.
Mackenzie has now won 4

June 1, 1867 pg 4: Mackenzie wins, leads Reichhelm 5-0-1, game 7 adj

June 3, 1867 pg 5: Descrips game 7-8, Mackenzie leads Reichhelm 6-0-2. 
Game 6 Reichhelm-Mackenzie Evans B55 w notes Game 7 Mackenzie-Reichhelm
Ruy D33 w notes Game 8 Reichhelm-Mackenzie Scotch B24++

June 5, 1867 pg 5: Mackenzie wins, beats Reichhelm 7-0-2; Philad players
blame on Reichhelm excessive nervousness, propose Mackenzie vs JC Warner
w good funds but Mackenzie declines wo reason. Game 9 Mackenzie-Reichhelm
Ruy W29 w notes

June 17, 1867 pg 5: NY to play best of 3 telegraph match vs Detroit. Detroit
players HA Bury+CC Elder et al, NY players Dr Barnet+Mackenzie+Stanley.
NYCC match Zerega-Worrell7-3

June 22, 1867 pg 4: Next Mon telegraph match NYCC vs MI club of Detroit,
1 move/10 min expect 2-3 evenings

July 3, 1867 pg 4: Paris tnmt report; sad to see absence Morphy, Paulsen,
Anderssen, Loewenthal. S Loyd US rep better problemist than player. Stdgs

July 8, 1867 pg 4: Paris corr London Daily News says chess tnmts every evening,
most famous people join in including Anderssen, Neumann. Morphy has 
announced willing to give odds to any. No report of any games by Anderssen.
NYCC playing telegraph match nightly vs Detroit CC; 1st game not ended

July 9, 1867 pg 4: Paris tnmt stdgs

July 12, 1867 pg 4: Paris tnmt stdgs, remaining games. Devinck entered but has
not played. Over 200 probs sent. W German League mtg Aug 31, 3 days; will
include Anderssen, Neumann, Paulsen, Vitzthum, Amsterdam players De Lelie+
Pinedo. Will include Paulsen 10 blind. Death Petroff in Warsaw

Aug 5, 1867 pg 1: Paris tnmt winners

Aug 7, 1867 pg 1: Paris tnmt final stdgs. Devinck could not play. From had
to leave lost by FF 2 each to D'Andre, Kolisch, Rousseau, De Vere

Aug 12, 1867 pg 5: Marache resigns after many yrs chess ed Wilkes Spirit due
illness, succeeded by James C Warner

Sept 7, 1867 pg 5: Morphy in Paris, not announced whether will resume practice
chess. Jaensch arrived London after short stay Paris

Oct 16, 1867 pg 8: Gentleman of New Haven on behalf Yale challenge Harvard
to a game of chess for large sum of money

Jan 8, 1868 pg 5: NYCC open hdcp tnmt started, 2RR 3 prizes. Entries include
Mackenzie, Stanley, Ward, R Parker, JH Ward, SN Dill, A Findlay, B Lissner,
M Lissner, M Simpson, AH King, A Graves, GD Ballantine, Dr Barnett, 
H Ruthven. 1st result Ruthven-Mackenzie 1-0-1 rcvg P+2, Graves-Findlay 2-0,
Dr Barnett/M Lissner, Simpson/Ballantine 1-1, Ballantine/Parker 1-1, Ruthven
beat Mackenzie to replace D from prev day, Ballantine/M Lissner 1-1. Stdgs
Mackenzie 0-2-1 Ruthven 2-0-1 Graves 2-0 Ballantine 3-3 Dr Barnett 0-0-1
Findlay 0-2 Simpson 1-1 M Lissner 1-1-1

Jan 9, 1868 pg 8: Tnmt results Mackenzie-Stanley, Graves/Picare 1-1, Perrin-
Parker 2-0, Graves-Parker. Stdgs Mackenzie 1-2 Ruthven 2-0 Graves 4-1
Ballantine 3-1 Dr Barnett 0-0 Findlay 0-2 Simpson 1-1 Lissner 1-1 Stanley 0-1
Perrin 2-0 Picare 1-1 Parker 0-3

Jan 10, 1868 pg 4: 14 tnmt games yesterday. Stdgs Mackenzie 1-2 Ruthven 3-1
Graves 5-2 Ballantine 6-4 Findlay 1-3 Simpson 3-3 M Lissner 1-1 Stanley 1-2
Perrin 2-0  [often says Perrine as here] Picare 3-3 Parker 1-6 B Lissner 1-1
Dana 2-2 Ward 1-1

Jan 11, 1868 pg 4: Chess tnmt stdgs Mackenzie 6-3 Ruthven 3-1 Graves 6-6 
Ballantine 10-5 Findlay 1-3 Simpson 7-4 M Lissner 1-1 Stanley 1-2
Perrine 2-0 Picare 3-3 Parker 3-10 B Lissner 1-3 Dana 2-2 Ward 1-1 
Thompson 1-0 Dr Barnett 2-2 King 1-5

Jan 13, 1868 pg 4: Mackenzie wins 2d tnmt game vs Stanley. Tnmt stdgs
Mackenzie 7-3 Ruthven 3-1 Graves 6-7 Ballantine 12-5 Findlay 1-3 Simpson 8-6
M Lissner 1-1 Stanley 1-3 Perrine 2-0 Picare 2-6 Parker 4-10 B Lissner 1-3
Dana 3-3 Ward 6-? Thompson 1-0 Dr Barnett 3-3 King 2-?

Mar 7, 1868 pg 8: Chess game Paterson vs Waverley NY conts

Mar 23, 1868 pg 8: Telegraph game ends Paterson/Waverley

Apr 29, 1868 pg 6: Obit James Cooper Warner, special corr in Panama for
trib, age 28. Already making mark in profession of journalist. B Philad,
father well-known and respected merchant. Started as an ed Philad Press,
left to accept appointment as Trib corr NC in last yr war. After peace went
into lumber biz w father but fondness for newspap life brought him to NY
and Trib. While here was chess ed Wilkes Spirit. 1 of best players US, many
of his reports on chess contests in Trib esp admired. Dec 1867 went to Panama
t take charge Trib biz there. Important duty well handled. Blameless life,
irreproachable habits, refined manners, pleasant, loved by all. Died of
malignant typhus, suffered ~10 days. Died res friend US Vice-Consul 
FC Herbruger

Sept 21, 1868 pg 8: Paul Morphy is at the NY Hotel

Dec 2, 1868 pg 8: European Chess Rooms hdcp tnmt starts Thurs, many top
players entered

Dec 10, 1868 pg 8: Grand tnmt in prog Europa Chess Rooms, number distd 
players entered

Dec 23, 1868 pg 5: Chess match contd Maltby House. Stanley wins, tied 1-1 
vs Mackenzie, next game Sat will decide

Jan 7, 1869 pg 2: Grand state tnmt Jackson MI Jan 19. 3d telegraph match
game Springfield vs Boston started

Jan 15, 1869 pg 8: Grand tnmt starts tonight Europa CC; Mackenzie mngr,
mngmt cttee CH Stanley, Dr Leon

Jan 16, 1869 pg 8: Grand tnmt started Lieder's Cafe Europa. Room under charge
Capt Mackenzie. 26 entries already, 2RR. Prominent players present last night
include Mackenzie, Delmar, Dr Barnet, LR Diel, J Lissner, M Spinler, 
E Shaeffer, Dr P Schweitzer et al. James Mason, IA Douglass, H Banecte 
[Beinecke?], CH Stanley et al entered. 6 prizes

Jan 19, 1869 pg 8: Cafe Europa tnmt in prog, 42 entries. 175 games so far,
leader 25-3 losses 2 gvg R 1 gvg N, L Randegger 16-6 SR Dill 14-6 all losses
gvg odds. Best game so far Delmar vs Maj Wernich

Jan 21, 1869: ~50 games played yesterday Cafe Intl tnmt

Jan 22, 1869 pg 5: 280 games played Cafe Europa tnmt, leaders Delmar 34-6
Dr Barnett 21-3 Randegger [Brenzinger?] 27-9. 1st D game Dr Barnett vs

Jan 23, 1869 pg 5: ~40 games played Cafe Europa tnmt making 320 total.
Clear Delmar will win, Randegger 2d, Dr Barnard 3d, Moore 4th, other prizes
in doubt. Most interesting game was Dr Leon-Randegger

Jan 26, 1869 pg 5: Cafe Europa tnmt in prog, 47 entered 400 games so far.
Perrin of Bkln enters, was contestant for honors in chess congress tnmt vs
Mackenzie. Stanley of The Round Table - who was also present last night -
and the redoubtable Paul Morphy. His opponent last night was Eugene Delmar.
Delmar 41-7 Rendegger [Brenzinger?] 38-14 Dill 30-14 Dr Barnett 23-7 Shaffer
26-10 Lissner 19-9 Mason 9-5

Jan 27, 1869 pg 5: 470 games played Cafe Europa tnmt. Leaders Delmar 45-7
Randegger 43-15 Rubino 25-7 Dr Barnett 25-7 De Con 20-5 Perrin 10-4

Jan 30, 1869 pg 8: Jersey City YMCA  debated introducing chess and
checkers, voted against

Feb 2, 1869 pg 8: 610 games played Cafe Europa tnmt. Interesting game
Dr Barnett/Perrin 3.5 hrs

Feb 3, 1869 pg 8: Cafe Intl match Dr Leon-JA de Con 2-0, de Con playing blind

Feb 4, 1869 pg 8: Nearly 700 games played Cafe Europa tnmt. Delmar 56-8 Perrin
30-8 Randegger [Brenzinger?] 44-16 Mason 36-9

Feb 5, 1869 pg 8: 740 games completed Cafe Europa tnmt

Feb 11, 1869 pg 8: Quite a few lesser lights wd from tnmt, struggle now for
3d place, most likely seems De Con; prizes to be distd Wed

Feb 18, 1869 pg 5: NYCC hdcp tnmt starts, will last 4 wks

Feb 19, 1869 pg 8: No settlement yet difficulties of chess tnmt. Delmar has
been paid 1st prize Mason 2d but order remaining 4 must be reviewed, settlement
will take several days

Feb 25, 1869 pg 8: NYCC tnmt ~175 games played, yesterday including noted
players Mackenzie, Thompson, Dill, Simpson, Hines, Perrin, Shaffer,
Dr Jones, Dr Barnett, Ware (pres Boston CC)

Mar 18, 1869 pg 8: NYCC tnmt ends, ~250 games played. Winners Mackenzie 27-4
James Thompson 17-7. Mackenzie presented w elegant set by club officers. Tnmt
not numerously attended but many excellent players from abroad participated,
interesing games

Apr 6, 1869 pg 2: Napoleon good chess player but excites him, makes him angry
when beaten.

May 7, 1869 pg 5: Cafe Europa 3d hdcp tnmt starts Mon, 2 classes play only
those in same class. Class 1 no odds larger than N, 20 entries expect 50.
Mackenzie is entered, tnmt record will be kept by Maj Warich [Wernich?]
and Stanley

May 21, 1869 pg 8: 32 entries Cafe Europa tnmt, 17 have yet to play 1st game.
Delmar 18-3 Dr Jones (Washington) 10-6 Mason 4-6 Christopher Havery 4-8
Henry Grayson 1-5, Mackenzie unbeaten so far will prob play Dr Jones and Delmar
next wk

May 26, 1869 pg 5: Natl [sic] ym,y Cafe Europa 284 games played leaders
Delmar 24-3 Dr Jones (Washington) 21-6 Mason 21-7 Henry Grayson 9-9. Perrin was
present will prob enter next wk

May 29, 1869 pg 10: Chess tnmt in prog Cafe Europa, over 300 games played,
Delmar 27-4 Dr Jones (Washington) 22-7 lead

June 11, 1869 pg 8: 4 hand game Baron Paul Von Frankenberg, Maj Wernich,
LH Hellwitz, Jacob Singer introductory to a tnmt which Mackenzie manages
and Eugene Delmar, Maj Wernich, Baron Von Frankenberg

July 5, 1869 pg 8: Europa tnmt conts, main contenders Mason, Delmar, Perrin,
Stanley, Wernich, Mackenzie

July 9, 1869 pg 2: Most exciting chess event since Morphy at Cafe Europa.
England has sent its chp Frederick G Cash [RESEARCH?] for express purpose
of the tnmt. His 1st game Cash-Stanley rcvg N. Over 500 games played leaves
~1000 to go

July 10, 1869 pg 16: Great excitement over 2RR tnmt in prog, 42 entries
despite heat including nearly all of best NY and Bkln. Leaders Mason 41-5
Mackenzie 31-5 Maj Wernich 37-11 Perrin 29-14 Delmar 32-14 CH Stanley 23-9
Baron von Frankenberg 12-2 Dr JP Barnett 11-2 FE Brenzinger 15-8. Game
Perrin-Stanley French 2.f4 B37 w notes

July 17, 1869 pg 8: Cafe Europa tnmt hard struggle Mackenzie and Mason.
Mason 45-6 Mackenzie 37-5. Only remaining matches between 1st class Mackenzie
vs Mason, Mackenzie vs Stanley. Mason just 18. Other leading scores 
Maj Wernich 37-14 Delmar 34-14 Stanley 30-12 Perrin 29-18 Brenzinger 20-9 D Barnett 11-2 Menan 6-6

July 21, 1869 pg 4: Mackenzie has practically won 1st prize in tnmt

July 21, 1869 pg 8: Subsequent to notice in Tribune of Cafe Europa tnmt last
Sat [CHECK] Mackenzie wins both games vs Mason assures him of 1st. Mackenzie 
41-5 Mason 45-9 Maj Wernich 37-13 Delmar 34-14 Stanley 32-12 Perrin 31-18
Brenzinger 25-9 Merrian 12-8. Mackenzie actually beat Mason 2-0-1 D did
not count; best was Game Mackenzie-Mason Scotch D35+ w notes

July 31, 1869 pg 5: Cafe Europa tnmt in prog, started June 22, cannot say
whether Mackenzie 44-6 or Mason 45-9 will win. During wk rooms visited by
Dr Saunders, pres CA of Cincinnati and Herr Andersen who stands very high
in the CA of Berlin, Prussia. Thought Morphy would be present before close
but he is quietly pursuing more lucrative field of law in New Orleans; since
wonderful achievements Paris intl tnmt disappeared completely from view.
Tnmt closes Aug 2

Aug 3, 1869 pg 8: Tnmt ends, winners Mackenzie $40 Mason 30 Van Frankenberg 20
Brenzinger 15 Delmar 10 Maj Wernich 5 Perry chess set. Another tnmt will start
next mo

Sept 2, 1869 pg 8: Autumn season opens NYCC w friendly match Mackenzie gvg P+1
to Mason. Says Mackenzie encountered native celebrities while serving in
India. Mason 18, a NYer, now top rank player. Mackenzie leads 2-0-1

Sept 3, 1869 pg 5: Mackenzie wins, leads Mason 3-0-1 gvg P+1, 5 up

Sept 4, 1869 pg 8: 1st Mason win Game Mason-Mackenzie P+1 odds French W24+
w notes; Mackenzie leads 3-1-1

Sept 6, 1869 pg 5: Great interest in match Mackenzie leads Mason 3-2-1,
resumes today

Sept 8, 1869 pg 8: Backwards pedestrian match

Oct 18, 1869 pg 3: Small but select collection books et al to be auctioned
Oct 20 (also other days)

Oct 23, 1869 pg 5: Delegates from several city  CCs met to settle prelims
for 5th grand tnmt 2d Mon Nov. Bkln CC tnmt starts tonight

Oct 30, 1869 pg 7: 1st hdcp tnmt Bkln CC started, 3 classes. Odds P+1,N. 16
entries but only 15 appeared. Since opening til close last night 54 games
played. Just 2 yesterday Perrin/Brenzinger 1-1 both class 1. Stdgs 
Brenzinger 11-1 Perrin 8-3 Chadwick 7-2 Meriam 6-3 Gilberg 4-2 Davis 4-3
Burton 3-4 Van Wagener 3-6 King 3-6 Munoz 2-1 Shanahan 2-2 Thompson 1-6
Guillelame 0-1 White 0-7 Heydenrich 0-7 Turner 0-0

Nov 1, 1869 pg 2: Bkln CC tnmt Game Perrin-Brenzinger Scotch W39 w notes

Nov 5, 1869 pg 8: Consulting match game Williamsburgh CC+Maj Wernich+Baron
von Frankenberg+Kneff+Temut vs Bkln CC: FE Brenzinger+J Merian+Gilberg+Munoz.
Descrip Game Bkln-Williamsburgh Philidor W32

Nov 6, 1869 pg 8: Bkln tnmt lists close tonight, leading scores Brenzinger 17-3
Perrin 12-3 Chadwick 15-4 Delmar 7-0 Gilberg 8-4 Munoz 4-3 Merian 10-6 
Turner 4-3 Shanahan 5-5

Nov 8, 1869 pg 2: 5th Europa tnmt starts today. 2RR, 5 min/move. 5 classes odds
P+1,P+2 or X,N,R. Expect 50 entries including all top players area. Bkln CC
1st ann tnmt leaders Delmar 9-0 Brenzinger 17-3 Perrin 15-3 Chadwick 15-7
Gilberg 9-6 Munoz 6-3

Nov 10, 1869 pg 5: Europa tnmt opens, 1st game Mason-Wernich 2 hrs, afterwards
Mason won 2 vs a distinguished amateur

Nov 11, 1869 pg 8: NY tnmt started w extraordinar game Mason vs Maj Wernich
adjd after 72 moves finishes; Mason-Maj Wernich 2-0, Mason-Dr Dwyer 2-0,
Mason-Baron v Frankenberg; Mason 5-0. Stanley-Dr Dwyer 2-0, Dr Dwyer/Maj Wernich
1-1. 20 entries so far expect 35. Manager Stanley, tnmt cttee Mackenzie,
v Frankenberg, Maj Wernich; at Cafe Europa

Nov 16, 1869 pg 2: Europa tnmt stdgs Mason 8-1 Baron Von Frankenberg 2-1 
Dr Dwyer 2-5 Maj Wernich 1-3 Hubbard 0-3 Lissner 1-1. Bkln stdgs Brenzinger
22-4 Perrin 24-5 Delmar 15-2 Chadwick 15-7 Van Wagener 14-12 Gilberg 12-6
Munoz 8-6 Merian 11-7 Davis 12-15 King 9-9 Burton 12-13 Wehle 4-11 
Shanahan 6-7 Turner 3-3 Thompson 3-12 Todd 3-19 Guilliam 0-4 Heydenrich 0-16
Richardson 1-7

Nov 18, 1869 pg 2: 2d Bkln vs Williamsburgh game arranged. W: Wernich+
Von Frankenberg+Korff; B: Brenzinger+Merrian+Gilberg. 27 moves made, will
finish Tues. NYCC tnmt in prog, Mason still leads. Bkln tnmt likely winner
one of Delmar, Brenzinger, Perrin

Nov 20, 1869 pg 3: Game Williamsburgh (Maj Wernich+Baron Von Frankenberg+Kneff)-
Bkln (Brenzinger+Merriam+Gilberg Elephant Gambit moves 1-27 3:15, cont Tues.
NY tnmt only 1 D of 68 games (Frankenberg vs Geisheimer) stdgs Mason 13-3
Baron V Frankenberg 5-2 Dr Dwyer 4-12 Maj Wernich 8-4 Geisenheim 2-13 
Von Kropf 0-6 Hubbard 3-7 J Lissner 7-1 B Lissner 2-0 M Lissner 4-2 Gerbel
0?-5 Nisbeth 0-2. Bkln tnmt leaders Delmar 21-3 Brenzinger 22-4 Perrin 24-6

Nov 25, 1869 pg 3: Game Williamsburgh (Wernich+Frankenberg+Kneff)-Bkln
(Brenzinger+Gilberg+Merrian) Elephant Gambit D39; due tnmts both club
will not cont consulting games. NYCC ann tnmt starts Dec 1. Williamsburgh CC
1st ann tnmt started yesterday

Dec 2, 1869 pg 8: NYCC winter tnmt starts, small attendance. Williamsburgh
CC tnmt also started last night

Dec 11, 1869 pg 5: Efforts to popularize local chess not successful, not like
Morphy days. NYCC on fortnight just 15 have played Mackenzie 2-0 Dill 1-5
WB Jones 6-8 Bailey 1-5 Jas Thompson 5-3 Dr Barnett 4-1 Mason 1-1 M Lissner 2-4
R Lissner 8-3 S Moses 2-3 J Hind 0-1 Turner 3-3 Christie 1-2 S [P?] Ware 10-5
Green 6-8/ Mason leads Cafe Europa tnmt, won good game vs Frankenberg. Bkln
CC Delmar vs Merian match pending, little tnmt arranged for ivory set. 
Williamsburgh tnmt in prog

Dec 14, 1869 pg 8: Delmar vs Merrian 1-1, final game 3 tomorrow. Successful
players in little tnmt for ivory set so far Thompson, Shanahan, Dr White. 
At close of play Brenzinger will play 4 blind. Grand tnmt open to all
starts 1st wk Jan

Dec 18, 1869 pg 7: NYCC tnmt cont slowly, most active player Ware has scored 21.
More than 200 played in Williamsburgh tnmt

Dec 25, 1869 pg 10: NYCC tnmt over 150 games some high quality, leaders
Mackenzie, Ware, Barnett, B Lissner, Thompson. Europa as busy as during tnmt.
Bkln to reopen Janm confident their tnmt will eclipse any prev.
Williamsburgh preparing for 2d campaign

Dec 31, 1869 pg 8: Important NYCC tnmt game. Mackenzie gives P+1 to all;
lost to Dr Barnett 9 moves. Bkln CC tnmt starts Jan 8. Williamsburgh tnmt
almost done, Maj Wernich 20-0 certain winner

Jan 11, 1870 pg 5: NYCC tnmt ends, winners B Lissner and J Lissner, Mason;
1st 2 who are brothers won in ratio 7-1 Mason 9-2, prizes $12,8,4; were
supposed to play 22 games most did not come up to that number

Jan 12, 1870 pg 5: Clerical elopement scandal Mamaroneck; mention ltr 
Miss Johnson writing Mr Cook (the married pastor) disappointed did not
fulfill engagement said if he sent his son Baldwin to play chess w her she
would be satisfied

Jan 21, 1870 pg 5: Efforts to boost chess not as successful as some
statements to pub would have believe. System tnmt now estabd involves 
relatively small number prizes. Little rivalry; games usu single games on
one bd. Consulting game or series 6/side Bkln vs NY would arouse interest.
Dozen players in cold room NY and another dozen in Bkln playing in a
confectionary estab cannot hope to popularize chess

Jan 21, 1870 pg 8: CC orgd Jersey City, Col JH Crane pres

Feb 10, 1870 pg 1: Bkln CC tnmt a success. Last evening Mackenzie played 
sociable games vs Turner+Gilberg, tnmt game Perrin vs Turner. Full stdgs
CA Gilberg 13-2 HB White 8-2 M Munoz 6-4 Brenzinger 13-0 D  Baird 3-11
WB Davis 2-14 H Chadwick 8-4 A Steiner 0-2 A Thompson 7-11 WL Burton 2-13
JA de Con 17-13 J Mason 3-0 KC Knight 1-10 F Perrin 5-1 FW Koch 2-13
AW King 4-3 Delmar 15-4 GF Murray 1-2 GH Mackenzie 7-1 WW Colbron 0-2
JS Turner 2-5

Mar 5, 1870 pg 10: Bkln tnmt near end. So far w a few exceptions play of low
order, poorest playing best. From here out top players will meet. Special
interest in game Mackenzie vs Brenzinger; Brenzinger clean score while
Mackenzie 2 losses. Tonight prob greatest ever mtg chess players in Bkln;
consulting game some NY players vs mems Williamsburgh CC. Williamsburgh CC
will give a masque game lvg chess played by 2 noted players

Mar 19, 1870 pg 7: Bkln tnmt closes Sat, leaders FE Brenzinger 26-1 Mason 20-1
Mackenzie 25-2 Delmar 21-5 Perrin 19-5 CA Gilberg 28-8 Dr White 18-8. Thought
that Mason will not play in tnmt again due expected decision against him in
game vs Guilleame, Mason made false move which corrected immediately, would 
have lost game; opponent did not claim until urged to by 3d person. New
chess rooms replace Europa open tonight

Mar 24, 1870 pg 5: Bkln CC last night Mackenzie-Delmar 2-0, Brenzinger-Munoz,
Perrin-Gilberg. Return game Mackenzie vs Brenzinger tomorrow

Mar 26, 1870 pg 7: Bkln CC essentially deciding Game 
Mackenzie-Brenzinger French W49. Makes Mackenzie 31 Brenzinger 29. Tnmt 
closes tonight, best record in 33 games wins

Apr 4, 1870 pg 1: CC tnmt winners Mackenzie, FE Brenzinger, Delmar, CA Gilberg
(proquest pg 5)

Apr 11, 1870 pg 8: Series consulting games Cafe Intl started, Rice+F Perrin
vs Mackenzie+Turner, latter won ~70 moves

Apr 27, 1870 pg 4: Intl tnmt will be held Baden (pg 1)

May 17, 1870 pg 8: New Down Town CC formed, Von Frankenberg pres, at
European Chess Rooms, submit constitution to mtg Sat

June 9, 1870 pg 1: Intl tnmt Baden 3d wk July, brilliant prog, valuable prizes

July 26, 1870 pg 8: Summer match Bkln vs Cafe Intl starts today, Delmar vs Rice,
Mackenzie vs Munoz, Perrin vs Wernich, Brenzinger vs Dr Barnett, Marache vs
Phelan, Gilberg vs Dr Jones; each plays each of 6 on other team

July 27, 1870 pg 5: NY vs Bkln match started Cafe Intl, tied 3-3. Winners for
NY were Mackenzie, Dr Barnett, Maj Wernich; for Bkln winners Gilberg,
Morean, Marache. Shortest game Dr Barnett-Brenzinger Evans 20 moves. Resumes
Sat Bkln

July 30, 1870 pg 8: 2d day Bkln vs NY tonight

Aug 2, 1870 pg 8: Baseball game between chess players NY, Bkln arranged soon

Aug 10, 1870 pg 5: Match ends NY-Bkln 21-7-1

Nov 21, 1870 pg 8: Series contests starting this wk Intl rooms will include
Mackenzie vs B Rice, Dr Barnet vs Marache, Merian vs Mackenzie, Perrin vs
Gilberg. Now 6 chess resorts in NY including NYCC and Cafe Intl; Bkln has
2 CCs and another organizing to meet in Assembly House Washington St. 
Paterson CC tonight for start ann club tnmt; several noted Bkln and NY players
will be present. Effort to arrange congress NY next yr, plan to issue circ
and raise prize funds. Would be good idea to draw up Amer chess code; efforts
to do same Europe have not succeeded

Dec 19, 1870 pg 8: Prominent topic conversation is proposed congress NY 1871;
will also form natl CA composed all US CCs

Jan 27, 1871: Lippincott has good article on chess

June 26, 1871 pg 8: NY Down Town CC ann mtg, pres P v Frankenberg, about 50
mems, tnmt in prog for valuable silver medal

July 3, 1871 pg 8: Down Town CC tnmt ends, gold medal won by von Frankenberg

NY Trib July 27, 1871 pg 2: Emperor William annoyed Bismarck always beats him
at chess, thinks self 1st rate, doesn't know how to use castles

Nov 17, 1871 pg 2: Detroit+Cleveland CCs call for congress Cleveland Dec 4

Nov 29, 1871 pg 5: Attempt to org congress NY failed due to disharmony
among CCs. Congress will be held Cleveland Dec 5. 2 classes. Class 1 prizes
$100,60,40,30; class 2 50,25,15,10. 13/1. 5 repeats D. 2RR unless too many
entries class 1; 2d class 1RR of decisive games. Also prob tnmt. Plan to form
Amer CA w ann tnmt

Dec 7, 1871 pg 1: Chess congress in prog Cleveland

Dec 8, 1871 pg 8: Cleveland congress entry list class 1: Mackenzie, Elder,
Ware, Hosmer, WB Haughton (Chic), HD Smith (Cassopolis MI), H Harding
(Jackson MI), Max Judd (Cleveland), H Johnson (Cinc). Class 2: JT Wilson,
ED Stark, RW Goddard, JJ Judd (all Cleveland). Among players were not at 1st
mtg are JC Edgerton (Pittburg), F Buck (Chic), GH Foster (Utica). Rd 1
pairings. WG Yates ref, prob cttee Eugene B Cook (Hoboken), FH Mason and
JG White (Cleveland)

Dec 11, 1871 pg 5: Clevland tnmt full stdgs

Dec 16, 1871 pg 1: Amer CA formed Cleveland, officers P Ware Jr, John G White
(Cleveland), JS Turner (NY). Will hold ann tnmt and prob tnmt 

Feb 3, 1872 pg 8: Chess tnmt starts today Cafe Europa

May 13, 1872 pg 8: Bkln CC orgd under auspices Merc Lib Assoc. Officers
J Spencer Turner, Paul Worth, Manuel Munoz, SB Noyes; cttee Henry Chadwick,
Charles Gilberg, SB Chittenden Jr

Sept 21, 1872 pg 6: Claims for Doctor Grant in Savannah Journal do not
include all his traits excels in dancing and chess ... prob these are tongue
in cheek

Sept 29, 1870 pg 8: Bkln CC season starts Sat will elect officers and
play match vs NYCC

Oct 26, 1872 pg 8: New player Arthur Reda of Rumania a sensation Berlin

Mar 28, 1873 pg 2: Actor Fred Bock of Memphis is 1 of best chess players US

Apr 12, 1873 pg 4?": Oxford bets Cambridge, Zukertort 3-1-2 blind, 
Blackburne 11-1-1 simul

Apr 16, 1873 pg 8: AP Barnes re-elected pres and Geo W Firth sec of
Jersey City CC

May 10, 1873 pg 12: Chief Justice Chase excessively fond of chess, played
daily w private sec, played strong but not very scientific game

Aug 30, 1873 pg 1: Vienna tnmt winners 

Sept 11, 1873 pg 6: NJ pastor requested to resign because of various harmless
activities including plays baseball and chess

Sept 11, 1873 pg 7: Vienna tnmt winners Steinitz, Blackburne

Jan 15, 1874 pg 6: Williams and Yale playing corr match (calls it an odd
college contest)

Jan 26, 1874 pg 8: On NY chess resorts. Cafe Intl descrip, has 1 of best chess
libs US. Brief descrip Cafe Cosmopolitan

May 6, 1874 pg 8: Down-Town CC ends 4 mo tnmt before its game vs Boston CC 
next mo 6/side. Tnmt winners Paul v Frankenberg, Chas Hubert, J Rosenbaum,
A Strasser

June 9, 1874 pg 5: Phrase as perfect as the picture of the chess bd on the
brain of Paul Morphy blindfolded

June 27, 1874 pg 7: Staunton obit. 6-7 yrs acknowledged best chess player,
during that time said to have won more ches matches than any peron ever.
1849 family cares cused to abandon serious chess, contd to be leading
chess writer. Later yrs turned to general lit; Shakespeare and great
schools of England books

July 9, 1874 pg 5: Chicago congress results Mackenzie-Kennicott 2-0,
Judd-Hosmer, Bock/Elder, Bock/Gen Congdon, Perrin/Elder 1-1; Judd vs Hosmer 
lasted 7:30

July 10, 1874 pg 1: Great interest conts Chicago tnmt despite absence
Kennicott and adjourned W Bock vs Congdon game due Bock's illness.
Mackenzie-Perrin 2-0, Hosmer-Judd, Bock-Congdon. Stdgs

July 11, 1874 pg 1: Chicago congress results Mackenzie/Hosmer 1-1, Bock/Judd,
Elder-Congdon. Play of Mackenzie, Hosmer, Bock, Judd, Congdon, Elder excellent

July 13, 1874 pg 1: Chicago congress 1st wk ends. Judd-Bock, Bock-Perrin 2-0,
Elder called home. Kennicott wdal affects scores, had not played 2/3 so 
score canceled. Mackenzie 4.5-1.5 Judd 3-2 Elder 3.5-2.5 Hosmer 2-2
Perrin 2-6 Congdon 1.5-4.5 Bock 5.5-1.5

July 13, 1874 pg 1: Prof Cherriman re-elected pres Canad CA. Montreal tnmt
likely winners Hurlburt followed by Hicks or Jackson

July 14, 1874 pg 6: Staunton obit w French excuse for St Amant loss that he
had over-trained physically. Staunton better chess writer than player. 
Shakespeare ed gave him hardly more than 2d rank as Shakespeare scholar

July 16, 1874 pg 4: Chicago congress seriously interrupted by calamity which
befell city. Hosmer-Congdon, Hosmer-Perrin, Mackenzie-Bock 2-0. Bock wds.
Chess code adopted

Aug 5, 1874 pg 1: Mrs Tilton testifies on husband's over-absorption w chess
would stay up studying all night

Aug 24, 1874 pg 1: Usu Tilton testimony chess w Mrs Stanton all night

Aug 27, 1874 pg 3: Report on old Iceland says chess was a fav game 

Sept 1, 1874 pg 6: Chief Justice Chase was fond of chess hated cards

Nov 9, 1874 pg 10: Down Town CC hdcp tnmt started, 6 classes 5 prizes, 1st
prize chess table donated treas Hoenack, 16 entries so far

Nov 16, 1874 pg 10: New Brighton CC tnmt in prog, ~17 entries, 2 mos so
far none has completed 80? games

Jan 12, 1875 pg 8: BCA prob tnmt 5th prize won by JM Brown of Bkln; only
3d and 4th won by English, final 9th by H Frei Schmidt of Honolulu

Jan 14, 1875 pg 10: Newark CC arranging tnmt

Jan 21, 1875 pg 12: NY Downtown CC tnmt prob ends this wk, Doyle wins 1st,
Ginberger 2d. Andrews prob 3d, 4th and last prob Savery and Rosenbaum

Jan 26, 1875 pg 12: Newark CC tnmt started, 4 prizes 18 entries so far

Feb 2, 1875 pg 7: Cafe Intl tnmt ends, top scores Mason 46-6 Delmar 44 
Serrin 43 Alberoni 42 Dill 38

Feb 15, 1875 pg 5: Philad 30 player prelim tnmt to Centennial tnmt in prog

Feb 25, 1875 pg 12: Chess tnmt in prog Cafe Intl, cttee Mackenzie, E Alberoni,
Mason, Dr Barrett, Delmar. 40 players in 5 classes. Tnmt series planned to
practice for Philad tnmt

Mar 4, 1875 pg 12: Cafe Intl tnmt proceeds slowly. Score so far Class 1
Mackenzie 2 Delmar 1; class 5 Ogier 2 Barker 1

Mar 8, 1875 pg 12: Turners CC tnmt near end, leaders Bennecke 36-5 Winckel
37.5-15.5 Rosenbaum 40.5-14.5 Metzner 32-21 Hesse 31-22

Mar 25, 1875 pg 12: Cafe Intl tnmt still in prog. Play in classes, class
winners play for prizes. Class 1: Mackenzie, Alberoni, Delmar, Mason,
Barnett, Smith, Crosbie, Lindehn. 2: Barnes, Ryan, Peck, Avery, O'Neill,
McCutcheon, Crawford, Thompson, Dwyer, Randolph. 3: Limbeck, Whittaker,
Pryor, Davis, Frankel, Schermer, Ehrenseller, Istel, Goldsmith. 4: Vorrath,
Mendosinen, Hovey, Griffith, Jacobson, Kennereuther, Graffs, Kass. 5: Ogier,
Langeland, Edwardsm Koel, Pulvermann, Hudson, Howard

Apr 13, 1875 pg 9: Fur dyer AW Ensor who does biz in Rochester testifies in
counterfeiting trial. Mason paid for laces w counterfeit money. Tried to get
Ensor to contradict self and of poor charactor. Once arrested Montreal.
Had been asst ed chess col Canad Ill News, is entered in Centennial tnmt Philad

Apr 14, 1875 pg 2: Counterfeiting trial of George Albert Mason. Ensor was 
asked if when in Philad w Mason he won $15 in chess; Ensor says won $15 but
was never paid; then goes into evidence Ensor spent counterfeit money

Oct 2, 1875 pg 2: Longest chess game reported recently 9 mos between
OA Brownson of Dubuque and Rogers of Detroit; life too short for this

Dec 27, 1875 pg 8: NY players consulting w Bird and Philad CC re Centennial
tnmt. Much enthusiasm recently, feel need more formal CC

Jan 7, 1876 pg 6: Article on Steuben mentions fondness for chess several times

Jan 7, 1876 pg 8: Bird has been in NY for some wks, played many top players
winning majority. NY Down Town CC offered $100 for match Bird vs Mason;
Mason-Bird 11-4-4. Mason cool and tenacious won several games believed lost

Jan 8, 1876 pg 1: (Dateline Cleveland) Judd-Alberoni 3-1-2

Jan 12, 1876 pg 8: Bird 20 simul Down Town CC tonight

Jan 13, 1876 pg 1: Judd wins, leads Alberoni 5-2-2

Jan 13, 1876 pg 8: Bird 20 simul Down Town CC. Started at 7; by 11 had beaten
Allen, Froude, Thurber, Lyon, Doyle; still playing vs Fell, Rosenbaum,
Teed, Becker, Wernich, Tobias, Rettig, Lazarus, Whittaker, Limbeck, Cohnfeld,
Baldwin, Pollock, Fisher, Mirkleham. None had advantage vs Bird at that time

Jan 14, 1876 pg 8: Bird to play match vs 4 consulting Down Town CC Sat

Mar 6, 1876 pg 6: Bibliography of chess has been pubd by vd Linde 2209 titles

Mar 22, 1876 pg 5: Cafe Intl tnmt started most interesting chess event for
several yrs here. Paired by lot Mason vs Alberoni, Delmar vs Barnett, Perrin
vs Becker, Mackenzie vs Hind, Roser vs Parnell, Dill vs Bird. Only result
so far Parnell-Roser

Mar 29, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt Dill/Bird 1-1, Alberoni/Mason 0-0-2,
Alberoni-Baird 2-0 his next match vs Smith; Delmar-Dr Barnett 1-0-1, 
Mackenzie-Hind 2-0. Today Barnett vs Becker. Match Becker vs Perrin 1-1.
Ensor of Buffalo is in NY, has entered tnmt

Mar 31, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt Ensor-Smith 2-0, Mackenzie-Parnell.
2 new strong players Brenzinger+Richardson entered; largest ever US grp
of class 1 players. Today Bird vs Delmar, Barrett vs Becker, Alberoni vs
Dill, Perrin vs Roser

Apr 7, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt Mackenzie/Bird, Alberoni-Brenzinger 2-0;
2 other games played

Apr 11, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt Mackenzie-Perrin, Barnett-Roser, Alberoni-
Becker, Mason-Bird, Cisor [Ensor?]-Dill yesterday

Apr 14, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt Barnett-Mackenzie, Mason-Perrin, 
Ensor-Delmar, Alberoni-Parnell 2-0, Brenzinger/Smith 1-1, Richardson/Alberoni

Apr 20, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt Bird-Mason, Delmar-Alberoni, Becker-Ensor.
Tomorrow Bird vs Mackenzie, Alberoni vs Ensor. Half dozen top ~ = scores

Apr 24, 1876 pg 8: 100 games played in tnmt, end near, leaders Mackenzie+
Alberoni, Bird 5th.

Apr 28, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl leading scores Mackenzie 10-1-1 Alberoni 12-3-4
Bird 14-4-1 Mason 9-2-4 Ensor 11-4-1

May 1, 1876 pg 8: 272 games, over half, played in tnmt. On basis games won
leaders Mackenzie, Bird, Alberoni, Mason. Bird lost several to 2d rate at
start but has beaten several 1st class since

May 1, 1876 pg 6: Memoirs of Norman Macleod mentions playing chess w
his sister Jane

June 12, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt winners Mackenzie 20-6 Alberoni 19-7 
Mason, Bird 18.5-7.5

Aug 3, 1876 pg 4: Death Loewenthal b 1810, naturalized British, chess ed
London Era nearly 20 yrs

Aug 17, 1876 pg 1: Philad tnmt begins, day 1 results

Aug 19, 1876 pg 12: Philad tnmt results

Sept 22, 1876 pg 4: SS Boden, prominent English player, native Hull, many yrs
was accountant London office SE Railway. Leisure hrs spent painting varied w
chess. Author Popular Intro to Chess, 11 yr chess ed Field. Death of distant
relative 11 yrs ago allowed to give up accounting devote self to landscape
painting which gave him gratifying success

Oct 19, 1876 pg 8: Cafe Intl tnmt w prizes $100,50,25 and silver cup donated
by Lieders ends. Winners Mason 16 Delmar 15.5 Bird 15. Cash prizes given by
Frank Queen. 21 entries but several retd during course of tnmt

Mar 5, 1877 pg 3: Your move story w generic chess player

Mar 16, 1877 pg 4: Mar Westm Paps has portrait Mrs JW Gilbert of Hartford CT
aka Q of chess

Apr 13, 1877 pg 8: Cafe Intl consulting game tonight, teams headed by Mason,
Mackenzie partners drawn by lot fromDelmar, Barnett, Gilberg, Barnes

May 11, 1877 pg 4: NO pap says Morphy not in asylum, can be seen daily

June 12, 1877 pg 4 contd: Stats on 117 mems Yale sr class of whom 60 play chess

June 30, 1877 pg 3: Past 5-6 mos CC started U Penn

Aug 18, 1877 pg 5: Prof Lutszinski is at Long Branch w his automatic checkers
and chess player

Nov 6, 1877 pg 10: NYCC 8th ann tnmt opens, 6 classes 7 prizes

Dec 11, 1877 pg 8: Consulting match for $100 3/side starts this wk. Mackenzie
on 1 side, Mason on other; oher players Brenzinger, Dr Barnett, Delmar and
Dill or Devoe, 3 nner of 1st 3 games

Dec 27, 1877 pg 8: 2d game $100 match Mackenzie+Delmar+Teed vs Mason+
Brenzinger+De Vaux strted; game 1 D

Dec 28, 1877 pg 8: 2d consulting game adjd 13 moves. Intl tnmt planned
w Paris Exhibition, French govt to donate a prize

Dec 31, 1877 pg 8: 2d consuling game Mackenzie side beats Mason side 51 moves
lead 1-0-1

Jan 7, 1878 pg 8: Mackenzie+Delmar win game 3 vs Mason side; 4th game in 
prog. De Vaux of Mason side has wd, conts as 2/side

Jan 14, 1878 pg 8: Cafe Intl consulting match delayed by death in family
1 of players. 4th game, Mackenzie+Teed vs Mason+Brenzinger, adjd 34 moves

Jan 18, 1878 pg 8: Mason side wins Cafe Intl consulting match game 4 vs
Mackenzie side; will be suspended for wk since Mackenzie out of city

Jan 21, 1878 pg 2: Mechanical chess player from Europe will be introd Aquarium
(other days, also ads for this other days)

Apr 10, 1878 pg 8: Cafe Cosmopolitan tnmt started, 29 entries, highest scores
so far Burke, Doyle, Limbeck, Ettinger, Eisenman, Henshel, Graham; prizes

May 7, 1878 pg 8: 8th ann NYCC tnmt ends, winners Hugo Eitner, Teed, Griffin,
Doyle, Rohnfeld [Cohnfeld?], Dr Jentz

June 28, 1878 pg 2: Arrest Alvin Reise, asst to magician Prof George Everett;
believed to have stolen chess automaton et al

July 3, 1878 pg 1: Paris tnmt stdgs after 4 rds

July 9, 1878 pg 1: Paris tnmt partial stdgs after 6 rds

July 15, 1878 pg 1: Paris tnmt partial stdgs

July 23, 1878 pg 2: Worthless assets of theatrical agent Herman Grau 
include $250 claim against chess payer Geroge Mackenzie

July 23, 1878 pg 8: Paris tnmt leading scores

July 25, 1878 pg 8: Paris tnmt ties Winawer and Zukertort for 1st, Mackenzie
and Bird for 4th will play off

Aug 15, 1878 pg 4: Land+Water comments on Mackenzie. Inferior to none in
capacity. Style old fashioned not up w latest research tho beat 2 top and
was even vs Zukertort

Oct 23, 1878 pg 6: Late George Allen, Prof of Greek Penn, had over 1000 chess
books in dozen languages. 250 ltrs. On old chess books owned. Elaborate
catalog pubd

Jan 4, 1879 pg 6: Lvg chess Sewickley PA for new carpet for church

Feb 17, 1879 pg 4-5: Lvg chess Lancaster PA described

Feb 22, 1879 pg 2: Grevy would not want presidency if could not play
billiards and chess

Mar 22, 1879 pg 4: Death Anderssen

Mar 24, 1879 pg 3: Anderssen obit

Apr 8, 1879 pg 8: Lvg chess acad music Apr 16

Apr 17, 1879 pg 1: On lvg chess NY  Acad Music. Balcony full but orchestra
only 1/3 full. Auspices Manhattan. Descrip scene posing Hugo Eitner and
Frederick Jenkins. Pieces M Faustsel, Rachel Barrett, Leon Black, Miss Miller.
Players Delmar and Mackenzie introd by Col John R Fellows. Brief descrip
game won by Mackenzie. Also presented game won by Morphy, prob by EB Cook

May 15, 1879 pg 4: Late George Walker had 1st chess col in English in Bells Life

July 31, 1879 pg 4 contd: Usu Proctor on why will be no chess automaton

Nov 14, 1879 pg 2: Intl tnmt proposed NY to rival greatest European. Orgd by
Manhattan, mngmt cttee includes WT Miner (ex-Gov CT), pres Frederick Perrin.
1st class tnmt to start Jan 6, 1880, 1st prob $500 hope to inc to 1000. 
Prob tnmt open to all prize sets $100,50,25 and 25 for best single prob.
Will act on new chess code. Review prev congresses. Astronomer Richard A Proctor
endorses, is VP of BCA of which Lord Lytton [sic] pres. Expect Blackburne, 
Bird, Zukertort; Henry Hosmer of Chicago, John S Ryan of NY. New code to
consider rules for telegraph mtaches et al

Nov 22, 1879 pg 1: Auburn NY tnmt winners HA Richmond (Buffalo), James R Cox
(Auburn) won class 2 CC Button (Auburn) class 3; next mtg Syracuse

Dec 13, 1879 pg 8: NY congress start Jan 6, review other tnmts, prob tnmt rules

Dec 14, 1879 pg 12: Perrin+FM Teed announcement re NY congress. Start Jan 6,
prizes $500,300,200,100,50. 2RR, 15/1, Staunton=Wormald rules. Minor tnmt
contemplated. Cttee of award Charles H Waterbury, George E Carpenter, 
Eugene B Cook [no doubt prob tnmt]. After tnmt to discuss other topics eg
forming a natl CA

Dec 21, 1879 pg 12: NY congress next mo now definite, prog issued, prizes
$500,300,200,100,50. $20 EF enter by Jan 2

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1880 pg 3: 5th Amer chess congress NY. Players listed. 15/1,
5 prizes given. Also minor tnmt, prob tnmt. Plans for intl tnmt 1883 with
World Fair. Will prob have exhibition by Blackburne who is on way to NY,
12 blind. Last 3 wks, conclude with dinner

NY Tribune Jan 11, 1880 pg 12: NY tnmt scores after day 5

Jan 13, 1880 pg 4: Chess tnmt brings to mind Philidor, traveled as chess
N 1749-95 beating all. Played in great baronial halls, lords+ladies in velvet+
lace looking on, Philidor always in grand costume of Grench marquis w lace
handkerchief tied over eyes, untiring tongue wagging. Old chronicler writes
his bon-mots as brilliant as his chess. Wrote at length of his feats. In
fact Sacchieri 3 blind Pavia yrs earlier yet was completely unknown by 
Philidor's chroniclers

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1880 pg 12: NY tnmt stdgs

NY Tribune Jan 21, 1880 pg 8: Chess tnmt scores

NY Tribune Jan 24, 1880 pg 8: NY tnmt stdgs

NY Tribune Jan 27, 1880 pg 5: End of tnmt. Two winners foreign born but NY 
residents.  Description tnmt rooms, chess pictures there. As large attendance as
rooms could accomodate thruout. Contestants have complained that they are called
chess pros; only Mackenzie is. Mackenzie well known, born Scotch,  ex-capt
British army, some yrs res NY, won Cleveland and Chicago tnmts and all
club tnmts since 1873; 4th Paris 1878. James Grundy came to NY last May
from Manchester; 1 of best Manchester CC tho playing just 5 yrs. Mem
Manhattan CC, 2d to Mackenzie ann tnmt last March rcvg P+1 from Mackenzie
and Delmar. Brilliant, dashing, original but not student of openings.
Sellman is cigar manufacturer Baltimore. Never played in such stron tnmt
before. Deaf mute from fever age 4 but partially recovered voice. Charles
Mohle youngest, age 20 In biz NY. Playing chess ~5 yrs, mem Manhattan CC.
1st tnmt 3 yrs ago won 2d prize at 1st given N but later in tnmt hdcp
reduced. Won 1st 1878 over Delmar, Ryan et al rcvg P+1; won chess prob tnmt
same yr. 4th club tnmt 1879. Considered 1 of best in club. Close student
openings; as german has access to German games and works. Delmar from NY, won
2d prize 1875 Clipper tnmt, 1879 won match vs Samuel Loyd 7-1-1. Max Judd of
St Louis was 3d Detroit, 4th Cleveland, 3d Cincinnati, 1st St Louis 1874
gvg odds to all, 2d Philad. 1879 beat 8 St Louis players gvg N odds to each.
Minor tnmt to start Feb 3. [Writer does not know much chess; talks of Ruy Bias
opening and says Vienna 1st used Vienna 1873, notes a game decided by Qing a
P as if special]. Gives scores end 1st wk and 2d wk. Loud applause when
Ware decline Grundy Q which was trap in final game. Tie to be played off
Thurs, Fri. Congress convenes 28th with discussion chess code and form natl
chess assoc, plan for tnmt with 1883 World Fair. 4 minor tnmt prizes $100,
60, 30, 20. Prob tnmt 100, 50, 25 and special Turf 25 best single prob

NY Tribune Jan 28, 1880 pg 5: 5th ann chess congress dinner, 52 guests. Titles
of toasts given. Short addresses Gen Congdon, Harshbock, JC Allen, Frere, 
of Canada [?] and Crask. 2 chess poems read. 3, 4, 5th prizes given. Grundy,
Mackenzie to play off for $500 and gold medal. Same page has description
musical comedy operetta The Royal Middy culminates with chess game

Jan 30, 1880 pg 8: Grundy vs Mackenzie 1st place playoff postponed til
tomorrow, playing off for $500 vs $300 1st and 2d

NY Tribune Feb 1, 1880 pg 12: Mackenzie wins playoff, $500 and gold medal.
Game 1 37 moves 1:45, game 2 38 moves 1:30 (calls opening Ruy Blas). Unusually
short tho both fast players

NY Tribune Feb 8, 1880 pg 3: Article Henry Thomas Buckle and his Oddities. What
I did not know: Anxious to marry 2 cousins age 17, challenged successful wooer
of 1 to deadly combat and separated from other by parents who objected to
marriage of close kin; after this "fidgety" bachelor. Only paid cash.
Would select own meat from butcher, became 1st class at attention to food tho
moderate eater. Only ate toast Monday because then bread 1 day old; servant had
to bring toasting fork to room and make as required. None could make tea
til he taught how; very hot with cups+spoons warmed, time to stand specified.
Conversation apt to degenerate to controversy, too eager to reach bottom 
every topic. Of 1500L income spent 300L books; 22000 books but tools not 
collection. Would sit up late reading with wet towel round head; only time in
life frightened by sleepwalking landlady. No record of life before 1850 except
some chess games. Read 3 books/day, notes on all tho excellent memory.
Accidental mtg Hallam 1841 turned attention to Middle Ages, history came from
this. Worked 8 hrs/day, always walked at least 7 miles; searched for beggars
houses he would test before giving charity. Favorite recreation chess; master,
Capt Kennedy describes as excellent at P play and gvg large odds, always
courteous and pleasant opponent smoking cigar; Huth in bio callas world chp.
Uneventful life

NY Tribune June 16, 1880 pg 4: General Garfield said to be particularly fond of 

NY Tribune Aug 29, 1880 pg 3: Chess much more modern than Go; no evidence modern
chess before 500 AD before that played with dice

NY Tribune Sept 14, 1880 pg 8: Lawyer Higenbotam falsely confined, only kept
sanity playing chess

Sept 26, 1880 pg 3: Mention losing in chess to famous engr Capt James B Eads

Jan 29, 1881 pg 6: Brentanos Monthly chess col ed HC Allen deserves much praise

Feb 6, 1881 pg 3: Charles Lamb was foced to play chess with dull and short
tempered father in evenings

May 28, 1881 pg 6: Lessing was inveterate chess player esp liked to play
Mendelssohn and Lavater led to fable N in Chess and chess scene in Nathan
the Wise said to be from incident at Mendelssohn's house

June 24, 1881 pg 6: New pubs book 5th Amer Congress noticed

NY Tribune Aug 29, 1881 pg 4: 2d German congress begins Berlin, 18 chp entries

Aug 29, 1881 pg 5: 2d German CC congress, ~120 present, 18 in chp tnmt,
starts Mon

Sept 2, 1881 pg 1: Berlin congress partial results

NY Tribune Sept 4, 1881 pg 8: Mme de Remusat writes 1811 of how passes day
includes chess

Sept 5, 1881 pg 1: Berlin congress suspended, dinner at zoo. So far Blackburne
2-1-1 Mason 3-0-2 Zukertort 2-1-1

Jan 29, 1882 pg 4: Joseph Priestly relaxed w chess

NY Tribune Sept 6, 1881 pg 5: Berlin tnmt results

NY Tribune Sept 10, 1881 pg 1: Berlin tnmt results

NY Tribune Sept 11, 1881 pg 1: Berlin tnmt results

NY Tribune Sept 13, 1881 pg 1: Berlin tnmt results

Sept 18, 1881 pg 1: Berlin tnmt winner results and stdgs. Ties may be played 
off if do not agree to split prizes

NY Tribune Sept 19, 1881 pg 5: Berlin tnmt has ended (also Sept 18 pg 6)

Nov 11, 1881 pg 8: Womens Exchange ann mtg display includes 300 yr old
chess set

NY Tribune Nov 27, 1881 pg 4: Sir Edward says was well rcvd by Prince of
Orange who passed time playing chess w me after dinner or riding horse or
making love in which also used me

Jan 17, 1882 pg 4: Vienna CC will celebrate 25th ann w intl tnmt starts 
May 10, 6 prizes from $1000 to $40

Feb 16, 1882 pg 5: Mention Grevy is chess player

Apr 17, 1882 pg 8: Corr game has been played Yale vs Columbia

NY Tribune May 21, 1882 pg 1: Mackenzie, Mason D in Vienna tnmt (Sacramento
Record May 22 pg 4 calls Mason Morris)

May 30, 1882 pg 1: No news on Vienna tnmt since day 9. Mackenzie, Winawer,
Blackburne were leading w 7; Max judd of St Louis reported as making a
fair record [??] but not among leaders. Mackenzie ~45, title from
British Army service, came to US about 18 or 19 yrs ago, served in Union
Army, has beaten every prominent US player but Morphy; NY 1880 won $500 and
gold medal for 1st

June 3, 1882 pg 2: Only new news from Vienna is that Mason has 5.5 Ware 3; 
Ware drew Mackenzie. Detail thru day 5 rcvd by mail. Early in congress was
some objection to Ware due to NY 1880 scandal, but made frank acknowledgement
of fault as impulse of moment and was allowed to go on. Manhattan CC, now 100 
mems, new rooms

NY Tribune June 4, 1882 pg 1: Vienna tnmt stdgs

June 11, 1882 pg 1: Vienna tnmt results, stdgs; past wk disastrous for 

June 19, 1882 pg 1: Vienna tnmt results, leaders

June 22, 1882 pg 1: Vienna tnmt winners scores and prizes

June 23, 1882 pg 1: Zukertort and Mackenzie will split 4/5 prize Vienna

June 25, 1882 pg 1: Steinitz beats Winawer, splits 1st and 2d prizes Vienna tnmt

June 28, 1882 pg 4: Vienna tnmt led to discovery Mason, 15 yrs ago newsboy
Fulton Ferry, taught by proprietor chess resort, soon beat teacher, then
best in resort; within 2 yrs fine player and by age 19 1 of best NY

July 11, 1882 pg 8: NYCC throwing rooms open to all once/wk starting Fri next

NY Tribune July 14, 1882 pg 8: Max Judd of Cincinnati returned from Vienna, 
visited Manhattan CC and spoke to Trib reporter re players. His opinion is that 
3d prize winner Mason best of all, would easily have won but sich at end tnmt.
He talks of coming to US in fall. Had game counted against vs Bird since
overstepped time 30 seconds; told me had not exceeded and would have tied for
1st. Steinitz, Winawer strong but think Steinitz stronger. Zukertort who split
4/5 with Mackenzie better than Winawer, and Blackburne won won 6th stronger
than Winawer or Mackenzie. Would rank players Mason, Steinitz, Zukertort,
Blackburne, Winawer, Mackenzie. Judd left NY for West

Oct 31, 1882 pg 2: Bell's Life chess col was perfectly done by late Walker

Nov 9, 1882 pg 4: Steinitz arrived Philad. Little w full red beard, mostache,
side-whiskers, big shock of light brown hair, twinkling blue eyes, constant
smile gvg idea couldn't look angry if tried; age 46, past 20 yrs played and
beaten nearly every other top European

Nov 18, 1882 pg 1: Steinitz wins game 3 vs DM Martinez 44 moves 5:50

Nov 20, 1882 pg 1: Steinitz wins final game of series vs Martinez 54 moves 3:30

Nov 22, 1882 pg 1: Steinitz wins 5th game vs Martinez like all others

Dec 5, 1882 pg 7: Martinez wins game 1 of new series vs Steinitz

Dec 8, 1882 pg 1: 4th game 2d series Steinitz/DM Martinez

Dec 9, 1882 pg 1: Steinitz wins game 5 2d series vs Martinez

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1883 pg 5: US chp Mackenzie simul vs all comers Manhattan

Jan 22, 1883 pg 2: Buffalo vs Toronto telegraph match resumes. No games 
finished last wk, now tied 1-1 w 3 in prog. Bd A Richmond of Buffalo up P.
Bd B George H Thornton behind due 2 doubled Ps. Bd C even. Bd D GC Farnsworth
(B) beat Littlejohn. Bd E no result. Consulting game won by Toronto

NY Tribune Jan 23, 1883 pg 5: Mackenzie 19-2-2 Manhattan simul 4 hrs; winners
M Framble, WS Petison

Feb 4, 1883 pg 5: Manhattan celebrates 6th ann w dinner. Mackenzie who recently
played 20 simul present. Prizes distd to tnmt winners Gustave Simonson,
Graham Baird, Mackenzie. Toats pres Hellwitz, Gen Daniel E Sickles, 
Thomas Frere, Fredrick Perrin, Delmar, Steinitz, Prof Meinowitz, 
Rev Dr Eddy, Dr Crampton

Feb 8, 1883 pg 5: Game 1 Mackenzie-Steinitz 3N 3..g6 D34

Feb 10, 1883 pg 5: Game 3 Mackenzie-Steinitz 3N 3..g6 B27 Steinitz leads 2-0-1

Feb 11, 1883 pg 7: Descrip Steinitz win game 4 vs Mackenzie

NY Tribune Feb 14, 1883 pg 8: Brilliant Game Mackenzie-Steinitz Ruy W58 called
finest game played in US. Last game shortest, Steinitz gambit and Mackenzie
showed could draw; Steinitz wins 3-1-2. Thursday Steinitz 20 simul, Sat 4
blind. Steinitz explains his strategy. Mackenzie said to be of nervous

NY Tribune Feb 16, 1883 pg 2: Steinitz 27 simul Manhattan vs top opposition
including Delmar, Ware of Boston, Elson of Philad, Teed, Richardson, Mohle,
Vorrath, DG Baird, Blackmar, Simonson. 5 hrs. Blackmar won, Mohle, Richardson,
Teed drew; some still playing at 1 AM Steinitz accepting draws more easily.
Played same waiting style as in Mackenzie match

NY Tribune Feb 17, 1883 pg 8: Events of day has tnmt Manhattan CC

Feb 17, 1883 pg 8: Steinitz/SB Schlesinger 1-1, Steinitz gvg N and playing
blind. Steinitz 19-3-5 simul Manhattan lost to Blackmar, Baird, Elson;
will play 4 blind tonight

Feb 18, 1883 pg 7: Large crowd for Steinitz 4 blind Manhattan while playing
whist. Took back 1 obvious blunder vs JW Baird. 3-1 beat JW Baird,
De Visser, DG Baird; lost to Delmar. Says does not have clear photo in mind,
becomes blurry and goes over whole game in mind. Steinitz made friends w all
w genial, pleasant manner. Laughs like a boy when wins. Will go to Havana Tues

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1883 pg 5: Meyerbeer played at chess quietly, and like
almost all famous men lost miserably

Feb 20, 1883 pg 2:  Mackenzie 20 simul Manhattan. Not as strong a team as
Steinitz faced. Lost just 1. Some talk of having Steinitz exhibition in 
large hall but was not thought would be financial success

NY Tribune Mar 4, 1883 pg 12: Living chess at 23 Regiment Armory next Sat,
Mackenzie vs Delmar

Mar 7, 1883 pg 2: Manhattan CC will send Mackenzie to London tnmt next month
as rep

Mar 11, 1883 pg 2: Descrip lvg chess 23d Regt Armory Bkly. Mackenzie/Delmar

NY Tribune Mar 11, 1883 pg 6: Blind and deaf KY poet Morrison Heady visiting
NO, surprising chess skill, has set can feel pieces

NY Tribune Mar 13, 1883 pg 1: Steinitz playing every afternoon at Union Club,
maintaing supremacy vs all

NY Tribune Mar 22, 1883 pg 3: Interview w Steinitz on Morphy mtg. Has been said
met under pretense of being lawyer interested in his law case. No, he would
be too shrewd for that. I have been interesting myself in intl law w thought
of writing treatise on it, wrote to him about it. No answer, stopped and gave
card. Read gave wild questioning look, then recovered and shook hands, said name
was well known, entered conversation. Met him twice after, very pleasant and
agreeable. When crowd collected each time excuse self pleading pressing legal
engagements. I am angry at crowd. Interesting to talk to. Shrewd, practical, 
apparently excellent health. Derangement purely local, could be cured. Has
idea conspiracy against him led to losing money. I suggested he speak with
legal friends, but added even Morphy may be mistaken. That is it, he said,
people think I am nothing but a chess player, and that I know nothing about
law. Thinks would play again if approached correctly. Now will not look at bd
or go to club afraid will make him play. I know feeling. 1867 I suffered
sunstroke, wks I had no energy esp for chess. Decided to believe effort would
cure affliction; torture at 1st vut worked. When Morphy sits at bd finds cant
concentrate, thinks something wrong with him; rather than admit pleads
engagement rushes away. Told people should let him sit and watch, never ask to
play; he will himself in time. Why is money so important to him? Wants to get
married, always having "love affairs", all in NO humor him. Most chivalrous.
If sees strange face and pleases him lifts hat and bows, some ladies stop and
speak kindly, will follow at distance sometimes for hrs, note address in
notebook. Regrets money loss because wants to marry - think the cure is chess.
How compare to current? Game has progressed, 20 times num 1st class. Would
have to alter style as in my use of K; may lose OTB but not tnmt. Corr chess
fairest test, match fairer than tnmt since draws affect in tnmt. Strongest
living include Zukertort, Mackenzie, Martinez, perhaps Mason. Mackenzie genius
but will not study modern game, to my grief persists in Morphy style. Hardest
opponent was Anderssen. Thinks peaked 1872-73. 1877 relaps sunstroke of 1867,
not yet completely recovered; still equal 1st 1878 tnmt despite feeling
poorly. Getting stronger now, hope for complete recovery. Wish Morphy would
try same way. Has gone to Havana, will return 2 wks then to Europe, not likely 
to play again in NY

NY Tribune Mar 27, 1883 pg 8: Mackenzie 23 simul Manhattan. After 2 hrs 9-0,
3 hrs 15-1 losing to Frank Rover. Indications at late hr Mackenzie would win
remainder. Games of RS Stanton, JS Ryan esp noteworthy

Mar 30, 1883: Customs inspectors ordered to quit playing chess while waiting
for assignments to incoming vessels, worried about publicity

Apr 4, 1883 pg 4: Mackenzie sailed for London tnmt Apr 26, large crowd
chess friends wished farewell

NY Tribune Apr 15, 1883 pg 3: Article on great men being bad at games says
that Napoleon and Frederick the Great atrocious at chess

NY Tribune Apr 27, 1883 pg 1: London intl (universal) tnmt begins. Entries, 
1st rd results given

NY Tribune Apr 28, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

NY Tribune May 1, 1883: London tnmt results; Mason vs Zukertort 9 hrs

NY Tribune May 3, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

NY Tribune May 4, 1883 pg 5: London tnmt results

May 6, 1883 pg 3: Chess players agog over London tnmt, over 1800L subscribed
300L to winner. During Anderssen and Morphy times 100L considered enormous

NY Tribune May 9, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results. Zukertort's 1st loss to
Steinitz (NY Sun pg 1)

NY Tribune May 10, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

May 15, 1883 pg 7: London tnmt results

St Paul Globe May 16, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results. Misspellings include 
Enlisch, Shepworth, Heinitz, Fzchigorin, Winnever (NY Tribune pg 1, NY Sun
pg 3)

NY Tribune May 18, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results (NY Sun pg 3)

NY Tribune May 20, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt nears end. Zukertort will win,
Steinitz or Tschigorin 2d. Mason, who is sometimes called Amer, likely 4th

NY Tribune May 21, 1883 pg 4: Lord Randolph Churchill chess enthusiast

May 22, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

NY Tribune May 29, 1883 pg 1: Results 2d rd 1st game, stdgs of leaders

May 31, 1883 pg 1: Steinitz draws Englisch London tnmt

June 1, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results. Skipworth retires due to illness

NY Tribune June 5, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

NY Tribune June 6, 1883 pg 5: London tnmt results

NY Tribune June 10, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt near end, results prob as predicted
earlier except Blackburne now has good chance for 2d; Zukertort certainly 1st

NY Tribune June 12, 1883 pg 1 London tnmt results. Zukertort clinches 1st. He
is 41 yrs old. Met Anderssen at Breslau U, in few yrs became 1 of best Germany.
12-1-3 blindfold at W End Club. Won Paris 78, tied 4/5 Vienna 82

NY Tribune June 13, 1883 pg 5: London tnmt results

NY Tribune June 14, 1883 pg 5: London tnmt results (NY Sun pg 1)

NY Tribune June 15, 1883 pg 5: London tnmt results (NY Sun pg 1)

NY Tribune June 16, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

June 18, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results, stdgs

NY Tribune June 19, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results

NY Tribune June 20, 1883 pg 5: London tnmt results; Steinitz clinches 2d

NY Tribune June 22, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt results (NY Sun pg 1)

June 23, 1883 pg 1: London tnmt Rosenthal/Englisch

July 1, 1883 pg 4: Zukertort sure to win London tnmt, undoubtedly best, not
strange that broke down at end due to effect profound strain on delicate
constitution. Looks like Steinitz will beat Blackburne for 2d, then likely
Tschigorin followed closely by Mackenzie, Mason, Englisch, Rosenthal.
Morphy melancholy end sincerely deplored here where made many friends; before
my time. Would call Blackburne imaginative and inventive, Steinitz sound and
correct, Zukertort imaginative and correct. Zukertort charming style quite
his own, delightful gambits. When I was young played several games vs Buckle
who would work all morning on books and play 3-4 games in afternoon; would
have been even greater but not such a fool as to confuse sport w career,
sneered at chess as intellectual measure special gift like piano or fiddle,
knew world and felt ave strength chess players, pianists, fiddlers not high
(from occasional London corr to Trib)

July 9, 1883 pg 1: Zukertort plans yr tour

Sept 11, 1883 pg 5: Mackenzie 12-4-2 Manhattan simul, lost to Hanham, SS Peck,
Ward, Rosenbaum. After 2:30 just 4 left ended soon after. Walked cigar in hand
quaffed glass stout. Manhattan has 200 mems, by Nov plans to welcome
Zukertort, Steinitz, Blackburne

Sept 25, 1883 pg 2: Mackenzie 13-1 Manhattan simul; opponents include
well-known Vorrath, Patterson Palmer of club. 2 hrs. Ann club tnmt Oct,
Steinitz and other leading players invited and expected

Oct 9, 1883 pg 2: Mackenzie 3d all comers simul Manhattan, 12 players; lost to
WF Osborne of CT, William Patterson. 6th ann hdcp starts wk from Sat.
Steinitz sails from England Oct 30, will appear Philad and other cities

Oct 20, 1883 pg 2: Manhattan 6th ann hfcp tnmt entries close tonight. 14 entries
so far including Mackenzie and Delmar. Prize list; 1st place cup value $100.
Mackenzie will omit [?] his simul Mon

Oct 23, 1883 pg 8: Events of day has Manhattan ann tnmt

NY Tribune Oct 24, 1883 pg 2: Manhattan ann hdcp began 19 entries, prizes $50,
30, 20, 15, 10; mems Stock X offered cup value $100 for 2 consec wins. Games
last night DG Baird vs HH Schieffelin, JW Baird vs Charles Spiegle, S
Lipschutz vs Charles Fisher. Manhattan rcvd challenge from Philad, match in
NY Nov 7 Philad Nov 24, 10-18 players.

NY Tribune Oct 25, 1883 pg 2: Manhattan hdcp tnmt games Mackenzie/Hanham P+1,
Ryan/Carpenter 1-1 N odds, Isaacson-Simonson, Delmar-Pinkham P+1, JW Baird-
Spiegle P+2 (finish adj game)

Nov 1, 1883 pg 8: Zukertort playing every afternoon Manhattan, unlike many
pros does not insist on fee for games. Was invited to stock exchange where
played game w Moritz Meyer acknowledged chp of bulls and bears, announced
would compel Meyer to mate him with certain P and did so in 30 min. In
afternoon played several games w Blackmore of Manhattan, endeared self to
all by bright converstaion and friendly spirit. Fri will begin simuls
vs club mems

NY Tribune Nov 2, 1883 pg 8: Events of day has Zukertort at Manhattan.
Zukertort played several friendly off-hand games vs Delmar Manhattan, will
play simul tonight

NY Tribune Nov 3, 1883 pg 2: Zukertort 23 simul Manhattan; at 11:30 PM was 
12-1-1 losing to Henry Hill, drawing Gustave Hall. Other opponents Gustave
Simonson, Charles Isaacson, JH Stone, AW Dinarck, Casimer Thorn, William M
De Visser, Hanham, Thomas Frere, Barton Hill, F Wehle, JS Ryan, Solomon
Lipschutz, DG Baird, JW Baird, Charles Speigle, HS Pinkham, P Rolfe, HW 
Rosenbaum, GH Parnell, Simon Auerbach, Solon Palmer

NY Tribune Nov 4, 1883 pg 6: Great excitement Manhattan (instructor Mackenzie)
w Zukertort visit. Small spare man, large stovepipe hat, evidently of
British build, hovers at tables in friendly way. Fat, happy looking short man
rolling to him to introd mem is club pres Hellwitz. Zukertort hair dark red, 
beard mustache whiskers bright red but silky. General skin color reddish, looks
like cross between Northern Finn with W Highlander Ireland or Scotland. 
Square eyebrows, penetrating eyes. After 1st few moves sizes up by series
glances, strokes silky beard. As soon as opponent moves puts out little W hand
and makes move. Takes cigar from bystander. Converses w all during play in 
exquisite English. Someone poking fun of Hellwitz who is a Teuton of Teutons
saying name is Slavonic meaning son of Hell. Zukertort moves while talking
about Slavonic race. Claims Poles are Slavs, not Tartars as speaker claimed,
cannot confuse because left to right writing peculiar to Aryans while Semites
right to left and Mongols top to bottom. Man points out Polish nobles shaved
heads and left scalp-lock, earliest Greek and Saxon inscriptions top to bottom.
Zukertort gave man penetrating glance, then turned to game in key position
thought hard bumps on head where phrenologists place reflection seemed to swell
visibly, mouth lines deepened, hand over beard. Almost touched piece then moved
hand away, looked fixedly at opponent, moved wo taking eyes off opponents face;
opponent resigned 5 more moves. Zukertort sipped black coffee with air of
extreme enjoyment, puffed cigar and reviewed game

Nov 4, 1883 pg 9: Steinitz beat DT Thompson Philad. 16/side Philad at Manhattan
Wed; return match Nov 20

Nov 7, 1883 pg 8: Events of day has Philad vs NY match

Nov 8, 1883 pg 2: Zukertort and Steinitz prsence US has stimulated chess here.
Steinitz accompd 15 Philad players to Manhattan. Zukertort arrived later; did
not greet each other. Stationed self opposite sides room. Steinitz said loudly
would play Zukertort $1000/side any day would be glad of chance to make so much
money; Zukertort said would love to play Steinitz but trip will not allw. 
Of 15 games at 11:30 PM Philad led 4-3-3; Martinez of Philad looked like had
a lost game vs Mackenzie

NY Tribune Nov 8, 1883 pg 4: Philad vs NY match begun Manhattan

Nov 10, 1883 pg 8: Events of day include Zukertort exhibition Manhattan 

NY Tribune Nov 11, 1883 pg 2: Zukertort 12 blind simul Manhattan. Opponents 
Rice, Simonson, Isaacson, Osborne, Merian, Baird, Spiegle, Hyde, Pinkham,
Schieffelin, Parnell, Fisher; L Cohen teller. Zukertort in back room smoking
cigarette drinking black coffeee. Most moves immediate. Started at 8, at 
midnight all in prog. Great interest, no such NY since Morphy 4 blind [sic].
Most played on the defensive (pointer to this pg 6)

NY Tribune Nov 12, 1883 pg 5: Zukertort concludes 4-6-2 blind simul 3:30 AM.
Beat Simonson, Spiegle, Schieffelin, Parnell; lost to Rice, Isaacson, Merian,
JW Baird, Pinkham, Fisher; drew Osborne, Hyde. Went to breakfast afterward,
explained as soon as called out move picture of bd came into head (pointer
to this on pg 3)

Nov 18, 1883 pg 3: James McHenry gives George Vanderbilt Napoleon's chess
set from St Helena on which heart was placed during dissection

Nov 23, 1883 pg 8: Events of day include Zukertort blind simul

Nov 24, 1883 pg 5: Zukertort 8 blind Manhattan vs Perrin, Merion, Isaacson,
Frankel, Pinckham, Simonson, Parnell, Carpenter. Beat Carpenter, Perrin;
drew Frankel; other games still in prog midnight

NY Tribune Nov 26, 1883 pg 1: Return match NY vs Philad. 1st match 5-5-5. Last
night NY won 9 lost 3 FF 1 drew 2. NY wins: Mackenzie-Martinez, Davidson-Elson,
Delmar-Roberts, G Baird-Barbour, Lipschutz-Shipley, Hanham-Newman, Isaacson-
Thompson, Cohn-Smyth, Mohle-Puente. Philad wins: Michaelis-JS Ryan, Barrett-
Simonson, Priester-J Baird. FF Blackmar vs Voigt (missed the train). Drew
Teed/Reichhelm, De Visser/Kaiser

NY Tribune Nov 26, 1883 pg 3: Last of 8 games Zukertort started Friday
evening Manhattan  did not end til 3 o'clock. Zukertort beat Perrin, Pinkham,
Carpenter; Lost to Isaacson, Simonson; drew Merriam, Fraenkel, Parnell. 15
best Manhattan went to play return match vs Philad

NY Tribune Dec 14, 1883 pg 1: Sellman won match game vs Zukertort Baltimore,
42 moves 4 to 9:45 (NY Sun pg 3)

Dec 15, 1883 pg 1: Zukertort 31 simul Baltimore; at 11 had won 17 and fair
prospect of at least 3/4 of remainder

Dec 22, 1883 pg 8: On the De Meli divorce case. Mention Baron Heim von Geyso
thanked De Meli for sending gim some pocket chess as mark friendly

NY Tribune Jan 6, 1884 pg 4: Zukertort astonishing all St Louis w skill, 
charming all w grace of conversation and manner. Wins almost all but Max Judd
won a few from him. Won all but 1 vs 12 strong blind who used to take N from
Mackenzie. Says that even leaving out 2 best, strength St Louis players higher
on ave than any US city has visited. Must be taken w some allowance since 
locals very prejudiced against Steinitz who refused to visit St Louis unless
given what they consider unreasoanbly large sum money

NY Tribune Feb 11, 1884 pg 4: World ex-chp Steinitz has failed in all attempts
to get match vs present chp Zukertort. Thinking of moving to NY, starting
1st class chess mag

Mar 1, 1884 pg 2: Events of day includes Manhattan dinnes

Mar 2, 1884 pg 12: Manhattan dinner, ~50 present including Zukertort, Steinitz,
Thompson of Philad CC, Parlett of Baltimore CC. Prizes distd for hdcp tnmt
Mackenzie $50 Dr Baird [sic] 30 Lipschutz 20 Delmar 15 Ryan 10

NY Tribune Mar 23, 1884 pg 6: Says it was checkers, not chess, which Grant 
excelled at and attributed much of learning strategy, also Frederick the
great chess player

NY Tribune Mar 29, 1884 pg 5: Excerpt Prince Leopold praise Birkbeck Lit
Inst teaching chess

NY Tribune Mar 30, 1884 pg 1: World chp Zukertort 22-2-3 Pittsburg simul 6 hrs;
will play 12 blind Monday

Apr 1, 1884 pg 4: Zukertort in Pittsburg, will visit chess centers US then
China. In NY sent home draft for $2000 made in US so far

NY Tribune Apr 2, 1884 pg 1: Zukertort wins 8 of 12 blindfold Pittsburg 8 PM
to 3AM (also NY Sun pg 1)

Apr 20 1884 pg 9: Obit Prince Leopold notes chess player

NY Tribune May 24, 1884 pg 10: Mackenzie simul Manhattan Mon vs all comers

June 5, 1884 pg 8: Swindler whose con involves claim to have invented new
type of chess

NY Tribune July 6, 1884 pg 4: Zukertort now in San Fran, proposes to stay
fortnight then to China, India. Says best player he met yet W of St Louis was
in Leadville. In Salt Lake was beaten by combo 3 local Xs

July 16, 1884 pg 4: Late Morphy alowed Q Victoria to beat him but 
beat Napoleon III and K William of Prussia; before health gave way was
brilliant conversationalist and fav of society

NY Tribune Oct 18, 1884 pg 10: Events has chess tnmt at Manhattan CC

NY Tribune Nov 22, 1884 pg 6: Cook's Synopsis reprinted with Amer supplement by
IW Miller chess ed Cincinnati Commercial Gazette; American gambits and
novelties of past 3 yrs in supplement

NY Tribune Nov 28, 1884 pg 4: Steinitz thinks Americans will become 1st rate 
players.  Plans to pub mag. Noticeable that nearly 4/5 those who played him in
simul yesterday foreigners; Austrians, Germans, Poles, Russian, French, English.
A number of Americans looked on

Dec 23, 1884 pg 7: Steinitz 4 blind simul while playing whist Baltimore;
Steinitz 4-0 beat Gen HB Lynam of Washington DC, HG Dallam, EC Howell, FW Koch

NY Tribune Dec 24, 1884 pg 6: Good chess player advertises as teacher 50 

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1885 pg 8: Events of day has Manhattan CC election

Jan 16, 1885 pg 6: On Intl Chess Mag. Clear Steinitz has fund personal+prof
grievances sees fit to air, unfortunate. Comments on chess interesting should
stick to those. Steinitz view on Morphy

Jan 19, 1885 pg 2: Steinitz 16-4-4 NYCC simul 6 hrs. Lost to William Johnston,
AS Heim, PJ Doyle, Levin; drew Elias Stark, George A Limbeck, Joseph Schmitt,
H Otten

Feb 8, 1885 pg 10: Proctor on whist; he plays more than chess which wearies
brain more

Mar 26, 1885 pg 5: Zukertort says ready to play Steinitz either side of
Atlantic, Manhattan hopes to bring there

Apr 3, 1885 pg 8: Manhattan to take new rooms May. Ann tnmt in ~ wks,
entries expected to include Delmar, Hanham, Dr Isaacson

May 2, 1885 pg 4: On Keiley affair mentions he is very fond of chess, Vienna
has many chess congresses

May 2, 1885 pg 8: Events of day includes Manhattan CC room opening

NY Tribune May 3, 1885 pg 7: Formal opening new rooms Manhattan; Elliott's pic
of Morphy on wall. Steinitz present. Talk of approaching club tnmt, Steinitz
vs Zukertort. Club sec Gustave Simonson says tnmt prob start tomorrow, 6 entries
Dr CB Isaacson, Hanham, Delmar, August Vorrath, DG Baird, HH Schiefelin 

NY Tribune May 7, 1885 pg 4: At a loss to understand why Keiley appointment
rejected by Austria. Have the chess players protested about meddling by
foreigners in their game? He fiddles well and is eager chess player (NY
Sun pg 4)

June 28, 1885 pg 2: 1st rd 15/side NY vs Manhattan last night; return match
July 18, Steinitz ref. Manhattan: De Visser, Ryan, Louis Cohn, Hanham, 
Isaacson, WD Cohn, Teed, Simonson, Delmar, Richardson, Wehle, JW Baird,
Suelson, LD Cohn, DG Baird; paired vs NYCC: Andres, Angresius, Buthe, Burke,
Doyle, Fitch, Froehlich, Johnson, Lipschutz, Loyd, Otten, Rosenfeld, Stark,
Tobias, Vorrath. Mackenzie left for Europe, will play Hamburg tnmt July 12
and later tnmt Harrowford, Eng.

July 3, 1885 pg 2: Manhattan tnmt ends, final game Delmar-DG Baird. Full
final stdgs (except Ryan vs DG Baird which will not affect result) Delmar 10-2
Hanham 9 JW Baird 6.5 DG Baird 6-5 Vorrath 6 Shieffelin 2.5 Ryan 2-9

NY Tribune July 18, 1885 pg 8: Events of day lists chess match at 49 Bowery

July 19, 1885 from Chess Arch: NY-Manhattan 9-6, great excitement hard to
control exuberance. Manhattan 1st move all bds. Steinitz started event 8 PM
lasted into small hr (pg 7)

NY Tribune July 24, 1885 pg 3: Grant win by sitzfleisch story, have elsewhere

Aug 10, 1885 pg 8: BCA tnmt broguht out young Gunsberg as chp, most thought
not up to level top players but again surprised by winning Hamburg tnmt. Full
Hamburg tnmt scores given. Most are also entered in Cties CA tnmt Aug 3
so could not play off ties

Aug 26, 1885 pg 8: Copenhagen chp tnmt won by A Therkelson. Scottish CA tnmt
Edinb winners DY Mills 9.5 John, GB Fraser 7.5. Cties CA tnmt Hereford which
was intl tnmt winners Blackburne 8 Bird, Schallopp 7.5, Mackenzie, Mason/
Gunsberg. Next major tnmt prob in NY, Amer CA formed to arrange. Mackenzie
to return soon accompd by Blackburne and prob Gunsberg who operated Mephisto.
Zukertort has challenged Steinitz to match NY for $5000 and chp

NY Tribune Sept 21, 1885 pg 5: Chess automaton is Eden Musee (also ad Sept 27)

Sept 27, 1885 from Chess Arch: Eden Musee ad for Ajeeb (pg 11)

Oct 25, 1885 pg 4: Franklin CC orgd Philad, mtg attended by 60

Nov 8, 1885 pg 8: Learn chess from an able teacher; wre XL (Tribune Office)

Nov 22, 1885 pg 3: Article on Grevy. Loves chess, de Freycinet and Naquet,
the hunchback and Hebrew senator, are foes worthy of steel at bd. Used to
spend whole evening playing chess but now head feels heavy after dinner

Nov 25, 1885 pg 6: Author Richard Blackmore is great chess player

Nov 25, 1885 pg 8: Steinitz simul Manhattan for Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 1885 pg 8: Steinitz, little man w small body, big hed, red beard, ann
simul Manhattan CC 22-1-2 lost to McCutcheon, drew Hanham and Steinhardt; 
De Visser game good, 5 hrz. Zukertort match definitely arranged $2000/side
starts Jan NY and NO

Dec 2, 1885 pg 3: List new Harvard orgs includes the 88 CC

NY Tribune Dec 14, 1885 pg 1: World chp Zukertort arrives, introd by Trib.
Come for Steinitz match for $2000 and world chp in NY, St Louis, NO 15/1

NY Tribune Dec 20, 1885 pg 13: Much discussion Steinitz vs Zukertort. Manhattan
mem thinks will be greatest ever. 2 best in world, both confident. Steinitz 
friends betting 5-4 on him. Most players here foreign, learned overseas. 20
yrs ago only 1 US chess col, now over 50. Both have supporters. Zukertort,
who is spending most of time practicing Manhattan, told Trib reporter that
Steinitz fine player. In London St George backs Zukertort, London backs 
Steinitz. Steinitz says will decide must disputed issue of chp, never
admitted that he was dethroned, says all should be match not tnmt he never
claimed chp on basis tnmt wins. High stake money and prev unheard-of expense
guarantee. Umpires chosen by each at game time to settle disputes. Steinitz
says in much better health than 2 yrs ago. Chess growing, now played by wealthy
and educated. Some openings analysed thru 22 or 23 moves but future likely to
break down these analyses. Austrian by birth, London 20 yrs, 2 yrs US but would
rather die in US than live in England

Dec 23, 1885 pg 10: Steinitz vs Zukertort arrangements perfected, umpires
Thomas Frere and Adolph Mohle, starts Jan 4 or Jan 5

NY Tribune Dec 24, 1885 pg 5: Final arrangements for Steinitz vs Zukertort were
expected but sudden illness father of Manhattan pres George E Green forced to
leave city, so few minor details remain; will meet 3 today to settle

Dec 25, 1885: Steinitz, Zukertort met w cttee for final chp match arrangements

Dec 30, 1885 pg 8: Steinitz, Zukertort have signed articles; Minchin has
sent Zukertort's stakes to Charles F Buck of NO. Steinitz declines to collect
$50-250 FF for late arrival stakes

NY Tribune Jan 2, 1886 pg 8: Placards posted Manhattan CC announce Jan 11 as 
date chess match start. Yesterday holiday so many at CC, match sole topic. 
Steinitz translating Handbuch rules for umpire's use; has never been printed in 
English. Arrangements made at club to post scores St Louis and NO games

NY Tribune Jan 4, 1886 pg 7: Ad for Ajeeb at Eden Musee (also other days)

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1886 pg 5: Manhattan CC ann mtg. Club has $500, no debt. 
Officers George T Green, JS Curry, Dr G Simonson, WM De Visser, FM Teed; cttee 
Dr Louis Cohn, Frederick Wehle, RB Hartshorne, HH Schieffelin, Dr FE D'Oench, GH
Peabody. Placards for Zukertort Steinitz arrangements hung on walls; start Mon

NY Tribune Jan 10, 1886 pg 9: Steinitz vs Zukertort starts tomorrow. Will decide
as far as they are concerned world chp. Manhattan did all in power to make 
satisfactory for players who were bitter enemies, now warm friends. Both in
excellent health; Steinitz states so cannot crawl behind health in case loses.
Hardest and most closely watched ever. Many top players plan to be present.
Trib will pub each game with Mackenzie criticism and analysis. 2-6 PM,
8-midnight. 5 ft sq display bd (St Paul Globe Jan 11 pg 8)

NY Tribune Jan 11, 1886 pg 3: Events has Steinitz vs Zukertort match

NY Tribune Jan 11, 1886 pg 2: Steinitz vs Zukertort starts today. Long 
negotiations.  Rules those of Handbuch with exception "that should both players 
repeat the same series of moves six times in succession either party may claim a
draw"; never printed in English before, Steinitz translated. Umpires Steinitz:
Thomas Frere who has been his rep in negotiations, Afolphus Urohle [Mohle]
for Zukertort; both mems Manhattan CC. Will use bd owned by Frere played on
by Morphy, Marache, Lichtenhein, Paulsen, Robertson [WHO?]. Large display bd.
Spectators allowed pocket bds but forbidden from analyzing or discussing while
in prog. Many mems dropped by to ask of health of players and prospects of 
game. Little betting but even chances given on Steinitz. At St George London
small odds given on Zukertort but at London CC 5-4 on Steinitz. Players
fenced off by ropes. Program issued hhas history of match, places and dates 
prev games between the 2, rules and regulations, reminiscences of former chps
by WJA Fuller. Trib will have accounts with Mackenzie analysis

NY Tribune Jan 12, 1886 pg 5: Geo T Green's brief into to Steinitz vs Zukertort
given. Sit on slightly elevated platform, using bd Morphy played on. Clock
mechanism described. Both short. Steinitz heavier, indeed heavy for short
man, full face, high bulging forehead, bushy brown beard, much dark hair,
imperturbably amiable expression. Zukertort could portray Mephistopholes,
long thin face, pointed beard, long sharp nose, hair scant revealing bald
patch. Shrewd, wide-awake look, occasionally bunches eyebrows, corrugating
brow and scanning adversary as tho to read thoughts. Would bother nervous man
but Steinitz phlegmatic. Zukertort at times knots legs together beneath seat.
Only special few admitted to game room, others watch thru open doors or on
large chess bd in hall. Umpires Thomas Frere (even smaller than contestants
and entirely bald), Adolph Mohle (good deal length but little breadth or 
weight) allowed in as is DM Martinez who in 1882 paid $1000 to Steinitz for
privilege losing 7 straight; artist allowed in briefly to sketch chps at work.
Not more than 40 present includes 2 women when started; eventually ~70. Brainy
looking lot, careless of dress, hair ruffled from running fingers thru. Germans
predominate, many smoke. Miss Steinitz near door, bears strinking resemblance
to father, sells her fathers photo (50 cents), pocket chess books, chess mags
etc; has not been able to get photos Zukertort but hopes to have on sale soon.
Present include WJA Fuller, Rev JH Fitzgerald (Newark), Samuel Loyd probelmist
recently elected pres NYCC, Froeden and Kalunbach 2 present leaders NYCC hdcp,
Dr Juan N Navarro Mexican Consul-Gen swarthy with frosty hair and beard as 
interested chess as diplomacy, John S Ryan who has been practicing with Steinitz
last 2 mos and completely confident in him, FM Teed and William M De Visser of
match cttee, Reading [Redding] chp of SF. Starts 2:05, Zukertort tosses coin
and wins 1st move puts coin back in pocket unaware some would pay 100 times
value for coin as souvenier. Zukertort 22 moves in hr, Steinitz 20. Zukertort
seems more nervous, often strokes beard, changes foot position, sometimes beats
tattoo on floor, now+then rises and walks. After going on hr and half Zukertort
yawns. Steinitz does not move, short legs not well adapted to walking. Many
have pocket chess bds which is legal but analyze while in prog which is not.
Watch with attention prize fight. Adjourned 6 o'clock, Zukertort rises from
table so does not see last move. Soon after resume both pull out cigars.
Steinitz placid content look. Zukertort never looks at opponent under any
circs. After 9PM move rapidly, W resigns 9:30. Steinitz radiant, accepts quiet
congrats but cannot imagine him looking miserable, features not asapted to it
Game Zukertort-Steinitz QGD 2..c6 B46 notes Mackenzie 2..c6 considered weak but
Steinitz shows may not be

NY Tribune Jan 13, 1886 pg 4: Mocks some other papers printed game diagrams wo 

NY Tribune Jan 13, 1886 pg 5: Many men with big heads, bushy hair, foreheads 
wrinkled by hard thinking gathered NYCC and Manhattan CC to play over Steinitz
vs Zukertort game. Steinitz play greatly admired. Steinitz was favorite before
begin, now far ahead in betting of which not a little is indulged. Loser will
get $750 which is more than either has won in single match. Game 2 today.
Result by no means foregone, Zukertort full of resources, games will be
studied world wide. We will have Mackenzie analysis, 1 of few in US qualified
to comment on such eminent masters

NY Tribune Jan 14, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz vs Zukertort game 2. Steinitz 1st there,
shakes hands with Zukertort's umpire Mohle and his own Frere who is diminutive
in all but head. Full, chubby face beams effusively on all, brow as smooth
as child. Zukertort arrives few min later, fur cap and long coat trailing
to heels. Throws open cape with quick gesture, searching glance spectators.
Steinitz ambles up to him, can hardly be said to walk, exchange greetings;
Steinitz placid as pond Zukertort restless and nervous with deep lines on
sharp features. Twice as many spectators as game 1; they keep overcoats on
and shiver until windows sealed and doors closed, much smoking room gets warm
but not warmth conducive to mental vigor. Green reserves front row for ladies
who do not come, vacant half day til rescinds reservation. Hall well filled.
Paterson calls out move. Game description. Early moves very fast. Steinitz sips
brandy and water, hands in pockets for warmth; chubby placid man studied by
spectators. Man apparently least interested in him is Zukertort, rises and
paces, looks at portraits of self and Steinitz in illustrated journal umpires
have. When Steinitz at last makes move gets up and extends dumpling-like little
hands over flames. Most comfortable are umpires, kept near fire. Miss Steinitz
shivers near door; has added Zukertort photo to her collection, a profile view
which is to his advantage and sells many of them. Zukertort's turn to think
taps floor, strokes beard, leans on each arm, passes hand over brow. Adjourned
at 6. Steinitz passes thru hall, shakes hands with some friends, look seems to
show thoroughly satisfied. Resumes 8. Steinitz in trouble but imperturbable as
ever, resigns; some clapping, Zukertort lifts right hand deprecatingly. Rival
chps discuss the might have beens. Present include Kaiser (Philad), Charles L
Edwards (NO), Max Judd (St Louis, chp of West), CM Knox. 1-1. Game Steinitz-
Zukertort Scotch B46 Mackenzie analysis

NY Tribune Jan 15, 1886 pg 8: Zukertort brilliant, unexpected win has increased
interest in match; games discussed NYCC and Manhattan CC but few dared suggest

NY Tribune Jan 16, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz vs Zukertort game 3. Steinitz ambles in 
1st, smiling at all, shaking hands with acquaintances. Happiest looking man in 
room, face youthfully smooth. Zukertort's face full of creases, walks into hall 
with quick nervous tread hardly noticing anyone. Old chess-players, some famous
veterans, scent battle and hurry to it. Most conspicuous WJA Fuller with
venerable, Darwin-like head; Morphy liked to beat him more than any other man.
Mrs Worrall prob best-known US female player who 2 yrs ago beat Steinitz rcvg N
braves out smoke. Delmar, Hanham, Philip Richardson, Leslie Bruce, Albert
Merriam, Max Judd, August Vorrath, Perrin. Game description. Rule forbidding
analysis ignored, buzz of conversation such that disturbs players, even amiable
Steinitz looks appealingly at spectators while Zukertort frowns and eventually
calls out Silence, please in tone more command than entreaty. Some curious
comments (given) man saying Steinitz has best boiler need big stomach, friends 
response need nerves and grit not much room needed. Zukertort's stock has
risen; Miss Steinitz sells out of his photos. Steinitz gleeful look at
adjournment. Steinitz gets into time trouble, forced back but chubby face shows
no sign of concern; says I resign in undertone for all spectators know from
expression could be announcing mate. White resigns shouts Paterson, slight
hand-clapping immediately checked. Sends Zukertort stock above par. Game 3
Zukertort-Steinitz QGD W47 analysis Mackenzie

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1886 pg 8: Steinitz vs Zukertort match announcement

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz, Zukertort both affable and exceptionally
modest. Reporter called on Steinitz at his home, found him hard at work
analyzing for Intl Chess Mag assisted by co-ed Eugene Soberheim. Readily
consented to talk chess. Tho looks phlegmatic has found to sorrow he has
plenty of nerves, has had several sleepless nights. Expected it, he says 
cheerily, always suffers such at tnmts. Vienna 82 after 8 days stood 11-12th
but when recovered form slept well and tied for 1st. Same London 83. This
match has strain of mag added to games, but expect to improve esp when
sleep well. Asked how far looks ahead says some 2 move probs puzzle expert while
solves 6er at glance. Ordinarily ~5-6 moves. Huge number possibilities like
old prob start with penny double with each nail in horse's shoes. Key to
good play judgment, accuracy, memory, imagination. Nervous temperament best;
good players generally suffer from nerves. Feels chess excellent mental exercise
but as with physical must know own limits; counteracts drinking and gambling,
good for workingman. Asked opinion of Morphy says with smile knows it is 
delicate subject for Americans. owes much to Morphy, his victories stimulated
Steinitz interest. Tried to imitate until found modern progress had improved
on his play. Best of time, original, invented new openings, genius. Popular
notion of Morphy wrong, was not brilliant in ordinary understanding of word;
strong and safe vs good players never voluntarily sacd P in match games;
brilliant style was vs weak players. Of men he beat only one remained front
rank after his retirement; Anderssen [Paulsen?]. Who knows what could have 
done, for all know may still be best but foolish to say no progress since his
day. Zukertort seems to hold same view of Morphy. WJA Fuller wrote of Morphy's
Q sac declined by Paulsen. Zukertort said Morphy overlooked forced mates
during this game; shows not always best like all players focus in on one
possibility miss others

NY Tribune Jan 19, 1886 pg 4: Zukertort showing more ability so far, leads 3-1.
Steinitz never starts well in matches. Some feel if Steinitz paid more attention
to play and less on taking notes for pub would not have blundered like yesterday

NY Tribune Jan 19, 1886 pg 2: Chess fans still watch chp match, content to sit
and watch for hrs. About 100 for game 4 including 5 ladies whose passion for
chess stronger than aversion to smoke; occupy front seats and gaze so intently
at bd that only back of bonnets seen and these are of most sober character. As
Steinitz toddles past spectators to playing room remarks he slept 7 hrs, feels 
better tho still not quite fighting form. Placid, chubby face does not look like
one kept awake by nerves. Would be easy to believe of Zukertort with his sharp
features, sunken and furrowed, incisive and impatient manner but so far he
says has slept well perhaps because ahead. Game description. Looks like sharp
fight but experts say book. Zukertort moves much faster, Steinitz has been
pressed for time. Steinitz 20 moves in hr, Zukertort 30. Zukertort often pads
up+down, darting sharp glances like caged lion tho nothing leonine in small
figure. Steinitz serene looking, pudgy hands on knees. With opera glass can
see perspiring with effort. Steinitz terrible blunder, experts disgusted, call
4th rate. Tries to be cheerful, says he often breaks up at start. Friends 
advise him to let chess mag "go hang" during match. Zukertort said he suffered
from sleeplessness during London tnmt and took aconite, braced up, got so far
ahead could afford to lose, stopped the aconite and collapsed. Game Steinitz-
Zukertort Ruy B39 notes Mackenzie

NY Tribune Jan 20, 1886 pg 8: Yesterday wet, many chess players came to NY and
Manhattan CCs. Much regret Steinitz blunder Monday. All want best to win but
not via blunder. Steinitz friends show no sign of hedging, recall Steinitz often
starts weakly. Correction typos earlier game scores

NY Tribune Jan 21, 1886 pg 4: Chess match leaves NY, Zukertort leads 4-1. Next 
St Louis. Chances favor Zukertort; Steinitz play disappoints friends. Monday bad
blunder, outgeneralled and demoralized, Zukertort calm and confident. Public
interest in chess never great, match so 1-sided will give less attention than

NY Tribune Jan 21, 1886 pg 5: Many new faces for game 5 Zukertort, Steinitz, 
since if Zukertort wins will be last chance to see NY. Group of ladies among
newcomers, brought chess bd and chatted about phases of game in open defiance
rules. Birdlike twittering offered such pleasant contrast to guttural undertones
that Green did not have heart to stop and none asked him to. Arrived few min
before game, many hands grasped Steinitz plump little fingers and asked how he
felt; said slept well and didn't work on mag would give good account self.
Looks 1st rate while little doctor's careworn face belies his statement that he
is in good trim. He doesn't court inquiries and strides thru briskly. Game
description. Zukertort moves quickly, looks sure when moves. Steinitz ponders
long and never seems sure he has done best thing; his clock seems to annoy him
and often eyes it solicitously; only 1 min left move 30. Uses twice as
much time as Zukertort. Zukertort paces; asked if keeps game in mind's eye
says no, dismisses til back at bd, must save brain power. Steinitz uses hr for 
17 moves, Zukertort 30 min. Steinitz smokes cigar, puffs vigorously during 
knotty prob. Zukertort gives him light for 2d cigar. Steinitz can't record
last moves before 2d time control, Zukertort reads back moves, pleasant to
see these little courtesies in view of rumors of bad feelings. Steinitz 
frequent sips of water, uses plain goblet in place amber colored one used 
earlier which made spectators think diluted with brandy or similar. Zukertort
lights cigarette, a few friends wink knowingly at him and he replies with
smile of self-gratulation. Spectators ignorant of meaning but leaks out later
that told some well-wishers when felt sure of win would light cigar or 
cigarette. Told he has good start Zukertort says he has known men to get much
better start and lose. next St Louis Game 5 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD W32 notes

NY Tribune Jan 22, 1886 pg 8: Steinitz friends confident; own placid confidence
helps. None of us weakening says friend and umpire Thomas Frere, have backbones
of iron. General feeling in city that would win has changed to foreboding of
loss. Natural Steinitz favorite here despite London 1883 since lived in area
since 1883, said many flattering things of country; also had advantage head-to-
head. Some say has passed peak, others feel will come back. 2 chps played whist
after Monday's game. Zukertort looked elated but Steinitz did not look one bit
cast down. Zukertort always looks exceedingly nervous; admits he is nervous but
said there are different forms of nerves, has trained self to dismiss thoughts
of pending game and thus save mental energy. Awakened speculation how would
fare vs Morphy; those informed more by patriotism say Morphy could beat both
in consultation, others say each would give Morphy hard game. Contest has
popularized chess

NY Tribune Jan 25, 1886 pg 2: Long ltr from Old Fogy opining Morphy play much 
better than Stainitz and Zukertort and giving evidence specific game (played on 
18th) and analysis

NY Tribune Feb 4, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz vs Zukertort game 6. Strangers include 
Indianapolis CC sec WH Ripley, Bkln CC pres Major Henry Turner, D McAfee of 
Quincy CC, Dr E Hoelke of Leadville CO, Intrepidis of Manhattan CC, Foster of 
Baltimore CC.  Zukertort 2d William Duncan, Steinitz 2d Benjamin R Foster. Sit 
in center reading-room on 8 ft by 6 ft 1 ft high platform directly in center, 
folding chairs allow side view of players, large bd on elevated easel. 2 small 
clocks on see-saw; clocks pressed by 2ds. Game 6 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W61

NY Tribune Feb 6, 1886 pg 5: St Louis game 2 Steinitz vs Zukertort. Spectators 
increased rapidly as game approached. General Sherman and wife were center of
interesting group, old warrior continually asked for opinions of chps. Chess
eds Chicago, Cincinnati, KC watched intently. Steinitz early, looked serene
and calm, paced up and down in meditative way with eyes on floor. Zukertort
sat chatting with Max Judd and other friends; said several times hoped Steinitz
would do some of his thinking before game and save time. Game description.
Both men were ill-humored and lost no opportunity to make each other
uncomfortable. Steinitz as deliberate as usual, seemed to make Zukertort
nervous; rose, walked round room, smoked cigarettes while waiting. Mammoth bd
for 300 spectators. After loss Zukertort told Trib reporter move 29 intended to
move Q instead of B; requested Steinitz to play game from move 28 but Steinitz
said was too tired. Max Judd sat down with him and after half hr game drawn. 
Steinitz jubilant, said now feels sure of winning. Zukertort spent most
of time after holding post-mortem. Does not seem dejected but says has been in
exceedingly bad form since arrived. Game 7 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD B35 notes

NY Tribune Feb 9, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz vs Zukertort St Louis game 3. Much larger
crowd, unfortunately short and uninteresting. After 2-3 moves Zukertort called
nervously for umpire. His clock had broken down and refused to tick. He shook it
viciously and it obstinately refused to go. Umpire and several spectators shook
it wo success. Official scorer Josephs started with it to nearest jeweller.
Recess taken, players wandered around room chatting pleasantly. Next game Wed.
Game 8 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy D22 notes Mackenzie

NY Tribune Feb 11, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz wins 3d consec, says confident of win.
Feels better, nervousness and insomnia gone, feels self while in NY was
unfit for play and made horrible blunders. Nervous attacks his bane before
as in early Vienna tnmt (now says was 13th end 1st wk). Chess experts present
Gidor [Isidor?] Judd, EC Simmons, Adolph Judd, Lewis Haller, SM Joseph,
JE Martin (Toledo), Judge Woerner, Max Judd, E Hoelke (Leadville), Colonel
George Rowley; more as game proceeded. Dr CDN Campbell umpire for Steinitz,
Isidor Judd for Zukertort. Game description. Zukertort looked tired and worn,
played slowly with none of usual buoyancy. After Steinitz 38th move waved hand
deprecatingly and said It's your game. Few min returned to bd, told friends
how he lost. Claimed mistake move 30, Steinitz said would make no difference,
played out and drew both believed he was right. Steinitz said best yet will
analyze in mag. Zukertort said doesn't know what's wrong, pursued by bad luck
since came to St Louis and today felt out-of-sorts; doesn't have admiration for
this game which friend Steinitz has. Resume New Orleans 2 wks tied 4-4. Game 9
Zukertort-Steinitz QGD B38

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1886 pg 8: Mackenzie simul tomorrow Manhattan CC (also Feb
22 pg 8)

Feb 23, 1886 pg 5: Mackenzie 22 simul Manhattan. At midnight Mackenzie 11-2-1
lost to HE Taylor, RB Hartshorne

NY Tribune Feb 24, 1886 pg 8: Steinitz vs Zukertort today New Orleans; NYCC
will rcv hrly dispatches with moves, Trib will pub with Mackenzie analysis

NY Tribune Feb 27, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz vs Zukertort game 10 New Orleans.
Steinitz seated with back to window, looked in best of humor. Move 17
Zukertort asked Steinitz Will you play for a win? Steinitz said would play a
while longer. After game both showed how would have won if no Q X. Game 10
Steinitz-Mackenzie Ruy D21 notes Mackenzie. Dullest and most uninteresting
so far in match (all til game Fort Worth Gazette pg 1, some in Omaha Bee pg 1,
St Paul Globe pg 4)

NY Tribune Mar 2, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz vs Zukertort game 11. Zukertort move 16 
seemed to discomfit Steinitz who became restless in his chair. Zukertort
suffered from insomnia last night and complained of not feeling well. Game 11
Zukertort-Steinitz 4N double Ruy B42 (Omaha Bee pg 1 except game, St Paul
Globe pg 8)

NY Tribune Mar 4, 1886 pg 5: Game Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W44 notes Mackenzie

NY Tribune Mar 6, 1886 pg 5: Game 13 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD moves 1-37 all that
was rcvd press time

Mar 12, 1886 pg 1: Steinitz and Zukertort decide to cont match Fris and Weds so
no game today, resumes tomorrow

NY Tribune Mar 13, 1886 pg 4: Game 14 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy D48 notes 
Mackenzie, regarded as dull game (St Paul Globe pg 6)

NY Tribune Mar 16, 1886 pg 5: Game 15 Steinitz-Zukertort QGD D49 notes Mackenzie
(also Mar 17 pg 5)

NY Tribune Mar 18, 1886 pg 5: Zukertort not looking well, says did not sleep a 
minute last night. Only few club mems present. Move 39 unsound, oversight.
Game 16 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W49 notes Mackenzie says tho blunder move 39
game was lost (Omaha Bee pg 1 except game S 2:45 Z: 2:10 S leads 7-5-4,
St Paul Globe pg 4)

NY Tribune Mar 20, 1886 pg 5: Interest increasing, by end of game club held
as many as could. Game 17 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD D52 notes Mackenzie (St
Paul Globe pg 5 Z 1:35 S 2:35)

NY Tribune Mar 22, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz, Zukertort for $2000/side and world
chp started over 3 mos ago. Zukertort was ahead 4-1; Steinitz said was in bad
form from sleeplessness but confident; betting changed from favor Steinitz to
Zukertort. St Louis Steinitz 3-0-1. 8 games so far St Louis Steinitz 3-1-4, 
leads 7-5-5; New Orleans Zukertort claims insomnia. Not as brilliant as hoped 
for. both have bad blunders. Ruy and QGD, monotonous; only deviation Steinitz
tried Scotch and was beaten, Zukertort double Ruy beaten. Stimulated chess
interest; Manhattan 30 new mems. If Steinitz wins understood will allow
London rematch

NY Tribune Mar 23, 1886 pg 5: Steinitz wins, leads 8-5-5. Original agreement
said draw if 9-9, reduced St Louis to 8-8 so Steinitz contends cannot lose.
Game 18 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W40 notes Mackenzie (Omaha Bee pg 1 S 2:10 
Z 1:15, St Paul Globe pg 1)

NY Tribune Mar 25, 1886 pg 5: Game 19 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD B29 notes
Mackenzie. Steinitz leads 9-5-5, mental strain may be telling on Zukertort

NY Tribune Mar 28, 1886 pg 8: CC incorporated by Alfred W Maynard, James D
Leathers, Henry D Van Leuren, Robert Kinsley, George Mathews; has rooms
where chess and other lawful games played

Mar 28, 1886 pg 10: Steinitz wins match vs Zukertort. Much disappointment w
Zukertort poor play, was fav as person and player at NO CCW, feel could not
stand strain of match

NY Tribune Mar 30, 1886 pg 4: Steinitz wins 60 min, now world chp. Zukertort
neede several postponements St Louis, strain told on him. Game 20
Steinitz-Zukertort Vienna Steinitz G W18 notes Mackenzie. Shortest and worst
played game of match, shows Zukertort has broken from strain

NY Tribune Apr 17, 1886 pg 8: Steinitz returning from New Orleans, will be 
present Manhattan ann dinner rcv congrats friends

Apr 18, 1886 pg 5: Manhattan 10th ann dinner, ~50 present; reps Bkln,
Boston, Philad. Steinitz chief guest. 8th ann hdcp prizes distd to
Mackenzie, Ryan, Harmon et al

NY Tribune Apr 18, 1886 pg 11: Reporter visits Steinitz to hear view of chp
match. Does not look well. Head becoming somewhat bald as wife noted right 
away on return. Strained, some wks before will recover. Zukertort in SF, playing
tnmts and blindfolds. Was talk of playing exhibition games NO for prizes at
20/1 which would have favored Zukertort, but Zukertort had other arrangements
and Steinitz behind on Intl Chess Mag. Steinitz excellent spirits, did not
feel confident until drew game St Louis and got good sleep. After game 1 NY
worked 17 hrs on mag when should have rested and outdoor exercise. Those who
said no originality not competent judge. Morphy held up as greatest; don't 
know whether could beat him but his attacks found defective and not in use.
When opposed by strong players never deviated from book. No 2 games this series
alike more than 3-4 moves. Develop slowly and surely. Think has refuted double
Ruy, will no longer be used. Believes Zukertort number 2 in world. Praise
chess as greatest game, played wo liquor. Zukertort claim sickness NO unfair,
no more entitled to delay then when I had insomnia NY. Very day used drs
prescription for rest day played ruber whist with me as partner; I told him that
was enough and would appeal to ref if more. Zukertort blunders were in losing
position; mine in NY were while ahead. Don't know if can stand strain again;
health not good and limb greatly troubles. Don't know if will have rematch.
My play Steinitz gambit criticized by his friends as attempt to humiliate;
had wanted to play to test opening but could not risk backers til sure of not
losing. Have taken out naturalization players; lived London 20 yrs but never
could think of becoming citizen

NY Tribune Apr 23, 1886 pg 8: NYCC ann dinner tomorrow, Steinitz will be present

NY Tribune Apr 25, 1886 pg 5: NYCC ann dinner had many prominent locals 
including Steinitz, congrats showered on him, speeches and eat, drink til late 

NY Tribune June 4, 1886 pg 8: Zukertort exhibit Manhattan CC tonight

NY Tribune June 5, 1886 pg 5: Zukertort 2-2-2 blind Manhattan; beat Lieut 
Whistler, Fred Intropidi; lost to Max Frankel, DG Baird; drew Dr CB Isaacson,
Philip Richardson

NY Tribune June 30, 1886 pg 8: Lipschutz left for BCA tnmt July 12; chp
NYCC having won 1st prize some wks ago

July 4, 1886 pg 9: NY+PA chess congress will be held Aug

NY Tribune July 12, 1886 pg 1: Start BCA tnmt. BCA officers Tennyson, Churchill,
Peel, Ruskin. Americans NYCC chp Lipschutz, Manhattan chp Hanham (says Hanlan),
Mackenzie, Mason, Mortimer. Special Tennyson and Ruskin prizes plus $400,
250, 200, 125, 75 and 200 divided nonwinners by games won; novel feature introd
to motivate even after no prize chance.

NY Tribune July 13, 1886 pg 5: BCA rd 1 report. Game Gunsberg-Lipschutz Ruy B43

NY Tribune July 14, 1886 pg 5: BCA rd 2 results. Game Zukertort-Lipschutz Vienna

NY Tribune July 15, 1886 pg 5: BCA rd 3 results, stdgs. Game Mackenzie-Hanham
Sic B33

NY Tribune July 16, 1886 pg 5: London rd 4 results. Game Mackenzie-Bird Sic 

NY Tribune July 17, 1886 pg 5: London rd 5 results, stgs. Game 
Mortimer-Lipschutz Evans B37 notes SL Loyd

NY Tribune July 18, 1886 pg 5: London rd 6 results, stdgs. Game Mackenzie-
Schallopp Birds W29+ notes SL Loyd

July 20, 1886 pg 5: London rd 7 results

NY Tribune July 21, 1886 pg 5: London tnmt results. Game Lipschutz-Bird
Sic W45

NY Tribune July 22, 1886 pg 5: London tnmt results, stdgs. Game Burn-Lipschutz
Ruy B46 notes SL Loyd

NY Tribune July 23, 1886 pg 5: London tnmt results; unclear with 2 rds left.
Game Lipschutz-Schallopp Ruy W27 mate 3 notes SL Loyd

NY Tribune July 24, 1886 pg 5: London results, stdgs (NY Sun pg 1, Omaha Bee pg
1 rd 11)

NY Tribune July 25, 1886 pg 5: London adj game results. Game Lipschutz-Gunsberg
Petroff B56 notes SL Loyd

NY Tribune July 26, 1886 pg 5: Final rd today. Game Pollock-Blackburne French
2.e5 W53 notes SL Loyd

NY Tribune July 27, 1886 pg 4: London tnmt results. Game Lipschutz-Mackenzie
KGA Bishop G W39 notes SL Loyd 

NY Tribune July 28, 1886 pg 5: Last day London results; Lipschutz, Mason threw 
away several wins. Game Schallopp-Mason French W30 notes SL Loyd

NY Tribune July 29, 1886 pg 5: Order to play off London ties Blackburne, Burn
8.5 Gunsberg, Taubenhaus 8 Mason 7 prizes 80L, 50, 40, 25, 15. EF to be divided
among others. Playoffs Blackburne-Burn, Gunsberg/Taubenhaus. Game Taubenhaus-
Blackburne French W37 notes SL Loyd (partial Omaha Bee pg 1)

NY Tribune July 30, 1886: London playoffs Blackburne-Burn 1-0-1, Gunsberg vs
Taubenhaus 2 Ds still undecided. Game Zukertort-Pollock Ruy W52+ notes SL Loyd

Aug 8, 1886 pg 1: Mme Tunane Leclochowski of Bkln came up w idea of craft
to survive going over Niagara Falls. Sq built Frenchwoman nearly as long
as name, English w french accent. Great chess player, also problemist. Has
patents for carpet cleaner, life preserver. Willing to give plans to any
who want to try Niagara device which is briefly described

NY Tribune Aug 12, 1886 pg 1: Counties CA tnmt winners Burn, Schallopp,
Zukertort/Gunsberg followed by Bird, Taubenhaus, Pollock, Thorold, Hanham,

Aug 22, 1886 pg 2: NY+PA summer tnmt starts Hotel Fenimore Aug 31; NYC reps
RB Hartshorne, FC Johnstone, HC Bowers, G Lawrence

Aug 25, 1886 pg 1: Mackenzie/Burn 4-4; ended since Mackenzie had to leave for

Aug 29, 1886 pg 2: Expect Cooperstown tnmt to draw many chess player, 
starts Tues

NY Tribune Sept 6, 1886 pg 8: 10th ann NY+PA CA tnmt Cooperstown. 3 class tnmts
whose winners played hdcp tnmt for officer spots. 1st prize Shipley, 2d Seacord.
Assoc split into 2 distinct orgs. Cttee for next mtg S Loyd (NYCC), GT Green
(Manhattan CC), FM teed, RB Keys, WM De Visser. S Loyd 3-er prob given, solved 
by Keys of NYCC in 2.5 hrs winning chess set. 1st class Game Keys-Anderson Ruy

NY Tribune Sept 7, 1886 pg 2: Large and enthusiastic mtg NYCC in new rooms.
Arrangements made for intl contest. Delegates from Manhattan, Bkln, NJ,
ltrs from leading US clubs with advice and contributions. To be 6th Amer 
congress, open to world, 7 prizes $1000 1st 1500 for others, minor and prob
tnmts; next mtg 3 wks

Sept 24, 1886 pg 8: Mention NY YMCA CCCs

Oct 5, 1886 pg 5: Mackenzie wins game 1 vs Lipschutz, 1st to 5

NY Tribune Oct 6, 1886 pg 8: Mackenzie vs Lipschutz game today

NY Tribune Oct 7, 1886 pg 5: Mackenzie, Lipschutz continued Manhattan match;
game drawn

NY Tribune Oct 12, 1886 pg 8: Game 3 drawn, Mackenzie leads Lipschutz 1-0-2

Oct 13, 1886 pg 10: Charles C Leather and Samuel Love fined for keeping 
gambling house under name CC

Oct 17, 1886 pg 6: Article on Lenox Lib, collected by James Lenox, includes
copy Caxton's chess

NY Tribune Nov 6, 1886 pg 8: Mackenzie vs Lipschutz match at Manhattan CC today

NY Tribune Nov 25, 1886 pg 8: Mackenzie simul Manhattan CC vs all comers

Dec 19, 1886 pg 4: Mackenzie in Boston last wk played many matches at CC

Dec 25, 1886 pg 8: Events of day has NYCC games

NY Tribune Dec 26, 1886 pg 5: NYCC young chp Lipschutz simul NYCC, beat Lorino,
Valdes, Limbeck, Werner, Lyons, Rosenbaum, Yeaton, Angresius, Henshorn,
Dickinson, W Henshorn, Wheelwright, Hatfield, Stern; lost to W Werner, Otten,
Stork, Froelich; drew Johnson, Doyle. Game Lipschutz-Angresius KGA Bishop G

Jan 1, 1887 pg 1: Ad for Ajeeb at Eden Musee (also other days)

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1887 pg 8: NYSCA mtg at NYCC Washington bday, will be
largest and most important ever of assoc. Similar tnmts same day Newark,
Providence, Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit et al (also Feb 22 pg 8)

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1887 pg 2: NYSCA 15th ann tnmt. 24 Xs enter for valuable
trophy and 4 minor prizes. Delmar wins chp, others divided Shipley/Loyd/
Angresius/Hanham. Other entrants Doyle, Vorrath, Mintz, Munoz, Todd,
Ettlinger, Fitch, Lorine, Yeaton, Stork, Kaltenbach, Huntington, Anders, Bixby,
Hollenbach, Wilcox, Limbeck, Von Hoenberg, Jones. Minor tnmt winners Bixby
and Todd. After tnmt Delmar 11-5-3 simul lost to Hanham, Lorina, Mintz,
Rechnitzer [where is 5th?]. RICA tnmt Providence, old bd reelected. Tnmt Rd 1:
Harris-Blodgett, Bucklin-Murray, Brown-JA Belcher, JW Belcher-Cunningham,
Rosenberg-Smith, Robinson-Stillman, Hill-Burroughs, Pratt-Grant. Rd 2:
Harris-Belcher, Hill-Brown

Mar 7, 1887 pg 4: Moltke good player but Bismarck better, often beats him.
Grevy, de Freycinet, Leon Say best players France. All this according to

NY Tribune Mar 18, 1887 pg 5: Columbia match between teams from classes of
89, 90 from School of Arts. Class of 89 W Shillaber, GT Donnell, LC Ely,
RL Cutting III, MR Strong. Class of 90 CH Hayes, HW Merchant, CD Trott,
ON Jacoby, F Crane. Class of 89 won 3-1 w 1 unfinished to be played out today

NY Tribune Apr 11, 1887 pg 4: Mackenzie reached New Orleans after mo in Havana
last Tues, left Fri for St Louis

Apr 25, 1887 pg 5: Mackenzie 21-1-2 imul Baltimore CA 3:30. Smoked cigar
seemed to be playing carelessly but result shows not; brilliant style

NY Tribune May 7, 1887 pg 8: Events of day has Manhattan CC match

NY Tribune May 12, 1887 pg 2: 2d mtg NY vs Manhattan tomorrow for city chp.
1st of 4 mtgs was held Sat. Each club fielded best including Delmar, Hanham,
Loyd, Showalter, Teed, Richardson, Ryan, so eagerly awaited; about even so

May 13, 1887 pg 8: Events of day has Manhattan vs NYCC

June 26, 1887 pg 13: Discussion 12 jury mems includes Col Marvin, well known in
NY connected w Duryea Zouaves; as juryman specializes in chess finds good 
opponent in Mr Clark. Elsewhere in article called Clarke, a Cooper Union
broker age ~24, dude of the jury likes to read scientific books

June 27, 1887 pg 8: Mackenzie farewell simul NYCC tonight before leaves to
rep club at German, English, Scottish tnmts

NY Tribune June 28, 1887 pg 5: Story of EP Bradstreet playing Lincoln on train; 
have elsewhere

NY Tribune July 22, 1887 pg 5: Frankfurt tnmkt results, stdgs

July 24, 1887 pg 1: Frankfurt tnmt results

July 24, 1887 pg 5: Frankfurt tnmt has nearly all top but Steinitz. No French,
favorites Blackburne and Zukertort; Zukertort did not start well but playing
better now

July 25, 1887 pg 1: Frankfurt tnmt results

July 25, 1887 pg 3: Sunday Trib covers chess congress

Aug 3, 1887 from Chess Arch: Frankfurt tnmt ends, winners Mackenzie, Blackburne/
Weiss, Bardeleben (pg 1)

NY Tribune Aug 4, 1887 pg 1: Frankfurt tnmt full final stdgs

NY Tribune Aug 5, 1887 pg 4: Great joy NY over Mackenzie victory Frankfurt.
Was sent by NYCC. Won w 15 over Blackburne 13.5, also Zukertort. Much talk
of Blackburne vs Mackenzie match to settle Q superiority each claims (pg 1)

NY Tribune Aug 11, 1887 pg 1: 1st of 4 games Hanham vs Young drawn 59 moves

NY Tribune Aug 14, 1887 pg 5: Hanham beats Young 50 moves

NY Tribune Aug 15, 1887 pg 8: Note to Tyro touched piece must move, if that
cannot move opponent can say which piece must move

NY Tribune Aug 26, 1887 pg 5: NYCC preparing warm reception for Mackenzie.
Will prob arrive Wed or Thurs, when rested will have banquet. Returns as
virtual world chp; was 1.5 above Blackburne and far ahead of Zukertort who was
6th or 7th. Accompanied by Blackburne who thinks he can give points even to
Steinitz. NYCC arranging Blackburne vs Mackenzie match dor world chp and 
purse prob $2000, on better plan than Steinitz vs Zukertort all NY. Bets are
being made, fiends of Mackenzie are many, believe he is best in world and
Frankfurt has given him what he was supposedly lacking ie pluck. Should revive
chess interest which had subsided since last great contest

NY Tribune Sept 4, 1887 pg 9: Arrival Mackenzie, Blackburne will ve red ltr day
for US chess history. Match being arranged between them by NYCC will be greatest
since Anderssen vs Morphy. Expected tomorrow or next day. Until few yrs ago
Mackenzie known as theoretical genuus but did not play at best in tnmts. Born
Scotch and unlike another prominent player is extremely proud of native land.
Became British capt but promotion too slow, came to US and achieved capt rank
again during rebellion, mustered out after. Can hardly remember when didn't play
chess. Well known analyst. Since left military excellent living thru chess. 1
of best instructors ever in US, excellent simuls (15-4-1 last before leaving).
Last US match easily beat Lipschutz. Tall and straight w that peculiar grace
of action+easy manner gentleman of British army noted for. ~50, long flowing
mustache, goatee sprinkled w gray. Blackburne who will play him for world chp
not as well known in US except to chess enthusiasts. Prominent 20 yrs; was
when Steinitz beat him 1876 that dubbed self chp. Steinitz accused by many 
of refusing to give Blackburne chance to play except under most strenuous
conditions which could not accept; however may be Steinitz not considered in 
this chp contest tho he is supposed to hold it. NYCC will back Mackenzie for
all needed. Blackburne known blind, often vs 18 1st class winning majority,
finished 2d to Mackenzie. Mackenzie has lead head-to-head. Mackenzie win 
Frankfurt places him in higher class than before. Blackburne beat Zukertort
8-1 British CC, English, pet of London CC which will back heavily. Credited
with 1 fault, enjoys good dinner often loses games adj over dinner. 1st US
trip, will get royal reception

Sept 9, 1887 pg 5: World chp Mackenzie returned to NY, rested rather than
coming to club. Blackburne did not accompany becaus playing match vs

NY Tribune Sept 11, 1887 pg 9: Story on checkers chp Reed, has played checkers 
and chess simuls 

NY Tribune Sept 21, 1887 pg 5: NYCC dinner for Mackenzie Sat, Loyd chair
arrangement cttee. Arrangements for Blackburne match almost complete but time
and stakes not yet fixed, this winter and players will make joint US tour. 
Wealthy NYCC mems promise Mackenzie all backing needs for match vs Steinitz

NY Tribune Sept 24, 1887 pg 8: Events of day has NYCC dinner for Mackenzie

Sept 25, 1887 pg 5: NYCC dinner for Mackenzie; speeches pres S Loyd, Mackenzie,
Griffin, Myer, Kallenbock, Perrine, Sanford, Delmar, Hanham

NY Tribune Oct 19, 1887 pg 2: NY to have chess congress, started movement last
March Columbia CC. Intl tnmt, 25 man cttee includes Steinitz, EB Cook, Lieut
GN Whistler of Fort Wadsworth, WW Ellsworth of Bkln, C Schubert of NY. Public
appeal for $5000 with $1000 for 1st, Tnmt, winner to play chp match for world
chp if at least 4 Europeans. Over $3500 raised, mostly from CCs notably
Baltimore, Bkln, Philad, St Louis, Columbia and Manhattan of NY; $650 from
England. Will include Mackenzie, Golmayo, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Burn,
Englisch, Dr Noa, Tschigorin, Winawer, Taubenhaus, Rosenthal, Bird, Dr Pollock,
John D Chambers of Glasgow, prob Zukertort. Steinitz book, only 1 ed and plates
destroyed, numbered copies. 6th Amer congress (is this really Nov 19?)

NY Tribune Nov 10, 1887 pg 5: Mackenzie dinner at Union League. Only guests
besides Mackenzie Judge Barrett and Manhattan CC pres George T Green. Mems
present include George W Lyons, W Newton Collins, Francis C Nye, William
Buchanan, Gouverneur Morris Jr, RS Emmet, WG Nichols, J Henry Harper, Charles
Stone, Robert M Strebeigh, J Abner Harper, Henry Sedley, General Horace Porter,
WG White, Joel B Erhardt, GH Robinson, John B Cauldwell, Duane S Everson.
Sedley head of table, General Horace Porter very witty. Broke up midnight

Nov 19, 1887 pg 2: Promising assurances for chess congress. Last fall Columbia
CC of NY started movement, taken up by other clubs. 25 person cttee includes
Steinitz, Eugene B Cook (Hoboken), Lieut GN Whistler (Fort Wadsworth); officers
WW Ellsworth (Bkln), C Schubert (NY). Public appeal was made. General tnmt
and chp match, world chp if at least 4 Europeans. Over $3500 subscribed, $1500
more needed.Largest from Baltimore, Bkln, Philad, St Louis, Columbia and
Manhattan CCs of NY; much from Europe including $600 England. Players who
have said plan to come include world chp Mackenzie, Golmayo, Blackburne,
Gunsberg aka Mephisto, Burn, Englisch, Dr Noa, Tschigorin, Winawer, Rosenthal,
Taubenhaus, Bird, Pollock, John D Chambers of Glasgow; prob Zukertort. Steinitz
will ed tnmt book, only 1 edition then plates destroyed

NY Tribune Nov 28, 1887 pg 5: On coming congress. Nearly $4000 of needed 5000
raised, coming in quickly. Russian CC will send $50 it claims as FF from London
CC for exceeding time limit in telegraph match. Blackburne who recently was not
at best in match loss vs Gunsberg coming, still ill. Mackenzie left for
exhibitions Havana, plans to visit Southern chess centers. NYCC plans move to
new rooms since rent increased, while Manhattan looking for more space

Dec 25, 1887 pg 6: On natl congress from London Telegraph. Descrip room; has
Newnes amateur chp trophy held by WM Gattie, Rosenbaum pic corr game
British vs world, likenesses Philidor, Morphy. Masters not terrifying in
person, come in all types. Brain vs brain fight

NY Tribune Jan 1, 1888 pg 8: Steinitz simul vs all comers Columbia CC

Jan 2, 1888 pg 5: Steinitz 16-1-1 simul Columbia CC; lost to Max Stern,
drew Jacob G Ascher. Game Steinitz-Max Stern KGA B36

Jan 8, 1888 pg 3: Typo corrections on Steinitz-Stern game fro  Jan 2

Feb 4, 1888 pg 10: Columbia CC wds challenge to Labourdonnais CC of
Columbia on grds not authorized by club officials

Feb 5, 1888 pg 8: 5/side Labourdonnais CC vs CCNY Thurs

Feb 7, 1888 pg 10: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia will play 5/side vs CCNY Thurs

NY Tribune Feb 8, 1888 pg 10: Delmar vs Lipschutz under events of day

NY Tribune Feb 11, 1888 pg 8: Delmar vs Lipschutz match in events of day

NY Tribune Feb 18, 1888 pg 2: 2d ann match Labourdonnais CC of Columbia vs
CCNY; Columbia wins 3-2. W Shillaber 89-W Ryan 88, JC Devereaux S of L-L Levy
88, E Hymes 91-P Stevens 88; for CCNY G de Quesada 88-LW Ely 89, E Mandel 88-
RL Cutting Jr 89

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1888 pg 3: 3d ann NJ SCA tnmt Rutherford Feb 22, will
award CH Waterbury Cup and special club prizes

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1888 pg 6: Harper's of March has Chess in Amer by Henry

NY Tribune Feb 22, 1888 pg 10: Columbia College CC has not lost this season
tho has played prominent CCs and conductes several corr games vs other colleges

NY Tribune Feb 24, 1888 pg 8: Unlike most great chess players, Mackenzie is
tall. Steinitz almost a dwarf as is Zukertort; Morphy was small. When comes
to good looks gallant captain can give all his competitors big odds

NY Tribune Feb 25, 1888 pg 8: Manhattan CC ann dinner today

Mar 25, 1888 pg 3: Mention chess automaton Eden Musee

Apr 16, 1888 pg 1: Columbia College CC asks Penn, Harvard, Yale, Pton,
Cornell to mtg May 25 to form Intercollege CA

NY Tribune May 6, 1888 pg 16: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia College elects 
officers W Shillaber Jr 89, AC Gildersleeve 89 S of M, ON Jacoby 90, FW Crane 
90, Charles Bartow 91. Cttee appointef to try to arrange Intercollege CA w 
Harvard, Yale, Pton, Penn, Cornell. Pton wants to join, Yale wont, others not 
replied yet.  If no others do will have match vs Pton May 26. Columbia College 
hdcp tnmt Hymes 91 has good lead, 2d between AC Gildersleeve 89, ON Jacoby 90, 
RA Breckinridge S of M. 1st prize valuable chess set, 2d revised Gossip

NY Tribune May 27, 1888 pg 5: Much interest Intercollege CA. Mtg at Columbia
reps from Pton, Columbia, Penn; league formed class clubs of these 3 plus
Cornell. Yale and Harvard sent ltrs, expect to join next yr. Officers for
assoc William Shillaber Jr (C), JM Brooks (Pton), WJA Bliss (H), George 
Henderson (Penn). Plan to hold intercollege tnmt, 3 man teams. Cttee of
arrangements officers plus HRJ Kelkeimer of Cornell. After mtg friendly
match 2 man teams from Pton, Columbia won by Columbia

NY Tribune June 3, 1888 pg 5: Cttee arrangements for Amer Chess Congress meets
$5000 has been raised. J Spencer Turner of NY, Max Judd of St Louis each pledge
$6000. 6 wks at least 6 pairs players. Tnmt book to be ed Steinitz only for
subscribers, numbered plates.

June 4, 1888 pg 4: Edward Hymes gets freshman math prize

NY Tribune June 10, 1888 pg 2: NYCC opened new rooms, celebrated with Delmar
contest vs 20 mems

NY Tribune June 13, 1888 pg 4: Blackburne will prob make US tour next fall 
and winter

June 19, 1888 pg 3: Chess too slow; takes 2 (k)nights to play 1 game

NY Tribune June 21, 1888 pg 7: Death Zukertort. B 1842 Riga, ed Breslau, ed 
chess journal 1867-71. England 1872. Often 8-10 blind. Beaten by Steinitz 1886

NY Tribune June 22, 1888 pg 10: Death Zukertort. Met and beat all leading
players, then lost match to Steinitz who took title and tidy sum. Mem all
leading CCs Europe, most active St George; mems lost heavily in Steinitz
match. Played Frankfurt won by Mackenzie. Quick nervous player, Steinitz
slow phlegmatic manner irritated him and lost his temper. Was about 50 yrs old
and married

NY Tribune June 23, 1888 pg 6: Blackburne's father is pro phrenologist,
predicted when child would become exceedingly good in chess

NY Tribune June 23, 1888 pg 7: Columbia CC vs Manhattan CC match 1st rd.
15/side Columbia visitors and 1st move all games; Manhattan led 8-5 with 3 [?] 
undecided at 11:15; return match Fri win on total points

New York Tribune June 25, 1888 pg 4: Blackburne is 1 of quietest and most
unassuming men in world, liked by all. When playing refreshes self with
coffee and tobacco, after day's work takes a little whiskey

June 26, 1888 pg 10: Events of day has Columbia CC match

NY Tribune June 29, 1888 pg 8: Events of day has Columbia CC tnmt

NY Tribune July 3, 1888 pg 4: Zukertort had large, finely-formed head but
body much under average size (July 4 pg 4)

NY Tribune July 7, 1888 pg 8: Mackenzie sailed for Glasgow where will play
Scotch tnmt

NY Tribune July 22, 1888 pg 3: Mtg to arrange Amer congress, Dr L Cohn chair.
Elect officers J Spencer Turner (pres Bkln CC), Dr OF Jentz, Perrin, Thomas
Frere, C Schubert. $5000 subscrined for prizes (1000 1st), leading Europeans
plan to come

NY Tribune July 23, 1888 pg 4: Summarizing statements about Keiley over yrs
includes was chess player and would find much interest in chess congress
Vienna (as far as appointment there)

July 29, 1888 pg 8: Ajeeb enjoying a few days rest studing new moves

NY Tribune Aug 3, 1888 pg 4: Boston has new chess player of importance, M 
Constant Ferdinand Burille. French descent, b Paris, played chess just 2 yrs,
age 22, writer in Times-Dem says has beaten him 13-1; perhaps there are 
others in US who can do this but has not met them. I am only one in club who has
won even 1 vs Burille except 1 who won a game on blunder. Club will send him
as rep to Steinitz tnmt [NY 1889], think neither Steinitz nor Mackenzie can
beat him at present

Aug 5, 1888 pg 16: Rabbi Taubenhaus formerly Sacramento CA on reform Judaism

NY Tribune Aug 9, 1888 pg 10: Events of day has Columbia CC mtg

NY Tribune Aug 13, 1888 pg 4: Husband staggers in claiming out late playing 
chess; yes, you seem to be making N move

NY Tribune Aug 20, 1888 pg 1: Bradford tnmt full final stdgs Gunsberg 80L 13.5
Mackenzie 12 Mason, Borrowe [?] of NY among latest arrivals at Weiss 10 etc
(St Paul Globe pg 5, Sacramento Record pg 4)

Aug 30, 1888 pg 8: Mtg Columbia CC tonight to org NYSCA

Sept 12, 1888 pg 6: Chair of Democratic natl cttee spending time playing chess
rather than working on campaign

Sept 23, 1888 pg 2: Steinitz 33-0 simul Wilkesbarre CC; opponents included
Fred Wendel, Judge JA Sittser (Tunkhannock), GW Northrop (Scranton), KM Smith
(Alden), 7:30 Judge Sittser last to lose 3AM

Oct 10, 1888 pg 7: Death Alexander G Sellman age 33, ranked w best in world.
Close 4th NY 1880, made creditable scores vs Steinitz and Zukertort, played
London intl tnmt

Nov 13, 1888 pg 1: Steinitz vs Tschigorin arranged Havana Jan, best of 20
games, $600/side, special prizes and expenses donated Havana CC

Nov 14, 1888 pg 7: Stout little man w full red beard and merry eye twinkling in
perfect maz of crowsfeet is Steinitz; stoops but shoulders not bent by care
none enjoys life more. Opposite Mackenzie (who is tall and angular) in
appearance. Will play $600/side vs Tschigorin Havana CC Jan

Nov 16, 1888 pg 8: Intercollege CA games prob NY Thxgvg day; Columbia,
Harvard, Pton

Nov 17, 1888 pg 8: Books of wk has The Game of Chess by Staunton

Nov 24, 1888 pg 10: 6th Amer congress Apr 89 prelim program issued by sec
C Schubert. Prizes $1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200. $25 EF 2RR. 4/wk
other days D replays. Also plan minor tnmt

Nov 29, 1888 pg 10: 2d intercollege tnmt starts tomorrow. Harvard, Yale,
Cornell will not play this yr; Columbia (holder), Pton, Penn

Nov 30, 1888 pg 8: Intercollege tnmt not played. Reps from Cornell, Pton came
and gave reasons men could not play now so will play later. No rep from Penn
so Columbia wins these by FF

Dec 13, 1888 pg 7: Schism which has existed for some time Boston CC
culminates w resignations Ware, Young, Burille; likely to be followed by
some 20 others.Only half dozen of opposition at hand for ann mtg, almost
unanimous election JP Hopkinson, ES Hazletine, Howard Sargeant, ES Huntington;
cttee P Cummings, FP Harton, George M Austin, CM Saulson

Dec 15, 1888 pg 12: Events of day has Manhattan CC chess match

Dec 24, 1888 pg 5: Obit Augustus Zerega. Over 50 yrs prominent res NY, age 85.
B Martinique, patrician blood, family emigrated Genoa mid 1700s. Father
wealthy ship owner. Ed London, France where schoolmate late Francis S Skiddy;
yrs late met here and renewed acquaintance. Several voyages father's ships
to learn navigation. Age 17 started life for sels. Age 19 dangerously ill
St Thomas; married daughter of doctor who saved life, contd as master seaman.
Many encounters w pirtes. Moved to la Guayra, rapidly acquired wealth.
Became acquainted w Simon Bolivar, warmly interested in cause. Wealth
excited envy and hostility La Guayra, escaped w just $1000 of his $200,000.
Reached Philad 1835, then NY 1835. Went into biz importing coffee, made and 
lost fortune. Became shipping merchant, founded Z line. Retd 1855 w what
was then considered great fortune, massive mansion Throgg's Neck. Entertainments
for many yrs noted NY social evens. Only assoc mem of NYCC, was 1 of founders 
and til recently 1 of best players. Amazing memory. Survived by wife, 
6 sons, 3 daughters. Died of pneumonia+heart failure

Dec 28, 1888 pg 7: Chess booming, esp in South. Coming Havana matches present
world chp Mackenzie vs Golmayo, Vasquez, Carvajal. Mackenzie left NY some
time ago and has been playing in New Orleans en route Havana, in excellent
form and taking good care of self. Even greater Steinitz vs Tschigorin,
whose name pronounced like Chickering, 2d Morphy, genius vs Steinitz
doggedness; Steinitz has won only 1 of 4 games played between them in tnmts.
Tschigorin sailed Dec 18, expected here sometime next wk

Dec 31, 1888 pg 4: Deaths of yr gives Zukertort and Sellman

NY Tribune Jan 12, 1889 pg 7: Tschigorin arrives NY, informal reception
Manhattab. Well-built, dark-eyed, 38. Gave Trib reporter lively sketch career.
Born and ed St Ptbg, entered Russian pub service ~12 yrs ago, Dept Interior. 
Started chess ~1863, soon local rep. Has beaten every player of note Russia.
Russian chp since 70s but generally recognized only 1881 when tied 3d Berlin.
Other intl tnmts. Responsible for St Ptbg corr win vs London. Leaves for
match vs Steinitz Havana (arranged by Steinitz request). Will also meet
Mackenzie but not sure if captain will play him. Returns for NY 1889 where
top 2 will play each other for world chp

NY Tribune Jan 12 pg 10: Events of day has conference chess players Manhattan

Jan 20, 1889 pg 2: Special mtg Manhattan to arrange coming tnmt. Open to
club mems and outsiders. $25 EF 2RR, winner claims chp subject to challenge,
8 prizes $1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200 and $50 best game donated
Frederick Wehle and Frank Rudd, officers Thomas Frere, Phillip Richardson,
De Visser, J Spencer Turner, Perrin, CW Shephard, Dr James Cohn, Prof
W Holladay, Dr F Mintz, H Davidson, Frederick Wehle, FW Storck, LD Cohn,
Frank Rudd, Dr FE D'Oench 

NY Tribune Jan 20, 1889 pg 15: 100s have played Ajeeb at Eden Musee. Has never
lost in chess but not infrequently has at checkers. Lawyer tried to find
person inside by throwing red pepper inside mechanism but did not sneeze.
If make mistake will correct but if catches cheating will take piece from bd.
Wonderful creation, knows too much for machine

Jan 22, 1889 pg 1 (and 6): Steinitz loses game 1 to Tschigorin

NY Tribune Jan 23, 1889 pg 1: Game 2 Havana remains undecided

Jan 24, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz wins game 2 vs Tschigorin

NY Tribune Jan 26, 1889 pg 7: Ltr claiming family solved mystery of Ajeeb,
drew illustration, asked to be allowed to play w handkerchief in front of
breast etc were refused. Asks for name lawyer Jan 20 story. Reply that lawyer
was GN Featherstone of Newark, note that 2 men in city have beaten Ajeeb at
chess frequently beaten checkers. Clearly guided by intellect, most think
dwarf. One corr says sees diminutive man enter museaum early, another says
sees dwarf seen regularly in transit towards Musee. But how did it survive
pepper trick?

NY Tribune Jan 26, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz vs Tschigorin game 3 adjourned

NY Tribune Jan 27, 1889 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 3 vs Steinitz 83 moves 9:50

Feb 1, 1889 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 6 Havana

Feb 5, 1889 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 7

NY Tribune Feb 6, 1889 pg 7: Ltr from JPG of NY. Believes even dwarf could not
fit in Ajeeb, believe controlled from adjacent room somehow w perfect control
over fingers; asks if conjurer Prof Maurer is inventor. Reply constructed
by Charles Alfred Hooper of Bristol, England. Some think controller inside and
full size, some think in skylight above. Recall Turk and Mephisto; Mephisto
moved by electricity. Even Chicago has an Ajeeb

NY Tribune Feb 7, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz wins game 8 Havana, 39 moves 4:41 (also
pg 6)

NY Tribune Feb 8, 1889 pg 6: Steinitz wins chess contest Havana (also pg 1)

NY Tribune Feb 10, 1889 pg 11: Long article on Steinitz vs Tschigorin. Long
since such interest in chess as now. Mackenzie, Tschigorin, Steinitz in Havana.
Steinitz leads Tschigorin 6-4, 20 game series. Prev mtgs between them given.
Friends expected Steinitz to win more decisively, bla,e on opening. Brought
about by Havana CC, pay all expenses both and $20 to winner, 10 to loser each
game in addition to stake of players. Tschigorin 36, highly ed, in Russian
diplomatic service, speaks no English, fluent French, German moderately well;
short, compact, dark hair, black flashing eyes, brilliant style. Responsible
for St Ptbg corr win vs London. Came to US 1st time Jan 9 on way to Havana, 
stayed til 12th made many chess acquaintances, will return for congress Mar
25. All know short, blond beard and hair, immense head, limping gait Steinitz.
Has voted several times Bkln where lives. 1st noted Vienna 59. Took Morphy's
place as world chp. Has been said Morphy learned moves at 11 beat world by 21,
Steinitz fought his way to eminence by sheer force of ability

Feb 13, 889 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 11 vs Steinitz, 31 moves Tschigorin just
20 min Steinitz 1:10

NY Tribune Feb 14, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz wins 7 hrs 30 min, leads Tschigorin 7-5

Feb 16, 1889 pg 1: Tschigorin ill, game 13 postponed

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz wins 35 moves 3:20, leads Tschigorin 9-6
(NY Sun pg 6 says game 14)

NY Tribune Feb 22, 1889 pg 10: NYCA ann tnmt begins 10 AM Turn Hall

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz wins 36 moves 3:30, leads Tschigorin 9-6
(pg 6)

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1889 pg 3: NYSCA tnmt begins. 32 entries including Delmar,
Lipschutz, Loyd, Hanham, Ryan, Halpern. Prizes gold medal+chp+EF NY 1889,
$20, 15, 10, 5. 30/1, paired by lot, flip for 1st move. 1st rd winners
Hanham, Loyd, Lipschutz, Ryan, Halpern, Otten, Johnston, Baird, Stein,
Scripture, Sternberg, Holladay, Searle, Nugent, Underhill, Kaltenbach. 2d
rd winners Halpern, Lipschutz, Hanham, Ryan, Baird, Loyd, Searle, Johnston.
3d rd includes Lipschutz beat Loyd on time, Delmar-Fitch, Hanham/Baird. Rd
4 Ryan-Halpern (who played now exploded French D), Lipschutz-Hanham. 1st and
2d prizes to Lipschutz and Ryan of Manhattan

NY Tribune Feb 24, 1889 pg 2: NYSCA tnmt ends Lipschutz wins $50 and gold medal,
Ryan 2d $20 Hanham $15 GW Baird $10 Prof Holladay, Otten tied split $5 Delmar
rcvs copy Gossip's Chess Manual. Deciding Game Lipschutz-Ryan e4 g6 W35+.
Will hold another tnmt July or Aug after congress. Mackenzie returned from
Havana, was present latter part of day

NY Tribune Feb 26, 1889 pg 1: Steinitz won game 16 6 hrs, draws game 17 5 hrs
to win match vs Tschigorin 10-6-1 (pg 6)

Feb 27, 1889 pg 2: New chess match of 3 games starting, players matched
Steinitz and Tschigorin, Vazquez and Golmayo, Gavilan and Ponce

Feb 28, 1889 pg 6: Tschigorin+Ponce won game 1 vs Steinitz+Gavilan

NY Tribune Mar 1, 1889 pg 1 and 6: Steinitz 19-0 simul Havana

NY Tribune Mar 2, 1889 pg 1: 2d game new 3 game contest Havana Tschigorin+Ponce
draw Steiniz+Gavilan, 5 hrs

Mar 6, 1889 pg 10: Bkln  CC 6th reception tommorrow w Gossip 12 simul

Mar 7, 1889 pg 1: Final game 3, Steinitz+Gavilan beat Tschigorin+Ponce

Mar 8, 1889 pg 10: Gossip, chp Australia, 12 simul Bkln CC still in prog

Mar 9, 1889 pg 10: Bkln CC simul Charles Gossip 11-1 losing only to Rose

Mar 12, 1889 pg 10: Steinitz arrives from Havana

Mar 13, 1889 pg 6: Talk w Steinitz back from Havana. Plans no more chp matches,
will devote time to writing. Age 53 has not lost match tho started 1862.
Will call self retired chp after NY tnmt; will support w book. Says Tschigorin
from school of 30 yrs ago vs his modern school; treat K as strong piece and
maintain balance position. New CCs all over US; chess gaining in England among
working classes

NY Tribune Mar 17, 1889 pg 17: NY tnmt starts Mar 25. Idea broached by Steinitz
2.5 yrs ago. $5000 raised against much opposition. Prizes. Steinitz to ed
tnmt book. Player list (not all of whom played); says Samuel Lipschutz. Delmar
uncertain, hope yes since he is prob best US, not long ago beat Lipschutz 5-3.
Mackenzie ill but hopes to play. Charles Mohle of Cincy and Judd will rep
west. Not sure if Steinitz will play. Presence Michaelis would be good, 1 of
best US amateurs, but cannot due to official duties. No native US considered
1st class but NYers feel Delmar, Lipschutz will do well

Mar 18, 1889 pg 7: NYCC moving to larger rooms Cafe Manhattan, flourishing,
Demar pres, 1-0-1 in last 2 matches vs Manhattan

Mar 18, 1889 pg 9: Ad for chess automaton (also other days)

NY Tribune Mar 19, 1889 pg 3: Blackburne, Gunsberg arrive, rcvd hearty welcome
Manhattan. Good voyage. Blackburne likely to remain some time in US for simuls
and blind exhibits, plans to travel to San Fran and return via Australia.
Gunsberg also plans to spend some time here. If he is 1 of winners as seems
sure to be will arrange to play exhibition games w another player in various
cities. Steinitz welcomed, said would not play tnmt to much protestation.
Entries close Mar 21, $25 EF $25 deposit. Ships carrying Burn, Mason, Bird,
Tschigorin given. 13th ann Manhattan dinner Sat, move to new rooms May 1.

NY Tribune Mar 20, 1889 pg 7: Manhattan crowded for arrival Tschigorin from
Havana. Said suffered much from warm climate, brought coat in to show weight 
lost. Made errors since confused by heat and noise after 3-4 hrs play. No plan
to stay in US after congress tho could change. Said chess popular in large
Russian cities, not so much in small towns. Pleasing and vivacious appearance,
of characteristic Russian type

NY Tribune Mar 22, 1889 pg 7: Weiss arrives for tnmt. Mason, Bird, Taubenhaus
expected hrly. Burille of Boston, 16 yr old Canadian McLeod entered. Fear
popular Mackenzie will not play, suffering from typhoid. Tnmt entries close,
entertainment at Columbia Club, more than dozen of contestants met for 1st time

NY Tribune Mar 24, 1889 pg 2: Manhattan 13th ann dinner, many foreign notables
eg Blackburne, Gunsberg, Tschigorin, Bird, Weiss, Burn, Pollock, Gossip, 
Martinez, Burille, McLeod. Chair pres ET Westerfield, Thomas Frere toastmaster.
Toasts Steinitz, Gunsberg, Bird, JH Todd, Delmar, SP Chittenden Jr (Bkln CC),
Westerfield. TM [FM?] Teed spoke on Gunsberg, Dr Eddy on Early Recollections 
of Chess, Dr Simonson on Chess in Europe

NY Tribune Mar 26, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt starts. Strongest Gunsberg, Blackburne,
Mason, Burn, Weiss, Tschigorin, Mackenzie; Lipschutz, Delmar, Judd may come
ahead of some foreign players. Rooms crowded 50 cents/entry. 15/1; most 
European now 20/1. Address by Bkln pres Spencer Turner. Results. Showalter
FF to Taubenhaus by non-appearance (St Paul Globe pg 5)

NY Tribune Mar 27, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt, many spectators including ex-NYCC pres
Baron von Frankenberg (says Trankenberg), Manhattan pres Westerfield. Results,
game reports. Game Blackburne-Hanham Vienna W26++. Statement Tschigorin has
winning position vs Delmar unfounded, Delmar stands better

NY Tribune Mar 28, 1889 pg 7: Good crowd for tnmt day 3. Upsets McLeod-Delmar
(who recently won match vs Lipschutz), Gossip/Weiss, DG Baird-Mason by time.
Game results w brief descriptions. Game McLeod-Delmar e4 e5 c3 W43 rapidly

NY Tribune Mar 29, 1889 pg 3: NY tnmt crowded. Game reports. Mason, who was
himself again, drew Lipschutz. Game Judd-Blackburne 3N 3..d6 W33. Stdgs.
Baron von Frankenberg, ex-pres NYCC now mem Anderssen CC Breslau, came tp watch

NY Tribune Mar 30, 1889 pg 7: Continued increase tnmt attendance. Rd 5 results.
Tnmt stdgs. Delmar vs Tschigorin dispute will go to cttee. Game Gunsberg-Max
Judd French W32. All games done by 9:30, unusual

NY Tribune Apr 2, 1889 pg 7: Tnmt day 7 report. Ctte decides 50 move rule in 
favor Judd over Tschigorin, whereupon Tschigorin threatened to wd. He is only
player to have dispute, and since Delmar might have beaten him his chances
behind Gunsberg, Burn, Blackburne, Weiss. Lost game to Mason by not appearing
but Mason had winning position. Stdgs (St Paul Globe pg 5)

NY Tribune Apr 3, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 8. Rooms crowded, sometimes 
inconveniently so. Results; Hanham upsets Burn. Jury reverses ruling on Judd
vs Tschigorin, so Tschigorin resumes play; most players seem to think original
decision correct. Stdgs, pairings

NY Tribune Apr 3, 1889 pg 10: Tnmt under events of day

NY Tribune Apr 4, 1889 pg 6: Large attendance rd 9 NY tnmt. Results, stdgs,

NY Tribune Apr 5, 1889 pg 2: Slight drop tnmt attendance rd 10. Cttee decides
to divide EFS among non-winners by Gelbfuhs system after expenses paid, as is
typical in European tnmts. Results, pairings, stdgs

NY Tribune Apr 5, 1889 pg 6: End day 10 Gunsberg, Blackburne tied for lead

NY Tribune Apr 6, 1889 pg 12: NY tnmt report. Results, stdgs

Apr 6, 1889 pg 12: Edward Hymes gets Columbia class prize for declamation

NY Tribune Apr 6, 1889 pg 1: NY tnmt results. Bird unwell, expressed doubts
about playing next game

NY Tribune Apr 7, 1889 pg 5: NY tnmt day 12 report. Results, stdgs

NY Tribune Apr 9, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt day 13 results, stdgs. Delmar good as word
said could beat Tschigorin adj game and did so

NY Tribune Apr 10, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt day 14. Gunsberg loses, has slipped from
1st to 4th, seems tired. Bird arrived 50 min late, had just 10 min for 1st 15
moves, but is very rapid player had advantage at late hr. Stdgs

NY Tribune Apr 11, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 15 report. Visitors include Ware of
Boston, Miss Silkman, Mrs Schubert, FC Manvel, WF Eno and Miss Eno of Bkln,
HD Lyman, Benjamin Lichtenstein, AC Hawes of Norton CT, RP Fleming of Montreal,
De Visser and Teed of Manhattan, James Marshall. Game Tschigorin-Gunsberg Scotch
B46; Gunsberg has recovered form. Stdgs

NY Tribune Apr 12, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmet rd 16 results, stdgs. Blackburne leads.
Game Taubenhaus-Tschigorin Ruy Double Ruy D31

NY Tribune Apr 13, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 17. Fairly good attendance. Results,
stdgs. Game Blackburne-JW Baird Vienna W46

NY Tribune Apr 14, 1889 pg 5: NY tnmt rd 18 results (St Paul Globe pg 3)

NY Tribune Apr 14, 1889 pg 19: Article on Strobeck from St James Gazette. Taught
in schools, public exam each yr, winners feted. Peasants ambition is to play
more blind games than neighbor. Tower where unfrocked priest taught villagers.
Great elector passed thru, played a farmer, presented w elaborate bd on display.
Frederick the Great said to have played here but lacks authentication

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1889 pg 7: Rd 19 ends 1st half tnmt. Results. Game 
Gunsberg-Delmar French W50. Stdgs; Weiss takes lead

Apr 16, 1889 pg 10: 1st rd Elizabeth CC married/single 4-4

NY Tribune Apr 17, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt adj results, stdgs. Game Showalter-
Martinez GP D72

NY Tribune Apr 18, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt adj results, stdgs. Game Judd-Weiss GP

NY Tribune Apr 19, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt 1st of 2d rd results. Draws do not count
in 2d rd unless repeated. Game Mason-Gossip QP D30

NY Tribune Apr 20, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt game 2 2d rd. Lipschutz won of Martinez a 
Ruy Lopez by FF. Stdgs. Game Weiss-Taubenhaus Ruy W35

NY Tribune Apr 21, 1889 pg 2: Many spectators NY tnmt. Results, stdgs. Game
Pollock-Gunsberg e4 b6 B27++

NY Tribune Apr 23, 1889 pg 7: Moderate attendance game 4 2d rd. Results, stdgs

NY Tribune Apr 24, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results. Bad blunders each side Hanham-
McLeod. Results, stdgs. Game Burille-Lipschutz Ruy B35. Game reports

NY Tribune Apr 25, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 25 results, stdgs. Game Gunsberg-Mason
4N D45

Apr 26, 1889 pg 6: Bye playoff results, stdgs

NY Tribune Apr 27, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Game Gossip-Lipschutz
Vienna D57

NY Tribune Apr 28, 1889 pg 8: NY tnmt day 9 rd 2. Results, stdgs, game reports.
Tnmt continues tomorrow but no play Tues or Wed. Game Tschigorin-Burille KGD B36

NY Tribune Apr 30, 1889 pg 5: NY tnmt day 10 2d rd. results, stdgs. No play
today or tomorrow due to Centennial festivities. Game Showalter-Blackburne
Ruy W57

NY Tribune May 3, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt bye day; adjourned game results, stdgs.
Game Tschigorin-Martinez KGD W18 mate 2

NY Tribune May 4, 1889 pg 3: NY tnmt day 10 rd 2 report. Tschigorin beat Gossip
13 moves. Hard fight for 1st Weiss, Burn, Blackburne expected. Results, stdgs.
Game Mason-JW Baird Ruy D34

NY Tribune May 4, 1889 pg 5: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia elects officers
Frank W Crane 90, Edward E Cornwall College Physicians+Surgeons, Acton C
Bassett 92, Oswald N Jacoby 90, Rufus B Cowing Jr 92. Offer to give any
college CC N in chp game not yet accepted. Club arranging simul by well
known player. Hdcp tnmt winners ON Jacoby (class 2), GT Donnell 89 (2), Edward
Hymes 91 (1)

NY Tribune May 5, 1889 pg 5: NY tnmt day 11 2d rd results, pairings, stdgs.
Blackburne lost key game to Lipschutz. Game Delmar-Mason Vienna D35

NY Tribune May 7, 1889 pg 7:  NY tnmt results, stdgs. Hanham fav Philidor D.
Game Mason-Burn Ruy W43

NY Tribune May 8, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Pollock blunders in dead
draw P down ending to lose. Game Lipschutz-Tschigorin Vienna W28++

NY Tribune May 9, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Calls Weiss the little
Austrian. Game Showalter-JW Baird Center Ctr W25

NY Tribune May 10, 1889 pg 3: NY tnmt off day, playoff results, stdgs. Game
Martinez-Pollock Greco Ctr W26

NY Tribune May 11, 1889 pg 2: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Game Gunsberg-Tschigorin
GP D32

NY Tribune May 12, 1889 pg 5: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Tschigorin leads with
relatively weak opponents left, likely to win $1000 and world chp as Pollock
beats Weiss fine style. Game Pollock-Weiss Ruy W27 mate 2

NY Tribune May 13, 1889 pg 2: Tschigorin takes tnmt lead 

NY Tribune May 14, 1889 pg 2: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Game Tschigorin-Bird
Ponziani W42+

NY Tribune May 15, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Game Blackmar-Delmar 
Dutch W22

NY Tribune May 16, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt last rd results, stdgs; now only 
unfinished and draw replays. Game Mason-Weiss GP D42

NY Tribune May 17, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results, stdgs; Weiss disaster to chances
drawing Bird in Game Weiss-Bird Sic D58+

NY Tribune May 18, 1889 pg 7: NY tnmt results, McLeod beats Blackburne harming
chances for 3d in Game Blackburne-McLeod Danish B55

May 18, 1889 pg 10: Events of day includes intl tnmt

May 19, 1889 from Chess Arch: NY tnmt results, stdgs. Game Tschigorin-Gunsberg
French B28 (pg 2)

May 19, 1889 pg 17: On recently deceased Kolisch. 1 of wealthiest Vienna, 
owed to chess. Left home to make fortune, wanted to go to US but not enough
money, came to Vienna. Few yrs later Paris, lived in absolute want, played
chess nightly. Rep spread, tutored wealthy and powerful, friend begged him
to come to England and Russia, he went. Played Duke of Brunswick who was no 
match but as Kolisch since said let win some. 1867 Paris tnmt win. One of
his chess pupils Rothschild, set him up w bank Vienna. Returned to Paris 1872
w small fortune, rapidly increased in French Exchange; helped by tips picked
up from chess w Grevy. Became very rich, returned to Vienna, devoted time to
collecting paintings and altar cloths. Ed paper for time w less success than
other ventures. Grand Ducke of Weimar raised to Baron. Death age 53 surprise

NY Tribune May 21, 1889 pg 7: Weiss vs Mason will decide chp; if wins is chp,
if loses Tschigorin chp if D then tie. Gunsberg ready to challenge immediately.
Results, stdgs. Gunsberg simul Manhattan Thurs, Tschigorin blind Sat, Weiss
simul later

NY Tribune May 22, 1889 pg 6: NY tnmt results, stdgs w remaining to play Mason 
vs Taubenhaus, Weiss vs Tschigorin playoff. Gunsberg 3d $600 Blackburne, Burn
$450 Lipschutz 300 Mason 200

May 23, 1889 pg 7: Weiss, Tschigorin draw playoff game 1

May 24, 1889 pg 7: Playoff Game 2 Tschigorin-Weiss Ponziani D30

NY Tribune May 25, 1889 pg 6: Playoff Game 3 Weiss-Tschigorin Ruy D27; 1 more
draw and chp will remain undecided. Tschigorin blind simul tonight

NY Tribune May 26, 1889 pg 2: Tschigorin 8 blind simul Manhattan vs Prof 
Holladay, JW Baird, Dr Simonson, Livingston, Channing, Levy, Hoffman, F Wehle.
Dr Mintz teller called moves in German. Started 1 PM. Lost to Livingston
thru slip 4:15. Beat Simonson, Hoffman 6:50, Wehle 8:25, drew Holladay 8:50,
Channing drew, lost to Levy 9:15, game vs Baird fought til late hr. 4-2-2
[so must have beaten Baird]. Presented w gold pencil in honor with inscription
Never write resign. Game Tschigorin (blind)-Hoffman Evans W29

NY Tribune May 28, 1889 pg 1: 10/side corr match US, Canada tied 8.5-8.5

NY Tribune May 28, 1889 pg 2: NY tnmt inglorious close, both bent on draw,
leaving question of world chp unsatisfactorily decided and prize split. 
Tschigorin sails soon for St Ptbg but Weiss gives simul soon. Playoff Game 4
Tschigorin-Weiss Ponziani D28

June 6, 1889 pg 2: Weiss (little Austrian) simul Manhattan CC. Started late,
only 11 of 25 finished by 11:30 4-4-3

July 14, 1889 pg 1: US leads Canada 13.5-12.5 w 44 games in prog

July 17, 1889 pg 5: NYSCA tnmt Skaneateles Aug 27-30, special rates avail
hotel and RR and boat, large entry expected. EF $1, ladues free

NY Tribune July 29, 1889 pg 8: 2d ann USCA mtg and tnmts Indianapolis Aug 6.
Players will include Showalter (KY), S Euphrat (OH), Charles Miller (OH),
Warwick H Ripley (IN), William Haller (MO). Bkln pres Gilberg offers group of
Rogers statuary titled Chess to winner, Max Judd offers gold chess pins to 1st 
and 2d, WH Lyons offers chess/checkers/backgammon bd to best winning combo chp
tnmt, WC Cochrane [Cochran?] of OH offers 425 to free-for-all winner.
US leads Canada 60/side corr match 14.5-12.5

Aug 14, 1889 pg 8: Under new pubs Modern Chess Inst Part 1 by Steinitz,
contents given

Aug 21, 1889 pg 3: NYSCA tnmt Skaneateles starts Aug 27. Umps De Visser, 
SR Calthrop (Syracuse), WE Scripture (Rome), EH Underhill (Albany), 
Clement H Bruel (Bkln). Enter to Underhill by Aug 27. Already over 40 entries

Aug 24, 1889 pg 8: Books of wk has Modern Chess Instructor by Steinitz

Sept 22, 1889 pg 16: On Duke Karl Theodor of Bavaria, spends his time as
innkeeper Kreuth plays chess w guests et al; turned palace into hospital for

Oct 19, 1889 pg 1: Havana CC invites Gunsberg and Tschigorin for match
Dec 15-Jan 1. Will pay travel and hotel, $20 for each win $10 loss or D

Oct 28, 1889 pg 2: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia which holds intercollege chp
season started. Dr Simonson who recently returned from Europe will give simul
there Thurs vs all comers

NY Tribune Nov 4, 1889 pg 12: Gunsberg vs Tschigorin arranged Havana early
Jan, prize $2000, 10 games up, plus $20/win $10/loss or draw. Tschigorin 
felt by many most brilliant in world, b near St Ptbg 1850, ed Nicolai Orphanate
Gatchino, rcvd 1st chess lesson there from German prof Schumann. Became clerk
St Ptbg, kept post til few yrs ago. 1873 3d prize St Ptbg CC hdcp, soon after
won even match vs Petrousky, made good fight vs Winawer, beat Schumoff. 1880
considered best Russia, having beaten Schiffers, Ascharin, Clemens, Chardin.
Tid 3d Berlin 81  etc. Also excellent analyst, blind player; since 1876 ed
The Chess Informer Russian chess organ; founder St Ptbg CC, Gunsberg b Budapest
1864, age 13 taken by father to Paris, looked at as 2d Morphy Regence. Paris
1867 became idol of masters, lost to Rosenthal rcvg odds. Not heard of again til
1876 moved to London, brilliant career won City of London 85 hdcp gvg odds,
won BCA 85 wo loss, won Hamburg 85, beat Blackburne 87, tied 1/2 w Burn BCA 87,
won Simpson hdcp 88, tied Blackburne British CC hdcp 88, won Bradford 88; 3d
prize NY 89 .5 back

New York Tribune Nov 10, 1889 pg 20: NYCC tnmt opens. Entries PJ Doyle, JH
Kahrs, Frank H Yedon, EJ Kaltenbach, L Horwitz, JHA Fitch, William L Huntington,
William Johnson, George AT Limbeck, Louis Hein, Joseph Burke, Sidney Osborn,
E Delmar, Prof Walter Holliday, E Powlson, BF Wilcox. Lists still open. 5
classes odds P+1, P+2, N, R. EF $2, prizes 40, 30, 20, 10 plus $50 divided
among non-winners based on how many wins. 2RR, scheduled by lot, 25/1, must
give cttee mem game score. US leads corr match vs Canada 30-19 with 11 left.
Man who won 1 of deciding games said to be RR station agent named Padgett at
Boyce in Shenandoah Valley VA

Nov 11, 1889 pg 7: In addition to 17 NYCC entries given, add S Pinkham,
JS Peters, A Vorrath. 11 games played so far. Yeaton-Poulson, Huntington-Magie,
Wilcox-Poulson, Fitch-Wilcox, Peters-Vorrath, Fitch-Wilcox, Fitch-Horwitz,
Horwitz-Wilcox, Doyle-Hein, Doyle/Hein, Horwitz-Wilcox. Continues tonight

Nov 11, 1889 pg 10: Events of day includes NYCC tnmt

Nov 12, 1889 pg 7: 3 games finished yesterday NYCC tnmt. Prof Holliday-Pinkham,
Wilcox-Huntington, Pinkham-Holliday. Stdgs Fitch 3 Wilcox, Horwitz 2 Doyle 1.5
Yeaton, Huntington, Peters, Pinkham, Holliday 1 Hein .5. Continues tonight

Nov 13, 1889 pg 2: Only 2 games finished NYCC tnmt. Yeaton-Delmar, 
Poulson-Fitch. Stdgs.

Nov 14, 1889 pg 2: NYCC tnmt in prpg 5 days, 18 games played, yesterday
Horwitz rcvg P+1 beat Yeaton, Limbeck beat Peters. Stdgs Fitch 3 Wilcox 2
Horwitz 3 Yeaton 2 Doyle 1.5 Huntington, Peters, Pinkham, Holliday, Poulson,
Limbeck 1 Hein .5; continues tonight

Nov 16, 1889 pg 7: 4 games played NYCC tnmt yesterday, only 2 finished.
Magie-Fitch, Horwitz-Kahrs. Yeaton vs Limbeck and Kahrs vs Horwitz unfinished.
Stdgs Horwitz 4 Fitch 3 Wilcox 2 Yeaton 3 Magie, Huntington 2 Doyle 1.5
Peters, Pinkham, Holliday, Poulson, Limbeck 1 Hein .5

Nov 20, 1889 pg 7: 94 games played NYCC tnmt. Stdgs Fitch 6-3 Yeaton 4-3 
Magie 4-3 Kaltenbach 4-0 Horwitz 5-8 Wilcox 3.5-4.5 Vorrath 2-1 Limbeck 2-2
Johnson 2-0 Burke 2-0 Halliday 2-1 Huntington 3.5-2.5 De Friest 1-3 Peters 1-3
Pinkham 1-1 Poulson 1-5 Hein .5-1.5 Doyle 1.5-2.5 Kahrs, Delmar lost the
games they played. Opening match game delmar beats Ryan

Nov 25, 1889 pg 7: Delmar leads Ryan 3-0-1. Manhattan tnmt Ryan and Rosenfeld
lead 1st class, Ferguson and Eaton other classes. NYCC tnmt Fitch 5.5 
Kaltenbeck 7 Horwitz 6 Yeaton, Wilcox 5 Doyle 4.5 Huntington 3.5 Holliday,
Pinkham 3 Magie 4 Burke 3 Limbeck 4 Vorrath, Johnston 2 Poulson 1.5 Hein,
DeFriest, Peters 1; tnmts continue this wk

Nov 25, 1889 pg 7: Obit well known lawyer James Alexander Ruthven. Descendant
famous Scottish Ruthven family. B 1821 Fulton St. Father noted merchant. 
Ed Univ City NY, Yale Law. Successful practice, retd 15 yrs ago due failing
eyesight. Great traveler. Strong chess player, defeat of Mackenzie some
yrs ago caused considerable interest. Interested in chess til death. 
Brilliant conversationalist, many lit+music attainments. Noted for anti-slavery
sentiments before war. Song Flag of the Free popular w Union soldiers. Leaves
wife and married daughter

Dec 13, 1889 pg 1: 60/side US vs Canada corr match won by US, 31.5-19.5 w 9
to play

Dec 16, 1889 pg 3: Chess innovation last few yrs. Staunton figures replace
unwieldy tall, elaborately carved ones; also cheap flat leather bds known
as club bds to match Staunton yellow boxwood and ebony

Dec 17, 1889 pg 4: Tschigorin arrived NY, will stay til Tues when leaves for
Havana match vs Tschigorin. Havana offers $600 to winner, 10 up.
Voyage delayed by inflenza. Will return to NY after match (pg 8 lists
him as passenger)

Dec 23, 1889 pg 3: Harlem CC so successful in short exisence, has taken 
larger rooms

Dec 27, 1889 pg 3: Havana Game Gunsberg+Carvajal-Golmayo+Vazquez Vienna W26++
1:11,1:24 w notes. Same pg Manhattan pres Eugene T Westerfield asked for
permit to carry revolver; he is wagon maker, rcvd ltr from discharged
workers threatening revenge

Dec 29, 1889 pg 10: Lipschutz simul vs all comers Harlem CC 3 PM today

Jan 1, 1890 pg 6: London bookseller Bernard Quaritch exhibits include
Caxton's chess book

Jan 3, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 1 vs Gunsberg 45 moves 5 hrs

Jan 5, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 2 vs Gunsberg 42 moves 4:30

NY Tribune Jan 6, 1890 pg 6: Gunsberg wins game 3 Havana vs Tschigorin (St
Paul Globe pg 1 3:30)

Jan 6, 1890 pg 7: Chess tnmt starts among CCNY fraternities, great interest

Jan 8, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin vs Gunsberg 13 move D 1 hr

Jan 11, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins adj game 5 76 moves 7:30

Jan 12, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 6 vs Gunsberg

Jan 14, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin vs Gunsberg game 7 D 39 moves 4:15

Jan 15, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins game 8 30 moves 3 hrs

Jan 16, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins game 9 vs Tschigorin 4:25 45 moves

Jan 21, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins game 10 78 moves 7 hrs

NY Tribune Jan 24, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 11 vs Gunsberg 31 moves, 3:29

NY Tribune Jan 25, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins game 12 40 moves 3:20

Jan 26, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins game 13 47 moves 4:07

Jan 27, 1890 pg 4: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia U officers ON Jacoby 90, 
RB Cowing Jr 92, J Smith 92, AC Bassett 92, Edward Hymes 91. Chp tnmt will
start in few wks

Jan 28, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins game 15 65 moves 6:05

Jan 30, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin, Gunsberg D game 15 6 hrs

Feb 2, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins adj game 16 72 moves 6:27

NY Tribune Feb 2, 1890 pg 2: Death Preston Ware age 69 Boston. B Wreatham Aug 
12, 1821 of wealthy parents. Usu ed and training country lad. Age 17 began 
career clerk wholesale boot+shoe house Baltimore $50/yr. Age 21 became partner
wholesale boot+shoe house Robert G Ware of Baltimore named RG Ware+Brother.
One of founders Baltimore CA. Later in life would tell of fav opponent coffee
broker Ambrose White who would always throw bd and pieces on loss. Ware then
had set made of lignum vitae, still in existence and which chess men of 
Deschapelles Club are duplicates. 2 yrs later orgd wholesale house Anderson,
Ware+Co; sold interest to partner 3 yrs later formed Ware+Weston largest boot 
and shoe biz Baltimore. 4 yrs later bought out Weston, took in Mark W Jenkins
under name P Ware Jr+Co. Was prime organizer line of freighters known as Jenks'
Boston and Baltimore packets, ran for many yrs til superceded by steamers. 1852
moved to Boston, orgd wholesale boot+shoe house Joseph P Dane+Co. Became part
of chess coterie including Dr William Everett, Dr JW Stone, Dr Hiram Richardson,
Dr ZB Adams, George Hammond et al; 1855 these founded Boston CC. About yr later
bought out Hayward Rubber Co. 1855 sold Baltimore interest to Jenkins. 1858
sold out interest in JF Dane+Co to sr partner. I860 sold interest Haywward 
Rubber, became agent for Newark Rubber, orgd boot+shoe house P Ware Jr+Co;
continued til 1879 when soold and retired. Married 1846 Miss Lavinia Lilly,
oldest daughter Alonzo Lilly of Newton. Met almost all players since Morphy,
one of pillars US chess

Feb 2, 1890 pg 5: Delmar vs Lipschutz postponed since Lipschutz going to 
St L tnmt

NY Tribune Feb 3, 1890 pg 1: Game 17 Gunsberg vs Tschigorin drawn, 46 moves

NY Tribune Feb 5, 1890 pg 3: USCA masters tnmts begins St Louis, entries 
Lipschutz (NY), Brown (IN), Showalter (KY), Uedemann (Chicago), Pollock (MD),
Haller (St Louis), Robbins (St Louis), Hanham (OH) [?]. Rd 1 results

NY Tribune Feb 5, 1890 pg 7: Tschigorin wins 55 moves, tied 7-7-4 vs Gunsberg

Feb 6, 1890 pg 1: 22 move D, Tschigorin vs Gunsberg 7-7-5

Feb 7, 1890 pg 1: Showalter leads St Louis tnmt. Was tied w Pollock each w 3,
beat Pollock rapidly 17 moves. Showalter 4-0 Pollock, Lipschutz 3-1 Haller 1-2
Brown, Robbins, Uedemann 1-3. Spencer of St Louis won free-for-all tnmt

NY Tribune Feb 8, 1890 pg 1: Showalter beats Uedemann, leads St Louis tnmt 
6-0. Lipschutz, Pollock tied 2d 4-1-1 Haller 1-3-2 Uedemann 1-1-4 Brown 1-4-1
Robbins 0-4-2

NY Tribune Feb 9, 1890 pg 19: Gunsberg vs Tschigorin match between two most
aggressive and impulsive Xs. Havana CC invited for match under conditions 
stakes at least $800 (Havana can furnish if not enough backers), $20 per win
$10 per D/L pay for 5 Ds only, travel and allowance paid, 10 games up. Needed
just 3 ltrs, 1 cable message to arrange. Adolfo Moliner hon sec Havana CC
formulated these rules, replied as requested yes. Opened New Yrs day w speech
by Dr Jever? of Havana U, Carvajal drew for move. Short summary games 1-17;
score now 7-7-5.

Feb 10, 1890 pg 2: Showalter wonderful play St L tnmt. Lipschutz-Brown,
Showalter-Lipschutz. Stdgs Showalter 9-0 Brown 12 [sic]-6.5 Robbins 2-6
Lipschutz 5.5-3.5 Pollock 6.5-1.5 Haller 3-5 Uedemann .5-5.5

Feb 11, 1890 pg 3: Due to excitement of Tschigorin vs Gunsberg, little has
been said so far re Mackenzie who arrived Havana mid-Jan. Has been ill for
nearly yr, since last left Havana. Illness kept from NY 89; went to play
Paris tnmt which did not come off, then became very ill was doubted would
recover. Tho not strong now much improved. Playing well as ever, lost only
1 of over 20 in recent simul. Now playing 10 game series vs DA Ponce, talented
Havana amateur well known in NY chess circles. Tschigorin whole game riveted
to chair, looks like working hard, never time to spare. Gunsberg walks
about room, occasionally converses, looks earnest but not emotional when
thinking, uses far less time; as says does best and can do no more. Gunsberg
points out Tschigorin capable physically working harder, I would break down,
save effort, avoid visionary schemes. Games very complex; game 16 had position
3 Tschigorin pieces attacked by Ps, Golmayo had to verify position; see-sawed
spectators thinking each lost/won. Description of effect time pressure.
Tschigorin best at attack and openings, Gunsberg fine judgment seems to pride
self on less knowledge openings. Gunsberg brought stakes, Tschigorin's covered
by Havana, strain because locals root for Tschigorin. Difference 20 games vs
10 game up. Cuban players want to take advantage presence 3 masters [Mackenzie]
for small tnmt, but Gunsberg unlikely to stay, already longer than planned.
Game 18 Gunsberg-Tschigorin 1.e3 QP W55 Game 19 Tschigorin-Gunsberg Ruy D22;
games 16-17 will be pubd when come to hand. Game 20 adj, currently tied 7-7-5

NY Tribune Feb 11, 1890 pg 2: USCA tnmt ends tomorrow. Showalter now 9-0-1 will
win, Pollock is 2d w 7 Lipschutz 3d w 6

Feb 12, 1890 pg 4: Mtg for NYSCA tnmt, Teed chair, large attendance. Expect
32 players. Decide on KO tnmt for 1st, other prizes for 1 loss. S Loyd
prob soln tnmt. 30/1. Game 20 drawn, Tschigorin leads Gunsberg 8-7-5.
Game 16 Gunsberg-Tschigorin 1.e3 B74 Game 17 Tschigorin-Gunsberg Vienna D46.
USCA tnmt ends Showalter $250 followed by Pollock, Lipschutz. Showalter
won final game from Haller. Showalter, Lipschutz will go play series Louisville
from here; banquet tonight. Showalter 11-0-1 Pollock 8-2-2 Lipschutz 8-3-1
Haller 5-5-2 Robbins 4-6-2 Brown 2-9-1 Uedemann 0-6-1

Feb 13, 1890 pg 1: Game 21 adj w Gunsberg P up. Tschigorin rcvd several 
congrat messages, reporter had thought best of 20 but this 10 wins

Feb 15, 1890 pg 1: Tschigorin wins, leads Gunsberg 9-8-5

Feb 17, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg vs Tschigorin suspended for day for Carnival

Feb 18, 1890 pg 1: Gunsberg wins, tied 9-9-5 vs Tschigorin

Feb 18, 1890 pg 3: On Gunsberg vs Tschigorin. Cttee requested no opening played
more than twice. Plausible but means playing openings not as expert in.
Mackenzie doing well, health improving, doing well offhand games.
Game Gunsberg+Ostalaza-Mackenzie+Conill Vienna Hamppe-Allg B23+ 

Feb 19, 1890 pg 1: Intl tnmt will be held in Manchester this fall

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1890 pg 3: Corr from Havana writes re Gunsberg vs Tschigorin.
Cuban sympathies with Tschigorin. When Gunsberg arrived lost 2 ro Vasquez thru
cautious play; in 1 Gunsberg was R up in better position. One kind-hearted man
went so far as to pity Gunsberg who was so gentlemanly and nice and would be
crushed by Tschigorin. When Tschigorin won game 1 easily viewed as over, even
more after 2-0. Started to sympathize w Gunsberg. Gunsberg notes now that has
turned are making excuses for Tschigorin; too cautious or careless or slept 
poorly. Gunsberg in crucial portion did not play cautiously, instead bold. Game
21 Tschigorin-Gunsberg Ruy B45

Feb 20, 1890 pg 1: Note - On website can see only text, image is of
Feb 19 pg 1. Havana cttee declares Gunsberg vs Tschigorin drawn, Golmayo
says 1 game should not decide. Both deserve credit. Steinitz vs Zukertort
had such a draw provision

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1890 pg 4: Tschigorin Russian ~34. Review career. Zukertort
impressed w style, predicted great career. After 1883 heard little of til 1889
but responsible for St Ptbg corr win vs London. Gunsberg b Budapest 54, Paris
1867 repeatedly beat Rosenthal rcvg odds. Moved to London, ed for biz, nothing
heard til 1876 when operated Mephisto. Hard loss to Blackburne with fine
specimens French D. Successes since 1883 reviewed. Game 20 Gunsberg-Tschigorin
Ruy B63 Game 22 Gunsberg-Tschigorin 2N B44

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1890 pg 2: Delmar wins state tnmt. 32 entries. Rd 1 JW
Baird-L Hein, JW Young-H Troesbild, H Otten-H Rosenfeld, A Boardman-RB Leake,
T Halpern-Max Gunsberg, CH Hathaway-D Kisch, Dr Otto Meyer-vs HF Wilcox, 
SAC Clapp-E Frankenstein, Hanham-JH Todd, HH Schieffelin- William Johnston, 
Frank Yeaton vs DG Baird, Prof HJ Rogers-JHA Fitch Delmar-JS Ryan, BC M??le-JC 
Donahue, S Lipschutz-EJ Kaltenbach, C Nanz-PA Towne. 2 elim winners paired for 
chp and 2d, losers to play for remaining. Winners Hanham-J Baird, Schieffelin-
Nanz, Delmar-Meyer, Young-Boardman, Clapp-Halpern, Otten-Rogers, M??le-Hathaway,
Lipschutz-D Baird. Losers Hein-Todd, Johnston-Towne, Ryan-Wilcox, Troesbild-
Leake, Gunsberg-Frankenstein, Fitch-Rosenfeld, Kisch-Donahue, Yeaton-Kaltenbach.
Rd 3 Winners: Lipschutz-M??le, Hanham-Schieffelin, Delmar-Otten, Young-Clapp.
Rd 3 Losers: Rogers-Nanz, Halpern-Dr Meyer, J Baird-Hathaway, D Baird-Boardman, 
Johnston-Kisch, Hein-Ryan, Yeaton-Gunsberg, Fitch-Troesbild. Delmar-Lipschutz,
Hanham-Young; on Hanham proposal divided 1st+2d gave chp to Delmar. Others
in final rds decided to late to give result. Densmore won soln tnmt, Loyd
supplying prob and prize

Feb 23, 1890 pg 5: NJCA tnmt New Brunswick. Reps Bound Brook, Orange, Newark,
Princeton, Elizabeth, Plainfield, Bergen Point, Newton, Millville, 
Perth Amboy. 32 players. 1st div RB Hayes (Plainfield)/N Hymes (Newark) will
play off D, winner to play George Brown (Plainfield), winner to play for chp
vs HN Van Dyke (Princeton). 2d sec winners FK Wheeler (Orange), FB Mead
(Orange); pres F Crane (Elizabeth)

NY Tribune Feb 27, 1890 pg 5: Gunsberg arrives from Havana. Interviewed. Says
Steinitz vs Zukertort 8-8 draw agreement, cttee approached when 9-9-5; Gunsberg
preferred to play out Tschigorin wanted 3-5 more games; I replied did not want
to prolong in Havana offered to play or draw as cttee decided; Tschigorin same;
cttee decided draw. Some negotiations for another match, perhaps in NY. Treated
very well Havana. Some very good players including Golmayo who I met 1st 1867;
strongest but does not play much now very interested. Next Carvejal; Vasquez is
strong but chess conduct and play influenced by desire to estab and hold chess
rep Carvejal not guilty of such; also Ponce, Gavilan et al. Gunsberg amiable,
fluent, gives impression culture and refinement. Slightly under middle height,
high forehead, massive square head, earnest countenance, simple and unaffected
manners; chess player 25 yrs. Final Game 23 Tschigorin-Gunsberg Center Game B43
w note

Mar 1, 1890 pg 1: Lasker beat Bird

NY Tribune Mar 5, 1890 pg 3: Tschigorin arrives from Havana. Looks well. 
Dissatisfied with result and play vs Gunsberg, blames on climate. Praises
Gunsberg, who also liked his opponent; never had an unpleasant word, considers
him cautious and fair. Well rcvd again by people Havana. Manhattan decided
to arrange Steinitz vs Gunsberg match next fall; Mintz to begin work on

Mar 17, 1890 pg 5: Steinitz Modern Chess Inst led to cable match vs
Tschigorin. When Tschigorin came to NY glanced at book, said 2 vars unsound,
Steinitz said were, Tschigorin challenged to match. Opening moves given.
When arrives St Ptbg Tschigorin will raise stake. Leading Englis paps 
praise Steinitz vs Gunsberg match, predict no prob w stakes. 1st intl corr
tnmt orgd by Rosenthal winners Pierre de Balaschoff (Russian res Paris),
Weissmann (1 of best Regence), d'Arnold (St Ptbg). Started Nov 1887, 15
entry 2RR. Corr match Vienna vs Trieste at moves 15, 18

Mar 29, 1890 pg 12: Yr by yr table of all Oxford vs Cambridge chess matches
1873-1890 Cambridge leads 11-6-1 96-85-43

Mar 30, 1890 pg 3: NJCA tnmt New Brunswick ended w 3 in contention. 
RB Keys (Plainfield) won 1st games, final Keys beat HN Van Dyke (Princeton)
who had won all prev. Keys wins NJ chp and Waterbury Cup

Apr 19, 1890 pg 5: Peekskill CC elects officers Harry Hasbrouck, 
George E Carpenter, Louis Denike, Charles Le Clair. Tnmt winners Hasbrouck,
Charles Hyatt; 2d class winner EE Tompkins; 3d class Charles Le Clair

NY Tribune May 4, 1890 pg 17: Great chess revival Japan. Many claim invented
there, under shogun had 7 ranks ann mtg, stopped by revolution of 1867.
Last Oct mtg drew 200 including 6th rank (name given but presume not our chess)

May 25, 1890 pg 17: Immediately on Gunsberg arrival from Havana, Manhattan cttee
mtg to arrange Steinitz vs Gunsberg match; delayed by Steinitz family 
bereavement. 10 games up, 15/1, similar monetary to Havana (Manhattan $1050),
$600 stake, money from EF 3/5 winner 2/5 loser. Steinitz says at least $750
stake and 2/3 EF to winner. Must know when Gunsberg wants to play as prob
has to go for pro engagement to San Francisco

May 26, 1890 pg 2: Long story on Daniel Willard Fiske vs Cornell suit; says
Morphy called game Fiske and 2 others beat him best game he ever played. 
Treated very badly by Cornell (they told him he would have to but wedding ring
if he wanted it) led to suit which Fiske won,  Cornell lost millions

June 29, 1890 pg 16: Mention Chief Justice Salmon P Chase chess as part of
daily routine

July 6, 1890 pg 2: Manchster congress starts Aug 22

July 16, 1890 pg 1: Blackburne leads Lee 1-0-1, 6 up

July 17, 1890 pg 1: Blackburne vs Lee is in Bradford, not London. Bradford
also hosted 1st intl tnmt in providences, and Blackburne vs Gunsberg match

July 19, 1890 pg 1: Large crowd for Blackburne vs Lee game 3, adjd after
5 hrs

July 22, 1890 pg 1: Blackburne Lee agree to D adj game 3, description drawn
game 4, Blackburne leads 1-0-3

NY Tribune July 23, 1890 pg 1: Excitement over Blackburne vs Lee match Bradford.
Few thought Lee strong enough. ladies specially invited, many came. Brilliant
53 move draw described; Blackburne leads 1-0-4

NY Tribune July 26, 1890 pg 3: Large crowd again for game 6 Blackburne vs Lee.
Game description, draw. Blackburne wins brilliant game 7, leads 2-0-5. Game 1
Blackburne-Lee French W22 1:17, :59 notes Gunsberg Game 2 Lee-Blackburne GP
D48 2:47, 2:52 notes Gunsberg

July 27, 1890 pg 5: Due to many Ds Bradford decided to play another game to
try to finish before Manchester tnmt. Germans said could not play Manchester
unless in Aug, cttee decided to start Aug 25. Lee 1st win vs Blackburne,
Blackburne 1st to congrat young opponent. Game description. Blackburne leads

July 27, 1890 pg 13: News from Long Branch says famous chess player
Barry Flannigan staying for a few days, hotel guests anxious to see play

NY Tribune July 29, 1890 pg 3: Game 3 Blackburne-Lee French D64 4:00, 4:00
w notes

July 30, 1890 pg 1: Descrip game 9, Blackburne wins leads Lee 3-1-5

Aug 5, 1890 pg 3: Game 4 Lee-Blackburne Zukertort D50 3:20,3:30 w notes
Game 5 Blackburne-Lee French D53 3:25,3:20 w notes. NYSCA tnmt Chittenango
Aug 26-29, bring own sets, enter to HJ Rogers (Albany)

NY Tribune Aug 6, 1890 pg 3: Game 6 Lee-Blackburne Zukertort D39 2:28, 2:25
notes Gunsberg Game 7 Blackburne-Lee French W47 2:49, 2:49 notes Gunsberg.
Manchester tnmt end of month expect Mackenzie, Mason, Showalter, Lasker,
Harmonist, Tschigorin, Alapin, Weiss, Schwarz, Englisch, Bauer, Taubenhaus,
Goetz, Loman, Van Vliet, Blackburne, Bird, Lee, Gunsberg, Muller, Mortimer,
Guest, Gattie, Gossip, Burn, Owen, Miniati, Wilson, Thorold et al; prozes
80L, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 and best game 10, 1RR 20/1, EF 2L deposit 3L

Aug 7, 1890 pg 1: Blackburne vs Lee resumes in London, large audience,
Blackburne wins leads 4-1-5

Aug 9, 1890 pg 2: Win and loss Blackburne leads Lee 5-2-5. Steinitz vs 
Tschigorin prob starts next wk Game 8 Lee-Blackburne Zukert W67 3:51,4:05

Aug 10, 1890 pg 4: Game description 139 move draw, Blackburne leads Lee 5-2-6

Aug 13, 1890 pg 1: Blackburne-Lee 5-2-7 (Ds count after 5 so official 6-3)

Aug 16, 1890 pg 5: Game 10 Lee-Blackburne Zukertort B29 2:00,1:40 notes

Aug 20, 1890 pg 4: Game 11 Blackburne-Lee French W53 notes Gunsberg Game 12
Blackburne-Lee Zukertort W31 notes Gunsberg

Aug 26, 1890 pg 4: Manchester rd 1-2 descrips, results

Aug 27, 1890 pg 2: Manchester rd 3 game descrips, results. NYSCA tnmt opens
Chittenango, officers Underhill, De Visser, Rogers. 25/1, prizes $25,15,10.
Class 1: Lipschutz, Hodges, Rogers, Scripture. 2: Searler, Waller, Underhill,
Rolfe, Fisher. 3: Thorne, Wright, Laski, Lischer Gunn. Results 
Lipschutz-Rogers (Albany), Hoddges-Scripture (Rome) on time; Searle (Rome)-
Waller (Seneca Falls), Rolfe (Bkln)-Fisher (Rochester), Underhill/Waller;
Thorne-Wright, Gunn-Young

Aug 28, 1890 pg 7: Both 1st class games in state tnmt adjourned. 2d class
Rolfe/Searle, Walter-Fisher. 3d class Young-Wright, Laski-Lischer,
Gunn-Thorne. Morning Lipschutz-Scripture, Hodges vs Rogers evident D tho adj,
2d class Underhill-Searle, Rolfe-Fisher, 3d class Lischer-Thorne, Gunn-Laski,
Young-Wright. Afternoon Rogers adj ahead of Lipschutz, Rolfe-Underhill,
Walter-Searle, Young-Thorne, Young-Wright, Laski-Thorne, Laski/Gunn, 
Wright-Lischer, Gunn-Lischer

Aug 29, 1890 pg 7: Manchester rd 4-6 game descriptions. Chittenango tnmt
report. Hodges wins both adj games vs Lipschutz, beat and drew Rogers to win
1st class chp. Rogers won adj game vs Lipschutz and beat Scripture. Interest 
high as Lipschutz lost adj game after game. 2d class tightens. Rolf of Bkln
had big lead but lost 3 consec to Underhill, Searle, Walter; chp between
these 3. 3d class essentially won by Gunn of Syracuse. Other winners this
class today Young-Lischer, Thorne-Wright, Young-Gunn, Gunn-Lischer. Lipschutz
10-0 simul. Hodges won blind game vs Thorne, De Visser won blind game vs 
Gunn. Hdcp between class winners starts tomorrow.

Aug 30, 1890 pg 7: Manchester rd 7-8 game descriptions, results; Blackburne =
the giant. Continued interest Chittenango tnmt. Struggle in 2d class.
Last night Underhill-Searles, Walton-Rolfe gave Underhill chance to tie Walton
if could beat Trale. He did so, and won playoff game and 2d class chp. Only
1st class result Rogers/Scripture. In hdcp series Hodges-Gunn gvg N,
Hodges-Underhill gvg P+2 to win 1st prize $25, Underhill-Gunn gvg P+1
to get $15 Gunn $10. Albany Evening Journal, official paper of state CA,
offered medal for most brilliant game

NY Tribune Aug 31, 1890 pg 7: Manchester tnmt results, brief game descriptions

Sept 2, 1890 pg 7: Manchester rd 10-11 game descrips, results, stdgs

Sept 3, 1890 pg 3: Manchester rd 12-13 game descrips, results, stdg

NY Tribune Sept 5, 1890 pg 3: Manchester tnmt rd 14, 15, 16 report. Bird results
remarkable for age and poor health

NY Tribune Sept 6, 1890 pg 3: Manchester tnmt rd 17 report. Mackenzie drew
Gunsberg, likely could have won but for lack physical strength. Very close
race Mackenzie, Blackburne, Tarrasch, Gunsberg, Mason. Game reports, results,
adj game playoff results

NY Tribune Sept 7, 1890 pg 3: Manchester tnmt report. All amazed at Mackenzie's
play given his state of health. Blackburne, Bird both note have played while
unwell but Mackenzie is at another level. Owen, picture of health, says has
seen much in his long career; poor De Vere beating amateurs Simpson's, crippled
Schottlander making combos, Zukertort w weak constitution play 16 blind,
Morphy; none like Mackenzie, most beautiful chess. Even taciturn unexcitable
Gunsberg full of praise. Spectators adore gallant captain, free of conceit and
every inch gentleman; say if he lasts out what a cheer they will give him. Game
Mackenzie-Blackburne French W44 Game Alapin-Mackenzie Alapin O e4 e5 Ne2 B35
brilliant finish caused sensation; Game Schallopp-Mackenzie Vienna B35. Rd 18
results, game reports

Sept 9, 1890 pg 7: On Manchester tnmt. Schallopp supt German Reichstag.
Not as harmonious as anticipated, Hoffer no fav English masters, many 
unpleasant incident. Bird intended to ask for his removal from cttee. Biggest
issue Hofeer monopolizing game scores for own use and for players he reps.
Game Van Vliet-Tarrasch 4N D31 Game Schallopp-Gossip Vienna W16 mate 3
Ending Blackburne-Schallopp 12-W20 Final rd tnmt descrips, results and
final prev unf results

NY Tribune Sept 10, 1890 pg 3: Tarrasch wins Manchester 12-0-7 Blackburne
11-2-5 Mackenzie 10-4-5 Bird 9-6-4 Gunsberg, Mason 9-5-5. Tarrasch doctor
from Nurember, won Breslau tnmt last yr; 1 of his finest traps is known as
Zukertort trap which laid against Zukertort Frankfurt [note later Tarrasch
trap], used same trap on Gunsberg this tnmt. Game Thorold-Mackenzie GP B41
Game Gunsberg-Bird Sic B39 Game Gunston-Schallopp Ruy D37

NY Tribune Sept 11, 1890 pg 3: Unpleasant scenes in Manchester tnmt. Blackburne,
Gunsberg refuse to play unless cttee puts stop to arbitrary rulings of BCA sec
Hoffer. Maintain Hoffer backing Mason, showing him unfair favors. Finally
induced to play. Results. Game Blackburne-Gunsberg Ruy D20 Game Mackenzie-
Tinsley French B37 Game Mason-Tinsley 1.e3 D27 to astonishment of all lookers-on
Game Gunsberg-Tinsley French B37

NY Tribune Sept 12, 1890 pg 3: Manchester tnmt Games Muller-Gunsberg Zukertort
B41 Game Gossip-Blackburne Ruy B21 Game Tinsley-Schallopp QP W32 Tinsley called
dark horse Game Gunsberg-von Scheve GP W21

NY Tribune Sept 16, 1890 pg 3: Mackenzie health completely broken down of
consumption, doctors say cannot live long. Owen tries a fianchetto against
"the Giant" Game Blackburne-Owen e4 b6 W21 Game Muller-Mason QGD B21 Game
Mackenzie-Taubenhaus Ruy  D29 Game Blackburne-Bird Dutch B46 Game Mackenzie-
v Scheve French W32 Game Locock-Tarrasch Ruy B32

NY Tribune Sept 17, 1890 pg 5: Manchester tnmt Games Owen-Gunsberg Zukertort
W37 Game Mason-Gossip Vienna W44

NY Tribune Sept 22, 1890 pg 5: End of Manchester tnmt, when BCA hon treas W
Cubison presented prizes to Mackenzie, Bird tremendous cheering. Neither was
well, survived on genius. Full CT and prize amounts. Game Thorold-v Scheve
French W32 Game Gunston-Mackenzie Ruy W38++ Game Mackenzie-Gunsberg French D52
Game Bird-Tarrasch Bird's D39 Game Mackenzie-Owen e4 b6 W30

Oct 2, 1890 pg 1: Havana invites Steinitz, Tarrasch for 10 up match

NY Tribune Oct 18, 1890 pg 12: Events of day has Steinitz simul Manhattan

NY Tribune Oct 19, 1890 pg 2: Steinitz 26-0 Manhattan simul in 1st pub 
appearance since Tschigorin match Havana. Beat EH Dahl, M Loeb, C Thompson, H
Thompson, S Pinkham, EA Ford, GW Eaton, Dr B Marshall, GH Richards, AB Hodges,
JD Redding, J McSwegan, WH Crane, G Levy, Dr Lyone, W Frere Jr, TF Northrop,
Hanham, Prof Holladay, L Marguilles, GH Squier, BC Magee, E Le Vino, BF
Wilcox, F Rose, George Thompson. Dispute resolved on whose move game vs Dr
Marshall. New Intl CC formed, over 50 mems, officers Dr Aronson, J Halpern,
Shapiro, Dr Martus, Prof Adler

NY Tribune Oct 19, 1890 pg 3: Steinitz col begins. Prob 1 S Schuster from
Strategie. Zougidi Game 1 Prince Dadian-M Bitcham 2N W20++ w notes Game 2
Prince Dadian-Amateur B odds Evans W20++. Tschigorins 1st moves cable match
expected tomorrow. Lasker-Englisch 4-1-1 Vienna match. Manhattan, Bkln,
Columbia CCs tnmts in prog. Manchester News notes amusing final move Blackburne
game P-K4++. Havana CC still hopes Tarrasch will agree to come for match vs
Steinitz. New Simpson's hdcp, entries include Bird, Muller, Rolland, Hetley,
Lee, Van Vliet, Mortimer, Harvey, Gossip, Ward, Clayton, Fruhling. Story of
Earl of Derby, founder of Epsom races, being warmly rcvd while caught in
thunderstorm and drubbed at chess by poor clergyman, later gave him 
400L/yr position

NY Tribune Oct 19, 1890 pg 6: Announcement start Steinitz col in paper

NY Tribune Oct 26, 1890 pg 5: Prob 2 C Heathcote. Solns SO Bartlett (Jersey
City), AY Gray (Middletown Springs), Harmon Diveover (Poughkeepsie), Carl
Pankopf (Jersey City), CES (Bristol), Dr W Moitrier (Bkln), John Jay White
(NY), Glenwood Club (Holley NY), R Sage Jr (NY), FH Cheesewright (NY). One
of 26 simul Game 3 Evans-AB Hodges Evans W38 w notes. Discussion of cable
match vs Tschigorin. Conditions - more time incurs fine. Showdown modern vs
old school. Expects to finish congress book soon; over 400 pgs in print.
Note to JG

Oct 27, 1890 pg 5: Rutgers has CC

Oct 28, 1890 pg 7: Tschigorin and Steinitz moves 9, 9 and 10, 11 cable match

NY Tribune Nov 2, 1890 pg 10: Prob 3 CAL Bull. One of 26 simul Game 4 
Steinitz-Amateur Ruy W24 w notes. Manhattan hdcp started w 25 entries 5
classes, winners playing final sec. Class 1: Delmar, Hanham. Class 2: EW Dahl,
EA Ford. Class 3: L Margulier, L Hein. Class 4: GH Richards, FH Yeaton. Class 5:
TF Northrop, G Loeb. Stdgs Delmar, Hanham 3-0 Dahl 2-4 Ford 2-1 Marguiller 0-1
Richards 2-2 Yeaton 1-2 Northrop 1-1 Loeb 1-4. Franklin CC sec Reichhelm (says
Bridehelm) proposes 2 team matches vs Manhattan. Columbia CC ann hdcp, only
15 entries 20 needed. New Intl CC formed 30 mems. Bkln CC officers Charles
A Gilberg, Dr W Otterson, WF Eno, Dr LD Broughton Jr, W Duval; cttee F Rose,
AW Shepard, DJ Finlay, WC Bixby, ES Gilley, WS Powers. Staten Island CC orgd
last summer has 15 mems, plan perpetual tnmt. Speaker of House of Commons
accepts from Signor Aspa pres Leamington CC, 1 of best in Midlands. FH Lewis
Manchester brilliancy prize to Schallopp for win vs Taubenhaus. Growth of
chess shown by London ~20 CCs 3-4 yrs ago, now 70-80, now in House of Commons.
Steinitz vs Gunsberg set Dec 1 Manhattan. Manhattan has subscribed $1050, 
English raise 75L to winner. Moves 1-9, 1-11 cable games vs Tschigorin. Solns
R Sage Jr, John Jay White, Dr W Moitrier (Polytech Inst Bkln), RC Walker and
Glendale Club (Holley NY), BM Foster (Boston), SA Woods (Spring Mills PA),
"Nom de Plume" (Westerly RI), J Boyle (NY). Notes to SO Bartlett (Jersey City),
Miles B Jones (Camden NY), JP Stebbins, AB Hodges, FN Teed, BF Ham (W Milford
MA), LM Jewett (Athens OH), FH Cheesewright

Nov 4, 1890 pg 7: Steinitz-Tschigorin moves 12,10

NY Tribune Nov 6, 1890 pg 5: Moves 1-11, 1-12 of Steinitz vs Tschigorin cable
match. Steinitz discussion of match, how he was unaware that Tschigorin added
a move from original of those he had to make. On new ground. Explains why
certain moves not made. Manhattan hdcp full CT. L Hein FF to all but win vs
Ford, losses to Hanham, Yeaton, Loeb. Final stdgs (games not played between
those of same class) Delmar (1) 7-1 Hanham (1) 6 EA Ford (2), FH Yeaton (4),
TF Northrop (5) 5 EW Dahl (2), GH Richards (4) 3 L Margulier (3), G Loeb (5) 2
L Hein (3) 1

NY Tribune Nov 9, 1890 pg 24: Prob 4 FM Teed. Solns R Sage Jr, John J Taylor,
SO Bartlett (Polytech Inst Bkln), George W Glasier (Poughkeepsie Military Inst),
BM Foster (Somerville MA), HA Frink, Dr W Moltrier, Glenwood Club (Holley NY).
Notes to Randolph Bolles, WMS, TJ Worman. Manchester tnmt brilliancy prize Game 
5 Taubenhaus-Schallopp 2N B21 w notes. On visit to NY Gunsberg remarked odd that
masters pay little attention to theoretical progress; confine selves to pet
opening know well and use dull French or Sic which hardly needs any book. Then
he himself declares that cable move in Evans game must be error, ignores that I
devote whole page to innovation in Modern Chess Instructor. Will play vs
Gunsberg as often as he likes in our match. Labourdonnais CC of Columbia opens
season; has existed many yrs and has top players of college. Hodges 10-3-1 vs
top Bkln CC players, 2-1 blind at Staten Island Cricket Club. 1st message sent
by Steinitz to Tschigorin landed in Austrian village 345 people, 2d at Havana
newspaper; 3d worked. Gunsberg got judgment against Austrian newspaper for
libel, but London court would not sanction prosecution for libel as intended
to be brought against Gunsberg and Lee. Gunsberg comments that Steinitz match
almost settled, and reports were incorrect that Havana CC turned down his
proposal of Gunsberg vs Blackburne match; didn't decline but subject to other
proposals prev made not settled. Expects settled in fortnight, since Blackburne
was top English at Manchester would be contest for English chp. Latest news
from Havana is they will not hold Blackburne vs Gunsberg match there. Stories
of players discovering while thinking about adj game that they are R down, have
mate on move. Latest Simpson's hdcp stdgs Attfield 4.5 Bird 6.5 Clayton 1
Curnock 4 Evans 4 Fruhling 3 Gibbons 5.5 Gossip 3 Harvey 2.5 Hetley 4 
Jasnogrodsky 5.5 Lee 4 Maitland 1 Mortimer 5.5 Muller 8 Osborne 3 Rolland 3.5
Van Vliet 6 Ward 2.5

Nov 11, 1890 pg 3: Tschigorin-Steinitz 1-12,1-13

Nov 11, 1893 pg 10: Ltr signed Chess Enthusiast, very pleased w Steinitz col

NY Tribune Nov 14, 1890 pg 4: Steinitz analysis of cable match games vs
Tschigorin; quite detailed

Nov 16, 1890 pg 7: Tschigorin cable moves 13, 14

NY Tribune Nov 16, 1890 pg 24: Prob 5 BW La Mothe (NY). Solns BS Barrett, SO
Bartlett, JF Strauss, Fred Wehle, John Jay White, HA Frink, R Sage Jr, J
Michalis, BC Walker, Polytechnic Inst (Bkln), Fred Lutberg, JO Griggs, SA 
Woods, James Ludlum (Pompton), SF Richardson (Bkln), Dr W Mortrier (Bkln), FH
Cheesewright (NY), SA Woods (Spring Mills), Elizabeth (Wilkesbarre), Glenwood
Club (Holley), BM Foster (Somerville), Asa Davis (NY), Walter Frere (Bay
Ridge), Randolph Bolles (NY), WH Boardman (Trumansburg). Manchester tnmt Game 6
Tarrasch-Mason Petroff W37 w notes. Ltr given objecting to rec buy $10 book
to understand chess notation. Writer is cantankerous ignoramus.  Need not be my 
book; Gossip's Chess Players text-Book 75 cents good beginners.  My book just
$1.50. As for $10 book must mean congress book, all money goes to prizes I
have no financial interest. Notes to NI Fitch (Utica), JCD (Washington), Surgeon
Major PF Harvey (Fort Keogh NE). [NOTE: chess news at end these cols is by the
Ks B; presume not Steinitz self]. Cttee supporting Gunsberg for Steinitz match
calls for subscriptions. Rudolph Loman wins Dutch natl tnmt Amsterdam 5-0-5.
Blackburne simuls around England; number of ladies watched at Hastings. At
Birmingham was in good mood, amusing comments each player; 1 player lost and
reset bd for another game Blackburne asked haven't I seen this position before?
Over 40Ls subscribed for Mackenzie testimonial in England; Newnes, Sheriff
Spens each 10L. Mackenzie ltr notes many references to him in state of dying
of consumption; at time was written he was on ship to Sutherlandshire to visit
brother. Trying to get ship back to NY or Australia since pining for long sea
voyage. Notes Dr Richardson of Boston visited Divan. Manhattan CC 2d fall tnmt
under novel plan thx to indefatigable tnmt chair Mintz [does not say what plan

Nov 17, 1890 pg 5: CCNY CC will be reorgd soon

Nov 19, 1890 pg 7: Tschigorin-Steinitz 13,14-15

Nov 21, 1890 pg 7: Tschigorin-Steinitz 14,13

NY Tribune Nov 22, 1890 pg 2: Steinitz detailed discussion cable match vs
Tschigorin games

NY Tribune Nov 23, 1890 pg 24: Prob 6 E Pradignat. Solns RC Walker, Sydney
Rosenfeld, JJ White, R Sage Jr, FM Teed, JF Strauss, F Webb, RA McKim, DBF, HA
Frink, TSB Jr, Dr TS Mandelbaum (NYC), E Jones (Galveston), RBH (Poughkeepsie),
A Davis (Baltimore), CE Schieve (Bristol), George M Davis (Irvington), Dr W
Morler (Bkln), HC Callin (Canton), LC Richardson (Waterbury), SO Bartlett
(Jersey City), JW Griggs (Paterson NJ), N Upham (Bkln), DRM Curshall (New Dorp),
BM Foster (Somerville), HH Fitch (Utica), E Pearsall (Bainbridge), James Ludlum
(Pompton), HA Frink (Westerly), WH Boardman (Trumansburg), Randolph Bolles
(NY), SA Woods (Spring Mills). Manchester tnmt Game 7 E Thorold-Blackburne GP
W42 w notes. Gunsberg soliciting subscriptions England towards 75L prize
for match winner, said to want to collect 100L; arrives Fri. Bird now inmate
St Thomas Hospital of London. Zukertort autopsy found brain weighed 60 ounces.
Chess book sales way up Manchester. New Orleans CCW in unequaled rooms 10 mos
after fire. Story of Max Judd being forbidden from playing over chess game
by himself on train Sunday. Note to HJ Hahn (Coxsackle), KH (Burlington VT),
HC Bachelor (Potsdam NY), GR Hillhouse, JH Cheesewright (NY), HA Fitch.
Solns H Taylor (Evansville IN). Tschigorin vs Steinitz cable match moves 1-15,

NY Tribune Nov 26, 1890 pg 5: Steinitz comments on Evans game. Tschigorin like
old school masters believes in "blocking" system, gives up P to confine my
pieces. Q of general principles. Analysis. Gives out 1 of his secret resources
which feels even Tschigorin may have overlooked. Has to work practically alone
tho rules allow consulting. Sometimes rcvs (uninvited) suggestions usu lines
has long ago worked out. Describes general plan based on 19..Ke7 which looks 
like 1 of my "eccentricities" as Tarrasch and Gunsberg describe them. Analysis

NY Tribune Nov 28, 1890 pg 7: Steinitz vs Tschigorin cable match moves 16-17, 18

NY Tribune Nov 30, 1890 pg 24: Prob 7 SM Joseph (Nashville). Solns Wehle, M 
Remsen, RC Walker, Robert A McKim, R Sage Jr, Randolph Bolles, Dr DB Lovell,
John Jay White, FH Cheesewright, Mrs LA Andress, A Mason (NY), SO Bartlett
(Jersey City), CF Johnson (Hereford), Asa Davis (Baltimore), WAC Tompkins
(Oneonta), John G Richardson (Waterbury), DBF, CB Hillhouse, M Marceline, George
W Glasier, FDL Stephens (Collinsville), Elen W Griggs (Paterson), Boyle
McAronee (Philad), DR Marshall (New Dorp), Gratham UL Club, CE Scheide (Bristol)
HC Batchelder (Potsdam), BM Foster (Somerville), Glenwood Club (Holley), AY
Gray (Middletown Springs), T Deissig (Bkln), SB Howell (Painted Post), HA
Frink and Nom de Plume (Westerly), James Ludlum, Elizabeth (Wilkesbarre), D
Langford (Vernon), Dr W Mortimer (Bkln), SA Woods (Spring Mills). Manchester
tnmt Game 8 Schallopp-Tarrasch French B45 w notes. Steinitz in notes says that
Steinitz introd novelty 3.Nd2 in simul vs Hanham, only to find that Tarrasch
used in Manchester. Conflicting reports re Bird's health; 1 says fear will not
be able to finish games Simpson's hdcp tnmt, another says recovering and will
play. Edwin Anthony writes in Hereford Times to congrat Tribune on Steinitz ed.
Latest Simpson hdcp scores Bird 6.5 (9 to play) Curnock 8.5 (6) Evans 6.5 (8)
Lee 11 (3) Muller 13 (1). British CC will challenge Manchester to 2 corr games.
Blackburne 15?-1-9 Manchester. AL prob tnmt winners AF Mackenzie wins 1st
and 3d; man from Dayton OH 2d and Boston 4th. Belfast leads Dublin 16.5-14.5 
corr match, 23 in prog. English paper says Lpool, NYCC to play cable match.
W Yorkshire vs Sussex corr match tied 5-5 w 2 undecided, draw expected. 25 
entries 2d Manhattan fall tnmt. 25 in 5 groups, 2 each group advance. 2RR in
groups among leading scores w 4 unfinished Hanham 7 Ford, Ryan, Squier 6 Delmar,
Fitch 4.5 Dahl, Le Vins, H Rosenfeld, Schieffelin, Yalon 4. Schieffelin has
2 to play. Some scored by default.  Lexington KY CA large gathering Thxgvg for
2d mtg KY SCA. Baltimore CA winter tnmt opened with 14 entries, prob will inc
to 20. St Louis CC winter hdcp in prog said to be hot success. Strong winter
chess season Milwaukee. Charles A Gilberg pubd for friends beautiful book
of probs. Steinitz vs Tschigorin moves 1-16, 1-18. Solns N King (Lpool), HC
Fouts (Laneville). Notes to FH Cheesewright, JF Strauss, JA McCreary (Belleville
NJ), MSB, CF Pruden

Dec 1, 1890 pg 7: Tschigorin-Steinitz 17,18

Dec 2, 1890 pg 4: Gunsberg arrives for match vs Steinitz. Proposed by Steinitz
when Gunsberg came thru NY on return from match vs Tschigorin. At time
Gunsberg preferred to finish match vs Tschigorin, but Tschigorin chose not to.
Gunsberg in good health; depending not on study theories but on positional
judgment. Steinitz confident but points out several reasons could lose

NY Tribune Dec 7, 1890 pg 24: Prob 8 AF Mackenzie. Solns Hugo Legler (Evansville
IN), N King (Liverpool NY), JF Strauss (NY), John W Griggs (Paterson), Glenwood
Club (Holley), Tg Deissig (Bkln), SB Howell (Painted Post), James Ludlum, WAE
Tompkin (Oneonta), M Remsen (NY), SO Bartlett (Jersey City), Dr LL Sprague, HR
Cope, RC Walker, R Sage Jr, A Mason, John Jay White, Robert A McKim, JSB Jr,
DBE, Mrs LA Andress, CB Hillhouse, RL Ryker, Edgar Strasburger (all NY), HA
Frink (Westerly), William E Rulan (Westwood), GW Glasier (Poughkeepsie), Asa
Davis (Baltimore), OB Joyful, JL Stephens (Collinsville), WH Boardman
(Trumansburg), SA Woods (Spring Mills), CE Scheide (Bristol). Manchester tnmt
Game 9 Gunsberg-Bird Sic B39 w notes. Bird health improves slowly. Steinitz
vs Gunsberg interesting as test of chess principles as well as good match.
Gunsberg arrived Tues; Steinitz planned to come to settle details but snowstorm
prevented. Still believe match starts tomorrow. English paper says match viewed
as foregone conclusion but hope Gunsberg can do better than expected; drew
Tschigorin who gave Steinitz good fight. 2d Manhattan fall tnmt and Columbia
CC tnmt good prog. Mackenzie arrived NY, little if any healthier but says no
worse; still wants long sea voyage but no arrangements made; daily visitor
Manhattan CC. Steinitz vs Tschigorin cable match to be suspended during
Gunsberg match; moves 1-17, 1-19. Notes to Grathem, Union League, CB Hillhouse,
MSB, C Schmelling (Wilkesbare), CR

Dec 8, 1890 pg 7: Steinitz vs Gunsberg begins Thurs Manhattan. Manhattan
$1050 to cover expenses an $20/win $10 each L/D; English subscrib 75L;
10 up [sic] tie if 8-8

NY Tribune Dec 9, 1890 pg 5: Steinitz analysis of cable match vs Tschigorin.
Detailed analysis. Points out 1 place he had better move. Feels comfortable
(also NY Sun pg 4 w moves 1-17, 1-18)

NY Tribune Dec 10, 1890 pg 2: Steinitz vs Gunsberg begins. Opened by Colonel GF
Betts. Played in private room w umpires and a few subscribers. Moderate 
attendance club for display bd, in lower room where could discuss game. Both
in good health. Just before game Gunsberg lodged objection to press in room,
as he was allowed to do under terms. Game description. Game 1 Steinitz-Gunsberg
QGD D25 w notes

NY Tribune Dec 12, 1890 pg 10: Steinitz vs Gunsberg report. Result and opening
innovations gives increased interest to match. Dr F Mintz, pres of tnmt and
match cttee, requests Trib to pub statement: One city paper objects to exclusion
reporters. Have arranged match for benefit mems, subscribers, players, have no
monetary benefit to club. Room is small, all can see moves on bd below. Steinitz
played according to his principles. Game 2 Gunsberg-Steinitz Ruy B40 2:12, 1:41
w notes

NY Tribune Dec 14, 1890 pg 5: Interest in Steinitz vs Gunsberg grows steadily.
Attendance started small but filled. Game description. 20 moves Steinitz 1:22,
Gunsberg :56 but by adj 1:45, 1:46. Discussion key points. Game 3 Steinitz-
Gunsberg QGD D27 notes Steinitz 1:45, 1:46

NY Tribune Dec 14, 1890 pg 24: Prob 9 J Hanauer (Dayton OH). Solns R Sage Jr, 
Nom de Plume (Westerly), PJC, JL Stephens, JSB Jr, Asa Davis, A Ludlum
(Pompton), John J White, John W Griggs (Paterson), RH (Alfred Centre NY), JAM
Creery (Belleville NJ), NLD, DR Marshall (New Dorp), JL Richards (Waterbury CT),
N King (Liverpool NY)i, JH Louden (Bloomington IN), HC Fouts (Louisville IN), 
WB (Milford Station PA), AY Gray (Middletown Springs VT), FH Cheesewright,
OSP and RS Blowen (Westfield NY), HW Coley (Westport CT), HC Batchelder (Potsdam
NY), FC Lummis (Chaplin CT), C Schmelling (Wilkesbarre PA), H Legler (Evansville
IN), W Mayerhofer (NY). Chess beginning to flourish in Sadwich Islands. Honoluluwon corr match vs Kawai? island 1-0-1, Steinitz CC formed Honolulu last yr has
over 50 mems, chess col started in Honolulu journal Paradise of the Pacific. 
Gunsberg explains that his "desperate nonsense" comment on cable match came
from misreported move 5; can't help but think if paid attention to Havana
match played vs Tschigorin would have known my 5th move

NY Tribune Dec 16, 1890 pg 2: Game 4 Steinitz vs Gunsberg report. Small crowd
for beginning but grew. Steinitz used 25 min move 29. Steinitz move 5 unusual
but not pure novelty, had played vs Mason Vienna 8-9 yrs ago and feels is
better than general opinion. Game 4 Gunsberg-Steinitz GP W57 2:27, 3:08

NY Tribune Dec 17, 1890 pg 10: Steinitz analysis game 4

NY Tribune Dec 19, 1890 pg 3: Steinitz vs Gunsberg report. No little 
astonishment when Steinitz plays QG for 3d time after only Ds with it 1st 2.
Steinitz again played in opposition to own principles by allowing Gunsberg
Qside majority. Game 5 Steinitz-Gunsberg QGA B28 1:15, :59  w notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Dec 21, 1890 pg 8: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 6 report. Most 
interesting and best attended yet. Steinitz ill after 1 of his bad nights.
Steinitz looked surprised when Gunsberg opened w QP. Game 6 Gunsberg-Steinitz
QP B43 2:47 2:29 (times given each 5 moves) w discussion, notes Steinitz.
So far Gunsberg has been player to seal move each adjournment

NY Tribune Dec 21, 1890 pg 24: Prob 10 AF Mackenzie. Solns R Sage Jr, John
Jay White, George W Glasier, Ig Deissig, JSE Jr, HR Cope, JL Stephen 
(Collinsville CT), CE Schelde (Bristol PA), WAE Tompkins (Oneonta NY), Henry
J Hall (NY), FH Cheesewright (NY), HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), Dr FA Huxman
(Minneapolis), Hugo Legler (Evansville IN), Glenwood Club, HC Painter 
(Washington DC), SB Howell (Painted Post NY), WH Boardman (Trumansburg NY),
HW Coley (Westport CT). Indianapolis CC 1 and 3 game tnmts in prog, 3 game
tnmt will decide club rep to state assoc tnmt New Year's Day. 60th ann Hamburg 
CC Oct 25-26, simul by Hamburg chp Bier, Brandt played blind, consulting games
and soln tnmt. Paul Lasker, bro of famous player, contributed a vocal item
which down the house. British CC team visited Cambridge and won 4-3. Glasgow-
Newcastle 19-7.  Living chess Cheltenham, will be repeated London. Baltimore CA 
hdcp leaders J Hinrichs (class D) 7.5-1.5 HG Dallam (D) 7-2 JS Habersham (E) 
6.5-3.5 AW Schofield (B) 6.5-4.5. London med journal Lancet reprod article Chess
Probs which appeared that col 1823; said to be 1st probs ever pubs English
periodical. Ben Franklin's name appears. Says chess is only game med student
may profitably devote self to, as Franklin notes virtues of life taught over
bd. Max Judd complained about being forbidden to play chess on train Sunday;
company agrees that conductor was over-zealous gambling never but other
pleasures OK util time to retire

Dec 23, 1890 pg 3: Mary Worrall age 53 suicide attempt by drinking carbolic
acid. Found in room writhing in agony. Condition critical, little hope
recovery. Subject to epileptic fits. Was wealthy at 1 time, lost fortune.
Said to be best female player US

NY Tribune Dec 23, 1890 pg 5: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 7 report. Steinitz 
changes move 3 in QGA from prev. Game description. Game 7 Steinitz-Gunsberg QGA
W28 1:05, 1:35 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Dec 28, 1890 pg 5: Steinitz vs Gunsberg continues after few day rest.
Game did not interest spectators, neither got edge, least interesting so far.
Gunsberg offered D move 31, rejected, Steinitz (the "great theorist") offered
move 36 accepted. Game 8 Gunsberg-Steinitz GP D36 1:04, 2:08 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Dec 28, 1890 pg 19: Prob 11 JCJ Wainwright (Boston). Solns R Sage Jr,
John Jay White, JSB Jr (all NY), JL Stephen (Collinsville CT)m RC Walker.
Mackenzie obliged to leave NY for less trying winter quarters, staying in
sanitarium Asheville NC which finds bracing but rather cold. Dr WHK Pollock
toured Pittsburg, Allegheny; total in simuls 69-5-5. Series of contests planned
Manchester claim to be totally original; plan consultation games on Sat. City
of London giant tnmt leaders sec 1 Loman, Eckenstein, Smith, Bangwill; sec 2
leaders Block, Howell, Manlove, Gibbons. Problemist and chess booster TP Bull,
chess ed Detroit Free Press over 20 yrs, died fortnight ago.  Hanham 3-8-1 Bkln
CC simul. Philidor CC of Bkln new rooms. Tschigorin vs Steinitz cable match uses
Metger code (1st in Jan issue Intl Chess Mag) for moves. Blackburne simul 
Birmingham vs all comers using every conceivable material and shape set; 1 had
metal and wood carved heads on screws. 4 hrs 25-1-4 lost to J Hilton of
Birmingham CC; 2 unfinished ahead vs Master Bellingham behind vs F Brown both
of Dudley; Blackburne felt could win both. H Marle votes thx all agree. Simpson
hdcp winners Lee/Muller, Gossip, Curnock. Notes to AL Betts (Oneonta), KA
Wyckoff, Glenwood Club (Holley NY), A Ludlum (Pompton NJ), Dr LH Reynolds
(Brockport NY), FC Lummis (Chaplin CT), WAE Tompkins (Oneonta), HA Frink
(Westerly RI), WHB (Trumansburg NY), William Baker (Milford Station PA), Rev GH
Hospers (E Williamson NY)

NY Tribune Dec 30, 1890 pg 2:  Gunsberg vs Steinitz game 9 report. D, Steinitz
leads 3-2-4. Game description. Game 9 Steinitz-Gunsberg Zukertort D80 4:24,
2:34 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 3, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 10 report. Good crowd.
Game report. Game 10 Gunsberg-Steinitz GP B43 2:15, 2:43 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 4, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 11 report. 1 of tamest
of series tho had good points Game 11 Steinitz-Gunsberg Zukertort D28 2:00,
1:40 notes Steinitz who leads 4-2-5

NY Tribune Jan 4, 1891 pg 22: Prob 12 Lt H von Duben (Landskrona, Sweden). Solns
John Jay White, R Sage Jr, GE Henschel (all NY), RC Walker, JL Stephen 
(Collinsville CT), Edwin W Higgins (Norwich CT). 2d ed Vielzugige Schachaufgaben
by OT Blathy rcvd; 1 mate 345. New Vienna CC 3d ann report, officers A Neumann,
Dr J Jackimovicz?, HP Schlemm, H Oppenheim. Schlemm has been top promoter chess
over 30 yrs. Supports new Austro-Hungarian CA. Prom mems Bauer, Englisch,
Fleissig, Schwarz etc. Gunsberg plans US tour after match, prob Baltimore,
Washington, St Louis, Chicago, New Orleans; besides usu exhibits will play
exhibition games vs top players eg Pollock, Judd. NYSCA mtg forms rules for
Staats-Ztg cup competition between CCs; details write sec HJ Rogers (Albany).
Solns WH Boardman (Trumansburg), CE Scheide (Bristol PA), George W Glasier
(Poughkeepsie), HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), Glenwood Club (Holley NY), SA Woods
(Spring Mills PA), Edgar Pearsall (Bainbridge NY), WAE Tompkins (Oneonta),
L Sprague (NY), DT Ross (Naugatuck CT), SB Howell (Painted Post NY), Union
League Club, HC Batchelder (Potsdam NY). Note to Charles S Jacobs (sec Steinitz
Amateur CC Des Moines IA) club wants corr match, S Engelking (Millheim TX).
Note to IH Brotherton (Dover NJ)

Jan 5, 1891 pg 12: Catholic Club chess tnmt winners J Chelton Devereux, 
Casimir Thoron

NY Tribune Jan 6, 1891 pg 10: Gunsberg plays Evans throws challenge to Steinitz,
that he would play 4 games as in cable match vs Tschigorin. Both rapid, 1st
15 moves Gunsberg :15 Steinitz :43 tho exactly same he analyzed before. Move
16 long pause and Steinitz deviated from cable game. Move proved bad. Game 12
Gunsberg-Steinitz Evans W24 :40, 1:15 notes Steinitz who leads 4-3-5

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1891 pg 5: Steinitz wins, leads 5-3-5. Game description.
Game 13 Steinitz-Gunsberg Zukertort W40 2:30, 2:38 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 11, 1891 pg 5: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 14 report. Rooms very
well patronized. Gunsberg played Evans again but Steinitz had announced
challenge wd since  not played at beginning of match and would compromise 
position in cable match; had informed Gunsberg. Game report. Game 14 Gunsberg-
Steinitz Evans D33 2:20, 1:27 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 11, 1891 pg 24: Prob 13 Herman Jenssen (Partilled, Sweden). Solns
R Sage Jr, John Jay White, JSB Jr, GH Fish, Halsey L Wood, RC Walker, Henry J
Hull, EF Sherwood, Robert A McKim, Martin F Bourke, A Mason, DSE, Grathem (all 
NY), WO Payne (Washington DC), General HA Frink (Westerly RI), M Collin and
AL Betts (Oneonta NY), DT Ross (Naugatuck CT), John W Griggs (Paterson NJ), HC
Painter (Washington DC), SB Howell (Painted Post NY), JL Stephen (Collinsville
CT), Edwin W Higgins (Norwich CT), FA Sawyer (Waverly NY), Ig Deissig (Bkln),
Asa Davis (Baltimore), WAE Tompkins (Oneonta), William E Rutan (Westwood NJ),
BJ sands (Portchester NY), T Mann (NY), CE Scheide (Bristol PA), HR Cope (NY),
EW Birdsall (Bkln), Clarence Bahret (Poughkeepsie). Schallopp retires as ed
DWS, replaced by Bardeleben; Bardeleben leaves DSZ place taken by Tarrasch+von
Gottschall. Tarrasch has signaled willingness to play match vs Steinitz in 
Havana next winter, Blackburne invited to Havana for simuls and matches vs top
locals. Lpool-Manchester 5.5-2.5; Burn and Owen of Lpool beat DY Mills and Jones
of Manchester on top bds. 13th ann Manhattan mtg, officers Prof Isaac L Rice,
Colonel George E Betts, A Vorrath, EA Ford, GD Eaton; cttee Dr CL Lindley,
HH Schieffelin, Dr F Mintz, E Werner, WT Jerome, Delmar. Notes to JSB Jr (NY),
FH Cheesewright (NY)m HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), GW Gkasier (Poughkeepsie),
Henry J Hull (NY), FK Van Anken (Washington DC), EO Phillips (Medina OH),
SA Woods (Spring Mills PA), APC (Concord NH), JM Taylor (Morrisonville NY),
OJ Slater (Hambletville NY). Explanation notations !, x (better game), - (worse

NY Tribune Jan 13, 1891 pg 3: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 15 report. Featureless.
Gunsberg used Qside fianchetto D not approved by Steinitz. D, Steinitz leads
5-3-7. Game 15 Steinitz-Gunsberg Zukertort D39 2:20, 2:20 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 16, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 16 report. Steinitz 
falls into trap, did not feel well. Game 16 Gunsberg-Steinitz Evans W21 1:17, 
1:20 notes Steinitz. Steinitz leads 5-4-7

Jan 17, 1891 pg 1: Canad tnmt winners AT Davidson (Mont) 13-1 JF Cook (Tor) 10

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 17 report. Description.
D, Steinitz leads 5-4-8. Game 17 Steinitz-Gunsberg QGD 2..Nf6 D56 2:50, 3:22 
notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1891 pg 24: Prob 14 George Hume (Nottingham). Solns EF 
Sherwood, R Sage Jr, John Jay White, Morgan+Coleman, RC Walker, George H Fish,
A Mason, DSE, T Mann (all NY), Israel Thickstun (Crossingville PA), Glenwood
Club (Holley NY), Joseph Bradley (Bkln), GW Glasier (Poughkeepsie), John W
Griggs (Paterson), WAE Tompkins (Oneonta), JL Stephens (Collinsville), SB
Howell (Painted Post), BJ Sands (Portchester), Asa Davis (Baltimore), SO
Bartlett (Jersey City), Henry L Norton (Bkln), J ?allerup (Bkln), William E
Rutan (Westwood NJ), Ig Deissig (Bkln). Notes to CE Scheide (Bristol PA), RBP
(Bkln), Edwin W Higgins (Norwich CT), George D Bradford (NY), Grathem (NY).
Additional solns HW Pike (Johnson's Creek NY), EJ Kempton (NY), V Page (Kennedy
NY)m Frank W Morton (Lexington VA), H Taylor (Dover ME), Mary L Lawrence (Holden
MO), HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), EH Wethrell (Bkln), Joseph Bradley (Bkln), Dr WL
White (Bellows Falls VT), EJ Kempton (NY), John Barlow (Peru MA), FW Lodi (NY),
BJ Sands (Portchester NY), WHB (Trumansburg NY). Notes to SA Woods (Spring Mills
PA), JW Gamble (Catawba Island OH). Solns EP Bainbridge (NY), LG Edgerly (Joliet
IL). Note to Dr William P Kochenour (Rego IN) book Chancellor Chess by Ben
R Foster has info. Rcvd Vasquez prob book, all his own

Jan 20, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz too ill to play, will resume tomorrow

NY Tribune Jan 22, 1891 pg 7: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 18 report. Steinitz
wins, leads 6-4-8. Game 18 Gunsberg-Steinitz Evans B54 3:52, 2:58 notes

NY Tribune Jan 23, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz keeps chp 6-4-9 vs Gunsberg. Won't play
game 20. 41 moves just 2:32. Played out for small stake afterwards, Steinitz
won in 12 more moves. Game 19 Steinitz-Gunsberg QP D41 1:36, :56 notes Steinitz

NY Tribune Jan 25, 1891 pg 24: Prob 15 Dr C Faruffini. Solns CF Haight, RC 
Walker, T Mann, DB Frisbee, John Jay White, R Sage Jr, EF Sherwood, A Mason, 
Henry J Hull, LSB Jr, FH Cheesewright, Albert E Scott Samuel Taylor Marshall 
(all NY), John W Griggs (Paterson NJ), William H Shepard (Newark), Ig Deissig 
(Bkln), William E Rutan (Westwood NJ), SO Bartlett (Jersey City), WAE Tompkins 
(Oneonta), SB Howell (Painted Post), Asa Davis (Baltimore), Joseph Bradley 
(Bkln), JL Stephen (Collinsville), EB Paddock (Bkln), WH Wright (Bath Beach NY),
Henry L Norton (Bkln), GW Glasier (Poughkeepsie), Irving W Mott (Poughkeepsie), 
Reader (Rahway NJ), Gen HA Frink (Westerly RI), EN Chase (Lowell MA), Glenwood 
Club (Holley NY), CE Scheide (Bristol PA), DT Ross (Naugatuck CT), Charles C 
Cook (Ithaca), BJ Sands (Portchester NY). Game Poplawsky (Swiss chp)-Harmonist
(rising young German master) Vienna B26 w notes. Chp match over, I still
hold titlt. Difficult to perform as critic of own match. Gunsberg best score vs
me barring Anderssen. Limit of 20 games allowed playing for draws, thus far
more draws than Tschigorin match. Tschigorin got a late lead, Gunsberg only
early. Those who thought I could have run away vs Gunsberg mistaken. Some of
his game eg game 17 of highest possible order. Match vs Tschigorin and this 
match estabs his rep as 1 of great players of age. Teed 9-0-3 Bkln CC simul
2:40; spectators include Dr Otterson, Gilberg, Bixby, Thompson, Chadwick et al.
Next simul De Visser Feb 24. Gunsberg engaged Albany 3 days from 29th, then
to Philad and Baltimore. Baltimore CA ann mtg, officers EL Torsch, J Hinrichs,
HS Habersham, GN Hughes, EB Luckett; cttee HG Dallam, JR Morrow, AW Schofield,
J Ulthoff. Notes to LH (or LK) Bingham and HLW (NY). Sols Dr William P Kochenour
(Rego IN), FN Chase (Lowell MA), HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), SA Woods (Spring
Mills PA), JW Gamble (Catawba Island OH)

NY Tribune Jan 27, 1891 pg 5: Steinitz vs Tschigorin cable match will prob 
resume next Sat. Tschigorin explains misunderstanding re adjournment came from
bad translation Steinitz ltr. 6th Amer Congress cttee mtg re pub of book which
is now finished except cttee report. 1 issue of 500 copies, 470 already
subscribed. Book 1 will go to highest bidder presently CH Bruel of Bkln $40.
Death TG Campbell, leading problemist, won 2d London 1862 prob tnmt; 1st class
player won occasional victories vs Anderssen and Harrwitz

Jan 29, 1891 pg 3: Gunsberg engagement Albany CC starts today ends Sat. Will
give blind exhibit, opening lecture, analyze games 12+17 of chp match

NY Tribune Feb 1, 1891 pg 24: Prob 16 M Feigl. Solns SB Howell (Painted Post),
DT Ross (Naugatuck), CE Scheide (Bristol PA), HD Patterson (Naugatuck CT), Gen
HA Frink (Westerly), EN Chase (Lowell), Frederick Wehle (NY), GW Glasier
(Poughkeepsie), R Sage Jr (NY), Ig Deissig (Bkln), JSB Jr (NY), Glenwood Club
(Holley), Robert A McKim (NY), Henry L Norton (Bkln), DB Frisbee (NY), WAE
Tompkins (Oneonta), FH Cheesewright (NY), Charles C Cook (Ithaca), Joseph
Bradley (Bkln), Henry J Hull (NY), BJ Sands (Portchester), EC Taylor (Stamford
CT), Albert Steiner (Bkln), RC Walker (NY), F Lufberry (Rahway NJ), John Jay
White (NY), Asa Davis (Baltimore), Dr FS Mandlebaum (NY). Nuremberg CC winter
tnmt Game Tarrasch-Liebhardt odds R+N-2 W29++ w notes. Steinitz vs Tschigorin
cable match resumes after wks rest. Moves 1-17, 1-18 and positions given. Prague
CC prob tnmt, write F Moucka (Prague). Mackenzie will visit Havana during
Blackburne engagement, should lead to interesting encounters. Blackburne 22-0
Leamington CC simul, 4-0-2 blind drawing Aspa, Mason; somewhat tired after but
recovered quickly later playing all from memory w running commentary. Lady
playing left R en prise, when pointed out whispered Hush! Perhaps he will not
see it, but blindfold player took R. Notes to HCM (NY), HA Perkins (Stamford
CT), Samuel Taylor Marshall (NY), HA Benedict (Jersey City), Theodore F Merseles
(Jersey City), JL Stephen (Collinsville), AG Weber (Philad), ED Barrett (Mahopac
Falls NY), CF Haight (NY), Alanson T Briggs (Columbia College), EA Bancroft
(New London CT), SA Woods (Spring Mills), J Barlow (Peru MA), V Page (Kennedy
NY), EJ Kempton (NY), Dr WL White (Bellows Falls VT), H Taylor (Dover ME),
C Krommeyer (Jersey City), HC Fouts (Lanesville), EB Halge (Oxford CT), JWG
(Catawba Island OH), JH Louden (Bloomington IN)

Feb 2, 1891 pg 4: Lafayette CC-Lehigh 4-2

NY Tribune Feb 3, 1891 pg 5: Steinitz analysis cable match game after 18, 19
moves. Public opinion has changed on 2Ns; thought I was lost now thought I 
am won, but still hard road to victory; hope to draw Evans game

Feb 4, 1891 pg 4: Ltr from Steinitz. Death Charles Bradlaugh removed 1 of
England's most enthusiastic and liberal chess supporters. Recalls 1880
when Lord Randolph Churchill, who Steinitz played as Oxford student 1869
and later at St George CC, invited Steinitz for instruction at his home; usu 
start 10 AM and last several hrs. Churchill enjoyed greatly, doctor ordered
him to take mind off biz and found chess best. Never talked politics during
chess, but 1 day said had to leave due to hot debate re Bradlaugh affair.
I asked him to be lenient, said had known Bradlaugh 18 yrs found him
gentleman; Churchill said glad to hear he had good qualities would like to 
know more about hom personally. That was day when Churchill in parliament read
disrespectful language about Q in Bradlaugh book and threw it across room.
Asked about Bradlaugh as chess player and personal bearing; assured he often
fights tooth and nail in house w those who are his friends outside. Churchill
visits ceased towards end 1881, was warm promoter and spectator London 1883.
Bradlaugh strong, played wo odds, occasionally beat masters including me
offhand; whenever won great lawsuit came to Simpson's and treated pros w
champagne; never introd religious or political opinions on anyone, never
took offense if his authority disputed. I joked that if he wanted to persuade
people not to believe in Moses, Christ, Mohammed cannot expect them to believe
in Bradlaugh. Many yrs went to chess event, made speeches mentioning chess
royalty and chess clergy which did not betray satirical intention. Not rich but
always subscribed liberally to tnmts. Also a master at checkers, would give man
to top players including Blackburne who plays very well

NY Tribune Feb 6, 1891 pg 3: Steinitz analysis cable games thru move 19. Notes
Judd analysis one line

NY Tribune Feb 7, 1891 pg 3: Steinitz moves 19, 20 in cable match with his
comments on them; feels current positions critical

NY Tribune Feb 8, 1891 pg 24: Prob 17 G Heathcote (Manchester). Solns Caroline
R McKim (NY), Glenwood Club, JL Stephen, DT Ross, EJ Kempton (NY), SF
Richardson (Bkln), EP Wires (Boston), S McGrayne (Bkln), SB Howell, Irving W
Mott (Poughkeepsie), FH Cheesewright, WH Wright (Bath Beach), Clarence Bahret
(Poughkeepsie), RC Walker, Henry J Hall, DB Frisbee, BJ Sands, Henry L Norton,
WAE Tompkins, A Mason, W Schroeder (Bkln), H Reid (NY), John Jay White, FC 
Tayloer (Stamford CT), R Sage Jr, GW Glasier, WIL (Paterson NJ), JSB Jr
(NY), AO Wetherbee (NY), Joseph Bradley, General HA Frink, Dr EC Levy (NY),
F Lufberry, Albert Steiner, FB Myers (NY). Offhand during NY 1889 Game DM
Martinez-Tschigorin Ruy W29 w notes. Living chess St Leonard's Royal Concert
Hall; spectacle brilliant tho not chess play. Bristol Mercury prob tnmt
winners W Gleave (London), G Heathcote (Manchester), RG Thomson (Aberdeen),
H Cudmore (London), James Rayner; hon men PSL Fothergill (Lymington), Mrs WJ
Baird. NYSCA pres CH Bruel appoints Dr F Mintz, EA Ford, Sidney Rosenfeld,
HH Schieffelin, Frederick Rose, ES Gilley, AB Hodges, FG Ianush?, FM Teed,
Phillip Richardson, HJ Rogers, C Nanz, Proeshold, Defreest cttee for chp tnmt.
Gunsberg 24-1-5 Baltimore simul, lost to J Reaney. St Louis CC ann hdcp
(ES Rowse donated $100 and Staunton set) winners Fick, Lyons, Tilden, Robbins.
Blackburne arrived Thurs, sailed yesterday for Havana. IN CA 12 ann mtg
Indianapolis, winners WH Ripley 11 JM Tomlinson 10 CO Jackson 9.5. Canadian CA
tnmt Montreal winners AT Davidson (Toronto) 13-1 JP Cooke (Montreal) 11 JE
Narraway (Ottawa) 8.5. Notes to Samuel Taylor Marshall (NY), Watts C Bates
(Binghamton), CN Rungsted (NY). More solns JW Gamble, LG Edgerly (Joliet), WP
Kochenour (Rego), HW Pike (Johnson's Creek), Fouts and Wolford (Lanesville IN),
SA Woods, H Taylor (Dover ME). Notes to EB Harger (Oxford CT), Dr WL White
(Bellows Falls), LH Reynolds (Brockport NY), HJ Rogers (Albany), HC Painter
(Washington DC) and JSB Jr (NY) thx for probs

Feb 9, 1891 pg 4: CCNY to play series 5/side matches vs Columbia. CCNY team
Alfred M Hoffman 91, Nathaniel Eisberg 92, Emil Goldmark 92, Walter Timms 96,
? Weingart 93

NY Tribune Feb 11, 1891 pg 2: Tschigorin's 20th moves in cable match with
Steinitz analysis and explanation why avoided alternatives

NY Tribune Feb 14, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz moves 20, 21 cable game. Took more than
4 days, thus FF 2 accumulation days. Analysis. Hodges will give blind simul
tonight Bkln CC

NY Tribune Feb 15, 1891 pg 24: Prob 18 W Gleave (London). Solns Mary Jane
Bishop (NY), EP Wires (Boston), RC Walker (NY), John Jay White (NY), SO Bartlett
(Jersey City), JR Sage Jr (NY), F Lufberry (Rahway), GW Glasier (Poughkeepsie),
FC Taylor (Stamford), WAE Tompkins (Oneonta). From Caucasus where Dadian
stationed as colonel Game Prince Dadian-Count P Kreutz KGA Muzio W16++ w notes.
Cable match moves 18-20, 19-21. NYSCA tnmt prog. Pairings by lot, double elim;
if draw B chooses who to continue rcvs 1 share of any prize (player 2 shares,
all who drew him 1). Must furnish score. Prizes $35, 22, 15, 10, 6, 6, 6. When
4 clean scores pair off for for top 4 prizes. 3 remaining with 1 loss get other
prizes. Manhattan chp tnmt in prog, entries JS Ryan, Delmar, EA Ford, Hanham,
JW Baird, Hodges, A Vorrath, H Stubbs, JH Fitch, Th Rosenfeld, CB Isaacson,
AC Clapp, W Mayerhofer, W Holladay, G Simonson. Hanham leads 6-0. Bkln CC
rapid transit tnmt 1 move/min 16 entries; 1st rd winners Olly, Barrett, Elwell,
Colwellm Barnes, Fowler, Spowers, Park; 2d rd Spowers, Park, Olley, Barrett; 3d
rd Olley, Barrett; Barrett won final. Gunsberg says Steinitz remarks on match
ungenerous; exactly reverse was case, Steinitz was leading from game 7 til end
and thus Steinitz benefited from draws. Shown by playing attacking game (4
Evans) while Steinitz used QP. Steinitz notes Gunsberg aiming for trades even
in game 19 whcih was must-win; have been informed he cabled game was drawn when
just a few moves in friend was to get scoop over others; I asked Gunsberg what 
if he had made error and lost he said would chance that. Clear that in last game
aim was not to win but reduce his losses. He put up 30L of own for match and
may have wanted tie to get back stakes. Steinitz on his dilemna vs Evans, had
to retain chief figure of defence but not give help to Tschigorin; forced
to select inferior move. Notes to  EA Bancroft (New London), Gen HA Frink,
FN Chase, Watts C Bates, Ralph O Cook (Washington). Addl solns Fout+Wolford,
LG Edgerly, WP Kochenour, JW Gamble, SA Woods, Dr WL White, George B Tiffany
(Gibson PA), H Taylor, HW Pike, FW Morton (Lexington VA). Notes to OJS
(Hambletville), William Baker (Milford Station), FG Janusch (NYSCA chair),
AC Deuel (Sloatsburg NY), HTB (Upper Alton IL)

Feb 16, 1891 pg 4: Lehigh won return chess match vs Lafayette

NY Tribune Feb 17, 1891 pg 3: IE Orchard-Prof AF Wurm 7-4-2 Atlanta; Orchard
now claims chp of South, 2 yrs ago Wurm-Orchard 5-3, only match he has ever
lost. Last summer Orchard held own vs best in NY, Boston, Philad. Orchard
advocate of Morphy school. Match has excited more interest than any in South
for manny yrs. Orchard ready to defend title vs all comers

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1891 pg 3: Tschigorin moves 21, w Steinitz analysis. 
Tschigorin used 4 days, FF 2 accumulated. Tschigorin moved as Steinitz expected
rather than as prophets had predicted, premature to say why since may still

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz analysis cable games after moves 21, 22.
Notes prophets predicting his loss

NY Tribune Feb 22, 1891 pg 22: Prob 19 G Heathcote (Manchester). Solns Miss 
White Knight (NY), R Sage Jr, F Lufberry, DB Frisbee, SCH Reed (Stamford CT),
Dr EC Levy (NY), Charles C Cook (Ithaca), WAE Tompkins, Thomas H Evans (NY),
John J White, FC Taylor, Dr FS Mandelbaum (NY), CE Scheide, Henry J Hull, DT 
Ross, FB Myers, EA Bancroft, GW Glasier, LB Shipman (Altoona PA), Louis H Bahler
(Malden NY), WH Wright, RC Walker, SB Howell, EP Wires, HD Patterson (Naugatuck)
SF Richardson, Joseph Bradley, HC Painter (Washington DC), FH Cheesewright. 
Manhattan chp Game JS Ryan-Hanham French W47 mate 2 w notes. Cable games moves
21-22 w analysis. Miron J Haseltine, 1 of gentlest chess celebs who rarely finds
fault w any, chides those outside players selves analyzing cable games beyond
current point; some ridiculous Gunsberg ablest. Steinitz concurs while noting
"prophets" have not correctly predicted a single move. One case even pubd
analysis I showed at Manhattan. Points out what was wrong w predicted moves
in Evans game. 6th ann NJ SCA at Elizabeth CC tomorrow. Tnmt for state chp and
Waterbury Cup limit 32, paired by lot KO, draw for colors if same color last rd,
draws replayed, 25/1 may be enforced, open to NJ res. Lipschutz 20-0 simul
Turn Halle. Benecke presided over luncheon, Steinitz present. Hodges 2-3-1 blind
Bkln CC; beat AW Shepard, Adolph Hoeland; lost to JJ Spowers, Charles T 
Thompson, HM Barrett; drew Arthur J Souweine. Gilberg teller. Present included 
Dr W Otterson, Dr LD Broughton, DJ Finlay, Prof FD Maltby, FW Deckner, Edward
Olly, George F Murray, Robert Colwell, QK McKendrick, W Duval, CW Smith, WT
Whitehouse, HH Thompson, EH Morrison, JH Thompson, WA Schmittheimer and many 
others. Blackburne vs Golmayo match now tied 1-1-1. Gunsberg 7-2-6 vs tough
opponents Franklin CC; lost to WC Wilson, SR Barrett; drew Shipley, AK 
Robinson, Bampton, JW Young, M Koehler, M Morgan; those he beat included A
Priester, Voigt, WJ Ferris. Notes to Caroline R McKim (NY), William E Rutan
(Westwood), JSB Jr, NB Eldrud (Auburn NY), Frank W Bowler (Cleveland), LP
Howe (Birmingham CT), JL Stephen, Watts C Bates, RB Paddock (Bkln), I Deissig,
Henry J Hahn (Coxsackle NY), JM Austin (Ellendale ND), SA Woods, FN Chase,
E Pearsall, PF Leonard (Troy NY), Alfred Conger (sec NJCA), James Fielding
(Yonkers), Louis H Bahler (Malden NY)

Feb 24, 1891 pg 4: 6th NJCA tnmt rooms Elizabeth Wheelman, 32 entries

Feb 25, 1891 pg 12: 6th ann NJCA tnmt ended after midnight, most successful
ever, 32 in chp tnmt. Winners C Hymes (Newark)/A Vorrath (Hoboken) both 4-0,
drew playoff will play off in future. 3d prize E Hymes (Newark), 4th
George Benner (Newark), 5th PJ Doyle (Hoboken), 6th Ralph W Pope
(Elizabeth). Minor tnmt winners TT Hatfield (Hoboken), Thomas Barnes Jr
(Elizabeth). Officers Nathan Hymes (Newark), Ralph W Pope (Elizabeth),
George I Benner (Newark)

NY Tribune Feb 26, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz analysis cable games after moves 22,
23. Mentions friend Martinez of Philad staying with him and giving assistance 
in analysis

NY Tribune Feb 28, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin moves 23. Tschigorin move much 
stronger than apparently crushing one; analysis

NY Tribune Mar 1, 1891 pg 24: Prob 20 S Loyd for NYSCA soln tnmt. Solns RC
Walker, F Lufberry, HD Patterson, HR Cope (NY), Charles C Cook, JSB Jr, GW
Glasier, John Jay White, FB Myers, Percy Edgar (Newark), R Sage Jr, DT Ross,
Henry L Norton, WAE Tompkins, Frank W Bowler (Cleveland), Joseph Bradley,
CH Reed (Stamford CT), DB Frisbie, Henry J Hahn (Coxsackle), Samuel Taylor
Marshall, HC Painter, FC Taylor, Louis H Bahler, LB Shipman, Joseph E Painchard
(Burlington VT), HE Mickey (Detroit), SB Howell, JL Stephen, WH Wright. Havana
CC Game Blackburne-Golmayo Vienna W36 w notes. 3d ann NYSCA tnmt most
successful ever; credit to FG Janusch, HJ Rogers. Entries Delmar, JW Baird,
Lipschutz, DG Baird, Hodges, Hanham, JS Ryan, EA Ford, Dr WR Dalton, HJ Rogers,
FH Cheesewright, EJ Kaltenbach, Dr G Simonson, Dr Otto Meyer, W Holliday, E
Levy, Edward Olly, E Kemeny, JH Fitch, JW Young, Theodore Rosenfeld, WN 
Hopcroft, Charles Eccles, GH Richards, WC Baldwin, AC Clapp, EW Dahl, W Timme,
FH Yeaton, BF Wilcox, R Beranje, B Simon. Delmar, John W Baird tied for 1st;
due to late hr Baird resigned in favor Delmar. EA Ford, G Simonson split 3/4,
Hodges and Hanham 5/6, HHJ Rogers and FH Yeaton 7th. Loyd offered gold chess
badge in soln tnmt; 19 tried only 1 correct after 2 hrs. Winner was youngest
to enter, Charles W Eccles mem Bkln CC, F Mintz, Loyd adjudicators. Elect
Gilberg pres, G Simonson sec. De Visser 8-2-2 Bkln CC simul; beat Frederick 
Rose, Dr LD Broughton, AW Shepard, Edward Olly, Charles W Eccles, HM Barrett,
Arthur J Souweine, IH Park; lost to WB Orr, Charles T Thompson; drew DJ
Finlay, ES Gilley. Gunsberg 14-0-1 Pittsfield MA simul, drawing JM Lee (1 of
best in club). Blackburne leads Golmayo 3-2-2. 6th ann NJSCA tnmt 32 entries,
winners A Vorrath/C Hymes, E Hymes, GJ benner, Doyle, RW Pope. Cable Tschigorin
moves 23. Notes to David B Porter (Binghamton), C Kronmeyer (Jersey City).
Solns Samuel Taylor Marshall, Irving W Mott, AW Harrington (Westchester NY),
Clarence Bahret, SA Woods, Glenwood Club, WH Boardman, H Taylor, James W 
Gamble, FW Mortinm Fouts+Wolford, JH Louden (Bloomington IN), Hugo Legler
(Evansville IN). Notes to F Granger (Naperville IL), SF Richardson, GL
Haviland (Syracuse), Max Waterman (Sulphur Springs MT), Leslie May (Washington
KS), JBG (NY), FW Nirtin (Lexington VA) Muzio loses to best play and
recommends Gossip's Manual, TH Roche (NY)

NY Tribune Mar 3, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz cable moves 23, 24; consumed another
accumulated day. Steinitz analysis

NY Tribune Mar 4, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz comments cable match Tschigorin moves 24
and his immediate reply moves 24, 25.  Emphasizes that if copy analysis, credit 
journal as well as Steinitz

NY Tribune Mar 7, 1891 pg 5: Tschigorin's moves 25 cable match, Steinitz

NY Tribune Mar 8, 1891 pg 3: Cable match moves 23-25, 24-26; little comment

NY Tribune Mar 8, 1891 pg 24: Prob 21 Hugo Legler (Evansville IN). Solns FC
Taylor, GW Glasier, Glenwood Club, JSB jr, JL Stephen, F Lufberry, RC Walker,
Ig Deissig, R Sage Jr, Joseph Bradley, John Jay White. Part of 5 game series
Philad Game Shipley-Gunsberg Ruy W33++ w notes. Blackburne-Golmayo 5-3-2.
Tinsley accepts Muller challenge 7 games up 20/1. Granite Falls MN-Benson MN
27-20; Granite Falls team Judge Gorham Powers, EO Odson, John Odson, G
Johnson, KE Neste; Benson team Clark, Green, Aldrich, Hoban, Cosgrove. Granite
Falls, Benson, Morris most fighting clubs of NW (says Pioneer Press). IE
Orachard-Prof AF Wurm 7-4-2. Mason simul Hampden CC London, 17-0-1 drawing
McLaren. Mason appointed chess instructor British CC. Notes to FB Myers,
FN Chase, S Smith (Lowell MA), Miss MJB, Dr R Ottolengui gives response to
his suggestion in Evans cable game. Solns Miss MJ Bishop, Miss White Knight, 
H Taylor, RW Burns (Yankton SD), Dr WP Kochenour, Glenwood Club, Francis
Granger (Naperville), Fouts+Wolford, James W Gamblem JH Louden, Edward C
Miller (Pomona FL)m BP Leonard (Troy PA), ED Barrett (Mahopac Falls NY),
WH Boardman, GL Havilland (Syracuse), Frank J Roth Harrisburg PA)

NY Tribune Mar 10, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin cable moves 26, Steinitz analysis.
Steinitz replies obvious but since no more accumulation time will analyze ahead
an wait full time

NY Tribune Mar 11, 1891 pg 5: Steinitz analysis cable game moves 26, 27

NY Tribune Mar 12, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin's moves 27, Steinitz analysis cable

NY Tribune Mar 15, 1891 pg 22: Prob 22 WA Shinkman. Solns GE Northrup (Oneonta),
R Sage Jr, JSB Jr, HC Reed (Stamford CT), John Jay White, F Lufberry, Charles
Broughton (Stapleton, Staten Island), GW Glasier, FC Taylor, RC Walker, JL
Stephen, HC Painter, EA Bancroft (New London), WAE Tompkins, Joseph Bradley,
Glenwood Club. Match Game 5 C Golmayo-Blackburne Scotch W48 w notes. Blackburne-
AC Vazquez (Mexican Consul Havana) 5-1. Tinsley leads Muller 4-0, 7 game up
match. Recent adjudication sent to NT Miniati, DY Mills; ruled as win for
different player. Calls for mems disbanded NY, Columbia, Harlem CC mems to
unite as City CC; estimate will start with > 100 mems. Vorrath wins playoff
for NJ chp over Hymes; Hymes challenges winner to 5 game up match, accepted.
Cable match moves 27, 28 w analysis other moves. Notes to Louis H Bahler, CE
Scheide, Henry J Hahn, ED Barrett, FH Cheesewright, RH Sleigh (S Norwalk CT),
SA Woods, CM Wilcox (Denver CO), Joseph E Painchaud (Burlington VT), H
Taylor, LG Edgerly, Spencer Hiatt (Statesville MD), Mrs Gardner Mills (Derby
WY), Frederick C Averill (Perrysburg OH), GE Northrup

NY Tribune Mar 17, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin's moves 28. Last ltr to Tschigorin
suggested new agreement on time limit which presses hard on me; notes
disadvantage since Upper Montclair telegraph office not open Sun except few
mins in morning which has lost him day, and delays caused by press agency
required by contract rcvg moves in NY 1st

NY Tribune Mar 20, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz moves 28, 29, with analysis

NY Tribune Mar 21, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin's moves 29, with Steinitz comments

NY Tribune Mar 22, 1891 pg 24: Prob 23 H+E Bettmann. Solns Joseph E 
Painchaud, John Jay White, GW Glasier, JL Stephen, Louis H Bahler, EA Bancroft,
WAE Tompkins, RC Walker, R Sage Jr, JSB Jr, F Lufberry, HR Cope, Glenwood
Club. One of 2 corr Game Steinitz-HM Gorham+WE Lester (2 young amateurs
Gold Hill NV) Evans B22 w notes. Manhattan CC ann dinner, Rice chair. Over 60
including masters Delmar, Hanham, Lipschutz, Ryan, Hodges, A Vorrath, Steinitz.
Speeches (mostly humor and cordial) include Rice, Gilberg, De Visser, Dr F
Mintz, Tyng, Sidney Rosenfeld (dramatic author), Hector Rosenfeld, Curry, Dr
Isaacson, Dr Simonson, Wilkinson, Dr Louis Cohn, Kaltenbach. Devide played
zither. Cubans plan intl tnmt prizes as large as NY 1889, $2500 already raised.
Havana CC banquet for Blackburne+Mackenzie. New City CC formed, officers Dr OF
Jentz, Samuel Loyd, H Schweitzer, O Meyer, M Tobias; cttee L Heim, WC 
Huntington, F Hallerbeck, PJ Doyle, LC Reichert, C Nugent. Blackburne ended
Havana engagement w blind exhibit; won 4 drew 2. Notes to MSB (New Windsor NY),
FN Chase, SA Woods, H Taylor, HC Fouts, F Granger, Paul V Loth (Cincinnati),
Dr James S Carpenter (Pottsville PA), Walter Kobbe (NY)

NY Tribune Mar 24, 1891 pg 2: Tschigorin's moves 30, w Steinitz analysis. Notes
that position before Steinitz move 29 in Evans game was subject of analytical
test Manhattan CC Ph Richardson and Dr Mintz; Richardson an X Mintz almost =
in theoretical knowledge tho a little inferior in strength; Dr Mintz got D
each of 7 tests despite general feeling Steinitz lost some time ago. Now
similar alarms in 2N game; explains why Tschigorin did not make the move
some were saying won at once

NY Tribune Mar 27, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz move 30, 31 w Steinitz analysis

NY Tribune Mar 28, 1891 pg 4: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia tnmt begins
Apr 6, cttee MB Cohn and WH Herkenrath 91, W Klingenstein 93, N Bowman 94
(proquest pg 3)

NY Tribune Mar 29, 1891 pg 24: Prob 24 G Heathcote (Manchester). Solns GW
Glasier, F Lufberry, Glenwood Club, WAE Tompkins, Joseph Bradley, JL Stephen,
RC Walker, John Jay White, R Sage Jr, Henry Seibel (Syracuse). Havana match
Game AC Vazquez-Blackburne Bishop O B40++ w notes. Mr+Mrs TB Rowland of Dublin
preparing Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory 1891; article Chess Masonry
proposes estab Masonic orders among chess players, announces Grand Lodge Irish
players to be formed Dublin. Blackburne arrived from Havana, sailed to Lpool.
Rcvd invite from NO CCW to play 10 game match vs Mackenzie in NO, but already
had arrangements Europe for season. Mackenzie engaged for few wks New Orleans.
Philip Richardson 10-4 Bkln CC simul; beat Fredick Rose, WF Eno, AW Shepard, R
Colwell, S Berendsohn, AJ Souweine, HM Barrett, AE Hernandez, Robert Bonn,
Charles Thompson; lost to DJ Finlay, JD Elwell, Edward Olly, E Loesser. Calls
Richardson the professor. Turner Schach Club-Washington Heights CC 35-24-7;
return match planned. MO SCA elects AH Robbins pres, BR Foster sec. Notes to
John J Wrenn (NY), Dr WP Kochenour, HC Fouts, H Taylor, SA Woods, Joseph 
Bradley, FH Cheesewright, CM Wilcox, John WC Abbott (Tremont NE)

Mar 30, 1891 pg 4: CCNY CC in training 2 wks, officers Walter Timme 92,
JH Alexander 93, Emil Goldmark 92. Accepted challenge from Labourdonnais CC
of Columbia. Columbia leading. Manager Goldmark has arranged matches vs
Orinceton, Yale, Harvard, Lehigh, Penn; may form intercollege CA

NY Tribune Mar 31, 1891 pg 4: Cable games move 31, no surprises

NY Tribune Apr 3, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz cable moves 31, 32 w dismissal 

NY Tribune Apr 4, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin vs Steinitz cable game moves 32, 33;
brief explanation (both players moved)

NY Tribune Apr 5, 1891 pg 24: Prob 25 G Heathcote (Manchester). Slns George D
Lane (Wallingford CT)m EA Bancroft, DT Ross, JL Stephen, Gen HA Frink, Walter
Kobbe (NY), CE Scheide, HR Cope, Hamilton Club (Paterson NJ), FH Cheesewright,
SF Richardson, HC Painter, John L Bliss (NY), FN Chase, HC Reed, Pierre Geron
(Allentown PA), Louis H Bahler, Dr JB Elliott (Bkln), QA Hollister (Mt Vernon
NY), Christopher Kronmeyer (Jersey City), SB Howell, ED Barrett, Glenwood Club,
GL Haviland, R Sage Jr, F Lufberry, John Jay White, JSB Jr, WAE Tompkins, RC
Walker, MSB (New Windsor NY). Match Game AC Vazquez-Blackburne Caro-Kann (called
irreg but said brought in practice by late Kann of Vienna and analyzed by Caro
of Berlin) W60 w notes. Havana master tnmt planned Nov-Dec, prizes $4000 of
Spanish gold $1000, 750, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200; if only 18 entries no $200
prize. EF $25 to be divided among non-winners. 20/1. Triangular match 16/side
between London CCs St George, British, City of London next May. Manchester
Examiner+Times 10L best game Manchester intl tnmt to Owen for win vs Gunsberg.
Baltimore X Pollock engaged 3 days by Bkln CC, ended yesterday w simul Steinitz
vs Tschigorin cable match moves 26-33 both games, discussion alternate lines.
Solns HC Fouts, H Taylor, SA Woods, LG Edgerly. Notes to IWC Abbott (Tremont
NE), EA Jones (Marlow NH)

Apr 6, 1890 pg 4: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia hdcp tnmt starts today. 23
entries in 7 classes. Class 1 Stubbs 91 Law and Hymes 91 School of Arts. Tnmt
cttee MB Cohn 91 Arts W Klingenstein 93 Law WA Herkenrath 92 Mines 
FH Bowman 94 Arts

NY Tribune Apr 7, 1891 pg 3: Cable match moves 33, 34 w analysis alternatives

NY Tribune Apr 8, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin cable moves 34; no analysis

NY Tribune Apr 12, 1891 pg 22: Prob 26 WA Clark (E Molesey). Solns F Lufberry,
John Jay White, RC Walker, GL Haviland, R Sage Jr, Gen HA Frink, JSB Jr, JL
Stephen, WAE Tompkins, Henry Seibel, Dr JB Elliott, DT Ross, MSB (New Windsor 
NY), DB Van Buren (Paterson NJ), FB Myers, ED Barrett, Hamilton Club, SB Howell,
GW Glasier, Edwin N Walkley (Southington CT), Louis H Bahler, Charles Broughton
(Stapleton, SI). Manchester tnmt prize best Game Rev J Owen-Gunsberg Zukertort
W37 w notes. Pollock ended Bkln CC engagement 10-2 simul was 10-1 after 2:30
final game 2 hrs more Pollock fought R down vs Rose. Beat Robert Bonn, R
Colwell, WF Eno, CW Eccles, DJ Finlay, E Loesser, GF Murray, JJ Spowers, Charles
T Thompson, JD Elwell; lost to AJ Souweine, F Rose. A Vorrathh (treas Manhattan)
leads Hymes [believe C Hymes] (pres Newark CC) 3-2-2. Manhattan tnmt leaders
Hanham 17.5 JW Baird, JS Ryan 14.5 EA Ford 14. Manchester Examiner+Times said
next on best game list from tnmt (after game pubd here today) Tinsley win vs
Gunsberg, Schallopp win vs Locock. Tschigorin vs Steinitz cable moves 34, 35
w analysis alternatives. Notes to Joseph E Painchaud, Samuel Taylor Marshall,
George D Lane (wallingford CT), EA Bancroft, AC Smith (NY), W Lockwood
(Poughkeepsie). Solns John WC Abbott (Tremont NE), HG Elliott (Leola SD), SA
Woods, F Granger, JH Louden (Bloomington IN), Joseph Bradley

NY Tribune Apr 14, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin cable moves 35 (no analysis)

NY Tribune Apr 15, 1891 pg 2: Mackenzie found dead in bed, heart trouble 
believed cause. Just returned from series games vs Cuban chp. Felt unwell when
woke up, returned to room after breakfast, found dead. Descendant old Scottish
family,  b near Aberdeen Mar 22, 1831? 10-2-2 London hdcp rcvg P+1. Age 20
joined volunteer regiment, served w regulars India, fought in great rebellion
India. 1865 came to NY, devoted self to chess. Won NYCC tnmts 1865, 66, 67, 68;
Beat Reichhelm matches 1866, 67. Won 2 tnmts Cafe Europa NY 1868, 69, won 2d
Amer Congress Cleveland, 3d Amer congress Chicago. Tied 3/4 w Bird Paris 78. 
Beat Max Judd 1881 match, 4th at Vienna 89, tied 5-7 London 83, 7th Hamburg
85, 4th Hereford 85. 1st at Frankfurt 87, 2d Bradford 88, won Scottish chp
88, tied 3-4 intl tnmt 1890 w Bird.

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz cable moves 35, 36 w discussion
alternatives rejected

NY Tribune Apr 17, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin cable moves 36 (no analysis)

NY Tribune Apr 18, 1891 pg 3: Steinitz cable match moves 36, 37. Tschigorin
last moves show his "stormy style" as Tarrasch calls it. Discusses alternatives

Apr 18, 1891 pg 12: Events of day has Bkln CC reception

NY Tribune Apr 19, 1891 pg 6: New Orleans artist Parelli said to have made
good bust of Morphy, donated to CCW; in plaster but will prob be cast in bronze

NY Tribune Apr 19, 1891 pg 24: Prob 27 J Scott Boyd Jr (NY). Solns SB Howell,
CE scheide, GW Glasier, DT Ross, DB Van Buren, RC Walker, Louis H Bahler, John
Jay White, ED Barrett, FB Myers, WAE Tompkins, R Sage Jr, EA Hough (Collinsville
CT), Hamilton Club, JL Stephen, Dr JB Elliott, BF Wood (NY), F Lufberry, Gen
HA Frink, Walter Kobbe, George D Lane, Glenwood Club, Henry Seibel, Joseph E
Painchaud. Match Game AC Vazquez-Blackburne GP B33 mate 1. Cable match moves
33-37, 34-37. Funeral Mackenzie today, internment Greenwood. Story of Lord
Granville and Forster waiting for important telegram in Geneva mtg, calmly
playing chess. Notes to SC Dunham (Washington DC), EA Bancroft, HC Batchelder
(Potsdam), Walter Kobbe, Ralph V Cook (Washington DC), BF Wood (NY), John L
Bliss (NY), CE Scheide. Solns SA Woods, CT Boyd (Chicago), HG Elliott (Leola
SD), LG Edgerly, H Taylor, Spencer Hiatt (Stilesville IN), CM Wilcox (Denver).

Apr 19, 1891 pg 24: Circ sent out for Steinitz testimonial. Patrons include
Dr Louis Cohn, EW Dahl, Theodore Frere, Prof Walter Holladay, WJ Jerome,
Emanuel Levy, Dr CL Lindley, Dr Frederick Mintz, D Nason, Isaac W Rice,
Philip Richardson, Frederick Rose, Hector Rosenfeld, Sydney Rosenfeld, 
Frank  Rudd, FM Teed, Spencer Turner, A Vorrath, several newspap eds. Text
circ given; subrscribe to Mintz c/o Manhattan CC

NY Tribune Apr 22, 1891 pg 4: Steinitz cable moves 37, 38 both compulsory

Apr 23, 1891 pg 4: Tschigorin cable moves 38, 38

NY Tribune Apr 26, 1891 pg 24: Prob 28 G Heathcote (Manchester). Solns MSB
(New Windsor NY), EA Bancroft, R Sage Jr, Louis H Bahler, GW Glasier, John Jay
White, Glenwood Club, RC Walker, WAE Tompkins, CE Scheide, F Lufberry, Walter
Kobbem Henry Seibel, ED Barrett (Mahopac Falls NY), Dr WN Bryant (Ludlow VT).
From 1888 drawn match 4-4-2 Game Mackenzie-Burn Ruy W49++ w notes. St Paul
Pioneer Press says only occasional rumor of tnmt w Chicago World Fair; surprised
city like Chicago lets opportunity pass. Chicago players say too early to begin 
planning for 1893; will not start solicitation for another yr for Columbian 
Chess Congress Chicago 93. Lipschutz 10-1-1 Bkln CC simul; beat Finlay, Rose,
Eno, Broughton, Berendsohn, Olly, Murray, Spence, Smith, Loesser; lost to
Densmore; drew Thompson. 7 game up match v Scheve vs Bardeleben (Ds count
after 3) 20/1; Scheve won game 1. Vorrath-Hymes 5-3-1. All feel void Mackenzie
death. Combined thorough straightforwardness w cheerful temperament, gentility
of manners, high-class education included knowledge classics and 7 languages.
Handsome, powerful physique, brilliant style made universal favorite among
amateurs and had no enemy among rivals, warm friend of all, modest bearing.
Notes to HD Patterson, Dr JB Elliott, JL Stephen, BF Wood (NY), LB Hillsdale 
(NY), TM Leavitt (Bkln), John WC Abbott (Tremont NE). Solns JH Louden
(Bloomington IN), HC Batchelder, HG Elliott, GL Haviland, SA Woods

Apr 27, 1891 pg 4: Stevens CC tnmt w 25 entries down to Fridenberg 94, Braine 
93, Powell 92, Kunstadter 93, Jones 94, Atkins 92, Angell 94 (proquest
Apr 28 pg 4)

NY Tribune Apr 28, 1891 pg 1: More on Mackenzie death as in Omaha Bee above. 
Says Mackenzie came to Minden's office saying was ill, needed morphine; Minden 
refused. Went to Dr Muellenbach, refused again. Apr 6 rcvd vial w 32 doses,
to take teaspoon every hr til relieved. Minden says has reason to believe
prescription was refilled day before death. Found Mackenzie dead, looked like
morphine poisoning, found empty bottle which contained morphine but never
was investigated. No autopsy. Dr Weissman insisted died of consumption

NY Tribune Apr 29, 1891 pg 3: Steinitz resigns cable match to Tschigorin. Does
not abandon opinions on positions, hopes to have opportunity to test again.
Game Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans W38 w notes Game Steinitz-Tschigorin 2N B38
w notes

NY Tribune Apr 29, 1891 pg 4: More on Mackenzie's death. Coroner interview
w reporter. Emaciated, could not have lived long under any circs. Heard there
was bottle in room, thought cough mixture w anodyne which all consumptives
have in last stages. Got prescription, all normal. Gave certificate, sees
no reason to change mind. Even if died morphine no reason to think suicide. 
Testimony that all who knew him realized death imminent

NY Tribune Apr 30, 1891 pg 4: Coroner Levy began investigation of Mackenzie
death. Dr SB Minden repeated his statement of what he knew (see Apr 28). Dr
Muellenback of firm Weissmann and Muellenback affirmed his story that Mackenzie
died of consumption. Life insurance agent for Mackenzie policy is EH Holbrook
of Roxbury MA. Other testimony will be taken

NY Tribune May 1, 1891 pg 4: Chess-Table Talk by Steinitz. Cable match vs
Tschigorin produced unprecedented chess interest. Are regular cable matches
eg Australia but w short time limit. Previous matches include London vs Vienna
1872 won by London, Liverpool beating Calcutta, Paris beating Vienna 1885,
St Ptbg beating London 1887. St Ptbg also lost match vs obscure Siberian CC.
New feature was test theory of opening. Tschigorin played well. Wo cavil let
me say I had some disadvantages. Made cheap and healthy entertainment for 
masses thru press, hope precursor many club and individ. No accumulation of
time rule, not as I planned; 3 days wo accumulation too short. Gunsberg
match distracted and exhausted from doing justice to cable, led to fatal error
in 2N game move after adj; if I had known Gunsberg match would come off would
have postponed cable match. Also Tschigorin headstart in Evans since I thought
starting from 1 move earlier; I did not notice this since Mintz intermediary
rcvd ltr. Feels Tschigorin won thru moves of modern school. I may be growing
too old but modern school will survive and win. Adolfo Moliner ltr given, 
Havana will back for 10 game up match vs Tschigorin Havana CC Dec-Jan
guaranteed by Enrico Conill; Steinitz plans to accept

NY Tribune May 3, 1891 pg 24: Prob 29 H Cudmore (London). Solns JL Stephen, HC
Batchelder, EA Bancroft, Dr EA Hough, GW Glasier, Louis H Bahler, MSB, ED 
Barrett, Glenwood Club, JSB Jr, WAE Tompkins, R Sage Jr, F Lufberry, John Jay 
White, HD Patterson, RC Walker, HC Painter, FN Chase. From short 1883 match
Game Blackburne-Mackenzie Scotch B32 w notes. Clasgow CC VP and chess ed Wkly
Citizen GE Barbier wins W Scotland Challenge Cup for 3d consec yr, becomes
his property. Known as composer has become fine player; 4 yrs ago won
Scottish chp; when Mackenzie came and won Scottish chp 2 yrs later tied for
2d with Mills. Delmar 12 simul Bkln CC on 16th. Death JH Bauer, young Vienna
master of highest order. Won Frankfurt 1887 Haupttnmt to become master; tied 4-7
Breslau 89 in 1st master tnmt w Bardeleben, Gunsberg, L Paulsen. Won 2d in 
Kolisch tnmt last yr for local (but very strong) masters. Cable match moves
37-resignztion. Chess Players Annual and Club Directory 1891 by Mr+Mrs Rowland
out; institution since 1887. British prize probs, account chess events of yr,
addresses of CCs worldwide. Good articles but 1 (good) article called 
Telegraphic Code by W Steinitz not written by me; cannot approve tho wish I
had written it. Schach Jahrbuch by L Bachmann 1st ann of kind Germany. Selects
12 fine games played at different times, 10 of best games past yr, 10 Tarrasch
games annotated; historical survey chess events from yr 700-present, dates and
results most important tnmts and matches w particulars never pubd before eg
amount of stakes in matches as well as scores, name all tnmt competitors and
prizes, short bios prominent players; cursory examination shows very few
inaccuracies; cross records 30 masters past 50 yrs. Notes to FB Myers, JE
Painchaud, W Lockwood (Poughkeepsie), BF Wood, George D Lane, JL Bliss,
T Sullivan (NY), JL Haviland, Dr JB Elliott, CE Scheide, Charles Bahret
(Poughkeepsie), E Underwood (Keyport NJ), Abraham B Emery (Taunton MA), ESB
Gould (NY), W Kobbe, E Montgomery (Vevey, Switzerland), F Lufberry. Solns
J Hamilton (Washington DC), HG Elliott (Leola SD), HC Fouts, SA Woods, Dr EA

NY Tribune May 9, 1891 pg 8: New volume Cassell's Blue Library, There is No
Devil by Maurus Jokai (leading Hungarian novelist) translated from Hungarian by 
Mme F Steinitz

NY Tribune May 10, 1891 pg 24: Prob 30 G Heathcote (Manchester). Solns DT Ross,
Dr EA Hough, John Jay White, EA Bancroft, JA Dewald (New Brunswick NJ), R Sage
Jr, CL Morse (New Haven CT), Hamilton Club (Paterson NJ), Trout (Morris Plains
NJ), Stephen R Hitchcock (Bkln), F Lufberry, JL Stephen, WAE Tompkins, BF Wood,
HD Patterson, ED Barrett, RC Walker, JSB Jr, GL Haviland, HC Batchelder, Louis
H Bahler, , Henry Seibel, Dr JB Elliott, Glenwood Club, CE Scheide, W Lockwood,
Irving W Mott, Clarence Bahret, GW Glasier, Joseph E Painchaud, SB Howell.
Caucasus Game A de Smitten-Prince Dadian KGA Salvio B20 w notes; forwarded
by Strategie ed Numa Preti. Report from Bristol Mercury on Dublin Club of
Living Chess exhibit. 3 games; 1 Aulad Ali (distinguished Oriental scholar 
Dublin U) vs WH Stanley Monck; Dr E MacDowell Cosgrave vs TB Rowland; JB Pim
vs AER Joynt. MacDowell is pres of City CC, TB Rowland sec Champion CC; gives
names some of notable spectators. Almost all leading chess players Dublin and
some from Cork, even Belfast. Hundreds, some had to be turned away. Much
praise for Havana match offer; believe will come off; believe Tschigorin needs
only time to raise stakes. Mortimer's Chess Player's Pocketbook and Manual of
Openings fills need for amateurs, acquaint selves w openings, cheap and
convenient. Notes to John Partridge (Bkln), FR Reynolds (Paterson NJ). Solns
Charles S Jacobs (Des Moines IA), HG Elliott, SA Woods. Notes to RE Stevenson
(New Plymouth OH), JH Louden, ALB (Auburn NY), M Collin (Oneonta), FBM (NY)

NY Tribune May 17, 1891 pg 24: Prob 31 PGL Fothergill. Solns Dr JB Elliott 
(Bkln), J Hamilton (Washington DC), HD Patterson (Naugatuck CT), Glenwood
Club (Holley NY), ED Barrett (Mahopac Falls NY), R Sage Jr, F Lufberry, John J
White, L Stephen, JSB Jr, Henry Seibel, Louis H Bahler. Match Game Theodore
von Scheve-C von Bardeleben QP W37 notes DWS. Staten Island CC 1st ann, guests
include Gilberg, De Visser, H Cassel, Dr Broughton. Hodges 7-0-2 simul beat EH
Washburne, GW Stake, UW Becker, B Eidom, C Broughton, W Pendleton, RF Albrecht;
drew GW Maguire, FE Brenzinger. Brutish treatment of Jews in Russia extended to
chess; rules resticted St Ptbg CC to 10% Jews now cttee says even those not
allowed despite after Tschigorin best players including Alapin Jewish. Cannot
form their own CC as in civilized countries. Turner Schach Club vs Washington
Heights CC rematch on 24th. Steinitz rcvd ltr from Tschigorin inviting to St
Ptbg for match, from before Havana invite; Havana has priority. Tschigorin
writes that he enjoyed watching Steinitz war on the prophets and reporters
incompetence, who missed what the 2 of us saw. Said Judd was wrong about move
20 in Evans game. Says much to be said for Steinitz treatment these openings.
Says all should be greatful to Steinitz for innovations and aversion to 
schabion-like play. Says he does not always agree with Steinitz on style but
does study it. Tschigorin gives ending for 2N game; Shipley notes 1st found
by Carroll Smyth of Philad. Notes to Trout (Morris Plains NJ). Solns Charles
S Jacobs (Des Moines), SA Woods, CA Robinson (Romulus NY), HG Elliott, Tyro
(Bedford IA). Note to A Kuenzel (Detroit).

NY Tribune May 24, 1891 pg 24: Prob 32 Charles S Jacobs (Des Moines IA). Solns
Louis H Bahler, F Lufberry, JL Stephen, J Hamilton (Washington DC), John Jay
White, EA Bancroft, R Sage Jr, JSB Jr, Henry Seibel, Horton Pease (Thomastown
CT). Match Game Bardeleben-Scheve 4N Double Ruy W45 w notes. Proprietor hotel
Chittenango NY (where NYSCA met last yr) offers $100 for match Delmar vs Pollock
if meet again his hotel. They agree, NYSCA will vote; corr to sec HJ Rogers.
Also plan to organize Staats-Ztg cup competition. Bardeleben vs von Scheve
ends draw 4-4-4. Plan to arrange Bardeleben vs Carl Hollander (1 of best Berlin)
prizes donated by enthusiastic amateur Sellig of Berlin. Manhattan tnmt ends
winners Hanham, Hodges 20.5 Dr J Simonson 19 JW Baird, Delmar 18.5 JS Ryan 17
EA Ford, Dr Isaacson 16. Hodges, Hanham to play 2 game playoff. Well known
player and composer EN Frankenstein donates chessmen worth $100 to winner City
of London tnmt. Delmar 10-2-1 Bkln simul losing to F Rose, ES Gilley; others
(does not say who drew) JJ Spowers, AJ Souweine, CW Smith, R Loesser, R Colwell,
S Berendsohn, JD Elwell, CT Thompson, R Bonn, RA Breckinridge, EF Pruden. Old
Morphy home sold for $6000 at auction; 50 yrs ago Justice Morphy bought for
$90000. Interior dilapidated. Judge Morphy, Paul in 84, widow in 85, youngest
daughter 86 all died there; surviving son and daughter remained few mos longer
then left leaving most of building empty. Ltr to Pictorial World says chess
very popular among ancient Irish, many allusions Celtic lit. Tax in chess sets,
innkeepers required to provide chess sets gratis. NY Sun contacted Tschigorin,
says gave Steinitz option playing Havana or St Ptbg, and congratulated
Steinitz on bday. Replied will play Havana since invited 1st. Solns GW Glasier
(Warsaw NY), HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), CA Robinson (Romulus NY), SA Woods. Notes
to SH Wilder (NY), Tyro (Bedford IA), DE Ballard (Ballard's Falls KS), George
M Dewet (Owosso MI)

May 30, 1891 pg 12: Chess evening at Music Club. Present include Kamping,
A Velt, Walter J Hall, F de Rialp, Jesse Williams, A Hubbard, A Gildersleeve,
A Gori, A Weissman, M Rothschild

NY Tribune May 31, 1891 pg 24: Prob 33 S Loyd was used in soln tnmt City CC of
NY for gold chess badge won by E Kemeny. Solns DT Ross, JSB Jr, F Lufberry, RC
Walker, John Jay White, JH Thompson (Bkln), EA Hough, Fred Weil Jr (Wilmington
DE), Louis H Bahler, Henry Seibel, Joseph E Painchaud, SB Howell, R Sage Jr,
HD Patterson (Naugatuck), JL Stephen, Dr JB Elliott, EA Bancroft, Horton Pease
(Thomaston CT). Manhattan chp playoff Game 1 Hodges-Hanham French B32 w notes. 
Rcvd 420 pg book El Ajedrez, Investigaciones Sobre su Origen by Jose Brunet y
Bellet (pub Barcelona). Nearly 100 illustrations showing bd shapes and pieces
in various ages, curious medals, coats of arms et al. Hanham-Hodges 2-1 to
win Manhattan chp; Lipschutz challenged winner to $250/side match. Turn Verein
CC/Washington Heights CC 21-21. Turn Verein presented Shinkman fine ivory set 
and bd for sevices as judge prob tnmt in Bahn Frei, a journal which reps
interests of Turn Verein. Poem to Capt Mackenzie given, by WSC in Glasgow 
Herald. Note to Alfred Pimienta (NY). Solns WH Powell (Cresco IA), Dr WP 
Kochenour (Rego IN), WAD (Newark).

NY Tribune June 7, 1891 pg 24: Prob 34 FM Teed (NY). Solns Miss MJB (NY), 
Charles Broughton (Stapleton, SI), RC Walker (NY), R Sage Jr (NY), John Jay
White (NY). Manhattan chp playoff Game 2 Hanham-Hodges QP B34 w notes. Chess
dead season, but 3 new chess pubs rcvd.. Die Franzosische Partie by Albert
Heyde did good job 1st separate analysis French. OH CA 3d, 4th, 5th ann report
has constitution and account of proceedings since 1889 including 42 games in
their tnmts. Living Chess program of Living CC Dublin, descriptions prev
performances from Irish papers, drawings; seems popular in old country would 
find support NY. Notes to Smith Holdsworth (New Haven), Dr JB Elliott, CL
Morse (New Haven), Horton Pease, HD Patterson, JA Dewald (New Brunswick NJ), WH
Powell (Cresco IA), EA Bancroft, WAD (Newark), WH Wright (Newport NH). Solns
SA Woods, HG Elliott, JH Louden

NY Tribune June 14, 1891 pg 24: Prob 35 Jesse A Graves (Delaware Water Gap
PA). Solns Louis H Bahler, Charles N Lochman (Bethlehem PA), Charles Broughton,
JSB Jr, GW Glasier (Warsaw NY), EA Bancroft, WA Dougall (Newark), Dr James S
Carpenter (Pottsville PA), Dr JB Elliott, John Jay White, F Lufberry, R Sage Jr,
Fred Weil Jr (Wilmington DE), Horton Pease, SB Howell, WH Powell. Manhattan
Game Dr F Mintz-Amateur KGA Bishop G W22++ w notes. City of London-British CC
10-6; 3 games scored by default. City of London/(aristocratic) St George 7-7;
City leads series 5-2-1. Planned triangular contest but British CC could not
field strong enough team. Death H Millard of Ilkley, Yorkshire, 1 of best and
most enthusiastic players of county; loved chess even when became blind many yrs
before death; also strong corr player. JE Hall who played Bradford 89 intl
tnmt won Bradford CC "silver K." Book of 6th Amer congress due next wk. Book
number 1 bought by CH Bruel of Bkln for $30. Num 2 given to congress pres J
Spencer Turner, #3 to highest donor Dr OF Jentz who gave book subscription, $15
donation, special $50 prize for best vs winners in 2d rd split by Judd, Pollock.
#4 to Isaac Rice who donated $50 best game prize won by Gunsberg. Tie for next
between Bruel, Rudd, Schubert, Hon R Steel (Calcutta) each donate $40 settled
by lot down to single copies ordered by subscription date. Simpson's will hold
1st class even tnmt; entries so far include Lee, Loman, Mullerm Tinsley,
Jasnogrodsky, Van Vliet, 3/wk 20/1. Notes to Joseph E Painchaud, JH Louden,
EH Evans (Byron IL), HC Batchelder. Solns Tyro (Bedford IA), BP Leonard
(Troy PA). JJ White called attention to prob by Stal

NY Tribune June 20, 1891 pg 7: Death Dr Horace Richardson suddenly in Boston.
Well known here tho spent most of life abroad. Returned from Europe to attend
wedding of niece Anna H Richardson of Framingham, internal hemorrhage and died
of heart failure; had been some time subject to hemorrhages. Son of Asa and
Elizabeth (Bird) Richardson, b Boston Jan 7, 1830. 1846 entered Boston Latin
w other boys who became noted; Rev Dr Phillips Brooks, Prof JB Greenough, Rev
George H Hepworth, Henry L Higginson, Robert Treat Paine. Grad Harvard 1852,
Harvard med 1855. Devoted little time to medicine, abundant means allowed many
long residences abroad. Noted chess player, played matches w Morphy and served
as pres Boston CC.

NY Tribune June 21, 1891 pg 24: Prob 36 G Heathcote. Solns JSB Jr, Charles N
Lochman (Bethlehem PA), Dr JB Elliott (Bkln), Louis H Bahler, HD Patterson,
R Sage Jr, John Jay White, WE Walton (Wilmington DE), RC Walker (NY), SA Woods,
JA David (New Brunswick NJ). Simpson's Game J Mason-Hon R Steel Evans dec B22
w notes. Delmar vs Pollock match at NYSCA mtg will be best of 9 games draws
count if tie 1st win conclusive winner $70 loser $40. Bahn Frei Chess Souvenir
by H Bennecke has selected probs of intl Bahn Frei tnmt. Gossip's Chess 
Openings 2d ed rcvd; does excellent job when confining self to compilation
but often criticizes authorities of superior ability with assurance which lacks
taste. Uses tabular system introd in Modern Chess Instructor. Painstaking
research, high rec. Famous picture Chess Players at Cairo by Muller (1843)
changed hands; has history and description painting bought for 3050 guineas.
Recent British CC dinner party eminent barrister Sir Charles Russell MP ex-Atty
Gen England says interested in chess many yrs tho usu as spectator. Remembers
old W End Club, often looked on at Simpson's; many chess friends above all late
Barnes one of ablest men he knew and no less brilliant Burden who suffered
ill-health but always cheerful; pleasing recollections Bird and above all
Boden. Boden had many interests outside chess, never met more courteous man.
Only connection w serious chess was helping arrange Steinitz vs Anderssen 1866,
remembers watching; most interesting chess I saw, Steinitz then unknown,
Anderssen lost by underrating but Steinitz was not yet Steinitz of today. Notes
to W Hyde (Bkln), WA Dougall (Newark), WH Powell. Solns RL Scannell (Salt Lake
City), Charles S Jacobs, SA Woods, HG Elliott, SB Wilson (Faribault MN), JH
Louden. James H Harold (Dunellen NJ) wants to "cross Ps by mail" vs any
who want corr game

NY Tribune June 28, 1891 pg 24: Prob 37 L Bennecke (Chicago). Solns N Upham 
(NY), CL Morse, Dr JB Elliott, Charles N Lockman (Bethlehem PA), HC Batchelder,
Thomas Hegeman (Bkln), SB Howell, EA Bancroft, JA Dewald (New Brunswick), DT
Ross, BF Wood (NY), HD Patterson, RC Walker, James M Kiernan (NY)R Sage Jr, F
Lufberry, JSB Jr, WH Ellery (NY), John Jay White, Louis H Bahler, Horton Pease,
SA Woods, WH Powell. Nuremberg Game Tarrasch-M Kurschner French W23 mate 8 w 
notes.. 3.Nd2 discovered independently by Steinitz, Tarrasch. Final prog NYSCA
Chittenango July 20-24 rcvd. Main features Delmar vs Pollock match, Staats Ztg
cup competition of club chps, ann hdcp. Write treas ES Gilley (NYC) or sec HJ
Rogers (Albany). Death of Mrs Gunsberg, deep blow to husband and young family;
was not a chess X but took lively interest, regretted that chess was so 
cosmopolitan requiring long trips. Manchesters latest attempts to keep up chess
interest are ann summer hdcp and a "Skittles game tnmt: 1RR 60/1 or 1 min/move
at option players, will also fix opening each rd eg all Evans, then all Scotch,
Danish etc; in keeping w novel tnmt TB Wilson offers prizes under novel 
conditions (from Leeds Mercury). Book of 6th Amer congress out; not for me to
review but have rcvd compliments. Heavy, will delay delivery outside US, prob
send all to country in 1 package have them distribute. F Rose who rcvd deserved
popularity as congress treas assumes charge of deliveries. Notes to Alfred
Pimiento (NY), WA Dougall (Newark), GW Glasier, SHW (NY), N Upham (Bkln), JAF,
RI (NY), SP Weiman (Hardinsburg IN). Solns JH Louden, Charles S Jacobs, HG
Elliott, EH Evans (Byron IL)

NY Tribune July 5, 1891 pg 24: Prob 38 Rev SB Wilson (Faribault MN). Solns John
Jay White, RC Walker, JA Dewald, JSB Jr, Charles Broughton, FB Farwell (Holley
NY), R Sage Jr, SA Woods, Henry Seibel. Nuremberg Game K Eckart-Tarrasch 2N B27
w notes. Mexican Consul-Gen Havana Vazquez is most prolific current chess 
author. Layest is El Ajedrez en Cuba, collection articles from Diario de la
Marina on Blackburne visit to Havana and Tschigorin vs Steinitz cable match.
Has all Blackburne match and exhibition games and extensive notes on cable
games; excellent portraits Blackburne and Golmayo. London Divan tnmt begins,
entries Bird, Fenton, Gossip, Jasnogrodsky, Lee, Loman, Mortimer, Muller, 
Tinsley, Van Vliet; each 2 games/wk in wk 1 Gossip, Loman, Mortimer won both
games. 20/side Suffolk-Norfolk 19.5-17.5. Note to JE Spuyten (Duyvil NY). 
Solns JH Louden, HG Elliott, RL Scannell (SLC), Charles S Jacobs, AH Billings
(Bangor ME), LR Marshall (Washington DC), Tyro (Bedford IA)

NY Tribune July 12, 1891 pg 24: Prob 39 AH Robbins (St Louis). Solns MSB
(New Windsor NY), DT Ross, GL Haviland, Horton Pease, HC Batchelder, Henry
Seibel, JSB Jr, FB Farwell (Holley NY), Dr AN White (Cazenovia NY), E Ewen
(Spuyten Duyvil NY), Dr JH Graham (Boston), EA Bancroft, Dr JB Elliott, 
George C Poirier (NY), Louis H Bahler, Charles Broughton, RC Walker, James
M Kieran (NY), John Jay White (NY), JA Dewald, HD Patterson, WH Ellery, Clarence
Bahret (Poughkeepsie), E Ovington (Boston). One of 6 blind Havana Game
Blackburne-Ostolaza Sic W43 w notes; note Blackburne plays 2.d4 Steinitz says
2.Nc3 now considered safest. NYSCA sec HJ Rogers says mtg will be at
Skaneateles, not Chitttenango; prog unchanged. Staats-Ztg cup will be property
of 1st club to win 5 times. Gunsberg announces agreement for 7 game up match
vs Blackburne. Blackburne prefers 60L/side and Gunsberg agrees to reduction
from 100L/side on conditions both rcv expenses under auspices any English club
which invites them. Assisted in arrangements by Steel. End wk 2 Divan tnmt
Loman 4-0 Mortimer, Van Vliet 3, Notes to Dr JHG, WA Dougall (Newark), GW
Glasier, RL Scannell, Jacob Benjamin (Bombay). Hold that cannot have prob w 1st
move PxP ep

NY Tribune July 19, 1891 pg 4: Prob 40 FM Teed (NY). Solns Charles Broughton, 
JSB Jr, WH Ellery (NY), William H La Forge (Rahway), Queen (Stapleton NY), Henry
Seibel (Syracuse), Dr AN White (Cazenovia NY), Louis H Bahler, Dr JB Elliott, HD
Patterson, John Jay White. London Divan tnmt Game R Loman-Jasnogrodsky French
W43++ w notes. Chess growing, state CAs forming. NYSCA tnmt Skaneateles promises
brilliance. No match could arouse more interest than Delmar vs Pollock, both
of brilliant school; very different training, prev encounters slightly favor
Delmar. Pollock much younger, has played intl tnmts, won Dublin tnmt over
Burn, Mason. Delmar finished .5 ahead NY 1889. Pollock only match beat
Charles Moehle by odd game of 7 game up match Cincinnati last yr. Delmar matches
over 20 yr period, 1st beat Loyd. Recent matches vs Lipschutz; Lipschutz won 2 
of 3 matches. Only intl tnmt NY 1889. 2 time winner NYSCA tnmt, multiple 
Manhattan chp and other clubs. Much skittles practice vs Lipschutz, Hanham,
Hodges, Ryan et al; Pollock in Baltimore can rarely find hard opponent. 
Ottendorfer donated Staats-Ztg cup value $500, will be 1st competition for it.
Divan tnmt leaders Loman, Van Vliet 5-1 Mortimer 4.5. Notes to GCP (NY), HP
(Thomaston CT), Dr William P Kochenour, RJ (York PA), SOD (Washington DC), WB
(Milford Station PA). Solns HG Elliott, SA Mills, Dr WL White (Bellows Falls 
NY), SB Howell, WH Powell, AH Billing (Bangor), Charles S Jacobs.

NY Tribune July 21, 1891 pg 2: Players arrive Skaneateles. Delmar accompanied 
by 12 yr old 2d son Eugene. Rival Pollock arrived Syracuse Sun AM, could not
find train connection to Skaneateles so being believer in severe physical
exertion tramped full 23 miles in ~8 hrs, arrived 6 PM. Opponent hr later,
both fine physical condition. Much curiosity about result and types of games,
would 1st game be cautious feeler or hot battle? Pollock won toss. Pollock used
25 min move 10 gvg 37 in all vs Delmar 16. Game description. Game Pollock-Delmar
Vienna B64 mate 2. Game 2 started after hr break, in prog. Staats-Ztg Cup tnmt
starts tomorrow. Hanham here for Manhattan, Hodges for Staten Island, HJ
Rogers for Albany CC. City CC will send either Kemeny or S Loyd, Bkln CC
either WF Eno or AE Blackmar. 20 expected for hdcp tnmt, also start tomorrow

NY Tribune July 22, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz report day 2 Skaneateles. Pollock wins
2, leads Delmar 2-1. Kemeny leads for Staats-Ztg Cup by 2 games. Description
Delmar-Pollock. Game 2 Delmar-Pollock Ruy B65 w notes; Gilberg showed a win
for Delmar move 53. Before Staats-Ztg Cup tnmt began cttee decides won by
club that wins 3 consec or 5 in all, each a 2RR Ds count. Results Kemeny (City)
beat Hanham (Manhattan) and Blackmar (Bkln); Blackmar drew Hodges (SI). HJ
Rogers (Albany) also entered. Hdcp 3 classes play even, winners in final pool.
Class 1: JW Young-HH Schieffelin, WF Eno-General JA Congdon, Hodges/Hanham.
Class 2: FE Dixon-EE Alter, DW Walter [Waller?]-RB Leake. Class 3: WJ Shotwell-
A McMartin, JE Waller-A Brower, JE Waller-HD Wright; some others unfinished.

NY Tribune July 23, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz report from Skaneateles day 3. Pollock,
Delmar each won a game. Kemeny leads Staats-Ztg cup. Hdcp still unclear. Game
3 very surprising 1st 2 moves, Delmar played From Gambit as B but Pollock
transposed to KG. Delmar allowed doubled isolated QBP known as Winawer's 
trademark for his play against it Paris 1867. Game description. Kemeny beat
Hodges, drew Rogers in Staats-Ztg cup, Blackmar-Rogers, Hanham vs Hodges
unfinished. Well known Syracuse scientist SR Calthrop late entry 1st class.
Class 1 results Burlingame-Hanham, Calthrop-Burlingame, Congdon-Burlingame;
leaders Hanham 4.5 Young 3.5. Class 2 DF Searle 4-0 DW Waller 4-1. Class 3
Shotwell 5-0 JE Muller 3-2. Pollock lost game 4 23 moves 2:30, won game 5
68 moves. Game 3 Pollock-Delmar KGD W51 w notes

July 23, 1891 pg 6: Pollock still 1 game ahead of Delmar in match

NY Tribune July 24, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz report Skaneateles. Gen mtg chair 
Gilberg. Change rules so not need to be NY res if active mem any state CC. Thx
to Mr+Mrs CH Bruel for providing pagoda as mtg place, pres Gilberg, sec HJ 
Rogers. Staats-Ztg cup Hodges-Kemeny (diagram position), Kemeny-Blackmar,
Hodges-Rogers, Hanham-Blackmar. Class 1: Hanham wins 6.5 WF Eno 6 Rogers 5 w
1 left. Class 2 DF Searle 4.5 DW Waller 4. Class 3 WJ Shotwell 7 JE Waller 6.
Gilberg offers copy 6th Amer Congress book brilliancy prize in hdcp; SR
Calthrop sent in 15 move win vs EE Burlingame, curious ending given. Delmar
won game 6 vs Pollock using sac piece for 2 Ps invented by GB Fraser of
Dundee. Game description. Game 4 Delmar-Pollock English W23 w notes

NY Tribune July 25, 1891 pg 2: Steinitz report from Skaneateles. Delmar wins 2
to beat Pollock 5-3. Pollock admits to being out of practice, below form NY
1889. Hanham wins both Staats-Ztg cup for Manhattan and hdcp tnmt. Hanham beat
Kemeny, finished D vs Hodges, needed only D vs Rogers so attempted nothing and
got it. Due to duties as sec Rogers did not play 2d rd. Hanham beat Shotwell
to win hdcp. Steinitz won 2 blind vs Hodges and AE Blackmar in 75 min. Detailed
descriptions games 5, 6 Delmar vs Pollock. Game 5 Pollock-Delmar 4N W67 w notes
Game 6 Delmar-Pollock Ruy W53 w notes

NY Tribune July 26, 1891 pg 12: Prob 41 H Keidanski (Berlin). Delmar vs Pollock
game 7 description. Game 8 Pollock-Delmar French B63 w notes. Full CTs all 3
class tnmts. Class 1: Hanham 6.5-1.5 Hodges, WF Eno 6 JW Young, Rev SR Calthrop
4 EE Burlingame 3 WE Scripture 2.5 Gen JA Congdon, HH Schieffelin 2. Class 2:
DF Searle 4.5-.5 DW Waller 4 CB Goold 2.5 FA Dixon, RB Leake 2 Alter 0. Class 3:
WJ Shotwell 7-1 JE Waller 6 AM Martin 3 HD Wright, A Brower 2. Summer mtg USCA 
Lexington starts on 4th, all state CAs expected to be rep; know Showalter (KY),
Pollock (MD), WH Ripley (IN) entered. Since Steinitz away answers postponed

NY Tribune July 27, 1891 pg 7: Pollock collapse in final game 8 vs Delmar.
Game description. Final hdcp pool Shotwell-Searle rcvg P+1, Hanham-Searle gvg
P+2, Hanham-Shotwell gvg N. Hanham, Delmar both Manhattan mems, shot in arm
to club. Hodges played 7 games on last day, Hanham 6; praise both for entering
cup and hdcp. Giberg umpire for Delmar, Vorrath for Pollock; tnmt umpires
F Rose, Charles A Gilberg, HJ Rogers. Mr+Mrs Gilberg entertained ~50 w social
at pavilion; songs, dances, music til late. Next day Mr+Mrs CH Bruel treated
all to picnic and steamboat excursion. Pollock says in his experience 
equales only by Hereford 1888 in treatment players, and that was intl tnmt on
much larger scale. All enjoyed greatly. Game 8 Delmar-Pollock Sic W40 w notes.

July 28, 1891 pg 5: On disappearance James Cox, pub accountant+interpreter+
translater. Left home Bkln July 18 w large travel bag, not heard of since.
Age ~61. Preached for a time, then doctor NY, accountant and translater spoke
25 languages. Large incom, no vices. Mem Bkln CC and Franklin CC Philad.
Few yrs ago wife died; after this 3 children converted to Catholicism 1 is nun
S Amer, conversion grieved father who was practically an infidel. Handled none
others money so no defrauding possible. Descrip

NY Tribune Aug 2, 1891 pg 12: Prob 42 Hermann Jonsson. Solns William H Church
(Bkln), RD Jaques (Pearsalls, LI), Dr JB Elliott, JSB Jr, James M Kiernan (NY),
HD Patterson, DT Ross, George C Poirier (NY), SB Howell, RC Walker, Dr AN White,
BF Wood, Ezra C Williams (Orange NJ), Henry Seibel, Horton Pease, Will Rounds
(Chester VT), N Upham, Dr WL White, Charles Broughton, Louis L Bahler, Queen
(Stapleton NY), JA Dewald, Charles N Lockman, CL Morse, WH Powell. Staats-Ztg
cup Game Kemeny-Hanham Philidor B35 w notes. Simpson's Divan tnmt prize
winners R Loman 7.5 Van Vliet 7 Bird 6 Mortimer 5.5. Loman has fine record in
minor tnmts; won Dutch (country of birth) chp 1890, City of London chp early
this yr; promising future. 2 living chess performances London to benefit
Women's Help Society, grand success but not real chess just recitation,
should use great masters to play. Managers German Exhibition have engaged
Lasker of Berlin, will arrive (London?) next wk. Death Dr George D Ballantyne
of Huntingdon PA; few chances for strong OTB play but known strong corr player,
had some interesting corr games vs Steinitz few yrs ago. Warm lover, liberal
supporter of chess, local paps speak highly of private character, professional
ability. Staats-Ztg Cup CT Hanham 6-2 Kemeny 5.5 Hodges 5 AE Blackmar 2.5 HJ 
Rogers 1; Rogers lost all rd 2 games by FF. Note to CFM (W Troy NY), GCP (NY),
RJ (York PA), EJO (Bkln), GWC (Newark), NU (Bkln), ZH (Eureka KS). Solns CA
Robinson (Romulus), Robert L Scannell, CS Jacobs, P Howe (Birmingham CT), Robert
A McKim, Alfredo Pimienta, SA Woods, HC Batchelder, BP Leonard (Troy PA), N King
(Liverpool NY), GW Glasier, HG Elliott, Mrs LF Jones (Mariposa CA). Note to
AHB (Bangor ME), F Waller. Mrs LF Jones writes that she learned chess 1854, now 
teaching to grandson

Aug 2, 1891 pg 17: On lvg chess Hengler's Cirque, names pieces

NY Tribune Aug 6, 1891 pg 3: Only 7 entries USCA chp Lexington. Arrangements
delayed for arrivals of organizers Cochran, Ripley. Rd 1: Fick/Hanham,
Uedemann-Trabue, Pollock-Showalter, Ripley bye. Rd 2: Ripley-Hanham, Fick-
Trabue. Showalter, Pollock played 7 hrs. Openings given. RW McReery leads
free-for-all 3-0. Uedemann, Hanham left playing fine game Tues evening. Large
attendance. Up to Wed evening as given Omaha Bee below

NY Tribune Aug 7, 1891 pg 3: Pollock, Hanham lead Lexington tnmt 3 wins, Dr
Fick 2.5 w no losses Uedemann 2.5 Showalter 2 Ripley, Trabue 1; Trabue has
finished his games. Free-for-all won by Arthur Peter 4-0. Master tnmt only 1RR

NY Tribune Aug 8, 1891 pg 7: Lexington tnmt Pollock-Uedemann, Showalter-Fick;
stdgs Pollock 4 Hanham, Showalter 3 Uedemann, Fick 2.5 Ripley, Trabue 1.
Soln tnmt won by De Roote

NY Tribune Aug 9, 1891 pg 2: Lexington USCA tnmt Showalter-Hanham, Showalter-
Ripley, Pollock-Fick; final Showalter, Pollock 5 Hanham 3 Fick, Uedemann 2.5 
Ripley 2 Trabue 1; Showalter wins playoff prizes $100, 75, 25. Distributed by
Spencer, Pres Cochran notes that as in St Louis last yr prize order KY, MD,
NY (St Paul Globe Aug 8 pg 8)

NY Tribune Aug 9, 1891 pg 12: Prob 43 S Loyd. Solns DT Ross, George W Morgan
(NY), CL Morse, H Pease, EA Bancroft, Louis H Bahler, JSB Jr, Dr AN White, HD
Patterson, RC Walker, Robert A McKim, Dr JB Elliott, William H Church, James M
Kieran, Charles N Lochman, EF Sherwood (NY), BF Wood, SA Woods (Spring Mills 
PA), WH Powell, HC Batchelder, Roland Jessop (York PA), AH Billings, HG Elliott,
Robert L Scannell, Dr EE Glover (Terre Haute IN), GW Glasier, Mrs LP Jones
(Mariposa CA). One of 2 blind simul Skaneateles Game Steinitz-Hodges Vienna
W17 w notes; Hodges odd opening sharing common error will confuse blind player;
more unsual opening more distinct impression.  London Divan tnmt full CT
Loman 7.5-1.5 Van Vliet 7 Bird 6 Mortimer 5.5 Gossip 4.5 OC Muller 4 RP Fenton,
Tinsley 3 FJ Lee 2.5 Jasnogrodsky 2. JD Chambers wins Scottish chp Glasgow, 
clean score. Tarrasch willing to have match vs Gunsberg. Blackburne vs Gunsberg
will start as soon as a CC guarantees expenses of 40L. Leeds, Scarborough making
efforts. Schottlander, well known pupil Anderssen, visited London played w 
success vs some of top players. Lasker expected to begin exhibition vs all
comers at German Exhibition London July 27. City of London winter tnmt list open
20 entered immediately including Synopsis author William Cook. Death problemist
JA Miles of Norwich, ~75, interested in probs til end. Sensation young Walbrodt
match Berlin vs Scallopp; Walbrodt wins after beeing down 3-0-1 wins 5 consec
5-3-1. 5 game up match tho w limit 12 games in prog, K Hollander leads 
Bardeleben 2-1-1. Notes to WLW, NU, JAD, GWC, FM, HS, HLH, S Loyd

NY Tribune Aug 16, 1891 pg 12: Prob 44 JB Valle (1st prize Piccolo Scacchista).
USCA tnmt Lexington Game Showalter-Hanham Evans W28 (says mate 4 tho Steinitz
says not quite). Young Lasker will play all comers at German Exhibition, either
for stakes or free, will also give simuls. If strong players take up gauntlet
will have hard task since constant play vs amateurs will tax him. Ltr from 
London writes of Lasker; played all comers on 4 bds kept going continuously.
Beat Muller, Dr SF Smith single-handed. In 2 days 44-0-1 in simul play but
few serious players hardest task correcting move errors, which he did politely.
Most spectators knew little chess but enjoyed spectacle. Gunsberg acted as
"showman" successfully, enticed several ladies to play Lasker. Counties CA ann
mtg Oxford Aug 3. Large attendance. 18 1st class entries in 2 divisions; Owen,
Skipworth, Dr Hunt, Jones-Bateman, Blake, Lambert, Peachey, Schott, Thorold,
Trenchard in 1 and Biggs, Briggs, Erskine, Fisher, Marriott, Newham, Rumboll,
Wilson. Leaders after 2 days given. 2d class also well-filled, 2 secs. HF
Gastineau chess garden party, guests included Macdonnell, Dr Ballard, Chappell,
Blackburne, Cubison, Cunningham, Cutler, Fenton, Hooker, Hoare, Kershaw (pres
City of London), Lork, Marks, Pilkington, Stevens, Watts et al. Tinsley wins
Frankenstein's brilliancy prize for Divan tnmt, for win vs Lee. No CC has 
offered expenses for Blackburne vs Gunsberg, hope comes off. Tarrasch retires 
as DSZ ed over differences w publishers which may lead to lawsuit; now conducted
by Gottschall alone. Hollander wins game 6 vs Bardeleben, games 5, 7, 8 drawn.
Return match vs 3-time USCA chp Showalter and Max Judd planned winter; Judd won
prev match 5-3. Full CT USCA tnmt. Solns EF Sherwood, EA Bancroft, Louis H 
Bahler, JSB Jr, CL Morse, Dr CC Moore (NY), RC Walker, James M Kieran, SB 
Howell, Roland Jessop, HG Elliott, RL Scannell, AH Billings, Charles S Jacobs,
Mrs LF Jones, J Frederick Smith (Grinnell IA). Notes to ANW, HP, JBE, WHP,
HLH, WHC, WR (Chester VT), EEG (Terre Haute), GFC (Skaneateles), HP (Thomaston

NY Tribune Aug 20, 1891 pg 7: Paulsen obit. Learned chess from father, 1 of
best players that part Germany. 1854 to US, estabd biz Dubuque w bro Ernest.
Got local chess rep, invited to Chicago beat best there. NY 1857. Challenged
Morphy on return, declined. 1861 Bristol, Kolisch match, London 1862.
Other tnmts won Leipzig 77 over Anderssen, Zukertort; less success Baden 70,
Vienna 73 and 82. Matches vs Anderssen: 1862 tied 3-3 but Paulsen won 2 more
for separate prizes, 1876 5-4, Leipzig 77 5-3-1. Also beat Neumann 5-3,
Adolf Schwarz 5-2, Max Lange 5-2. Fame blindfold. Played 14 blind Dubuque
1858, passed only once Zukertort 16. Beat both Blackburne, Mackenzie during
blind exhibitions when both young. Thoroughly straightforward and honest,
modest and unassuming manners made popular w amateurs and experts

NY Tribune Aug 23, 1891 pg 24: Prob 45 Charles S Jacobs (Des Moines). Final USCA
tnmt Lexington Game Showalter-Pollock 2N W44 w notes. Counties CA tnmt Oxford
closed Aug 8. 1st class div 1 tie JH Blake, Skipworth 7.5-1.5; will play off
London Oct. Owen, E Jones-Bateman (St George CC), CJ Lambert (St George), HW
Trenchard (British CC) 4.5. 2d div 1st class Rumboll, Erskine tie for 1st; 
Rumboll won playoff, J Wilson 3d. McCarthy won 1 sec class 2, Gledhill the other
and McCarthy won playoff. Miss Thorold won Rogers cup top female. Lunch chair
Dr Hunt, large attendance included Macdonnell. FJ Lee also at congress.
Credit Skipworth arrangements. Lasker visit to German Exhibition very popular;
thru Friday was 79-0-1 mostly vs novices. Friday won single game for small stake
vs Gibbons. Sat 15-2-3 simul 2 hrs. Wed 1-1-1 blind. Trying to arrange match
Lasker vs a London master. Amusing account Lasker at exhibit given from Leeds
Mercury. Intent of Lasker exhibit to show dull and backward English can beat
them at chess on own ground. Learn Bird, Mason willing to dispute invader. Many
spectators knew no chess but enjoyed watching features of face losers. Then 
came Max Muller, no mean performer himself, Lasker won. Ladies tried and could
not turn tide. Next day crowded all day. Dr SF Smith put up good game, lost.
Lasker 1-1-1 blind does not compare w Blackburne but amazes some; winner was
J Sargent of Brixton CC. USCA mtg Lexington ends, thx Lexington CC, Gilberg,
Loyd for contributions. New officers J Warren Hulse (St Louis), Charles A
Gilberg, Shipley, J Hinrichs (Baltimore), BF Williams (Lexington), Dr ER Lewis
(Indianapolis), Warwick H Ripley (Indianapolis). Late Louis Paulsen genius
of order now recognized, had to pass thru period public derision and 
depreciation. Pioneer of modern school, faced sentimental opposition. I myself
was absolute believer in old style, when I first met Kolisch and Anderssen spoke
derogatorily about Paulsen's style; both warmly defended Paulsen agains my
criticism, set me thinking, as did Paulsen's games of  London 1862. Chess
genius not only brilliant combos. Morphy not opening innovator, Paulsen was.
Tarrasch denies real genius old masters, even Morphy; I must disagree with his
overenthusiasm for modern school. Paulsen genius of highest order tho not of
sort who was admired, yet beat old school masters Anderssen, Kolisch, Neumann.
TB+FF Rowland write that they said article on telegraph chess notation was 
mine according to Montreal Gazette; it is actually Metger's I just translated
it for my journal. Solns James M Kieran, HL Harris (Flatbush NY), EF Sherwood,
Charles N Lochman, HC Batchelder, HD Patterson, Adolf Michaelis (NY), EA
Bancroft, H Pease, Dr JB Elliott, JSB Jr, Louis H Bahler, BF Wood, DT Ross,
William Rounds (Vhester VT), Dr AN White, AH Billings, Dr William L White 
Bellows Falls VT), Robert L Scannell, Mrs LF Jones. Notes to WHC, HO, CLM, RBP,

NY Tribune Aug 30, 1891 pg 22: Prob 46 S Loyd. USCA tnmt Lexington Game
Showalter-Pollock [really Dr O Fick-Showalter; see Sept 13) 2N B55 w notes. 7th 
German CA congress Dresden next yr, prob tnmt modifications given, send to O 
Schutz (Dresden), judges Dr H von Gottschall and J Mieses, Richard Mangelsdorf 
ref. Pamphlet rcvd from Glasgow CC, corr game won vs N London CC w copious 
annotations from Glasgow Herald; 2d game in prog. Tarrasch wants to play 
Gunsberg at latest by Sept, Gunsberg wants to postpone til after Blackburne 
match, fear both may fall thru. 6 game contest Lee vs Lasker arranged for prize 
donated by Harvey. Hollander-Bardeleben 5-2-7; places him in front rank German 
masters. De Visser awards Skaneateles hdcp brilliancy prize (6th Amer congress 
book) to EE Burlingame for win vs JW Young; 2d prize Rev SR Calthrop for win vs 
Hodges. St George CC mem David Barclay Chapman died, estate worth 983000L; CRM 
Talbot MP died 1890 estate worth 1.4 million Ls both w large real estate as 
well. Belmont (Belfast) Lawn Tennis and CC formed, issues challenge to Clontarf 
(Dublin) CC for double match lawn tennis and chess [USE]. Belfast players won at
tennis but lost 9-4 in chess; return match soon. Have heard vaguely of cricket 
and chess connected to Leeds and Bradford CC, tho never expect to see it: from 
Bradford Observer Budget. Lasker continued at German Exhibition. Aug 12 faced 
formidable 4some Moriau, Curnock, Hamond, Harper; lost to Moriau, Curnock, 
Hamond. In single fights lost a game to James Mortimer and drew a game vs 
Jasnogrodsky. Bird vs Lasker 20L/side arranged, likely begin as soon as Lasker-
Lee done. Divan tnmt arranged mid-Sept, Bird, prob Mason, perhaps Gunsberg will 
enter. Solns Louis H Bahler, H Seibel, Charles N Lockman, H Pease, William 
Rounds, EF Sherwood, SA Woods, Charles Broughton, Charles F Mertin (W Troy NY), 
Dr AN White, HD Patterson, EA Bancroft, RC Walker, JSB Jr, Adolf Michaelis (NY),
Dr JB Elliott, JM Tomlinson (Alexandria IN), AH Billings, Charles S Jacobs, HG 
Elliott, GW Glasier, WH Powell, Robert L Scannell, SA Wppds. Notes to WHC, GS 
will not repeat Morphy games here most amateurs know and repetition would not 
interest, RLS, HGE

Sept 4, 1891 pg 4: Recall that after cable match Steinitz invited to Tschigorin
match by Havana, St Ptbg. Steinitz chose Havana, $2000/side; had been no
further word so feared off. Now ltr Tschigorin explains due to absence of
friends who usu translate ltrs. Most likely start at end Dec, 10 games up.
Havana abandoning plans for intl tnmt since Golmayo and Vasquez too busy.
Hanham vs Kemeny 5 game up match arranged for $100 NY, 1st game Mon

Sept 6, 1891 pg 14: 70th bday germany's blind poet Hieonymous Lorm; he is
called a chess master

Sept 6, 1891 pg 24: Prob 47 G Heathcote (Manchester). Late match Game
K Hollander-Bardeleben Bishop O 2..Nf6 f4 W60 w notes. After 1 D, Lee
resigns match vs Lasker due to health; says German Exhibition unsuitable
location for match. Bird vs Lasker under discussion. Reason to hope Gunsberg
vs Blackburne soon, will try to arrange winner vs Tarrasch. Solns JSB Jr
(NY), EF Sherwood (NY), Henry Seibel (NY), Dr CC Moore (NY), Dr AN White
(Cazenovia NY), RC Walker (NY), JA Dewald (New Brunswick), EA Bancroft (New
London), HD Patterson (Naugatuck), Louis H Bahler (Malden NY), JH Louden
(Bloomington IN), AH Billings (Bangor ME), HL Harris (Flatbush NY), WL Harvey
(Portland ME), GW Glasier (Oatka NY), RL Scannell (Salt Lake City), Dr
TP Crosse (Sun Prairie WI), WH Powell (Cresco IA), JT Miller (Bedford IA),
Dr EEG, EA Ford is Manhattan sec, Dr HMD, Mrs LFJ

Sept 10, 1891 pg 4: Death Grevy notes skilled chess player

Sept 13, 1891 pg 24: Prob 48 James Rayner (Leeds). London Divan tnmt Game
Loman-Van Vliet Ruy W37 w notes. Wilfried Paulsen reminscences of brother
from Wochenschach. Lived simply and regularly, drank only water no spirits,
conserved self well. March influenza. Came daily from Blomberg to Nassengrund
(Wilfried res), stopped coming May due to swollen feet and kept to room where
still did usu work (manager Wilfried's estate). May 1 proposed trip to Hartz,
he declined. July last attempt journey to recup but to weak, stopped Kassel
wrote relatives to visit, brother Ernst brought him home. Positively refused
medical advice. Strength failed rapidly last days, died Aug 18, doctor said
diabetes mellitus. Funeral, many wreaths, had no enemies or arguments.
Life simple and unassuming, gave alms to poor tho economical, strict rectitude,
conscientiousness, punctuality, love of truth. Bookkeeping so careful never
errors. Confined to bed only last day. Rookewoode story from BCM w brain
molecules [unclear if Steinitz realizes joke or not]. Hanham vs Kemeny tied 1-1.
After USCA mtg Lexington, Colonel Frank Williams arranged triangular match
Showalter, Pollock, Hanham for $100 prizes, 4RR; abandoned due to Pollock
illness after Showalter beat Hanham 2 games, Showalter drew Pollock,
Hanham beat Pollock. Last yr USCA pres WC Cochran says Aug 30 game actually 
Dr O Fick-Showalter; mistake from Lexington paper, adds that USCA entering
4th yr favorably, slow steady growth. City CC chp tnmt orgd, entries include
Kemeny, Loyd, Munzo [Munoz?], Otten. Solns DT Ross, Dr JB Elliott (Bkln),
H Pease (Thomaston CT), DBF (NY), Adolf Michaelis (NY), JA Dewald,
Smith Holdsworth (New Haven), Louis H Bahler, EF Sherwood, EA Bancroft,
RC Walker, Charles Broughton (Stapleton SI), Henry Seibel (Syracuse), HD
Patterson, Dr AN White, General HA Frink (Westerly RI), Dr ST King (Bkln),
Edward S King (Liverpool NY), SA Woods (Spring Mills PA), RL Scannell,
PH Jeffers (Cisco UT), Mrs LJJ, Dr HMD

Sept 20, 1891 pg 24: Prob 49 Walter Gleave (London). Corr Game Glasgow CC-
N London CC Center Game W34 notes Glasgow Herald; Sheriff Spens proposed
Center game to cttee as less known opening. Tschigorin vs Steinitz match
essentially settled. Aristidez Martinez of NY who is also prominent mem
Havana CC where visits annually and contributes liberally will make final
arrangements, free passage and expenses, separate rewards individ games,
start Dec 15. BCA congress Lonodon this fall, awaiting official prog.
London season opens w sec mtg Sept 15 to arrange matches. City of London to
open early Oct w Blackburne ann blind Oct 5; now over 250 mems. Blackburne vs
Gunsberg match unclear, both filling engagement calendars. Bird vs Lasker also
problematical. N London resigns 2d corr game to Glasgow which wins 2-0.
Rumors Purssells to be demolished and rebuilt, linked w chess for yrs, home old
London CC whose name still in panel upstairs room; luncheons and dinners served
there; Fenton, Jasnogrodsky, Tinsley most regular top players, Blackburne,
Gunsberg, Mason look on, was home to Morphy, Staunton, Falkbeer, Zukertort,
Steinitz. 3d Bohemian congress Prague Aug 12-16, ~100 players, many top
problemists in 2 tnmts. Haupttnmt winners Kvicala, Traxler/Kotrc. Minor tnmt
winners Musil, Cimburek. Prob tnmt winners J Hlineny, S Zimmerman, Vetesnik,
L Cimburek, J Drtina, E Weinheimer, G Chocholous. Hanham leads Kemeny 3-2.
Manhattan team match on 26, bald vs hirsute; very popular over 40 including
top players taking sides; bald claims opponents cannot touch hair of their
heads while full hair vow to grasp enemies where the wool is short. Bkln CC
has challenged Manhattan, under negotiation. Consolation prizes $5 each best
game non-winners Skaneateles donated EE Burlingame awarded by cttee chaired
by De Visser to WF Eno for win vs Scripture, General JA Congdon for win vs
SR Calthrop. Solns AY Gray (Middletown Springs VT), Louis H Bahler, JSB Jr,
Henry Seibel, Gen HA Frink, HD Patterson, JA Dewald, Dr JB Elliott, EA Bancroft,
EF Sherwood, WH La Forge (Rahway NY), Charles Broughton, Adolf Michaelis,
RC Walker, Theodore P Crosse, HG Elliott (Leon SD), Charles S Jacobs (Des
Moines), Robert L Scannell (Salt Lake City), N King, JH Louden, SA Woods

Sept 27, 1891 pg 16: Article on Grevy mentions his chess

Sept 27, 1891 pg 24: Prob 50 J Hlineny. Match Game Hanham-Kemeny e4 e5 d3 
(calls Indian Opening) B37 w notes. Glasgow vs Lpool match arranged for
25th, Lpool won large majority 1st 2 such matches. Hanham vs Kemeny 4-4.
33 secs for mtg at opening club season; 6 enter open sec Athenaeum, Brixton,
City News Rooms, Ludgate Circus, N London. 11 in jr sec Amethyst, Battersea,
Bermondsey, Bow+Bromley, Cyprus, Exeter Hall, Hampstead, Lee, Lewesham, Post
Office, Somerset House. 3d div will be arranged for weaker clubs next yr.
Yorkshire chp won by FP Wildman of Leeds, beat JA Woollard of Bradford. 
Great City of London winter hdcp starts immediately after Blackburne blind
Oct 5. Simpson tnmt pros no EF, amateurs 1 guinea each; last yr winner Loman
enters as amateur. Loman has won 4 consec events; Dutch chp 90-91, City of
London chp, Simpson summer tnmt, Dutch chp 91-92. Solns WH Powell (Cresco IA),
Dr Samuel T King (Bkln), Charles Schlundt (Rahway), John H Swaffield (Bkln),
DT Ross, DBF (NY), AY Gray, HD Patterson, EF Sherwood, JA Dewald, RC Walker, 
WH La Forge, JSB Jr, Gen Frink, Charles N Loehmann (Bethlehem PA), 
Joseph Bradley (Bkln), Adolf Michaelis, Smith Holdsworth, H Pease, EA Bancroft,
Bahler, Dr JB Elliott, Henry Steibel (Syracuse), SB Howell (Painted Post NY),
Colonel AS Marvin (NY), GW Morgan (NY), JH Louden, Mrs LF Jones (Mariposa CA),
JT Miller (Bedford IA)

Sept 28, 1891 pg 1: Much talked of Blackburne vs Gunsberg match now assured,
Southampton enthusiast will pay expenses if at Southampton

Oct 1, 1891 pg 10: Bkln CC challenges Manhattan 12/side home+home

Oct 3, 1891 pg 10: Bkln CC ann mtg under events of day

Oct 4, 1891 pg 22: Prob 51 T Taverner (Bolton). Final match Game Hanham-Kemeny
QP Stonewall W48 w notes; mentions Hanham rcvd early chess training in Boston
where Ware developed stonewall and plays it w great skill. Solns FB Farwell
(Holley NY), JSB Jr, Otto Hesse (Bethlehem PA), RC Walker, JA Dewald,
Charles Schlundt, Adolph Michaelis, EF Sherwood, WH La Farge, Henry Seibel,
Edward S King, SA Woods, JH Louden, Robert L Scannell, PH Jeffers. R Loman
again won Dutch chp Utrecht, 5 player tnmt 6.5 AG Olland 6 van Foreest 4.5.
Netherland CA prob tnmt open only to Dutch closes Mar 31 next yr. Wochenschach
describes novel match Loman vs van Foreest each 10 games simultaneously w 30 
min for all games; van Foreest won 1st 3 using only 12.5 min whil Loman used 
25; allowed Loman 10 extra min still won 7-3; van Foreest actuall ran from 1 bd 
to another yet few weak moves. Hanham-Kemeny 5-4 winning last 2. Bald vs hirsute
Manhattan paired by lot except bald Delmar vs Ryan. Bald won 14-11 but to
paraphrase old proverb road to defeat paved w good excuses. Lipschutz who was
1 of chiefs full-headed treated as joke, instead of accepting resignation weak
opponent decided to play suicide and forced opponent to mate him but bald
claimed proudly as win; also refused to score win Lipschutz over strong
Norwegian amateur Dahl since Lipschutz did not keep score as rules asked.
Full-haired would have tied w these and next yr vow to shear Lipschutz so
can play pranks on other side. Prominent full hairs Hanham, Lipschutz, Ryan,
Vorrath, Devide, Simonson, Ettlinger; bald led by Delmar, DJ Baird, Richardson,
Dr Mintz, Dahl. Ryan won good game vs Delmar. 1st Manhattan hdcp of season
starts on 10th, 5 classes, 6 prizes, enter w tnmt cttee chair Dr Mintz

Oct 11, 1891 pg 24: Prob 52 S Zimmermann. Corr Game 2 N London-Glasgow Evans dec
B40 w notes. Mr and Mrs TB Rowland of Clontarf preparing Chess Player's Annual
1892, ask club secs for usu info. Lasker begins 2d series at German Exhibition
London. 2d even Simpson's tnmt started Sept 28, entries Bird, Fenton, Gossip,
Jasnogrodsky, Loman, Mortimer, Muller, Rolland, Tinsley, Van Vliet; 2 games/wk.
Regret to see that Bkln challenge to Manhattan for team match leading not to 
match but to sort of resolution fight; Bkln talking of "war". Storm in teapot
from fact Bkln beaten badly 12/side 4 yrs ago when in infancy, now strengthened
by such as De Visser and Blackmar supplementing prev Richardson and Teed claims
challenge is return match must be 12/side; Manhattan proposing 15/side; Bkln
sends resolution w many whereas etc., much pubd, my view is NY is correct
notion of rematch not valid after 4 yrs and certainly poor to impugn of unfair
play; hope can settle amicably and have friendly match. Solns H Seibel, JA
Dewald, SB Howell, William H Church (Bkln), FB Farwell, August Kuenzel 
(Detroit), CE Scheide (Bristol PA), HJ Legg (Bkln), HC Batchelder (Potsdam NY),
EF Sherwood, CH Van Honter (Ithaca NY), Louis H Bahler, Joseph Bradley, RC 
Walker, Edward S King, Charles Broughton, AY Gray, HD Patterson, Dr ST King,
Otto Hesse, Charles Schlundt, Dr JB Elliott, JSB Jr, CP Lovell (Bkln), Adolf
Michaelis, WH Powell, James M Kieran (NY), JT Miller (Bedford IA)

Oct 18, 1891 pg 22: Even chess enthusiasts would be surprised to learn US has
280 CCs w combined mem over 20,000, if all social CCs and coteries added many
times that number

Oct 18, 1891 pg 24: Prob 53 WA Clark fro Bristol Mercury prob tnmt. Rapid 
transit bald vs hirsute match Game S Lipschutz (full-haired)-Dr F Mintz (bald)
KGA Bishop G W26++ w notes lasted about 7 minutes. 10/side Lpool-Glasgow 7-3,
Glasgow missing some top players while Lpool led w Burn and Owen; total 3
matches Lpool leads 21-11. 1st wk Simpson's tnmt singularly uneventful, almost
all D. Manhattan vs NJ match set Nov 5. Ltr from Elwell to Steinitz on Bkln
vs Manhattan proposed match; feels Manhattan has decided cannot afford to lose;
replied to Manhattan request for 15/side not 12 but had no response, nothing
left but to make resolutions; should we promise to lose if they play 12/side?
Steinitz disagrees that asking for 15 is sign of fear; suggests compromise
13/side. Latest word is that Manhattan plans to decline but will issue general
challenge to all NY that Bkln may be part of. Solns Dr Samuel T King, JA Dewald,
RC Walker, Dr JB Elliott, EF Sherwood, FB Farwell, C Van Houter (Ithaca),
H Seibel, HD Patterson, Louis H Bahler, JSB Jr, Adolf Michaelis, DLS (Bellows
Falls VT), Dr William L White (Bellows Falls VT), JH Louden, Robert L Scannell,
Charles S Jacobs

Oct 25, 1891 pg 22: Prob 54 G Heathcote. Lpool vs Glasgow match Game
Sheriff Spens-Amos Burn GP B32 w notes. BCM gives excellent portrait French
pres Grevy w reminiscence Riviere who says at chess he was never strong, liked
quick games and easy wins, did not enter tnmts or face top players; while pres
usu played de Freycinet and Councillor Albert Clerc who often gave him 
pleasure of winning. Felt chess deserved higher place in society and state
should support, always supported our tnmts and but for evident ill-will of
certain coterie we would have had an 1889 tnmt even greater than 1878.
Negotiations in prog for St Louis cross matches Judd, Showalter, Lipschutz
this winter, each party $500 stake winner of 2 7 up matches takes all; 
Lipschutz and Showalter to rcv liberal railway and hotel expenses. Blackburne
6-1-2 blind to open City of London season, lost by leaving Q en prise when 
trying to hurry to catch train. Oct 9 Blackburne 16-1-3 City of London simul
very rapid play. City of London chp tnmt to be combined w winter tnmt start
Oct 19, 30 1st class will play even in 3 secs of 10. Simpson tnmt leaders
Tinsley 2.5-.5 Loman 3-1 Bird 2-1 Fenton, Van Vliet 2-2. Gunsberg 19-2-3
simul Hastings. Tschigorin, Steinitz stakes deposited; only some final rules
Qs to settle thru Aristidez Martinez. Book of Amsterdam 1889 tnmt out in
German by D Van Foreest and JI Tresling; Steinitz adds overlooked analysis
of "firework" in game. Ltr from EH Underhill hoping proposed Manhattan vs
NY state match comes off; can bar Manhattan mems and send to NYSCA. Players eg
Richmond, Thornton, Cassety of Buffalo, Luce and O'Conner of Rochester, Cox
and Brinkerhoff of Auburn, Calthrop and Burlingame of Syracuse, Waller of
Seneca Falls, Scripture and Searle of Rome, Rogers and Deyo of Albany, Judge 
dexter of Elmira et al. Proposes Dec 22 courts and schools out will allow
such as Hons GH Thornton, James R Cox, WE Scripture, DF Searle and Profs
Cassety, Rogers, Deyo. Ltr signed Yale 66 [no doubt Caswell] pledging $100
towards intercollege challenge cup. Solns Van Houter, Michaelis, Seibel,
Bahler, Scheide, Elliott, JSB Jr, Patterson, Dewald, King, James M Kieran (NY),
Walker, Pease, TA Laurie (NY), Sherwood, Bancroft, Alexis Club (Philad), Woods,
Scannell, Mrs LF Jones

Nov 1, 1891 pg 22: Prob 55 Mrs WJ Baird. 1 of 2 blind Skaneateles July Game
Steinitz-AE Blackmar KGD W37 w notes. Simpson tnmt leaders Tinsley 3.5-.5
Bird, Fenton 4-2 Loman 3-2. Both Purssell players, Fenton and Tinsley, doing
well. Van Vliet, Mortimer faring poorly, Bird holding own. L Hoffer 15-0-3
simul S Norwood. British CC hdcp tnmt arranged. City of London winter hdcp/
chp began Oct 19; top 3 secs (30) in chp. Blackburne provincial tour all Nov,
Lancashire, Yorkshire, far N as Newcastle. Indefatigable AC Vasquez begins
monthly El Pablo Morphy, 1st issue excellent Morphy portrait and interesting
account 1st Morphy pubd game vs Rousseau 1851 in La Regence. Prof Berger plans
1892 annual w address and short bio all leading chess figs; secs and chessists
send info. Gives ltrs from both Mintz, Elwell on Bkln vs Manhattan to each
other. Mintz says only 10 days wo answer, was waiting for cttee mtg, then 
prevented from answering by Bkln resolutions. Elwell feels incredible ignored 
Bkln challenge because of idle gossip or news reports; aside courtesy want fair 
match vs Manhattan, would accept Steinitz compromise. Another language
confusion as in cable match on Tschigorin communications. Provision sent
that players could not look at position during adjournment; not possible 
because will have journalistic duties must cable it. May cause delay. Solns 
Stephen G Ruth (Bkln), Walker, Seibel, Patterson, JSB Jr, Michaelis, Farwell,
Bahler, Bradley, Sherwood, King, Louden, Woods, N King (liverpool NY)

Nov 6, 1891 pg 2: Largest team match in US 22/side Manhattan vs NJ. Players
divided into 3 groups then paired by lot. L Sternberg vs Delmar, E Hymes vs
Hanham, A Vorrath vs Dr F Mintz, C Hymes vs Hodges, N Hymes vs JS Ryan,
EL Massett vs FM Teed, JB Munoz vs DG Baird, RB Keys vs JW Baird, EB Cook
vs Dr Isaacson, RW Pope vs S Lipschutz, TK Wheeler vs De Visser, J Vossler vs
JS Curry, William Hicks vs EA Ford, William Rowe vs AC Clapp, Dr Nadler vs
E Levy, S Lissner vs J Maltzan, GJ Benner vs RW Ferguson, A Dimock vs EW Dahl,
DP Hall vs H Thompson, TJ Hatfield vs RB Hartshorn, H Kyte vs EJ Kaltenbach,
A Kempa vs JG Ascher [[resume NJ all 1st]. 1st win Manhattan sec EA Ford over
Hicks, then NJ chp Vorrath/Mintz, Dahl win, M Lissner (1st NJ win). At 10:30
NY led 9.5-4.5, 11:30 Steinitz adjud unfinished games

Nov 8, 1891 pg 22: Prob 56 was for soln tnmt Bohemian Chess Congress, 1st soln
Chocholous 10 min. Current Simpson's tnmt Game S Tinsley-L Rolland QGD B34
mate 2 w notes. Final score team match Manhattan-NJ 14-8, NJ pleased w showing
esp upper bds L Sternberg-Delmar, C Hymes-Hodges. 2 games left for adjud E Hymes
/Hanham, DG Baird/JB Munoz. Note NY player up P in each which caused some
discussion, Steinitz using rule from Oxford vs Cambridge which says D unless
can show clear winning position within 6 moves; Manhattan players both likely
to win if played out. Current Simpson tnmt leaders Bird, Fenton, Loman; Tinsley
back .5 or so. Van Vliet below form much worse than summer tnmt, Fenton doing
well. City of London winter tnmt 12 secs started Oct 19. Surrey CA-Sussex CA
8.5-7.5. Blackburne provincial tour thru Xmas. Rising young Walbrodt who
beat Schallopp recently also beat H Keidanski 5-1, will have match vs v Scheve.
Triangular Judd, Showalter, Lipschutz match starts Dec 7. Dr F Mintz, chess ed
The Illustrated American, plans to pub w permission author translation Berger's
excellent Theorie u Praxis Endspiele in the mag. Manhattan hdcp leaders
Hodges (class A1) 12.5-.5 EA Ford (1) 9-2 OM Bostwick (1) 11-3. Ltr from EAC
(Yale 66) says Pton donor has matched his $100 for challenge cup, waiting on
Col and Harv. Solns JSB Jr, Elliott, DBF (NY), Bancroft, JW McCreery (Belleville
NJ), August Kuenzel (Detroit), Farwell, Michaelis, ST King, Sherwood, Howell,
Dewald, Patterson, Bahler, Walker, Van Houter, Bradley, Seibel, DLS (Bellows
Falls VT), CH Lating (Shortsville NY), Mrs LF Jones (Mariposa CA), JT Miller 

Nov 9, 1891 pg 4: Harvard Chess+Whist among clubs Harvard Union

Nov 10, 1891 pg 5: Simpson tnmt final stdgs Bird 6.5-2.5 Tinsley 5.5 Muller 5
Jasnogrodsky, Loman 4.5 Fenton, Mortimer, Rolland 4 Gossip, Van Vliet 3.5

Nov 15, 1891 pg 22: Prob 57 GA [AC?] Vazquez from Cuban journal El Pablo
Morphy. 1888-1891 corr Game  Copenhagen CC-Anderssen CC (Breslau) Vienna 
Steinitz G B60 w notes. Simpson tnmt winners Bird 6.5-2.5 Tinsley 5.5
Muller 5 Jasnogrodsky, Loman 4.5. City of London leaders in 1st 3 secs
Ingoldsby 2-0 Ward Hiuggs 2-0; Loman who has gone off his play resigned.
Purssell players new mtg place given. London Metro League results
N London-Athenaeum, Metropolitan-Ludgate Circus. Counties CA mtg Skipworth,
JH Blake tied for 1st; now playing off at British CC tied 1.5-1.5. New CC orgd
Pine Bluff, Arkansas; prospering. Tschigorin match finally settled, must start
by Jan 1; Tschigorin message from Havre, may be expected NY by end month after
prob short stay Paris. New chess book in French tho author Spanish, 440
pgs on prob composition illustrated w puzzles and jokes including Zukertort
prob given promote to piece opposite color; by Dr Tolosa Carreras. Solns
Farwell, Bancroft, Bahler, Walker, JSB Jr, Mrs DE Walker (NY), Van Houter,
Elliott, WH Wardwell (Watertown NY), Kuenzel, Seibel, Henry Lincoln Bailey
(Middletown Springs VT), Powell, N King, Bradley, WH Boardman (Trumansburg NY),
DT Ross (Naugatuck CT), Louden, AH Billings (Bangor ME), CH Latting (Shortsville

Nov 22, 1891 pg 22: Prob 58 Rev RJ Wright 1st Sussex CA tnmt. Recent Game
S Lipschutz-A Ettlinger KGA Bishop G W22 mate 2 w notes. Tschigorin sailed from
Havre to NY yesterday. 100/side corr match Dublin vs Belfast in prog, 16
ladies; Dublin leads 27-25 lead ascribed to ladies. 3 ladies esp distinguished
selves Mrs Berry-Mrs Shaw (Belfast), Miss Louise Brown (Clontarf)-Miss Lowry
(Belfast), Miss Jennie Brown (Clontarf)-Miss McCarthy (Belfast). Effort in prog
to form CA for N Cumberland, Durham, and N Yorkshire; Joseph Cowan (ex-MP
Newcastle) donated 50L. Final playoff game won by Blake, wins Counties CA
playoff 2.5-1.5 over Skipworth. Blackburne starring in Yorkshire and N, will
visit Scotland and Wales as Blackburne vs Gunsberg match recedes to dim future.
No announcement yet on BCA which by precedent should meet this yr London.
Glasgow chp tnmt started, main players include Sheriff Spens, Barbier, 
Gilchrist, Russell all prev chps. City of London winter tnmt leaders sec 1 Moore
sec 2 Ward-Higgs sec 3 Gibbons; winners of secs will play off for club chp. 6th
ann Yorkshire County CA mtg Leeds Nov 4; ann tnmt Jan 10 Leeds; Bradford-Leeds
9.5-4.5. Paris CC started winter season Oct 29 w Taubenhaus simul under
auspices genial pres Henri Del???; 23-1-1 4 hrs lost to Gauderman, drew 
Serraillier. Club starts 4th ann hdcp mid-Nov. 3d ann KY SCA mtg Lexington
Thanksgiving Day, tnmt for state chp (Showalter barred as US chp tho res). 
Showalter engaged for wk at Providence RI CC, simuls and single games vs top in
club. Solns Wardwell, Sherwood, Farwell, Bradley, Patterson, JSB Jr, Seibel,
Gray, Bancroft, DLS, Bahler, Dewald, Elliott, Ruth, Walker, HC Fouts
(Lanesville IN), Mrs LF Jones, Scannell. Note to JC Bird (St Louis)

Nov 29, 1891 pg 24: Prob 59 Mrs WJ Baird. Simpson Divan tnmt Game Jasnogrodsky-
RP Fenton W41+ w notes. Blackburne very successful Tyneside. Rumored will visit
Cape, would hold up Gunsberg match indef. Gunsberg very busy, Nov 11 20-1-2
Ashford simul, Nov 13 14-1-1 Highbury Visiting Club, going to Ireland. City of 
London chp tnmt Ward-Higgs, Moriau unbroken scores. Von Scheve leads Walbrodt
3-2-2. 16 in ann City CC hdcp, Kemeny leads. CC started by class of rhetoric 93
of St Francis Xavier College. Showalter visited Louisville began on 18th, in 3
days had given 4 simuld from 11-14 games and 2 game blind exhibit; Showalter's 
1st blind exhibit 2-0 in 1 hr; in simuls lost only 1 or 2 in any of his 
performances; triangular match w Judd, Lipschutz begins St Louis Dec 1. 
Solns Mrs DE Walton (NY), George H Fish (NY), Bahler, Sherwood, CA Pierce
(Westfield MA), Farwell, Lewis P Delan (Bkln), Dewald, Scheide, Van Houter,
DEF (NY), ST King, George C Poivier (NY), Bradley, Patterson, R Lufberry
(Rahway), Henry L Norton (Rockville Centre LI), Ruth, JSB Jr, WH Sheeley (NY),
Bancroft, Elliott, Walker, Henry P Robinson (Montclair NJ), Wardwell, Woods,
Powell, Gray, Kuenzel, Seibel, JW Gamble (Catawba Island OH), HG Elliott
(Leola SD), Mrs LF Jones, PH Jeffers

Nov 30, 1891 pg 4: Yale CC officers HC Eaton 92, Scoville 93, Nauman 94S;
cttee Scoville, Grant 92, Ellemore LS. 20 mems. Enthusiastic 65 grad has
volunteered $100 towards challenge cup if Harvard, Pton, Col do same

Nov 30, 1891 pg 7: Tschigorin arrives NY, will leave for Steinitz match Havana
in few days. Will be entertained Manhattan, will prob play w some mems

Dec 6, 1891 pg 26: Prob 60 L Cimburek. Friendly Georgetown KY match Game
Showalter-Pollock KGD 2..Nf6 B33 w notes; 2...Nf6 called invention Barbour
of Philad. Hodges virtual clean sweep Manhattan hdcp tnmt 20-0-2; other leaders
EA Ford, Hanham, Delmar. Selmar simul Staten Island CC Dec 10. Lincoln NE orgd
CC, 34 charter mems, planning chp tnmt and matches vs other CCs; write sec
CW Corey. Blackburne tour interfered w by illness in Manchester; makes Cape
trip almost necessity. Surrey-Kent 12.5-7.5. City of London top sec leaders
sec 1 Mocatta/Woon 3.5-1.5 sec 2 Ward-Higgs 4.5-.5 sec 3 Gibbons/Vyse 3-1;
Gunsberg simul Nov 21. Ludgate Circus-Brixton. Ludgate Circus winter hdcp
started 6 secs 9 each. Manchester Athenaeum-Bradford 9-6. Trying to revive CC
in fashionable seaside resort Scarborough. S Australian CA orgd, officers Patron
= Earl of Kinstore others Sir ET Smith, C Johns, H Barrett, WF Harrison.
Tschigorin arrived NY on 20th, sailed yesterday for Havana; I had conference w
him at drugstore of his friend Mr Friedland who translated. Golmayo ref.
2 sittings, games prob start 2 PM Tschigorin wanted 1 PM up to Havana CC.
Tschigorin wanted to correct misstatement making rounds. Has been reported
St Ptbg CC limiting num Jews. There is a split in club but not connected to
any anti-semitism; ultimately orgd w 53 founding mems specially privileged.
Never had more than 3 Jews, 1 of them is now a founder. Balloting by all mems
except for Jews whose admission decided by the 53 founders; actually protects
Jews since anti-semitism exists in general mem not in founders. Friedland is
Jewish and during 20 yr res St Ptbg was enthusiastic mem, corroborates
Tschigorin; all glad to learn. Solns Mrs DEW (NY), Frederick Melvin Brown
(Bkln), Walker, Lewis P Delan (Bkln), Bahler, Bancroft, Van Houter, Sherwood,
Patterson, ST King, JSB Jr, Dewald, Siebel [Seibel], Farwell, Woods, 
Batchelder, EG Sprague (E Brookfield VT), Dr WL White (Bellows Falls VT),
Billings, Gamble, Clifford E Eckert (Berea OH), Edward S King (Liverpool NY),
DLS (Bellows Falls)

Dec 7, 1891 pg 5: CC orgd Brown, officers Burdick 93, Richmond 95, Poor 93

Dec 11, 1891 pg 7: Obit William A Hoeber Mt Vernon, b Bethlehem PA 1822. After
old rush joined Mutual Insurance where worked 39 yrs. Mem NYCC. Leaves wife and
3 children

Dec 12, 1891 pg 2: Princeton CC revived. Officers John W Easton (NJ),
Charles Mudge (NJ). Plan to accept Yale challenge when formalized; beat Yale
last encounter and club now has some fine players

Dec 13, 1891 pg 26: Prob 61 K Erlin. Match Game Theo v Scheve-Walbrodt
Zukertort W45 notes Wochenschach. Triangular match fallen thru, stakes returned.
Was to start Dec 7, Lipschutz and Showalter to arrive St Louis on 5th. 
Showalter wrote ltr saying didn't know what would come of match; Judd agreed
to give Lipschutz $200 expenses win or lose but not a cent to me; I declined to
negotiate further and asked for individ match. Judd then agreed to give him
$100 if lost and $50 if won triangular, Showalter agreed to play but only
would put up $250 for stakes which he deposited w ES Rowse of St Louis. Said
ready to play triangular or just Judd, prefers Judd alone w understanding
winner would play Lipschutz; says wants to play both, feels in better form
than ever. Showed this to Lipschutz who says obvious Showalter never wanted to
play triangular, last Sunday I agreed to play him anywhere, did not know he
had privilege to come in for $250 after he agreed to $500. Press time learned
Judd vs Showalter in prog. Steinitz to play blind Bkln vs De Visser, Teed,
Richardson on return from Havana. Delmar simul Staten Island CC 11-1-1 2:30
beat Dr Van Hovenberg, Francis E Brenzinger, Eugene Washburn, Walter
Pendleton, CV Annabel, GA Barth, B Eidman, H Siemer, James Tyng, Charles
Broughton, U Becker; lost to RE Robinson; drew George W Maguire; Hodges
umpire. Philad match Shipley-JP Morgan 5-1-2. Gunsberg brief engagement Belfast
CC started Dec 1. Efforts to arrange natl tnmt London. Gunsberg 20-1-3 City CC
2 hrs. Blackburne much better, in W of England. Under patronage Viscount 
Wolseley, Hon Viscount Bangor, Earl of Dartrey KP, tnmt to begin Dublin Jan 1;
50L guaranteed, entries from thru Ireland expected. Solns Dr JB Elliott (Bkln),
Louis H Bahler (Malden NY), Paul A Towne (NY), WH Powell (Cresco IA), 
Charles S Jacobs (Des Moines), JW Gamble (Catawba Island OH), EG Sprague (E
Brookfield VT), Mrs LF Jones (Mariposa CA), JT Miller (Bedford IA), HG Elliott
(Leola SD).

Dec 14, 1891 pg 2: Game 5 Judd vs Showalter adjourned; Judd leads 2-1-1

Dec 14, 1891 pg 4: Chess exciting interest CCNY, college CC and class of 94
has active org

Dec 15, 1891 pg 2: Draw, Judd leads Showalter 2-1-2. 

Dec 16, 1891 pg 2: Biennial natl congress BCA postponed til next month. Oxford-
Cambridge 5-4. City CC exhibition Loman 6, Morian [Moriau] 6, Curnock 4 blind
and simul in same room; Loman 4-1-1 Moriau 3-2-1 Curnock 3-0-1

Dec 17, 1891 pg 5: Game adj, Judd leads Showalter 3-1-2. 

Dec 18, 1891 pg 4: Due dispute Showalter refused to play vs Judd til get
decision from teinitz. Judd leads 3-1-2

Dec 19, 1891 pg 3: Steinitz decision in chess match dispute accepted, play
resumes tomorrow Judd leading Showalter 3-1-2

Dec 20, 1891 pg 26: Prob 62 EP Wires. Last summer Nuremberg whil Taubenhaus en
route to Warsaw Game Tarrasch-Taubenhaus 2N W20 w notes. Gunsberg 18-1-1 Belfast
CC, then 13-3-4; Holywood CC 16-0. Account triple blind simul (see Dec 16), prob
no other CC in world could produce 3 amateurs who could do this. City of London
winter tnmt leaders sec 1: Mocatta 5-2 Peachey 4-2 Clayton 3-2 sec 2: Moriau 3-1
Ward-Higgs 4.5-1.5 Ingoldsby, Jacobs 3.5-1.5 sec 3: Vyse 3-1 Gibbons 3.5-1.5.
Ludgate Hill-City News Rooms 12.5-7.5. Surrey-Hampshire 10.5-9.5 including
HS Ward-JH Blake, Lieut Chepmell-WE Vyse (City crack). Trying to arrange natl
tnmt London Dec. Return match Manhattan vs NJ Jan 21 (says vs NY at Newark).
Judd leads Showalter 3-1-2. Manhattan hdcp leaders Hodges 25-0-2 Sweeney 22.5
Ford 21.5 Hanham 18.5. Steinitz sailed for NY; free return passages for 
Steinitz and Tschigorin provided by ship managers James E Ward+Co. Scheve leads
Walbrodt 4-2-2. When this appears I will be on way to Havana, prob my hardest
test since I was assigned title over 25 yrs ago. Tschigorin younger than me and
full of ambition, chess strength usu begins decline aroung age 40, literary
efforts hamper me, I am subject to breakdown from overwork early in match.
I feel patriotic duty to US which has treated me so well. Rcvd ltr from Judd
and Showalter on pending match game; Q on penalty if touch sq with piece but
don't let go, return to original sq, think more, play to sq touched. No penalty
by German and English law, US law of 5th Amer congress 1880 says can move to
any but touched sq; did not end matter since wrote playing under no specified 
laws and await decision; I replied no penalty move stands; penalty copied from
Staunton and justly amended by later authorities. Solns Walker, Bahler, JSB Jr,
Seibel, PDC (Boston), Boardman, Jacobs, Bradley, Sprague, Mrs LF Jones.

Dec 21, 1891 pg 4: Chess match Pton vs Yale immediately after holidays; the
required $100 pledged by Pton man has been toward prize cup for winner

Dec 22, 1891 pg 3: Game 8 adj, Judd leads Showalter 3-1-3

Dec 23, 1891 pg 7: Showalter wins games 8-9, match tied 3-3-3

Dec 23, 1891 pg 5: Death Clement H Bruel, sr mem firm importers and
commission merchants. B Munster, Prussia 1851, to US age 5, in firm 28 yrs,
leaves widow no children. Prominent Mason, pres NYSCA, mem NY Athletic Club.
Served in 22d regiment. Died on returning from inspection mills of firm. In
perfect health, 6'1", death great surprise

Dec 24, 1891 pg 1: Steinitz arrives Havana, match starts Sun

Dec 24, 1891 pg 5: Showalter wins, leads Judd 4-3-3

Dec 27, 1891 pg 25: Prob 63 Mrs WJ Baird. Final match Game JP Morgan-Shipley
Vienna Steinitz G B24 w notes. Gunsberg seriously ill, had to give up several
engagements. BCM to be permanently large, Jan issue features Steinitz and
Tschigorin portraits and article. City of London tnmt sec 1: Mocatta 6-2
Wood, Taylor 4.5-1.5 Peachey 5-3 sec 2: Ward-Higgs 5.5-1.5 Moriau 4.5-1.5 
sec 3: Gibbons 4.5-1.5 Vyse 4-2 Block, Hooke 3-2. Ludgate Circus-N London
7.5-6.5. Telephone match British CC vs Liverpool CC in prog. British CC tnmt
leaders Locock 4.5-1.5 Trenchard 4. Tinsley 14-3-1 Southend simul. 50 guinea 
trophy presented Newcastle Chronicle for northern players drew 112 entries,
play Necastle 4 classes. Manchester-Bradford 7.5-5.5 De Visser who was crucial
to Mackenzie monument fund send out words on headstone (given). Buried in plot 
of Mrs Harriet Worrall. Manhattan hdcp winners AB Hodges (1A) 27-0-2 J Sweeney
(4) 22-7-1 EA Ford (1B) 21-7-2 OM Bostwick (3) 16-8-3. HJ Rogers book advance
sheet out, sketch history NYSCA, games of Delmar vs Pollock match, Staats-Ztg
challenge cup games, hdcp tnmt games, and selected games. Steinitz arrived
Havana on 23d. Bkln CC new bigger rooms. Delmar 6-4-2 Bkln simul beat Robert
Colwell, F Rose, BG Underwood, AJ Souweine, DJ Densmore, WW Thayer; lost to
WF Eno, DJ Finlay, Robert Colwell, Robert Bonn; drew SB Chittenden, RA
Breckenridge; attributed poor showing to not feeling well up all night w sick
son. Albany CC rapid transit tnmt 30/25 min adjud after 50 min, double elim;
12 entries winner sec Leake; Prof Rogers time-keeper and scorer. Showalter leads
Judd 4-3-3, postponed several days due to Judd illness. City CC hdcp tnmt
leaders Kemeny, Nugent, Huntington, Halpern. Solns Oviedo M Bostwick (NY), ST
King, Brown, JSB Jr, Walker, Bahler, Scheide, Sherwood, Henry P Robinson
(Montclair), Wardwell, Farwell, JB Elliott, Bancroft, Harry W Clark (Castleton
VT), Powell, Boardman, Woods, Sprague, AL Sherman (Castleton VT), Kuenzel,
Gamble, Mrs LF Jones

Dec 29, 1891 pg 1: Showalter wins, leads Judd 5-4-3

Dec 30, 1891 pg 3: Showalter wins, leads Judd 6-4-3

Jan 1, 1892 pg 2: Judd still ill, no play today in Showalter match

Jan 3, 1892 pg 1: Judd's doctor forbids from playing chess, postponed w 
Showalter leading 6-4-3

Jan 3, 1892 pg 24: Prob 64 Emil Hoffman. Georgetown KY match Game Pollock-
Showalter Ponziani D53 w notes; notes say many games played at peculiar hrs
some even begun at 3 AM 10 games in 6 days. NYSCA ex-pres CH Bruel died suddenly
on train on way from Skaneateles to home Dec 22; Bkln CC resolution to 1 of 
nature's noblemen given. Spotless character, refined habits, sealous founder
Bkln CC, cheerful material and moral support, kind to all, gave lavishly time
and means, plan to procure portrait. New Gotham CC formed meets Cafe Centennial,
officers EA Hifton, A Arnheim, DC Donohue, WD Thumier. Showalter leads Judd
6-4-3. Gunsberg lying seriously ill at res Kent, congestion of lungs. 2 games
played by telephone British CC vs Lpool; British players Donisthorpe, Guest,
Hirsch, Hoffer, Locock, Mundell, Newnes, Trenchard; Lpool Owen, Burn, Howard,
Kayser, Rutherford, Wellington; Lpool won 1.5-.5. City of London Mocatta leads
sec 1 may be overtaken if loses last game, Ward-Higgs and Moriau lead sec 2,
Gibbons leads sec 3. Tschigorin wins game 1 vs Steinitz. Solns Arthur L Sherman
(Castletown VT), Dr F Heamer (Newark), Seibel, JB Elliott, JSB Jr, ST King,
Walker, Robinson, Bahler, Sherwood, Farwell, CF Johnson (Hartford CT), Bancroft,
Scheide, Dewald, PDC (Boston), WL White, Billings, Batchelder, Gamble, JT

Jan 4, 1892 pg 3: Steinitz vs Tschigorin $2000/side for chp started, in very
wealthy club. Tschigorin staying w Russian friend Senor de Beon living some
distance from town, Steinitz in hotel. Before match practice Tschigorin: 13-1
simul Vededo Club, 3-1 vs Golmayo, 2-2 vs Vasquez, won several consulting vs
Conill et al and many odds games. Steinitz won 1 vs Conill et al, large
majority gvg odds. Umpires Martines and Ponce, Judge Golmayo ref. Description
Game 1 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans W31 w notes

Jan 5, 1892 pg 3: Steinitz surprises in opening w Ruy, description Game 2
Steinitz-Tschigorin Ruy D32 w notes

Jan 7, 1892 pg 4: Description Game 3 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans D32 w note,
Tschigorin leads 1-0-2. Judd is so ill that chp match at standstill, agreed to
play Monday or FF match to Showalter. Showalter has match for $500 vs Lipschutz
in NY expected to begin next wk

Jan 9, 1892 pg 4: Description Steinitz win game 4, tied 1-1-2; Steinitz
seems to have regained old power accorded him proud title Moltke of the chess bd

Jan 10, 1892 pg 24: Prob 63 WA Shinkman.  Dec 27-31 Game Tschigorin+Conill-
Steinitz+Ostolaza Vienna Steinitz G D42 w notes. Prelude to chp match was
consultation game above w prizes offered by Conill to winners on condition
Steinitz defend vs Steinitz Gambit; none had played it vs Steinitz prev, 
Conill who is 1 of Steinitz principal backers thought would be good joke to
make him try to demolish own opening; new line tried. Strong Havana player
Carvajal has been visiting Spain, for a time was beating all; to surprise many
friends Cuba lost match in Barcelona to Baquero, prof math, 9-5; Havana
has challenged Barcelona to cable matc. Bkln CC moving to new rooms, open w
team match vs City CC. Judd vs Showalter delayed by Judd illness resumes
tomorrow. Tschigorin vs Steinitz tied 1-1-2. NYSCA manager mtg Fri. Solns
EA Hifton (Gotham CC), JSB Jr, ST King, DBF, JB Elliott, Sherman, Henry J Hahn 
(Coxsackie NY), Seibel, Sherwood, Wardwell, PDC, Walker, GW Glasier 
(Poughkeepsie Military Inst), Hexamer, Robinson, Patterson, Bahler, Bancroft,
Farwell, Batchelder, HW Clark (Castleton VT), Woods, Boardman, Gamble, Billings,
Mrs LF Jones

Jan 12, 1892 pg 4: Notable that Tschigorin has played Steinitz 16 games, not 
counting soe skittles games at Kolisch's house 1882, and only 1 has not played
Evans as W, long D, match tied 1-1-3. Judd rcvd permission to resume play in 
match, game adj interesting position Showalter leads 6-4-3

Jan 13, 1892 pg 4: Showalter-Judd 7-4-3

Jan 14, 1892 pg 4: Brief description game 6, won by Steinitz, leads 2-1-3.
Description Game 4 Steinitz-Tschigorin Ruy W28 w notes

Jan 17, 1892 pg 24: Prob 64 F Schrufer. Berlin match Game Walbrodt-Scheve 
Ruy D82 stalemate notes Wochenschach. Gunsberg still weak but has turned
corner in serious lung congestion. Staten Island CC officers AB Hodges, 
George W Maguire, Charles Broughton. Steinitz leads Tschigorin 3-1-2.
NYSCA mtg managers Gilberg, Rose, Rogers, Janusch appoints cttee for chp
tnmt Feb 22. New Gotham CC growing quickly, pres EA Hifton offers handsome
prize for hdcp tnmt, entries close Feb 1; soln and other tnmts also arranged.
Solns Robinson, Walker, Wardwell, PDC, Bahler, Farwell, Sherwood, Bancroft,
ST King, Patterson, Van Houter, William H Church (Bkln), Richardson Arter
(New Lisbon OH), Woods, Gamble, Billings, Mrs LF Jones, Jeffers, JT Miller.
Note from EA Caswell designs for intercollege cup will be ready Feb 1

Jan 18, 1892 pg 4: Harvard tnmt preliminary tnmt done, leaves finalists 
SM Ballou 93, JM Mackay Sp, Ralph Jacoby Gr, ER Collin 94, WL Van Kleeck 94,
GB Wilson 94. Plans for intercollege tnmt in future for challenge cup donated
Yale grad EA Caswell of NYl if tnmt this yr harvard rep will be current chp
Gressel of Law School

Jan 18, 1892 pg 6: Tribune Almanac covers chess

Jan 19, 1892 pg 5: Tschigorin brilliant win (tho true Steinitz not well), trails
Steinitz 3-2-3. Steinitz description Game 5 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans D55 w

Jan 20, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz description 6 hr 7 min Game 6 Steinitz-Tschigorin
2N W47 w notes

Jan 21, 1892 pg 2: Pton, Harv, Yale, Columbia have each paid $100 towards cup,
intercollege tnmt will be in NY during winter holidays

Jan 21, 1892 pg 4: D, Steinitz leads Tschigorin 3-2-4. Steinitz description
(mentions Rev FC Saunders of Oxford drawing attention to line which Alapin
considers best) 2 hr 40 min Game 7 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans W28 w notes

Jan 23, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz loses game on oversight, tied 3-3-4. Description
(Steinitz suffering usu insomnia) 1 hr 45 min Game 8 Steinitz-Tschigorin
2N B24 notes Steinitz

Jan 24, 1892 pg 24: Prob 67 FM Teed. Recent Manhattan Game A Ettlinger-
S Lipschutz Ruy B23 w notes. Blackburne back in London, looking well, in
excellent spirits. Gunsberg much better may be back to biz soon. City of London 
chp sec winners sec 1 Mocatta 7.5-2.5 sec 2 Moriau, Ward-Higgs must play off tie
sec 3 not finished; winners 3 sec will play pool for club chp. BCA mtg this mo,
rumor Hoffer will tender resignation but will not accept, plans to arrange
master tnmt soon. Prelim rd Newcastle Wkly Chronicle tnmt in prog, no 1st class
losers so far, winners include CG Bennett (ex-Leeds), C Bell (Sunderland)
CW Bell (Sunderland), HW Hawkes. Piccadilly Club pres TH Reynolds takes great
interest local chess esp husbands vs wives; has been gvg wife ability to move
Q like N after 12 mos he is down 276-206 (from Manchester Evening News). Return
match Manhattan vs NJ on 28th. City CC 6.5 (WS Huntington .5 C Nugent 0 JH Otten
0 LA Goldsmith 1 WJ Ferris 0 JB Munoz 0 Samuel Loyd 1 J Halpern 1 W Eigemann 1
A Vorrath 1 CJ Doyle 0 E Kemeny 1)-Bkln CC 5.5 (AB Hodges .5 JD Elwell 1
G Russell 1 J Bridge 0 WF Eno 1 Dr LD Broughton 1 De Visser 0 P Richardson 0
Edward Olly 0 CA Gilberg 0 AE Blackmar 1 CT Thompson 0); thx cttee Rose,
Otterson, Duval, guests included HJ Rogers (Albany), JP Morgan, Voigt, Bampton,
Hanham, Lipschutz, EA Ford, Barth and George W Maguire, William H Church, J 
Burke and many others. Richardson simul Bkln Feb 6. Tschigorin leads Steinitz
4-2-4 (had mistakenly credited Steinitz w game 7). Match in prog Capt S Pinkham
leads Hanham 2-1-2. Simuls vs all comers each day this wk by C Devide, C Eccles,
Delmar, Kemeny, Capt Pinkham, Hanham at 2 each day. Solns JSB Jr, Sigmund
Muhlhauser and Frank H Painter (Philad), Walker, PDC, Patterson, Robinson, ST
King, Bahler, Farwell, Bancroft, Sherwood, Van Houter, Woods, PF Coogan
(Carbondale PA), Elliott, Seibel, Richardson Arter, Mrs LF Jones, Jeffers

Jan 26, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz wins, trails Tschigorin 4-3-4. Steinitz description
4:30 Game 9 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans D34

Jan 28, 1892 pg 13: Tschigorin wins, leads Steinitz 5-3-4. Game 10 Steinitz-
Tschigorin 2N B30 w notes

Jan 31, 1892 pg 28: Prob 68 J Drtina. Match Game Showalter-Judd Ponziani W31
notes Pollock. City Liberal Club-Natl Liberal Club 7-5, capts FF Gover and G
Wainwright; had been 2 prev matches each side won by 1; this time City wo
HS Leonard, Schlesinger, H Gover, natl Liberals wo well known Cantab Gwinner;
FF Gover-Wainwright, Trenchard-WS Gover, Mathews-Schindler, Mayer-Schloesser,
Sergeant-James, Curwen won, Spalding won, Wilks won; Theophilus Jones umpire for
Natl Liberal chess circle which he orgd. Great dearth London pros; true that
Bird, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Hoffer, Lee, Muller, Van Vliet alive and kicking
as well as lesser lights but now all seem to claim they are amateur; even 
Blackburne says he is amateur tho joking in his case. Skipworth proposes Amateur
vs Pro match thinks 200L can be raised; includes Bird, Burn, Hoffer on amateur
team. No word yet on proposed London natl master tnmt. City of London chp sec
winners Mocatta, Dr Smith, Ward-Higgs/Moriau. Woodhouse Challenge Cup
(Yorkshire) matches Leeds-Halifax 7.5-.5 Bradford-Wakefield 8.5-1.5 Sheffield/
Dewsbury. L Zollner (class 1) won his game in prelim rd Newcastle Chronicle tnmt
for N players; J Birks only class 1 player to lose prelim rd; rd 1 has started.
Return match Bkln CC 9 (P Richardson 1 AE Blackmar 1 F Rose .5 WF Eno 0 De 
Visser 1 Dr Broughton 1 AB Hodges 1 Edward Olly 1 G Russell .5 Juan Sabater 1
JD Elwell 1 J Bridge 0)-City CC 3 (J Halprin 0 CJ Doyle 0 C Nugent .5 Kemeny 1
Samuel Loyd 0 JB Munoz 0 WS Huntington 0 E Maltzan 0 A Vorrath .5 W Eigemann 0
JH Otten 0 LA Goldsmith 1); Bkln wins overall 14.5-9.5. Tie match Council
Chamber Chess Room Hanham/Capt S Pinkham 2-2-2; simuls at same place C Devide
6-1 C Eccles 8-0 Capt Pinkham 4-4. No game played last Thurs Tschigorin ill,
have agreed 3/wk not 4 Sun, Tues, Thurs, Tschigorin leads 5-3-4. Gotham CC simul
C Eccles 4-1-1 vs 8 opponents; hdcp tnmt entries close Feb 6, 20 so far; C 
Devide 9-3 simul. Albany CC officers Marion Randolph, Albert Rathbone, GY
Lansing; cttee Rogers, Ledyard, Cogswell. Return match NJ vs Manhattan; Vorrath
vs Dr Mintz < 5 min, perpetual. NY won rd 1 14-8; rd 2 NY 9.5 (Lipschutz 1 P 
Bode 0 Dr F Mintz .5 Delmar 1 Hanham 1 HD Stubbs 0 M Frankel 0 E Maltzan .5 
JG Ascher 1 EJ Kaltenbach 0 AB Hodges 1 RW Ferguson 1 AC Clapp 1 H Thompson 1
JS Ryan 0 DG Baird .5)-NJ 6.5 (RW Pope 0 AL Henthorn 1 A Vorrath .5 L Sternberg
0 E Hymes 0 J Lissner 1 Julius Stein 1 S Lissner .5 A Kempa 0 Rev P Corrigan 1
C Hymes 0 JC Habig 0 William Rowe 0 FB Mead 0 N Hymes 1 EL Massett .5). Amos
Burn visiting NY, at Manhattan played offhand vs Delmar, Lipschutz, Ryan.
Solns Mrs Mary C Harris (Chicopee MA), Mrs DEW (NY), Ross, Patterson, Bahler,
GF Wheaton (Jersey City), PDC, Farwell, JLL Jr (New Haven), ST King, Church,
Bancroft, John L Bliss (Bkln), CF Johnson (Hartford CT), DBF (NY), Robinson,
JSB Jr, EA Hifton, BG Braine (Hoboken), Frederick Wehle (NY), JB Elliott,
Walker, SG Ruth, Van Houter, Henry L Norton (Rockville Centre LI), WW Cook
(Flushing NY), Sherwood, Dr AH Baldwin (Norwalk), Samuel Taylor Marshall
(Cranford NJ), Walter Kobbe (NY), Batchelder, PF Coogan, Arter, RH (Saginaw
MI), Mrs LF Jones

Feb 1, 1892 pg 3: Steinitz description game 10 (game pubd last Thurs) lost
due to time excitement tho had more left than Tschigorin. Steinitz description
Game 11 Tschigorin-Steinitz Ruy B45 notes Steinitz

Feb 2, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz wins, trails Tschigorin 5-4-4 

Feb 4, 1892 pg 1: Canadian tnmt Toronto winners WH Boultbee (Toronto), JE 
Narraway (Ottawa)

Feb 4, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz wins, tied 5-5-4. Steinitz description 3:19 Game 12
Steinitz-Tschigorin 2N B26 w notes

Feb 6, 1892 pg 6: Tschigorin wins Havana game 15

Feb 7, 1892 pg 24: Prob 69 James Mortimer. Telephone match Game Lpool CC-
British CC Zukertort W35 notes Mason from BCM. During Blackburne last visit to
Birmingham enthusiast walked off w Blackburne's beat up hat, left his own
in exchange, better hat but too small for Blackburne's large head; Blackburne
solved by gvg hat thump on crown and remarked he had won the exchange. Latest
score Tschigorin leads Steinitz 6-5-4. F Catlin of NY sent his improved patent
pocket chess set, by far best we've seen, leather w celluloid set. On servant
seeing chess for 1st time, asks if player who looks longest wins. Manhattan
tnmt play within own class 2RR rules given, entries close 13th. CC secs send
address to USCA pres JW Hulse (St Louis). Newark CC officers Cornelius Hymes,
John C Habig, H Geppert, GF Jenner, CA Lillie. RI CA tnmt Providence CC Feb 22.
Hanham 6-0-1 simul Council Chamber chess room. NYSCA chp Feb 22, $100 total
prizes, enter to Dr F Mintz. NY and NO had long planned match, NY was about to 
go when fire destroyed NO CCW. When London played Lpool by phone inquired re
cost for NO, ~$120, Manhattan sent challenge, will prob play during carnival.
Solns JSB Jr, ST King, Bahler, Batchelder, Farwell, Powell, Arter, Sprague,
Billings, Woods, BH (Saginaw), Gamble, JT Miller

Feb 8, 1892 pg 5: Steinitz description 4:20 Game 13 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans
B38 w notes

Feb 9, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz wins, tied 6-6-4. Steinitz description Game 14
Steinitz-Tschigorin Ruy W33 1:40, 2:00 w notes. Gilberg and Densmore have 
come from Bkln to Havana, well rcvd

Feb 11, 1892 pg 4: Tschigorin wins, leads 7-6-4. Steinitz description Game 15
Tschigoirn-Steinitz Evans W47 w notes

Feb 14, 1892 pg 24: Prob 70 T Taverner. Telephone match Game British CC-Lpool CC
Vienna D60 notes Mason from BCM. Big winter tnmt City of London 1st class sec
winners A Mocatta, Dr SF Smith, Moriau/Ward-Higgs (playing off); 2d class
sec winners William Ward, AJ Maas, AE Booth; 3d class JW James, looks like
Hanbury and Marshall will win other 2 secs; 4th class E Fairclough, J de H
Larpent; 5th class Percy Healey (son of well known problemist). Muller has given
up pro chess, elected mem City of London; some other pros considering same pro
chess essentially dead in England. Popular Theodore Block elected pres City of
London. Manchester/Lpool 4.5-4.5 including RB Hardman (M)-Burn; Manchester
claims moral victory. 14th ann NYSCA tnmt Feb 22, KO for 1st, double elim KO
B determines who goes on in D, 30/1. Franklin CC chp tnmt done HG Voigt 7.5-2.5
M Morgan 7 JW Young 6.5. Tschigorin leads Steinitz 7-6-4. Bkln cont tnmt
prizes for last yr awarded AE Blackmar, George Russell, WF Eno, J Bridge. 
Solns Walker, Norton, ST King, JB Elliott, Rev Louis H Bahler, Wardwell,
G Schirmer Jr (NY)Van Houter, Walter Kobbe (NY), Coogan, MFS (Puano Plantation
LA), PDC, BH, HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), Mrs LF Jones

Feb 15, 1892 pg 3: Steinitz wins, match tied 7-7-4. Steinitz description
Game 16 Steinitz-Tschigorin Ruy W38 w notes

Feb 15, 1892 pg 10: Events of day has Manhattan tnmt

Feb 16, 1892 pg 4: Manhattan minor tnmt started. Entries Class 2: F Bode,
AM Bostwick, S Froelich, IHA Fitch, RB Hartshorne, Joseph Schmidt. 3:
CH Hatheway, L Silbermann, Plowden Stevens. 4: M Gursson, JM Hartshorne Jr,
C Lindley, GH Richards, EM Stoehr, W Timme, FH Yeaton. 5: Wesley Bigelow,
FH Bowman, FH Evans. Club pres Dr Frederick Mintz says after tnmt will prob 
have match for 1st class; winner each class eligible to enter. 2RR in class,
2 prizes/class, 2/hr [sic]. Winner 1st class will be club chp

Feb 17, 1892 pg 12: 14th ann NYSCA tnmt Monday, KO by lot, drop out if lose 2,
prizes $35, 22, 15, 10, 3 of 6, enter Dr Frederick Mintz Manhattan CC

Feb 18, 1892 pg 4: Tschigorin wins, leads 8-7-4. Steinitz description 4:26
Game 17 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans W39 w notes

Feb 18 1892 pg 12: New CC orgd Elizabeth NJ res Aaron Weiss. Officers
Dr Norton L Wilson, Robert W Welch, A Drewett, George E Thum. Will be called
Dean Hall CC

Feb 20, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz wins, tied 8-8-4. Steinitz description 3:59
Game  18 Steinitz-Tschigorin Zukertort W39 w notes 

Feb 21, 1892 pg 24: Prob 71 Lieut A Norlin from Manchester Wkly Times. 
Baltimore CA Game Allies-Pollock P+1 odds e4 d6 B46 notes Pollock. 
BCA natl master tnmt London March. London Divan match Bird leads Loman 3-1. 
City of London chp sec play ends Moriau-Ward Higgs; 1st game 3 way pool 
Mocatta, Dr Smith, Moriau Smith-Mocatta. 53/side Ludgate Circus-City News 
Room 34.5-18.5. 16/side Sussex-Kent 9.5-4.5 2 to be adjud.  Steinitz last 
rest day Feb 11, stands 8-8-4. Woodhouse Cup matches Bradford-Leeds, 
Hull-Sheffield. 7th ann NJCA tnmt Newark tomorrow, KO try to even
colors paired by lot Ds replayed, 25/1 if ask. Solns Mary C Harris (Chicopee
MA), John L Bliss (Bkln), JB Elliott, Bahler, JSB Jr, G Schirmer Jr (NY),
Farwell, Robinson, DBP (NY), PDC, FJ Willits (Waterville CT), ST King, Van
Houter, Wardwell, Patterson, Batchelder, Woods, Gamble

Feb 22, 1892 pg 12: Events of day has NYSCA tnmt

Feb 23, 1892 pg 7: NJCA 7th ann tnmt Newark, 30 entries KO tnmt, 5 prizes.
Winners S Lisher (Hoboken), Nathaniel Hymes (Newark), A Vorrath (Hoboken),
J Shapter (Bergen Pt), L Sternberg (Newark), PJ Doyle (Hoboken). Next tnmt
Hoboken. 14th ann NYCA tnmt, 32 entries. At 12:30 Delmar and Eccles playing
for 2d prize, Hodges and Olly for 1st; both games likely Ds. Officers
Charles A Gilberg, G janusch, EA Underhill, OF Jentz, HA Rogers, F Rose. 
Entries Rogers, ML Deyo, JLD Hoplan, JW Young, E Olly, J Ascher, EE Buckingham
[Burlingame?], F Yeaton, Dr Simonson, H Voigt, SE Loeb, AJ Souweine,
S Lipschutz, DG Baird, WJ Ferris, Hodges, Hanham, Halpern, Kemeny, H Richards,
M Randolph, JP Morgan, EA Ford, AC List, William Mayerhofer, Delmar, 
Dr Broughton, H Otten, CW Eccles, HD Stubbs, JHA Fitch

Feb 24, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz description Game 19 Tschigorin-Steinitz Scotch W32
w notes

Feb 25, 1892 pg 4: D, Steinitz vs Tschigorin tied 8-8-5. Steinitz description
Game 19 Steinitz-Tschigorin Zukertort W41 4:16 w notes

Feb 27, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz wins, leads 9-8-5

Feb 28, 1891 pg 1: If Steinitz vs Tschigorin becomes 9-9 will become 12 up

Feb 28, 1892 pg 8: Hodges beats Olly to win state chp

Feb 28, 1892 pg 24: Prob 72 S Loyd. NYSCA tnmt Game Hodges-Hanham French W38++
notes Pollock. Tschigorin last rest day last Sun. Steinitz leads 9-8-5; if
9-9 becaomes 3 game up match. Blackburne, Gunsberg will not play London master
tnmt. Bird-Loman 4-2. City of London chp Mocatta lost to Dr Smith and Moriau,
deciding game Smith vs Moriau adjourned. (London) Metropolitan CC-Athenaeum.
Blackburne successful tour Yorkshire to Sheffield, Huddersfield et al. NYSCA
tnmt entries Hodges, Edward Olly, Delmar, Hanham, Lipschutz, DG Baird, JW
Baird, EA Ford, Prof HJ Rogers, Kemeny, JP Morgan, WJ Ferris, JW Young, EE
Burlingame, Marion Randolph, H Voigt, JSD Hopkins, Dr LD Broughton, JG Ascher,
AJ Souweine, HD Stubbs, CW Eccles, H Otten, ML Deyo, GH Richards, SE Loeb,
AC Lisle, William Mayerhoffer, Dr Simonson, J Halpern, JHA Fitch, F Yeaton.
Winners Hodges/Olly, Delmar/Eccles, Simonson, Morgan, Voigt. Soln tnmt for
10 Loyd probs including above 56 entries winners J Halpern, Ferris, De Visser.
Adjudicators Loyd, De Visser, Mintz. Officers Gilberg, FG Janusch, Dr OF Jentz,
EH Underhill, F Rose, Prof HJ Rogers; cttee AB Hodges, JE Waller, DC Donohue.
NJCA chp tnmt 32 entries A Vorrath, L Sternberg, S Lissner, John C Habig,
RW Pope, FB Mead, PJ Doyle, William Rowe, EL Massett, J Lissner, H Geppert,
AO Dimock, TK Wheeler, FWC Crane, C Hymes, AN Van Riper, E Hymes, SC Lum,
A Losser, W Hicks, N Winner, M Hymes, E Gibney, FC Williams, GH Bowerman,
JS Shapter, H Driscoll, GE Thurm, A Drouet, GS Boise, James Clements, N Hymes;
winners S Lissner, N Hymes, A Vorrath, JS Shapter, L Sternberg, PJ Doyle. RICA
ann tnmt, officers Henry C Clark, DF Stillman (Westerly), JO Flagg (Pawtucket),
EM Harris (Providence), Charles A Neff (Newport), Charles F Ballou (Woonsocket),
Henry T Grant Jr; cttee AN Cunningham (E Providence), George M Smith (Prov),
Edwin Lowe (Prov). 9 entries in tnmt, H Rosenberg ref. Rd 1: Smith-Francis,
Grant-Breul, Stillman-Flagg, Cunningham/Jastram decided by lot, Lowe bye. Rd 2:
Lowe-Smith, Cunningham-Grant, Stillman-Lowe. Final 5:45 min over 60 move draw
AN Cunningham vs David F Stillman, decide by lot Cunningham chp. AN Cunningham
is also chp of CT [RESEARCH?]. Solns MS Morgan (Princeton NJ), Gray,
Patterson, Van Houter, JSB Jr, Walker, Bahler, MFS (Pecano Plantation LA),
Coogan, Fred K Gamble (Peachton OH), JW Gamble (Catawba Island OH), Powell,
Arter, FN Frishe (Lousiville KY), CB Hulbert (Adams Mills OH), JT Miller

Feb 29, 1892 pg 1: Steinitz-Tschigorin 10-8-5; game by game results, now
supreme chp world as has reigned 26 yrs

Feb 29, 1892 pg 4: CCNY cjess active, good material for matches. Match game
for chp this wk Walter Simms 93 vs Emil Goldmark 92

Mar 3, 1892 pg 11: Steinitz description game 21. Tschigorin took last rest day
Feb 21 so played on 23d; caused great disappointment big crowd for holiday
about 1000 present on 21st. Surprise opening Game 21 Tschigorin-Steinitz
Vienna Steinitz Gambit D47 5:50 w notes.

Mar 4, 1892 pg 4: Steinitz description Game 22 Steinitz-Tschigorin Zukertort
W49 2:50 w notes. Tschigorin in time trouble made illegal move K capture
protected piece; in regard to apologizing remark Steinitz did not enforce
K move thus immediate loss but was not considered gracious for Tschigorin
to spin on the game 15 moves longer

Mar 6, 1892 pg 26: Prob 73 HH Davis. Lpool vs Manchester match Game
J Hardman-Burn QP W39 w notes. Hodges won playoff game vs Olly for NYSCA chp.
Last Sun we made error in prizes tnmt, actual Hodges $35 Olly 22 Delmar/
Charles Eccles 15+10/2 $6 each to Dr Simonson (5th) HJ Rogers/Voigt (who
drew final game), JP Morgan. Ltr from EA Caswell; Tiffany order given for
$400 cup, ann tnmt NY Xmas, donors include HW Poor of H, GL Rives of C,
CH Dodge of P, Chauncey M Depew and FH Betts of Y et al. BCA master tnmt
London Mar 7, prizes 30L 20L 10L and contest for Newnes amateur chp cup.
City of London chp won by Moriau, beat Dr Smith and Mocatta final rd.
Metropolitan CC won sr div London league 5-0 26-8-26. Blackburne successful
Yorkshire tour, Gunsberg much better, neither likely to play BCA tnmt London.
Steinitz-Tschigorin 10-8-5. Return match Staten Island CC vs Gotham CC set
Wed. St Paul CCW tnmt ends, final stdgs JI Jellett 23-1-2 Dr AT Bigelow 22.5
FA Hill 19 AT Nettleton 18 George Sommer Jr 16.5 DG Maclay 13 JG Freeman 10
CB Witherle 8.5 WC Sargent 8 JW Morris, JW Krapfel 7.5 Gebhard Willrichh 6.5
RM Stewart 5.5 RW Ransom 4.5. Bkln chp entries Hodges, WHK Pollock, Delmar,
Hanham, De Visser, Olly, Kemeny, DJ Finlay, G Russell, AJ Souweine. Severe
loss Philad home chess circles and Franklin CC, death famous portrait painter
Matthew Wilson; strong in chess and in pre-Morphy times 1 of leading US
players. Promoted Stanley vs Rousseau match 1846. Solns Bahler, Van Houter,
Patterson, ST King, JLL Jr (New Haven), Wardwell, Walker, Warren Dixon (Jersey
City), Willits, JB Elliott, Schirmer, Bliss, Coogan, Arter, Woods, JK 
(Hockanum CT), JW Gamble, PDC, Frederick K Gamble, JT Miller, Mrs LF Jones.

Mar 7, 1892 pg 1: London master tnmt starts tomorrow. Much interested in young
Lasker, regarded by some as coming man. Mason has been preparing and if 
appearances true will give better account of self than usual. Amateur tnmt
for Newnes cup also of interest

Mar 8, 1892 pg 4: Prob largest crowd ever for chess game Havana Feb 28,
final Steinitz-Tschigorin, holiday, rumor that tschigorin would play desperately
for win. Steinitz unusual KGA defence 3..Nf6 used by Schallopp, almost no
attention since. Full description Game 23 Tschigorin-Steinitz KGA 3..Nf6 B32
w notes. London master tnmt begins. Blackburne could not be induced to play
due to some arrangements not suiting him, Gunsberg could not get permission
from his physician. Game descriptions rd 1. Game Van Vliet-Bird Dutch W38

Mar 9, 1892 pg 4: London rd 2 game descriptions, stdgs

Mar 10, 1892 pg 5: London tnmt results, stdgs. Game Mortimer-Jasnogrodsky 
Evans dec W36

Mar 11, 1892 pg 5: London tnmt rd 4 results, CT. Game Lasker-Mason Petroff W51

Mar 11, 1892 pg 12: Manhattan vs NO 10 bd telegraph match Mar 19

Mar 12, 1892 pg 3: London tnmt results, CT. Game Mason-Bird Sic W25

Mar 13, 1892 pg 18: Usu Bradlaugh pressed to play chess on trip to India,
agreed only if his winnings went to charity; won straight thru at least 1 other
mem House of Commons among losers

Mar 13, 1892 pg 24: Prob 74 NH Greenway. Manhattan chp tnmt Game Delmar-Hodges
Evans B49 notes Pollock. Another Pyrrhic victory, as Tarrasch said of my match
vs Gunsberg. If Tschigorin had beaten me would have beaten my name but not
my former self, tho he is chess genius. With death Mackenzie Tschigorin almost
only master left not declared self to modern school. Note Tschigorin abandoned
Evans after my hard blow to it game 17. Interesting issue whether Tarrasch or
Tschigorin should rank higher; on own feel Tarrasch. Tarrasch may be greatest
ever, but no proof for or against, but fair to hold to recognized measures.
Cttee formed Dublin for testimonial to TB Rowland; write AT Bassett (Dublin).
Rd 2 (1st 2.5-2.5 tie) Gotham CC 4 (Eccles 0 HD Stubbs 0 Lisle 1 Dr Hoeter 1
Dreicher 1 Arnheim 1)-Staten Island CC 2 (Brenzinger 1 Hodges 1 Maguire 0
Barth 0 Pendleton 0 Washburne 0). Solns Ross, JB Elliott, JSB Jr, Van Houter,
Walker, ST King, Dixon, DBF (NY), Scheide, Bahler, George B Fessenden (Boston),
Wardwell, Schirmer, Coogan, MFS, Gray, FK Gamble, Arter, George G Sands (NY),
JW Gamble. London rd 6 game descriptions, stdgs

Mar 14, 1892 pg 4: Intercollege tnmts to start NY Xmas wk 1892, 3/team each 
plays 9 vs all on other teams. Pton tnmt to choose reps winners Lard 93, 
Newton 92; playing for 3d are Bailey 92 Betts 93 Condict 93 Miller 94 Russell 94

Mar 15, 1892 pg 4: London results, full CT. Bird huge smile after beat Fenton
thru slip, seemed to enjoy hugely

Mar 16, 1892 pg 4: London tnmt results, CT. Game Lasker-Rumboll QP W39

Mar 17, 1892 pg 3: London tnmt game descriptions, stdgs

Mar 18, 1892 pg 3: London rd 10 game descriptions, stdgs; 1 rd left. 

Mar 19, 1892 rd 3: London final rd game descriptions. After Lasker D clinched 
1st, Mason (sure 2d) decided to go for brilliancy prize. Full final CT. 
Manhattan vs New Orleans 10/side telegraph match tonight. Umpires Teed, 
McConnell. 15/1. Loser pays telegraph cost ~$150 and presents winner w 
handsome score-sheet. Start 6 PM

Mar 20, 1892 pg 24: Prob 75 S Loyd from NYSCA soln tnmt. Bkln chp tnmt
Game Delmar-Hodges B34+ w notes. US chp match definitely arranged Lipschutz
vs Showalter starts Apr 11, $750/side, Showalter $150 expenses, 7 up, DG Baird
umpire. Vienna winter tnmt winners Albin, Csank, Marco; Englisch 1 of top
Europe had to retire due to grip w excellent chances winning had 12.5 w 4 to
play (Albin won w 14). Rothschild gave Englisch full 1st prize amount 40 ducats.
Manhattan ann dinner, largest ever attendance, chair VP Mintz w Rice absent
due to illness; Tyng toastmaster. Delmar, Lipschutz, Hodges, Hanham, Ryan,
JW Baird, Dr Simonson, Dr Isaacson, Ford, Curry et al present; Steinitz arrived
late and greeted w long applause. Speeches by Mintz, Steinitz et al; dramatic
author Sidney Rosenfeld esp pleasant and funny. Musicians famous Russian
violinist Adolph Brodsky, Shields, Mora (late of Huntington's opera), Goldmark
(brother of musical composer), Devide (zither). Steinitz 19-0-1 simul on
eve Havana departure. Tschigorin left Havana for New Orleans engaged for
1 wk for $150 plus expenses. Steinitz blind simul vs De Visser, Teed,
Richardson Bkln CC 26th. Bkln chp tnmt leaders Hanham, Hodges, Kemeny, Pollock,
Delmar, Olly. Gotham CC hdcp tnmt leaders Stubbs 10-1 Arnheim 7-1 Dr Hoeber 7-2
Hifton 7-2 Donohue, Thumier 5-2; winner rcvs president's prize. New American
Chess Monthly ed George H Walcott Jr (Boston), 1st issue fine, 21 pgs, 3 games
1 well annotated by Burille, 19 probs, few errors. 2 game telegraph match
top players Albany CC vs Pittsfield CC, Albany wins 1st game; 2d game adj 12 
moves. TX CA orgs San Antonio Feb 22, officers George Bucklin, Charles P Smith,
Everett G Grover, George H Kaltayer; tnmt with 11 entries winners George
Bucklin (ex Providence RI)/John F Ford/RW Norton will playoff followed by
Everett G Grover, George Darcomb. Solns Mrs Mary C Harris, Church, Master 
Willits (Waterville CT), Walker, Bahler, Van Houter, RF Bradford (Bkln), Dr
Arthur H Baldwin (Norwalk CT), JSB Jr, JB Elliott, Ross, Henry J Hahn 
(Coxsackie NY), Coogan, Dr Samuel T King (Bkln), JLL Jr (New Haven), Walter
Pulitzer (NY), CG (Bible House NY), Dewald, Dixon, Wardwell, MFS, PDC,
Billings, Arter, Woods, FK Gamble, JW Gamble, JT Miller, FE Bundy (Hitchcock

Mar 21, 1892 pg 2: All finished except JW Baird vs F Dameron adjud Tschigorin
telegraph match Manhattan 6.5 (Lipschutz 1 Hodges .5 Delmar .5 DG Baird .5
Dr G Simonson 0 Hanham .5 JS Ryan 1 JW Baird .5 Dr Charles Isaacson 1 De Visser
1)-New Orleans 3.5 (SL McCalla 0 Charles A Maurian .5 CO Wilcox .5 JD Seguin .5
LL Labatt 1 RS Moore .5 BF Dixon 0 F Dameron .5 EJ Hamilton 0 F Blanchard 0).
Dispatches prepared by Dr Frederick Mintz and JR Roach, each served well for
9 hrs

Mar 22, 1892 pg 4: Brilliant London tnmt Game Bird-Lee Bird's B49

Mar 23, 1892 pg 7: 2RR tnmt starts Mon London, Bird, Blackburne, Gunsberg,
Mason, Lasker; 50L EF (says 10 rds)

Mar 26, 1892 pg 12: Events of day has Bkln CC contests tonight

Mar 27, 1892 pg 26: Prob 76 G Heathcote. BCA tnmt Game Van Vliet-Lasker QP B37
w notes. After Havana match Tschigorin tried to persuade me to accept invite
to St Ptbg for another contest of same description. Told me match or no match
can guarantee splendid reception and excellent financial terms. Russian nobles
and wealthy amateur want a chess event, could engage me even for series 
exhibition games. Little time to discuss but had already declared my intent
to retire from public contests prob for good, and am bound to put out 2d vol
Modern Chess Instructor and to recover arrears for Intl Chess Mag. Tschigorin
still pleaded, said I would consider; do not want to be pledged to retire or
not for now. For reasons unconnected to chess which do not want to dwell on,
entertain objection to Russian engagement. I cannot be said to have shirked mtg
strongest opponents, 2 yrs ago tried to arrange Tarrasch match but could not, 
now young Lasker declared in handsome and modest ltr to Moliner that tho ready
to play any English master does not feel ready yetto play for world chp. Match
betwen me and any out of question for some time. Ltr given from Spanish 
gentleman he never met, only had corr re his subscription to NY 1889 tnmt book,
Andres Fernandez Pozo of Gijon. Rcvd telegram from Numa Preti of Havana win;
tho likes old school, congrats Steinitz. Has no doubt will play Tarrasch before
long but feels Tarrasch should play Tschigorin 1st, give Steinitz needed rest.
Enrique Conill, rich Havana banker, spontaneously declared would cover all
Steinitz stakes if Havana arranged match. Conill more than average strength,
believe about equal Ponce and Gavilan thus only few shades below masters Golmayo
and Vasquez. Rare power to judge style and strength top players. I cannot do
this while Zukertort and Blackburne good hdcpers, perhaps because I always play
bd and do not deal w peculiarities of opponent. Conill asked me if he could 
give odds of 1 game in bets, I mentioned my tendency to break down, he said
had taken that into account but believes Steinitz will win by 2 or at the
utmost 3. Conill treated me w every kindness and I have personal proof lays
little value on money from chess bets, enters only for sport of mental
superiority. Highest credit to Havana CC for arrangements, and esp for
Golmayo and Moliner. Wonderful hospitality. 1st match in which all refreshments
free important since under doctor's orders drank champagne during play to
brace nerves; club knew this before [USE]. Strangers could visit, and Gilberg,
Densmore (Bkln) and Euphrat (Cincinnati) came. Officers of club where held
del Valle (millionaire cigar manufacturer), Martinez, Noriega took warm
interest. Claims match benefited club as well by accessions. Steinitz wk
engagement Boston start Apr 2. On Manhattan vs NO telegraph match (see Mar 21).
6 PM to 3AM. Only 2 errors; Hanham vs Moore and Wilcox vs Delmar. Umpires
ruled that both moves, neither what player intended, stand as telegraphed;
1 against NO 1 against NY; both eventual D. Manhattan rooms crowded. For rest
see March 21. Kent-Surrey 11-9. Hon R Steel of Calcutta visiting London,
regular at Simpson's often playing Blackburne. Norfolk-Suffolk 20-12. Solns 
Baldwin, Hamilton Parrisch (NY), Bliss, Wardwell, ST King, Walker, Willits,
JSB Jr, JB Elliott, Dewald, Ross, PDC, JLL Jr, AJB (Cooperstown NY), Coogan,
MFS, Woods, Will D Sawyer (Greeley CO), Francis E Bundy (Hitchcock IN), FK
Gamble, JW Gamble, JT Miller, Mrs LF Jones. Notes to LH Kendrick (Bkln)

Mar 28, 1892 pg 7: Tschigorin arrives New Orleans on way to St Ptbg. Will
give simul Bkln CC Wed. Steinitz 5 night engagement Boston starts Sat.
Steinitz 3 blind Bkln CC Sat, beat Richardson and De Visser, lost to AE

Mar 29, 1892 pg 4: London quintuple masters tnmt starts, day 1 game reports
and results. When Gunsberg fell into Tarrasch trap at Manchester tnmt he said
every chess player knows the Ruy Lopez but myself; today lost to Blackburne 
defending a Ruy. Lasker beat Bird due rash move

Mar 30, 1892 pg 9: Mason reconsiders decision not to enter London tnmts, asks
to join. Cttee required unanimous consent players, chivalrously agreed.
Game descriptions Lasker/Gunsberg Mason-Bird. Stdgs. Calls Mason American

Mar 30, 1892 pg 10: Events of day include Tschigorin simul Bkln CC

Mar 31, 1892 pg 3: London tnmt game descriptions Gunsberg-Mason, Lasker-
Blackburne. Gunsberg, as is well known in London, would rather lose every 
[other?] game in the tnmt than let Mason win or even draw against him. Stdgs

Apr 1, 1892 pg 7: London tnmt rd 4 game descriptions, stdgs. Tschigorin simul
tonight Manhattan

Apr 2, 1892 pg 9: London tnmt rd 5 game descriptions, stdgs

Apr 3, 1892 pg 24: Prob 77 W Meiners (Amsterdam). One of 3 blind Bkln CC
Mar 26 Game Steinitz-P Richardson Vienna (Steintz Gambit dec) W36 w notes.
London master tnmt ended Mar 18 report, success tho far short in principal
tnmt of event 4 yrs ago. Then 6 of 10 front rank this only 3 and some players
very weak, tho did bring Lasker to attention British public. Lasker 9 30L
Mason 7.5 20L Loman 7 10L Bird, Locock 6.5 split 5L Fenton, Lee 5.5
Jasnogrodsky 5 Van Vliet 4.5 Mortimer 3.5 Rumboll 3 Gossip 2.5. Lasker age
23; review tnmt and match record, coming player. Some talk of Gunsberg vs
Blackburne soon. 75/side Ludgate Circus-Metropolitan 38.5-36.5, difference was
11 adjud by Blackburne, Gunsberg as 6.5-4.5. Has been called biggest England 
but Lancashire vs Yorkshire 1883 79/side. BCA amateur chp won by Jones-Bateman
9.5-1.5 Steinitz 3 blind Bkln CC Mar 26, Gilberg teller. Blackmar substituted
for Teed due to death in Teed family. Blackmar won when Steinitz left piece
en prise, Steinitz won other 2. Entertained after, present include Gilberg,
Hodges, Kemeny, Rose, Eno, Dr Broughton, Dr Wunderlich, Elwell Duval,
Chittenden, Olly, Sabater et al; much banter. Tschigorin 8-3-1 Bkln
simul; beat Dr Russell, George Russell, J Halpern, WW Thayer, DJ Finlay,
J Bridge, RA Breckenridge, Edward Olly; lost to Hanham, WHK Pollock, WF Eno;
drew E Kemeny. Left yesterday for short stay Paris before return to Russia.
Solns JSB Jr, ST Kin, Hamilton Parrish (NY), Walker, JB Elliott, Henry J Hahn,
Mrs Mary C Harris, Rev CB Hulbert (Adams Mills OH), Woods, Billings, JT Miller,
JW Gamble, MFS, Mat a Mora (Providence RI), Mrs LF Jones. Dates of 
games pubd chp match Jan 4, 5, 7, 14, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 28, Feb 1, 4, 8, 9,
11, 15, 18, 20, 24, 25, Mar 3, 4, 8. 2d half London tnmt begins. Many bets
on Gunsberg vs Blackburne both claim to be chp England. Game descriptions, stdgs

Apr 4, 1892 pg 3: Blackburne gem in London tnmt Game Bird-Blackburne
From Gambit B27

Apr 5, 1892 pg 4: London tnmt game descriptions Lasker-Gunsberg, Mason-Bird;

Apr 6, 1892 pg 3: London tnmt game descriptions Lasker-Blackburne,
Mason-Gunsberg. Stdgs. Game Blackburne-Lasker Vienna B32

Apr 7, 1892 pg 12: London tnmt game descriptions Blackburne-Mason, Gunsberg-
Bird. Stdgs. Game Blackburne-Gunsberg Ruy W47

Apr 8, 1892 pg 5: Brief descriptions games in Cambridge 5.5 (Atkins 1
Ballock .5 Scovell .5 Young .5 Sandford 1 James 1 Percival 1)-Oxford 1.5
(Madg'kar 0 Lyon .5 Jelly .5 Hinds .5 Heg'btm 0 Osborn 0 Sergeant 0).
Complete table yr by yr results. London tnmt Game Lasker-Bird Sic W45

Apr 9, 1892 pg 4: Lasker wins London tnmt w D vs Mason. Lasker  1st sign of
nerves in tnmt, uneasy and restless, walked up and down during Mason's turn.
Mason Lasker's superior in "masterly inactivity," got very bad game at which
point lost his restlessness, carefully pondered and extricated self. 
Blackburne so absorbed w Lasker game failed to watch own vs Bird properly;
had lost game and almost resigned but Bird blunder gave him unexpected win.
Full CT Lasker 6.5-1.5 Blackburne 6 Mason 4 Gunsberg 2.5 Bird 1. Game
Gunsberg-Lasker 2N D45

Apr 9, 1892 pg 6: From Boston Advertiser. Boston bows to veteran world chp
Steinitz, has right to honors and none begrudge. If he could be persuaded to
play a few simul games, there are several good players who would try their
skill even w certain defeat facing them

Apr 10, 1892 pg 24: Prob 78 G Heathcote. Boton Game Steinitz-HN Stone+
JF Barry/Pillsbury Evans (Stone-Ware) W37 w notes. City of London simul
chp Moriau 11-2-3. Hull-Bradford 8.5-3.5 to winn Woodhouse Challenge Cup
for Yorkshire CCs; now twice Leeds and Sheffield, 3 Bradford. Steinitz in
Boston played consulting game above (2 sittings), many at odds losing 2
gvg P+1 to clever young Pillsbury, 1 gvg N to Sandford, won rest. 17-2-1
simul lost to Dr Adams, Pillsbury; drew dr Everett. Steinitz regrets issue
which closes 7th vol Intl Chess Mag 4 mos late, suspending and hopes to
start new series Jan 93 at latest; willl refund future subscriptions.
Delayed by matches and need to finish vol 2 Modern Chess Instructor. Chess
booming Ireland, new col in Dublin Herald ed by Irish chp J Porterfield Rynd
on very chatty lines. Dublin leads great corr match vs Belfast 43.5-42.5;
100 games. Dublin also playing 2 corr games vs Brighton, lost 2 to Edinburgh.
Dublin U lost 1 to Cambridge U w other likely D. Living chess w noble
patronage arranged. Tschigorin simul Manhattan Fri 1st 12-5-3; beat Rev T
Johnson, WS Paterson, OM Bostwick, F Eaton, H Seymour, GH Thornton, 
C Wehle, GF Northrop, H Searles, R Taylor, H Simon, HW Rosenbaum; lost to
Hanham, J Bridge, Dr CB Isaacson, E Eigemann, F Yeaton; drew JG Wilson, 
C Hymes, GH Richards. IN SCA mtg Kokomo Mar 15, 2 classes each 2RR, chp
stdgs HC Brown 8-4 Dr TF Leech 7-4-1 CO Jackson, OO Ballard 7-5 JM Tomlinson
6-6 WH Ripley 5-6-1 William Lee 1-11. Brown from Anderson IN. Sansberry of
Anderson won 8 player free-for-all. Showalter present entire wk, 11-3-1
simul included all players from chp; 2 losses when he was ahead but hurrying
to finish games. Supper w speeches by Showalter, Rev Dr Gum, Dr TF Leech,
WH Ripley et al (from Toledo Commercial). Solns Mrs Mary C Harris, Frederick
Wehle, Schirmer, Ross, Fessenden, Hamilton Parrish (NY), Walker, Bahler,
Scheide, Willits, ST King, JSB Jr, JB Elliott, JLL Jr, Coogan, Bundy, Woods,
JW Gamble, FK Gamble, Mrs LF Jones. London tnmt Game Bird-Mason Bird's B47

Apr 11, 1892 pg 4: Events of day has Lipschutz vs Showalter

Apr 12, 1892 pg 3: London tnmt Game Lasker-Blackburne 4N W39. Lipschutz vs
Showalter match was to begin Manhattan CC last night, postponed til Mon due
to illness Mrs Showalter in Louisville. Well matched. Lipschutz record prob
as good as any in US but Steinitz. Showalter recently beat Max Judd.
$750/side 4/wk 15/1 7 up, prob at least 18 games [?]. Both mems Manhattan CC

Apr 16, 1892 pg 7: Manhattan vs Franklin telegraph match today [note: not
really for today, NYT says for 23d but when does it occur?]

Apr 17, 1892 pg 24: Prob 79 Walter Gleave winner The Schoolmaster prob tnmt.
Boston Game Steinitz-Barry+Pillsbury+Snow KGD B25 w notes. GE Barbier won
1 W Scotland Cup by winning 3 consec tnmts; wins this yr for new cup.
11 entries 2RR 16-2-2 drew Sheriff Spens, Gilchrist; lost to talented young
brothers WH Jonas, AC Jonas. Steinitz ended Boston engagement on 8th winning
all of some games vs heavy odds, splitting 2 games vs Pillsbury+Barry+Snow
(1 above). Bkln CC mtg to form problemist assoc, officers Samuel Loyd, EB Cook,
George E Carpenter, Dr OF Jentz, Charles A Gilberg, FM Teed. City of London
officers J Kershaw, HF Gastineau, George Adamson; 260 mems inc 20 from last yr.
Rcvd 1st instalment 32 pgs Riviere's Traite-Manuel du Jeu des Echecs, ded to
Albert Clerc Judge of Court of Paris. Lipschutz vs Showalter starts tomorrow.
TX SCA chp tnmt winners George Bucklin, Robert R Norton, John F Ford, 
Everett G Groves, George Darshcomb. Oxford past-Cambridge past 4.5-2.5 w
game Skipworth (C) vs Locock (O) unfinished. City of London 2d class-Oxford+
Cambridge 13-7, Blackburne umpire; universities lacked some of top former
players due to afternoon match betwee ex-O, ex-C; City 2d class leads series
5-3 86-73. WV Wilson of Brighton wins Sussex Challenge Cup, won playoff of tie
w AA Bosley 3-0; had won twice before so becomes his property. Also won
Brighton Challenge Cup this yr. Rumors of matches Blackburne vs Lasker, Mason
vs Lasker, Lee vs Loman. Manhattan vs Franklin telegraph match next Sat.
Solns Parrish, Willits, Scheide, JB Elliott, Farwell, ST King, Ross, Dr
AJ Butler (Cooperstown NY), Walker, Baldwin, WH Ellery (NY), JSB Jr, Coogan,
Bahler, MFS, JW Gamble, Scannell, Billings, Hulbert, Woods, Frederick K Gamble
(Hillsboro OH), Mrs LF Jones. Notes to Hugo Scherretz, George Bucklin, FE Bundy

Apr 21, 1892 pg 7: Lipschutz vs Showalter for US chp begins. Agree to use
6th Amer Congress rules; 3 reps draws, touching sq w piece has no effect.
Ford umpire for Lipschutz, Devide for Showalter. Description game 1, adj
position given 64 moves Lipschutz edge tho paper says win doubtful. 
Adj games will be finished Tues and Friday, thus game 2 today while game 1 
resumed tomorrow

Apr 22, 1892 pg 5: Lipschutz vs Showalter games 1 and 2 both drawn. Game 1
Showalter-Lipschutz Evans dec D64 notes Steinitz

Apr 23, 1892 pg 3: Game 2 Lipschutz-Showalter QP D35 notes Steinitz

Apr 24, 1892 pg 18: Chess fiction The Black Knight by Raymond Allen from 
The Strand

Apr 24, 1892 pg 20: Algonquin Club chess tnmt ends, deciding game
Dr RB Welton-HC Webb

Apr 24, 1892 pg 24: Prob 80 CDP Hamilton. Boston Game Barry+Pillsbury+Snow-
Steinitz Evans B33 w notes. British CC master tnmt ended Apr 8, Lasker 6.5
Blackburne 6 Mason 4 Gunsberg 2.5 Bird 1. Lasker vs Blackburne, Mason, Gunsberg
discussed. Lasker plans tour England. Oxford-St George 5.5-2.5, Cambridge-
British CC 7.5-4.5. Pillsbury correction move order in score and analysis.
Morrison Heady of Spencer County visited Louisville; lost sight and hearing when
about grown but retains speech, has special bd to feel pieces, plays well.
Porterfield Rynd remarks on cross-play result London tnmt, can prove
anything. Mentions friend trying to evaluate system to judge players, and
difficulties thereof. Hoboken CCC tnmt winners A Vorrath/Thomas F Hatfield,
S Lissner, EB Cook/Laffen. Solns ST King, Frederick Wehle, Bradford, JSB Jr,
RBB (Phillipsburg NJ), Walker, Parrish, Baldwin, Farwell, JWC (NY), Dewald,
Coogan, Howell, MFS, Billings, Scannell, Bundy, JW Gamble, HC Walker
(St Charles MN), Mrs LF Jones, JT Miller

Apr 26, 1892 pg 4: Resumption of game 3. Description. 4th game starts
tomorrow. Game 3 Showalter-Lipschutz Hungarian D D77 notes Steinitz

Apr 26, 1892 pg 6: Game 3 Lipschutz vs Showalter drawn

Apr 28, 1892 pg 10: Description Game 4 Lipschutz-Showalter Vienna W27 notes
Steinitz. Both pressed for time. Lipschutz leads 1-0-3

Apr 29, 1892 pg 5: Description game 5, won by Lipschutz who leads Showalter 

Apr 30, 1892 pg 5: Game 5 Showalter-Lipschutz Sic B61 notes Steinitz	

May 1, 1892 pg 26: Prob 81 Cecil AL Bull. London master tnmt Game Lasker-Mason
4N Double Ruy D44 w notes. For some time many have hoped for tnmt w Chicago
World Fair, as was with London 1851, London 1862, Paris 1867, Vienna 1873,
Paris 1878, Vienna 1882; France and Austrian tnmts supported by govts who
donated chief prizes. After waiting indefatigable Manhattan VP Dr Mintz
wrote World Fair Cttee; reply given saying planning to form local cttee.
Lasa notes that N London vs Glasgow variation analyzed in Sudwestdeutsche SZ
1886. Steinitz says London writer mistaken, it was Tschigorin+Conill who took
much more time on moves in consulting game as anyone there will verify.
Good prospects for Blackburne vs Lasker match after Lasker returns from 
provincial tour. Simpson's hdcp was to start Apr 25 still being orgd.
Sussex-United Universities 10-6. 9th ann Scottish CA congress Edinburgh Apr
14, major, minor, hdcp tnmts. DY Mills won silver medal of Edinburgh CC, 1st
won by James Donaldson (Delta) in 1823 [sic]. 40 yrs after was won by Dr Fraser
who won yr after yr for 14 yrs. Glasgow-Edinburgh 9.5-6.5. Newcastle Chronicle
tropy competition for N players down to final 8. Lasker orgd Continental CC
in London. Germania CC of Bay City MI officers Rev JH Bergeman, Prof JH 
Helmreich, Rev GW Stroehmer, AH Gansser; cttee Dr Plessner, Judge E Frank,
David Vogel; Gansser won recent tnmt. NYSCA mtg, present Gilberg, Rose, Hodges,
Rogers, Underhill, Janusch; summer mtg Aug 15-22, cttee Gilberg, Rogers,
Underwood to choose location by May 30; hdcp tnmt, match state chp Hodges vs
worthy opponent, cup tnmt. Only state res can compete for Staats-Ztg Cup, if
mem > 1 can select; in match winner at least $70 loser $30; appont new counties
cttee mems William Brown (S New Berlin), Asa Tweedy (Binghamton), AB Colony 
(Olean), George H Thornton (Buffalo), Steven B Ayres (Penn Yan). Oswego CC
wants to host summer mtg, offers generous inducements. Solns WH Ellery (NY),
JB Elliott, Walker, JSB Jr, JLL Jr, FH Williams (Bkln), Baldwin, Charles
B Coady (NY), Church, F Wehle, Dixon, Ross, Bahler, FL Watson (Bkln),
William W Kistler (Bkln), MFS, JT Miller, Charles S Stevens (Garden City MO),
Woods, Schirmer. Note to JI Jellett w address for buying chess clock

May 3, 1892 pg 5: Description Game 6 Lipschutz-Showalter French W33 notes
Steinitz; Lipschutz leads 3-0-3

May 5, 1892 pg 2: Description game 7, Showalter wins, trails Lipschutz 3-1-3

May 6, 1892 pg 5: Description Game 8 Lipschutz-Showalter French D31 notes
notes Steinitz. Game 7 Showalter-Lipschutz Ruy W39 notes Steinitz. Lipschutz
leads 3-1-4

May 8, 1892 pg 8: Description game 9, Lipschutz wins leads Showalter 4-1-4

May 8, 1892 pg 26: Prob 82 G Heathcote. Boston Game EL Drexel-Steinitz P+1 odds
e4 d6 B22 w notes. Lasker 23-2-2 Hastings simul, both losses to ladies. W
Yorkshire CA ann mtg Wakefield, several tnmts local players but not completed,
Lasker attended. Scottish CA tnmt winners DY Mills 9.5-1.5 GE Barbier 8.5 
Simpson hdcp started pr 25, includes Bird, Jasnogrodsky, Lee, Loman, Muller,
Rolland, Van Vliet and newcomer Teichmann; Loman fine win vs Bird day 1.
EO Jones won playoff for BCA chp tnmt vs Herbert Jacobs 2-0, also finished
friendly match Jacobs-Jones 5-0, have begun 2d match Jacobs leads 2-0. Lasker
vs Blackburne eagerly anticipated, close match expected. Death Rev John
Donaldson aka Delta at advanced age. Solns MFS (Worthington MA), R Schuler
(Boston), Bancroft, Parrish, Walker, Farwell, JB Elliott, WH Ellery (NY),
FH Williams (Bkln), JSB Jr, ST King, Patterson, RF Bradford (Bkln), HC Walker
(St Charles MN). Frank R Bass (Bethlehem PA) wants corr game

May 9, 1892 pg 5: Game 9 Showalter-Lipschutz e4 b6 B40 notes Steinitz

May 10, 1892 pg 3: Description Game 10 Lipschutz-Showalter Vienna W29 notes
Steinitz; Lipschutz leads 5-1-4. Recalls comebeacks Harrwitz vs Loewenthal,
Campbell vs Barnes, Kolisch vs Paulsen. Lasker coming to NY Oct as guest 
Manhattan CC for 4 wk engagement. Tschigorin challenges Steinitz to another 
cable match

May 12, 1892 pg 2: Description game 11, 7 hr draw, Lipschutz leads 5-1-1

May 13, 1892 pg 4: No game yesterday, Lipschutz claims rest day. Game 11
Showalter-Lipschutz Ruy D63 notes Steinitz

May 14, 1892 pg 2: Princeton wins both games vs Yale which resigns move 40

May 15, 1892 pg 26: Prob 83 A Wheeler Hackney Mercury prob tnmt. BCA brilliancy
prize Game Bird-Lee Bird's B49 w notes. Scottish CA officers WN Walker (Dundee),
DM Latta (Edinburgh), JM Finlayson (Glasgow), Andrew Hunter (London), Sheriff
Spens (Glasg), David Forsyth (Edinb); cttee John Gilchrist (Glasg), Rev CM Grant
(Dundee), GP Galloway (Edinb), John Methven (Dundee), AB Spence (Dundee), 
Christopher Meikle (Edinb), John D Chambers (Glasg), DY Mills (Edinburgh), WW
Robertson (Edinburgh), GE Barbier (Glasgow); nex mtg Dundee spring 93.
Another CC orgd Camden, officers Dr Queen, Dr Brennan, Patton; DM Martinez
will give simul there soon. Camden CC was thriving some yrs ago w notable
players Scott, Biddle, Dr Wood, Dr Gross; gave up when number of mems moved
from Camden. Albany CC ann tnmt winners Prof Goold, Prof HJ Rogers, Prof Deyo,
A Rathbone. Talk of Tarrasch vs Tschigorin match in London, Tarrasch stakes and
expenses both to be provided by English supporters. Fair prog Simpson hdcp
last wk; Bird, Lee, Loman did best, Muller lost all his games. Lasker simuls
20-2 Wakefield mtg W Yorkshire CA, 15-1-1 Leeds CC. Death James Pierce,
was for some time chess ed English Mechanic, he and bro WT Pierce problemists.
Sussex-Kent 9.5-6.5. N London-Hastings 12.5-6.5. Showalter claimed rest day
yesterday in Lipschutz match; Lipschutz leads 5-1-5. Solns MFS (Worthington),
AE Nichols (Rochester NY), Dewald, JB Elliott, Ellery, Bahler, Schuler, 
FL Watson (Bkln), Batchelder, WW Kistler (Bkln), Farwell, RC Walker, FH Williams
(Bkln), Parrish, Stephen G Ruth (Bkln), JSB Jr, ST King, JLL Jr, Fessenden,
Baldwin, William Moran (S Norwalk CT), H Taylor (Dover ME), Bundy, Woods,
JT Miller

May 19, 1892 pg 2: After wk rest match resumes, descriptions game 12, D
Lipschutz leads 5-1-6

May 20, 1892 pg 5: Description game 13 D Lipschuts lead leads 5-1-7. Game 12
Lipschutz-Showalter English D52 notes Steinitz

May 21, 1892 pg 3: Lasker issues set challenge to all US players, 5 games up,
$75/side, 15-20/1, 5/wk; will accept invites for blinds and simuls from clubs.
Game 13 Showalter-Lipschutz  Ruy D52 notes Steinitz

May 22, 1892 pg 8: Lipschutz wins 43 moves 5:30, leads Showalter 6-1-7

May 22, 1892 pg 26: Prob 84 Ethelbert Holt from Hackney Mercury prob tnmt. 
Recent Caucasus Game Dadian-A de Smitten KGA W28++ w notes. Blackburne vs
Lasker did not begin on 16th as planned, efforts being made to smooth 
differences to start ~May 21. Simpson hdcp leaders after 2 wks Lee 7-1 Loman
6.5-1.5 Van Vliet 5.5-1.5 Mollard 5.5-2.5 Bird 5.5-3.5 Jasnogrodsky 4.5-3.5.
Loman has played all the strong players needs to meet weaker at odds, Lee has
several strong to play. City of London ann dinner chairs Kershaw, Gastineau;
main speakers macdonnell, Blackburne, Moriau, Guest, sec Adamson. Herbert Jacobs
8-1-3 simul. Death Prof OA Brownson, assoc w US chess over 30 yrs, ed Chess
Journal. Resided most of life Dubuque IA, 15 yrs principal of 1st Ward School,
greatly respected for learning and personal qualities. AE Blackmar 5-5 simul 
Bkln CC 5 hrs. Solns Mrs Mary C Harris, MFS (MA), Dewald, Ross, Willits, Gray,
JLL Jr, WH Palmer Jr (Ronkonkama NY), Bahler, Scheide, JB Elliott, AE Nichols
(Rochester), Schuler, Parrish, S Wagner (S Norwalk CT), JSB Jr, Baldwin, RBB,
Ruth, Moran, RC Walker, ST King, Ellery, Williams, Farwell, Fessenden, H Taylor
(Dover ME), Bundy, Woods, Billings, August H Gausser (Bay City MI), Rev
SB Wilson (Faribault MN), Mrs LF Jones. Note to N Preti (Paris) thx for 2 pretty
Dadian games, SBW and C Hawkins now clear cannot promote to piece other color
former rule not clear

May 23, 1892 pg 3: Description Game 14 Lipschutz-Showalter Vienna w43 5:30
notes Steinitz

May 24, 1892 pg 3: Lipschutz-Showalter 7-1-7, becomes US chp. Brief description
final game 

May 25, 1892 pg 4: Lipschutz wins match surprisingly easy, Showalter below
form. Great triumph for modern school. Showalter more time trouble. Match
model of gentlemanly conduct, on friendly terms 1st to last, highest credit
to Showalter. Lipschutz says will be ready for return match within 12 months.
Final Game 15 Showalter-Lipschutz Ruy B31 notes Steinitz

May 28, 1892 pg 4: Lasker wins game 1 vs Blackburne, time pressure led to
hasty moves

May 29, 1892 pg 17: Death Steinitz wife nee Caroline Golder. Age 45, English,
of Bright's disease. Began failing after death only daughter 1888, Sept 
doctors discovered she had Bright's disease

May 29, 1892 pg 28: Prob 85 WA Clark from Lpool Mercury prob tnmt. Rcvd game 
from Philad Times, which from Franklin CC pres Dr Persifor Frazer who is
visiting Paris. Said came to Regence, found Riviere in same place, position,
same pipe as last saw 12 yrs ago. Taubenhaus also there, too strong to play but
noting all w restless eye, recd Frazer immediately and gave him this played 6
wks ago Game Taubenhaus-Riviere 2N double Ruy W29 w notes. Simpson hdcp
leaders FJ Lee 9-1 R Loman 9.5-1.5 Van Vliet 7.5-1.5 JP Mollard 6.5-3.5 Bird
5.5-3.5. Loman played all 1st class wo loss (3 Ds), Lee and Van Vliet yet to 
play most. Lee then lost to Jasnogrodsky to go to 9-2, give Loman lead. Hants-
Surrey 12-9. City of London winter tnmt sec winners A Maas, Mocatta, William
Ward, J de Larpent. Albert Howell 7-2-3 simul City Club. City of London 
sending team to play neighboring counties, prob also Lancashire, Yorkshire.
WH Pollock wins Bkln chp 13-3, other prizes not decided; leaders Hodges 8.5-3.5
Blackmar, Kemeny 11-4 Delmar, Hanham 11-5. Solns MFS, Ruth, RC Walker,
Bahler, JSB Jr, Schuler, ST King, Dewald, Fessenden, Hulbert, WE Carter 
(Platteville WI), Taylor, HW Clark (Castleton VT), Billings, JT Miller, Mrs
LF Jones. Game 1 Blackburne-Lasker Ruy moves 1-35; B won in 48

May 30, 1892 pg 7: Large crowd for game 2 Lasker vs Blackburne. Brief
description draw. Lasker leads 1-0-1

June 1, 1892 pg 11: Lasker wins game 4, leads 2-0-2

June 4, 1892 pg 4: Lasker wins game 5 51 moves. Game 4 Lasker-Blackburne moves
1-34 of W50

June 5, 1892 pg 23: Prob 85 Walter Gleave. Caucasus Game Dadian-A de Smitten
Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier W28++ w notes. End wk 4 Simpson hdcp leaders Loman 10-3
Lee 9.5-2.5 Van Vliet 7.5-2.5 Mollard 8.5-3.5 Bird 9.5-4.5; Lee lost to
Jasnogrodsky and drew Muller, Loman lost to Mollard drew Cruseman. Manchester
challenge cup won 2d consec yr GW Wright. Glasgow cc officers DE Outram (hon
pres), Tait (pres), Longwill; Outram presented GE Barbier w chp cup and W
Scotland won both for 4th time. Berlin CC tnmt winners H Caro, B Lasker,
K Hollander/v Scheve, Walbrodt. Steinitz rcvd 1000 francs from Dadian; presume
explanation soon, believe brilliancy prize for Tschigorin match, prob game 4,
like Dadian gave for 1890 match; could also be supplement to Steinitz Jubilee
fund testimonial last yr for 25 yr world chp. Tschigorin plans to play Dresden
tnmt starting this mo. JW Baird and Lipschutz will visit there, Baird prob
will play, Lipschutz prob not as makes trip for recreation but decision not
final. Master tnmt w 1000 mark prize, minor tnmt, ladies tnmt. Solns MFS,
Hulbert, RBB, Schuler, Dewald, ST King, JSB Jr, Bahler, Ruth, JLL Jr, JB 
Elliott, RC Walker, William H Palmer (Ronkonkoma NY), Woods, Mrs LF Jones,
Hugo Scherretz (Leavenworth KS). Game 5 Blackburne-Lasker QP W41 notes

June 7, 1892 pg 4: NYSCA ann mts Skaneateles Aug 15-22, hdcp, Staats-Ztg
cup, match state chp Hodges vs some other expert

June 7, 1892 pg 6: On sabbath laws. Q opposes them, Archbishop Wilberforce was 
sharply rebuked by some for not censuring Prince Albert's habit of Sunday
night chess

June 8, 1892 pg 4: Description beautiful Game 7 Blackburne-Lasker Vienna B34; 
Lasker leads 4-0-3

June 10, 1892 pg 4: Game 2 Lasker-Blackburne French D58 notes Steinitz

June 12, 1892 pg 22: Prob 87 G Thompson from Hackney Mercury. London master
tnmt Game Blackburne-Mason KGA W50 w notes. Simpson hdcp leaders Lee 11 (2
to play) Loman 11 (1) Mollard 11.5 (0) Jasnogrodsky, Teichmann 10 (1). 9th
ann match City of London 9 (A Mocatta 0 JT Heppell .5 SJ Stevens .5 HW Peachey 1
R Loman 1 WE Vise .5 W Ward-Higgs .5 Herbert Jacobs 1 Dr SF Smith 1 CJ Woon 1
T Physick 1 GA Hooke 1 C Moriau 0)-St George 4 (Dr W Ballard 1 Rev E 
Jones-Bateman .5 Rev EL Crosse .5 EJ Huntsman 0 EM Jackson 0 Rev W Jowitt .5
CJ Lambert .5 Gen Minchin 0 JT Minchin 0 C Marett 0 Gen Pearse 0 JH Warner 0
Wayte 1). Overall series City leads 6-2-1, 77.5-53.5. NYSCA has arranged
Hodges vs delmar match Skaneateles mtg; subscriptions for mtgs to F Rose.
Bkln continuous hdcp tnmt ends, 67 entries, 6 classes, 4 % prizes 4 most wins.
Winners % Herman Helms (class 2) 83 AJ Robertson (4) 78 Delmar (special) 77
WHK Pollock (special) 74; most wins Juan Sabater (2) 439-321 JH Park (2)
296-241 JD Elwell (1) 207-181 ES Gilley (2) 196-150. Solns Mrs Mary C Harris,
Miss Sadie L Kelsey (Wallingford CT), MFS, JSB Jr, William Moran (S Norwalk),
RBB, Ellery, ST King, Schuler, Farwell, Dewald, RC Walker, Ruth, JLL Jr,
Al SO (Jersey City), JB Elliott, Nichols, Thomas B Miller (Wilkesbarre PA),
Bahler, Howell, MCA (NY), Ross, Palmer, Rev CB Hulbert, Baldwin, HW and LP
Hulbert (Marietta OH), Church, Scannell, Taylor, WE Carter (Plattsville NY),

June 16, 1892 pg 4: Lasker-Blackburne 6-0-4; game by game results. Game 9
Blackburne-Lasker Ruy moves 1-33 of D70 notes Steinitz; mentions result
hardly comprehensible wo weak play by W from this position

June 17, 1892 pg 5: Game 6 Lasker-Blackburne QP moves 1-41 of D~66 notes

June 19, 1892 pg 22: Prob 89 SM Joseph. From Monde Illustre corr match Game
Capt WA Duprey (Laghouat, Algeria)-Berger (Graz) KGA Bishop G B40 notes
Steinitz and Berger. Tschigorin message re cable challenge rcvd; I will not
accept but reserve further remarks til rcv challenge. Lasker glorious win
vs Blackburne places him among top players. Great problemist, player, analyst
Berger won bronze statue value 2500 francs for winning Monde Illustre corr 
tnmt; 25 entries finished 45-0-3, drawin late JH Bauer (Vienna), A Norlin
(Stockholm), JH Blake (Manchester); Berger new book Katechismus des
Schachspiels, excellent elementary intro. Herr Goetz wins 2d consec Regence 
chp; Goetz 19.5 Janowski 17.5 Sittenfeld 17, Clerc and Riviere next.
Simpson's hdcp practically closed when Lee beat Bird; Lee 12.5-3.5 Mollard 11.5
Loman 11. Loman did poorly gvg odds. Mollard new player, rcvd only 1st 2 moves
from masters, will be heard from again. Great S vs N England match discussed.
Lasker vs Blackburne games to be pubd in pamphlet form. Berlin match
Bardeleben/Caro 2-2-2. New Evans CC Bkln, meets mems homes, last wk at res
William S Stewart simul by DJ Finlay of Bkln CC 6-0-1 in Finlay's 1st simul,
specators include actoress Mme Janauschek who has quite a talent for chess.
Solns Miss Sadie S Kelsey, Mrs mary C Harris, MFS, Church, Bahler, JB Elliott,
RBB, Nichols, Dewald, RC Walker, Howell, Baldwin, Palmer, Moran, Schuler,
Ross, Ellery, ST King, JSB Jr, Frederic J Hahn (Hagertown MD), JT Miller,
WE Carter (Platteville WI), Scannell, Scherretz, Taylor, Gansser, Mrs LF Jones

June 24, 1892 pg 8: Game 8 Lasker-Blackburne French W52 notes Steinitz

June 26, 1892 pg 22: Prob 89 W Gleave. Lasker only loss in 3 consec events
natl master tnmt Game Bird-Lasker Bird's W102 w notes. Ltr from Dadian says
1000 francs mentioned June 5 col is for Steinitz Jubilee Fund; stationed
in Zongidi in the Caucasus. Berger has completed schach-Jahrbuch. As predicted
book of 1st Amer Congress becoming valuable, all sold tho price raised to $12
after scubscription; new buyers AB Hodges, S Wilson Fisher (Ambler PA),
H Gregory (Providence RI), RJ Buckley (Birmingham England) 2 copies, A Burns
(Melbourne), G Sommers Jr (St Paul MN); final orders from pubs Numa Preti i
Paris and Charles T Dillingham of NY. Funds to bring Lasker to Manhattan
subscribed, invite sent, expect in NY early Oct. City CC of NY new quarters.
NYSCA mtg Skaneateles changed from Aug 15-20 to Aug 1-6. Not known whether
Lasker will play Dresden tnmt; would be interesting to see vs Tarrasch. City
of London winter tnmt already being arranged; club has nearly 60 1st class.
S Counties England chess season ends, Hants 2-1, Surrey 3-2, Sussex 2-2, Kent
1-3. Solns MFS, Kelsey, Bahler, Church, JSB Jr, Ellery, Schuler, RC Walker
JB Elliott, Moran, ST King, Dewald, Fessenden, Rev CB Hulbert, WE Carter,
Taylor, CF Horton (Syracuse), Scherretz, Mrs LF Jones. Note to Dr F Mintz and
City CC sec Stephen Bell

June 27, 1892 pg 3: Final Game 10 Lasker-Blackburne QP W67 notes Steinitz

June 30, 1892 pg 1: Triangular match Blackburne, Gunsberg, Lasker 1st
wk Sept Belfast

July 3, 1892 pg 28: Prob 90 provisional German CA winner. Regence chp
brilliancy prize Game Sittenfeld-Janowski Zukertort B34 w notes. Lasker doctor
orders to not play hard games for some wks, may visit Dresden but not play;
may challenge Tarrasch to match. Lasker will visit Belfast Sept before US;
Blackburne and Gunsberg engaged around same time, some talk of triangular
match or Blackburne vs Gunsberg. Mason, Tinsley will play Dresden, Blackburne
likely; Gunsberg will visit only as journalist. City of London simul A Curnock
7-2-1 2 hrs. Yorkshire chp won by AW Common of Halifax after hard fight vs
last yr chp FP Wildman of Leeds. New Continental CC London, Lasker sec,
excellent rooms. New chess col St Paul Dispatch ed well-known and generous
enthusiast Emmet Hamilton; learn from there that army paymaster-general Gen
William Smith is visitor St Paul CC. Solns Mrs Mary C Harris, Kelsey, MFS, RC
Walker, Palmer, Baldwin, Church, RBB, Bahler, Moran, JSB Jr, Elliott,
JLL Jr (Elberon NJ), Ellery, Nichols, Ross, TB Miller (Wilkesbarre), Willits,
ST King, Schuler, Dewald, WE Carter, Mrs LF Jones, JT Miller. No def time
for vol 2 Modern Chess Instructor; Amer Chess monthly ed George H Walcott Jr
of Boston

July 10, 1892 pg 24: Website mistakenly shows July 17 column - I think all
pgs 13-24 are from July 17

July 10, 1892 from Chess Arch: Prob 91 JE Porst (Copenhagen). Berlin match
Game Caro-Bardeleben Zukertort B41 w notes. Sheffield Indpdt says Lasker
8-0-4 vs Blackburne shows Lasker superior, childish to talk about health,
present whole match and believe Lasker better than Blackburne at best, would 
back vs Steinitz. New CC Cazenovia NY 26 mems. Havana CC new rooms, officers
Celso Golmayo, Enrique Conill. St George CC winter hdcp winner EM Jackson who
also won Loewenthal cup; of old strong players only JI Minchin played, neither
Wayte nor Dr Ballard; Jackson decided gain St George. City of London spring
hdcp some secs finished, sec George Adamson arranging winter tnmt. Newcastle
Chronicle silver trophy won by Downey of S Shields, gave heavy odds many 
games; vet James Nicholson of S Shields also did well will get medal. solns
Mrs DEW and MFS (Worthington MA), Miss Sadie S Kelsey (Wallingford CT),
HD Patterson (Naugatuck CT), JSB Jr (NY), RC Walker (NY), Dr ST King (Bkln), 
JA Dewald (New Brunswick), R Schuler (Orange), RBB (Phillipsburg NJ), 
AB Hulbert (Lanesville OH), JT Miller (Bedford IA), WE Carter (Platteville WI),
H Taylor (Dover ME), August H Gansser (Bay City MI), Mrs LF Jones (Mariposa CA).
Notes to PC, HS

July 17, 1892 pg 24: Prob 92 provisional German CA 2d prize. Tiflis Game
A de Smitten-Dadian KGA Salvio B22 mate 3 w notes. Have heard talk of
German school, Morphy school, conservative and brilliant school etc. Men
play chess as temperaments incline. Our Southern friends do not like term
Morphy school, feel he is genius not of any school. Germans not only
exponents conservative play. Steinitz and Tarrasch can play brilliantly,
Tschigorin conservatively (from Bkln Std Union). New CC Savannah GA, sec
GE Dickinson. Counbties CA mtg Brighton Aug 1, 2 amateur tnmts, ladies tnmt
for cup donated Mrs Rogers currently held by Miss Thorold; Mayor of Brighton
will preside over luncheon. Solns Harris, Kelsey, Mrs DEW (Worthington MA),
MFS (Worthington MA), ST King, Schuler, JSB Jr, TW Beakbane (Springfield MA),
Dewald, George C Poivier (NY), RBB, Ross, Howell, Baldwin, Palmer, Willits,
WS See (New Canaan CT), Moran, JB Elliott, Bahler, RA Hewitt (Hackensack NJ),
RC Walker, TB Miller, Hahn, WE Carter, HC Fouts (Lanesville IN), Scannell

July 19, 1892 pg 3: Dresdent tnmt rd 1-2 results. Tarrasch favored, then
Winawer. Dr Noa playing 1st major tnmt since 1883

July 20, 1892 pg 4: Dresden rd 3 results. Alapin did not appear lost to
Paulsen by FF

July 21, 1892 pg 7: Dresden rd 4-5 results, stdgs

July 22, 1892 pg 7: Dresden rd 6 and adj game results

July 23, 1892 pg 7: Dresden rd 7-8 results, stdgs

July 24, 1892 pg 24: Prob 93 W Gleave. Monde Illustre corr tnmt Game
Berger-M Prosoroff Sic W31 w notes. City of Lond-Sussex 11.5-7.5; 1st bood
GA Hooke of City beat BCA amateur chp E Jones-Bateman. N vs s England match
eagerly awaited esp in N. Continental CC dinner for club sec Lasker, toasted
by Tickel. HF Gastineau usu summer chess party, ~40 including Blackburne,
Lasker noth toasted by JG Cunningham. Blackburne said various forces led
to defeat including ill health, thx Lasker for consideration thruout. Other
toasts Kershaw, Macdonnell. City chp Moriau and ex-chp Loman won consulting
game vs Dr Ballard+allies. Newcastle offers substantial sum for Bird vs Lasker
match there. Triangular Blackburne, Gunsberg, Lasker match planned Belfast
Sept 12, prizes 35L, 25, 15, 4RR 1/day. July Amer Chess Monthly has portrait
and bio Lipschutz. Remarkable growth Bkln CC, 35 mems since ann mtg, continues
active despite heat. Recent chp tnmt best ever Bkln. Gilberg, Rose and others
are officers NYSCA. Solns MFS, JSB Jr, Patterson, RC Walker, Baldwin, Schuler,
Bahler, ST King, Moran, Dr SG Carpenter (Chester NY), AB Hulbert (Zanesville
OH), WE Carter, JT Miller, Billings, CB Hulbert, Scannell, Scherretz,
August Anderson (Oakland FL), Edward Borgen (Lilbourn City WI), EA Protols
(Palatka FL). Amer Chess Monthly now only US mag devoted to games and probs

July 24, 1892 pg 5: Dresden rd 9 results, stdgs

July 26, 1892 pg 5: Dresden rd 10-11 results, stdgs

July 27, 1892 pg 4: Dresden rd 12 results, stdgs

July 28, 1892 pg 5: Dresden rd 13 results, full stdgs. Alapin sudden illness
loses by FF to Porges

July 29, 1892 pg 7: Dresden rd 14-15 results, stdgs. Cttee agrees to annul
game Tarrasch vs Loman which had been given to Tarrasch on time FF; game will
be replayed

July 30, 1892 pg 7: Dresden rd 16-17 results, stdgs

July 31, 1892 pg 7: Dresden tnmt final results, stdgs, prizes

July 31, 1892 pg 24: Prob 94 Charles Summer Jacobs. Hamburg Game Dadian-Amateur
4N W14++ w notes. Rcvd pamphlet of Steinitz vs tschigorin games; 1st I heard
of it and no indication that Tschigorin knew. Games have recognized financial
value. Similarly, Havana chp games were appropriated by English journals
wo recompense players and scarcely mention of Amer papers which paid liberal
fees to contestants. Pamphlet has mere game scores from 2 Havana matches,
cable match, 2 games Vienna 82 and London 83; only addition 2 diagrams/pg,
even these slipshod. Author (if may be called) Morgan settles Q of relative
strength by adding all these game scores, ignoring total tnmt scores, and
including cable games w openings selected by Tschigorin and consultation whole
St Ptbg CC vs me alone. Tschigorin seems to be creating confusion w new cable
match rumors; rumored I informally offered challenge to such. Tschigorin
asked for either new match in St Ptbg or new cable match, said could not now
but if ever at future would reserve right to different move (given) in 2N game.
Dresden tnmt near end, another Tarrasch triumph closely follwed at writing
time by Hungarian Makowitz who won Budapest tnmt few yrs ago. Reappearance of
time-honored Winawer had not been seen since Nuremberg victory 1883. NYSCA
tnmt begins tomorrow Skaneateles, Delmar vs Hodges and Staats-Ztg Cup. Last yr
I had pleasure of attending and sending daily reports, regret to say I cannot
this yr. Present election campaign graver issues must be discussed, and Dresden
mtg will claim much of my attention when game scores arrive; some of most
imprtant will be sent to Trib and will be printed as space permits. New Havana
CC sec Machado says club has challenged Paris to cable match. Skaneateles CC
preparing for tnmt. City CC rep will be Emil Kemeny. Lasker said had not
paid much attention to probs; Simpson's attendees showed him tricky 4er; he
said not worth time on hot day; bet cigars he could not solve in hr, we 
thought would tkae days. He concentrated wo touching pieces, solved in 7 
minutes. Solns Kelsey, Mrs DEW and MFS (Worthington MA), Harris, JB Elliott,
Willits, Ross, ST King, Bahler, Baldwin, Dewald, Moran, Schuler, RC Walker, 
RBB, JSB Jr, Charles Broughton Jr (Stapleton LI), Van Houter, Charles C Chapman
(Chicago), Fessenden, Coogan, Hahn, August Anderson (Oakland FL), Mrs LF Jones,
EA Pierce (Belmond IA)

Aug 3, 1892 pg 7: Match started for state chp and $70 winner $40 loser Hodges
vs Delmar. Hodges wins game 1 74 moves D: 1:53 H: 1:42; Hodges also wins game
2 29 moves, and games 3-5 winning match 5-0. Cup entries Kemeny (City), Hanham 
(Manhattan), Eno (Bkln), Goold (Albany)->Deyo, Thornton (Buffalo). 1st rd 
Hanham/Thornton, Kemeny-Deyo

Aug 4, 1892 pg 5: Delmar decided not to play any exhibition vs Hodges,
enter hdcp instead; Hodges declared match winner. Kemeny leads cup contest
by 1 game, viewed as likely winner. Cup results: Rd 2: Hanham/Deyo, Kemeny-
Thornton. Rd 3: Deyo/Thornton, Eno vs Kemeny adj. Rd 4: Kemeny-Hanham, Eno
vs Deyo adj

Aug 5, 1892 pg 7: Kemeny won 4 consec in tnmt, last over Eno, will likely win 
cup for City. Hdcp winners Class 2: Shotwell 6.5-.5 Class 3: Dr White Class 4:
Graves. Delmar beat Hanham, drew Shipley; if beats Schieffelin wins 1st class

Aug 7, 1892 pg 24: Prob 95 AF Mackenzie. NYSCA match Game 1 Delmar-Hodges
Ruy B73. German CA prob tnmt winners J Pospisil, R Weinheimer (Vienna), M Feigl,
E Palkoska (Vienna), M Karstedt (Kottbus), J Hane (Berlin); hon men Zimmerman,
Fuss, Laws, Ehrenstein; 4ers O Fuss, F Schindler (Standing)F Schrufer; hon men
Vateschnik, Juchly, Chocholous, Bardsdorf, Moller; best set O Fuss. Solns
Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin (Jersey City), Mrs Caroline M Hoyt (NY), Miss Edith
FC Lane (Wallingford CT), Kelsey, MFA, Walter Frere (Bay Ridge NY), Church,
Willits, RC Walker, Dewald, AH Baldwin, TB Miller, ST King, JSB Jr, JB Elliott,
Ross, RBB, Fessenden, Moran, Schuler, Howell, Prof Frederic J Haim (Hagerstown
MD), AB Hulbert (Zanesville), Billings, EA Protols (Palatka FL), Borgen, 
August Anderson

Aug 8, 1892 pg 3: City CC wins NYSCA challenge cup Kemeny 6.5-1.5 Hanham 6.
Delmar lost to Schieffelin, gvg Voigt/Shipley tie chp class 1; Shipley had
to return to Philad resigned so Voigt could finish hdcp. Voigt-Graves R odds,
Voigt-White N odds, Voigt/Shipwell gvg P+1. White-Shotwell, White-Graves,
Shotwell/Graves. Voigt $25 White (class 3) 15 Shotwell (2) 10 Graves (4) 5

Aug 9, 1892 pg 9: Tarrasch remarkable 3 consec tnmt wins; other great tnmt
performances Blackburne Berlin 81 and Anderssen. Other prize winners all
dark horses making 1st intl appearance w possible exception Makowetz who won
Graz 1890 ahead of JH Bauer, Lasker. Tnmt Game Makowetz-Porges GP B17 w notes

Aug 10, 1892 pg 4: Remarkable Dresden tnmt Game Blackburne-Winawer Ruy D49 
notes Steinitz

Aug 14, 1892 pg 22: Prob 96 St John Globe prob tnmt. Match Game Hodges-Delmar
Zukertort W 37 w notes. Oh how Vanderbilt bought Meissonier's Chess Players.
Solns Miss Edith FC Lane (Wallingford), Miss Berny Hoyer (NY), MFS, Mrs
Charlotte E Baldwin (Jersey City), Mrs DEW (Ilion NY), Kelsey, JSB Jr,
John V Nourse (Elizabeth NJ), RBB, Howell, AH Baldwin, Bahler, Van Houter,
Church, Richard F Hall (Troy NY), Willits, TB Miller, Ross, JB Elliott, Dewald,
ST King, Moran, Rex (Springfield MA), Kuenzel, Schuler, EMC (Norwich CT),
CB Hulbert, Frederic J Haim (Hagerstown MD), Walter Frere, Gansser, Charles C
Chapman (Chicago), Taylor, Scherretz, Billings, Anderson, Mrs LF Jones,
Scannell, WD Shaff (Aninsville OR), JT Miller. Dresden tnmt Game Marco-Makowetz
French B43 notes Steinitz

Aug 16, 1892 pg 4: Staats-Ztg cup deciding Game Deyo-Kemeny QGD B56 notes

Aug 17, 1892 pg 4: Dresden tnmt Game Blackburne-Dr Noa French B46 notes Steinitz

Aug 20, 1892 pg 8: Books of wk has Intl Chess Mag

Aug 20, 1892 pg 9: Staats-Ztg cup Game Kemeny-Hanham Zukertort W32 notes

Aug 21, 1892 pg 22: Prob 97 M Feigl. Counties CA Brighton Game Gunsberg+
Skipworth-Lasker+Macdonnell Falkbeer Ctr D38 w notes. Counties CA tnmt
Brighton opened Aug 1, great success, many players and spectators. 1st class
entries Skipworth, E Thorold, H Blake, JA Guest, Trenchard, Lambert, Rumboll,
Wilson, Butler, General Minchin; latest reports leadrs Blake 6.5-1.5 Wilson
4.5-1.5 Thorold 5-3; biz mtg chair Ropes. Bird 7-2-4 Leeds CC. Correct Tarrasch
score from Aug 9; was 9-0-6 Dresden followed by Makowetz/Porges 10.5; 2 prizes
100 and 60 marks added Bardeleben/Winawer 9.5 split these. Puzzle on Winawer
vs Blackburne game pubd here Aug 10 cleared up; omitted move given and final
moves. Solns Harris, Lane, Mrs Caroline M Hoyt (NY), Kelsey, MFS, Mrs DEW,
Church, Moran, Bahler, Schuler, Nourse, TB Miller, Dewald, ST King, JSB Jr,
RC Walker, AH Baldwin, Ross, Frank E Fenner (Waterbury CT), JB Elliott, RBB,
Theodore Roberts (NY), Van Houter, Bancroft, Frere, Richmond, Willits, 
Smith Martin (White Sulphur Springs WV), Kuenzel, Frederic J Halm (Hagerstown
MD), Borgen, Chapman, Scherretz, DE Burtner (Hagerstown MD), Mrs LF Jones,
JT Miller.

Aug 28, 1892 pg 22: Prob 98 RH Seymour won prob tnmt in The Homestead
(Springfield MA). Dresden tnmt Game Winawer-Bardeleben Ponziani B31 w notes.
Counties CA tnmt Brighton Blake 6.5-1.5 Wilson 6 Butler 5.5; Brighton locals
Wilson and Butler did well. Mtg to org N England players Aug 20 for match
vs S, propose Owen capt and IM Brown of Leeds sec. Excerpt from Porterfield
Rynd in Dublin Herald on Tarrasch victory: Tarrasch fine tnmt player, was
handed some gifts by errors which is normal, but also got strange cttee 
decisions. Alapin agreed to D in better position vs Tarrasch; hurt Tarrasch
score wrt those who had beaten Alapin. Later, Dr Noa failed to make 20 moves in
hr by clock, Alapin entitled (aye bound) to claim FF; cttee tried to take into
time registered by clock running after move made, rejected Alapin claim. Soon
after, Tarrasch in losing position vs Loman, claimed time win. Cttee accepted
Tarrasch claim. Alapin resigned from tnmt for injustice. Since more than half
played Alapin's score should stand, cttee cancelled; effectively gains 1.5
(1 for Loman, .5 for Alapin) by cttee decisions. Will no doubt hear more on
Rynd criticisms; this account differs from Wochernschach on Loman which
said cttee ordered new game which Tarrasch won. New mag Chess Fortnightly
ed Lasker to be pubd London. Solns RC Walker, Schuler, JSB Jr, Charles 
Broughton, JB Elliott, Moran, Borgen, Billings, Charles F Homerick (Nebraska
City NE), Gansser, Chapman, CB Hulbert, JT Miller, Mrs LF Jones, Spencer Dayton
(Philippi WV), Anderson.

Sept 4, 1892 pg 22: Prob 99 R Weinheimer. Only accepted gambit in Dresden tnmt
Game Winawer-Tarrasch KGA Bishop G B46 w notes. London Evening News+Post on
new Chess Fortnightly ed Lasker; since Steinitz left and Zukertort died no
mag w top analysis in England, esp praise Steinitz notes for raising chess
quality in England. List of prize winners shows no English rep won major tnmt
since Bradford 88. Buckley in Birmingham Wkly Mercury notes honors to chess
players; CE Shaw new MP for Stafford was active mem Wolverhampton CC team,
Walter Parratt once best at Oxford knighted, several of best players in House
expecting cabinet positions. Mason and perhaps Bird will hoin Dublin tnmt w
Lasker, Gunsberg, Blackburne. Strategie notes that tho most think Philidor 1st
to play 2 blind, Dadian points out references to Saracen Bucecca plaing 2 blind 
and one OTB Florence ~1539 [sic], prob oldest recorded blind. In past few yrs
Ireland has played 5 huge corr matches; Sussex, Yorkshire, Scotland, N vs S,
Dublin vs Belfast. Now another vs W England, British [Bristol?] and Clifton
CA willl try to raise 100 players start Sept 1. Solns Mrs DEW, Harris, MFS,
Kelsey, Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin, Van Houter, EF Sherwood (NY), Richmond, Ross,
RC Walker, ST King, AC Westervelt (Rahway NJ)m Charles Broughton, Henry L
Norton (Rockville Centre LI), Richard J Hall (Troy NY), RBB, JSB Jr, WS See
(New Canaan), Moran, Willits, Bahler, Kuenzel, Nourse, Dewald, JB Elliott,
Schuler, JLL Jr (Elberon NJ), WS Thumier (NY), Thomas B Miller, Howell, Farwell,
AH Baldwin, Mrs LF Jones, Homerick

Sept 11, 1892 pg 22: Prob 100 M Ehrenstein. 2N line from cable match in Dresden
tnmt Game Makowetz-Loman 2N W41 w notes. Leeds mtg to org N England players, GC 
Heywood of Newcastle chair. Resolved to officially challenge, IM Brown (Leeds) 
sec, Bird, Lasker 5 game up match Newcastle in prog. Lasker will not go to
Belfast, instead to US after Bird match, hopes to play top US. New wkly
Metropolitan Chess Mag to appear this month. Chicago Expo tnmt prog reported,
cttee formed Harvey S Hopkins, JD Adair, L Uedemann, DS Baldwin, CM Morton,
JT Denoir, CA Peters. Solns RC Walker, Mrs DEW, Moran, JB Elliott, Bahler,
CB Hulbert, Gansser, Homerick, Billings, JNB (Montreal)

Sept 13, 1892 pg 4: Lasker-Bird 5-0 Newcastle. N England challenges S England
50-100L/side, Rev John Owen of Lpool to capt North

Sept 18, 1892 pg 22: Prob 161 AF Mackenzie. Game Bird-Lasker 2N B43 w notes. 
Lasker-Bird 5-0 Newcastle for 50L stake; description interesting openings.
Excertp from Gunsberg, praise Lasker, likes Bird for gvg interesting games
but feel ludicrous to call this real match. Death FL Slous, leading pre
Staunton player, long retired from active play but took interest, liberal
supporter London 1883 tnmt. Owen accepts position N capt vs S England.
Manhattan ann hdcp starts Sat, 5 prizes from $12 to $24, 2/wk. Solns JB Elliott,
Van Houter, Schuler, Bahler, ST King, RC Walker, Moran, Ellery, JSB Jr,
Dr Robert B Browne (Phillipsburg NJ), Spencer Dayton, Woods, Mrs LF Jones,
JT Miller

Sept 25, 1892 pg 22: Prob 102 SC Dunham. Match Game Bird-Lasker From Gambit
B42 w notes. Newcastle Chronicle silver trophy presented to F Downey of
S Shields, other prizes distributed, dinner; large croowd included Lasker,
Bird. City of London season opens 1st wk Oct w Blackburne blind. Mtg to
form S Counties Chess Union, decide to accept challenge from N; much discussion
of unattached London clubs. City CC of NY opens new rooms Tues. Lasker
expected in few days for Mahattan engagement; best player of his age, 1 of best
in world. Chicago Times proposes Burn vs Lasker match; match vs Steinitz also
mentioned, I do not plan to meet him at this time, far behind in literary
engagements; will finish Modern Chess Instructor and may have played my last
chp match. Lasker challenged Tarrasch to 500L/side match Nuremberg, Tarrasch
says Lasker should first win an intl tnmt; Steinitz says Lasker English tnmts
and matches make this untenable, if Tarrasch declines due to biz shoould not
use other reasons. Solns Kelsey, MFS, Ross, Fessenden, RBB, JSB Jr, ST King,
Ellery, JB Elliott, Moran, Hall, Van Houter, RC Walker, Bahler, AH Baldwin, 
Schuler, Dr SG Carpenter (Chester NY), Taylor, Homerick, Mrs LF Jones, Borgen

Sept 28, 1892 pg 1: Belfast tnmts w N Ireland chess congress. Includes 4
way tnmt Mason, Blackburne, Bird, Lee; full CT 1st 4 games each

Sept 29, 1892 pg 7: Belfast tnmt rd 6-7 results, stdgs

Oct 2, 1892 pg 7: Belfast tnmt final rd 8-9 results; Blackburne, Mason 5.5
Bird 5 Lee 2

Oct 2, 1892 pg 24: Prob 103 AF Mackenzie. Special brilliancy prize handsome 
chess bd donated S Alapin for Dresden tnmt Game Mieses-Blackburne Vienna B34
w notes. Death ME Chamier, 1 of strongest French, won natl tnmt 1883 to which
Grevy donated Sevres vase. Quad tnmt Belfast scores Bird, Blackburne, Mason 3
Lee 1. Novel sliding odds tnmt at Manchester club ends, 20 entries, 84 games
just 5 D, pair by lot from present, odds varied w win/loss, success. London
club sec ann mtg, better prospect for sr metropolitan cllubs than last yr.
City CC housewarming, pres FG Janusch chair; guests include Gilberg, Mintz,
Hodges, Lipschutz, Pollock, Steinitz; ltrs regret from VP Hein and Rose. Chess
ed Mail+Express S Loyd offers $100 for best score vs Lasker during US visit,
Gilberg added another $100, Dr Jentz like amount; these 3 will meet to 
determine exact terms. 1 day hdcp at City CC each Sunday, silver goblet to
player winning 3 consec; also simuls every other Sat starting Oct 1, and hope
to arrange best in club vs Lasker. St Paul CCW officers GM Orr, WC Sargent,
AT Nettleton, DS Sperry, Robert Irwin; cttee RW Ransom, GL Bunn, CB Witherle;
arranging fall tnmt. Admission to see Lasker Manhattan by ticket. Solns Harris,
Mrs CE Baldwin, MFS, Kelsey, Mrs DEW, Howell, Church, Dewald, JB Elliott,
EL Hurley (Rahway NJ), Benjamin Bower (NY), Hall, RC Walker, AH Baldwin,
JSB Jr, Kuenzel, ST King, Van Houter, RBB, Schuler, Moran, Bahler, Fessenden,
Nourse, Charles L Hamlin (Eaton NY), Halm, Scannell, Billings, Homerick, Mrs
LF Jones, Dr CE Finlay (Havana)

Oct 3, 1892 pg 4: Princten CC 1st biz mtg, arranges prelim tnmt to choose
intercollege reps

Oct 7, 1892 pg 5: Lasker arrives NY for month engagement Manhattan. 3 game
matches vs top players of club. Saving top for last, tho Lipschutz objects
to risking rep on 3 games, short match vs Lipschutz proposed. 1st will be
Hanham on Mon, Dr Dimonson Tues; 20/1. Welcomers include Mintz, Vorrath, Evans,
Hodges, Hanham, De Visser, Pollock, Baird et al. Gilberg $100 prize best vs
Lasker open to any NYSCA mem, Loyd to any USCA mem; Dr OF Jentz out of town has
not specified conditions. Manhattan $50 for best by mem plus $5 each win $2.50
draw. Speaks English well, created fav impression w quiet, gentlemanly manners.
About age 24, slight build, dark complexion, highly intellectual and interesting
(Lasker arrival pg 12)

Oct 9, 1892 pg 24: Prob 104 T Taverner. Belfast tnmt Game Blackburne-Mason
Vienna W44 w notes. Idea intercollege tnmt started yr ago by EA Caswell Y66 in
ltr to Trib Nov 8, 1891; got $100 each from H, C, P grads and $200 for Yale. 
Purchased cup $400, die for striking medals, handsome record book. Oxford vs
Cambridge matches since 1872, that yr thru efforts Steinitz, Oxford CC pres
Anthony, Cambridge CC pres De Soyres; successful. Description and pic cup.
Deed by W Bayard Cutting, George L Rives, F Augustus Schermerhorn, M Orme Wilson
of Columbia; PH Butler, John Grrenough, James J Higginson, Edward King, HW Poor
for Harv; Cleveland H Dodge for Pton (called college of NJ at Pton); PH Betts,
EA Caswell, SB Chittenden, SH Chapman, Chauncey M Depew, EE Goodrich, 
James K Hill, EC Stedman for Yale; conditions given. After 1895 unanimous vote
can allow other schools. Full quad tnmt CT Blackburne, Mason 5.5 Bird 5 Lee 2.
Solns MFS, Harris, Ellery, Fessenden, Church, Bahler, Schuler, JSB Jr, Van
Houter, AH Baldwin, Hall, Patterson, Dewald, RC Walker, JT Miller, Scannell,
Borgen, Taylor, TB Miller, Ross, Billings, Homerick, Gray

Oct 10, 1892 pg 10: Events of day has Manhattan tnmt

Oct 11, 1892 pg 1: Lasker playing Hanham, Lasker slightly up at press time.
Attendance moderate due to celebrations, spectators include WA Gwyer of
Washington CC, GW Liddell of Montreal, Emil Hoffmann of City CC, Lieut
Whistler of US Army

Oct 12, 1892 pg 3: Hanham lost 5 hrs 48 moves; analytical post-mortem showed
Hanham had chances, Steinitz pointed out winning line move 28. Lasker beat
Simonson 36 move; Simonson theoretical chance of win move 20. Full prog given;
beside individ games blind on Oct 22, simul Oct 29

Oct 13, 1892 pg 10: Lasker wins 3d Manhattan game, good attendance for game
vs DG Baird, 3 hrs, Delmar points out drawing line move 28; tonight Dr Isaacson

Oct 14, 1892 pg 5: Descrip Lasker vs Dr O Isaacson, promising young player,
still in prog; plays Hodges tonight

Oct 15, 1892 pg 7: Lasker beat Isaacson 53 moves 2 AM. Great attendance for
Game Lasker-Hodges Ruy moves 1-30 of B43 notes Steinitz

Oct 16, 1892 pg 8: Lasker played vet Delmar, whose daring brilliant style has
made popular 30 yrs. Description Game Lasker-Delmar French adj 46 notes
Steinitz, then drawn by mutual consent. Moves 31-B43 Lasker-Hodges w notes;
see Oct 15. Plays JS Ryan tomorrow

Oct 16, 1892 pg 24: Prob 105 A Wheeler from Hackney Mercury prob tnmt. 
Manhattan Game Hanham-Lasker 1.a3 B48++ w notes. Lasker simul Cyprus Club
London Sept 24 15-2-3. Blackburne blindfold exhibit to end Dublin congress
5-1-1 w 1 unfinished opponent had to leave. Amateur tnmt ended tie WL Harvey/
EL Robinson, will play off. 2d Newcastle Chronicle silver trophy competition
starts this mo. Surrey County CA mtg included Gunsberg simul. Lpool-Glasgow
1.5-.5 corr match

Oct 18, 1892 pg 7: JS Ryan called brilliant and popular amateur. Description
Game JS Ryan-Lasker 1.g3 moves 1-43 of B64; Lasker 25 min one move both
time trouble ~move 40 ended 11:30. Moves 47-D48 Lasker-Delmar careful
notes Steinitz say Delmar had win

Oct 19, 1892 pg 7: Description final 1st rd of series Game JW Baird-Lasker 2N
B41 1:40, :37; Lasker 1 min for 1st 10 moves. Ryan-Lasker moves 44-B64.
Summary Lasker rd 1 results; rd 2 begins today w DG Baird

Oct 20, 1892 pg 4: Description Game Lasker-DG Baird QP W31 whole game 1:30

Oct 21, 1892 pg 5: Quickly played, Ryan playing move/min description Game 
Lasker-JS Ryan QP W33 Lasker now playing w accustomed brilliance

Oct 22, 1892 pg 3: Lasker visit Manhattan success, has made self fav socially.
Habit of hovering by bd not playing, discussing chess. Game Hodges-Lasker Ruy
B59; today plays 5 blind simul

Oct 23, 1892 pg 5: Large and enthusiastic audience for Lasker 5 blind simul,
teller F Mintz, 5-0 in 1:30, a bit mixed in Yeaton game, 2 females opposed.
beat Mrs I, Mrs W (last to lose [Worrall?]), Richards, Yeaton, Seymour.
Game Lasker-Richards Ruy 3..Bc5 W24. Schedule for wk includes simul Oct 29

Oct 23, 1892 pg 24: Prob 106 AF Mackenzie. From match won 1.5-.5 by Lpool
corr Game Liverpool-Glasgow QGD W55 w notes some from Glasgow Herald. Yale CC
officers Arthur Bumstead 95, GW Gosland 94, CS Bonsall Law, AE Skinner 95;
over 20 entries tnmt to select intercollege reps. Bay City YMCA CC estabd
starts w 30 mems, officers Herbert W Mengel, Frank Von Deusen, George E Turner,
WA Ballou, August H Gansser. Bay City Germania CC 3d ann tnmt winner GH
Gansser 34-5; would like corr games vs other CCs. City of London new rooms,
opened w Blackburne 6-0-2 blind simul; later 18-1-5 simul vs 28 opponents.
Talk of limiting City of London to 300 mems; will not play in N vs S match
tho individs may play, will not join S Counties Chess Union. Bird in Newcastle
early Oct, successful simuls, match partly even partly odds P+1 and P+2 vs
GC Heywood; won even game and drew 2 odds games. Blackburne in Glasgow for
wk Oct 10, blind and simuls. Leeds CC gen mtg, mem decreased; rival Bradford
CC flourishing. Death Lord Tennyson, great chess lover, BCA VP, donated prizes
of works for Tennyson tnmt. Philosopher Mendelssohn called chess too
earnest for play, too much play for earnest; humorous element comes out in
Der Vollkommene Schach Korkser ie Complete Chess Duffer. Says reached ht of
chess career 1871, 3 games vs Steinitz, he won 1st and i lost 2d, 3d not played
when he pronounced me greatest duffer he ever met; w such credentials I
returned to fatherland and remained duffer 20 yrs; advice on how to become and
stay duffer. Pamphlet Pleasant Hours Over the Chess Bd by JN Babson, 16 sample
probs inviting subscriptions for 300 selected probs, some of odd type; should
have given solns as well. Summary Lasker games Manhattan of which have been
daily reports; is 9-1-1. Lasker scion of family of great Liberal leader who
opposed Bismarck; brother Berthold is a leading Berlin player. Solns Howell,
Mrs Fannie E Yale (Naugatuck CT), Mrs CE Baldwin, Kelsey, Fessenden, Gray,
MFS, ST King, Kuenzel, Ellery, Ross, Bahler, AHH (Elizabeth NJ), Moran, DEW
(NY), Dewald, RBB, DBF (NY), AH Baldwin, Schuler, JB Elliott, RC Walker, JSB Jr,
Charles S Faulkner (NY), Hall, TB Miller, Eugene L Hurley (Rahway NJ), Billings,
Edwin H Baldwin (Jersey City), Van Houter, CA Lillie (sec Newark CC), LE Daniels
(Oswego NY), GN Seeley (Minden NE), Scannell, John Sutcliffe (Eaton NY),
Charles L Hamlin (Eaton NY), GH Gansser (Bay City MI), Dr AC Hawes (Norton Hts
CT), Richard S Crane (NY), Dr Carpenter (Chester), Dayton, Homerick, Scherretz,
Taylor, Mrs LF Jones, Robert B Browne (Phillipsburg NJ)

Oct 25, 1892 pg 7: Counting blind exhibit, Lasker starts 3d wk Manhattan w
record 15-1-1. Description and Steinitz analysis key position < 2 hr Game
Lasker-Hanham Philidor W36

Oct 26, 1892 pg 12: Description Game Dr Simonson-Lasker Ruy B34 1:40, :30;
eagerly awaited game 2 vs Delmar 4 today

Oct 27, 1892 pg 12: Description Game Delmar-Lasker English B30 notes Steinitz;
needs to beat JW Baird and Dr Isaacson for clean sweep rd 2

Oct 28, 1892 pg 7: Description Game Dr C Isaacson-Lasker Falkbeer Ctr B32;
plays JW Baird tomorrow

Oct 29, 1892 pg 3: Lasker played weakly due to severe cold in Game Lasker-
JW Baird Ruy Double Ruy W53 2:00, 2:40 w analysis key position. Tonight grand
simul 16 signed up so far.

Oct 30, 1892 pg 24: Prob 107 W Gleave (London). Quad tnmt Belfast Game
Mason-Bird B27 w notes. Franklin CC officers Dr P Frazer, WC Wilson, Reichhelm,
Shipley; tnmt cttee Morgan, Shipley, Reichhelm will org winter tnmt for chp
cup donated George W Childs; contemplates inviting Lasker. Summary Lasker games
of wk, clean sweep rd 2 while using barely 5 hrs. Brief summary Lasker's play
each game of wk. Solns Mrs CE Baldwin, Schuler, Bahler, Patterson, Moran, Hall,
Dewald, RC Walker, JSB Jr, Gray, Frank Van Dusen (Bay City MI), AH Baldwin,
Scherretz, Sutcliffe Bros (Eaton NY), Richmond, Hamlin, Carpenter, Dayton,
JT Miller, Edwin Sleeper (Natl Mil Home OH).

Nov 1, 1892 pg 2: Lasker clinched wins vs all but Hodges, Delmar. Description
Game Hanham-Lasker 1.a3 B38 1:55, :40 w notes. Sat Lasker simul 15-2-3
beat J Sweeney, J Magee, F Yeaton, TF Hatfield, W Thome, F Eaton, JG Wilson,
M Froelich, JB Wilkinson Jr, A Clapp, Rev J Johnstone, TJ Worman, Prof W
Holladay, O Bostwick, A Newman; lost to J McSwegan, R Hartshorne; drew
F Bode, Hanham, Prof A Brodsky. 

Nov 2, 1892 pg 12: Lasker suffers 2d loss. Still below par from cold. 
Description 2d Game Dr Simonson-Lasker Ruy W57. Plays 3d vs DG Baird today

Nov 4, 1892 pg 13: Description good Game DG Baird-Lasker Ruy B58. Lasker
accepts 8 day engagement Bkln CC starts Nov 11. Ryan unable to play 3d game
vs Lasker last night. Remaining prog Manhattan Hodges Nov 4, odds simul 
Nov 5, Isaacson Nov 7, JW Baird Nov 8, Delmar Nov 9. Lasker has accepted
engagement Baltimore CC, negotiating w Franklin, Montreal

Nov 6, 1892 pg 7: Lasker 10-1-1 simul Manhattan gvg odd each bd. 4-0 gvg P+1 to
O Bostwick, P Stevens, JG Wlson, A Nanz. 2-0 gvg P+2 to W Timme, G Richardson.
1-0 gvg R to QH Bowman. 3-1-1 gvg N beating W Ga?sson, R Nerimja, G Buxton,
losing to G Kalmann, drawing C Roberts. Position from Lasker-Beramje given

Nov 6, 1892 pg 24: Prob 108 E Halliwell from Bristol Mercury prob tnmt. Monde
Illustre corr tnmt Game J Berger-A Lihdak Ruy W39. Lasker performance reviewed;
says Manhattan w 2 wins did better than top British players did in recent
matches and tnmts. Solns Mrs DEW, Kelsey, Yale, JSB Jr, Dewald, AH Baldwin,
Moran, TB Miller, Hall, Robert B Browne (Phillipsburg NJ), JB Eaton (Bkln),
BW La Mothe (NY), Bahler, Schuler, Ross, Louis E Daniels (Owego NY), Gray,
RC Walker, MFS, GN Seeley (Minden NE), ST King, JB Elliott, JT Miller, Scannell,
AZ Sheldon (Colorado City CO), E Porter (New Haven), Dr H St Clair (NY).
GC Heywood of Newcastle won match vs Bird 3-3-2 and 1 game to play gvg P+2 
Bird resigned given Heywood improvement during match; even Bird-Heywood 2-1
P+1 Bird/Heywood 1-1-1 P+2 Heywood-Bird 2-0-1 counting resign. Metropolitan-
Athenaeum 13-7. Lpool CC will play N vs S match, rep will be A Rutherford; match
prob Birmingham Jan; City of London will not take part; capts Owen, Wayte,
umprie Blackburne

Nov 7, 1892 pg 7: Description Game Hodges-Lasker Zukertort B46 notes Steinitz

Nov 8, 1892 pg 5: Description Game C Isaacson-Lasker GP B37

Nov 9, 1892 pg 4: Description Game JW Baird-Lasker Sic B31

Nov 11, 1892 pg 4: Description Game Lasker-Delmar QP W34 notes Steinitz

Nov 12, 1892 pg 9: Lasker starts 8 day engagement Bkln CC w win vs Abel E
Blackmar. Simul tonight. Manhattan results beat Hodges and Simonson 2-1,
Delmar 2-0-1, Ryan 2-0 (+1 by FF), DG Baird, JW Baird, Hanham, Isaacson 3-0.
Won 5 blindfold. 15-2-3 even simuls, 10-1-1 odds simul. Won 1 offhand vs
Ettlinger. Bkln prog given. After Bkln Montreal, then return Bkln Nov 26.

Nov 13, 1892 pg 5: Lasker 12-0-2 Bkln CC simul 4:35. Beat C Tatum, GF Murray,
DJ Finlay, RF Bradford, H Helms, F Rose, WF Eno, W Frere, R Colwell, 
SB Chittenden, Prof Raymond, AJ Souweine; drew J Sabater, RG [RA?] Breckenridge.
Won match game vs Blackmar Fri 60 moves

Nov 13, 1892 pg 24: Prob 109 HH Davis Bristol Merc prob tnmt. Dresden tnmt Game
Mason-Blackburne B34 w notes. Lasker finishes Manhattan overall 51.5-7.5.
Havana CC trying to arrange Lasker vs Steinitz, ltr from Machado promises 
$500 to each plus expenses and cover Steinitz stakes; both have stated do
not want to play for world chp at present. BCA said to be in critical condition
due to little general financial support; Tinsley has for some time advocated
general british Chess Union and BCA collapse may hasten. St George CC joins
Southern Chess Union. Gunsberg 25-2-2 Clapham simul, 17-1-10 Metropolitan CC.
Blackburne successful simuls Birmingham and district. Metropolitan-Athenaeum 13-
7, Ludgate Circus-City News Rooms 12.5-7.5. Abortive attempt to found London+
Middlesex CA, left til after N vs S match. Montreal CC will ask Lasker to 
extend visit from 4 to 6 days to allow more individ games. Monde Illustre 3d
intl corr tnmt; 1st artwork value 2500 francs, 2d EFs, 3d chess works donated
Gaspary of Athens, Paris clubs will augment, best game from penalties and fines.
Enter Rosenthal. Solns Mrs CE Baldwin, Kelsey, Mrs DEW, JSB Jr, La Mothe, Dr
Joshua J Roth (Hempstead LI), Dewald, RBB, AH Baldwin, Alexander H Harris 
(Bkln), Hall, ott, Bahler, Fessenden, Schuler, MFS, Richmond, Howell,
Howard Yale Ensign (age 11 Naugatuck CT), ST King, Kuenzel, Hamlin, Woods,
Dayton, Scannell, WL White MD (Bellows Falls VT), Arter, Homerick, Hall

Nov 14, 1892 pg 7: Havana CC could not arrange Lasker vs Steinitz match.
Lasker is willing to meet Lipschutz in match 5 or 7 games up. Lipschutz will
select stakeholder Tues. Lasker requires stake at least $1000, think US
players will subscribe
Nov 17, 1892 pg 7: Lasker off-day Bkln, went as guest Bkln CC mem Chittenden
to Hamilton Club where went 3-1 blind losing by slip to WF Eno. Shows
position and Lasker-P Richardson moves 36-D42. Lasker plays Blackmar again

Nov 18, 1892 pg 2: Description Lasker win vs AE Blackmar Bkln CC, plays 2d
vs De Visser today

Nov 19, 1892 pg 5: Lasker easily beats De Visser, who seemed oppressed w
responsibility of upholding club honor after laurels lost by him last Tues;
lost in 1 hr 20 moves. Tonight Ladies Night, Lasker 12 blind simul to
conclude Bkln engagement, then to Montral where has extended engagement
from 4 to 6 days 

Nov 20, 1892 pg 5: Lasker ends Bkln engagement w 10-0-2 simul 90 min. Had
begged off promised blind exhibit and by agreement played just 1 blind which
he lost to JD Elwell before simul. Simul beat D Ottolengui, E Olly, H Behr,
CS Taber, E Saunderson, Dr JE Russell, Dr JR Jaber, RR Williams, JH Park,
JJ Spowers; drew JW Luckenbach, WB Ingalls

Nov 20, 1892 pg 24: Prob 110 J Juchly soln tnmt Munich CC stumped all including
Tarrasch. Bkln CC Game AE Blackmar-Lasker Scotch B27++ w notes. Solns Mrs CE
Baldwin, Kelsey, Mrs DEW, AH Baldwin, Alexander H Harris (Bkln), RBB,
William K Lain (Port Jervis NY), Dewald, ST King, JSB Jr, DBF (NY), MFS
(Columbus OH), Kuenzel, Charles S Faulkner (NY), JB Elliott, La Mothe, JB
Miller, FA Genth Jr (Philad), Bahler, Schuler, Richmond, RC Walker, Frank
Singsen (Port Jervis NY), Hall, Fessenden, Edwin H Baldwin (Jersey City),
WE Ray (W Coxsackie NY), Hamlin, Billings, Scannell, JT Miller, EA Caswell (NY),
Arthur R Adams (Norwalk CT). Yale Record reports great interest intercolelge
tnmt, Yale prelim rd ended top 3 each sec advance Sec 1: Ross 10-2 Putney 9-3
Bumstead, Day, Lockwood, Maples 8-4. Sec 2: Bonsall 11-0 Skinner 8-3 Allen 8-1
Limburger 9-2 Burns 7-4 Reed 6-4. Secs for rd 2 are Sec 1: Allen, Bumstead, Day,
Maples, Putney, Reed. Sec 2: Burns, Bonsall, Limburger, Lockwood, Ross,
Skinner. Top 3 each sec to play final rd. Musical lvg chess Oxford great
success, Baron von Boeselager conducted games. Club pres T Winter Wood leads
Plymouth CC silver cop competition. 154 entries silver cup competition for
N England. N London-Ludgate Circus 12-8. Newcastle CC vs British CC match
considered. British CC hdcp in prog, 15 entries, 4 1st class. N vs S England
prob Jan 23. Hodges leads AE Blackmar 1.5.5 playoff for 3d prize Bkln CC chp,
prize gold and silver plated chessmen. Lasker ended Bkln engagement w simul
last nigh, but will return on 26th after Montreal engagement to play game vs
P Richardson. Nov 11 beat Blackmar, Nov 12 12-0-2 simul, Nov 14 beat De Visser,
Nov 16 D Richardson, Nov 17 beat Blackmar, Nov 18 beat De Visser. Richardson
played Lasker's own Sic var against him. Blackmar played well, De Visser
poorly. Simul very rapid 14 games 95 min; Breckenridge and Sabater got D.
4-1 blind simul Hamilton Club as guest Chittenden, lost to Eno. Since NY
arrival 71-6-8

Nov 22, 1892 pg 1: Lasker arrives Montreal. Nov 21 and 24 25 bd simuls, Nov 22-
23 individ offhand vs Cooke, Babson, Fleming, Short, Robertson; Nov 23 evening
vs Henderson+Babson+Robertson

Nov 23, 1892 pg 2: Lasker 21-1-2 Montreal simul; lost to H Bertrand; drew
P Barry, HG Putnam

Nov 26, 1892 pg 1: Lasker 24-1-1 Montreal simul, lost to Cameron, drew Hurrie

Nov 27, 1892 pg 5: Lasker arrived Quebec from Montreal, 5-0 simul vs leading
players ~1 hr, afternoon 14-1-1 losing to NY 1889 player Nicholas McLeod,
drawing WB Chilk

Nov 27, 1892 pg 12: Chess revival NJ. Elizabethport CC appoint cttee 
Thum, Quien, Weiss to arrange tnmt; hope to arrange series of games between
Elizabethport, Elizabeth, Plainfield

Nov 27, 1892 pg 19: Arion Club allows women, grateful to be able to play chess
there wo having to feel grateful at condescension of men

Nov 27, 1892 pg 24: Prob 111 HFL Meyer. 1 of 24 simul City of London Game
Gunsberg-Amateur 2N W19 mate 1 w notes. Solns La Mother, RC Walker, 
Alain C White (NY),JSB Jr, Bahler, Moran,Dr Joshua J Roth (Hempstead LI),
RB Brown, Louis Jeckendorf [Zeckendorf?] (NY), EH Baldwin, NH Nught, Yale,
Billings, EL Spaulding (Jaffrey NH), Morris A Tyng (Decatur AL), Hamlin,
Howell, Wood, Ross, Seeley, LE Daniels, SD Lewis (Warsaw NY), N King
(Liverpool NY), Scherretz, GH Ganssen, JT Miller, Spencer Drayton (Phillippi),
AH Baldwin. N vs S England set Birmingham Jan 28. City of London winter hdcp
leaders  Mocatta, Grantham Williams 3-0 Herbert Jacobs, Percy Howell 2.5-.5
Booth, Physick 2-1; movement to raise subscription and limit to 300 mems
gaining. One of 2 British CC tnmt secs done, won by Trenchard clean score.
60 entries Ludgate Circus CC winter hdcp, began Nov 10. Bradford/Leeds 5-5
w 1 to adjud by JH Blake (Southampton), Halifax-Huddersfield 5.5-2.5. 
Tarrasch 6-0 blind simul Frankfurt. Sarah Bernhardt saying she charms away
fear of cholera in Antwerp as starving Indians did, by playing chess.
Blackburne 19-1 simul Southend CC 2:30

Nov 28, 1892 pg 1: Lasker in Quebec won single games vs McLeod, Pope, Chilk, 
Andrews, 15-1-2 simul losing to McLeod, drawing Chill? [Chilk?] and Robertson

Nov 28, 1892 pg 12: Hodges 10-2 City CC simul, lost to Doyle, Reith (also
Nov 29 pg 12)

Dec 1, 1892 pg 2: Lasker 23-1 Baltimore simul, lost to Fuchse. Lasker won
double blind game vs Pollock

Dec 3, 1892 pg 4: Lasker ends Baltimore engagement, great player, last feat
winning 21 simultaneous games

Dec 4, 1892 pg 24: Prob 112 BW La Mothe. Chicago Game A Burn-Uedemann Vienna
Steinitz G W26 w notes. Solns Kelsey, JW Coady (NY), RC Walker, LH Walker (NY),
Wehle, AC White, JSB Jr, DBF (NY), Richmond, JB Elliott, JF Dowley (Bkln),
JC Dennes (Bkln), Farwell, Bahler, Frank Simpson (Port Jervis NY), ST King,
Lain, FM Wright (Washington DC), Dewald, Kuenzel, Schuler, Moran, FB Miller
(Wilkesbarre), AH Baldwin, CA Lillie (Newark), Dr CB Keeler (New Canaan CT),
Fouts, MFS (Columbus OH), CH Latting (Shortsville NY), WT Fenton (Conewanga
Valley NY), J Young (Germantown PA), EG Springer (Fullerton OH), Drayton,
Hamlin, Carpenter, Woods, SW Clark (Spenceport NY), Villings, Charles De Motte
(Taylorville IL), FR Van Dusen (Bay City MI), William F Coyte (Torrington CT)
plan to bring our part 2 Modern Chess Instructor end March. Corr match in
prog Max Lange vs S Alapin to debate Alapin's O subject Lange article in SZ.
Play Double Check running  in Paris, author American George Frost, chess
enthusiast who some yrs ago founded Labourdonnais CC of Columbia College.
Solns SD Hill (Indian Orchard MA), Homerick, JT Miller, Scannell. Lasker in
Baltimore for wk won vs Pollock 1 OTB and 1 double-blind; 23-1 simul lost
only to Fuechsl. Physick leads City of London chp sec 4-0. Metropolitan-
N London 11-9; Metropolitan only clean score in top sec

Dec 5, 1892 pg 4: Harvard tnmt to select intercollege reps in prog. Final rd
SM Ballou, JM MacKaye Sp, E Goldmark 94, GH Wilson 94. Chauncey Depew will
give speech at intercollege

Dec 8, 1892 pg 9: Pton tnmt to select intercollege reps finished. Team
Dickie 94, Ewing 94; subs Eastan 92, Morrison 94, Roberts 94. Tnmt for
Tiffany solid silver cup value $400 donated Chauncey M Depew, FH Betts,
EA Caswell, SB Chittenden, EE Goodrich, JK Hill, EC Stedman of Yale; 
W Bayard Cutting, GL Rives, FA schermerhorn, MO Wilson of Col; PH Butler,
John Greenough, JJ Higginson, Edward King, HW Poor of Harv; CH Dodge of Pton.
Description cup. Must win 10 consec yrs to keep. Individs on top team get
silver medals

Dec 9, 1892 pg 2: Yale tnmt to slect intercollege reps ends after 2 mos.
Team AE Skinner 95 and A Bumstead 95, subs JW Allen 93 Ross 96, Day of Law.
Steinitz will review work of tnmt Chauncey Depew address; for $400 cup

Dec 11, 1892 pg 24: Prob 113 W Pulitzer. Baltimore Game Lasker-Polock Ruy W42
w notes. Solns Kelsey, Mrs DEW, Mrs CE Baldwin, Alain C White, JSB Jr, Ellery,
RC Walker, Frank Irwin (Bkln), Dr JF Dowley (Bkln), Dennes, Hall, AS Richardson
(Middletown NY), Farwell, Bahler, Dr CB Keeler (New Canaan CT), Dewald, RBB,
AH Baldwin, Patterson, Moran, Schuler, FR Van Dusen, MFS, Fessenden, JW Maples
(New Haven CT), Dr Walter E Spicer (NY), Dr E Franklin Smith (Goshen CT), 
Mrs LF Jones, Yale, E Daniels (Bkln), WG Fales (Henderson NY), SD Lewis,
Hamlin, N King, Hall, Howell, Gansser, Dr N Ross (Wilkesbarre PA), EL Spaulding,
Arter, Wood, Billings, EA Protois  (Palatka FL), WL White, Roth, Mrs Mary
AW Caldwaller (Titusville PA). Havana CC proposing Lipschutz vs Lasker match;
Lasker declines as engagements in US thru Feb and must be back England for
long match early Spring. Will go to Logansport IN, play set match vs Showalter
and exhibitions, then St Louis prob meet Judd; efforts being made to meet
Burn in Chicago; finally engagement New Orleans CCW to meet top players in 
individ contests. Lasker 17-1 Quebec simul losing only to NY 1889 player McLeod.
St Ptbg splendid new clubhouse, Tschigorin 13-3-1 at dedication which also had
religious ceremony and luncheon [USE?]. Chp sec City of London winter tnmt
leaders Physick, Moriau; neither has a loss. Bird hon mem Newcastle CC. Gunsberg
intructor Metropolitan CC London, which has new rooms. Lee in Ireland to visit
Belfast, Dublin et al. Athenaeum-City Newsrooms 11.5-8.5; Metropolitan keeps
lead likely win again. Hdcp tnmt being arranged Simpson's, entries already
Bird, Jasnogrodsky, Fenton, Mueller, Teichmann. English problemist CT Blanchard
translating Dufresne's Schachmeisterpartien to be pubd Xmas title Examples
of Chessmaster Play, w short bios leading players

Dec 13, 1892 pg 7: IN CA mtg Logansport starts today, wk long. Showalter
who has won US chp 3 consec yrs is here. Thurs and Fri will play several
games vs Lasker, will try to win $300 prize of NYCA for player winning most
from Lasker

Dec 14, 1892 pg 1: 2d IN CA tnmt began Logansport. Showalter, Lasker here;
plan to start match tomorrow

Dec 17, 1892 pg 7: Showalter beats Lasker 36 moves 4 hrs. Due to Lasker illness
will not play 3d game. Lasker, Showalter to play 5 game match $750/side
in a western city Jan

Dec 18, 1892 pg 24: Prob 114 AF Mackenzie. 1 of 14 simul Bkln CC (rare to
have such strong simul opponent) Game Lasker-Hodges Sic W42 w notes. Solns AC
White, JSB Jr, La Mothe, RC Walker, JB Elliott, JF Dowley (Bkln), Dennes, ST
King, Richmond, DSM (Rye NY), Bahler, Dewald, C+W Johnson (Trinity College,
Hartford CT), Patterson, AH Baldwin, MFS, Schuler, Dr E Franklin Smith
(Goshen NY), WH Rand (NY), WHB (Trumansburg NY), Latting, Carpenter, N King,
Howell, Morris A Tyng (Decatur AL), Woods, Seeley, EG Springer (Fullerton OH),
Billings, Drayton, EG Spencer (E Brookfield VT), Scannell, Homerick, Kelsey,
Shipley (thx for info and complimentary ticket). Lasker was to end Bkln
engagement w game vs Ph Richardson; Richardson prevented by death in family.
Gave simul instead including game above, Lasker 8-3-3; resigned 1 game in
which had advantage because opponent kept him waiting unduly; score of club
excellent even wo this game. Lipschutz 12-1-1 NY City CC. Yale intercollege
team Arthur Bumstead 95, AE Skinner 95; 3 way match for Yale chp between these
2 and Bonsall in prog. British CC-Cambridge 6.5-2.5. N London/Athenaeum 10-10.
Surrey/Sussex 10-10. Blackburne 9-0-7 Leeds simul. Glasgow/Newcastle 11-11.
Paris vs Havana cable match will prob fall thru; Rosenthal wants stakes 2500-
5000 francs, Havana expenses only. Havana proposes match Rosenthal vs any
of their amateurs or any US master but Steinitz for 5000 francs; Rosenthal
engaged Paris for season so prob will not accept. Showalter won 1 game
Logansport, split $100 prize; agreed to 5 game up match $750/side Jan. Lasker
engaged Franklin CC Dec 20-Jan 3, to play Martinez, Reichhelm, Robinson,
Shipley, Voigt 2 each even terms separate days, and other performances.

Dec 19, 1892 pg 4: Intercollege tnmt bids popular. Harvard GB Wilson 94,
SM Ballou 93, subs JM Mackaye (Sp), E Goldmark 94, WL Van Kleek 95. Wilson
and Ballou have been playing prominent Boston CC to prepare. Yale team
A Bumstead 95 and AE Skinner 95, subs Ross 96 and Allen 93. Pton L Hickey 95
and BA Ewing 94. Col E Hymes LS and FH Bowman 94.(Harvard intercollege)

Dec 21, 1892 pg 3: Intercollege tnmt starts Dec 27, 2/side play each on
other teams

Dec 21, 1892 pg 5: Lasker wins Philad game 1 vs Martinez

Dec 23, 1892 pg 3: Lasker wins excellent 2d game vs Martinez

Dec 24, 1892 pg 12: Lasker wins vs 3d Philad opponent Reichhelm, well played
but Richhelm missed D line move 38 (proquest says pg 1)

Dec 25, 1892 pg 24: Prob 115 Otto Fuss (Naover). 2d (Lasker won game 1 8 hrs)
Logansport Game Showalter-Lasker Ruy W32 w notes. Solns RC Walker, JSB Jr,
La Mothe, AC White, JB Elliott, Richmond, Farwell, Patterson, H+W Johnson
(Trinity College), Schuler, FB Miller, RBB, W Hyde (Bkln), JW Maples,
Alex H Harris (Bkln), CB Keeler, GC Nichols (Fullenburg OH), Woods, Van Dusen,
Ganssel, Spaulding, Homerick, Scannell, JF Miller (Bedford IA), CW Troming 
(Monroe WI). Intercollege tnmt starts Tues, intro remarks George L Rives Col 68,
poem by J Walter Smith Harv 93, cup presentation Chauncey Depew Y56, accepted
by Benjamin McAlpine P93; use of Berkeley School Armory thx headmaster
John B White H70. Teams: C: Edward Hymes Law95, Edward Libaire Mines94, sub
FH Bowman Arts94, C Bawden Arts93. H: Sidney M Ballou 94, George Bennett Wilson
93, subs JM Mackaye Sp, E Goldmark 94. Y: Arthur Bumstead 95, Alburn E Skinner
95, subs Robert L Ross 96, Clarence S Day Jr 96. P: Samuel Dickey 94, Boyd R
Ewing 94, subs Ernest R Roberts 94, John W Easton 92. Full sched Dec 27-Jan 2
given. S Loyd adjud midnight. City chp Moriau well known for blind, 4-2
blind 2 in English, 2 French, 2 German. Gunsberg appointed asst sec St George,
oldest (almost 50 yrs) and most aristocratic CC London. N vs S match expected
boon to English chess, all counties likely to provide players. New Cross-Braxton
5-4 Surrey County Trophy competition. 4 chp secs City of London winter tnmt
leaders leaders A: Gibbons/Moriau/Booth B: Physick C: Eckenstein D: Muller;
sec winners will play for chp. Bath CA-Wiltshire CA 11-4. Manchester-Bradford
11-5, 1 left for adjus.

Dec 26, 1892 pg 4: Intercollege tnmt starts Tues. 2/side 15/1, 4-midnight
then adjud, Prof Low presides if not present George L Rives, opening speech
Depew. Schedule given; lists MacKaye and Goldmark for Harvard, Stubbs for Col

Dec 26, 1892 pg 5: Columbia very interested in intercollege, favs Columbia
and Yale. Columbia disappointed that 1 of their cracks, Stubbs, has been
protested. Hymes and Stubbs were considered match for any, sub Libaire does not
pretend to be on same level as Hymes or Stubbs. Gives teams

Dec 28, 1892 pg 2: Intercollege tnmt starts, George L Rives Col 66 opening 
address. Poem by J Walter Smith Harv 93, Dr Chaucey M Depew presented
challenge cup. Rd 1 Hymes (C)-Ballou (H), Bumstead (Y)-Ewing (P), Skinner (Y)/
Wilson (H); ref Loyd

Dec 29, 1892 pg 7: Intercollege result; stdgs C 3 Y 2.5 H, P 1.5. C and H seem
to be playing best. Loyd ref

Dec 30, 1892 pg 2: Intercollege results Edward Hymes (C)-Samuel Dickey (P),
Sidney M Ballou (H)-Arthur Bumstead (Y), Edward Libaire (C)-Alburn E Skinner
(Y), Boyd R Ewing (P)-George Bennett Wilson (H) adjud by S Loyd. Team stdgs
C 5-1 P, H 2.5-3.5 Y 1-4

Dec 31, 1892 pg 3: Intercollege results. C: Hymes 4-0 Libaire 2-2. H: Ballou 3-1
Wilson .5-3.5. Y: Bumstead 2-2 Skinner 2-2. P: Ewing 2.5-1.5 Dickey 0-4

Dec 31, 1892 pg 12: Events of day has intercollege tnmt

NY Tribune Jan 1, 1893 pg 22: Prob JS Boyd. Lasker's 1st Philad Game
Lasker-DM Martinez Petroff 3.Bc4 W19 w notes. Solns Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin
(Jersey City), RC Walker, JSJ Jr (NY), BW La Mothe (NY), Alain C White (NY),
Dr AH Baldwin (Norwalk CT), FB Farwell (Holley NY), R Schuler (Boston), William
Moran (S Norwalk CT), EH Baldwin (Jersey City), JA Donald (New Brunswick), Dr
Samuel T King (Bkln), SB Howell, EH Latting (Shortsville NY), LES and MEB 
(Columbus OH), Rev Evarts Kent (Eldorado IA). Notes to Dr E Franklin Smith 
(Goshen NY), JH Dewald, Spencer Drayton (Phiillippi), RBB (Phillipsburg NJ), SA
Woods, Dr WL White, Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin (Jersey City), IGR. Dr S Gold,
most prolofic of all problemists, arrived NY plans to settle in US; rcvd
enthusiastically in chess circles. American chp Lipschutz in such poor health 
doctors order change climate, will prob move to S CA. Shipley won a game vs
Lasker.  City of London top 4 secs leaders A: Gibbons. B: Peachey, Mocatta.
C: Eckenstein, Carnock [Curnock?] D: Dr Coupland [Copeland?], Muller. City
News Rooms-N London 13.5-9.5 and 13.5-6.5, Metropolitan still leads w clean
score. N vs S Endland details agreed, players being recruited.. Manchester-
Lpool 6-4 division 1, 8-2 div 2 Lpool scoring 1 by FF. Manchester Athenaeum-
Leeds 6-1

Jan 1, 1893 pg 5: Intercollege team and individ stdgs after 5 rds

Jan 1, 1893 pg 6: Chess from sheikh, checkmate K is dead, linguistically
related to exchequeur

NY Tribune Jan 1, 1893 pg 11: Lasker toughest game yet in US beats HG Voigt
in Philad 82 moves 6:30

NY Tribune Jan 3, 1893 pg 7: Columbia wins intercollege tnmt. Game reports
final rd. Wilson-Bumstead 22 moves 50 min, Libaire-Dickey 32 moves 3:13,
Hymes-Ewing 57 moves 2:49, Ballou-Skinner 35 moves 4:10. C: Hymes 6 Libaire 3
H: Ballou 5 Wilson 2.5 Y: Bumstead 3 Skinner 2. P: Ewing 2.5 Dickey 0.

NY Tribune Jan 4, 1893 pg 1: Lasker concludes Franklin CC engagement beat AK
Robinson 30 moves; 11-1 in all

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1893 pg 24: Prob 117 Mrs WJ Baird (Brighton). Opening by
mutual agreement Philad Game Lasker-Shipley Viennna Steinitz G B24 w notes.
Solns Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin (Jersey City), Alain C White (NY), Dr ST King
(Bkln), RC Walker, AS Richmond (Middletown NY), William Moran (S Norwalk CT),
Dr AH Baldwin (Norwalk CT), R Schuler (Boston), JH Dewald, Rev Louis H Bahler,
MFS (Columbus OH), CH Latting (Shortsville NY)Prof NL Perry (Riverhead LI), Dr
CB Keeler (New Canaan CT), SA Woods, August H Gansser (Bay City MI), MFS
(Columbus OH), Rev Evarts Kent (Eldora IA). Notes to C+W Johnson (Trinity
College CT), Alexander H Harris (Bkln), JH Barker (Detroit), AG Loomis and
HK Bowen (Lewisburg PA), ES Ketchum (Alton IA), GN Seeley (Minden NE), Robert
B Brown (Phillipsburg NJ). Havana CC has arrnage Lasker vs Walbrodt match this
season Jan; Lasker expected on 10th, Walbrodt on 20th. British CC vs Lpool
telephone match. Bd 1: British: Heppell+Hoffer+Lord+Trenchard vs Lpool: Bailey+
Cairns+Ferguson+Wellington. Bd 2: British: Donisthorpe+Guest+Hirsch+Locock
Lpool: Owen+Dr Sagden+Dod+Kaiser. British won 1.5-.5. British amateur tnmt
Cambridge began Jan 5, prizes 20L 10L. Open tnmt Llandudno during Xmas wk.

Jan 13, 1893 pg 6: Tribune Almanac includes chess

NY Tribune Jan 15, 1893 pg 3: Walbrodt listed as ship passenger

NY Tribune Jan 15, 1893 pg 24: Prob 118 H Cooper. St George CC Game Gunsberg-C
Chepmell KGA Allgaier-Thorold B29 w notes. Taubenhaus 23-3-2 Paris simul 9 hrs;
one of winners Mlle Schloesing. Alfred Binet's note on blindfold chess
reprinted in Strategie; wants responses to such Qs as whether blindfold player
sees collors of sqs/pieces, whether if move retracted must play game back from
start. Top 4 secs City of London winter hdcp done, winners Eckenstein,
Gibbons, Muller, Physick; will play off for chp. 4th ann City of London supper
chaired Kershaw, Gastineau included Blackburne, Hamburger, James, Mason, Moriau,
Ridpath, Stevens, JJ Watts, Cunningham et al. E Scotland-W Scotland 64-63.
Manhattan officers A Foster Higgins, Dr F Mintz, George Roll, SD Eaton, John G 
Wilson; cttee Wesley Bigelow, EW Dahl, Max Frankel, Leo Goldmark, JF Northrup,
A Vorrath. Hagerstown chess reunion, Pollock simul vs all comers. Evening 2 10
bd simuls 20-0; later FJ Halm drew an Evans gambit. Between rds Pollock beat
Prof Halm+Schaffer blind 45 min. Did not lose any of ~30 played in visit. Solns
Mrs Charles E Baldwin, RC Walker, LHW (NY), JSB Jr, Alain C White, Dr ST King,
Rev Louis H Bahler, Edwin H Baldwin (Jersey City), Dr CB Keeler, William Moran,
Dr AH Baldwin, C+W Johnson, JA Dewald, R Schuler, SA Woods, August Kuenzel
(Detroit). Notes to Spencer Dayton (Phillippi WV), FN Chase (Melrose Highlands
MA), JT Miller (Bedford IA), C Annis (Spencerport NY), JW Sennis (New Haven CT)

Jan 18, 1893 pg 3: Lasker arrived Havana, rcvd cordially. Walbrodt expected
to arrive soon

Jan 21, 1893 pg 1: Lasker+Conill+Herrera won game vs Golmayo+Lopez+Ostolaza

NY Tribune Jan 22, 1893 pg 24: Prob 119 FG Tucker. Corr Game GW [JW?] Showalter-
HN Gorham+WE Lester (Gold Hill NE) Ponziani W37. Solns Sadie E Kelsey 
(Wallingford CT), Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin, JSB Jr, Alain C White, G Schirmer Jr
(NY), RC Walker, LHW (NY), MFS (NY), Dr ST King, AS Richmond (Middletown NY), SB
Howell, Richard P Hall (Troy NY), Rev Louis H Bahler, Edwin H Baldwin, Charles
Werrbach (Jersey City), JA Dewald, Dr AH Baldwin, C+W Johnson, Dr CB Keeler,
William Moran, DT Ross, R Schuler, S Boykin (Nashville TN), August Kuenzel
(Detroit, FJ Willits (Waterville CT), WHC (Bkln), Frank P McDermott Jr (Freehold
NJ), NS Schroeder (Bkln), MFS (NY), SA Woods, Edward Borgen (Kilbourn City WI),
Rev E Kent (Eldora IA), Israel Thickstain (Crossville PA), Charles J Tuttle
(Hoosick Falls), F Intrepidi (NY), N Hawkins (Springfield MO) Lasker current
address Havana CC. Lasker in Havana, Walbrodt due soon; match conditions will no
doubt be easily arranged. Springfield MO CC plans to engage Lasker; well known
problemist Hawkins lives there, is also strong player, 1 of prime movers invite.
Gunsberg splendid simuls The Hague, Amsterdam, other Dutch cities. FJ Lee has
been gvg simul all England and Ireland, returned to Belfast 1st wk Jan, engaged
to give chess lessons. Mason 12-2-7 City of London YMCA CC. City News Room CC
fall tnmt won by Keates. Athenaeum-Ludgate Circus 12.5-7.5 score 4 by FF, now 2d
to Metropolitan. Craigside tnmt won by Porterfield Rynd (well known in Ireland)
followed by A Firth, Percy Gibbs; 10 entries. 100/side Ireland vs W England 
corr match in prog, Ireland leads 3.5-2.5. Young Edward Hymes of Newark victory
intercollege stimulates NJ chess, plans for ann tnmt Washington bday. Hymes 1st
appeared winning class B NJSCA tnmt 1889. New 12-16 pg monthly The Chess World
ed FA Cooley, AW Gisiger of Qashington DC announced; write Cooley. JW De Arman
of Franklin PA plans A Guide to the Chess Openings; will start w advance sheets
limited to few 100 to active players for criticisms and suggestions; plans
to be most comprehensive in English language

NY Tribune Jan 23, 1893 pg 4: U PA CC challenged Columbia to team match NY
or Philad, 3-5 players

Jan 24, 1893 pg 1: Lasker won game vs Golmayo

Jan 25, 1893 pg 3: Lasker vs Golmayo game drawn

NY Tribune Jan 26, 1893 pg 1: Lasker wins game 1 match vs Golmayo

NY Tribune Jan 26, 1893 pg 6: Ruskin healthy enough to play chess (St Paul
Globe Jan 31 pg 3 says w great interest+skill)

Jan 27, 1893 pg 4: Game Golmayo+Lopez+Ostalaza-Lasker+Conill+Herrera Petroff B45

NY Tribune Jan 28, 1893 pg 1: 100/side N England vs S England today Birmingham,
50/150 capts Owen, Wayte, umpire Blackburne

NY Tribune Jan 29, 1893 pg 24: Prob 120 F Kellner 3d prize Pittsurg Dispatch.
London Game Prof IL Rice-W Donisthorpe KGA Cunningham G W28 w notes. Rice
ex-pres Manhattan CC now res England. Solns Charlotte E Baldwin, Alain C White,
JSB Jr, RC Walker, DBF (NY), Dr ST King, Louis H Bahler, Edwin H Baldwin, R
Schuler, C+W Johnson, William Moran, N King (Liverpool NY), Charles L Hamlin
(Eaton NY), SG Carpenter (Chiotu NY), Clarence B Cleiff (Haverhill MA), Thomas
Bilfiller (Wilkesbarre PA), SH Woods (Spring Mills PA), William H Alexander
(Fullerton OH), Charles F Homerick (Nebraska City NE), Edward Borgen (Kilbourne
City WI), JT Miller (Bedford IA), Mary R Tuttle (Philad), CE Caskey (Akron OH),
AH Billings, August H Gansser (Bay City), Wille? R Pratt (Tabor IA), Bryant 
Drake (Tabor IA), Spencer Dayton (Phillippi WV), Dr WL White, Rev Evarts Kent
(Eldorado IA). Lasker leads Golmayo 2-0-1 Havana match. 230 players sent names
to N cttee for N vs S England match, 110 selected. 180 S entries include ~70
of note. Death D Parry, strong player and liberal supporter Leeds CC and
Yorkshire chess. Gambit tnmt being arranged Metropolitan CC London. Rochester
drew Maidstone in match for Kentish county trophy. Remarkable no chess player
was attacked in recent cholera epidemic Hamburg. Prog NJSCA mtg Washington
bday Hoboken out, chief tnmt for state chp and CH Waterbury Cup, limit 32.
Officers A Vorrath, C Hymes, JS Shapter, EB Cook; write Cook (Hoboken)

Jan 31, 1893 pg 7: Walbrodt 18-3 simul Havana. Lasker won 2 games vs Vasquez.
Game Lasker-Golmayo Sic W20 Game Golmayo-Lasker Scotch D35

NY Tribune Feb 2, 1893 pg 5: Chess much more popular US last 4-5 yrs. US has
not given rise to many famous players. Foreigners declare Americans too nervous
and highstrung for chess, would play game in 20 min Russian or German would take
day. Nearly always attack and gets into trouble. Does not regard game as
seriously. 1000s US amateurs have never studied book, lose main source of 
enjoying improvement; others weaken selves by premature attacks

NY Tribune Feb 2, 1893 pg 9: Last night Lasker-Ponce. Game 3 Lasker-Golmayo
Zukertort W53 Game 1 Lasker-Vazquez Vienna W37

NY Tribune Feb 5, 1893 pg 24: Prob 121 Prof J Berger. Havana Game Golmayo+G 
Lopez+E Ostolaza-Lasker+E Contil+E Herrera Scotch B45 w notes. Solns Mrs EH
Baldwin (Jesey City), Alain C White, JSB Jr, RC Walker, MFS, JHW (NY), WH 
Ellery, Dr ST King, Rev Louis H Bahler, Edwin H Baldwin, William Moran, Dr AH
Baldwin, R Schuler, Charles F Homerick (Nebraska City NE), Rav Evarts Kent, Hugo
Scherretz (Leavenworth KS). Notes to AY Gray (Middletown Springs VT), AE Nichols
(Rochester), ES Ketchum (Alton IA), SD Lewis (Warsaw NY), WA White (Philad).
Efforts to arrange Lasker vs Walbrodt match failed; Lasker declines $1000 
proposal due to health and climate not agreeing w him. tried to arrange $50/game
but Lasker has not accepted, still pending. Walbrodt made very good impression
Havana, play described as careful and elegant; very confident and eager to meet
Lasker. Walbrodt 18-3 opening Havana simul. N vs S England arrangements complete
London will send Carnock, FP Carr, Frankenstein, Guest, Heppell, Hoffer, Loman,
Lord, Morian [Moriau?], Mullamaas, Dr Hunt, Wayte (capt) et all. Final contest
City of London cho in prog, Muller leads 1.5-.5. St George winter hdcp almost
done, likely winner EM Jackson. Main sec Metropolitan CC hdcp won by RC Hoon.
Woodhouse Cup matches begin Leeds-Bradford 11.5-8.5, Hull vs Sheffield 7-7 w 1
to be adjud by Thorold of Bath. 3d rd Northern Trophy competition in prog, 1st
class players doing poorly. Glasgow CC-Central CC (Glasgow) 7-3. NYSCA mtg
Feb 22, chp and free-for-all tnmt. Chess and checker club formed Buffalo,
25 tables 59 paid mems, driving force General JA Congdon. Manhattan likely to
move into new rooms May 1. Match Game 2 Vasquez-Lasker Sic B34 Game 3
Lasker-Vazquez QP W33 no notes either

NY Tribune Feb 6, 1893 pg 1: Havana match Lasker vs Walbrodt will prob be
arranged, over $1000 subscribed toward Walbrodt stake. Thought Lasker will
play if club offers large enough purse

NY Tribune Feb 7, 1893 pg 1: Lasker 19-2 Havana simul. Vazquez, Golmayo play
drawn game

Feb 8, 1893 pg 1: Havana amateurs upset that Lasker refuses to play Walbrodt
despite repeated proposals

NY Tribune Feb 10, 1893 pg 3: Havana tnmt continued last night, Walbrodt beat
Lopez. Match Game 1 Lasker-Ponce Ruy W67

Feb 11, 1893 pg 1: Walbrodt 14-5 simul Havana 

Feb 11, 1893 pg 12: Events of day has Bkln CC

NY Tribune Feb 12, 1893 pg 24: Prob 122 Dr S Gold (NY). Caucasus pending match
Game H de Smitten-Prince Dadian Indian Opening e4 d6 d4 g6 B32 w notes. N vs S
England match Feb 28 Birmingham, causing great excitement. Metropolitan CC
gambit tnmt, openings Allgaier, Evans, Bishop Gambit, Kieseritzky, Hamppe-
Allgaier, Salvio, Scotch; playoffs Steinitz Gambit, Muzio. Physick leads final
rd City of London chp 2-1. Ludgate Circus hdcp in prog, leaders Cole, Curnock,
Lasek, Lawrence, Biola?, S Smith. De Visser marries only daughter Charles A
Gilberg pres Bkln CC and NYSCA. Lipschutz who left NY for health now lives in
Santa Fe NM at least for winter. Pres-elect Cleveland has come forawrd as chess
patron; George F Parker of NY wote him and he promises to donate Cleveland
gold medal for intl tnmt winner. Manhattan CC VP Dr Mintz chief promoter of
tnmt; urged w World Fair but Chicago did not act so took action to bring to
NY. Don't think can do it by summer besides hot, propose delay to fall. Preti
forwards ltr from Dadian, plans to offer brilliancy prize, asks me to judge. 
Lasker vs Walbrodt dispute has dragged in my name and col. Machado of Havana 
told me match was arranged so announced in col; I was supposed to make 
arrangements for game pub. Ltr signed by Lasker in Staats-Ztg called it 
untrue. I asked Lasker, he said had not authorized pub of ltr, apologized for
tone of article. Must correct statement in Lasker ltr that I had been asked to
play Lasker but declined since I am too old for public play ie abandoned chp.
Rcvd no formal challenge, only private inquiry re 10RR cross series w Lasker
and Tarrasch, said that after Gunsberg match reject limited matches, and too
busy this season. Havana CC sec says after Walbrodt arrival Havana, when Lasker
had already played Golmayo et al and given performances, was asked to play 
series 6 games vs Walbrodt for $150 prize; declined due to health and
exhaustion from performances. Ltr perhaps too curt but Lasker within rights,
exhibitions not good practice for hard fight vs equal opponent. Solns Sadie E
Kelsey, LHW (NY), HPF (NY), Alain C White, MFS (NY), JSB Jr, DBF (NY), RC 
Walker, John Moore (NY), Yargi (NY), Charles S Faulkner (NY), W Alaine Mortt
(NY), H Stalestreet (Bkln), Dr ST King, W Hyde (Bkln), AS Richmond, SB Howell,
Richard F Hall (Troy NY), Rev Louis H Bahler, GB Fessenden (Boston), C+W
Johnson (Trinity College), Dr CB Keeler, William Moran, Dr AH Baldwin, FJ 
Willets (Waterville CT), DT Ross, R Schuler, JA Dewald, JW Nearse (Elizabeth
NJ), CE Scheide, JS Rawlings Jr (Baltimore), August Kuenzel, SW Clayton 
(Chicago), S Boykin (Nashville), AY Gray, SA Woods, FR Van Dusen (Bay City MI),
SW Clark (Spencerport NJ), ES Ketchum (Alton IA), Spencer Dayton (WV), Bryant
Drake (Tabor OH), JT Miller (Bedford IA), William Paley (Storkville)

NY Tribune Feb 13, 1893 pg 1: Lasker refuses all attempts to arrange play vs
Walbrodt Havana. At 1st thought holding out for better terms, now clear does
not want to play. Refused to play for $750 purse pleading weak health and
fatigue. Proposed instead of playing club mems as in contract to play 6
games vs Walbrodt for $150, not to be considered match; also rejected. 
Newspapers and public severely condemn Lasker

Feb 13, 1893 pg 4: Cornell CC elects officers WC White 94, SA Torrance 94

NY Tribune Feb 14, 1893 pg 5: Havana game Lopez beats Lasker, both playing
blind, Lasker gvg N odds

Feb 15, 1893 pg 12: Match Hanham vs Shipley at Bkln finishes w 2 drawn games

NY Tribune Feb 16, 1893 pg 4: Havana Games Lopez-Walbrodt e4 b6 B31 Game
Ostolaza-Lasker Sic B35 Game Vazquez-Walbrodt KGA B13.

Feb 17, 1893: Lasker sailed from Havana. Walbrodt won game vs Lopez

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1893 pg 24: Prob 123 AF Mackenzie. From N vs S England
Game Crassweller (Portsmouth)-Atkinson (Hull) French B29 w notes. S England-
N England 53.5-52.5, unqualified success. Originally 100/side 10 reserves, 212
of the 220 came some traveling far. S led on top 50, N on bottom 50; S won
reserve bds 3.5-2.5 to take match. Return match planned. London players scored
25 of 37; play of N side more uniform. Arrangement by secs TM Brown of Leeds,
LP Rees of Croydon. Selection cttee invited to dine by Birmingham CC pres
and former Morphy opponent Alderman Avery. St George CC tnmt all play even but
rcv or subtract points according to strength. Gunsberg 10-0-2 but penalized 1
has 10. Metropolitan CC gambit tnmt began, ~100 entries. 8th ann Yorkshire
County CC mtg Bradford, 22 in 1st class tnmt; final rds will finish later.
Jasnogrodsky 2-2-2 blind Amethyst in 1st blindfold attempt. Manhattan hdcp in
prog leaders Delmar, Hanham 14 Hanham 4 to play Delmar 3. 15th ann NYSCA mtg
Feb 22, chp tnmt, general tnmt; entries F Mintz, soln tnmt prize S Loyd. 7th
ann OH CA mtg Cincinnati Feb 22, chp and free-for-all tnmts. Chess booming Bay
City MI, Germania CC increase of 41 mems, YMCA CC 31. Germania prob tnmt won by
AH Gansser, also won YMCA chp 61 entries 1295 games; Gansser instrumental in
chess boom. Plans for Western Intercollege League; Chicago, Lake Forest,
Northwestern moving on issue. St Paul Dispatch suggests for MN univs. Last 
Sunday I hailed coming intl tnmt, following Thurs papers announced my wdal as
chair of press cttee to which I was appointed wo notice or invite. Appears
pres-elect was asked to give prize before any cttee formed; with promise from
Cleveland in hand so-called mtg held. Presidents of leading NY CCs invited,
each told to bring friend. 5 came of which just 2 were from NY 1889 cttee of 22;
others rcvd no invite. Mtg decided to reverse whole basis of NY 89. Most of
1889 money raised from tnmt book subscriptions. This tnmt proposes raising
money by daily bulletins which I doubt will work, otherwise rely on donations; 
falls back to old begging system which I suppose. Plan to raise $5000, only
1RR; last had $5000 minimum and 2RR. Burn, Lasker, Tschigorin, Weiss unlikely to
risk reps 1RR any more than they did Dresden tnmt. These points viewed as
settled, will only ask for help getting funds. Wish success even if do not
heed my advice. Solns Sadie E Kelsey, Charlotte E Baldwin, LHW (NY), Charles S
Faulkner (NY), Alain C White, MFS, RC Walker, JSB Jr, DBF (NY), Paul A Hudnut
(NY), Garga (NY), NS Schroeder (Bkln), ST King, W Hyde, Charles T Henry
(Bkln), JT Dowley (Bkln), JC Dennes (Bkln), Stanley H Chadwick (Bkln), H 
Statestreet (Bkln), Frank H Underwood (Buffalo), Richard F Hall, Louis H
Bahler, Edward Conger Wood (Flushing LI), JA Dewald, JW Brotherton (Dover NJ),
Charles Wenbach? (Jersey City), JN Nourse (Elizabeth), R Schuler (Orange NJ),
C+W Johnson, Dr AH Baldwin, William Moran, CB Keiler (New Canaan CT), DT Ross,
Frank W Bogardus (Stamford CT), GB Fessenden (Boston), SH Whitten (Holyoke MA),
AY Gray (Middletown VT), CE Scheide, SW Clayton (Chicago), August Kuenzel,
August H Gansser. Notes to Geoffrey Parsons (Hempstead NY). Solns N King,
SW Clark (Spencerport), Prof NL Perry (Riverhead LI), SH Woods (Spring Mills),
FJ Willits (Waterville), Clarence B Cluff (Haverhill MA), George W Baldwin
(Dorset VT), Henry Lincoln Bailey (Middletown Springs VT), WB Clark (Granville
OH), AH Billings, William Paley (Storkville NE), F Van Dusen (Bay City), Charles
F Homerick, ES Ketchum, J Evarts Kent. Notes to HH Gorton (New London CT), 
Spencer Dayton (Philippi WV). Solns JT Miller (Bedford IA), William R Pratt
(Tabor IA). ES Ketchum (Afton IA) wants corr game

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1893 pg 24: Columbian Chess Congress cttee mtg, Gilberg 
chair. FG Janusch submitted proposed program. Discussed, slight alterations.
$5000 required raised in March [?], mtg planned May or June; next mtg Sat

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1893 pg 7: Blindfold [I think both blind] Game Lasker-Lopez 
N odds Bishop O B17+ Blindfold Game Lasker-Celsito Sic 2.Ne2 W34

Feb 22, 1893 pg 3: Walbrodt wins game vs Conill+Ostolaza+Lopez+Herrera.
Bird, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Tinsley, Mason, Van Vliet will play 1 wk tnmt
Simpsons starting Feb 27

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1893 pg 9: Walbrodt lost game to Conill+Ostolaza+Lopez+
Herrera who he beat earlier, at night beat Golmayo. Feb 15 Game Lopez-Walbrodt
e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 d6 B29

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1893 pg 10: 15th ann NYSCA mtg, officers Prof Howard J 
Rogers, A Foster Higgins, FG Janusch, GH Thornton, F Rose, AB Hodges, Dr F
Mintz, Gilberg, W Bigelow. Chp tnmt 32 entries winners Delmar, John S Ryan.
Soln tnmt winner E Olly, Charles Nugent. General tnmt Reitzer/Souweine

NY Tribune Feb 24, 1893 pg 5: Lasker guest NO CCW, complains bitterly of
treatment in Havana. Played several games vs New Orleans players, won all

Feb 26, 1893 pg 8: Appeal to org chess tnmt w Columbian Exposition May or
June NY, want to raise $5000, Grover Cleveland pledges medal, subscribe to
F Rose (NY)

NY Tribune Feb 26, 1893 pg 10: Lasker 15-0-1 New Orleans simul including Game
Lasker-Labatt QGD D27

NY Tribune Feb 26, 1893 pg 24: NYSCA soln tnmt Prob 124 S Loyd; winners E Olly
(Bkln), C Nugent (City CC). Vienna Game Dr Meitner+Eisenbach-Max Weiss+von
Wallenstein KGA Bishop G W37 mate 6 w notes. Manhattan ann dinner, ~70, chair
pres A Foster Higgins, toastmaster US Appraiser Colonel JB Wilkinson quite
facetious; other good speeches Gilberg, Janusch, W Bigelow. Steinitz, Delmar,
Hodges present. Prof Brodsky violin solos, Novacek on piano; actor Theodore
Roberts entertaining recitations; great success. Lasker guest NO CCW; 16-0-1
simul vs some of best in club. Physick, Eckenstein tie for City of London chp,
will play off; spring hdcp has begun. [Research Eckenstein?] Ludgate Circus-
Oxford 9.5-1.5, N London-Rochester 5-3, N London-Post Office 9.5-2.5, Amethyst-
Athenaeum 5.5-4.5. Newcastle CC vs British CC being arranged, 10/12 side. 488
British CCs and CAs. 2d rd (Yorkshire) Woodhouse Cup results Leeds-Sheffield
11.5-8.5; Bradford-Leeds Chess+Draughts by default latter wd. NYSCA tnmt
winners Delmar, JS Ryan, Hanham/J Halpern; NJSCA winners N Hymes, CE Hymes,
PG Doyle, A Vorrath. OH CA tnmt won by FH Willenburg. CC formed Haverhill MA,
all mems age 16-18, want corr game. Rcvd part 1 Guide to the Chess Openings
by JW De Arman (Franklin PA), 45 large pgs on Ruy and GP. Solns Alain C White,
RC Walker, MFS, Dr ST King, Rev Louis H Bahler, R Schuler (Orange NJ), Dr CB
Keeler (New Canaan CT), Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin, Edwin H Baldwin, Dr AH Baldwin,
C+W Johnson, RBB (Phillipsburg NJ), GB Fessenden, August Kuenzel, Fay Heville
(NY), N King, Prof NL Perry (Riverhead NY), Charles L Hamlin (Eaton NY), Dr SG
Carpenter (Chester NY), AS Richmond, SB Howell, Edward H Savage (Haverhill MA),
Clarence B Cluff, SA Woods, Dr WL White, George W Baldwin, AH Billings,
Spencer Dayton, WB Clark (Granville OH), WH Alexander (Fullerton OH), S Boykin,
FR Van Dusen, Charles F Homerick, RWB (Yankton SD), WA Brown (Markdale Ontario),
WW Hays (Bunker Hill IL), SM Edwards (Argusville ND), Clark Cummings (Tabor IA),
William Paley, BS Drake (Tabor IA), JT Miller, WJ Haskins (Rolla ND). Note to
WJ de Mauriac (Middletown CT)

NY Tribune Feb 27, 1893 pg 7: Havana Games Enrique Conill+Enrique Ostolaza+
Guillermo Lopez+Eduardo Herrera-Walbrodt Ponziani W31 Game Walbrodt-Allies 
(as above) Ruy W44

NY Tribune Feb 28, 1893 pg 4: From Lasker New Orleans 12-2-3 simul Games
Lasker-Tennison KGA B40 Game Lasker-Wilcox KGA D30. London Divan tnmt begins,
rd 1 results. Walbrodt lost Havana game to Lopez+Herrera

NY Tribune Mar 2, 1893 pg 2: New Orleans Game Lasker-Prof Dixon QP B48+.
Walbrodt beat Vazquez, beat Lopez+Herrera. Havana Game Conill+Ostolaza+Lopez+
Herrera-Walbrodt Ponziani W42 Game Walbrodt-Golmayo Sic W34. London master tnmt
rd 2,3 results, stdgs

NY Tribune Mar 3, 1893 pg 5: London tnmt rd 4 results, stdgs. Walbrodt beat
Vazquez in Havana

NY Tribune Mar 5, 1893 pg 24: Prob 125 late K Stal 1st prize Vart Land (Sweden).
One of 3 consultation Game Conill_Herrera+Lopez-Walbrodt Ponziani W42 w notes.
Columbian Chess Congress (=7th Amer Congress) circular to raise $5000 NY May
or June, subscriptions to F Rose or Dr F Mintz; cttee Gilberg, A Foster Higgins,
FG Janusch, Dr F Rose, L Goldmark, W Bigelow, Dr F [OF?] Jentz, M Fraenkel et
al. Lasker after NO CCW engagement accepted Tulane U invite to give 12 lectures
on Theory of the Differential Equation. Walbrodt leads Vasquez 2-1-1. 6 player
London tnmt won by Blackburne by .5 over Teichmann/Mason/Tinsley. Conill+Herrera
+Lopez-Walbrodt 2-1. Metropolitan-City Newsroom 16-4 to win London A league 
5-0, Athenaeum 2d. Ludgate Circus/Cambridge 6-6. Athenaeum-Ludgate Circus 11-9;
Ludgate Circus scored 3 by FF. Bird 11-3-2 Brixton simul. 6 player tnmt
Bird, Blackburne, Gunsberg, Mason, Tinsley, Van Vliet began Feb 27, 60L prizes.
Bradford resigns Woodhouse Cup competition, Leeds needs only draw vs Hull to win
cup. Solns Sadie E Kelsey, RC Walker, Alain C White, JSB Jr, MFS, Dr ST King,
JF Dowley (Bkln), JC Dennes (Bkln), Richard F Hall (Troy), Rev Louis H Bahler,
R Schuler, HD Patterson, William Moran, Dr AH Baldwin, W Hyde, Frank Bogardus,
George B Fessenden, CH Latting, Yargam Spencer Dayton, Robert B Brown
(Phillipsburg NJ), ES Ketchum (Afton IA), JT Miller, William Paley. Note to
John P Avery (Indianapolis IN), WWH (Bunker Hills IL)

NY Tribune Mar 6, 1893 pg 1: Walbrodt wins game vs Vazquez

NY Tribune Mar 7, 1893 pg 4: Game Walbrodt-Lopez+Herrera Vienna B35 Game Lopez+
Herrera-Walbrodt Evans dec B29

NY Tribune Mar 9, 1893 pg 3: Walbrodt 17-0-2 Havana simul. Match Game 1
Walbrodt-Vazquez 4N W28 Game 2 Vazquez-Walbrodt KGA Bishop G B28 Game 3
Walbrodt-Vazquez Petroff moves 1-adj 33 Walbrodt won game

Mar 12, 1893 pg 12: Lasker, Showalter will play 10 up match Kokomo starts
Mar 20 for $2000 and US chp

NY Tribune Mar 12, 1893 pg 24: Prob 126 G Chocholous. Havana Game Walbrodt-
AC Vasquez Petroff W65 w notes. Says outcry against dull modern game stopped
when Tarrasch, Walbrodt embraced. Walbrodt-Vasquez 3-0. Physick won City of
London chp playoff game vs Eckenstein. Leeds wins Woodhouse Cup; history of
team winning given none 1888 due to smallpox. Newcastle-Edinburgh 6.5-4.5. FJ 
Lee successful exhibitions Glasgow. City of London class 2-Cambridge 7-3 and
5/5. Tinsley 19-3-3 S Norwood simul. New time limit Simpson tnmt 40/2,
improvement over 20/1. Sussex-Kent 10-0-6. Moriau 15-2-4 Forest Gate. Most
prolific author AC Vasquez pubs El Ajedrez de Memoria on blind play, ltrs
addressed to Binet, 128 pgs 21 blind games in Havana w notes 3 Morphy, 3
Steinitz, 8 Tschigorin, 6 Blackburne, 1 rising young Cuban amateur Lopez.
Pollock begins pro tour includes Allegheny City, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Montreal,
Albany; has later engagements Atlanta, Washington DC. Yale chp won by AE
Skinner 95, hdcp tnmt starts over 12 entries. Solns Alain C White, JSJ Jr (NY),
RC Walker, MFS, Rev Louis H Bahler, AS Richmond, Edwin H Baldwin, R Schuler,
JA Dewald, JB Fessenden, William Moran, Dr CB Keeler, SG Carpenter (Chester
NJ), F Schirmer Jr (NY), Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin, Charles Smith (West Point 
NY), Clarence B Cluff (Haverhill MA), August Kuenzel, Prof SW Clark, CJT
(Hoosick Falls), SA Woods, W Paley, JF Richards (Fairhaven VT), WW Hays
(Bunker Hill NE), WJ Haskins (Rolla ND). Notes to Havana CC sec J Nichado,
Yale CC pres Arthur Bumstead, Frank Rivers (Ripon WI)

NY Tribune Mar 13, 1893 pg 7: Game Golmayo-Walbrodt Scotch B27 Game 3 Vasquez-
Walbrodt moves 33-B71 2:50, 3:15 earlier moves see Mar 9

NY Tribune Mar 15, 1893 pg 1: Ann Oxford vs Cambridge Mar 24. G Conill of Havana
CC will back Walbrodt for 3000 marks in match vs Tschigorin, either Berlin or
St Ptbg (st Paul Globe pg 6)

NY Tribune Mar 19, 1893 pg 24: Prob 127 MF Eisenhut (from Zlata Prada). Simpsons
master tnmt Game E Van Vliet-Teichmann Ruy B63 w notes. Ltr from Walbrodt
response to Lasker unflattering remarks re Havana CC. Completely disagrees,
wonderful reception, one reaps what one has sown. Walbrodt match vs Vasquez
Walbrodt had to win 3 before Vasquez Ds no count, great triumph. Walbrodt
arrives NY for few wks, engaged to play series vs Ettlinger Manhattan; Conill
backs him for 3000 marks vs Tschigorin. Walbrodt, Delmar split 2 games of 
series. Simpsons master hdcp promoted by "Black and White" whose proprietors
offered 60L prizes full CT Blackburne 3.5-1.5 30L Mason, Teichmann, Tinsley
3 20+10/3 L Van Vliet 2 Bird .5. Bird had better positions in some games but
missed chances and went to pieces. Ludgate Circus-City Newsroom 30.5-19.5.
Moriau 10-1-3 City of London simul. New Chess Bohemians CC formed of which
Moriau pres. Cumberland chp won by AC Haines (Whitehaven), final rd beat last 
yr chp J Higgins (Workington). FJ Lee successful visit Glasgow, excellent
simuls. English corr writes that Atkinson of Hull whose game in col rising
young Torkshire player, was not considered underclassed at bd 70, certainly
saw thru whole combo. Curnock, bd 64 for S, can play well blind. Nollard, bd
60, is Surrey chp, at Simpson hdcp rcvd P+2 from masters and gave same odds as
them to lower ranked yet barely missed prize over many scratch players. Strong
teams even down to bd 100; 40 yrs ago would have been equal to all but Staunton,
Buckle, 1-2 other English. Solns JSB Jr, MFS, John J White, Dr ST King, Charles
Broughton, A Schuler (Orange NJ), GB Fessenden, William Moran, Rev Louis H
Bahle, Frank H Underwood (Buffalo), Dr AH Baldwin, J Young (Germantown PA), SA
Woods, Dr WL White, William Eitze (Baltimore), Morris A Tyng (Decatur AL), FR 
Van Dusen, August H Gansser, August Kuenzel, James Patterson (Washington DC),
Spencer Dayton, Prof NL Perry, Otis J Yeaton (Bradford MA), Thomas B Miller
(Wilkesbarre PA), WH Alexander (Fullerton OH), CV Carlton (Alliance NE), AH
Billings, Mrs LF Jones, William Paley (Stockville NE)

NY Tribune Mar 20, 1893 pg 2: Walbrodt wins 1st game match vs Ettlinger

NY Tribune Mar 20, 1893 pg 4: CC formed Gettysburg College, mems Gron, George
Baum, Whitman, Richards, Clare, West

Mar 21, 1893 pg 2: Lasker vs Showalter postponed til Apr 3

NY Tribune Mar 22, 1893 pg 5: Walbrodt does not appear, referee awards Ettlinger
game by FF. Today Walbrodt plays Hodges at City CC; resume match vs Ettlinger

NY Tribune Mar 23, 1893 pg 7: Hodges beats Walbrodt

Mar 25, 1893 pg 3: Mention noted chess player Max Judd was chosen to replace
Goldschmidt as Consul-Gen 

Vienna NY Tribune Mar 26, 1893 pg 24: Prob 128 late K Stal. Havana Game 
Golmayo- Walbrodt Scotch B27 w notes. Tschigorin willing to play Walbrodt in 
St Ptbg for sum given, match expected late Apr. Walbrodt leads Ettlinger 2-1, 
loss by default when missed train after visit to Steinitz at Upper Montclair. 
Walbrodt engaged Franklin CC Mar 29-Apr 4, Boston CC Apr 5-11. Hodges won
game vs Walbrodt. Max Judd appointed US Consul to Vienna. Pollock engaged
Buffalo CC from Mar 13, many successful simuls including 19-1-2 and 14-1;
3-2 in blind debut. Has clean score wo any draws single games. Club gained
many mems. Close Franklin CC tnmt in prog, leaders Kemeny, Shipley, Voigt.
Gunsberg lecture on general principles Metropolitan Club London, will follow
with lectures on various openings. Hdcp tnmt starts soon Simpsons.
Jasnogrodsky successful visit Birmingham. London Metropolitan lower div
leaders Amthyst 9 (1 to play) Hampstead 8 (1) Cyprus 7 (1) Lee 6 (4) Exeter
Hall 6.5 (2). Ireland leads corr match vs W England 13.5-12.5. Belfast leads
corr match vs Perth 4-2. Return N vs S England may come off this yr London.
Solns Sadie E Kelsey, Alain C White, JSB Jr, RCW (NY), MFS, Dr ST King, AS
Richmond, Frank H Underwood, Richard T Hall, Prof NL Perry, Edwin H Baldwin, R
Schuler, JA Dewald, FC Griswold (Boston), C+W Johnson, William Moran, FJ
Willits, SK (Wallingford CT), Dr AH Baldwin, DT Ross, Dr AC Hayes (Noroton
Hts CT), CB Keeler, TB Miller, F Van Dusen, August Gansser, SB Howell, Charles
Krommeyer (Jersey City), DPF (NY), August Kuenzel, AY Gray, GB Fessenden,
Louis H Bahler, Mrs Charlotte E Baldwin, J Young (Germantown PA), CH Latting,
SA Woods, WJ Hoskins (Rolla ND), SM Edwards (Argusville ND), WWH (Bunker Hill
IL), Edward Borgen, William Paley (Stockville NE). Have heard of no state CA
in CT. Note to WL Knight (Boston) on where to find various Steinitz match 
records. In Tschigorin both is short pronounced rather like e

NY Tribune Mar 28, 1893 pg 1: Harvard challenges Columbia for intercollege
cup as stipulated in deed of gift which says challenge by June 1, either
of 2 remaining teams in league can enter tnmt by giving notice by Oct 1

NY Tribune Mar 30, 1893 pg 2: Walbrodt arrives Philad, engaged Franklin CC
for 8 exhibition games, 2 simuls

NY Tribune Mar 31, 1893 pg 5: Walbrodt begins Franklin CC engagement w win vs
JP Morgan, draw vs Voigt

Apr 1, 1893 pg 1: Walbrodt 9-5-2 simul Franklin CC 2 hrs

Omaha Bee Apr 1, 1893 pg 5: Gen Hiram Berdan inventor famous Berdan long-range
torpedo and rifle died while playing chess (NY Tribune pg 7 more on him, St
Paul Globe pg 4)

NY Tribune Apr 2, 1893 pg 24: Prob 129 JM [SM?] Joseph. N vs S England Game
WV Wilson-GW Wright Ruy W25 w notes. Increase in chess among ladies recent yrs,
greater inc greatly desirable. No facilities tho from time to time talk of
admitting ladies to estabd CCs which end in smoke chiefly on ground ladies
object to smoking. High spirited and enthusiastic lady amateur of consderable
ability plans to start Ladies CC; gives address to write to and wish success.
Tschigorin vs Walbrodt may not come off. Walbrodt willing to play anywhere but
backer Conill of Havana wants outside Russia; Tschigorin accepted on condition
in St Ptbg. Walbrodt leads Ettlinger 3-1; Walbrodt now at Franklin CC, so far
has beaten Morgan and Shipley, drew Voigt. Newark CC-NYCC 5.5-4.5, bros E Hymes
and C Hymes drew on top 2 bds vs Hodges and Hanham. Harvard CC challenged
Columbia to intercollege chp cup match, to play before June 1. U CA CC formed.
Kent CA-Surrey CA 10.5-9.5. Sussex CA/Hampshire CA 6-6 w 1 game for Hoffer to
adjud. Jasnogrodsky blind and simul exhibits Glasgow CC. Tinsley simuls 
Watford, Maidstone, Oxford overall 35-1-8; will visit Birmingham, Bradford,
Leeds, Lpool, Manchester, Derby, Sheffield et al. Carlsake Winter-Wood won
place tnmt of Plymouth CC. Northern Chess Trophy competition (says "Newcastle
Chronicle") in rd 6, 8 players remain. Glasgow CC-Dundee CC 13.5-10. Gunsberg
lectures Metropolitan CC, Mar 13 on game Wyvill vs Anderssen 1851 tnmt. Ludgate
Circu-N London 8.5-4.5. Solns Sadie S Kelsey, RC Walker, Alain C White, JSB Jr,
MFS, Dr ST King, AS Richmond, Rev Louis H Bahler, R Schuler, JA Dewald, Dr AH
Baldwin, William Moran, HD Patterson, WL Knight (Boston), Dr CB Keeler, FC
Griswold (Boston), RH Woolver (Munsville NY), N King, Dr WL White, AH Billings,
CJT (Hoosick Falls), W Eitze (Baltimore), ES Ketchum (Afton IA), Morris A Tyng
(Decatur IL), WH Alexander (Fullerton OH), BS Barrett (Burlington VT), SA Woods,
WWH, George E Crowell (Brattleboro VT), WJ Haskins. Notes to Theodore de
Laguna (U CA CC), CTR (Cambridge MA)

NY Tribune Apr 3, 1893 pg 3: Lasker vs Showalter match postponed again, neither
arrived Kokomo yet, now sched to start Apr 5

Apr 4, 1893 pg 6: Max Judd newly appointed Consul-Gen Vienna is 1 of best
chess players US

NY Tribune Apr 7, 1893 pg 2: Walbrodt's 1st game in Boston loss to Pillsbury

NY Tribune Apr 8, 1893 pg 5: Walbrodt draws vs PJ Hill Boston

NY Tribune Apr 9, 1893 pg 3: Walbrodt followed game vs PJ Hill w game vs CC pres
Dresel, adj 32. Today simul vs all comers, then will play Burlingame, Barry,
consultation game w Dresel vs Burlingame+Barry, another simul

NY Tribune Apr 9, 1893 pg 24: Prob 130 Dr C Schwede from DSZ. Vazquez announces
discovery 2 Morphy games Havana 1862. Game below Felix Sicre, was Cuban chp til
Golmayo arrived yr later, other vs young colored slave of Sicre who showed
great chess talent named Joseph Maria Sicre. Game Felix Sicre-Morphy Ruy B34
w notes. Franklin CC picked team made excellent score vs Walbrodt; was 1-0 vs
M Morgan, 0-1-1 vs Robinson, drew Bampton, drew Wilson. Opened Boston by losing
2 to rising young Pillsbury. Manhattan CC new rooms, ann dues raised. 120/side
Ludgate Circus CC vs Metropolitan CC, Metropolitan won 79-41. Talk of 140/side
City of London vs Metropolitan. City of London class 2-United Universities 11-9,
Sussex-United Univs 10-5, British CC-United Univs 9.5-5.5. Cambridge-Oxford 6-1,
1st use of clocks 20/1; Cambridge leads 14-6-1. Bird visit to S Wales, various
clubs overall 133-2-5. JE Hall of Bradford won Yorkshire chp over Seth Ward Jr
of Dewsbury. Tinsley successful tour Watford, Maidstone, Oxford, Dudley, 
Derby, Redditch, Birmingham et al; plans visitng most northern chess centers.
Glasgow-Edinburgh 13.5-6.5. New Insurance CC opens w Blackburne 5-0-3 blind
simul. Solns Sadie S Kelsey, RC Walker, DBF (NY), Arthur Robinson (NY), JSB Jr,
Alain C White, ST King, Prof NL Perry, Richard F Hall, Rev Louis H Bahler, AS
Richmond, Dr AH Baldwin, Dr AC Hawes (Norton Heights CT), R Schuler, FC 
Griswold, ES Maguire (Philad), Waldo A Kuenzel (Detroit), George B Fessenden
(Boston), JA Dewald, CW Putnam (Spuyton Duyvil NY), FH Underwood, Edwin H
Baldwin, WL Knoght (Boston), Richard F Hall, William Eitze, SA Woods, Morris
A Tyng, PB Cregar (Annandale NJ), SW Clark (Spencerport NY), JF Miller (Bedford
IA), Benjamin F Grant (Butte NE), WR Pratt (Glenwood IA), Charles F Homerick

NY Tribune Apr 11, 1893 pg 5: Lasker vs Showalter match for US chp begins
Kokomo, prob 4 wks, spectators from many parts of US (St Paul Globe pg 5 present
arranging details)

NY Tribune Apr 11, 1893 pg 6: Said that newly appointed consul to Vienna 
Max Judd opposition will cease when Austrians learn he can play chess
(Sacramento Record pg 2 adds seriously when country raises race prejudice
against appointee time to stand by him)

NY Tribune Apr 12, 1893 pg 1: Walbrodt continues in Boston, beats Sargent gvg

NY Tribune Apr 13, 1893 pg 2: Lasker vs Showalter begins. Showalter arrived
2 PM, arranged all prelims at once. Decided not to enforce rule holding scores
for 4 days, give them to entitled papers close of day. 17/1. Players from all
over continue to arrive

NY Tribune Apr 13, 1893 pg 9: Walbrodt finishes Boston engagement with 8-2-4
simul, lost to H Sargent and AA Smith; left for NY

NY Tribune Apr 14, 1893 pg 7: Unexpected hitch in financial arrangements
blocks opening Lasker vs Showalter. Stakes to be changed, prob start tomorrow.

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1893 pg 2: Walbrodt 20 simul Manhattan; at late hr 7-5-1. 
Lasker vs Showalter resumes Kokomo, Lasker wins

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1893 pg 5: Game 1 Lasker-Showalter QP W40 4 hrs

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1893 pg 24: Prob 131 Mrs WJ Baird. Bd 1 of 120/side match
Game T Physick (Ludgate Circus CC)-Skipworth (Metropolitan CC) Sic D32 w notes.
40th ann City of London general mtg, Richard Pilkington elected pres w strong
cttee. Discussion of refusal to play N vs S match, referred to special cttee and
mtg. Gunsberg 23-4-8 Margate simul. NT Miniati wins gold medal Manchester CC
7.5-.5 GW Wright 7 Chrimes, Jones 5. Match in prog for Irish chp 5 game up
Porterfield Rynd (current chp) tied 3-3-2 vs EH Harvey. 140/side City of London
vs Metropolitan likely soon. Walbrodt 20 simul Manhattan. Leaves for Baltimore
Tues. pollock's Northern tour ended Albany, returning to Baltimore. Proposed 
short match vs Walbrodt, tentatively accepted for wk following Walbrodt
engagement. 3d game Pillsbury vs Walbrodt drawn. PJ Hill drew game vs
Walbrodt, EL Dresel vs Walbrodt unfinished. Ended engagement w 8-2-4 simul.
Ettlinger vs Walbrodt resumed, Ettlinger wins game. Said last wk Walbrodt 0-1-1
vs Robinson; actually 0-1 vs DS Robinson, drew AK Robinson. JN Babson (Montreal)
famous as composer oddities, constructed a mate 333 as part of circular for
his forthcoming prob book. Solns Alain C White, RC Walker, Dr ST King, Richard
F Hall, Rev Louis H Bahler, AS Richmond, R Schuler, HD Patterson, Dr AH
Baldwin, William Moran, ES Maguire (Philad), MFS (Worthington MA). Notes to
JH Van Gelder (NY), Jarga (NY), JH Underwood (Buffalo). Solns Yarga (NY),
WM Everitt (Malden NY), SA Woods, Dr WL White, BS Barrett, George E Crowell
(Brattleboro VT), AH Billings, CJT, Herbert S Crowell (Brattleboro), William
Eitze, Hugo Schmetz (Leavenworth KS), WJ Young (Elm Grove MO), ES Ketchum,
Charles T Homerick, GCP (NY).

NY Tribune Apr 17, 1893 pg 3: Columbia CC accepts Harvard challenge, next Xmas

NY Tribune Apr 18, 1893 pg 2: Game 2 Showalter-Lasker French W36 match
stands 2-2-1

NY Tribune Apr 19, 1893 pg 2: Game 3 Lasker-Showalter QP D52 6 hrs. Tnmt for
George W Childs cup of strongest Franklin CC players won by E Kennedy formerly
of NY 13-3-2; remaining prizes undecided

Apr 19, 1893 pg 3: Death Dufresne age 64, chess ed Gartenlaube et al

NY Tribune Apr 20, 1893 pg 2: Game 4 Showalter-Lasker French B54 5 hrs

Omaha Bee Apr 21, 1893 pg 2: No game today due to Showalter illness (NY
Tribune pg 1, Salt Lake Herald pg 2)

Apr 22, 1893 pg 5: Showalter still suffering w severe cold, cannot play
Lasker. General opinion lost Wed game due illness. Still feel will hold own.
Many amateur matches while wait for chps

NY Tribune Apr 23, 1893 pg 24: Prob 132 W Gleave. Game 2 Showalter-Lasker French
W36 w notes. City of London vs Metropolitan match abandoned for season, likely
later in yr. Newcastle Chronicle silver trophy match in semis, J Birks (W 
Hartlepool) vs AB Tallantyre (Haltwhistle), FE Hamond (Durham) vs M Blackett
(Newcastle); Birks and Hamond in 1st class. 1st class tnmt started Cambridge,
entries include Owen, Skipworth, Blake, Gunston, Loman, Porterdield Rynd. 10th
ann Scottish CA mtg Dundee began Apr 10?. Blackburne on pro tour S Wales.
Jasnogrodsky simuls and blinds Newcastle, made many friends. 38th ann mtg
W Yorkshire CA Leeds. Presented Leeds CC w Woodhouse Cup, Tinsley fine simul.
Solns Sadie E Kelsey, RC Walker, JSB Jr, Alain C White, Dr ST King, AS Richmond,
Richard F Hall, Edwin H Baldwin, William Moran, Dr AC Hawes, Dr AH Baldwin, ES
Maguire, R Schuler, WL Knoght. Note to Arthur P Van Gelder (NY). Solns DT Ross,
CH Latting, SA Woods, Geo B Fessenden, William Eitze. Notes to WL White, Hugo
Schuntz (Leavenworth KS), SEB (Wilton CT), CJT. Solns W Hyde, FB Farwell, N
King, SB Howell, C+W Johnson, Dr CE Keeler, MFS (Worthing MA), Thomas B Miller
(Mt Bane PA), AY Gray, Morris A Tyng, J Cole (Pavanna OH), August H Gansser,
PH Jeffers (Cisco UT), RH Wooloer, Nelson Robinson Jr, Thomas B Miller
(Wilkesbarre PA)

NY Tribune Apr 26, 1893 pg 4: Game Lasker-Showalter QP W40

NY Tribune Apr 28, 1893 pg 4: Final Game Lasker-Showalter QP W45 6 hrs,
wins US chp and $1000. Lasker's friends will back for $5000 for match vs 
Steinitz, will issue challenge soon. A number of Showalter's friends are 
interested in the plan

Apr 28, 1893 pg 4: Schottlande of Breslau leaves for NY May  4

NY Tribune Apr 30, 1893 pg 24: Prob 133 J Nield. Match Game Lasker-Showalter QGD
W40 w notes. Death Dufresne age 64. Master old Berlin school over 40 yrs ago
in early Anderssen yrs, principal whetstone for his London 1851 triumph. Won
1853 Berlin tnmt, Max Lange main rival. Noted author all branches, probs to
practical play. Most notable Grosses Schach Handbuch w Zukertort, Kleines
Lehrbuch, Paul Morphy's Schachwettkampfe. Lasker-Showalter 6-2-2 including 1-1-1
Logansport last Dec. Have pubd  games for all subscribers of $1 w annotations.
Preamble says 6 games up for $1000 purse. No mention Logansport but seems
different arrangements since. Another great Lasker success. Lasker plans to
challenge Steinitz for world chp $5000/side; waiting official word. Such
challenge would be entitled to respect if all conditions fair. Walbrodt
abandoned engagement Baltimore CA because club postponed repeatedly, staying NY
for short match vs Delmar $250/side and $100 prize to winner; Walbrodt leads
2-1-2 1st to 5 wins. Then to Chicago 2 wks w usu performances pro tour. 
Minneapolis Journal reports Lasker knocked down by boxer Fitzsimmons; was
watching workout, Fitzsimmons knocked bag off rope which knocked down Lasker.
St George CC spring tnmt ends winners EM Jackson, Jones Bateman each 22.5+2
point hdcp 24.5; Gunsberg 25 but 1 point deducted 24 3d. Triangular match St
George, British, City of London CCs planned May. City will also play Ludgate
Circus and Athenaeum; 2d, 3d, 4th class teams to play smaller London clubs.
Lasker's brother Dr Lasker issues challenge to leading clubs of London or strong
player for 2 game corr match. Metropolitan CC gambit tnmt won by Herbert 
Jacobs, Ward 2d. Return match Sussex 9.5-Kent 5.5 1 game undecided. Hempstead,
Lee tie for 2d div Metropolitan chp w 9; Amethyst won 9.5 but as last yrs chp
penalized 1 point. 1st class amateur chp Cambridge began Apr 10; Owen, Lowen,
Porterfield Rynd unable to play places taken by Dr Deighton, Dodd. 38th ann W
Yorkshire CA mtg Leeds, 108 players. One sec principal tnmt won by James
Rayner of Leeds, divided 1st and 2d w Hall, Bilbrough. S Tinsley played all
comers losing just 3. 1st half final rd Northern silver trophy winners Berks
of Hallwhistle, Ettamond of Durham. Will play off; both 1st class players. 10th
ann Scottish CA tnmt Dundee won by Walker (Dundee) 5.5 DY Mills 5 Sheriff Spens
4.5. Solns Sadie S Kelsey (Wallingford CT), Alain C White, JSB Jr, JH Van
Gelder (NY), RC Walker, Richard F Hull (Troy NY), ST King, Rev Louis H Bahler,
FB Farwell, AS Richmond, Al SO (Jersey City), JA Dewald, PB Cregar (Annandale
NJ), Edwin H Baldwin, R Schuler, Dr CB Keeler, AC Hawes (Noroton Heights CT),
DT Ross, William Moran, Dr AH Baldwin, Albert H Simpson (Bucknell U Lewisburg
PA), ES Maguire (Philad), MFS (Worthington MA), GB Fessenden (Boston), Gertrude
Robinson (NY), FC Griswold (Boston), Frank H Underwood (Buffalo), AW Putnam, SE
Stevens (Bkln), SA Woods, HD Patterson, William M Everitt (Malden NY), CJP
(Hoosick Falls), PH Jeffreys (Cisco UT), MS Morgan (Princeton NJ). We feel 
probs benefit practical player

May 1, 1893 pg 4: Staunton CC of CCNY will prob disband soon. College has
some strong players but do not seem inclined to join any chess org

May 1, 1893 pg 7: Hanham 7-6-2 Manhattan simul, lost to Sweeney, Eaton, Magie,
Richards, Paterson, Wilkinson; drew Berange [Beramji?], Wilcox. Delmar wins,
tied 2-2-2 vs Walbrodt

May 7, 1893 pg 19: Prob 134 Kohtz+Kockelkorn. Final Kokomo match Game 
Lasker-Showalter QP W45 w notes. Walbrodt leads Delmar 4-2-3. Berlin CC still
trying to arrange Walbrodt vs tschigorin summer, offers Tschigorin 1000 marks
expenses. Cambridge mtg tnmt winners JH Blake 5.5-2.5 WH Gunston 4-3 w 1 game
vs Dr Deighton to finish Skipworth, Dod 2.5 Dr Deighton 2.5 w 1 to play; Owen,
Loman, Porterfield Rynd could not play. Tinsley successful blindfolds N England
and Isle of Man. Ireland leads corr match vs W England 23-18. Lpool Mercury
trophy won by M Kaiser clean score, gave odds to all. Scottish CA hdcp tnmt
Dundee won by vet GB Fraser. Rumors of Gunsberg vs Walbrodt match England;
doubtful. Glad to hear NY Ladies CC started, starts w 10 mems. New CC orgd
Baltimore, temp officers Dr M Schapiro, WHK Pollock. Dr Persifor Frazer
donates large silver cup to Franklin CC; cup described. Must win 3 ann tnmts
to keep (need not be consec). 10-20/side team match Bay City vs All MI set
for May 10. Solns Kelsey, RC Walker, JSB Jr, AC White, JH Van Gelder (NY),
GH Robinson (NY), LHW (NY), CJ Seed (Bkln), ST King, Hall, Richmond, Dewald,
Moran, AH Baldwin, AC Hawes (Norton Heights CT), FCG (Boston), WL Knight
(Boston), ES Maguire (Philad), RH Simpson (Lewisburg PA), Howell, EH Baldwin,
Bahler, RE Daniels (Bkln), MFS, Fessenden, Keeler, Joseph Fox (Bkln),
C Krommeyer (Jersey City), Prof NL Perry (Reverhead LI), Farwell, N King,
William M Everett (Malden NY), CJT (Hoosick Falls), SEB (Wilton CT), Niels LJ
Gron (Gettysburg PA), RH Bobster (Roxbury MA), WL White, Herbert S Crowell
(Brattleboro VT), Billings, Woods, AB Waldhams (Bridgeport CT), Charles 
SB Sandford (Kendall NY), EJ Hobday (Hurley WI), Gansser

May 11, 1893 pg 4: Lasker in St L. When asked about rumor would challenge
Steinitz replied recently heard Steinitz anxious to meet me, will authorize
you to issue challenge under any fair agreement

May 14, 1893 pg 24: Prob 135 GH Walcott. Final match Game Walbrodt-Delmar
Sic W60 w notes. Walbrodt-Delmar 5-3-3. Walbrodt cancels Chicago engagement,
too pressed for time, biz forces early return; leaves for Europe Thurs. Lasker
in St Louis, not yet ready to challenge Steinitz but making preps to do so.
Chess author and expert James Mortimer in NY, welcomed at Manhattan and Bkln 
CCs. Goetz 6-1-3 blind Paris, Janowski 12-2-2 blind Paris 2:30 equals Zukertort
max but Zukertort took 12 hrs. New col in London journal St James Budget ed
Gunsberg. Manhattan chp starts tomorrow, entries include Clapp, Delmar, Hanham,
Holloway, Dr Isaacson, Dr Simonson, Ryan. Hodges simul last night. Franklin 
chp ends, silver cup donated George W Childs; Kemeny 14 Shipley 13 Voigt 12.5. 
Franklin has been challenged to 2 corr games by Washington CC. Gunsberg 20-1-3
Sydenham. Ludgate Circus larger rooms, no longer in Ludgate Circus. Solns
JH Van Gelder (NY), Nelson Robinson Jr (NY), N King, Joseph Fox (Bkln),
Frank H Underwood (Buffalo), PB Cregar (Annandale NJ), Ross, RH Boletur
(Roxbury MA), Woods, Gray, CJT, Herbert P Crowell (Brattleboro), JA Patterson
(Oswichee AL), Gansser, HC Walker (St Charles MN), AW Putnam, Billings,
WL White, SEB, Thomas B Miller (Wilkesbarre), William M Everett, JA Brown
(Caddon CO), JT Miller, William R Pratt (Glenwood IA), AB Waldhams, BH
(Saginaw MI)

May 15, 1893 pg 12: Events of day has Walbrodt simul Bkln CC (also pg 5)

May 20, 1893 pg 12: Events of day has Schottlander at Bkln CC

May 21, 1893 pg 24: Prob 136 HH Davis from Manchester Times tnmt. Late match
Game Delmar-Walbrodt French W73 w notes. Influential Philad amateurs raising
money for substantial prizes to hold Lasker vs Steinitz. Lasker writes is
willing to meet Steinitz under any fair arrangement. Lasker appoints Gilberg
as treas for his stakes. Walbrodt, Max Judd (on way to Consul position) on
same boat to Europe. Popular Walbrodt ended stay w simuls 10-4 Bkln CC,
8-4-2 City CC. Plans to return to NY Sept, engaged by Havana next season.
Schottlander, 1 of dreaded "free lances" of German master tnmts, arrived NY en
route Chicago fair, gave exhibitions in NY and Bkln. Baltimore vs Washington
return match last night. Ltr given from Baltimore CA pres EL Torsch
correcting statement this col that Walbrodt did not meet Baltimore engagement
due to repeated postponements our side; only 1 date Apr 18 given tho
had made strenuous prev efforts to engage; Walbrodt never answered our ltrs
about prog for date and finally told us he wasn't coming. Hempstead-Lee 5.5-4.5
to win 2d div London league. Moriau 4-3-1 blind Chess Bohemians. Tinsley
provincial tour total 354-28-38. Jasnogrodsky wins game 1 of 4 game up match vs
Loman. JE Hall (Bradford) wins W Yorkshire CA chp; is also Yorkshire chp for
yr. Glasgow CC chp won 2d time by GE Barbier. Russel leader and likely winner
W Scotland cup competition. Solns Kelsey, JSB Jr, DBF, Von Gelder, GH Robinson,
RC Walker, AC White, LE Daniels (Bkln), J Fox, ST King, CJ Seed (Bkln), Bahler,
Farwell, Hall, Howell, Perry, Richmond, LHW (Ilion NY), AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin,
PJ Cregor (Annandale NJ), Dewald, Gansser, FCG (Boston), Hawes, Keeler,
ES Maguire (Philad), Thomas Miller, WL Knight (Boston), Moran, Ross, MFS,
AH Simpson (Lewisburg PA), Latting, PH Jeffers (Cisco UT), Scannell, Dr JH
Sanderson (Edmore MI), GH Fulford (New Haven). Lasker and Lipschutz have never

May 22, 1893 pg 2: Manhattan master tnmt stdgs Ryan, Isaacson 2 Delmar, Hodges,
Hanham, Holladay 1. JW Baird 7-7 Manhattan simul, lost to Holl, Margules,
Petterson, Sweeney, Nanz, Schmidt, Veit. Schottlander 7-3-4 Bkln simul, lost
to De Visser, Eno, Souweine; drew Olly, Ingalls, Ruth, Finlay

May 28, 1893 pg 17: Bismarck's mementos include valuable ivory set

May 28, 1893 pg 24: Prob 137 E Hallowell from Cricket and Football Field prob
tnmt. Boston Match Game Pillsbury-JF Barry QP W41 w notes. Interesting game
between 2 young Boston men Pillsbury, Barry. Pillsbury rep from beating 
Steinitz rcvg P+1, Walbrodt 2-0-1 even. Pillsbury-Barry 5-4-1, Pillsbury won
2 then lost 4, came back. All Michigan-Bay City 18-10-2. Bay City YMCA tnmt
45 entries, winners AH Gansser, FR Van Dusen, Judge JH Allen, Rev St Johns,
EW Dunbar. FJ Lee plans US visit, exhibitions Chicago et al. 10L/side 7 up
match Bird vs jasnogrodsky began May 16. N London season record 12-3-4. Final
rd Newcastle Chronicle silver trophy, Birks (W Hartlepool) won game 1 vs FE
Hammond; game 2 May 13. Edinburgh CC medal DY Mills 21.5-1.5 followed by D
Forsyth, GP Galloway, DM Latta, MC Meikle. No new info re Columbian congress
since appeal pubd here Mar 5. Would have kept quiet but noticed in foreign
journal that they cooly propose to call winner world chp. Learned from Bkln
amateur of high social standing offered to contribute $500 to congress on
condition I compete; highly improb if plan to confiscate my chp. recall that
Staunton (acknowledged match chp ) finished 4th to Anderssen London 51, but
Morphy challenged Staunton not Anderssen addressing challenge to chp Europe.
No tnmt ever tried to award chp to winner except NY 1889 which included match
test which non-entrants could apply for, with my assent. Contradict rumor that
I offered to ed Columbian tnmt book; simply talked about guarded against any
promise; I believe tnmt success can be secured w book subscriptions. Would
be terrible for tnmt to fail after chieg magistrate US has given patronage.
Solns SMR, Kelsey, MFS, JSB Jr, FBF (NY), Robinson, RC Walker, AC White, 
GM Woodcock (NY), Farwell, Fox, Hall, ST King, Perry, Richmond, Bahler, AH 
Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Dewald, Hawes, Cregor, Keeler, FCG (Boston), Gansser,
Knight, Maguire, Moran, Ross, Simpson, SH Whitten (Holyoke MA), WL White,
N Robinson (NY), CJ Tuttle (Hoosick Falls), S Dayton, W Eitze (Baltimore MD),
Dr EJ Hobdoy (Hurley WI), Scannell, Woods, LB Sanford (Kendall NY), HE Baker
(Jamesville MN), JW Stephen (San Bernardino CA) 

May 29, 1893 pg 7: Delmar 11-1-2 Bkln CC simul. Dr Isaacson 9-3 Manhattan
simul. Boston CC chp Pillsbury arrived NY yesterday, goes for wk engagement
Franklin CC today

May 31, 1893 pg 1: Walbrodt returned to Berlin, entertained by Berlin Chess
Society; pres Bierbach speech said locals would subscribe liberally to match
vs Tschigorin or Gunsberg in Berlin

June 1, 1893 pg 11: Pillsbury in Philad beat Voigt, lost to Barbour

June 3, 1893 pg 9: Pillsbury beat JP Morgan. Pillsbury, Schottlander both
won large majority games played Franklin CC

June 4, 1893 pg 24: Prob 138 Mrs WJ Baird. London match Game Jasnogrodsky-Bird
Dutch B23+. Alapin arriving shortly to visit World Fair. Tinsley plans US chess
tour. Columbia Chess Cogress ciruclar given; Pres Grover Cleveland patron 
donates gold medal, liberal subscriptions NY Gov Roswell P Flower, NYC Mayor
Thomas F Gliroy [Gilroy?]; nearly half $5000 needed subscribed. $100 or more
on nd of pattrons, rcv engrossed testimonial all patron names. $10 gets
non-transferrable season tix tnmt. $2 rcvs daily tnmt bulletin; all games and
pairings on good paper can be bound as book. Dadian donates 100 franc brilliancy
prize, Steinitz judge. Pillsbury visiting Philad. Dr isaacson 1st simul, 9-3
tho lost one overlooked Q loss. Bird leads jasnogrodsky 2-1. Sussex CA congress
Brighton Jasnogrodsky 16-0-2 simul, 2-2-2 blind. Sussex chp to be played off
between Emery, Bridger. A Curnock 7-0-2 blind Fitzroy CC. Moriau 4-3-1 blin vs
strong players at Chess Bohemians which now has 80 mems. W London CC honors
sec R Blunt w portrait in oil. "The Million" says Newnes best player in House
of Commons, where only chess and backgammon allowed; other top players
Colonel Nolan, Lord Randolph Churchill, lard Carmarthen, Bonser, Bromly
Davenport, Hon Frank Parker, Bryn Roberts, Hon W Fellowes, Henniker Heaton,
Caleb Wright. Heaton started essentially CC in House; found old bd left by 
Evelyn, challenged Bradlaugh; often played since about =, grew from there; all
parties. Solns Kelsey, JSB Jr, DBF (NY), RC Walker, AC White, Bahler, Fox, ST
King, Hall, AE Post (Durham NY), Richmond, AE Arnold (Baltimore), AH Baldwin,
EH Baldwin, TP Cregar, Dewald, AH Gansser, Hawes, Maguie, Moran, Perry, Ross,
GBT (Boston), George M Woodcock (Buffalo), F Hall (Troy NY), HE BaKer
(Jonesville MN), Billings, JA Brown (Cadroa CO), George E Crowell and HS Crowell
(Brattleboro VT), Dayton, W Eitze (Baltimore), Howell, TB Miller, JA Patterson
(Oswirter AL), Scannell, H Jeffers (Cisco MI), JW Stephen (San Bernardino CA),
WC Taylor (Grand Forks ND)

June 5, 1893 pg 7: Pillsbury beat AK Robinson, and in evening 8-4-1 simul,
ending his engagement Franklin CC

June 6, 1893 pg 1: Jasnogrodsky leads Bird 5-4-2

June 9, 1893 pg 7: Schottlander at Manhattan CC. Drew JS Ryan and adj 2d 18 
moves, split 2 vs Delmar

June 11, 1893 pg 1: Paris Cerc-British CC 4.5-2.5

June 11, 1893 pg 21: Hamilton Club tnmt, players H Behr, SB Chittenden,
FH Colton, WBB Ingalls, John L Moffat, AW Shepard, AL Taylor, 
William Wallace, OJ Wells, L Benet, TE Bergen. Winners Chittenden 15-5
Wells 14.5

June 11, 1893 pg 24: Prob 139 RJ Thomson from London Schoolmaster tnmt. 
Manhattan chp Game Hodges-Delmar d4 b6 B44 w notes. Ltr from Lasker in Clipper,
asking to send Gilberg stakes money for Steinitz match. Paris match Cercle des
Echecs-British CC 4-2-1; Paris leads series 4-0-2. Plans to org match Goetz
vs Rosenthal; Rosenthal accepts on condition that either Goetz plays blind
and rcvs P+1 or N, or that Rosenthal plays blind and Goetz has 1st move each
game [?]. 5000 francs/side but Goetz declines due to literary engagements.
Manhattan chp leaders Delmar 4.5-2.5 Hodges 4-2 Hanham, Ryan 5-3. Pollock moved
to Albany, will ed chess col Albany Journal. Final Baltimore 3-1 blind < 1 hr,
11-2-1 simul, next evening 21-2-1 Washington CC. City of London-St George
6.5-4.5; changed from 20 to 11/side due to St George inability to muster. City
leads series 7-2-1 84-58. Jasnogrodsky leads Bird 4-3-2. London Metropolitan CC
prizes given to Herbert Jacobs (gambit tnmt winner), RP Michell (hdcp winner);
10-2 matches, 303 mems. Newcastle Chronicle silver trophy final rd J Birks
(Hartlepool)-FE Hammond (Durham) 2-0. CH Guy wins Bradford CC silver trophy.
Columbia Congress sec Janusch writes that cttee will issue disclaimer, that
tnmt chp not world chp. Wrote Gundberg to solicit opinions rules for Ds, plan
to submit to contestants before final; makes hard to gauge length and thus
expenses. Well known some pros raise costs by selling half of any prize in 
advance to subscribers, need to know terms. English may discuss in advance,
vote as bloc, may affect chance; hard for non-speakers. Too vital to leave
undecided. Solns Kelsey, MFS, JSB Jr, Bahler, AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Dewald,
Farwell, Hall, Hawes, ST King, Knight, Maguire, Th B Miller, Moran, Patterson,
Richmond, RC Walker, AC White, S Dayton, Dr EJ Hobday (Hurley WI), FW Boggs
(Neligh NE), Howell 

June 12, 1893 pg 6: Cornelius Vanderbilt donates $100 to Columbian congress;
$3000 on hand. JW Baird leaves Sat for chess tour Britain, Russia, Germany,
Italy. Masters tnmt stdgs Hodges 6 Delmar 5.5 Hanham, Ryan 5 Isaacson 3.5
Clapp, Simonson 2.5 Holladay 1

June 13, 1893 pg 11: Bird vs Jasnogrodsky stands 6-6-3

June 18, 1893 pg 24: Prob 140 T Taverner from Dudley Herald prob tnmt. Game
A de Smitten-Dadian e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 Qf6 B33. Walbrodt feted on Berlin return,
match vs Gunsberg discussed if cannot arrange vs Tschigorin. $3000 raised for
Columbian tnmt, Aristidez Martinez and Cornelius Vanderbilt each $100. London
Times starts wkly col Sunday, now 87 in England. Bird/Jasnogrodsky 5-5-3;
tho 7 up declared drawn. Chess estabd Ireland 1430 BC by Tuatha de Danniaux,
32 pieces for 32 counties; tnmts were held esp in Meath once/yr Aug 15-Sept,
lasted til 8th century when Anglo-Saxons put an end to this as did with all
ennobling, but vestiges remained; can find chessmen among dead battle of
Clontarf to this day - Bristol Mercury. Solns MFS, AH Baldwin, CNB (Elizabeth 
NJ), JSB Jr, EH Baldwin, Bahler, PB Cregar (Annandale), DBT (NY), Farwell, Fox,
Hall, ST King, Knight, Maguire, TB Miller, Moran, Richmond, Ross, RC Walker,
AC White, HE Baker (Janesville MN), FW Boggs (Neligh NE), WJB (Tribune office)

June 19, 1893 pg 1: 2d Monde Illustre corr tnmt winners J Berger 51 wins JH 
Blake 45-2-7. Bird/Jasnogrodsky 6-6-3. 4th Bavarian CA tnmt July 16-22,
grand master tnmt and other contests

June 19, 1893 pg 2: Schottlander ends stay Buffalo, 10-4-1 total, left for Chic

June 19, 1893 pg 7: Manhattan chp stdgs Delmar 6.5-3.5 Hanham 6-3 Hodges 5-2
Ryan 5-4 Simonson 3-4 Clapp 2.5-5.5 Holladay 2-7 Isaacson retired. Return
match NYCC vs Newark CC June 26, Newark won 1st by 1.5 games in May, NY
trying to field top team. Columbian congress almost assured, ~$4000 raised.
Intl masters tnmt in NY Sept or Oct

June 25, 1893 pg 24: Prob 141 H Cudmore Hackney Merc prob tnmt. Recently
discovered by Vasquez, companion to game pubd Apr 9, 1862 Havana Game
Morphy (blind)-Jose Maria Sicre (colored slave) French W29 w notes. Manhattan
chp tnmt nears end Hodges 7-2 w 3 to play vs Clapp and 2 vs Ryan Hanham 7-3 w
2 vs Dr Simonson left; Dr Isaacson retired and score cancelled. Return match
Newark vs City next Mon. NYSCA mtg Staten Island Aug 7. Chicago Times says
Lasker 4 simuls in 4 days Chicago 9-1-1, 7-2, 9-1-1, 11-0. Also played 1
consulting game and 3 odds games, won all. Will remain in Chicago for indefinite
time, not accepting any engagements from CCs at present. Curnock 3-2-3 blind
simul Chess Bohemians. Ireland leads corr match vs W England 36.5-30.5. Lady
mems CC in Clontarf tnmt ends Mrs Rowland 7-0 Miss Louise Brown 6-1 Mrs WA
Craig 5-2; club captaincy tnmt decided soon. Solns Kelsey, MFS, AH Baldwin,
JSB Jr, Bahler, Dewald, DBF, Fox, Hall, Hawes, ELH (Rahway), G+W Johnson
(Trinity College), ST King, Knight, Maguire, Moran, Perry, Richmond, Ross,
JN Weier (Newark), AC White, RCW (NY), Th B Miller, FW Boggs, RH Rolster
(Roxbury MA), Howell, DCF (Philad), HE Baker (Janesville MN), SW Torrey
(Manchester NJ), Dr EJ Hobday, S Dayton

June 27, 1893 pg 2: FJ Lee of London plans visit to US

June 29, 1893 pg 4: Vienna match Marco/Schlechter 0-0-10. Prog out for Dutch
CA intl tnmt Aug 20 Groningen; date to allow German masters who will play
Augsburg July 16-22 to play

July 2, 1893 pg 24: Prob 142 Mrs WJ Baird. Paris Cercle vs British CC match
Game W Donisthorpe-Boistetre GP B33 w notes. NYSCA prog for Staten Island mtg
contains statement re mtg place; many bd mems organizing Columbian congress,
pres Howard J Rogers detained in Chicago w World Fair duties, many mems will
spend vaction in Chicago; thus think upstate mtg would fail, depart from recent
custom by holding near NYC. Arrangement cttee Hodges, F Rose. Return match
City CC-Newark CC 5.5-4.5, reversed prev score; last match Hodges, Hanham,
Halpern beaten by E Hymes, C Hymes, Sternberg. Pollock challenged Pillsbury
to match, would be very interesting. Bardeleben, Minckwitz, Schallopp, Scheve,
Tarrasch, Walbrodt likely for Bavarian CA tnmt Augsburg July 16-22. Tinsley is
chess ed London Times; Pall Mall Gazette new wkly col. Ann match City of
London-Sussex CA 11-9. Lpool chp won 2d time by J Cairns. Well known Lancashire
player Dr Blumberg died Southport age 64, much respected. Newcastle CC chp
won again by F Downey (S Shields) 4-1. Movement for FJ Lee testimonial on
leaving for US. Solns Kelsey, MFS, Bahler, AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Boggs,
JSB Hr, Dewald, DBF, Fox, FCG (Boston), Hall, Hawes, ELH (Rahway), C+W
Johnson, R Kenworth (NY), Knight, TB Miller, Moran, Perry, Richmond, Ross,
Scannell, Dr AH Scofield (Westfield NJ), AC White and RCW, JE Weier (Newark),
Billings, Cregar, HS Crowell, HR Taylor (Plymouth Union VT), Baker, JP Ward
(Ovido FL)

July 3, 1893 pg 2: Manhattan masters tnmt final stdgs Hodges 9 Hanham 8
Ryan 7 Delmar 6.5 Simonson 6 Holladay 3 Clapp 2.5 Isaacson retd

July 8, 1893 pg 6: Mrs WJ Baird famous chess analyst, probs among best in
world. Wife of Deputy Inspector Gen WJ Baird, 10 yr old daughter has composed
several remarkable probs

July 9, 1893 pg 24: Prob 143 H Otten. Manhattan chp Game Delmar-Dr Simonson GP
W23 w notes. Manhattan chp ends, winners Hodges 9-2 Hanham 8 JS Ryan 7. Walbrodt
22-5-5 Berlin simul 8:30. Bardeleben ed new col in Frankfurt General Anzeiger.
Janowski vs Sittenfeld match in prog, 1st to 5 draws count after 4 Ds, 40/1 
[40/2?] 20/1 tied 1-1-2. Lipschutz in Chicago, health much improved; plans to
return to recent abode Denver soon, will prob play Columbian congress. Mason,
Blackburne, Gunsberg, Marco, Tschigorin will also play. City of London joins
Southern Chess Union. Gunsberg professes to be philosopher of "individualistic
school" based on theory that 1 man has rights, but 2 has none. When applies 
this egotistic principle to chess, not unique; seems to feel world chp only at
stake when he plays for it; thus played Tschigorin for "world chp" while world
laughed, then played me at virtual D odds and played to take advantage of this.
Now writes of Columbian congress that tnmt for world chp does not allow for
chp match, gold medal for world chp by US pres. If Tarrasch who has better
record than Lasker wins could laugh at Lasker or Steinitz claiming chp. US pres
does not decide chess issues, Columbian cttee renounced chp claim inserted by
mistake. Tarrasch great tnmt rec, himself disclaims chp. Lasker has best 
match record since Morphy can ignore Gunsberg's attack. Solns Kelsey, MFS,
JSB Jr, Bahler, ELH, Hall, Knight, Patterson, Perry, Richmond, NC White
(E Hampton), RCW (NY), PR Allen (Paterson NJ), JR Braun (Caddoa CO), Boggs,
Cregar, HS Crowell, Dewald, Gansser, Howell, AW Orvis (Gouverneur NY), 
Scannell, CJT (Hoosick Falls NY), Baker, CH Smith (Ionia NE), Billings

July 16, 1893 pg 24: Prob 144 NV Boatrite [Bostrite?] from Washington News
tnmt. Boston match Game Pillsbury-Barry Ruy B64 w notes. Will try to hold
Columbian intl tnmt Sept 25; if impossible early Oct. From Chicago Herald
interview w Lasker. Asker if expects to win says of course, why else risk 
$5000 and chess rep; will need to play best, vain enough to feel will be best
ever match; imbued w ambition to be acknowledged chess chp, Lipschutz, 
Schottlander, Showalter made hon mems Chicago CCC. Pollock vs Pillsbury match
off for now. Pollock will play for Staats-Ztg cup, Pillsbury otherwise engaged.
Marco vs Schlechter extraordinary 0-0-10. Charles manson [!] of Chicago
making checkerbd table 28070 pieces of wood; described; will exhibit World
Dair. Herbert Jacobs leads Loman 3-1 friendly match in prog. Gastineau ann
garden party June 27. City of London-Athenaeum 8.5-7.5. Death of E Marks of 
London, originator Metropolitan club contests. Once well known English Midland 
player Macaulay died in Siam. Solns Kelsey, MFS, FSB Jr, Bahler, AH Baldwin,
Dewald, Van Dusen, Fox, Gansser, Hall, Hawes, Knight, Patterson, AC White,
RCW, ST King, J Young (Germantown PA), R Kenworthy, S Dayton, CH Smith
(Ionia NE), SA De Vaney (Foster, Linn County OR)

July 23, 1893 pg 24: Prob 145 G Hetahcote. Zongidi Game Dadian-A de Smitten
Center Ctr B26+ [Dadian loses!?]. Some Amer ladies of high social stdg
contemplate Womens Chess Congress w tnmt; ~20 have given support. If can be
arranged, cooperation w foreign ladies notable problemists Mrs Baird, Mrs
Rowland. Schottlander ankle injury Chicago. Before injured, daily visitor CC,
won good majority, 3-3-3 vs uedemann including 2 double-blind. Excerpt from
Life of Forster, waiting for important news played chess w Lord Granville while
Gladstone watched; Forster diary says Granville won 2 of 3, there is a sketch
made of scene at time, which also shows Lowe, Cardwell, Lord Selborne, Bruce,
Stansfeld. City of London, Metropolitan may merge. Deat George Brett, pres
City News Room CC London since foundation. Jasnogrodsky successful blind and
simuls Portsmouth, Isle of Wight. 1st of semi-monthly series Bay City
Germania CC-YMCA CC 7-5-5; improvement for YMCA. Binet on blindfold chess, feels
needs good physique, abstraction, erudition, memory, imagination. Different by
player; Tarrasch says when 1st hears move X bd 4 has no clue, started by
shutting eyes chess bd gradually formed w inc clarity, when bd fixed pieces
no prob. Germans study chess, English relax w chess, French feel too hard for
relax and too frivolous for study. Solns Kelsey, MFS, JSB Jr, Bahler, AH 
Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Dewald, Fessenden, Gansser, Hawes, Knight, Patterson,
Perry, Richmond, AC White, RCW, ES (St Cheshire MA), GBC (Rahway) No US mag
devoted only to chess, Fox, R Kenworthy (NY), Borgen, Young, BH (Saginaw),
CJT, Scannell, Billings, SA De Vaney (Foster, Linn County OR)

July 30, 1893 pg 24: Prob 146 JN Babson. From corr match of several games
Game Gorham+Lester (Goldhill NV)-JW Showalter Ruy 3..Be7 B21. Bavarian CA
Augsburg began July 17 w Tarrasch 8-1-4 simul. Lipschutz 11-4-1 simul Chicago
CCC. Death Franz Erkel age 83, part of tri w Szen, Loewenthal [sic] which beat
Paris 1842; after match devoted chiefly to profession music wrote several
operas reviewed favorably, kept support of chess, pres Budapest CC til death.
WH Cubison to be English stakeholder for Lasker. N England wants another match
vs S. Counties CA ann mtg Woodhall Spa (Lines) July 31; no sign yet any BCA mtg.
Intl Chess Mag Mar 1890 pubd W Sonneborn table tnmt results 1867-1890, and
evaluation which showed Steinitz on top. Wochenschach extends from 1851 to
present, record 85 players; different eval system but Steinitz still top;
agreeable surprise since shared general belief Tarrasch had surpassed wrt ave
tnmt record. Natl German master tnmt Kiel Aug 27. Cafe Bondy ex-cafe-Logeling
hdcp tnmt, proprietor offers 10 prizes up to $25, $100 in all; 5 classes, starts
Aug 11. Solns Kelsey, MFS, WE Arnold, Bahler, AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, RH
Bolster (Roxbury MA), JSB Jr, PB Cregor, Dewald, Fox, Hansser, Hall, Hawes,
JB Howard (Burlington VT), Van Houter, Howell, C+W Johnson, R Kenworthy (NY),
Knight, Perry, Richmond, WS See, AC White, LHW (Worthington MA)m RCW

Aug 6, 1893 pg 14: After explorer Sir Richard Burton left Oxford, prepared for 
Bombay under eccentric Scotsman Duncan Forbes, who had passions for smoking 
huge meerschaum w strongest tobacco, chess, and not washing; excellent linguist

Aug 6, 1893 pg 24: 1855 Game Erkel-Szen Evans W28 w notes. Kolisch once asked
medium what best 9th move vs Evans gambit is, got no reply (having called for
spirit of Labourdonnais). NYSCA mtg Staten Island will have Pollock, prev 
barred from Staats-Ztg cup but now playing since res Albany; Hanham for 
Manhattan, prob Thornton for Buffalo. Albin arrived NY, plans to settle in US.
Lipschutz has returned to NY for few wks, health somehwat better but doctors
advise milder climate so moveing to Los Angeles. S Counties Chess Union mtg 
discussed match rules, chp trophy. N England playing cttee sec IM Brown sends
circular for vote on challenge to S London early 94. H Sterck won City News
Room (London) tnmt. Schach-Jahrbuch by Berger masterwork of intelligence and
industry, encyclopedic; gives summary contents. Solns Kelsey, MFS, Bahler,
AH Baldwin, JSB Jr, Dewald, Hall, ST King, Richmond, Fox, Billings, Boggs,
Borgen, JP Nelson (Edgar NE), Ross, Scannel, CJT, Baker, OV Knowlton
(Anaheim CA), EC Haskell (Niobrara NE), Jeffers. Steinitz no longer able to
ed col; greatly regretted

Aug 9, 1893 pg 5: NYSCA tnmt Staten Island. Cup entries Hanham (Manhattan),
Halpern (City), Olly (Bkln), Hodges (Staten Island), Pollock (Albany).
Hanham-Pollock, Halpern/Olly, Hodges-Olly, Hodges-Halpern, Hanham/Halpern,
Pollock-Olly. Hdcp: Class A: Pollock-Hanham 2-0 to win class.  Class 1:
Scripture/Frere 1-1, deciding game today. Class 2: Helms-Dickson, Helms-Waller,
Souweine-Searle, Souweine/Sobernheim, Dickson/Searle, Waller-Sobernheim. 
Class 3: Karpinski-McMartin, Karpinski-Russell

Aug 10, 1893 pg 10: NYSCA tnmt Staten Insland in full swing. Olly-Hanham (calls
1.a3 Anderssen's O), Halpern/Pollock. City tnmt Olly-Pollock, Hanham/Hodges
stdgs Hodges, Olly 2.5 Hanham 2 Halpern, Pollock 1.5. Hdcp: Souweine-Dixon,
Souweine-Waller, Helms-Searle, Helms-Souweine, Russel-McMartin, Frere 2 wins
vs Scripture, Karpinski-McMartin, Searle-Waller; Sobernheim did not appear
thus lost games to helms, Dixon, Searle by FF. Hdcp tnmt winners Class A:
Pollock class I: Frere class 2: H Helms class III Kerpinski

Aug 11, 1893 pg 10: Large crowd for NYSCA tnmt Staten Island, spectators include
Steinitz, Lasker, Lipschutz; Hodges and Pollock games watched esp keenly. 
Pollock lost to Hodges and Hanham, Hanham drew vs Halpern, Halpern threw away 
win vs Hodges to D. Cup tnmt: Halpern 2.5 Hodges 4 Hanham 2.5 Olly 2.5 Pollock 
1.5. Hdcp: Helms 1.5 Karpinski 0 Frere .5 Pollock 0

Aug 12, 1893 pg 7: Hodges beats Hanham, wins cup for Staten Island. Much 
interest in 4 player hdcp; Helms leading and will prob win. Hdcp scores Pollock
1 Frere 2 Helms 3.5 Karpinski .5. Final cup tnmt scores Hodges 7 Hanham, Olly
3.5 Halpern, Pollock 2.5

Aug 13, 1893 pg 3: NYSCA tnmt ends. Hdcp final stdgs Helms 4.5-1.5 Pollock 4 
Frere 2 Karpinski 1.5

Aug 20, 1893 pg 7: Description match game 1 won by Albin vs Hodges

Aug 20, 1893 pg 20: Lasker listed among hotel guests

Aug 21, 1893 pg 10: Game 1 Albin-Hodges Hungarian D W40 1:08, 1:05

Aug 23, 1893 from Chess Arch: Game 2 Hodges-Albin Ruy W44 move 40 1:45,1:50;
game 3 adj 57 (pg 6)

Aug 24, 183 pg 7: Large crowd, Hodges plays very coolly to win game 4, tied
2-2 vs Albin

Aug 25, 1893 pg 7: Hodges and "Ad" Albin played game 4 of 5 up match, large
crowd, Albin brilliant win, tied 2-2

Aug 27, 1893 pg 3: Hodges opening mistake; Game 5 Albin-Hodges Bishop O W16
:20, :20. Albin leads 3-2. Steinitz, Schottlander among spectators

Aug 31, 1893 pg 6: AB Hodges usher for wedding Miss Constance A Andrews, 
Paul Jones (son Ira P Jones of TN)

Sept 1, 1893 pg 10: Hodges win game 8 brilliantly, match vs Albin declared
drawn 4-4

Sept 2, 1893 pg 10: Text Lasker challenge to Steinitz, 15/1 $3000/side by Jan 1

Sept 3, 1893 pg 15: Ruskin recovered health, spends evenings playing chess

Sept 8, 1893 pg 7: Ettlinger rcvs D odds vs Lasker. Game 1 Ettlinger-Lasker
Ruy B29. Lasker also wins game 2.

Sept 18, 1893 pg 1: Groningen natl masters tnmt winners AE Van Foreest/RJ
Loman, H Vizeland

Sept 24, 1893 pg 3: Mtg to complete arrangements for intl tnmt. Starts Sat.
5 prizes, 1st 40%; currently $800 raised. Lasker hot fav. Taubenhaus should do 
well. Albin bold style. Lee, Gossip, Jasnogrodsky will also play; latter 
blindfold X. US players Pollock, Pillsbury, Showalter, Hanham, Lipschutz well 

Sept 30, 1893 pg 3: Intl tnmt entries given; Hodges and L Schmidt listed as prob

Oct 1, 1893 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 1 brief descriptions; Showalter and Pollock start

Oct 4, 1893 pg 6: NY tnmt rd 3 brief game descriptions, stdgs

Oct 6, 1893 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 4 brief descriptionns, stdgs

Oct 7, 1893 pg 4: NY tnmt rd 5 descriptions; Jasnogrodsky win vs Lee best so far

Oct 9, 1893 pg 2: Arrangements complete for intercollege tnmt NY Xmas.
2 player teams, play each on other teams. Expect Chauncey Depew opening address

Oct 9, 1893 pg 10: Events of day has chess tnmt

Oct 10, 1893 pg 12: NY rd 7 results. Tschigorin wins game 1 vs Tarrasch St Ptbg

Oct 11, 1893 pg 12: NY rd 8 results, full stdgs. Tarrasch loses vs Tschigorin;
Tarrasch not Tschigorin won game 1

Oct 12, 1893 pg 4: 3 unfinished NY tnmt results; tomorrow play Bkln CC

Oct 14, 1893 pg 7: Tschigorin wins, leads Tarrasch 2-1. NY tnmt results

Oct 15, 1893 pg 8: NY tnmt results, stdgs; Lasker clinches 1st 11-0. Games
Showalter-Lasker Ruy B33 1:49, :54 Albin-Lee Center Ctr W29 :32, :46 
Gossip-Olly Ruy D28 25 given :55, 1:00 Taubenhaus-Jasnogrodsky Pirc W60 26
given 1:10, 1:10. Steinitz to play 2 cable ganes vs Lpool (strangely, the
headline on this is upside-down)

Oct 16, 1893 pg 4: Yale tnmt entries Bumstead 95, Ware 97, Skinner 95,
Evans 95, Limburger 95, HA Bryant 95, Ross 96, Burnam 96, Dennison,
Van Steinwyk, HR Limburger, H Schultz, CS Bonsall

Oct 16, 1893 pg 6: Tarrasch wins tied 2-2 vs Tschigorin

Oct 17, 1893 pg 5: NY tnmt rd 12 results. Games Pollock-Pillsbury e4 e5 d3 W81
52 given s:09, 3:15 Schmidt-Ryan Vienna W38++ 1:30, 1:12 Lee-Gossip Zukertort
W28 1:13, 1:14 Lasker-Albin QGD Albin Ctr W31 1:32, 1:35 Pillsbury-Showalter
Ruy W39 1:45, 2:00 Taubenhaus-Pollock Ruy B45 1:54, 1:54 Jasnogrodsky-Delmar
Zukertort B40 1:25, :47. Stdgs. Tsrrasch wins, leads Tschigorin 3-2

Oct 18, 1893 pg 4: Final NY tnmt results, stdgs. Games Olly-Hanham Philidor B87
64 given 2:38, 2:35 Showalter-Taubenhaus Ruy W42 2:45, 1:20 Albin-Pillsbury
Sic W61 2:30, 2:21 Gossip-Lasker Ruy 3..f5 B65 45 given 2:20, 1:32 Hanham-Lee
QP B49 2:04, 2:00 Ryan-Olly Ruy W33 1:10, 1:00 Delmar-Schmidt 4N Double Ruy
W19 :55, :45. Tarrasch wins, leads Tschigorin 4-2.

Oct 18, 1893 pg 7: Ruskin still plays chess

Oct 19, 1893 pg 3: Finish final adj tnmt Game Pollock-Jasnogrodsky Evans dec
moves 1-64 of W114 4:46, 4:06

Oct 21, 1893 pg 7: Tschigorin wins, trails Tarrasch 4-3

Oct 22, 1893 pg 10: Match Game 1 Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy W29 City CC
not disbanded as reported yesterday nor will it disband, will also not
amalgamate w Manhattan; will instead move to new rooms

Oct 22, 1893 pg 20: Nawab of Rampur stayed at his hotel and played chess 
most of time

Oct 23, 1893 pg 4: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia has completed arrangements for
intercollege tnmt in CC rooms

Oct 23, 1893 pg 7: Tschigorin wins game 8 vs Tarrasch

Oct 25, 1893 pg 3: Tarrasch wins, leads Tschigorin 5-4. Game 2 Tschigorin-
Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 W43++

Oct 27, 1893 pg 4: Draw, Tarrasch leads Tschigorin 5-4-1. Game 3 Tarrasch-
Tschigorin Ruy B62

Oct 28, 1893 pg 2: Game 4 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 B62 Game 5
Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy W25

Oct 30, 1893 pg 7: Tarrasch wins game 11 oversight Q loss, game 12 D, Tarrasch 
leads 6-4-2

Nov 1, 1893 pg 2: D, Tarrasch leads Tschigorin 6-4-3. Steinitz rcvs ltr from
Moliner of Havana CC, asks Lasker and Steinitz to forward terms for match;
both did so

Nov 2, 1893 pg 4: Brief description Game 6 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 
Game 7 Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy B42

Nov 4, 1893 pg 6: Tschigorin wins, trails Tarrasch 7-5-3

Nov 5, 1893 pg 24: Game 8 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 W34

Nov 6, 1893 pg 5: D, Tarrasch leads Tschigorin 7-5-4

Nov 8, 1893 pg 7: Tarrasch wins, leads Tschigorin 8-5-4

Nov 9, 1893 pg 6: Tschigorin wins, trails Tarrasch 8-6-4. Game 10 Tschigorin-
Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 D31 2:21, 2:08

Nov 10, 1893 pg 10: Moliner says will be impossible to arrange Steinitz vs
Lasker in Vienna

Nov 11, 1893 pg 5: Tschigorin wins, trails Tarrasch 8-7-4. Game 9 Tarrasch-
Tschigorin Ruy W63 32 given Game 11 Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy W53 extraordinary
blunder, Game 12 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 D51

Nov 13, 1893 pg 4: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia begins ann tnmt today to
choose intercollege reps. Includes Hymes and Libaire who won last yr and
other promising players. Cup on display in library. Inspires students to 
propose similar debating event

Nov 13, 1893 pg 5: Tarrasch wins, leads Tschigorin 9-8-4. Game 9 Tarrasch-
Tschigorin moves 32-W63. City CC chp J Halpern successsful 11 simul at club;
City CC arranging Showalter vs Gossip match

Nov 15, 1893 pg 4: Tschigorin wins, Tarrasch match drawn 9-9-4; game by game

Nov 16, 1893 pg 3: Game 14 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 B77 Game 15 
Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy B45. Albin, Hodges, Showalter, Lee, Jasnogrodsky,
Olly, Schmidt, Hanham, Delmar, Halpern will prob play intl tnmt run by
Bkln CC. Showalter, Halpern begin 5 game up match City CC Sat. Steinitz
playing in Canada w great success. Waverly Club has made chess a specialty

Nov 17, 1893 pg 12: Mtg tonight Bkln CC of those who plan to play proposed
intl tnmt

Nov 19, 1893 pg 22: Drawing Tarrasch, Tschigorin playing. Tschigorin ~43, ed
Nicholas College at Gatchina, for some time employed Civil Service St Ptbg
but resigned to devote self to chess. Ed Schachmatny Wjestnik, founder St
Ptbg CC. Tarrasch doctor Nuremberg, b Breslau 1862, ed U Berlin and Halle,
high credit MD degress

Nov 20, 1893 pg 3: Game 13 Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy D32. Game 1 Showalter-
Halpern French B48 2:05, 1:46. Albin 10-4-1 Manhattan simul, beat Searle,
Beramje, Baumann, Vert, Willcox, Wilkinson, Orlich, Goldberg, Eaton, Buxton;
lost to Brodsky, Patterson, Morse, Mayer; drew Dr Meyer. Bkln CC mtg for
intl tnmt rules. $5 EF. $50 from purse and EFs to top 3, remaining to go to
all by num games won. Albin, Schmidt, Lee, Jasnogrodsky, Taubenhaus, Hanham,
Delmar, JW Baird, Showalter, Hodges, Olly, Frere will play

Nov 20, 1893 pg 4: Columbia U CC tnmt in prog, leaders Hymes, Libaire, Mitchell,
Simon, Bournan. Hymes strong fav w Libaire and Bournan closely matched as 2ds

Nov 21, 1893 pg 7: Halpern leads 2-0 after Game 2 Halpern-Showalter QP W36

Nov 22, 1893 pg 3: Game 16 Tschigorin-Tarrasch KGA D27 Game 17 Tarrasch-
Tschigorin Ruy W56 Game 18 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 W62; W last 10
moves 10 min while B 45 min last 2. Unless Bkln CC raises purse from $100,
Albin, Jasnogrodsky, Taubenhaus, Showalter, Delmar will not enter. They expect
1st $100 2d $75 3d $50

Nov 23, 1893 pg 2: Game 3 Showalter-Halpern French W28 :28, 1:24; Halpern leads

Nov 24, 1893 pg 5: Princeton fall hdcp ends in tie Roberts 94/Ewing 94.
Intercollege tnt Dec 26, Loyd ref

Nov 25, 1893 pg 3: Game 19 Tarrasch-Tschigorin Ruy B42 Game 20 Tschigorin-
Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 W66

Nov 25, 1893 pg 7: Game 4 Halpern-Showalter QP W27 1:05, 1:40; Halpern leads 3-1

Nov 27, 1893 pg 3: Pton hdcp tnmt ends in tie Roberts 94, Ewing 94. 
Intercollege tnmt starts Dec 26

Nov 27, 1893 pg 7: Showalter wins, trails Halpern 3-2 97 moves French

Nov 28, 1893 pg 4: Stron prob Steinitz will play Lasker at least part in 
Montreal, over $1000 subscribed there, Steinitz favors it

Nov 28, 1893 pg 2: Game 6 Halpern-Showalter Ruy D41 1:17, 2:12

Nov 29, 1893 pg 5: Game 21 Tarrasch-Tschigorin QP W31. Game 7 Showalter-Halpern
Center Ctr W29 1:20, :40 (after 21 moves 1:09, :23); tied 3-3-1

Nov 30, 1893 pg 10: Final Game 22 Tschigorin-Tarrasch French 2.Qe2 W58.
Steinitz finishes Montreal engagement, leaves for several days Quebec, then
return to NY to meet w Lasker re match which is prob Feb

Dec 3, 1893 pg 5: Intl tnmt starts Sat under auspices City CC; Albin, Delmar,
Hanham, Taubenhaus, Hodges, Showalter have entered. Columbia tnmt to choose
intercollege reps in prog, leaders Hymes 11-0 Bowman 7-1 Mitchell 6-1
Libaire 10-2 Portmondo 5-4; Hymes and Libaire were last yrs team

Dec 4, 1893 pg 3: 8 competing for Pton intercollege reps. 3 game matches so
far Ewing 94-Seymour 97 2-0, Belden 95-Beecher 97 2-1 Morrison 94-Belden 95
2-1, Stewart 95-Morrison 94 2-0, Ewing-Belden 2-1, Stewart-Beecher 2-1; 
Ewing and Belden will doubtless rep Pton

Dec 5, 1893 pg 3: City CC tnmt cttee Henry Schweitzer, F Huntington, PJ Doyle,
Frederick Jones, Charles Nugent, George Eigemann, M Tobias, C Bojenhart,
Dr OF Jentz, W Huntington, Emil Hofmann, H Cassel, Ad Reitzer; club pres
Julius Livingstone

Dec 5, 1893 pg 4: Decision to hold ann continental chess congress in Terre
Haute Feb 27; open to all but only US and Canadian expected. $1800 in hand,
$700 for special prizes; $1200 contributed to pay hotel bills; limit 40 but
will proceed if 24 present

Dec 8, 1893 pg 5: Mtg City CC tnmt cttee. Albin, Delmar, Ettlinger, Halpern,
Hanham, Hodges, Showalter, Taubenhaus announced as players. 18/1 4/wk
1RR 5-10 PM/play day

Dec 10, 1893 pg 10: City CC master tnmt rd 1 results. Games Albin-JW Baird GP
W32 1:20, 2:00 DG Baird-Showalter Ruy B33 1:45, 1:20 Halpern-Ettlinger 2N D49
2:00, 2:15 Pillsbury-Delmar QP W39 1:28, ?. Hanham vs Hodges adj

Dec 11, 1893 pg 2: City CC rd 2 results, stdgs. Games Showalter-Delmar Sic D47 
says 7:24, 7:05 JW Baird-Ettlinger Scotch D23 1:15, 1:03 Hodges-Halpern
QGD W51 1:46, 2:18 Pillsbury-DG Baird QP W32 1:51, 1:00 Hanham-Albin French B50
1:40, 1:20 Hanham-Hodges 2N W61 2:30, 2:47

Dec 11, 1893 pg 3: Harvard tnmt to select intercollege down to Goldmark 94,
Spalding 94, Lewis 96, Schoenfeld 95. Columbia tnmt virtuallly over; Hymes
will be 1 rep, Libaire likely other w Bowman and Mitchell tied for sub; would
be same as team won cup last yr

Dec 12, 1893 pg 7: Finals Pton tnmt played off, Ewing 94 and Roberts 94
won and will rep Pton intercollege Stuart 95 and 2 to be chosen from Morrison
94, Belden 95, Beecher 97 subs. Yale reps AE Skinner of Ottawa KS, RL Ross of
Newburg NY. Harvard reps Schoenfeld 97, T Spaulding 95

Dec 14, 1893 pg 5: 3d rd game finished yesterday w Game Delmar-Albin Birds W91
2:05, 3:05; stdgs

Dec 15, 1893 pg 5: Tnmt rd 4 Games Albin-DG Baird 4N Double Ruy W49 1:15, 2:37
JW Baird-Delmar Center Ctr W45 1:30, 1:00; stdgs

Dec 16, 1893 pg 12: Events of day includes NYCC tnmt

Dec 17, 1893 pg 8: Large crowd for rd 5 NY tnmt Games Halpern-Albin GP B62
1:20, 1:40 JW Baird-Hodges Scotch B26 1:40, :50 Ettlinger-Hanham Philidor B43
1:45, 1:10 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 B31 1:58, 1:50 Delmar-DG Baird Birds
B44 1:40, 2:19; stdgs

Dec 17, 1893 pg 20: Uptown ward players form Morrisania CC, leaders
Dr RA Head and Dr CA Habersack

Dec 18, 1893 pg 4: Intercollege tnmt starts Dec 26, S Loyd ref. Teams Y:
RL Rosss 96, AE Skinner 95 subs JW Maples 94, HA Bryant 96. P: Boyd R Ewing 94,
Ernest P Roberts 94 subs Ernest P Stewart 95, Robert L Beecher 97, WV Belden 95.
H: LB Shoenfeld 96, Thorndike Spalding 96, subs Emil Goldmark 94, WL Van Kleeck
95, James Hewins Jr 96. C: Edward Hymes 96 Law, Edward Libair 94 Mines,
subs FH Bowman 94, EE Mitchell 97 Mines

Dec 18, 1893 pg 7: NY tnmt results, stdgs

Dec 23, 1893 pg 4: NY tnmt rd 8 results, stdgs. Game Showalter-Halpern Evans
W43 1:32, :59 Pillsbury-Hanham QP W31++ :40, :50

Dec 24, 1893 pg 4: NY tnmt Games Albin-Pillsbury Zukertort B41 1:30, 1:20
DG Baird-Hodges Ruy W69 60 given Halpern-JW Baird GP W49 1:00, 2:28. Winners
Pillsbury, Hodges, Showalter, Albin

Dec 25, 1893 pg 3: Intercollege tnmt starts Tues, trying to put on paying
basis ~150 tix given to each club to dist. Pton team BR Ewing and
EP Roberts. Cup subscribed. Loyd ref; rules if fail to send team for
3 consec yrs lose place

Dec 27, 1893 pg 7: Intercollege tnmt rd 1 report. C: Edward Hymes 96, Edward
Libaire 94 subs FH Bowman 94, EE Mitchell 97. H: James Hewins 96, Thorndike
Spalding 95, subs E Goldmark 94, LB Schoenfelt 95. Y: Robert L Ross 96, Alburn
E Skinner 96 subs HA Bryant 96, JW Maples 94. P: Boyd R Ewing 94, Ernest P 
Roberts 94, subs RL Beecher 97, EP Stewart 95. Ref S Loyd, manager EA Caswell.
Opened speech William Freeland H81. ~100 present including many women. Results
and times rd 1 games

Dec 28, 1893 pg 12: Events of day has intercollege tnmt

Dec 29, 1893 pg 9: Intercollege rd 3 results, largest crowd so far, liveliest

Dec 30, 1893 pg 3: Intercollege day 4 results, team stdgs. Large crowd includes
many society women

Dec 30, 1893 pg 10: Events of day has intercollege tnmt

Dec 31, 1891 pg 8: Intercollege reslts, stdgs; Columbia likely to keep cup.
Special prog arranged for tnmt clse by Edward A caswell Y66. Pillsbury will
play blind simul vs all intercollege players

NY Tribune Jan 1, 1894 pg 3: Intercollege tnmt pairings for day. Boston chp
Pillsbury will play teams blind simul 7:30

Jan 1, 1894 pg 7: Drawing, descrip intercollege trophy

NY Tribune Jan 2, 1894 pg 4: Columbia keeps intercollege chp. Edward Libaire 
(C94)-Boyd R Ewing (P94) 34 moves, James Hewins Jr (H96)-Albert E Skinner
(Y95) 45 moves, Thorndike Spalding (H95)-Robert L Ross (Y96) 38 moves,
Edward Hymes (C96)-Ernest P Roberts (P94) 54 moves. C 8.5 H 7 Y 5 P 3.5.
Hymes, Libaire rcv silver medals. Pillsbury simul vs teams, good attendance
including Manhattan VP Wesley Bigelow, Emanuel Lasker, Gustave Schirmer,
John Baird, Hodges, Showalter, AC Clapp, George Peabody. Pillsbury won all,
Hymes last to resign at 11:15

NY Tribune Jan 7, 1894 pg 4: Showalter wins game and 5 game up match w Game
Showalter-Halpern Evans W36; gives game by game result Showalter-Halpern 5-3-1
came back from 3-1 down.

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1894 pg 3: Columbia's expectation of winning intercollege
summed up by card left in lib where displayed - The chess cup has been
temporarily removed to Tiffany's, for purpose of exhibition

NY Tribune Jan 8, 1894 pg 7: Pillsbury 5-1-2 blind simul Bkln CC including
Game Pillsbury-Frere Vienna W44

NY Tribune Jan 9, 1894 pg 3: Hodges testimony given in voting inmates 
corruption case

NY Tribune Jan 13, 1894 pg 9: Lasker forwards ltr to Steinitz, willing to post
FF $250 Jan 22 if match played for $2250/side; had agreed to 3000 but only able
to raise 2250 

Jan 14, 1894 pg 23: Death James E Ryam, principal PS 26. Spent evening at CC,
on return home sudden heart attack. Age 59. B Westchester Cty, asst principal
1855 principal 1858. 4 branch schools under his supervision. Leaves 2d wife
and 2 daughters. Studied law and theology but dd not work in either. Went to
Washington to defend capital 1861. Pubd musiv book for schools. Excellent rep
as instructor and disciplinarian

NY Tribune Jan 15, 1894 pg 10: Steinitz, Lasker met Manhattan CC Sat. Expected
Steinitz to answer Lasker ltr (see Jan 13) but Steinitz declines to. Pillsbury
8 blind Manhattan, 5 adjud by Hanham and Dr L Cohn 1:45. Pillsbury 6-0-2
(*=adjud) beating Wilcox*, Morse*, Patterson*, Hyde, Kampling*, Hull; drew
Feibel*, Bode max 27 moves. City CC quarterly mtg, decide to challenge
Bkln to 12 bd team match, arrange ticket and chp tnmt. NYSCA mtg to arrange
16th ann tnmt Feb 22, master tnmt and free-for-all, master prizes 50, 25, 15,
10 free-for-all 20, 15, 10, 5, 5. 

NY Tribune Jan 16, 1894 pg 4: City CC formal resolution thx Tribune, Sun,
NYT, Staasts-Ztg for supporting masters tnmt

NY Tribune Jan 17, 1894 pg 4: Steinitz 20-1-4 (draws by adjud) Newark CC
simul. Beat Lissner, Benner, Halsey, Geppert, Gillie, Brill, Schafer, Sinclair,
Bradel, Day, Herpers, Kennan?, Vanderpool, Pope, Crane, Massolt?, Hicks,
Johnson, Vosslin, ?; lost to Driscoll; drew E Hymes, C Hymes, N Hymes,
Bernstein. Lasker simul Bkln CC Sat. Lasker rcvs ltr, Steinitz agrees w great
reluctance to reduce stakes from $3000 to 2250, and makes a number of proposals
to which Lasker cannot immediately reply

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1894 pg 8: Terre Haute CC formally announces failure of 
proposed masters congress planned for Feb 27

NY Tribune Jan 20, 1894 pg 12: Calendar for today lists Bkln CC games.
Morrisania CC orgd, officers Dr Roger Augustin Mead, Hofmann von Waffenstein,
Dr C Alexander Habersock

NY Tribune Jan 22, 1894 pg 8: Lasker 16-1-1 Bkln CC simul beats Elwell, 
Souweine, Woodcock, Rose, Simis, Salisbury, Bradford, De Visser, JE Chinnock,
Spowers, Chittenden, Southwick, Bonn, Frere, Tatum, Helms; loses to 
Breckinridge; draws Luckenbach including Games Lasker-De Visser Sic W41
Lasker-Helms Ruy W18. Telegraph game started yesterday Columbus vs Chicago;
Columbus challenged a number of CCs. Columbus team L Odebrecht, WN Hughes,
RL Burns, Opha Moore. Will start by mail end by telegraph to hasten

NY Tribune Jan 23, 1894 pg 3: Steinitz vs Lasker almost certain, agree on
conditions. Rcvd offer from SF to pay all expenses and 40% gate. May be
played partly in Montreal and Philad

NY Tribune Jan 26, 1894 pg 4: Hodges vs Showalter match to begin Feb 3,
7 games up, 17/1, 4/wk. City CC had planned to org but Hodges declined to
play there since holds Manhattan chp. Steinitz, Lasker plan to sign articles
tomorrow. Showalter simul vs all comers City CC tomorrow. Steinitz 3 simul
vs 3 each bd Newark CC Mon. Albin, Delmar to play 5 game up Manhattan after
Hodges vs Showalter ends 20/1 for purse subscribes Manhattan mems

Jan 28, 1894 pg 4: Steinitz vs Lasker articles not yet signed, not sure
where will be played tho Manhattan will prob host 1st series. Both have put
up stakes, eager to play. Jasnogrodsky 6-0-2 simul, 5-1-2 blind simul Manhattan

NY Tribune Jan 28, 1894 pg 22: Yale vs Harvard 2 game corr match started;
Harvard won both games 2 yrs ago and as 2d in intercollege chps optimistic.
Williams College srs have formed a CC

NY Tribune Jan 29, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz, Lasker did not sign articles but have
agreed on all points, wait only for ltrs from some clubs which have made offers.
Hodges, Showalter met, will start match next Sun. Showalter 10-2-3 Manhattan
Cafe simul; beat Eigemann, Holland, Wolff, Intropidi, Frohlich, Goldschmidt,
Davidson, Lefkovitz, Wicke, Koerber; lost to Friedmann, Jones; drew Hunt,
Roething, Wolf including Games Showalter-Intropidi Sic W31 Showalter-Jones
Ponziani B26

NY Tribune Jan 31, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz 3-0-1 vs 2/bd Newark CC, plays all
comers Bkln CC Sat. Bkln CC accepts City CC challenge; Newark CC makes similar
challenge to Bkln

Feb 2, 1894 pg 9: Lasker sends Steinitz ltr w rules to govern proposed
match, 10 games up, draws not count, $2250 stake, at least 4/wk, start by Mar 12

Feb 4, 1894 pg 22: Stevens Inst CC mem enlarged, will hold tnmt this term.
Williams CC orgd, arranging tnmt

Feb 5, 1894 pg 8: Steinitz, Lasker to sign articles today. City CC ann hdcp
winners JW Showalter 18 A Reitzer 13 T Murphy 9.5 G Eigemann 9. When 2d prize
silver cup presented to winner gave back as prize for Kieseritzky Gambit tnmt.
Manhattan tnmt Col Wilkinson brilliant win vs JW Baird tcvg P+1. Manhattan
tnmt stdgs JW Baird 8.5-4.5 Delmar 8-5 JH Fitch 8-7 Hanham 11-6 C Lellmann
.5-10.5 W Lellmann 2.5-6.5 GH Richards 7.5-9.5 SR Rocamora 7.5-6.5 
JH Sweeney 12-6 A Veit 4-12 BF Willcox 3.5-5.5 Col Wilkinson 15-7 F Yeaton 10-10

Feb 9, 1894 pg 12: NJCA ann tnmt Elizabeth Washingtons bday, handsome prizes

NY Tribune Feb 12, 1894 pg 5: 2 matches begun at Manhattan; Delmar vs Albin
5 game up, Showalter vs Hodges 7 up. Game 1 Delmar-Albin QP W58 1:20, 1:50
notes Albin Game Showalter-Hodges Ruy W36 2:10, 2:03. City CC playing 2 corr
games vs Franklin. Hanham, Jasnogrodsky to start match. NJSCA 9th ann tnmt
Elizabethport Feb 22. Manhattan hdcp in prog scores Baird 8.5-4.5 Delmar 9-6
Fitch 10.5-7.5 Hanham 11-9 C Lellman .5-11.5 W Lellman 2.5-7.5 Richards 8.5-10.5
Rocamora 10-7 Sweeney 13-7 Veit 4-12 Wilcox 3.5-5.5 Wilkinson 16.5-7.5 
Yeaton 10-10.5 [?]

NY Tribune Feb 13, 1894 pg 3: Game 2 Hodges-Showalter QGD D67 1:40, 3:35

NY Tribune Feb 14, 1894 pg 12: Steinitz simul Bkln CC Sat

NY Tribune Feb 15, 1894 pg 3: Game Albin-Delmar Hungarian D W31 1:34, 1:02
notes Albin. Game Showalter-Hodges French W34 1:40, 1:57 notes Showalter and

Feb 16, 1894 pg 12: Albin starts series vs Shipley, Game 1 
Albin-Shipley GP W17 w notes

NY Tribune Feb 17, 1894 pg 12: Many spectators Game 3 Delmar-Albin d4 g6 
B47 1:50, 1:39 notes Albin. Events of day lists Bkln CC

NY Tribune Feb 19, 1894 pg 2: Game 4 Hodges-Showalter QP D54 2:05, 2:11 notes
Hodges+Showalter Game 4 Albin-Delmar 2N W66 2:45, 2:33 notes Albin. World chp
Steinitz 12 simul 2/bd 9-2-1 beat Souweine+Behr, Southwick+Park, Luckenbach+
Ruth, Russell+Taber, Breckinridge+Pruden, Woodcock+Berendsohn, Bonn+Lesser,
Wilde+Murray, Legg+Freeman; lost to Heim+W Frere, Bradford+Tatum; drew
De Visser+Eno including Game Steinitz-Bradford+Tatum KGA Kieseritzky-Allgaier
B25. City CC tnmtw condition all games Kieseritzky gambit, entries Halpern,
GHD Gossip, G Eigemann, L Lichtenberg, VG Wicke, H Friedman; winners Gossip,
Friedman deciding Game Gossip-Friedman KGA Kieseritzky W41

NY Tribune Feb 20, 1894 pg 2: Game 5 Showalter-Hodges Sic W29 1:50, ? notes
Hodges+Showalter; Showalter leads 2-1-2

NY Tribune Feb 22, 1894 pg 10: Hodges vs Showalter game 6 adj. Ann NYSCA chp
today, entries include Delmar, Dr Simonson, Showalter, Hanham, Gossip, Ed 
Hymes, Hodges, possibly Baird brothers; also general tnmt w many entries

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1894 pg 4: Ann tnmts NY and NJ. NY 16 in chp, 12 minor.
Clean score only continue for chp, out after 2 losses. Rd 1: Souweine-
Burlingame, Simonson-Olly, Hanham-Pollock, Halpern/JW Baird, Hymes vs
Gossip (0 by both), Delmar-Clapp, Showalter-Scripture, Hodges/DG Baird.
Rd 2: Simonson-Hymes, Showalter-Hanham, Delmar/Hodges, Souweine/JW Baird,
DG Baird-Scripture, Halpern/De Visser, Pollock-Burlingame, Olly-Gossip. Rd 3:
Hymes/Halpern, Souweine-Olly, Pollock-Delmar, Hodges-Simonson; Showalter vs
JW Baird and Hanham vs DG Baird pending. Soln tnmt winners Pollock, Hanham. 
General tnmt winners Helms/Frere, Richards/Roebling [Roething?]. Officers
HG Rogers (Albany), AF Higgins (NY), CA Gilberg (Bkln), GH Thornton (Buffalo),
EW Dahl (NY), AB Hodges (Staten Island), W Bigelow and Julius Lorings (NY),
F Rose (Bkln). 9th ann NJCA Elizabethport, most successful ever 42 entries;
chp, open, minor. A Vorrath 3-0 chp, open winners G Vorrath, FW Crane;
minor tnmt J Stein-Dr UL Wilson, officers L Steinberg (Newark), PM Van Riper
(Belleville), George O Osborne (Jersey City); next mtg Newark

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1894 pg 6: Among prominent LAans lists Morphy

Feb 23, 1894 pg 8: Ruskin often plays chess vs Severn and visitors

NY Tribune Feb 26, 1894 pg 2: Pending NY chp game results Hodges-JW Baird,
Showalter-DG Baird, Simonson-Souweine. Winners Hodges, JW Baird, w Showalter,
Halpern, Simonson remaining prizes. Games JW Baird-Hodges Sic B26 
DG Baird-Showalter Ruy B21 Simonson-Showalter GP W33. Game 5 Delmar-Albin
QP B43 1:55, 1:20 notes Albin who leads 4-1. Finish adj Game 6 Hodges-Showalter
QP D65 2:30, 3:10 notes Hosges+Showalter, Showalter lead 2-1-3

NY Tribune Feb 28, 1894 pg 2: Lasker so far unable to raise stakes for Steinitz
match; Montreal CC puts up $200 already backed Steinitz for $1000. Many feel
will be no match and if there is for lower stakes. Current start date Mar 15,
in NY, Philad, Montreal

Mar 4, 1894 pg 16: On chess and checkers automaton Chang at Eden Musee.
Had been weak at chess but now improved

NY Tribune Mar 5, 1894 pg 2: Lasker, Steinitz sign articles, 10 games up,
$2000/side and world chp, starts Mar 15, stakeholder Montreal CC pres
DM Marier. Qalbrodt, Tarrasch will play 10 game up match Nuremberg 3000
marks/side this month; Tschigorin declined Walbrodt offer of match.
Game 6 Albin-Delmar Petroff B68 notes Albin who leads 4-2. Resumed 
Game 7 Showalter-Hodges Ruy B72 4:25, 2:35 notes Hodges+Showalter tied

NY Tribune Mar 8, 1894 pg 4: Albin-Delmar 5-2 Game 7 Delmar-Albin QP B57
1:38, 2:35 notes Albin Game 8 Hodges-Showalter QP stonewall W32 :31, 1:58 
notes Hodges+Showalter

NY Tribune Mar 10, 1894 pg 8: Books of wk has Gossip Chess Pocket Manual, CT 
Blanchard Examples of Chess Master Play

NY Tribune Mar 14, 1894 pg 4: Steinitz vs Lasker begins NY 3 tomorrow. Trib will
pub all w notes by Laskers. Final rd NJ chp played at Newark CC Game 
L Steinberg-C Hymes Sic W28

NY Tribune Mar 15, 1894 pg 10: Game 9 Showalter-Hodges Sic W56 2:25, 1:30
match tied 3-3-3

NY Tribune Mar 16, 1894 pg 3: Steinitz vs Lasker begins. Umpires JW Baird
and Showalter resp draw for move. Game 1 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy adh 50 2:43, 3:00
notes Lasker

NY Tribune Mar 17, 1894 pg 4: Large crowd for resumption Game 1 Lasker-Steinitz
Ruy W60 notes Lasker. Comments by Steinitz: Read article comparing prize fight
to chess was derogatory to chess as less popular; friend of athletic sports
and even to certain degree not opposed to prize fight, cannot admit chess less
popular, intl and can be reprod across globe; public does not realize mental
strain of match which taxes body, Havana doctor told him overtaxed in mind
and body; comments on game, rattled by time control, neither yet in best form

NY Tribune Mar 18, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz sent word to his umpire JW Baird
suffering from severe cold must delay game 2

NY Tribune Mar 20, 1894 pg 5: Steinitz evens match Game 2 Steinitz-Lasker 
Ruy W42 2:10, 2:05 notes Lasker Game 10 Hodges-Showalter QP B49 1:35, 2:27
notes Hodges+Showalter; Showalter leads 4-3-3

NY Tribune Mar 21, 1894 pg 9: Mexican chp Vasquez has won 2 games from 
Cincinnati player Ettlinger (dateline Havana)

Mar 21, 1894 pg 10: 3d game Steinitz vs Lasker today

NY Tribune Mar 22, 1894 pg 7:  Several hundred watched game 3. Game report.
Game 3 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy Adj 45 looks like sure Lasker win. Game 11
Showalter-Hodges Ruy W28 1:35, 1:15 Showalter leads 5-3-3

NY Tribune Mar 23, 1894 pg 7: Game 3 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W52 notes Lasker

NY Tribune Mar 24, 1894 pg 10: Game 12 Hodges-Showalter QP W35, Showalter leads

NY Tribune Mar 25, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz evens match w Game 4 Steinitz-Lasker
GP W60, w comments by Lasker (not strictly notes)

Mar 25, 1894 pg 22: Amherst chp won by LC Hall 96, beat RH Mainzer 95. CC
orgd pres Prof EA Grosvenor, VP RH Mainzer, sec LC Hall, treas FE Harkness 96

NY Tribune Mar 26, 1894 pg 2: Bkln 6.5 (Pillsbury 0 Richardson 0 Hodges .5 Eno 1
Teed .5 De Visser 1 Olly 0 Helms 1 Tatum .5 Russell 1 Frere 0 Elwell 1)-City
5.5 (Showalter 1 Kemeny 1 Voigt .5 Loyd 0 E Hymes .5 Rocamora 0 Bampton 1
Sobernheim 0 Huntington .5 Eigenmann 0 Otten 1 Doyle 0). Games 
Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 W33 Kemeny-Richardson QP W44 Bampton-Olly QP W32

NY Tribune Mar 28, 1894 pg 3: Game 5 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy adj 50 notes Lasker. 
Game 13 Showalter-Hodges Ruy D64 

NY Tribune Mar 29, 1894 pg 4: Lasker, Steinitz draw game 5 wo resuming.
Lasker comments on game, lost chances to win moves 28-30 time pressure

NY Tribune Mar 30, 1894 pg 2: Large crowd for game 6 w match tied 2-2-1.
Game 6 Steinitz-Lasker GP adj 46 notes Lasker

NY Tribune Mar 31, 1894 pg 4: Lasker comments on Game 6 Steinitz-Lasker GP D71

NY Tribune Apr 1, 1894 pg 7: Game 7 postponed due to Lasker illness

NY Tribune Apr 2, 1894 pg 5: Rd 2 (1st won 6.5-5.5 Bkln), Bkln W all bds 
Bkln 7 (Pillsbury 1 Richardson 0 Hodges 1 Eno 1 De Visser 0 Teed .5 Olly .5
Tatum 1 Frere 1 Russell 0 Elwell 0 Helms 1)-City CC 5 (Showalter 0 Halpern 1
Voigt 0 Loyd 0 Rocamora 1 Hymes .5 Bampton .5 Vorrath 0 Otten 0 Eigenmann 1
Ettlinger 1 DG Baird 0). Game 14 Hodges-Showalter QP W52 tied 5-5-4

NY Tribune Apr 3, 1894 pg 9: Games Higginbotham (Oxford)-Atkins (Cambridge)
4N B24++ Dyke (C)-Lynam (O) French D36 by adjud Sergeant (O)-Snowden (C) Ruy
D47 by adjud Lewis (C)-Poynton (O) Center Game W14 Lawton (O)-Ramsay (C) Scotch
W40 Naish (C)-Cooper (O) Ruy W33 by adjud Weatherall (O)-Varley (C) Scotch W12.
Cambridge leads series 16-6-1. Steinitz, Lasker resume play today

NY Tribune Apr 4, pg 7: Game 7 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W46 w Lasker comments,
Steinitz blunder move 41

NY Tribune Apr 5, 1894 pg 10: 1st rd Paterson CC 6 (R Goodbody 0 H Stapler 1 
RL Craig .5 JA Craig 0 ER Weiss 1 W Craig .5 J White 1 WD Miller 1 W Smith 0
H Munzer 1)-Newark 4 (N Hymes 1 GJ Bonner 0 J Habig .5 H Driscoll 1 G Stein 0
LG Kemph .5 CA Fillie 0 GW Halsey 0 H Geppert 1 G Krementz 0) most interesting
Game Goodbody-N Hymes French B40. Note to JNS (Lafayette College) Steinitz does
not plan book on Lasker match but might issue as appendix to 2d vol Modern
Chess Instructor; Lasker contemplates pub as book, will no doubt be pubd
as book somewhere

NY Tribune Apr 6, 1894 pg 7: Very large crowd makes it hard to see game on bd.
Description Game 8 Steinitz-Lasker French adj 46; choice of French surprise

NY Tribune Apr 7, 1894 pg 2: Match will move to Philad, Lasker leads 4-2-2.
Game 8 Steinitz-Lasker French B76 notes Lasker

Apr 7, 1892 pg 8: Books rcvd include Masons Principles

NY Tribune Apr 9, 1894 pg 2: German CA tnmt Leipzig being arranged. Game 15
Showalter-Hodges Ruy W27 Showalter leads 6-5-4. Manhattan ann hdcp almost done
Wilkinson 16.5-7.5 Sweeney 15-7 Delmar 13-7 Baird 13.5-8.5 Rocamora 12.5-8.5
Hanham 12-10 Fitch 11.5-10.5 Yeaton 10.5-12.5 W Lellmann 8.5-12.5 Richards
8.5-15.5 Wilcox 3.5-5.5 Veit 4-12 C Lellmann 4-16

Apr 9, 1894 pg 12: Usu Dr Schweitzer chess like love

NY Tribune Apr 10, 1894 pg 4: Game 16 Hodges-Showalter QP W55 tied 6-6-4 

NY Tribune Apr 11, 1894 pg 5: Showalter-Hodges 7-6-4 for Manhattan $100 purse
but agreed beforehand to extend to 11 game up match. Description Game 17
Showalter-Hodges Ruy W28

NY Tribune Apr 13, 1894 pg 3: 1st rd match between teams from composing rooms
Sun and Times Manhattan CC Mon. Times team AD Martin, A Cockshaw, Joseph
Spoth, John Thomas, BW Gillis; Sun team FT Patton, AJ Pierce, HW Ormsby, 
Stephen Bell, JG Ayres

Apr 13, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz vs Lasker resumes tomorrow Philad

Apr 15, 1894 pg 7: Lasker wins 1st Philad game, leads Steinitz 5-2-2

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1894 pg 3: Game 9 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W49 careful comments
Lasker. Return match (Paterson won 1st 6-4) Newark 8.5 (L Sternberg 1 E Hymes 1
C Hymes 1 Dr F Nadler .5 N Hymes 1 L Bernstein 1 J Lissner 1 J Habig 1
H Driscoll 1 GE Benner 0)-Paterson 1.5 (JH White 0 JW Griggs 0 WD Smith 0
WD Millard .5 R Goodbody 0 W Craig 0 ER Weiss 0 RL Craig 0 ER Craig 0
H Stapfer 1). City CC ann mtg elects officers Julius Livingstone, PJ Doyle,
H Schweitzer, Julius Frank, HS Thumler; cttee Dr OF Gentz [Jentz?], C Nugent,
E Hoffmann, A Reitzer, M Tobias, FJ Jonas. Albin simul Sat. Bkln vs Newark
team match Apr 23 and May 7

NY Tribune Apr 16, 1894 pg 12: Events of day has Sun vs Times match

NY Tribune Apr 18, 1894 pg 6: Steinitz takes 2d off day for illness, has just
1 left. Match between printers Sun 3 (Pearce 0 Bell 1 Ayres 1 Patton 1 Ormsby 0)
-Times 2 (Cockshaw 1 Martin 0 Spoth 0 Thomas 0 Gillis 1).

NY Tribune Apr 20, 1894 pg 2: Game 10 Steinitz-Lasker QGD B34, Lasker leads 

Apr 21, 1894 pg 4: Lasker comments on game 10 vs Steinitz. 2d rd printers
match Sun 4 (Patton 1 Bell 1 Ormsby 1 Pierce 1 Ayres 0)-Times 1 (Gillis 0
Green 0 Cockshaw 0 Martin 0 Thomas 1); indiv stdgs after 2 rds. Match bd 3
Game Ormsby-Cockshaw Evans W35. Rd 3 pairings

NY Tribune Apr 22, 1894 pg 7: Match will move to Montreal after Game 11 
Lasker-Steinitz QGD W38 comments Steinitz. Surprised w QG. S England-N England
64.5-43.5 108 bds; last yr S won 54.5-53.5. Pillsbury will play 6 game up match
vs London X JF Lee if Lee puts up $50 FF w Sun ed within wk. Lee made challenge
but Lasker declined proposed format in 5 cities; proposes traditionsl 15/1,
3/wk etc

Apr 23, 1894 pg 10: Albin 7-1-3 City CC simul < 2 hrs; beat Frank, Achard,
Wicke, Doyle, Friedman, Field, Lawrence; lost to Koerber; drew Wilson,
Sobernheim, Intropidi. Included Game Albin-Field Vienna W26

Apr 24, 1894 pg 12: Steinitz arrives NY, plans to give good account of self
Montreal if can rid self nervousness and insomnia; starting treatment w
doctor today. May postpone Montreal leg til May 1

NY Tribune Apr 25, 1894 pg 4: Rd 3 printers match, Sun now leads 10-5
Sun 3 (Patten 0 Bell 1 Ormsby 1 Ayers 0 Pierce 1)-Times 2 (Cockshaw 1 Forrester 
0 Martin 0 Gillis 1 McCarter 0), 4th rd tomorrow. Most interesting Games
Cockshaw-Patton Ruy W40 Game Bell-Forrester 2N 4.h3 W23

NY Tribune Apr 26, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz requests wk postponement before
Montreal; Lasker in Atlantic City consents to May 1 start 3 days rather than
1 wk postponement articles allowed only 1 wk between

NY Tribune Apr 27, 1894 pg 4: 3 games adjud (*) by Showalter match Bkln 8
(Hodges .5* Ph Richardson 1 Hanham .5 Pillsbury 1 Kemeny .5 ED [JD?] Elwell
1 WF Eno 1 H Helms 1* de Visser 1 JC Tatume .5)-Newark 2 (E Hymes .5* N Hymes 0
L Bernstine .5 Dr Nadler 0 C Hymes .5* J Lissner 0 W Greenberg 0 J Habig 0*
H Driscoll 0 CA Lillie .5). Best Game Nadler-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 B34; 2d
rd May 7

NY Tribune Apr 28, 1894 pg 6: Old Cambridge 7 (Rev J Owen .5 WH Gunston .5
W Donisthorpe .5 FP Carr 0 HG Gwinner 1 Dr JN Keynes 0 GA Schott .5 F Deighton 
.5 Rev JF Engden [Sugden?] .5 WR Fisher .5 EL Kearney 1 E Young 1 Rev JT Watts 
.5)-Old Oxford 6 (CD Lockman [Locock?] .5 EM Jackson .5 Ranken .5 GE Wainwright 
1 Rev A Gordon Ross 0 Rev LW Lewis 1 HT Lowe 1 Rev JT Welsh .5 Rev WM Le 
Patourel .5 Rev R Hunt .5 Rev EI Crosse 0 JT Ure 0 AF Schomberg .5). Albin
7-2-1 Central Turnverein beat Davidson, Dr Katzenmayer, Simonson, Michaelis,
Metzger, Kish, Dr Moor; lost to Dr Honegger, Pieczonka; drew Hirsch

Apr 29, 1894 pg 19: Wesleyan CC officers HA Tirrell 94, GO Jarvis 94, 
WE Schimpff 96; playing 18 player hdcp tnmt

NY Tribune May 2, 1894 pg 2: Steinitz takes last of 3 off days vs Lasker; Lasker
has 2 left

NY Tribune May 4, 1894 pg 7:  Steinitz vs Lasker resumes Montreal. Umpires
George W Stevens, GW Liddel for Steiner, Lasker resp. Description Game 12
Steinitz-Lasker QGD D50

Omaha Bee May 6, 1894 pg 3: Annual Yale chess tnmt won by Charles Bonsall of
Chicago, beating JC Ross of NY in final; Bonsall is a senior in law school
(NY Trib pg 1)

NY Tribune May 6, 1894 pg 7: Steinitz vs Lasker game 13. Steinitz thinks long
time move 3 of Ruy, surprises by 3..a6. Game Lasker-Steinitz Ruy B55, Lasker
leads 7-3-3

NY Tribune May 9, 1894 pg 7: Game 14 Steinitz-Lasker QGD W46 notes Lasker.
2d rd team match Bkln-Newark 6-4; total Bkln-Newark 14-6

NY Tribune May 9, 1894 pg 12: Note to ABW on Lasker vs Steinitz match structure

NY Tribune May 13, 1894 pg 4: Lasker claims 3d and last off day, both now
must play or FF. Lasker leads 7-4-3

May 15, 1894 pg 2: Lasker in St John's, never claimed was drugged. Could not
account for sudden illness Montreal; stay St John's leaves recuperated and 
very hopeful. Herald's Montreal corr denies poisoning rumor and doubts
started by Lasker. Lasker has refused to socialize w club mems except
occasional whist game. Backers of both at club, Montreal responsible for making
match happen. Recovering from cold in t Johns

NY Tribune May 16, 1894 pg 3: Game 15 description. Lasker requested thru umpire
separate table for future games, says Steinitz made him nervous and annoyed
by his continual sipping at a glass of water or sucking lemonade and orange
water thru a straw; request not granted. Steinitz 58 today, Montreal friends
give him beautiful silver mounted walking stick w chess decoration. Game 15
Lasker-Steinitz QGD W44

NY Tribune May 17, 1894 pg 12: Lasker comments on game 15. Harvard wins 1st of
2 in prog corr games vs Yale; Game Yale-Harvard Scotch B28. Consulting
telephone game Newark (L Sternberg+CHymes+E Hymes+N Hymes) beat Paterson 
(J Griggs+J Stapper+R Goody+General Congdon) 54 moves

NY Tribune May 18, 1894 pg 7: Description Game 16 Steinitz-Lasker QGD B54.
Lasker leads 9-4-3. If Steinitz loses, Montreal backers willing to back him
again for $2000. Pillsbury blindfold contest concluded at late hr, 7-1-2
6 hrs

NY Tribune May 20, 1894 pg 7: Big crowd for game 17. Local enthusiasts
already deposited $600 towards rematch, confident can raise rest for 
Steinitz. Game description. Game 17 Lasker-Steinitz GP adj 51

NY Tribune May 20, 1894 pg 22: Harvard wins 1st of 2 corr games vs Yale

NY Tribune May 22, 1894 pg 8: Game 17 Lasker-Steinitz GP B21, Lasker leads

NY Tribune May 23, 1894 pg 7: Description brilliant Game 18 Steinitz-Lasker
QGD adj 53

NY Tribune May 24, 1894 pg 9: Game 18 Steinitz-Lasker QGD D61. Due to holiday
(Q bday) game 19 not tomorrow but Sat

NY Tribune May 27, 1894 pg 7: Lasker wins chp. Game description. Game 19
Lasker-Steinitz QGD W52. Review match openings results. Lasker b Berlinchen,
studied math Berlin+Heidelberg, learned chess from brother B Lasker, won 
master title Breslau 89. Tnmt review. Match review beating Bardeleben 89,
Englisch et al 90, Lee 91, Blackburne 92, Showalter, Ettlinger. Steinitz
b Prague, studied univ Prague gave up due to health, known as great player
from 1859, world chp since beat Anderssen 86; review match and tnmt record
(mistakenly says Venice 82)

NY Tribune June 3, 1894 pg 7: Lasker returned from Montreal, at Manhattan CC.
Had pleasant time Montreal. Has rcvd official challenge ltr fro Steinitz.
Steinitz proposes same rules, in Dec. Lasker says Steinitz has right 1st
challenge, has to settle some biz in NY, go to Berlin, England , France,
ready at proper time. Was 1st to suggest start in Montreal so NY can see end.
Looks no worse from match, delighted at courtesy Manhattan CC where mems
constantly congrat

June 8, 1894 pg 12: Steinitz says no reply yet from Lasker re challenge.
Feels better to have played and lost than not to have played. Has now nearly
recovered use legs, can use cane where needed crutch and cane; leads me to
hope that I shall fully recover my head

NY Tribune June 10, 1894 pg 7: Jasnogrodsky ltr of challenge to Albin
given, $50/side, 5 games up, 20/1, Manhattan CC

NY Tribune June 18, 1894 pg 5: Lasker description of Steinitz match. Game by
game summary descriptions games 1-8, of interest. Plans to leave in few days,
go home to Germany and arrange family matters. Awed by democratic country which
has become 2d home, thx papers for favorable notices, pleased at treatment.
New uptown CC named Metropolitan CC orgd, 59 mems, officers Dr Oscar H Honegger,
Dr Guido Katsemeyer [interesting name], Theodore Davidson, A Graswinkel

June 24, 1894 pg 24: Lasker left for Europe. Plans world tour after seeing
friends Berlin. Has appointed De Visser 2d for Steinitz rematch. Nuremberg CC
inviting Walbrodt for match vs Tarrasch. JW Baird of Manhattan writes from
Southampton could not find opponent on ship, had to play whist where 
opponents included Alexander Salvini (German Consul to Costa Rica), Baron
von Schroeter, famous violinist Deutsch et al

NY Tribune June 28, 1894 pg 4: Mention of CC at Rollins College, a womens
college in Winter Park FL

June 28, 1894 pg 10: Steinitz will be Albin's 2d to arrange match vs

NY Tribune July 15, 1894 pg 12: Prog German CA Leipzig Sept 1-15 out, intl tnmt
limit 10 Germans 5 others, natl master tnmt, prob tnmt etc. Walbrodt/Mieses
4-4-2. Intl prob tnmt winners Max Karstedt, Ludwig Feeliter, Otto Fuss,
F Moller, Karl Pater, Nicolo Sardotsch, Frederick Meyer, Heinrich Nany;
407 probs entered largest ever. Albin writes Jasnogrodsky, offers to play for

NY Tribune July 16, 1894 pg 2: From Chess Monthly. Promised to give opinion on
Lasker vs Steinitz match tho would rather abstain. Lasker credit for win
but does not rise in our estimation, no originality, no wins by superior
combination. Steinitz causes own defeat all games by unsound play, idiotic
Ruy var. Lasker could not as of yet against victor of Anderssen or Zukertort;
Lasker beat Steinitz but not the Steinitz. Lasker great talent, we spotted
1889 and pubd his bio few mos later. London press gave erroneous impression
games of high order -ex Lasker "brilliance" game 4 was blunder saved by
desperate effort 

July 22, 1894 pg 2: Lasker warmly rcvd Berlin, gave blind simul to benefit
soup kitchen

July 29, 1894 pg 20: Article on Bkln libraries mentions valuable reading 
library of J Spencer Turner w special feature 300 chess works

NY Tribune Aug 5, 1894 pg 7: Paris vs St Ptbg telegraph games adj til Sept 15; 
moves 1-19, 1-18 given

NY Tribune Aug 7, 1894 pg 12: Ann NYSCA midsummer mtg Buffalo Aug 14-18 w 
excursion to Queenston, Ontario

NY Tribune Aug 10, 1894 pg 7: Tarrasch wins, leads Walbrodt 5-0-1

NY Tribune Aug 11, 1894 pg 3: Tarrasch wins, leads Walbrodt 6-0-1

NY Tribune Aug 12, 1894 pg 2: Final of 4-4-2 drawn match Game Walbrodt-Mieses
Center Game W50 notes Hoffer. Max Lange announces 16 entries rcvd for
Leipzig tnmt including Blackburne, Mason, Tarrasch, Walbrodt, Prof Berger,
Janowski; will pub list Aug 15

NY Tribune Aug 14, 1894 pg 1: Tarrasch-Walbrodt 7-0-1. NYSCA tnmt starts
tomorrow. Notable players present include US chp Hodges, Pillsbury, Showalter,
Albin, FJ Lee who tied with F Dolman [Delmar] for 3d in intl tnmt, Manhahattan
chp Hanham, Shipley and John W Young of Philad

NY Tribune Aug 15, 1894 pg 2: Huge gathering for NYSCA tnmt Buffalo. Staats-Ztg
entries Showalter for Manhattan, Pillsbury for Bkln, Albin for Metropolitan,
Farnsworth for Buffalo. Game Pillsbury-Albin QP W46 Game Showalter-Farnsworth
Center Ctr W47. Hdcp results Class 1: Burlingame/Frere, Shipley-Helms. Class 2:
Friedwald-Drew, Underwood-Dixon, Searle-Newcomb. Class 3: Colson-Clinton,

NY Tribune Aug 16, 1894 pg 2: NYSCA tnmt in full swing. No hdcp this yr, prize 
to winners each class. 1st class entries: JW Congdon (Buffalo), JW Young 
(Philad), WP Shipley (Philad), E Burlingame (Boston), WE Scripture (Rome),
Delmar, Helms, W Frere. Class 2: DW Waller (Seneca Falls), FA Dixon (Oswego),
HA Newcomb (Oswego), PD Cron (Buffalo), FH Underwood (Buffalo), E Friedewald
(Rochester), DF Searle (Rome), WJ Shotwell (Skaneateles). Class 3: A McMartin
(Johnstown), W Karpinski (Oswego), Frederick Calsen, A Dosenbach, GT Clinton,
W Larery (Buffalo), AJ Robertson (Bkln), AL Colony (Olcan). Cup tnmt
Showalter-Albin, Pillsbury-Farnsworth, Farnsworth-Albin, Pillsbury/Showalter,
Albin-Pillsbury, Showalter vs Farnsworth adj. 1st class leaders Shipley 3-1
Burlingame, Frere 2-1. 2d class Friedewald 4-0 Underhill 2-2. 3d class
Karpinski, Colson 5-0 Colony 3-1 McMartin 2.5-1.5. Game Showalter-Albin
e4 d6 d4 g6 W16 Game Albin-Farnsworth French B33 Game Pillsbury-Showalter
QP D36. Game 1 Walbrodt-Tarrasch GP B41 notes Gunsberg. Walbrodt greatest
ever simul 42-5-4 Nuremberg

NY Tribune Aug 17, 1894 pg 7: NYSCA excursion morning returned ~3:30. With
game Showalter vs Albin adj in favor Albin cup scores Pillsbury 3.5-1.5
Showalter 3-1 Farnsworth 1.5-3.5 Albin 1-3. 1st class leaders Shipley 5-1
Frere, Burlingame 4-2 Young 3.5-1.5. 2d class Friedewald 5.5-.5 Underwood 3-3
Crow 2.5-2.5. 3d class Karpinski, Colson 5.5-.5 Colony 3.5-.5 McMartin 3-2. 
Game Farnsworth-Pillsbury Scotch B56 Farnsworth-Showalter Vienna D28
Albin-Pillsbury 2N W45. Game 2 Tarrasch-Walbrodt Petroff W33 notes Gunsberg

NY Tribune Aug 18, 1894 pg 2: Showalter beats Pillsbury to win staats-Ztg Cup
for Manhattan. Since it affected nothing Albin, Farnsworth agree to 8 move D.
Nonwinners of cup rcvd pretty souvenir prizes, Showalter special prize of $100
oil painting by Sangster [ON ART PRIZES?]. Rd 5 Game Albin-Showalter GP W28
Pillsbury-Farnsworth QGD W23 rd 6 Game Showalter-Pillsbury English W35 mate 4.
Full cup CT, Showalter 4-2 Pillsbury 3.5 Albin 2.5 Farnsworth 2. Game 3
Walbrodt-Tarrasch Ruy D24 notes Gunsberg

Aug 19, 1894 pg 2: End NYSCA tnmt Buffalo. Gen tnmt prize list for 1st 2 each
class; also many souvenir prizes for 3d and 4th. Class 1: Shipley 5.5-1.5
Burlingame 5 Young, Frere 4 Congdon 3.5 Delmar, Helms 3 Scripture 0. 2:
Friedewald 6.5-.5 Crow, Searle 3.5 Dixon, Shotwell, Newcomb, Underwood 3
Waller 2.5. 3: Karpinski 6.5-.5 Colson 6 Colony 5 Clinton, McMartin, Robertson 3
Lavery 0. Frere won soln tnmt. Colson won drinking cup for shortest mate 30

Aug 20, 1894 pg 1: 9th German CA congress Leipzig Sept 1, among 16 entries
are JW Baird of NY, Tarrasch, Walbrodt

NY Tribune Aug 21, 1894 pg 7: City CC pres Julius Livingstone has arranged
master tnmt early Oct, asks for entries. Club mems donated $250 for prizes,
expect 10-12 to compete. Invitations will be sent to Albin, Delmar, Hanham,
Hodges, Pillsbury, Showalter, Baird bros, Ettlinger, Jasnogrodsky, Taubenhaus,
Kemeny, Voigt, Shipley et al; full prog in fortnight. Also plans to form
chess league w Manhattan, Metropolitan, City, Newark, Bkln for 10/side team
matches, may subscribe for trophy

NY Tribune Aug 25, 1894 pg 7: Game 4 Tarrasch-Walbrodt Petroff W31++ notes

NY Tribune Aug 26, 1894 pg 3: Game 5 Walbrodt-Tarrasch QGD B66 34 given notes
Gunsberg. German CA 9th ann tnmt Leipzig starts Sat. New little known star
Janowski among entries, not in list 2464 players and authors in Berger's
Schch Jahrbuch 1892. Regence Game Janowski-Clerc Ruy W17 notes P Lipke

NY Tribune Aug 27, 1894 pg 3: Game 6 Tarrasch-Walbrodt French W45 39 given
notes Gunsberg

NY Tribune Aug 29, 1894 pg 10: Game 7 Walbrodt-Tarrasch Ruy B47 notes Gunsberg

NY Tribune Aug 30, 1894 pg 4: Final Game 8 Tarrasch-Walbrodt French W50
notes Gunsberg

Sept 1, 1894 pg 12: Caxton's chess 1474 was 1st book printed in English

Salt Lake Herald Sept 2, 1894 pg 15: Chess and checkers clubs formed at YMCA,
tnmt being arranged

NY Tribune Sept 4, 1894 pg 8: 9th German CA tnmt Leipzig begins, 18 entries
listed includes Ad Suechting. Rd 1 game reports, rd 2-3 pairings

NY Tribune Sept 5, 1894 pg 2: Leipzig rd 2-3 results

NY Tribune Sept 5, 1894 pg 12: City CC exec cttee, will hold master tnmt,
$250 prizes prob 125, 65, 35, 25 and several consolation prizes

NY Tribune Sept 6, 1894 pg 7: Much excitement Leipzig on account of sudden
illness of Minckwitz who, as is well known, became insane some time ago.
[RESEARCH] Cttee decides to replace with De Weydlich. Game reports rd 2-5,

NY Tribune Sept 7, 1894 pg 5: Leipzig rd 5-6 game reports, stdgs

NY Tribune Sept 8, 1894 pg 3: Grand fest Leipzig in honor competitors,
humorous speeches and poems, much drinking. Rd 7 game reports, stdgs

NY Tribune Sept 9, 1894 pg 2: Leipzig rd 8-9 game reports, stdgs; Mieses 
beats Tarrasch

Omaha Bee Sept 11, 1894 pg 2: Leipzig tnmt rds 10, 11. Scheve wds after rd 10
(NY Trib pg 4 w stdgs)

Omaha Bee Sept 12, 1894 pg 2:  Leipzig rd 12 and prev unfinished results
(Salt Lake Herald pg 1, NY Trib pg 4)

Salt Lake Herald Sept 13, 1894 pg 1: Leipzig rd 13, 14 results (NY Trib pg 4)

NY Tribune Sept 14, 1894 pg 6: Leipzig rd 15 and unfinished reports, stdgs

Omaha Bee Sept 15, 1894 pg 2: Leipzig rd 16, 17 results (Salt Lake Herald pg 2,
NY Trib pg 3)

NY Tribune Sept 16, 1894 pg 2: Full Leipzig CT. Tarrasch b breslau Mar 5, 1862,
1885 became doctor. Chess age 16 at Academic CC Halle, became strong, won
several local tnmts, master on winning Nuremberg 83 Haupttnmt. Tnmt history
which stamp him as 1 of best if not the best living tnmt players. Only
matches draw vs Tschigorin 9-9-4, 7-0-1 vs Walbrodt

NY Tribune Sept 17, 1894 pg 7: Leipzig tnmt Games Berger-Tarrasch Ruy B28 notes
Hoffer Janowski-Lipke 4N B37 w notes Lipke-Schiffers QP W26 Blackburne-
Schlechter KGD W40 notes Hoffer Teichmann-Suechting Vienna W16+ notes Hoffer

NY Tribune Sept 19, 1894 pg 4: Leipzig tnmt Games Tarrasch-Schlechter Ruy W40
Baird-Lipke 2N B24 Weydlich-Walbrodt English B35 Marco-Lipke Ruy D29

NY Tribune Sept 20, 1894 pg 5: Leipzig tnmt Games Teichmann-Tarrasch Vienna B42
Janowski-Teichmann French W31 Seuffert-Berger Ruy B33. Arrangements made
for match Showalter vs Adrian [?] Albin, Manhattan offers a purse and side
bet $200, 10 games up, 14/1, umpires R Buz and G Holl

NY Tribune Sept 24, 1894 pg 7: Leipzig tnmt Game Mieses-Tarrasch Sic W40 
Janowski-Mieses e4 g6 W26 Tarrasch-Zinkl Ruy D74 Tarrasch-Scheve QGD W30
Tarrasch-Walbrodt Falkbeer Ctr W39++. Mtg called by City CC pres Julius
Livingstone to form Metropolitan Chess League, attended by W Bigelow and E Dahl
of Manhattan, De Visser and RG Bradford of Bkln, Livingstone and F Filopidi
of City, GA Barth, Ed Meurer, W Fitzenberger of Staten Island, L Bornstein,
OG Horster, JC Brill of Newark (also pg 12)

NY Tribune Sept 25, 1894 pg 7: 10 game up match Game 1 Albin-Showalter Ruy 
W51 1:02, 3:03 notes Albin

Sept 26, 1894 pg 6: Interesting paragraph on Henry Richmond of Buffalo at state 
democratic convention; always wise and mysterious

NY Tribune Sept 26, 1894 pg 8: Leipzig tnmt Games Blackburne-Tarrasch QP
W36 Mieses-Lipke French W29 Lipke-Suechting Vienna D16 Tarrasch-Janowski QGD W33
Schiffers-Tarrasch Center Ctr B30

NY Tribune Sept 27, 1894 pg 4: Leipzig tnmt Games Baird-Mieses Ruy 3..Nd4 B57++
Baird-Seuffert Ruy W35 Suechting-Baird Ruy B26 Tarrasch-Baird ruy W36 
Lipke-Walbrodt 1.a3 B47 Tarrasch-Marco Ruy W36

NY Tribune Sept 28, 1894 pg 4: Leipzig tnmt Game Lipke-Tarrasch QP W44

NY Tribune Sept 29, 1894 pg 7: Large crowd for Game 2 Showalter-Albin
Ponziani W63 notes Albin

NY Tribune Sept 30, 1894 pg 2: Leipzig tnmt Games Janowski-Blackburne Ruy W45
Janowski-Lipke 4N B37 Lipke-Schlechter Vienna W49 Weydlich-Teichmann English
B31 mate 6 announced Marco-Berger French D13 (Berger has had title drawing
master for some yrs, must have agreed to D before start) Suechting-Janowski QGD 

NY Tribune Oct 1, 1894 pg 8: Leipzig tnmt Games Mason-Teichmann Ruy B24
Zinkl-Janowski Ruy B46 Janowski-Teichmann French W31 Marco-Janowski 4N B47
Janowski-Seuffert Ruy W22 Teichmann-Blackburne 3N 3..g6 W41 mate 1

NY Tribune Oct 3, 1894 pg 3: Game 3 Albin-Showalter GP W30 1:28, 2:07 notes
Albin who leads 2-1

Oct 6, 1894 pg 11: Steinitz challenges Lasker, open til Oct 15 Montreal;
if declines will challenge Tarrasch to series Montreal

NY Tribune Oct 7, 1894 pg 2: Game 4 Showalter-Albin Ponziani W46 notes Albin
blunder. Intl prob tnmt of Schachmatny winners K Musil, J Kotrc, J 
Chocholous of Prague, St Zimmerman, Jung Bunzau, V Schiffer of Vienna, C Antonio
of Livorno, F Schindler of Botenwald. Top 2 probs given

NY Tribune Oct 10, 1894 pg 4: Game 5 Albin-Showalter Zukertort B65 notes
Albin. Lasker writes Steinitz (who had said would claim title if does not
play before Mar 15), fixes date as Oct 95; does not claim to be Steinitz
match in newspaper fight but until beaten is world chess chp

Oct 11, 1894 pg 12: Steinitz vigorous reply to Lasker ltr given, made thru
office of Lasker's late 2d De Visser. Ltr transmitted be De Visser who
resigned post. Significant given De Visser under Lasker instructions
started this "literary sham fight." Clear de Visser never planned to accept
post arranging match 15 mos after he accepted. [there is more] Says will FF
title if do not defend by June 22. Can arrange thru any noted CC. Signs
self W Steinitz, chess chp of the world

Oct 12, 1894 pg 10: Steinitz sends entry to Ccity masters tnmt to pres
Julius Livingston; entries due next Mon

Oct 13, 1894 pg 7: Brief description Showalter win, leads Albin 4-2

NY Tribune Oct 14, 1894 pg 19: Harvard CC fall tnmt has begun, winners will
be intercollege reps

NY Tribune Oct 14, 1894 pg 20: Bkln CC elects officers JT Marean, WF Eno,
WM De Visser, William Duval, RF Bradford; cttee Helms, Ruth, Cragg, Broughton.
Plenty to talk about w Albin vs Showalter match and Lasker vs Steinitz testy
ltrs over Steinitz chp claims

NY Tribune Oct 14, 1894 pg 2: Probs by G Chocholous, Mrs WJ Baird. Manhattan
ann hdcp tnmt starts Sat, 5 prizes $24, 21, 18, 15, 12. Showalter, Hanham,
Delmar, 3 brothers Rosenfeld of "Liliputian" fame [RESEARCH] already entered

Oct 17, 1894 pg 7: Albin's friends induce him to enter City tnmt despite
suffering from cold which he attribs as reason for lack success match vs

NY Tribune Oct 19, 1894 pg 5: Game 8 Showalter-Albin French W61 notes Albin

NY Tribune Oct 20, 1894 pg 7: 2d intl masters tnmt of City CC starts today.
18/1 play Tues, Thurs, Sat prizes $125, 60, 40, 25 EF 5 to be split among
nonwinners by num games won cannot win more than 20. 11 rds, 50 cents to watch
or season tix $2, mems free

NY Tribune Oct 21, 1894 pg 22: Prob George Sabin (NY) Walter Gleave (London).
Note to HP (Thomaston CT)

NY Tribune Oct 24, 1894 pg 5: Large crowd for rd 2 City CC master tnmt. Steinitz
will act as critic and daily annotate a game for pub. Game reports, stdgs.
Solns JLB Jr (NY), WAD (Newark)

NY Tribune Oct 25, 1894 pg 4: Delegates Manhattan, City, Metropolitan, Bkln,
SICC vote unanimously yo form Metro Chess League, officers Julius Livingston,
George Hall, GA Barth; cttee CH Hathaway, Charles Nugent, Dr Honninger [sic],
H Helms, W Litzenberger, and rep Newark CC. Cttee W Bigelow, F Rose, De Visser
to devise rules

NY Tribune Oct 26, 1894 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 3 game reports, stdgs

NY Tribune Oct 27, 1894 pg 4: Cricketers club plans chess and other tnmts 
this season (Oct 29 pg 3) 

NY Tribune Oct 29, 1894 pg 7: NY tnmt rd 4 game reports. Lasker seriously ill,
has cancelled all engagements made w British CCs. Glasgow vs Lpool match
Game GE Barbier (G)-Rev J Owen (L) e4 b6 W24 mate 5 notes L Van Vliet.
Prob BG Laws. Note to JG (Utica)

Oct 30, 1894 pg 4: Paris vs St Ptbg moves 1-19, 1-20

NY Trib Nov 4, 1894 pg 8: NY tnmt rd 7 game reports, stdgs. Albin wins vs
Steinitz due time when Steinitz had won position, much excitement. Wed adj
games, Thurs rd 8

Nov 4, 1894 pg 26: Rutgers CC reorgd, 7 charter mems, pres William J Morrison Jr
97, J Alfred Wilson 96

Nov 5, 1894 pg 1: Mieses, Janowski to play for 1000 fr/side Paris

NY Trib Nov 5, 1894 pg 5: Since pub Trib last Tues Paris vs St Ptbg
moves 1-19, 1-21. Moscow expert DN Powlow discovery in cable game Steinitz
vs Lpool CC move 20 missed by both sides. Prob Jespersen. Notes to BB Loyd
(Trenton). Lipke b Erfurt age 24

NY Trib Nov 6, 1894 pg 7: Mrs Showalter vs Mrs Worrall began match for ladies
chp US 12/1 2/wk. Bkln chp entries RJ Bradford, RA Breckenridge, JD Elwell,
W Frere, H Helms, EA Olly, JF Smyth, AJ Souweine, CS Taber, Dr JR Taber, 
JC Tatum, Dr WH Woodcock. 1st rd winners Breckenridge, Olly, Dr Taber, 
Woodcock. Bkln CC to play corr matches vs Newark, Boston. Bkln YMCA to play
team matches vs Paterson, Staten Island this mo and corr matches vs
Glens Falls YMCA, R+Castle Club of Newtonville MA. Mieses, Janowski to play
7 up match Paris

NY Trib Nov 7, 1894 pg 10: Game 1 A Ettlinger-A Schroeter (Munich) French D29

NY Trib Nov 8, 1894 pg 10: NY tnmt results, stdgs

Nov 9, 1894 pg 7: NY master tnmt rd 8 results. Steinitz has appealed
time FF to Albin, will consider Sat. Stdgs

Nov 10, 1894 pg 4: Descrip Mrs Showalter vs Mrs Worrall game, adjd 43 moves

Nov 10, 1894 pg 8: Review book Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey famous
theologian mentions had rep being best chess player Eton

NY Trib Nov 11, 1894 pg 22: Match greatest CCs in world, Metropolitan vs City
clubs of London. Metropolitan included Biaggdui, Blake, Guest, Gunston,
Heppell, Huckvale, Hughes-Hughes, Hunter, Loman, Skipworth, Smith Morton,
Smith Stanley, Wayte. City Howell, Harold Jacobs, Grantham Williams, H Jones,
Herbert Jacobs, Dr Marshall, Taylor, Ingoldsby, Dr Ballard, Physick, O Jones.
Metropolitan won 26.5-23.5 4 hrs, return match soon. Captains Game
T Physick (City)-Wayte (Met) Sic W31. Paris vs St Ptbg moves 1-21, 1-22.
Lasker cancels plans tosail to Australia, ill and returned to Germany. Notes
to MRS (Bkln), JA Dewald (New Brunswick NJ)

NY Trib Nov 13, 1894 pg 9: Game Mrs Worrall-Mrs Showalter Scotch B31. Cttee
stands by decision Steinitz lost on time to Albin. Discussion 5 bd team
match NY vs London by cable, several NY papers willing to pay cable expenses

NY Trib Nov 14, 1894 pg 3: NY rd 10 results, stdgs

NY Trib Nov 18, 1894 pg 3: Visitors to last rd tnmt include S Loyd;
Prob Loyd based on Steinitz vs Pillsbury game. Janowski Pole res Paris; corr
Game Janowski-Norlin Ruy W31 notes Hoffer. Note to WRS (NY). Manhattan will
hold mtg re possible challenge to London cable match. Bkln YMCA 5.5 (HF Bradford
0 H Helms 1 AJ Souweine 0 SG Ruth 1 JF Smyth .5 CS Taber 1 EP Roberts 1
C Helms 1)-Staten Island CC 2.5 (AN Other 1 WT Ryan 0 B Eidam 1 C Raettig 0
GA Barth .5 W Litzenberger 0 L Kuhn 0 W Pendleton 0)

Nov 18, 1894 pg 16: Reminiscences of Oliver Wendell Holmes recalls Morphy
days and dinner, and attacks since Revere House served alcohol. Notes had
thriving CC pres Dr Richardson. Signed GWS

NY Trib Nov 18, 1894 pg 26: Intercollege teams must send 5 players to be
chosen from by Dec 1. Pton tnmt winners Seymour 98 Belden 95 Marston 98 Elmer 98

NY Trib Nov 20, 1894 pg 3: After 4 wk break for Manhattan tnmt Game 9
Albin-Showalter GP D49 notes Albin, large crowd

NY Trib Nov 21, 1894 pg 7: Descrip game 5, Mrs Worrall beats Mrs Showalter
trails 2-1-1 w 1 adj

NY Trib Nov 22, 1894 pg 3: Game 10 Showalter-Albin French B29; Showalter leads
6-3-1. Taubenhaus has been in NY ~15 mos, leaving for Paris, farewell 
entertainement Manhattan w simul Sat. New Metropolitan League, pres Livingstone
expects 30 bd challenge from Franklin CC. Mrs Showalter wins game 4, leads
Mrs Worrall 2-1-1. Paris Cercle to play Nuremberg CC 2 telegraph games
$1000/side. President St Ptbg CC arranging grand Russian Europe vs Asia each 
club 1 side to play 2 telegraph games vs each on other side for silver cup

NY Trib Nov 24, 1894 pg 3: Descrip Game 11 Albin-Showalter Ruy W59; trails 6-4-1

NY Trib Nov 25, 1894 pg 14: Active season Europe and US. Paris to play telegraph
match vs Nuremberg on top of St Ptbg in prog, Russian Europe vs Russian Asia
telegraph matches. US vs GB cable match almost certain. Much interest Mrs
Worrall vs Mrs Showalter; Taubenhaus returned from tour last wk says causing
more excitement esp in Baltimore than Steinitz vs Lasker. Albin wins give
new hope to his backers vs Showalter. Manhattan hdcp stdgs OM Bostwick (2) 2-3
BH Buxton (4) 4-1 R Buz (3) 3-3 JHA Fitch (2) 2.5-4.5 Hanham (1) 1-6 
CH Lellmann (3) 3-1 WS Paterson (3) 3-3 GH Richards (4) 5-3 Showalter (1) 6-2
JH Sweeney (1) 2.5-4.5 A Teller (1) 4.5-3.5 FH Yeaton (4) 5-4 R Stuber (2) 2-4.
Metropolitan hdcp stdgs AA Arnheim 16-1 Hugo Breul 18-10 Otto Dahlheim 3.5-19.5
Th Davidson 6-14 A frankenstein 9-4 A Grasswinkel 7-7 A Hirsch 9-15 OP Honegger
13-5 D Kisch 2-8 Isidor Klein 5.5-9.5 JH Kahn 14-9 ML Metzger 5.5-4.5 
Morris Meyer 11-4 Dr GE Moore 5-13 R Raubitschek 12.5-4.5 Dr L Schnepp 0-7
J Sulzsbacher 0-2 E Tanenbaum 3-5 Leo Simonson 0-2 F Scheuff 0-3 Dr B Roche 6-1
BC Magie 2.5-4.5 Rud Raubitscheck 7.5-3.5. Intl prob tnmt won by Cecil AL Bull
ex-London now S Africa, PGLF (London). Prob 1 Cecil AL Bull 2 PGLF (start new
prob series). Position Vienna CC game Albert de Rothschild-Pollack w ending
combo. Solns John Gardner (Utica), PA Bancroft (Fort Trumbull), JA Dewald
(New Brunswick). Note to HWB (NY). Nearly 600 CCs in Brit Empire, 120 in US;
in 1892 106 London alone

Nov 25, 1894 pg 20: 10 from Harvard CC went to Boston CC for match, only 2 won.
Pton chp tnmt to choose intercollege reps winners Seymour 98 15.5 Belden 13.5
Marston 12.5 Elmer 9.5. Lehigh CC orgd for winter, plans to challenge Lafayette

NY Trib Nov 26, 1894 pg 3: Bkln chp stdgs H Helms 5.5-1.5 EN Olly, JC Tatum 5-2 
AJ Souweine 4-3 RJ Bradford 4-4 Dr JR Taber 3-3 RA Breckenridge, W Frere,
CS Taber 2.5-2.5 WH Woodcock 2-4 JD Elwell 2-5 JF Smyth 1-6. Tnmt Game
Bradford-Helms Ruy B40. Showalter simul Bkln Mon; Mrs Showalter and Mrs Worrall
plan to take bds. Bkln YMCA vs Paterson next Fri 12 bds. Taubenhaus 9-8-5
(gives this as total tho does not match individ results) simul Manhattan beat 
Vidaver, Pick, Morse, Intropodi, Yeaton, C Lellmann, Dewey, Lawrence, Teller,
Lockwood; lost to Finn, Paterson, Buz, Feibel, Eaton, Jupe; drew Elwell,
Price, Schunbaum, Sweeney, Beranje, W Lellman. Metro league approves 

NY Trib Nov 27, 1894 pg 8: Game 12 Showalter-Albin French D57 notes Albin,
Showalter leads 6-4-2

NY Trib Dec 1, 1894 pg 3: Game 14 Showalter-Albin French W35 notes Albin;
Showalter leads 7-4-3

NY Trib Dec 2, 1894 pg 4: On Showalter vs Albin match. Albin French, 1st 12
moves almost instantaneous. Spectator remarked has seen position before,
Showalter laughs and says as long as I can D why give up fav attack vs
French; spectator and Albin silent remainder. Mrs Showalter did not feel
well during wk, play vs Mrs Worrall susp til Tues. Taubenhaus simul not
brilliant, not happy played too fast 9-8-5; last night Taubenhaus simul
Metropolitan. Bkln simul by Showalter last night, oppponents include
Mrs Favor, Mrs Worrell, Miss Helms of Newark, Miss Hedwig Steinitz; simuls
finish late so will report tomorrow. Bkln YMCA 7 (RT Bradford .5 JC Tatum 1
H Helms 1 PD Quick 1 JT Smyth 1 C Helms 1 EP Roberts 0 W Southwick .5
O Lagerquist 0 DH Prentice 1)-Paterson 3 (H Stapfer .5 L Lissner 0
T Hatfield 0 JW Griggs 0 RL Craig 0 J Craig 0 D Van Buren 1 WD Miller .5
Wm Craig 1 JH White 0) Bkln W all bds. YMCA feeder to Bkln CC for yrs.
City CC plans grand hdcp tnmt, Metropolitan hdcp in prog. Manhattan hdcp
leaders Hanham, Showalter. PF Blake won 2d prize intl tnmt both 2er, 3er.
Prob 3-4 PF Blake (Manchester). Continental corr tnmt Game H Helms (Bkln)-
J Stone (Boston) Evans Stone-Ware W49 mate 7 notes Ranken. Lasker health
improved still in hospital, given up idea another Steinitz match but will
come to US if intl tnmt. Mieses now in Moscow, start Paris match vs
Janowski Jan 2, 7 up 15/1 1600 francs. Solns JA Dewall (New Brunswick),
John Gardner (Utica), EWE (Bkln), EA Bancroft (Fort Trumbull CT). Notes
to Thomas Fubank (New Madison), JSB Jr (NY), LM Thomson (Utica)

Omaha Bee Dec 3, 1894 pg 2: Showalter 8-4-5 Bkln CC simul (Salt Lake Herald pg 
2, SF Call pg 2)

NY Trib Dec 3, 1894 pg 3: Pub Minor Tactics of Chess by FK Young+BC Howell

NY Trib Dec 3, 1894 pg 7: Taubenhaus farewell simul Metropolitan 9-0-1
beat Joseph H Kahn, Dr OP Honegger, David Kisch, Dr E Koesztler, 
E Tanenbaum, Adrian Hirsch, Dr GE Moore, Edward Frankenstein,
Arthur Frankenstein; drew Prof A Pietzonka. Showalter 8-4-5 Bkln simul
beat Joseph H Kahn, JF Smyth, A Wurstlin, Mrs H Worrell, J Intropodi,
AJ Souweine, Dr JE Russell, RP Dow, R Buz; lost to W Southwick, W Frere,
R Ulrich, WE Napier; drew De Visser, WH Woodcock, AJ Souweine, R Bonn
(missing bd 11 must be D). Bkln chp stdgs H Helms 7.5-1.5 JC Tatum 7-3
EN Olly 6-2 W Frere 3.5-2.5 RA Breckenridge 3.5-3.5 Dr JR Taber 5-5
RF Bradford, AJ Souweine 4-5 CS Taber 3.5-4.5 JD Elwell 3-5 WH Woodcock 2-7
JF Smyth 1-8. Due to Mrs Showalter illness will be no play vs Mrs Worrell
this wk

NY Trib Dec 4, 1894 pg 12: Paris vs St Ptbg moves 1-28, 1-26

NY Trib Dec 7, 1894 pg 2: Game 16 Showalter-Albin French D61 notes Albin

NY Trib Dec 8, 1894 pg 7: Yale tnmt in prog to choose intercollege reps
ends, winners AE Skinner of Ottawa KS, Arthur Bumstead of Atlanta both class of
96. Score 1st rd Skinner 7.5-2.5 Bumstead 6.5-3.5; will start match
for Yale chp

NY Trib Dec 9, 1894 pg 18: Harvard intercollege reps YM Ballou 1L,
WL Van Kleeck 95

NY Trib Dec 9, 1894 pg 15: Tarrasch book 300 games rcvd, excellent,
includes 22 games from match vs Tschigorin. Not from tnmt Game
L Paulsen-Tarrasch 4N Double Ruy B33 notes Tarrasch. Showalter win, D
leads Albin 8-4, both used all off days. Prob 5 Walbrodt. Solns
John Gardner (Utica), DB Firsbell (NY), JA Dewalehr (New Brunswick), JSB Jr
(NY), Porter Stafford (Erie)

NY Trib Dec 10, 1894 pg 2: Showalter 10-2-3 City CC simul; beat H White,
M Treinis, Dr Pemberton, J Stark, Dr Dewey, R Buz, AF Thomas, J Wolff,
JC Curnock, Dr A Pollack; lost to PJ Davis, A Reitzer; drew Miss
Hedwig Steinitz (age 16), WS Thurber, W Nugent. Corr games Newark-City
moves 1-17, 1-22. NYCC [Bkln?] chp stdgs H Helms 8.5-1.5 JC Tatum 8-2
GN Olly 7-3 W Frere 5.5-3.5 RF Bradford 6-5 AJ Souweine 5.5-5.5
Dr JR Taber 5-5 RA Breckenridge 4.5-5.5 JD Elwell, Dr AS Taber 4-7 
WH Woodcock 2-8 JF Smyth 2-9. YMCA playing corr matches vs Great [Glens?]
Falls Y, R+Castle club of Newcastle MA, Edmore MI CC; so far 1-1 vs 1st.
Bkln YMCA cont tnmt stdgs DH Prentice 38-8 CG Griswold 37-19 EP Roberts 8-4
JF Prentice 35-25 GW White 26-22 OFW Lagerquist 7-7 BC Stickney 19-22
C Helms 29-52. taubenhaus sails for Havana today

NY Trib Dec 12, 1894 pg 7: Showalter vs Albin D game 17 85 moves 10:30

NY Trib Dec 13, 1894 pg 3: Text ltr to Hoffer of British CC from Manhattan
sec CH Hathaway proposing 5 bd cable match for trophy worth at least $100

NY Trib Dec 14, 1894 pg 3: Game 18 Showalter-Albin French B45; Showalter
leads 8-5-5

NY Trib Dec 16, 1894 pg 15: "Hopity" is described whether ironically or not
as a "mild form of chess"

Dec 16, 1894 pg 14: Columbia tnmt winners Simpson, Price/Binyon. Simpson
ruled out since graduate of another college, leaves other 2 as intercollege

NY Trib Dec 16, 1894 pg 28: Manhattan challanges British CC to 5 bd
cable match. Proposed rules leave out mems both clubs, hon mems, recent
joins would disallow Steinitz, Pillsbury, Albin, Blackburne, Bird,
Gunsberg, Mason, Teichmann et al. Club contest; perhaps another could
match best both countries. Intercollege teams C: J Binion 96M, AM Pric Law
subs FH Bowman 96M, A Lesinsky 96. H: SM Ballou Law, Walter L Van Kleeck 95
subs Harold Lewis 96, LB Schoenfeldt 96. Y: Arthur Bumstead 96, 
Alburn E Skinner 95 subs Leo Arnstein 97, BL Ross 96. P: William V Belden 95,
Edmund R Seymour 98 subs AR Elmer 98, W Marston 98. Corr games Newark vs
Bkln moves 1-8, 1-8. Metropolitan 1st ann hdcp stdgs A Arnheim 18-2 
Dr Roche 12.5-2.5 Rob Raubitschek 14.5-5.5 M Meyer 13.5-4.5 Dr OP Honegger
15-6 Rud Raubitschek 10-4 A Frankenstein 11-6. Prob 6 JG Campbell (London).
1st to finish Game Paris-St Ptbg QP W29 notes Hoffer. Notes to LM Th 
(Utica), RDL (Trenton), TE (New Madison), JSB Jr, John Gardner (Utica),
Rev Louis H Bahler (Malden), EW Protois (Flushing), PC Walker (NY)

NY Trib Dec 17, 1894 pg 5: Full sched Metropolitan League; teams are
Manhattan, City, Metropolitan, Bkln, Staten Island, Newark. 8/side.
Bkln chp won by Helms, few games left stdgs H Helms 9-2 JC Tatum 8-2
EN Olly 7.5-3.5 W Frere 5.5-3.5 RF Bradford 6-5 AJ Souweine 5.5-5.5
Dr JR Taber 5-5 RA Breckenridge 4.5-5.5 JD Elwell, CS Taber 4-7 WH Woodcock
3-8 JF Smyth 2-8. RF Bradford 1-4-1 blind simul Bkln CC; beat Mrs ME Favor; lost
to W Southwick, CS Taber, AE Swaffield, Mrs H Worrall; drew A Wurstlin

NY Trib Dec 18, 1894 pg 4: Game 19 Albin-Showalter Ruy D62; Showalter leads 
8-5-6. Same pg full intercollege sched

NY Trib Dec 19, 1894 pg 8: Game 20 Showalter-Albin French B60 4:10, 3:31
Showalter leads 8-6-6

NY Trib Dec 21, 1894 pg 2: Game 21 Albin-Showalter Ruy D59, Showalter leads

NY Trib Dec 23, 1894 pg 5: Albin great uphill fight vs Showalter. Dr Isaacson
praise for game 19 of series. Game 22 Showalter-Albin French D47. Helms wins
Bkln chp, very young to be chp such a strong CC, modest and studious player.
Ltr from Metropolitan pres Dr OP Honegger, anxious to get strong players for
Metropolitan Chess League. British CC accepts Manhattan cable challenge.
Prob 7 R Steinweg (Berlin). St Ptbg vs Paris moves 1-27. Soln JSB Jr, 
Mrs LP Jones (Mariposa). Notes to RRL (Trenton), DWP (Chicago). 3d intercollege
full sched, starts Wed

NY Trib Dec 23, 1894 pg 22: Bkln Poly tnmt starts Jan, many entries

NY Trib Dec 25, 1894 pg 3: Game 23 Albin-Showalter Ruy W28, Showalter leads

NY Trib Dec 26, 1894 pg 10: Intercollege tnmt starts today

NY Trib Dec 27, 1894 pg 5: Intercollege tnmt stars. Drawing of cup. Welcomed
William Freeland gov Harvard School, tnmt manager EA Caswell. Descrips
Ballou (H)-Binion (C), Bumstead (Y)-Belden (P), Seymour (P)-Price (C), Ross (Y)/
Van Kleeck (H)

NY Trib Dec 27, 1894 pg 12: Events of day has college tnmt

NY Trib Dec 28, 1894 pg 9: Descrips intercollege Ballou (H)-Belden (P), Binion 
(C)/Bumstead (Y), Van Kleeck (H)-Price (C), Seymour (P) drew Skinner or RL Ross 
of Y. Game 24 Showalter-Albin French W49 leads 9-7-8

NY Trib Dec 28, 1894 pg 12: Events of day has college tnmt

NY Trib Dec 29, 1894 pg 7: Intercollege report Ross (Y)-Price (C), Binion (C)/
Belden (P), Van Kleeck (H) vs Seymour (P) adj H should win, Ballou (H)-Bumstead
(Y). C: J Binion 95M 1-2 AH Price (Law) 0-3. H: SM Ballou (Law) 3-0 
Walter L Van Kleeck 95 1.5-.5. Y: Arthur Bumstead 95 1.5-1.5 RL Ross 96 2-1.
P: William V Belden 95 .5-2.5 Edmund B Seymour 1.5-.5. 

NY Trib Dec 29, 1894 pg 10: Events of day has college tnmt

NY Trib Dec 30, 1894 pg 12: Intercollege predictions were Harv easy win, Y
put up expected good fight. Seymour best ever Pton showing. Col players too
many errors.Much praise mngr EA Caswell. Taubenhaus playing best Havana so
far 3-0-2, will play best of 10 match vs Vasquez. Metropolitan League 1st
match Jan 8; City team looks best w Showalter, Delmar, Kemeny, Voigt, Ettlinger,
Jasnogrodsky; Halpern and Huntington have also thrown in lot w City. Bkln has
Pillsbury, Richardson, De Visser, Helms, Tatum, Bradford, Rocamora et al.
Manhattan team unclear; Hanham says will not play, Schroeter not inclined to
join club; both Bairds, Isaacson, Simonson; Hodges also said to be playing for
Manhattan not Staten Island. Newark 3 Hymes bros, Sternberg. Metropolitan
Albin. Staten Island not dangerous wo Hodges. Final Game 25 Albin-Showalter
Center Game B50; match summary game by game Showalter wins 10-7-8. Prob 8
Mrs WJ Baird (Brighton) 9 H Keidanski (Berlin). Solns JSB Jr (NY), JA Dewald
(New Brunswick), DF (Westerly RI), M Fay Stone (Priano LA), CR (NY),
William P Banning (Mount Vernon)

NY Trib Dec 30, 1894 pg 8: Ladies Day at intercollege tnmt. Loyd adjuds
Van Kleeck-Belden. Ballou-Price, Belden-Ross, Seymour/Bumstead, Van Kleeck/
Binion. Team and individ stdgs

NY Trib Dec 31, 1894 pg 8: Philip Richardson 7-1-4 simul Bkln CC 3 hrs. Beat
JF Smyth, A Woerstlin, JC Tatum, WH Woodcock, AE Swaffield, W Southwick, 
R Ulrich; lost to AJ Souweine; drew WE Napier, GT Murray, RA Breckenridge,
JD Elwell

NY Trib Dec 31, 1894 pg 10: Events of day has college tnmt (ad pg 9)

Jan 1, 1895 pg 2: Vasquez wins match game 1 Havana, Taubenhaus game 2

Jan 1, 1895 pg 7: Intercollege rd 5 results, team and individ stsdgs. Harvard
clinches. H: SM Ballou Law 4-0 (1 adj) Walter L Van Kleeck 95 3.5-1.5. Y:
RL Ross 96 3-2 Arthur Bumstead 95 2-3. P: Ed B Seymour 98 2-2 (1 adj) WV Belden 
95 2-3. C: J Binion 95M 1.5-3.5 AM Price (Law) 1-4

Jan 2, 1895 pg 5: Intercollege results, game descriptions, full CT. H: Ballou
4.5-1.5 Van Kleeck 4.5-1.5. P: Seymour 3.5 Belden 2.5. Y: Ross 4 Bumstead 2.
C: Binion 1.5 Price 1.5. Dinner chair Judge Henry C Howland (Y), Frank H Bowman
(C) master of ceremonies. CH Hathaway of Manhattan  rcvd reply (given) for
cable match; propose Lasker adjud after 6 hrs, more than 5 bds prefer 10

Jan 4, 1895 pg 3: Manhattan agrees to most of cable rules (given), yet to
agree on date, when should be qualified as club mems

Jan 6, 1895 pg 3: Intercollege final stdgs H 9 Y, P 6 C 3. Games Ballou-Ross
French B49++ Van Kleeck-Bumstead French W32 by adjud Bumstead-Ballou Zukertort
B45 Ballou-Seymour GP D57. Cable arrangements described. New Metropolitan Chess
League starts Tues w City vs Newark; City seems strong. Mieses vs Janowski
7 up 15/1 800 francs/side 6/wk starts Paris tomorrow; expect winner to play
Blackburne in Brighton. Albin 5-1-5 Manhattan simul; beat J Ferbel [Feibel?],
AM Price, Dr R Benjamin, FH Yeaton, R Beramji; lost to WA Dervay; drew L 
Rosenfeld, OM Bostwick, F Bode, FR Stark, C Gedalia. Prob 10 CH Latting (NY)
11 F Eglin Spedding (Seacombe, England). Solns JSB Jr, HWC (Bkln), Bahler,
CWP (NY), EA Protois (Flushing LI), APC (Concord NH), Dewald, M Faye Strue 
(Pecano LA), Porter Stafford (Erie PA), CB Lilliestrale (NY)

Jan 8, 1895 pg 7: Harvard rcvs challenge for 2 corr games from Columbia; 
will prob accept for 1 game and arrange another corr game vs Yale, hope
to also have Columbia vs Yale for 3-way match

Jan 8, 1895 pg 2: Manhattan selects team for rd 1 vs Bkln. Hodges, Dr G 
Simonson, Dr CB Isaacson, Louis Schmidt Jr, JS Ryan, DG Baird, JW Baird,
A Ettlinger; subs AC Clapp, H Davidson, Dr L Cohn, A Teller

Jan 8, 1895  pg 7: Obit George F Stone, b to wealth in New Haven 1836. Large
biz interests. Adept chess and whist

Jan 9, 1895 pg 5: Brief description games in match City CC 6.5 (Showalter 1
Delmar 1 Jasnogrodsky 0 Halpern 1 C devide .5 S Loyd 1 Roething 1 W Huntington
1)-Newark 1.5 (N Hymes 0 L Sternberg 0 E Hymes 1 C Hymes 0 L Bernstein .5
H Driscoe 0 S Greenberg 0 J Lissner 0)

Jan 10, 1895 pg 5: Janowski wins game 1 vs Mieses. Taubenhaus wind game 6 vs
Vasquez, game 7 drawn; Taubenhaus needs 1 more tto win. Game 4 Taubenhaus-
Vasquez Sic W40. Bkln vs Manhattan match tonight

Jan 11, 1895 pg 7: Important Metropolitan League match, Manhattan not fielding
top team. Bradford seemed ahead in game unfinished at press time Bkln 4.5
(SR Rocamora 1 Pillsbury 1 De Visser .5 Ph Richardson 1 H Helms 1 EN Olly 0
JC Tatum 0 RF Bradford *)-Manhattan 2.5 (Dr C Isaacson 0 JS Ryan 0 DG Baird .5
L Schmidt Jr 0 Dr EW Dahl 0 H Davidson 1 A Vorrath 1 JW Baird *), ref Jacob
G Ascher. Mieses wins game 3, trails Janowski 2-1 in Paris match

Jan 12, 1895 pg 7: Janowski wins, leads Mieses 3-1. JW Baird, RF Bradford D
final game to give win Bkln 5-3 win (gives scores but see Jan 11). Metropolitan
vs staten Island tonight to close league rd 1

Jan 13, 1895 pg 12: Julius Livingston made name for self by starting metro
league. City did well to beat Newark 6.5-1.5; Newark lost 2 should have won.
Interesting Games Hymes-Jasnogrodsky French W38 Driscoe-Loyd Bishop O B18
mate 5 :50, :20. 3 mems selected manhattan team could not play; had planned to
explain but people have asked for game so Game Ryan-Pillsbury Ruy B32 Game
Schmidt-Richardson Vienna B36 Vorrath-Tatum Scotch W42. Janowski playing fine
chess vs Mieses, Taubenhaus teaching Vazquez lesson or 2; looks like Poles will
win both. Prob 12 B Hulsen (Wittenberg). Solns JSB Jr, CB Lilliestrale, Dewald,
TRL Johnson (Bkln), ARL Johnson (Bkln), EA Bancroft (Fort Trumbull CT), Protois,
Mrs SF Jones [LF?] (Mariposa CA), Bahler. St Ptbg vs Paris moves 28-32

Jan 14, 1895 pg 5: Metropolitan 6.5 (M Linzbach 1 A Pieczonka .5 R Raubitschek 1
TT Rode [Bode?] .5 H Hirsch 1 A Arnheim 1 DC Donohue 1 M Mayer .5)-Staten 
Island 1.5 (B Eidam 0 W Litzenberger .5 WT Ryan 0 M Roettig [Raettig?] .5
L Kuhn 0 GA Barth 0 J Schweikert 0 W Pendleton .5) ref Charles Nugent. League

Jan 15, 1895 pg 3: Mieses wins, trails Janowski 3-2-1

Jan 16, 1895 pg 12: Manhattan hdcp finishes, Hanham and Showalter
draw 74 moves 8:19, agree to split prizes

Jan 16, 1895 pg 6: Tribune Almanac 1895 covers chess 

Jan 17, 1895 pg 4: Game 6 Taubenhaus-Vasquez Philidor W28 Game 8 Vazquez-
Taubenhaus Falkbeer Ctr D53. Manhattan hdcp playoff Game Hanham-Showalter GP D75

Jan 18, 1895 pg 11: Mieses beats Janowski, tied 3-3-3. 2 off days due
excitement in Paris

Jan 19, 1895 pg 4: Game 8 Taubenhaus-Vazquez Petroff W44 to win 10 game match
4-1-3 but must play full 10 games so Game 9 Vazquez-Taubenhaus KGA Muzio D46.
After game 10 Taubenhaus comes to NY, then Glasgow. Bkln YMCA 4.5 (RT Bradford 1
H Helms .5 CS Taber 1 JF Smyth 0 C Helms 0 DH Prentice 1 FW Lagerquist 1)-
Paterson CC 2.5 (R Goodbody 0 H Stapfer .5 WD Smith 0 RL Craig 1 JA Craig 1
JH White 0 William Craig 0); Paterson W all bds, Bkln won 1st rd 7-3. Team
match tonight, Hanham and Showalter will lead, others JHA Fitch, C Lellmann,
F Yeaton, R Beramji, F Bode, D Keller, A Teller, R Buz, JW Baird, JS Curry,
CH Hathaway, AM Price, G Hall, D Cohn, FR Stark, Prof W Holladay, Dr EW Dahl,
WS Paterso, JH Sweeney; ref Dr CB Isaacson 8-11:30 then adjud

Jan 20, 1895 pg 12: Mieses much improved, leads Janowski 4-3-1 game 8 6 hrs
97 moves. Game 1 Janowski-Mieses Ruy W46 notes Hoffer Game 2 Mieses-Janowski
Alapin's O B21++ notes Hoffer. Not much local action last wk; this wk Staten I
vs Manhattan Tues, Bkln vs Newark Thurs, Metropolitan vs City Sat. Game ending
in prob Nuremberg CC Game Tarrach-Max Kuerschner Scotch W28 mate 7 w notes.
Prob 13 JT Kouwnhoven (Holland) 14 FM Teed (says GM) (NY). Solns JSB Jr, 
Bahler, Lilliestrale, Frederick St G McLean (NY), RBB, Stafford, Dewald, M Fay
Stone (Pecano LA), Mrs LF Jones, HSB (Bkln), EAB (Fort Trumbull CT)

Jan 21, 1895 pg 4: Manhattan team match. Hanham's 6 (Hanham 0 Cohn 0 Sweeney 1
Dalton 0 Paterson .5 Hole [Bode?] .5 Richards 1 Wehle 1 Beramji .5 Eaton 1 
Ryan .5)-Showalter's 5 (Showalter 1 Schmidt 1 Fitch 0 Ascher 1 W Lellmann .5
Hatheway .5 Price 0 Dewey 0 Yeaton .5 C Lellmann 0 S Sttark .5); ref JW Baird.
City CC ann hdcp in prog stdgs Argond (class 2) 6.5-7.5 Buz (3) 0-0 Delmar (1)
3-1 Devide (1a) 1.5-3.5 Lawrence (4) 4-2 Lefkowitz (3) 1-5 Leipziger (3) 1-1
Nugent (2) 3-1 Rietzer (2) 4-3 Roething (1) 1.5-2.5 Showalter (1) 5.5-1.5
Thumier (4) 0-3. Corr games in prog City CC vs Newakr CC moves 1-29, 1-22.
Bardeleben, Blackburne sign articles for Hastings match March. Bkln CC rapid
transit 30 sec/move. Rd 1: Dr Lewis-Spowers, Tatum-Murphy, De Visser-Underwood,
Napier-Elwell, Olly-Swaffield, Souweine-Wurstlin, Helms-Bonn, Ruth-Dow. Rd 2:
Tatum-Lewis, Olly-Napier, Souweine-Helms, Ruth/De Visser (Ruth won toss).
Rd 3: Souweine-Tatum, Ruth/Olly. Final: Ruth-Souweine

Jan 22, 1895 pg 5: Changes in rules Janowski vs Mieses; now 18/1 instead of
20/1, 5 hrs/day not 6, Tues off day, draws count after 4. Game 3 Janowski-Mieses
QP B27 notes Mieses Game 4 Mieses-Janowski B41 notes Mieses. Info on changes
came with scores of games 3-4

Jan 24, 1895 pg 4: Mieses wins, leads Janowski 5-3-1. Game 5 Janowski-Mieses
Ruy D56 notes The Standard

Jan 25, 1895 pg 3: Pton only athletic success chess, where beat great
rival Yale and lost only to Harvard. Bkln vs Newark report. Souweine replaces
Bradford (too ill to play) only change for Bkln from City win. Bkln wins; for
full score see Jan 26, some brief game descriptions here

Jan 26, 1895 pg 10: Draw agreed bsd 1 to give final result Bkln 7 (Pillsbury .5
Rocamora 1 De Visser .5 Richardson 1 H Helms 1 AJ Souweine 1 JC Tatum 1)-
Newark 1 (E Hymes .5 L Sternberg 0 L Bernstein .5 N Hymes 0 L Greenberg 0
H Driscoll 0 L Gunsberg 0 J Lissner 0) ref C Nugent. City vs Metropolitan
today. Taubenhaus arrived NY from Havana, had glorious time Cuba, leaves
for Glasgow next Sat. Game 6 Mieses-Janowski Vienna W28 notes Mieses.
Consulting games tonight at Manhattan, visitors welcome

Jan 27, 1895 pg 12: Trib pubd dispatch yesterday that British CC will select
10 players for cable match vs Manhattan 1 sitting Feb. Newark was confident
would do better vs Bkln than vs City. Seemed close, as soon as Olly scored
broke through. Foregone that Staten Island overmatched by Manhattan;
Litzenberger D saved from sweep creditable. Last night City vs Metropolitan,
viewed as certain for City. Mieses now leads Janowski 5-3-1; no news since
Wed, generally supposed Janowski indisposed. Taubenhaus successful trip to
Cuba, has been having all his way, lost only 1 of 22 match games including
10 vs Vasquez, 2 vs Golmayo; leaves for Glasgow next Sat. From new book
100 probs Prob 15-16 E Orsini. Solns John Gardner (Utica NY), Bahler, Dewald,
Lilliestrale, Major Paul R Brown (Fort Hamilton NY), Stafford, McLean, James
Tarbell (Upper Alton IL), M Fay Stone

Jan 27, 1895 pg 16: CCNY CC will meet as usu during exams. Bkln Poly tnmt 
nearly done, Goldmark 96 and W Doerflinger 96 tied for 1st in class 1,
Smith 96 wins 2d class prize

Jan 28, 1895 pg 8: Unexpectedly tough match for City CC. Youthful X R
Raubitschek beats Jasnogrodsky, young A Arnheim adj vs Showalter. W 1 adj left
City CC 4 (Halpern 1 Delmar 1 Jasnogrodsky 0 Showalter * W Huntington .5
I Lewkowicz 0 Roething .5 C Devide 1)-Metropolitan 3 (Dr TH Roche 0 Dr OP
Honegger 0 R Raubitschek 1 A Arnheim * L Hein .5 M Meyer 1 M Linzbach .5 A 
Pieczonka 0); ref Hanham

Jan 29, 1895 pg 4: 95 move D after Mieses misses win in time pressure, Mieses 
leads Janowski 5-3-2. game 7 Janowski-Mieses Ruy B55 notes Mieses. Albin wins
1st of series 10 Philad played on even terms vs Morgan, Voigt, Martinez, 
Shipley, Stuart; win was vs Morgan; also 9-1 simul

Jan 31, 1895 pg 12: Janowski wins due to time pressure error, trails Mieses

Feb 1, 1895 pg 4: Janowski wins, tied 5-5-2 w Mieses. Showalter 6-2-2 
Metropolitan simul; beat Albert Pieczonka, Robert Raubitschek, JH Kahn Jr,
A Frankenstein, H Hirsch, E Tanenbaum; lost to Dr TH Roche, Dr OP Honegger;
drew M Leipziger, M Meyer (intro says won 24 but think mistake)

Feb 2, 1895 pg 10: Game 8 Mieses-Janowski Vienna W91

Feb 3, 1895 pg 16: Metropolitan amazing stand vs City. Arnheim D vs Showalter,
18 yr old Raubitschek win vs Jasnogrodsky esp remarkable. Metropolitan vs
newark Tues should be interesting. Lasker recovered from illness, touring
England, now in Lpool. British CC picks Mar 2 for cable match, will select
team from Donisthorpe, Guest, Heppell, Hirsch, Hoffer, Hunter, Locock, Lord,
Love, Wills, Mortimer, Mundell, Owen, Trenchard, Woodgate; Manhattan team not
selected. Metropolitan League success, some plans for even larger league or
US Chess League to arrange top natl and intl events, like German Chess Bund
which has done wonders for German chess. Albin playing wonderful chess and
being treated handsomely at Franklin CC. Taubenhaus had to change plans no
steamer for Glasgow yesterday; went to Boston CC, plans to start next Sat
for Europe. Arrived Boston Fri, will play ~20 simul Mon. No new moves known for 
Paris vs St Ptbg corr match. Missing 2 match Game 5 Vazquez-Taubenhaus Birds
D46 Game 6 Taubenhaus-Vasquez KGD D35. Philad Game Voigt-Albin Ruy B27. Prob
17-18 E Orsini (Livorno, Italy) since many liked 2 prev. Solns Gardner, McLean,
Wehle, Dewald, Bahler, Lilliestrale, Maj Fred R Brown (Fort Hamilton, NY),
Stafford, Tarbell.

Feb 3, 1895 pg 25: Stevens Inst CC officers HH Maxfield 95, GR Rae 96,
EE Burnett 96, Guy Hopkins 95. Will arrange tnmt between classes w prize for

Feb 4, 1895 pg 2: Janowski wins, leads Mieses 6-5-2; drawn if 6-6 so cannot
lose match. Bkln CC team match Team 1 6.5 (Elwell 0 Olly 1 Rocamora .5 
Bradford 0 Souweine 0 Ruth 1 Spowers 1 Taber 1 Southwick 1 Cragg 1 Duval 0)-
Team 2 4.5 (Tatum 1 Bonn 0 De Visser .5 Breckenridge 1 Murphy 1 Finlay 0
Behr 0 Swaffield 0 Ulrich 0 Wurstlin 0 Dow 1). Philad Game 3 Martinez-Albin
French B41

Feb 5, 1895 pg 5: Mieses wins to draw match vs Janowski 6-6-2; gmae by game
results. New schedule for Metropolitan Chess League rds 3-5 given; matches
Feb 5, 9, 16, 26 Mar 1, 9, 14, 16, 23

Feb 5, 1895 pg 12: Mieses wins, match vs Janowski drawn 6-6-2. Game by game
results. Sched remaining Metro League matches given

Feb 6, 1895 pg 12: Game 4 Albin-Shipley French D29

Feb 10, 1895 pg 13: Metropolitan, despite having Albin and Taubenhaus and
fielding best team, upset by Newark. Newark 1st questioned their membership
but accepted inevitable. Game E Hymes-Albin Ruy W42. N Hymes overmatched by
Taubenhaus. Sternberg (N) beat out of form Arnheim, Raubitschek drew C Hymes.
Thus led 2.5-1.5 top bds; made same score bottom 4 w Greenberg, Benner beating
Linzbach, Meyer, M Hyles drew Roche; lost only Game Honegger-Driscoll Ruy W30++.
Most important league match rd 3 Manhattan vs City; large crowd, started leat,
full report tomorrow. Cable match will be Mar 9. Game 9 Janowski-Mieses Ruy B65.
NYSCA trying to arrange different format chp tnmt unlike farcical comedy prev
yrs so best man wins; Washington's bday. Albin 10-2-1 simul at Freundschaft,
lost to Dr Honegger, H Kahn; drew J Lehmann. Taubenhaus 9-2-1 simul Metropolitan
lost to J Kahn, L Metzger; drew Dr Honegger; also 2-0 blind simul. Prob 19
JS Boyd Jr (NY) 20 RA Colville (Tipton, USA). Philad Game 1 Morgan-Albin Ruy
B65. Solns Dewald, Stafford, HLE Jr (Bridgeport CT), Gardner, Bahler, Stone

Feb 10, 1895 pg 16: Rutgers CC will send challenges for corr games to
Columbia and Lafayette. Haverford CC orgd, officers Anson B Harvey 94, 
WC Webster 95

Feb 11, 1895 pg 4: City beats Manhattan. Was thought Manhattan, City, Bkln,
Newark best; now Manhattan and Newark lost 2 so down to City and Bkln.
Brief game descriptions. City 4.5 (Halpern .5 Delmar 1 H Voigt .5 Showalter 1
A Reitzer 0 Roething .5 J Huntington 1 C Nugent 0)-Manhattan 3.5 (Simonson .5
H Davidson 0 Hodges .5 DG Baird 0 JS Ryan 1 Isaacson .5 A Vorrath 0 JW Baird 1),
ref De Visser

Feb 12, 1895 pg 4: Extraordinary Game 10 Mieses-Janowski Vienna D78 notes
Mieses. Tarrasch accepted another challenge from Walbrodt, 1000 marks Nuremberg
next Aug

Feb 13, 1895 pg 4: Game 11 Janowski-Mieses Ruy W53 notes Hoffer. Game 5
Albin-Morgan Petroff W27. Albin will leave Philad next wk, prob for Washington

Feb 17, 1895 pg 16: Bkln Poly negotiating for match vs CCNY. Finals in chess
match between W Doerfinger 95 and Smith 96? stand 2-2-3 in favor Doerfinger [?]
Rutgers CC has challenged Columbia to 2 corr games, prob will not accept since
do not have time to consult before each move

Feb 17, 1895 pg 25: Main local event Manhattan vs City, reported Feb 11.
Mieses writes that he fell ill during game 12, thus losing chances ro win match.
Game 12 Mieses-Janowski Vienna B33 Game 13 Janowski-Mieses 3N 3..g6 W31 Game 14
Mieses-Janowski Vienna W30 mate 3. Albin continued Philad success; Game 6
Albin-Voigt Sic D55 Game 7 Shipley-Albin Philidor B47. Albin was ill for some
days, so will not finish Philad before Mon. Great preparations for Mar 9 cable
match. Prob 20 John Gardner (Utica NY) 21 FR Oberhausen (Germany). Solns
Gardner, Dewald, Stafford, Bahler, JS Boyd Jr, GW Teed (Bkln), Stone. Steinitz
will ask Gunsberg to arrange for him 2 play 2 cable games vs each of Gunsberg,
Blackburne, Mason, Teichmann, Lasker; plan on 10 consec Sats but will send
formal challenge

Feb 18, 1895 pg 8: Bkln 7 (SR Rocamora 0 JC Tatum 1 De Visser 1 WF Eno 1 EN Olly
1 JD Elwell 1 RF Bradford 1 AJ Souweine 1)-Staten Island 1 (WT Ryan 1 C Raettig 
0 W Litzenberger 0 GA Barth 0 H Siemer 0 W Pendleton 0 L Kuhn 0 J Schweikert 0),
ref Hodges. Game Ryan-Rocamora Sic W32. Full league stdgs; next game City vs
Staten Island Mar 1

Feb 22, 1895 pg 12: Events of day has NYSCA ann mtg

Feb 23, 1895 pg 9: Books of wk includes Mason's Art of Chess

Feb 24, 1895 pg 12: New rules for NYSCA tnmt, which prev was a farce. Pic
winner this yr DG Baird, long considered strong player; beat Jasnogrodsky,
Soweine, Delmar, Ryan. Showalter after adjud D vs JW Baird rd 2 2d. Hodges,
Ryan split 3/4. General tnmt winners E Sobernheim, Roething/Buz. Richards/
Langleben/Napier. Soln tnmt won by L Hein of Metropolitan and City CCs.
Most successful such tnmt yet, 55 games played. Final rd Game Showalter-Hodges
Ruy W47. Albin finishes Philad engagement, record 2-0 vs Stuart and Morgan,
1.5-.5 vs Voigt, 1.5-1.5 vs Shipley, 1-1 vs Martinez. Philad Game Albin-
Neumann+Seymour GP D37. Lasker in Lpool 20-2-3, 19-0, 0-2 vs consulting teams.
25 simul Game Lasker-Jacks KGA Bishop G B20. Newark plays Manhattan Tus.
Prob 23 Cecil AL Bull (S Africa) 24 FG Tucker (London). Solns Bahler, Robert
B Browne (Phillipsburg NJ), Lilliestrale, JS Boyd Jr, Stafford, Dewald, Gardner

Feb 27, 1895 pg 2: 2 adj games left, Manhattan 5.5 (Hodges * Louis Schmidt Jr 1
DG Baird .5 JW Baird * Dr CB Isaacson 1 A Vorrath 1 C Gedalia 1 AC Clapp 1)-
Newark .5 (C Hymes * Dr F Nodler 0 L Bernstein .5 E Hymes * S Greenberg 0 J 
Lisner 0 L Gunzberg 0 G Benner 0); ref JG Ascher (Manhattan). Next league
match Fri, City CC vs Staten Island

(missing Mar-Apr 1895)

Mar 2, 1895 pg 10: City 7 (Showalter 1 Devide 1 W Huntington 1 O Roething 1
A Reitzer 1 W Argoud 0 I Lewkowitz 1 Charles Nugent 1)-SI 1 (HC Hagedorn 0
W Litzenberger 0 C Raettig 0 GA Barth 0 W Pendleton 0 L Kuhn 1 W Hamilton 0
E Rentz 0); 4th rd league ends tonught w Metroplitan vs Bkln

Mar 2, 1895 pg 12: Elizabeth Chess+Whist new rooms

Mar 3, 1895 pg 14: Metropolitan League Manhattan-Newark, City-Staten Island;
last of 4th rd Bkln vs Metropolitan, stdgs Bkln, City 3 Manhattan 2 Met, Newark
1 Staten Island 0. Final rd Bkln vs City key match. NYSCA mtg, A Teller of
Manhattsn suggests Eastern Leagu to arrange natl, intl matches like
Schachbund; asked to draw up plan to lay before cttee appointed pres
Prof Rogers. Chess obit of Lord Randolph Churchill, from London Times have
there. Game Steinitz-Churchill KGA Allgaier W33 notes Quarterly Chronicle
Game Steinitz-Churchill+Ranken(+others?) Vienna D33 notes Illus News.
Franklin CC had Washington bday KO tnmt and soln tnmt including Prob 25
SW Bampton 26 ES Maguire (Philad). Solns JSB Jr, RBB (Phillipsburg NJ), 
Rev Louis H Bahler (Malden NY), JA Dewald (New Brunswick), John Gardner (Utica),
Porter Stafford (Erie PA), M Fay Stone (Pecano LA). Much excitement coming
Manhattan vs British match. Likely teams select from M: Showalter, Hodges, 
Lipschutz, DG Baird, JW Baird, Ryan, Hanham, Schmidt, Isaacson, De Visser,
Simonson, Rocamora. B: Hoffer, Owen, Wayte, Donisthorpe, Guest, Mills, Gattie,
Locock, Mortimer, Trenchard, Hirschfeld, Auger 

Mar 4, 1895 pg 3: Final rd 4 Metro League Bkln-Metropolitan 6.5-1.5. 
Bkln 4-0 25.5-5.5 City 4-0 22.5-9.5 Manhattan 2-2 19.5-11.5 Metropolitan 1-3
14-17 Newark 1-3 9-22 Staten Island 3.5-28.5; those w 31 have 1 game to finish

Mar 6, 1895 pg 4: Manhattan vs British CC cable teams M: DG Baird, JW Baird,
Hanham, Hodges, Isaacson, Lipschutz, JS Ryan, Simonson, Showalter, De Visser;
British: JT Heppell, Hoffer, A Hunter, Locock, FW Lord, DY Mills, Mortimer,
Owen, Trenchard, Guest subs Lowe, Mundell, Ward-Higgs, Woodgate

Mar 7, 1895 pg 7: Dr Balard accepts post Manhattan rep in London for
cable match Prof Isaac Rice ref for British in NY. London paps approve of
Steinitz challenge 2 cable games vs each of Lasker, Gunsberg, Blackburne,
Teichmann, Mason. Unf metro league game Arnheim (Metropolitan) resigns to
Teed (Bkln) gvg Bkln 7.5-.5 win

Mar 8, 1895 pg 2: Teichmann-Mieses 4-1-1 London. Game 5 Teichmann-Mieses Ruy W64
notes Mieses Game 6 Mieses-Teichmann Vienna 3.Bc4 Bc5 Qg4 B43 notes Mieses

Mar 9, 1895 pg 2: Manhattan directors want to publicly contradict statement
in press saying that Manhattan team vs British is to large extend composed
of semi-professionals

Mar 9, 1895 pg 12: Paterson CCC thriving, seeks larger rooms; officers 
JH White, H Stapfer (NJ chess chp), RL Craig. Plan local tnmt and match vs
Hoboken; next NJCA tnmt will be in Paterson

Mar 9, 1895 pg 13: AB Hodges, private sec of Governor Trask of Sailor's Snug
Harbor, will be capt Manhattan team for today's match vs British CC

Mar 10, 1895 pg 17: Manhattan vs British match report. M: Lipschutz, Showalter,
Hodges, DG Baird, Hanham, Ryan, Isaacson, JW Baird, Simonson, De Visser. B: 
Owen, Hoffer, Locock, Mills, Lord, Guest, Mortimer, Trenchard, Heppel, Hunter.
Omitting report on drawn match since have elsewhere, w game scores. Present
include Kemeny, Shipley, JW Young of Philad, Steinitz, S Loyd, E Sobernheim, 
R Buz, C Nugent, J Livingston, A Teller, A Ettlinger, FV Alexander of NY,
H Schapfer (Paterson), J Rowe (Orange), W Pendleton, GA Barth (Stat I), Gilberg,
J Sabater, JD Elwell, JC Tatum, SG Ruth, RA Bachia, FE Wheeler, F Rose, 
SH Cragg, SH Chittenden, J Murphy, EN Olly (Bkln). Among many women Mrs Worrall,
Mrs Showalter, Miss Steinitz. Prob 27 Max J Meyer (Berlin).

Mar 13, 1895 pg 12: George Clapperton of Commercial Cable Co says cable not
to blame for lack success chess match, could have handled 50 games, wires 
used only 1 hr of 7

Mar 16, 1895 pg 10: St Ptbg vs Paris game 2 moves 1-50. Unf game AB Hodges
(Manhattan)/C Hymes (Newark). Staten Island resigned match sched yesterday vs
Newark. Showalter simul Staten Island tonight

Mar 17, 1895 pg 15: Manhattan vs British cannot be called success but taught
useful lessons. Trib pubd statement Wed prob not w cable, was time lost
translating moves. Rec use English notation, players on platform w operator
close by and display bds. Large rooms arranged for Bkln vs City match.
Staten Island resigned match vs Newark, C Hymes and Hodges agree to D game of
Feb 26. Manhattan vs Metropolitan yesterday, final Bkln vs City Sat. Taubenhaus
sailed for Glasgow after successful farewell simul Metropolitan. Showalter
10-1-1 simul Staten Island 3 hrs beat Goerner, Kuhn, Litzenberger, Ryan, 
Pendleton, Barth, Raettig, William Hechler, Reinz, George Hechler; lost to
Hagadorn [Hagedorn?]; drew Eidam including Game Showalter-Barth 2N W36++. 
Prob 28 John Gardner (Utica) 29 Herbert Jacobs (London). Solns JSB Jr,
Porter Stafford, John Gardner, James Tarbell (Upper Alton IL), SL (Irvington NY)
M Fay Stone

Mar 17, 1895 pg 18: Rutgers vs Lafayette corr match arranged; Rutgers players
Wilson 96, Morrison 97, Carpenter 97, Kempf 98

Mar 18, 1895 pg 7: Metropolitan 3.5 (Alb Arnheim 1 Dr TH Roche 0 
Rob Raubitschek 0 E Sobernheim .5 F Lipschutz 1 M Linzbach 1 M Meyer * 
Alb Pieczonka 0)/Manhattan 3.5 (JW Baird 0 AB Hodges 1 S Lipschutz 1 L Schmidt 
Jr .5 H Fitch 0 H Thompson 0 R Buz * A Vorrath 1) ref JD Elwell.
Delmar-Jasnogrodsky 5-1-1

Mar 21, 1895 pg 4: Resume play adj game Meyer (Metropolitan) beats R Bus
(Manhattan) to give Metropolitan 4.5-3.5 win

Mar 24, 1895 pg 5: British reports on cable match rcvd. Ltr from G Simonson
given explaining US feels were ahead; Showalter and JW Baird surprised to
read British accounts. Metropolitan League trophy to be decided by Bkln vs
City is bronze gladiator. Steinitz will prob play 2 cable games vs each of
Gunsberg, Mason, Blackburne, Teichmann but feels cannot accept terms offered
to go to Hastings. Prob 30 Chocholous+D Dobrusky 31 Melissinos. Solns Rev 
Louis H Bahler, SL (Irvington NY), M Fay Stone, James Tarbell, JSB Jr. Note
to EWF (Bkln). St Ptbg vs Paris moves 50-55.

Mar 24, 1895 pg 8: Final Metropolitan League match Bkln 4.5 (Pillsbury 1
P Richardson 0 JF Barry 1 FM Teed .5 SR Rocamora .5 De Visser 1 WF Eno .5
JC Tatum 0)-City 3.5 (Showalter 0 Delmar 1 A Ettlinger 0 H Voigt .5 SW Bampton
.5 WJ Ferris 0 W Huntington .5 JW Halpern 1) ref Dr OP Honegger. Game
Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W19 Game Delmar-Richardson QP W23++ these 2 finished
within 2 hrs

Mar 25, 1895 pg 3: Metropolitan League statistics. Bkln: H Helms, AJ Souweine
2-0 JF Barry, JD Elwell 1-0 Pillsbury 3-0-1 RF Bradford, WF Eno 2-0-1 
De Visser 3-0-2 Teed 1-0-1 SR Rocamora 3-1 EN Olly 2-1 Philip Richardson 2-1-1
JC Tatum 3-2. City: Delmar 4-0 S Loyd 1-0 J Halpern 3-0-1 C Devide 2-0-1
W Huntington 3-0-2 O Roething 2-0-2 Showalter 3-1-1 I Lekowicz, C Nugent,
A Reitzer 1-1 SW Bampton 0-0-1 H Voigt 0-0-2 L Argoud, A Ettlinger, WJ Ferris
0-1 Jasnogrodsky 0-2. Manhattan: C Gedalia 2-0 JG Ascher, AC Clapp, S Lipschutz
1-0 Hodges 2-0-2 A Vorrath 3-1 JS Ryan 2-1 L Schmidt Jr 2-1-1 JW Baird 2-2-1
DG Baird 1-1-2 H Davidson, CB Isaacson 1-1-1 G Simonson 0-0-1 R Buz, EW Dahl,
W Fitch, P Thompson 0-1. Metropolitan: DC Donohue, F Lipschutz 1-0 A Arnheim,
M Linzbach, M Meyer, R Raubitschek 2-2-1 H Hirsch, OP Honegger, M Taubenhaus
1-1 L Hein, E Sobernheim 0-0-1 TH Roche 0-2-3 A Pieczonka 0-3-1 A Albin 0-1.
Newark: E Hymes 3-0-1 L Bernstein 0-0-3 G Benner 1-1 M Hymes 0-0-1 C Hymes
0-1-2 L Sternberg 1-2 S Greenberg 1-3 F Nodler 0-1 L Gunsberg 0-2
H Driscoll, N Hymes, J Lissner 0-3. Staten Island: WT Ryan 1-2 L Kuhn 1-3
W Litzenberger 0-2-2 C Raettig, W Pendleton 0-3-1 B Eidam, SA Frank,
HC Hagedorn, W Hamilton, L Renz 0-1 J Schweikert, H Siemer 0-2 GA Barth 0-4.
Bkln 5-0 City 4 Manhattan, Metropolitan, Newark 2 SI 0.

Mar 31, 1895 pg 14: Bkln-City 4.5-3.5 to win Met League. Steinitz challenge
to Gunsberg, Blackburne, Mason, Teichmann, Lasker likely to come off. Plans
to form players league, ann tnmt; mtg called by Showalter Manhattan Sat; 
Pillsbury, Delmar, Hanham, Jasnogrodsky on bd. Albin engaged New Orleans,
will play match games w McConnell, Wilcox, Labatt, Farrell [?], Seguin.
Game Jasnogrodsky-Hanham Caro-Kann B43. Prob 32 C Planck 33 J Bauer (Vienna).
Solns JSB Jr, Trinity College (Hartford), Porter Stafford, John Gardner,
Rev Louis H Bahler, JA Dewald, M Fay Stone. Note to Rev Jesse H Jones 
(N Abington MA)

Mar 31, 1895 pg 17: City College CC officers W Kempner 96, M Greenbaum 96,
JF Arteaga 96, LM Roe 97; cttee FC Sullivan 95, E Moxhovitz 96. Plan tnmt soon

Apr 2, 1895 pg 5: Steinitz anxious to play 10 cable games vs British experts
which they declined, plans to send Gunsberg ltr w inducements

Apr 7, 1895 pg 20: Manhattan rcvd challenge from Franklin 10-20 bd telegraph
match, accept for Decoration Day, Steinitz to ref. Drawing Steinitz. Steinitz
almost decided to play Hastings esp since Gunsberg suggested special 
inducements. Review Steinitz career omitting all known. Tarrasch, Lasker
have declared will play Hastings; expect Tschigorin, Englisch, Weiss, Lipke,
Janowski, Taubenhaus, Walbrodt, Mieses, Blackburne, Mason, Gunsberg, Bird,
Teichmann, Steinitz, Lipschutz, Showalter, Pillsbury, Albin, Delmar if latter 
can absent self from bank duties. Lipschutz, Showalter plan return match
7 up $750/side date not fixed. Bkln CC cont tnmt ends; scores above .500
note Elwell prize most wins 419 but below .500. Bradford 130-35 Souweine 
130-65 Helms 60-31 Bonn 32-17 Morphy 51-37 Woodcock 63-46 Behrendson 75-58
Olly 185-148 Taber 207-168 Dahl 109-90 Tatum 169-140 Gilley 216-183 Colwell
128-111 Ruth 54-52 Swaffield 33-32. Metro League pres Julius Livingston will
present trophy to Bkln CC Fri. Club mems have complained re Trib comments feel
not need to build 1st class CC already have 1; true but not numerically barely
100 mems no reason should not grow bigger. Boston youth LB Hill 5-1-1 
Metropolitan CC simul beat E Soberheim, R Raubitschek, Dr Moore, L Kohn,
Prof Pieczonka; lost to  Fr Honegger; drew H Grasswinkel. Vienna tnmt includes
Weiss and Englisch who had been retired, stdgs (parens to play) Englisch 3.5 (3)
Marco 4.5 (2) Schlechter, Weiss 4 (2) Judd, Zinkl 3 (2) Schwarz 2 (3). 
Blackburne, Mieses start 5 up match Apr 22. Mieses, Taubenhaus touring Scotland.
London Daily News chess ed Louis Van Vliet arrested for theft Charing Cross
Station. 1st mtg players league Tues. 23d ann match Oxford 4 (E Lawton 0
PW Sergeant 0 HGW Cooper 1 HN Robbins 1 TB Collins 0 EG Churchill 1 K Lake 1)-
Cambridge 3 (P Hart Dyke 1 HJ Snowden 1 WV Naish 0 C Varley 0 
D Fotheringham 1 WT Quin 0 JP Foster 0), umps Lasker and Hoffer. Yr by yr
match record. Mieses-Taubenhaus 2-1-2 Glasgow best of 5 Mar 26-28. Prob 34
O Hoeppenr (Reval, Russia) 35 Capt A Beaumont (Norwood, England). Solns
Rev Louis H Bahler, John Gardner, Porter Stafford, JBB Jr, Trinity College,
RBB. Notes to OD (NY), RHS (Holyoke MA) prefer to be known as chess ed
Tribune, M Fay Stone

Apr 14, 1895 pg 14: Little chess action this wk. Presentation Met League
trophy postponed til Wed. Discussion Mieses vs Taubenhaus match games.
Drawing Mieses. B 1865, studied natural history univs Leipzig, Berlin. Learned
chess age 15 but had no opportunity to play, in 2 yrs strong problem
composer. Age 17 mem Augustea CC Leipzig, improved by playing Bardeleben,
tied for 2d Fankfurt 87 Haupttnmt w P Richter, tied for 2d natl tnmt Nuremberg
88 after Tarrasch, 3d Leipzig 88 natl master tnmt, 1889 3d at Breslau intl
tnmt tho did worse Leipzig last yr while working as reporter for tnmt to NY
newspaper syndicate (made no transmission errors sending scores whole tnmt).
Match Game 1 Taubenhaus-Mieses Ponziani B47 Game 2 Mieses-Taubenhaus Vienna D46
Game 3 Taubenhaus-Mieses Ruy D49 Game 4 Mieses-Taubenhaus Vienna W42 Game 5
Taubenhaus-Mieses Ruy W51. Bkln CC chp H Helms 6-2-1 simul Bkln YMCA, beat
JF Prentice, C Helms, O Lagerquist, CW White, A Wollberg, CS Taber; lost to
WE Napier, W Tabing; drew SH Prentice including Game Helms-Napier Bird's B21; 
Napier very promising 13 yr old. Prob 36 BG Laws 37 K Erlin (Vienna). Solns
JSB Jr, RHS (Holyoke MA), Porter Stafford, Rev Louis H Bahler, RBB (Phillipsburg
NJ), Trinity College, John Gardner, JA Dewald, Invalid (Auburndale MA),
James Tarbell, M Fay Stone.

Apr 16, 1895 pg 5: Manhattan declines Boston challenge 8/side for $100 stake
by telegraph

Apr 21, 1895 pg 15: Bkln CC social gathering great success, Met League trophy
presented by Julius Livingston after intro De Visser, accept by Bkln pres
JT Marean, toastmaster JD Elwell. Speeches Wesley Bigelow, GA Barth,
Charles Nugent, Dr EW Dahl, Delmar, John C Tatum, H Cassel, Philip Richardson,
Hanham Gilberg, HAC Dahl. Deat William Norwood Potter age 55 Sutton, England.
Showed chess promise as child, exceptional tenacity rare industry. Appeared
Simpson's 1867 rcvg N from Blackburne and De Vere, by 1870 leading expert won
City of London tnmt beating Blackburne and De Vere even. Drawing Potter. 2d
prize City of London 74 and 75 hdcp 2d place entries included Bird, Wisker,
Zukertort. Lost 4-2-8 to Zukertort, drew Mason 21 game match. 1874 ed City
of London Chess Mag and Westm Paps; til retirement ed chess col Land+Water;
w Steinitz and Zukertort ed chess articles Encyclopedia Britannica. Conducted
corr match vs Vienna w Steinitz. Cable match 5 London mastters vs Steinitz
unlikely, London season too far advanced. Van Vliet acquitted of theft, Lasker
spoke of good character to jury, decided case should not have been brought.
Return match Walbrodt vs Tarrasch Nuremberg start mid June, 7 up; Tarrasch
will then play return match vs Tschigorin in Berlin 10 up. Natl master tnmt
Berlin July, Hastings tnmt Aug. City CC trying to get new rooms, elect officers
Livingston, Dr Jentz, L Rosenfeld, WS Thumler, Charles Nugent; ex-officers
Delmar, JL Hein, W Showalter, H Cassel elected to directory, very active
known as friend master players. 8 bd City of London vs Paris match this wk.
Tomorrow 1st interclub team match Paris, Cercle des Echecs vs Cercle Militaire
10 bds. 28 player tnmt Ladies CC London in prog. Bardeleben-Dr H v Gottschall
4-1 Leipzig, starts match vs Blackburne tomorrow. Hoboken 3 (A Vorrath 0
S Lissner 1 PJ Doyle 1 TH Hatfield 0 R Fischer 1)-Paterson 2 (H Stapfer 1
RL Craig 0 LH White 0 William Craig 1 J McFadler 0); return match 10/side Fri.
Paris resigns to St Ptbg, match ends 1-1 tie. Game St Ptbg-Paris Evans W60. 
Prob 38-39 Hermann Leonard Jonsson (Landteurkare, Partilled, Sweden). Solns
JSB Jr, RBB, RHS, Trinity College, John Gardner, Rev Louis H Bahler, JA Dewald,
Porter Stafford, M Fay Stone

Apr 23, 1895 pg 5: Bardeleben left Leipzig for London, match vs Blackburne
starts Thurs not today as 1st stated

Apr 24, 1895 pg 6: Can't play chess on Sunday; let B win

Apr 24, 1895 pg 7: Manhattan mtg to form chess masters league, plan ann tnmts
and foster chess, next mtg May 4

Apr 26, 1895 pg 3: Blackburne wins game 1 vs Bardeleben

Apr 26, 1895 pg 12: Funeral Manhattan 1st pres LH Hellwitz today

Apr 27, 1895 pg 10: Funeral Leopold H Hellwitz, founder and 1st pres Manhattan
CC. Funeral conducted by club mem Rev Raphael Benjamin. Many mems attended
including pres Wesley Bigelow

Apr 28, 1895 pg 14: Chess players League started. Present include Steinitz,
Lipschutz, Jasnogrodsky, JW Baird, Hanham, Delmar et al. Cttee chaired JD Elwell
to draft rules. Next mtg Sat. Plan ann tnmts, foster chess, not in opposition
to any CC. Manhattan ann dinner; more on jolly event next Sun. Drawing
Charles Alexander Gilberg. Among foremost players, problemists, supporters,
esp esteemed Bkln CC, liked by all who meet. B Camden 1835, studied NYC
College, successful merchant, now mngr Thomas Owen+Co NY, res Bkln num yrs.
Learned chess from father, strong player far back as 185?, beautiful selection
probs Crumbs from the Chess Bd for private circ. Coed Amer Chess Nuts, ed
book 5th Amer Congress of which main promoter, was pres NYSCA, mem Bkln and
Manhattan CCs. 3d largest chess lib world, in chess study where gives
receptions for friends over 1000 books and vols scrapbooks, portrait albums.
Prob 38-39 Charles A Gilberg. Death Manhattan founder and 1st pres 
Leopold H Hellwitz. Hard worker in chess world, Formed at Cafe Logeling
Nov 24, 1877, was pres til 1884. Frederick Wehle, mem Manhattan, presented 
Trib w book 6th Amer congress ed Steinitz as prize for a natl prob tnmt
for 2ers; Frederick Catlin, manufacturer famous pocket chess and checker bds,
donates these as prizes for 2d to 4th, FM Teed judge. Match Game 1 Gottschall-
Bardeleben Bishop O W61 notes Hoffer Game 2 Bardeleben-Gottschall Blackmar
Gambit (d4 d5 e4 de but no f3) W33 notes Hoffer. Solns JA Dewald, RBB, JSB Jr,
Rev Louis H Bahler, George Schaefer (Wappinger's Falls NY), Porter Stafford,
Invalid (Auburndale MA), John Gardner, M Fay Stone, RHS. Recs corr join a CC,
3 in NY City, Manhattan, Metropolitan

Apr 30, 1895 pg 1: Blackburne, Bardeleben draw game

May 3, 1895 pg 7: Description Bardeleben win game 3 vs Blackburne, match 
tied 1-1-1

May 4, 1895 pg 7: 4th game D, Blackburne wins game 5 leads Bardeleben 2-1-2.
Pillsbury simul Manhattan tonight. Chess Players League mtg tonight Manhattan,
elect officers and draw up rules 

May 5, 1895 pg 14: Pictures Bardeleben, Blackburne, well matched masters of
different styles; 1-1-2 so far. Blackburne b 1842, known youth checkers talent,
learned chess towards end 50s w Morphy boom, played and lost Morphy [sic] 1861 
Manchester visit 10 blind; learned blind himself; tnmt history. Did more for
chess in England than any. Bardeleben b 1861, learned chess early, improved as
law student Berlin; uncommon success tho some falling off last yrs; match and
tnmt record given, matches 2 wins vs Gottschall, wins vs Von Scheve, Caro.
Manhattan ann dinner, as stated last Sun, well attended; 38 w Wesley Bigelow
chair, JB Wilkinson toastmaster. Toasts Steinitz, JT Morean, De Visser,
Charles Raettig (pres Staten Island), Hodges, Charles Hymes, EJ Kaltenbach,
Dr CB Isaacson. Violin solo L Schmidt Jr, also music Prof Leopold Winkler.
Speeches CH Richards on Poetry of Chess, Dr G Simonson British CC, Max Frankel
Oddities of Chess, Coroner EW Hoeber Moral Responsibilities of Chess; also 
speeches JS Ryan, JS Curry, H Cassell, JD Elwell, R Buz. 5th ann Staten
Island celebration next Fri w Steinitz simul; known for wonderful arrangements
and great "free lunches". Prob 42 C Behting (Riga) 43 RH Seymour (Holyoke MA).
Solns RH Seymour, RBB, Dewald, JSB Jr, Stafford, Bahler, Gardner, Stone.
Game 3 Gottschall-Bardeleben Vienna B30 notes Hoffer Game 4 Bardeleben-
Gottschall Zukertort W62 notes Hoffer

May 6, 1895 pg 3: Description Game 1 Bardeleben-Blackburne Vienna B59 notes
Bardeleben. Shorthanded (wo Hodges, Pendleton) Staten Island team for return
match (Bkln won 1st 5.5-2.5) Bkln YMCA 3 (H Helms .5 RF Bradford .5 SG Ruth 1
CS Taber 0 C Helms 0 DH Prentice 1)-Staten Island 3 (WT Ryan .5 B Eidam .5
GA Barth 0 L Litzenberger 1 C Raettig 1 J Schweikert 0). Pillsbury 11-1-2 simul
Manhattan 3:30; beat R Foster, Frd Wehle, Dr R Benjamin, WS Paterson, R Beramje,
TF Northrop, AC Keep, JD Elwell, R Buz, Wm Dewey, W Sekendorf [Zeckendorf?];
lost to De Visser; drew M Stark, GF Hole

May 7, 1895 pg 4: Brief description Blackburne win game 6 vs Bardeleben,
leads 3-1-2

May 9, 1895 pg 6: John G White of Cleveland has great collection chess books
started by father late Bushnell White ~5000 vols

May 12, 1895 pg 14: From chess point of view, outrage that the "Greater NY
scheme" laid over for present; would have been nice for NY chessman to call
someone a greater NY player instead of Bkln player. Bkln's oldest player,
James Grower. In addition to what is in NY Sun same day includes left Leeds
since store burned out and uninsured, destroyed records games vs wife 6 yrs
ago, other sons Harry J Grower in NY Cutom House, George G Grower chemist
and electrician both good players. Gunsberg declines to arrange cable games vs
Steinitz this season. Game 2 Blackburne-Bardeleben d4 g6 e4 Bg7 D58 notes
Hoffer; Blackburne leads 3-2-2 as in Trib yesterday. Steinitz 12-1-1 Staten
Island 5th ann; beat Stark, Stahlbrand, Raetug [Raettig?], Hagedorn, La Mothe,
Schweikert, Litzenberger, Heckler, Ritter, Ross, Kuehn, Trask; lost to Ryan;
drew Roetling [Roething?]. Souvenir of probs composed by GA Barth presented
to Hodges, neatly bound. RH Seymour of Holyoke MA contributes prize (Miller
Cook's Analysis of the Openings) to 2er tnmt. Prob 44 Dr C Schwede (Erfurt, 
Germany) 55 W Gleadhill (Burley in Wharfedale, England). Solns Dewald, JSB Jr,
Lilliestrale, Bahler, Stafford, Seymour, RBB, N King (NY), WMT (Bkln) space
pressure prevents reporting all doings of chess players esp in summer, try to
cover what can Sundays

May 14, 1895 pg 7: Bardeleben wins, tied 3-3-2 vs Blackburne

May 17, 1895 pg 8: Bardeleben throws away win to draw game, tied 3-3-3 vs

May 17, 1895 pg 9: Turkish prov governor sometimes orders his opponents move

May 18, 1895 pg 4: Blackburne, Bardeleben agree to draw match 3-3-3. Game 
by game table

May 19, 1895 pg 10: Bardeleben, Blackburne agree to draw match. Believe poor
decision, too many of these lately w Mieses vs Janowski, Tarrasch vs Tschigorin.
British CC pres Newnes agreed to divide 25L purse. Game 5 Bardeleben-Blackburne
Evans dec B49 w notes Game 6 Blackburne-Bardeleben e4 e5 Be2 W64 w notes.
From Manhattan daily series w Lipschutz winning large majority Game
Lipschutz-Ettlinger Scotch B16. from Barth souvenir book Prob 46-47 GA Barth.
Solns JSB Jr, Rudolph Johnson (NY), Bahler, Lilliestrale, RHS (Holyoke MA),
Jonathon Grey/Jonathon Frey (Bkln), Stafford, William E Rogers (Beverly NY),
Dewald, RBB, George Schaefer (Wappingers Falls NY), N King (Liverpool NY),
Stone, JN Gamble (Catawba island OH), Dr HW Fannin (Hackett, Ark)

May 21, 1895 pg 8: Arrangements being made for Hastings tnmt Aug. Steinitz, 
Tarrasch will play, Lasker, Gunsberg, Blackburne expected, possibly Tschigorin,

May 23, 1895 pg 7: Wedding Rev Robert Lawson Ross of Kerhonkson to Miss Cora
Taylor. Ross Y95, was 1 of Yale's chp chess players; Kerhonkson is his 1st

May 26, 1895 pg 4: Hastings tnmt funds coming slowly, at present only 450L
avail for distribution, 1st 150L; expect more but need help soon. Now doubtful
great players will come. details Hastings prog. Game 7 Bardeleben-Blackburne
Evans dec W41 w notes Game 8 Blackburne-Bardeleben 1.d3 B60 w notes Game 9
Bardeleben-Blackburne Ponziani D40 notes Bardeleben. 14 bd Manhattan vs
Franklin match Thurs. Manhattan team Hodges, Showalter, Lipschutz, Simonson,
Isaacson, JW Baird, DG Baird, Hanham, Ryan, Halpern, Jasnogrodsky, L Schmidt Jr,
H davidson, De Visser. Franklin team Reichhelm, Kaiser, M Morgan, Voigt,
Bampton, JW Young, MS Robinson, AK Robinson, CJ Newman, Elson, DN Martinez,
Shipley and 2 not yet selected. 11 AM-11 PM w 1 hr breaks 1, 6; then adjud
Steinitz. 20/1. Prob 48 Sigismund Schuster (Budapest) 49 WA Shinkman. Solns
Stone (says MA), JSB Jr, Dewald, Stafford, Bahler, Elek Emil (NY), Lilliestrale,
Jonathon Frey (Bkln), RBB, Rudolph Johnson (NY), SD Lewis (Warsaw NY), Schaefer,
HW Fannin, H Taylor (Dover ME), JW Stephens (San Bernardino CA)

May 27, 1895 pg 11: Paul Morphy made $400 donation to Mt Vernon which he won
from 4 blindfold games

May 31, 1895 pg 5: * for adjud games in telegraph match Franklin 7.5 (Voigt 0*
Reichhelm 0* Bampton .5 AK Robinson 1* Young 1 Newman 1 Kaiser .5 JP Morgan .5
Shipley 1 Stuart 0* M Morgan .5* White .5* Wilson .5* Elson .5*)-Manhattan 6.5
(Lipschutz 1* Showalter 1* Hodges .5 Simonson 0* De Visser 0 Jasnogrodsky 0
Hanham .5 Davidson .5 Rocamora 0 L Schmidt Jr 1* Vorrath .5* Elwell .5*
Holladay .5* Gedalia .5*) including Game Rocamora-Shipley Petroff B23 Game
Newmann-Jasnogrodsky French W22 

June 2, 1895 pg 18: What is the matter w Manhattan CC? A Camp Divided Against 
Itself. Pics Hodges, Reichhelm, M Morgan, John Welsh Young, De Visser,
Showalter, SW Bampton, JA Kaiser, Hanham, Lipschutz, Voigt, Shipley. Manhattan
loses to franklin CC as did to Bkln, City, Metropolitan. Club in factions.
Some think CC main object is to provide rooms, sets, bds and arrange tnmts;
feel it is foolish to seek services of a coach eg Steinitz. Some feel can
learn more from watching experts, and match eg Lipschutz vs Showalter greater
interest than skittles of N players. Some say who cares of tnmts and matches,
want place to meet and play skittles, wine and dine; should save money on
matches. What of directors? "Kickers", who like club and its mems, blame
managers for lack of success, say managers think they own club and must wait
til reformers come to office. despite diverse opinions all love the club and 
wish it success. Telegraph play of high order; game descriptions. Manhattan
subs Vorrath, Elwell, Holladay, Gedalia did well by holding own. Reichhelm
most prominent Franklin player tho not much time to practice past 15 yrs,
leisure devoted to theory and analysis of game. Shipley enthusiastic patron.
Bampton, Morgan, Young in front rank of US born. Newman is musician and born
chess player, excellent judgment; nephew of German poet Berthold Auerbach who
died some yrs ago. telegraph match Games Lipschutz-Voigt QP W42 by adjud
Game Stuart-Schmidt GP B35 by adjud Game Reichhelm-Showalter B43 by adjud
Game AK Robinson-Simonson Sic 2.b3 W35 by adjud Game De Visser-Young French B37.
Prob 50 A Ursic (Gorz, Austria) 51 Dr CC Faruffini (Milan). Solns JSB Jr,
Bahler, Rudolph Johnson, Lilliestrale, RBB, RHS, Dewald, Stafford, Emil, 
Schaefer, WW Chapman (Bay City MI), Stone, EW Engberg (NY), EJ Gillette
(Quebec TN), Dr HW Fannin, MS Hunt (Bermuda). 6 2ers rcvd for tnmt. Note
to RHS ed unwilling to tackle soln tnmt

June 3, 1895 pg 1: SF vs Victoria CC telegraph match 12 hr draw 1-1-1.
Victoria team Piper+Chwengers+Hands won game 1 (calls French Defence to
Bradford Opening), SF wins 12 hr game 2 

June 9, 1895 pg 15: Pic Lasker. Planned to give portraits Tarrasch and Walbrodt,
were sched to start 7 up match tomorrow, since postponed wk give Lasker.
Phenomenal career. B Berlinchen, studied at Real-Gymnasium Landsberg, U Berlin.
Bro well known player, 1st chess tutor. Reviews chess career. Postponed 
Steinitz rematch, deplorable have not met again yet; Steinitz was weak mentally
and bodily 1st match. Many ltrs re Manhattan article last wk; many object, 
others feel just. Will not print ltrs, feel subject exhausted. Showalter 9-3
Metropolitan CC, large crowd included Steinitz, Lipschutz, JW Baird, Delmar,
Albin, FJ Lee. Beat M Meyer, A Pieczonka, I Campbell, J Meyer, J Kahn, Dr O
Honegger, H Kuh or Kun, A Grasswinkel, ML Metzger; lost to I Campbell, H Hirsch,
M Linzbach. JW Baird, FJ Lee sail June 22 to play Hastings tnmt. Walbrodt writes
will be no master tnmt Berlin this yr, trying to org big tnmt next yr; Nuremberg
chosen for German CA next yr and 2 cities trying to negotiate as each wants
1896 tnmt. Vienna 1882 tnmt Game Steinitz-Fleissig French 2.e5 W39 notes
Tarrasch. Prob 52 O Nemo (Vienna) 53 Valle (Spezia). Solns Dewald, RHS, Bahler,
Emil, RBB, Engberg, JSB Jr, Stafford, Chapman, Stone, Fannin, AS Kedzie (grand
Haven MI)

June 16, 1895 pg 14: Sketches of Tarrasch, Walbrodt w drawings. Nuremberg CC
estabd 1873, 10 yrs later held 3d German CA, new life when Tarrasch moved there.
Tarrasch wrote when moved there could play there daily, which had not been able
to do since student days Berlin. Last yr 1st match vs Walbrodt, rematch starts
tomorrow. Viewed as certain fro Tarrasch who won 1st 7-0-1, Walbrodt confident
will do better, Tarrasch b Breslau 1862, univ at Berlin, MD Halle. 1st position
at Geraldsgruen, little time for chess. 1887 married, moved to Nuremberg, estabd
good practice. Chess record given; phenomenal tnmt, matches only Tschigorin D 
and 1st Walbrodt match. Walbrodt speaks pure Berlin slang but b Amsterdam when
father on biz 1872. Raised Koepenick near Berlin, taught chess by father. Father
opened stencil and pattern manufactory Berlin, handed to Walbrodt and older bro
who died last yr. R Buz, ex-director Manhattan CC, discovered Walbrodt 1890 in
Berlin cafe; lost 3 games rcvg N from boyish looking Walbrodt. Buz asked if mem
CC, said no played only cafes; same night took him to Berlin Chess Society where
went 2-0-1 vs Schallopp. Joined club and all success til loss to Tarrasch. Beat
Schallopp set match 5-3-1 1891, Keidanski 5-0 1891, drew Von Scheve and 
Bardeleben 1892; beat Golmayo and Vasquez in Havana and delmar on return from
Havana. 4-0-12 Dresden 92 age 20, tied 3/4 w Marco. Could not be induced to
study theory. Viewed as strongest German except Tarrasch (Lipke may also be;
not counting Lasker and Teichmann since res London). Says expects to lose to
Tarrasch but do much better, has studied openings and will not lose thru 
ignorance of the. Steinitz expects part 1, vol 2 Modern Chess Instructor to
be out next week. From Los Angeles World corr Game CF Pierce-A Johnston Ruy
W36 mate 6, each move w Shakespeare quote. Prob 54 L Noack (Breslau) 55
Jespersen (Svendborg). Solns Dewald, Emil, Richmond, JSB Jr, Engberg, Stafford,
RBB, Bahler, Lilliestrale, Chapman, Stone, AJ Wallon (Syracuse), EP Diskermann
(Eads CO), SD Lewis, Schaefer. Notice of probs rcvd for tnmt

June 23, 1895 pg 15: Men who have helped make the Bkln CC. According to club
poet laureate William Duval, circular issued 1886 to form Bkln CC. Among those
who helped estab Steinitz, Gilberg, Perrin, Ch Bruel, W Orr, Thomas Thaxton,
M Marion, F Willet, L Cox, R Cobb, P Childs, A Martin, O Muldauer, TB Ingalls,
J Spencer Turner, Prof RR Raymond, William F Eno, DB Finlay, Phil Richardson,
Dr WC Otterson, Dr Thomas Wilde, George F Murray, AW Shepard, James Roebuck,
A Steiner, Henry Chadwick, A Josephson, ES Gilley, WH Wilson, Frederick Rose,
PA Merian, IM Miller, Dr BF Underwood, JC Escolado, WB Ingalls, DJ Delehanty,
JC Willett, WS Colvin, Frank Rudd, CP Williams, J Reynold, GW Dougherty,
WW Thayer, C Telser, O Winterwerb, Herman Behr, HL Chatfield, FA Barnaby,
A Thompson, JA Wood, A Simis Jr, WS Woodward, LC D'Homergue, Dr FW Wonderlich,
SF Kneeland, JH Nason, Baldwin Strauss, JD Elwell, EL graeff, JW Russell,
WC Bixby, M Glattstein, J Brenner, F Damake, CN Edwards, AFW Tydeman, PH 
Funchon, Adolph Hoeland, GB Rolfe, FC Manvel, PC O'Higgins, EM Munoz, FW
Deckner, CWC Drehee, Robert Colwell, GD Cooper, JE schoonover, Sigismund
Behrensohn, FM Teed, DL Densmore, E Loesser, WT Whitehouse, O Hammann, CB
Ingalls, FM Horton, C Simis, CT Jung, G Kretz, FC Truslow, Dr Alvan Lewis,
AD Williams, SB Chittenden Jr, CE Chinnock, WP Sands, HH Thompson, Dr ED Owen,
R Heisser, WW Ellsworth, TG Bergen, CF Chichester, FS Bolenius, Hon CA Schieren,
C Lediard, Dr J O'Grady, WH Kent, JB Munoz, Albert G Jenkins. Pictures 
Duval, Richardson, Marean (says Mareau). Enthusiasm exhibited 1886 never
abated. Many young men came from YMCA CC and added strength; men eg De Visser
and Olly strongholds of late, De Visser as far as governance, Olly originated
continuous tnmt which is reponsible for much of success. Unlike other clubs,
always in harmony when club honor at stake; may differ on management of affairs
but when captain Tatum calls ready to play. Pics Eno, Herman Helms. Led to
Metro Chess League win. Note that in presenting portraits capt John C Tatum
missing, could not get him to send pic. Helms present chp, wrote of him when he
won club chp last winter. Young, studious, helped org Bkln YMCA CC 1889, 
joined Bkln CC 91 and won 1st in continuous tnmt as 3d class; 92 won Bkln CC
minor tnmt, spring continuous tnmt, YMCA chp; Aug 93 won NYSCA summer general
tnmt, also Bondy's tnmt beating Pollock by .5 in both; Feb 94 tied 1/2 NYSCA
general [ie non-chp] tnmt. Drew match vs Frere, easily beat Souweine, Tatum.
De Visser is also a founder of Manhattan CC, only recently joined Bkln CC as
active mem (had been hon mem); 1 of best NY, mem Bkln CC directory, played in
all league matches wo loss. Eno 1 of most esteemes, served since joining as
player and officer; too modest to care for prominence in chess world but 
club considers him 1 of most trustworthy Xs, always selected as rep, has not
lost single game in matches past 2 yrs. William Duval treas, poet of no mean
order; Xmas wrote mems book in happiest style. Philip Richardson very strong
player, drew Lasker on even terms, modest, respected by all. Much worry when
Gilberg retired as club pres, but all delighted w Marean, liberal donor, 
exceelent after-dinner speaker. Metropolitan 1st bday drew most of club and
guests eg Steinitz, Albin, Elwell, Halpern, Helms; Steinitz donated complete
set Intl Mag, Albin clever speech hit of evening spoke highest terms of Dr OP
Honegger founder and 1st pres, Otto Dalheim[ extemporaneous verse, Wesley 
Bigelow congratd club. Hastings sec Herbert E Dobell gives list of prob
players. Steinitz sails July 3, gave farewell Manhattan last night. 7 game up
Metropolitan match Dr Oscar P Honegger vs Emanuel Tanenbaum; Tanenbaum
recently beat VP David Klech 5 games up winning diamond chess crown value $100;
Tanenbaum pupil Albin who is match umpire; Tanenbaum won game 1. City CC hdcp
ends L'Argond 9.5-12.5 R Buz 6-16 Delmar 15-7 W Danill 1-21 WA Lawrence 15.5-
6.5 J Lefkowitz 8-14 M Leipziger 8-14 W Nugent 15.5-8.5 A reitzer 16-6 
JW Showalter 15-7 WL Thumier 6-16; Delmar, Thumier FFd some by non-appearance;
winners A Reitzer, Delmar/Showalter. Trib tnmt judge FM Teed forwards Prob
56-57 tnmt probs. Solns Stafford, AH Baldwin, Bahler, Lilliestrale, Engberg,
JSB Jr, Dewald, Emil Stone. Notes to JHJ (N Arlington MA), Teed, DAC (Philad)
who asks to name 10 greatest ever, ed asks readers, JJ (Jacksonville FL),
Schaefer, N King, Gansser, PH (Springfield MA), JHC (Kansas City MO)

June 30, 1895 pg 15: On City CC. Pics Julius Livingston, Showalter, H 
Schweitzer, Delmar, WS Huntington, J Halpern, Emil Hoffmann. Til Mar 14, 1891
there was Columbia CC, prospered until managers (esp 1 of them) became less and
less fit to run. Seemed no way to get rid of obnoxious mems so called mtg,
dissolved club and formed City CC w Dr OF Jentz 1st pres. Notable to success
past and present officers Dr OF Jentz, late FG Janusch, Charles Nugent, WS
Huntington, H Schweitzer, H Bennecke, Louis Hein, A Reitzer; problemists eg
Teed, Emil Hoffmann, H Otten, late AB [JB?] Munoz, L Steinberg, LA Goldsmith, 
A Vorrath, PE Doyle; experts DG Baird, SW Bampton, Delmar, A Ettlinger, 
WJ Ferris, Hanham, J Halpern, Hodges, E Hymes, WS Huntington, Otto Roething,
Showalter, H Voigt. Tho not at financial level Manhattan, always held good
events; 2 consec yr master tnmts last induced Steinitz to play 1st tnmt since
1883, key to his playing Hastings. Livingston native Breslau, devoted to club
and pres last 3 yrs; initiated Metropolitan Chess League. Delmar needs no intro,
has stuck to club like glue since joined, 4-0 leagu matches. Problemist Dr OF
Jentz, could not get his pic, speaks little at mtgs but works hard to keep club
in good financial condition assisted by late treas H Schweitzer and present
treas Ludwig Rosenfeld. A Reitzer won last hdcp, tho not 1st rate is strong
player, has made club library best in city. Halpern, Huntington always ready
to fight for club honor, Showalter yeoman service. E Hoffmann, Charles Nugent
great supporters; Nugent gets out best teams for matches. NYSCA mtg Skaneateles
July 30-Aug 2, cup and hdcp tnmts. 1st sec vol 2 Modern Chess Instructor out.
Tnmt Prob 58-59. Solns JSB Jr, RBB, George F Wheaton (Jersey City), Schaefer,
RHS, MCH (Chicopee MA), Emil, Lilliestrale, Edwin H Baldwin, Bahler, Stafford,
F Sahner (New Brighton SI), WHC (Bkln), Wehle, AH Baldwin, Engberg, Stone,
Chapman, JM Stephens (San Bernardino CA), Mrs HG Kedzie (Grand Haven MI)

July 1, 1895 pg 5: Midsummer fair at Eden Musee automaton asks to be examined

July 4, 1895 pg 8: Steinitz sails for Hastings. Ltr given from Steinitz to
Lasker. Lasker told British CC he was chp and required Steinitz to send another
challenge before could negotiate. Throws back chare of imposture against Lasker.
Angry ltr. Steinitz says 1RR tnmt like Hastings is a lottery, will do best,
pleased at mtg Tarrasch, Tschigorin et al OTB. Those there for goodbye include
Miss Hedwig Steinitz, Lipschutz, Albin, E Tanenbaum, Julius Livingston,
A Reitzer

July 7, 1895 pg 15: Manhattan CC. Not long ago viewed as finest CC in world,
what rep now? Pics Leopold H Hellwitz, Lipschutz, George Holl, A Foster 
Higgins, John W Baird, Charles B Isaacson, Wesley Bigelow. Nov 24, 1877,
energetic and enterprising Hellwitz (died ~2 mos ago) called mtg to org;
present included A Ettlinger, SH Pretzfelder, Dr TH Lurie, Dr Moser, M Frankel,
Charles M Saulson, JW Baird, Thomas Frere, David Graham [Baird?], Charles 
Mohle, A Loeb, CW Logeling [cafe owner?], Hellwitz, Edwin Werner, Leo Cahn,
Joseph Alexander, LD Cohn, WD Cohn, Paul von Frankenberg, Henry Edwards,
A Aschkinass, Sydney Rosenfeld, F Bode, M Kalmus, CH Fowler, Leopold Levy,
H Knobel, S Gallinek, CE Raindrup, Ad Mohle, AL Grister, Dr Owen. Hellwitz
1st pres, soon attracted others eg Gilberg, De Visser. Tnmts and other contests.
Mackenzie joined 1879. Orgd NY 1880. Moved as grew, now over 200 mems. Helped
form NYSCA, supported Steinitz vs Zukertort, NY 1889, etc, arranged Steinitz
vs Gunsberg, brought Lasker to US. Dr Fred Mintz moving force, has given up
position. Wesley Bigelow devotes much time to club, tries to be fair to all; 
tho kickers majority are admirers. From social standpoint ex-pres 
A Foster Higgins most prominent, there almost daily; major supporter chess
league. Treas George Hall conscientious tho conservative officer, sec CH 
Hathaway quiet and hard working. Plenty of talent and money. "Kickers" want
club to arrange lively, active season; must silence kickers, please masters,
delight amateurs, bring back prestige and make top org in world. Series of
10 games London; Game 1 Bardeleben-Teichmann Ponziani D36 notes Teichmann;
also drew game 2. Tnmt Prob 60-61. Solns RHS, Bahler, Stafford, Gardner, RBB,
JSB Jr, Engberg, Lilliestrale, Emil, Chapman (Bay City MI), Schaefer, Stone,
Sahner, C John (NY), AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Dr HW Fannin, MC Harris (Chicopee
MA), TK Wright (Elbridge NY), Gardner, EG Williams (Bkln), Gansser, DA Smith
(Hornellsville NY). Write WH Lyons (Newport KY) for books

July 14, 1895 pg 17: Moritz Jokai's The Last Game of Chess described [note:
F Steinitz translated another Jokisch work]

July 14, 1895 pg 22: Unexpectedly large num entries Tibune prob tnmt, will
pub 2/wk. Spaniard Valentin Marin y Llovet of Barcelona wins Schachverein
Wurzburg prob tnmt; pic of him. B 1872 Barcelona, called to bar 1893. Learned
chess 1889, now 1 of best Spain, excellent blindfold. Love of probs from
Don Juan Carlo, Dr Tolosa Careras. 1st prob 1890, now ~130. Steinitz arrived
London, followed soon by Albin, Hanham, Pillsbury. Pic Albin. Arrived NY to
play Columbian congress which fell thru 2 yrs ago. B Rumania 1848 of German
parents, learned chess Bucharest where became chp, moved to Vienna. 7th Graz
1890, 2 consec wins Vienna tnmt, beat Tarrasch Dresden 92 but unplaced due to
poor health. Aggressive, ingenious player; friends confident will do well
Hastings. Burn recently returned to England from US; while in London after
return played many offhand vs Bird and Bardeleben; Game Bardeleben-Burn Danish
D21. Bardeleben leads Techmann 2-1-3 including Game 5 Bardeleben-Teichmann 
QGD W23 notes Gunsberg. Tnmt Prob 62-63. Netropolitan simul Game Steinitz-
Honegger Evans D44. Tanenbaum leads 2-0 after Game Tanenbaum-Honegger GP W39.
Solns RHS, AH Baldwin, Engberg, Lilliestrale, Emil, RBB, Bahler, EH Baldwin,
JSB Jr, Stone, Stafford, MC Harris, Schaefer, Stephens, WH Warriner (Boise City
ID), EPD (Eads CO), EC Lewis (Farmington IA), EG Williams, Gansser, Kedzie,
TK Wright, JJ (Jacksonville FL). Notes to GL (Deer Lodge TN), SB (Nashville TN)
cannot disclose ed this col

July 21, 1895 pg 2: Steinitz constant visitor Simpson's, given hearty
reception by old friends. Thinks challenge sent to Lasker offering odds of 
1 game will not be accepted. Coming tnmt excites chess world, limit to 22

July 21, 1895 pg 22: Metropolitan CC. Pics Dr OP Honegger, Emanuel Tanenbaum,
Otto Drescher PhD, Dr RP Muellenbach, A Pieczonka, Robert Raubitschek [looks
very young], Dr TH Roche, A Grasswinkel. Metropolitan very active, just 1 yr
old. Formed by Dr Honegger, Graswinkel, Schleiff, Roche and others of old
Turn Verein CC after brief life Gotham CC; gives initial circular signed
Dr OP Honegger, JA Douglass, Dr G Katzenmeyer, Dr HA Anderson, FA Schleiff,
Dr TH Roche, Dr GE Moore, A Pieczonka, Dr J Lurie, Hermann Greitner,
Philip Davidson, A Arnheim, Oscar Wenige, A Graswinkel; mtg June 15 enrolled
52 active mems. Founders may be viewed as Dr HA Anderson, H Breul, O Dalheim,
P Davidson, JA Douglass, Dr C Eurich, Henry Gutmann, Arthur Frankenstein,
E Frankenstein, R Fischl, Dr LP Fontaine, JC Goetze, A Gutman, Louis Hein,
Harry Hirsch, Adolf Hirsch, Dr M Jackson, Joseph Israel, Dr Hermann Kahn,
Joseph H Kahn, Dr Guido Katzenmayer, Dr E Koesztler, Isidor Klein, M Linzbach,
F Lipschutz, M Leipsiger, ML Metzger, AB Magee, George Oberndoerfer, Dr Frank
O'Hare, Dr HL Purdy, R Raubitschek, Robert Raubitschek, C Reinschild, Dr Oscar
Rotter, Hermann A Ruebsamen, Dr Leo Schnepp, I Silverman, Leo B Simonson, 
L Sulzbacher, A von Raalte, Dr Louis Weil, Oscar Wenige, George L Wodack,
Alfred Neu, Bernhard M Behrend, J Feibel, Albert Fuhrer, Rev John Tetreau.
Next yr made hon mems Steinitz, Showalter, Albin, Lipschutz, J Taubenhaus,
Hodges; all have taken lively interest, given simuls. Albin club regular, was
club rep at Buffalo and backed by club in Showalter match, now club rep 
Hastings (left yeterday). Large attendance, enthusiasm, no bickering. Untimely
death Gideon Moore. Honegger amiable, popular, devoted to club; enjoys 
distinction of never having been beaten in simuls vs such as Steinitz, Albin,
Showalter; recently won match game vs Lipschutz. Otto Drecher PhD ~50, b
germany, abandoned theological career to devote self to philology. Came to US
1866, chaired prof modern languages State Ag College PA; resigned and founded
Collegio Ypiranga at Poukeepsie NY for instruction of S Americans, now 
connected to NYC public schools, widely known as translator medical works;
brilliant offhand player but tooo mercurial to enjoy drawn out match games or
"dull" school. Arend Graswinkel excellent sec, scrupulous exactness from
accounting career, age 47, native Holland. Emanuel Tanenbaum b NYC 1870, ed
CCNY, accomplished all-around athlete; beat Dr Kisch in set match, now playing
Honegger; once drew even game vs Taubenhaus. David Kisch enthusiastic chess
player, liberal supporter, native Prague, age 48, schoolmate of Steinitz.
Albert A Arnheim 1 of precocious stars, learned chess 4 yrs ago, aptitude and
perseverance raised to 1st rank; last tnmt tied w other youngster Robert
Raubitschek for 1st. Good blindfold, excellent team player drew Showalter and
beat JW Baird in league matches, age 23, NYC native, tho young has position
of trust in large printing firm. Young Robert Raubitschek b Vienna 1876,
moved to NYC age 10, grad public schools 1892, taught chess by uncle learned
principles past yr, practiced constantly since. Dr TH Toche b NYC 1866,
well known dentist, 1890 joined Turn Verein CC as R player soon worked self
up and won 2 prizes in chp tnmts, founder and director club, crack player known
for book knowledge and slow solid middle game. None more enthusiastic than
Albert Pieczonka, b Konigsberg 1828; student Leipzig conservatory, considered
1 of best Beethoven players NY, founder famous Augustea CC Leipzig, founder 
and hon mem Newark CC, helped found chess section Turn Verein; has played
Loewenthal, Rosenthal, Kolisch, Steinitz, Horwitz, Hoffer et al OTB. Robert
Mueelenbach prominent chess promoter, Frank Schleiff original player great
enthusiast, Moritz Meyer chess fiend whose win brought defeat Manhattan,
DC Donohue 1 of principals Western Union Telgraphers chess club which won
1893 chp, Herman Greitner "host of the Mets" always provides refreshments
after chess fight. Gunsberg's Chess Openings appeared. New London club under
name Equitable British and Intl CC for Ladies. 38 entries to Hastings, must
select 22. Tnmt Prob 64-65. Solns Engberg, Stone, EH Baldwin, RHS, Bahler, RBB,
WHC, Harris, C John (Wilimanset MA), Gardner, Emil, Lilliestrale, Stafford,
Gansser, Sahner, Schaefer

July 28, 1895 pg 14: Bkln CC rep to Hastings Pillsbury just 22, ex-Boston CC
but mem Bkln since 1893. Beat visiting masters Walbrodt and Schottlander 1893,
same yr 6-1-2 vs Franklin CC team, winter 93 won strong City CC tnmt; will make
favorable showing Hastings

July 28, 1895 pg 15: On Newark CC, leading NJ club. Pics VP FJ Herpers, 
Louis Bernstein, George Benner. Estabd some 17 yr ago, 1886 began to prosper w 
new blood. Tho only ~30 mems included such as Hymes brothers and their father,
Dr Nadler, Sternberg, Keys, Benner, Lessner, Bernstein, Habig, Geppert, 
Driscoll, Lillie, Pieczonka, Carpenter, greenberg et al. 2 yrs ago drew 10
bd team match vs the big CC [Manhattan?] 10-10 (home and home). Pres Cornelius
Hymes indefatigable chess worker and strong player, has beaten Hodges, Hanham,
Blackmar, Pope, Tatum; has drawn Tschigorin, Blackburne. L Sternberg native
Vienna, fine player. Edward Hymes best in family, intercollege chp, tied
Showalter for 3d in master tnmt, ingenious and sound. George J Benner 1 of best
known and most popular in club, a founder, strong and fast player, does well in
simuls. Dr Fred Nadler too bust to play in Metro league but excellent player.
Young H Driscoll played in all club matches past few yrs. Louis Bernstein 1 of
best Newark w little practice or study. C Habig sturdy old reliable, modern
school, careful, accurate, tenacious. Club sec IA Lillie strong player, analyst,
problemist, solver. Treas jacob Lissner dashing and brilliant style. VP FJ
Herpers plays little, contributes liberally. Vow to do better next league
season, feel equal any CC. Hon mems RB keys, George Thum, A Pieczonka,
Steinitz, FJ Lee. Officers Cornelius Hymes, FJ Herpers, Jacob Lissner, CA 
Lillie, George Benner. Mems Edward Hymes, L Sternberg, Dr F Nadler, L Bernstein,
Nathan Hymes, Michael Hymes, Hugo Geppert, John Habig, H Hymes, EH Carpenter,
WC Hawkins, Charles Bensen, George Kramentz, H Driscoll, Edward Weston, William
Bradel, CH Barclay, JC Day, Simon Greenberg, JC Brill, William Sinclair,
JW Halsey, Edward Shepard, LG Kempf, Jacob Stein, AR Robinson, Otto Horster,
William Wentz, Henry Schleckser, Richard Tiemer, LG Bettel, H Mull, CA Blandin,
Thomas Nolan, John Tighe, A Jayson, L Gunzberg, JH Phillippi, WH Karr,
Edward Lyons, JC Evans, JH Johnson, FA Voss, R Nan Seyfried. Staats-Ztg cup
entries Hodges (Manhattan), Delmar (Metropolitan), Richardson (Bkln),
TN Wilcox (Buffalo), ND Luce (Rochester), ML Deyo (Albany); starts Tues. List
Hastings players. Tnmt Prob 66-67. Solns JSB Jr, RHS, WHC, Engberg, RBB, AH
Baldwin, CB Schley (Far Hills NJ), Gansser, Schaefer, R Dawn (Smiths Ferry MA),
EH Baldwin, EB Ritchie (Shelter Island Hts PA), Emil, Stone, Harris, Sahner,
Lilliestrale, Charles P Garde Jr (Philad), Stafford, Fannin, Chapman, DA Smith
(Hornellsville NY), AP Cowell (St Johns MI), Merritt Merwin (New Milford CT),
George K Fischer (Great Falls MT), WK Merrifield (Chatham, Ontario), Kedzie,
Lawrence Naldron (Ionia MI). Correction on report of Ladies CC last wk from
Mrs Herman Grey. Founded Oct 1894 by Miss Mathilde Wolff von Sandau,
internationalized this yr. Owing to difference of opinion regarding club
govt, sec Miss Edith Burrell (who wished for an autocracy), mems split; US
sec clung to originator Miss Wolff, still 1st and onlt intl Ladies CC;
name change when US mems questioned British in title (also includes French 
correspondents); officers Miss Mathilde Wolff von Sandau, Mrs Chilvers Wilson,
Miss Jessie Scrivener; signed Florence Grey (NY). Note to EV (Monroe MI)

July 28, 1895 pg 28: 25 mems of NY German CC, accompanied by wives, enjoying
an outing at Shokan (under Among the Catskills). 

July 31, 1895 pg 4: Opening NYSCA tnmt Skaneateles. Large crowd from NY and 
Philad. Cup tnmt entries Hodges, Richardson, Delmar, ND Luce rep Manhattan,
Bkln, Metropolitan, Rochester. 1st class entries Bampton, Voigt, Young, De 
Visser, Burlingame, Scripture, Gossip, Deyo, Rogers, Farnsworth. Cup tnmt
Game Hodges-Delmar French W59; Richardson vs Luce adj. Rd 2 Richardson vs
Delmar adj. 1st class: Bampton-Young, Rogers/Farnsworth, Deyo vs Burlingame
adj, Gossip vs Voigt adj Gossip winning position. Class 2: Ruth-Waller,
Dixon-Newcomb, Karpinski/Weeks, Fitch vs Searle adj. Class 3: McMartin-Presley,
Wright-Petheram. Rd 2: 1st class: Voigt-Young, Gossip-Bampton, Deyo/Farnsworth,
Rogers vs burlingame adj. Class 2: Newcomb-Waller, Fitch-Weeks. Class 3: 
Petheram-McMartin, Wright-Presley

Aug 1, 1895 pg 2: Many spectators NYSCA tnmt. Cup tnmt Hodges/Richardson,
Hodges/Luce, Delmar-Richardson, Delmar-Luce; Delmar, Hodges 2-1 Richardson,
Luce .5-1.5 w 1 adj. Class 1 rd 3: Farnsworth-Gossip, Bampton-Deyo, 
Rogers/Voigt, Young-Burlingame by FF. Rd 4: Young/Farnsworth, Rogers/Bampton,
Deyo/Voigt, Gossip-Burlingame by FF. Rd 5: Rogers/Deyo, Farnsworth/Voigt,
Young-Gossip. Stdgs: Bampton 2-1 Voigt 2.5-1.5 Farnsworth, Rogers 2-2 
Gossip 1-2 Deyo, Young 1.5-2.5. Class 2: rd 3: Weeks-Dixon, Fitch-Ruth, 
Karpinski-Newcomb, Waller vs Searle adj. rd 4: Ruth-Dixon, Fitch-Newcomb,
Waller vs Weeks adj, Searle vs Karpinski adj. Stdgs Fitch 3-.5 Karpinski 2.5-.5
Ruth 3-1 Newcomb 2-3 Dixon, Weeks 1-2 Searle, Waller 0-2. 3d class AM Wright 
4-1 McMartin 3-1 Petheram 2-3 Presley 1-5. Richardson, Luce drew adj 65. 

Aug 2, 1895 pg 9: Key Staats-Ztg game Delmar-Hodges; also Richardson-Luce.
Cup Games Hodges-Richardson Ruy D44 Richardson-Delmar Ruy B75 Hodges-Luce
French D66. General tnmt results. 1st class: Rd 6: Rogers vs Gossip adj,
Young-Deyo, Bampton/Voigt. Rd 7: Young-Rogers, Bampton-Farnsworth, Deyo/Gossip.
Class 2: Rd 6: Fitch/Dixon, Newcomb/Ruth, Weeks-Searle. Rd 7: Fitch-Waller,
Dixon-Karpinski, Ruth/Searle, Weeks-Newcomb. Class 3 ends McMartin 4.5-1.5
Wright 4 Petheram 2.5 Presley 1. Evening Delmar/Richardson, Hodges-Luce,
Gossip-Voigt, Waller-Karpinski. Cup stdgs Delmar 3.5-1.5 Hodges 3-2 Richardson
2-2 Luce .5-2.5 w adj game Luce vs Richardson. Bampton leads 1st class by .5,
Fitch leads 2d by .5, McMartin wins 3d class

Aug 3, 1895 pg 5: Good pic Delmar. Cup tnmt ends. Full CT cup tnmt Delmar 4.5-
1.5 Richardson 3.5 Hodges 3 Luce 1. Pic cup. McMartin wins soln tnmt. 1st 
class ends Bampton 4-2 Young 3.5 Farnsworth, Gossip, Voigt 3 Rogers 2.5 Deyo 2.
2d class ends Fitch 5.5-.5 Karpinski 4.5 Weeks, Ruth 4 Dixon 3.5 Newcomb 2.5
Searle, Waller 2. Game Luce-Delmar Ruy B32 Game Richardson-Hodges Petroff
W32 mate 3. Bampton $25 Young $10, Fitch $20 Karpinski $10

Aug 4, 1895 pg 2: Q very interested in Hastings tnmt, was excellent player
learned from husband. Rarly plays now loves to see family play and criticizes
moves. Stronger than any in royal family except Emperess Frederick

Aug 4, 1895 pg 15: Pictures Charles Raettig, GA Barth, WT Ryan, William
Litzenberger (looks young). Tho Hodges of Manhattan fav, another Manhattan
disappointment as Delmar wins Staats-Ztg cup for Metropolitan. Philip Richardson
also played well, Hodges completely out of form; has not played much serious 
chess since Showalter match last yr but this was known to directors. Staten
Island wanted Hodges to play for them, would have given Lipschutz chance for
Manhattan. Staten Island CC estabd May 14 by Edward Schaefer, Bernhard Eidam,
Hermann Siemer, John Schweikert, Ernst Kleemann, Theodore Groesendorf, Gustave
A Barth; Barth originator and promoter. Now ~50 mems; hon mems Dr S Gold, 
EK Washburn, Charles Broughton, Delmar, Kemeny, Showalter, Schaefer. Active
mems: Hodges, CW Becker, Herman Siemer, B Eidam, Charles L Hoefer, William
Hechler, GA Barth, August Kann, B Rheinsdorf, John Chenuska, HC Hagedorn,
John Schweikert, Louis Kuhn, George Dupuy, J Edward Trask, Charles Raettig,
W Leitzenherzen, George Hechler, WT Ryan, EC Meurer, John A Biemer, SA Frank,
IH Vanderbilt, Paul Hahn, George Edward Renz, Dr CL La Moutin, HJ Steitzner,
Walter Pendleton, Otto Gemmig, Eberhard Faber, William A Hamilton, Vasa E
Stolbrand, George Goerner, RH benary, Thomas Baker. Charles Raettig 3 term pres.
Gustave A barth able sec club and Metro league; ltr saying given success of
league proposes league for minor clubs and 2d teams major clubs; write Barth.
WT Ryan, William Litzenberger 2 promising young players. Edward C Schaefer 1
of sterling supporters CC needs. All eyes turn to Hastings. Famous chess
journalist and expert Johannes von Minckwitz has gone mad, taken to asylum
for 2d time in 12 mos. Skaneatles tnmt Games Delmar-Richardson Vienna D61
Luce-Delmar Ruy B32 Richardson-Hodges Petroff W32 mate 3. Tnmt Prob 68-69.
Solns JSB Jr, Lilliestrale, RHS, Gansser, Gardner, Bahler, Robert Bellamy
(Hartford CT), WHC, Emil, Edward B Nitchie (Shelter Island Hts NY), AH Baldwin,
SL (Irvington-on-Hudson), Engberg, C John, RBB, Stone, Sahner, LB Marshall
(Port Chester NY), Frederick O Whitecar (Philad), Dr Charles B Keeler (New 
Canaan CT), James L Knox (Philad), Schaefer, DA Smith, AP Cowell, Merritt
Mervin (New Milford CT), Lawrence Waldron (Ionia MI), Spencer Daylord
(Phillippi, Barbour City WV), Fannin, A Burnett (Grand Haven MI), PCW (Philad),
JCK (Philad), WJ Bestor and Dr HM Darling (NY)

Aug 4, 1895 pg 28: Delegation from German CC NY has been enjoying outing in
wilds of Shokan, returns home today

Aug 6, 1895 pg 7: Hastings rd 1 game descriptions; tarrasch loses on time to 

Aug 7, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 2 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 7, 1895 pg 6: Late M Stambuloff of Bulgaria among many accomps fond of chess

Aug 8, 1895 pg 4: Hastings rd 3 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 9, 1895 pg 8: Hastings adj games results, stdgs

Aug 10, 1895 pg 2: Hastings rd 4 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 11, 1895 pg 12: Hastings rd 5 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 11, 1895 pg 15: Hastings most important tnmt ever. Pics Tschigorin, Bird,
Pillsbury. Descriptions day by day results. Vergani below strength of rest,
admitted to make congress appear more intl. Mieses is special Trib 
coorrespondent. Steinitz writes daughter that much pleased by reception in
England, surprised to find great demand for book; 1 London firm ordered 500
copies. Duke of York patron, will see some of play. Tnmt Prob 70-71.  Solns
JSB Jr, Emil, AH Baldwin, RBB, Engberg, B Down (Smiths Ferry MA), Lilliestrale,
RHS, Sahner, WHC, Bahler, Stone, Gardner, Harris, Fred C White (Philad),
Schaefer, LH Walker (Worthington MA), EH Baldwin, Keeler, William S Carlton 
(Bkln), Spencer Dayton, NW De Mumm (Providence RI), Lawrence Waldon (Ionia MI),
Fannin, Charles P Garde Jr (Philad), Kedzie, Andrew Burnett (Grand Haven MI),
CL Carter MD (Warrensburg MO). TK Wright, WH Warriner (Boise ID), FOW (Philad)
Lasker took no notice Steinitz challenge

Aug 13, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 6 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 14, 1895 pg 9: Hastings rd 7 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 15, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 8 game descriptions, stdgs. Burn lost to Mason
time pressure. Games Marco-Pollock Ruy W26 Lasker-Marco QP W29 Steinitz-Vergani
French W41 Tschigorin-Pillsbury KGD W51 Pillsbury-Tarrasch QGD W52++ Steinitz-
Schlechter GP D45 Lasker-Tschigorin QP B56 Albin-Bird Zukertort B52 (8)

Aug 16, 1895 pg 3: 2d Hastings bye day; adj game results, stdgs. Games Burn-
Bardeleben QGD B40 Tinsley-Mieses QP B33 Mieses-Blackburne Scotch W32. Pairings
for remaining rds given (11)

Aug 17, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 9 game descriptions, stdgs; large crowd for
Steinitz vs Lasker

Aug 18, 1895 pg 7: Hastings rd 10 game descriptions, stdgs; Tarrasch 2d loss on
time to Teichmann. Pillsbury rcvd congrat telegram from Bkln [No mention 
Bardeleben leaving rather than resign to Steinitz]

Aug 18, 1895 pg 15: Pics Mason, Janowski, Mieses. Hastings update for wk.
Tschigorin doing well, Pillsbury great performance. Albin not doing self 
justice, strong field and likely health not good. Steinitz 4 consec losses,
even his many enemies may regret. Changed and allowed pairings known in
advance. Games Tarrasch-Mieses QP D52 Schlechter-Lasker Sic B51 Steinitz-Mason
Philidor W34 Pillsbury-Marco QGD D32 Schiffers-Tschigorin 2N W20 Blackburne-
Steinitz KGA Bishop G B37+ Tinsley-Albin Dutch B39. Tnmt Prob 72-73. Solns
JSB Jr, C John, Keeler, TK Wright, EH Baldwin, Schaefer, Emil, Gardner, Bahler,
AH Baldwin, Engberg, RBB, WHC, Whitecar, Stone, Mervin, Merrifield, George
K Fischer (Great Falls MT), Fannin, NW De Munn (Providence RI), James L Knox
(Philad), Nelson Hald (Dannebrog NE), NG Griffen (St Edwards NE) (18)

Aug 20, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 11 game descriptions, stdgs

Aug 21, 1895 pg 9: Hastings rd 12 game descriptions, stdgs; Albin loss blamed
on indisposition

Aug 22, 1895 pg 7: Hastings rd 13 game descriptions, stdgs. Bardeleben 
completely lost track time in time FF to Walbrodt 22 moves. Games Pollock-
Lasker Evans dec B22 Lasker-Janowski QGD W36 Steinitz-Pollock GP B58
Tschigorin-Teichmann French W31 Tarrasch-Walbrodt Ruy W38 (23)

Aug 23, 1895 pg 5: Hastings Games Pillsbury-Steinitz QGD W53 Gunsberg-Steinitz
Evans B43 Schiffers-Blackburne French W32 Mieses-Pillsbury Vienna B22
Tarrasch-Tschigorin QP B36 Tarrasch-Schiffers Vienna W36 Bird-Lasker From
Gambit B34 (30)

Aug 24, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 14 game descriptions, stdgs. Games Bardeleben-
Lasker QGD W58 Gunsberg-Tarrasch QP D48 Marco-Burn French B31 Bardeleben-Mieses
QP W29 Schlechter-Teichmann Ruy D30 Marco-Tinsley Petroff B24 Walbrodt-Tinsley
Petroff W37 Mieses-Janowski Scotch B48 Pillsbury-Albin Ruy W45 Mieses-Schiffers
Vienna D55 Janowski-Mason Petroff D54 Marco-Gunsberg Ruy D30 (42 from Hastings)

Aug 25, 1895 pg 5: Pics Bardeleben, Walbrodt, Teichmann. Summary Hastings 
changes of wk; Lasker, Pillsbury, Tschigorin ahead of field. Full CT to date.
Unanimous praise Pillsbury in England. Tnmt Prob 74-75. Solns WHC, Emil,
Benjamin Whitmore Jr (Worcester MA), Gardner, Bahler, EH Baldwin, Florence
Van Cleef (Kidders NY), Ruisseaumont (Lake Placid NY), AH Baldwin, Stafford,
Stone, Engberg, Lilliestrale, Schaefer, Sahner, JSB Jr, JG Stewart (Biggsville
IL), SWC (Spenzenport NY), Waldron, Kedzie, Herbert C Zener (Kansas City MO),
Florence VC (Ithaca NY), MSB (New Windsor on Hudson), RHS, GN Suley [Seeley?]
(Kearney NE), Gansser, Fannin, De Munn, James L Knox (Philad), LH Walter
(Worthington MA)

Aug 25, 1895 pg 7: Hastings rd 15 game reports, stdgs. Many spectators include
many women

Aug 26, 1895 pg 12: Hastings Game Burn-Tarrasch QGD B27 Lasker-Walbrodt Ruy W24
Steinitz-Bird QGD B35 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W40 Albin-Pollock 2N B49 Gunsberg-
Mieses KGD W46 Schiffers-Pillsbury Evans B41 (49)

Aug 27, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 16 game reports, stdgs. Games Tschigorin-
Blackburne French W57 Schlechter-Bardeleben Ruy D34 Teichmann-Janowski QGD D27
Mason-Burn English W32 (53)

Aug 28, 1895 pg 4: Hastings rd17 game reports, stdgs. Pillsbury scores by
FF vs Bardeleben due to illness; message dispatched to hotel room, FFd
after 2 hrs

Aug 29, 1895 pg 4: Hastings tnmt pic, all contestants and pres John Watney,
cttee chair TB Cole, sec HE Dobell, AH Hall, NW Van Lennop. Rd 18 game
descriptions, stdgs. Game Steinitz-Bardeleben GP W25 Game Lasker-Gunsberg 
French W31 Teichmann-Pillsbury Ruy B30 Lasker-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 W40
Tschigorin-Gunsberg Evans W48 Pillsbury-Mason QGD W35 Mieses-Lasker Scotch
D56 Tarrasch-Schiffers Vienna W36 (61)

Aug 30, 1895 pg 11: Pic Albin. Adj game results, stdgs. Game Janowski-Pillsbury
QGD B54 Gunsberg-Tinsley Center Ctr B32 Schiffers-Steinitz 4N B53 Burn-
Tschigorin QGD B36 30 given Marco-Albin French W24 Albin-Mieses Ruy W35
Tschigorin-Marco French W36 Bird-Tschigorin Evans D36 Mason-Bird French W38
Mason-Mieses Ruy W39 Blackburne-Burn French W37++ Teichmann-Marco QGD W32 (73)

Aug 31, 1895 pg 5: Hastings rd 19 game descriptions, stdgs. Largest crowd yet.
Will choose which of remaining 2 rds by lot. Game Bardeleben-Pollock Benoni
W27 Schlechter-Bird French D61 Pollock-Janowski Ponziani D46 Walbrodt-
Schlechter 4N D33 Albin-Vergani Ruy D34 Vergani-Schiffers French B37 
Janowski-Walbrodt Ruy W58 (80)

Sept 1, 1895 pg 7: Hastings rd 20 game reports, stdgs. Shock as Tschigorin
loses to Janowski, Lasker to "English giant" Blackburne; Lasker not in
best physical condition and under mental strain, showed nerves thruout

Sept 1, 1895 pg 15: Pics Blackburne, Burn, Gunsberg, Lasker. Review Hastings
events of wk, with CT. Games Tinsley-Schiffers QP B52 Pollock-Tarrasch French
W25 Bardeleben-Tschigorin QP B30 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans B45 Burn-Tarrasch
QGD B30 Bird-Pillsbury Evans B38 Lasker-Tinsley French W27. Tnmt Prob 76-77.
Solns JSB Jr, Stone, Engberg, Emil, Gardner, WHC, AH Baldwin, Bahler, 
Lilliestrale, Sahner, MSB, RHS, EH Baldwin, LH Walter, Stafford, Charles Runyon
(Stelton NJ), Schaefer, TK Wright, HS Bold (New Brunswick NJ), NW De Munn
(Maplewood NH), Gansser, Merwin, Fannin, DES (NY), LW (Iona MI), ESK (Afton IA)
will be Hastings tnmt book can subscribe now, asks John Gardner of Utica to
write when arrives, will arrnage mtg (87)

Sept 3, 1895 pg 1: Pillsbury wins Hastings. Pics Pillsbury, Lasker, Tschigorin.
Final rd 21 game reports, stdgs. Greeted w resounding cheers, congratd by all;
popular victory. Some prizes depend on adj results. Pillsbury cool as cucumber.
Burn lost on time to Lasker. Surprise when Tschigorin agreed to D vs Schlechter
seemed ahead. Joy in Bkln. Telegrams from Pillsbury and HC Du Val from
London, Buffalo CC given. Marean just returned from Hastings says Pillsbury
coolest, nerviest he has met; saw him at Hastings, Pillsbury came and chatted
while opponent Tschigorin flushed scarlet even to scalp, actually twitching
at mouth. Pillsbury smokes constantly, works quietly, no doubt inheritance
from good Bunker Hill stock. WF Eno who some call ablest opponent Pillsbury
Bkln says reminds of Morphy, none in Bkln in class only who could if in
practice is problemist Frank E [M?] Teed. Pillsbury b Somerville 1872, showed
math talent head of class 3 yrs fitted for Harvard. Thanksgiving when 16 learned
chess moves, soon taught by Boston CC mem Addison Smith lived in Somerville.
1889 had to postpone Harvard, clerkship Boston pub house. N player til 1890
when won match vs HN Stone 5-2 playing Evans vs Stone-Ware. 1890 Deschapelles
disbanded, joined Boston CC. Beat Barry 5-4, Steinitz at P+1, Walbrodt,
Schottlander. June 1893 6-1-2 vs Franklin team. Also crack checkers. Conducted
automaton past 2 yrs. Won City CC tnmt. Medium ht, intellectual head, classic
features. Kindly tho exceedingly resolute disposition. Deep student, great
judgment, analyst (Steinitz places above self as analyst)

Sept 3, 1895 pg 6: A new chp. Chess game for few but Hastings has sparked
interest of US

Sept 4, 1895 pg 4: Description final 2 Hastings adj games, full CT. Games
Bardeleben-Janowski QGD D50 Steinitz-Mieses QGA D31 Albin-Tarrasch 4N Double
Ruy B23 Mason-Pollock Ruy W37 Vergani-Gunsberg GP W42 Teichmann-Blackburne
QGA B56. Plans for reception tho no definite form yet; will meet Mon to
plan. Many contributed to paying all Pillsbury expenses, from outside club
as well (93 from Hastings)

Sept 5, 1895 pg 7: Comments Pillsbury victory from various papers. Bkln
Times great honor to Bkln, Philad Times complete knowledge of game in many
respects higher type of mind than Morphy brilliance, Boston Advertiser 
inevitable must play Lasker for chp, Cleveland Leader so much at age 22
should be world chp soon so intellectual and careful of powers and such
great student will stay at top once gains, Rochester Post-Express greatest
battle and youngest winner, Utica herald popular for modesty and courage and
brilliant play

Sept 5, 1895 pg 10: Hastings Games Tschigorin-Walbrodt Falkbeer Ctr D50
Burn-Pollock Benoni W38 Schlechter-Tarrasch 4N D38 Tinsley-Vergani QGD W32
Blackburne-Walbrodt e4 e5 Be2 B34 Tarrasch-Teichmann Ruy B42 on time
Blackburne+Pillsbury-Tschigorin+Schiffers QGD Chigorin W48 (99)

Sept 6, 1895 pg 1: Ladies CC London dinner attended by Pillsbury,
Tschigorin, Steinitz; Pillsbury 11-2-1 simul

Sept 6, 1895 pg 5: Hastings tnmt Games Gunsberg-Mason Scotch W41 Pollock-Bird
Vienna W21 Schlechter-Vergani Ruy B50 Janowski-Gunsberg Ruy 3..g6 B52
Pillsbury-Burn QGD W28 Lasker-Teichmann QP W47 Teichmann-Steinitz Ruy D49
Tschigorin-Tinsley French W39 Walbrodt-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 D25 Albin-Lasker
Sic D47 Steinitz-Albin Dutch W27

Sept 7, 1895 pg 4: Hastings tnmt Games Burn-Mieses QP W21 Tinsley-Bardeleben
QGD W22 on time Walbrodt-Bardeleben Ruy W23 Vergani-Blackburne Center Ctr 2..c6
B48 Albin-Mason Ruy D44 Schiffer-Lasker 3N 3..g6 B45 Marco-Tarrasch Ruy B41
mate 5 Bardeleben-Tarrasch Ruy D41 Vergani-Tschigorin 2N B36 Blackburne-
Pillsbury KGA Bishop G D76 Gunsberg-Pollock Vienna B29++ Blackburne-Marco
Falkbeer Ctr B31; Trib claims to have pubd more Hastings games than any other
(I have 110 should have 120 - OK)

Sept 8, 1895 pg 7: Pillsbury played draughts chp Reed but could make no
headway. Pillsbury sails for NY Sept 21

Sept 8, 1895 pg 15: Great pride in Pillsbury. Table of Pillsbury results.
St Ptbg CC proposes contest top 5 in world, Pillsbury gratified to be considered
part. Games Janowski-Steinitz Ruy W24 Teichmann-Gunsberg Vienna B75 Blackburne-
Gunsberg KGA Bishop G B32 Gunsberg-Bardeleben Falkbeer Ctr B18 Vergani-Lasker
Ruy B31 Burn-Vergani Ruy W31 Teichmann-Tinsley French W38++ Burn-Teichmann
QGD B26 mate 4 Mieses-Tschigorin Scotch D52 Tarrasch-Bird Sic W28 Pillsbury-
Schlechter QGD B44 Mason-Lasker GP D83 50 given Walbrodt-Burn French B25++
Tarrasch-Janowski QGD W28 Tschigorin-Albin French D58. Tnmt Prob 78-79. Solns
JSB Jr, RHS, Lilliestrale, Emil, Bahler, Lorande Y Woodruff (NY), Gardner,
Sahner, Down, EH Baldwin, AH Baldwin, RBB, SL (Irvington-on-Hudson NY),
Schaefer, Engberg, Stone, Stafford, JG Stewart (Biggsville IL), SW Ramsey
(Salem OH), Fannin, Gansser, Mervin, Florence Van Cleef (Kidders NY), Dayton

Sept 8, 1895 pg 19: Pillsbury on Hastings, from Saturday Review; from few
days before end. Great success. Likely top 3 from Lasker, Tschigorin, Pillsbury;
other prizes from Steinitz, Tarrasch, Walbrodt, Bardeleben, Schlechter, Pollock,
Gunsberg, Mason, Teichmann. Surprising 38 applicants narrowed to 22. Vergani
weakest tho some good wins, 1st Italian in tnmts for 33 yrs. Marco and 
Schlechter would place higher but from over-cautious Vienna school. Tarrasch
lost to Mason on time thru misunderstanding; Tarrasch genial, whole souled
disposition, many friends. Walbrodt smallest of all competitors. Mieses strong
but burdened w too much newspaper correspondence. None of 4 leaders played
French D, may call into Q soundeness. Morphy and Steinitz have been compared
to Napoleon and Moltke. Albin's health has not been good, plans to return to
NY. Pollock can be classed as Amer tho believe still British subject. Plans
for St Ptbg tnmt of top players

Sept 9, 1895 pg 5: Hastings Games Schlechter-Schiffers Ruy W48 Teichmann-Mieses
Scotch B53 Gunsberg-Albin French W42 Bird-Teichmann Birds B46 Tarrasch-
Blackburne French W28 Marco-Schlechter Petroff D20 Schiffers-Marco Philidor D35
Janowski-Marco Ruy W57 (143)

Sept 9, 1895 pg 7: Ltr from JB Howard (Kaatskill Bay NY) thx trib for
coverage tnmt and chess

Sept 13, 1895 pg 12: Hastings Games Vergani-Pillsbury GP B46 Burn-Lasker QGD
B20 Mason-Schlechter 1.e3 B39++ Pillsbury-Tinsley QGD W71 Pollock-Mieses Ruy
B44 Albin-Schiffers Sic W44 Walbrodt-Pollock Vienna D37 Walbrodt-Steinitz Ruy
B32 Lasker-Blackburne Ruy B44 Tarrasch-Lasker Ruy W49 Pillsbury-Gunsberg QGD
W40 Tschigorin-Janowski Vienna B16 (Trib has pubd 153 of 230 from Hastings)

Sept 14, 1895 pg 4: Hastings tnmt Games Gunsberg-Bird French B41 Marco-Steinitz
Ruy B37 Janowski-Albin Dutch B28 Pollock-Tschigorin Evans B40 Steinitz-Tinsley
Benoni W42 Bird-Schiffers 2N B60 Schlechter-Mieses Ruy D60 Mieses-Walbrodt
Vienna B39 Tinsley-Schlechter QGD B38++ Blackburne-Tinsley French W24

Sept 14, 1895 pg 15: Plans to org CC Mt Vernon, many players there

Sept 15, 1895 pg 2: Hastings chp Pillsbury guest British CC, will start tour
Manchester, Lpool, Glasgow. Lasker and Steinitz will play St Ptbg, Pillsbury
not yet decided

Sept 15, 1895 pg 18: Pillsbury reception planned on return to Bkln. Plans 
partially completed by JT Marean, JC Tatum, SH Cragg, JD Elwell. Circular
given for dinner, subscribe to W Du Val. JC Tatum subscribing for Pillsbury
testimonial, possibly watch

Sept 15, 1895 pg 14: Hastings done, St Ptbg coming. Locally, Showalter vs
Lipschutz under negotiation; winner will likely have to face Pillsbury re
US chp. Many rumors re Metropolitan League; 1 club plans to introduce rule
which would bar many from competing ie cannot compete against club if you
are mem. Manhattan arranging chp tnmt. City CC arranged 2d ticket tnmt, last
was success. Bkln planning Pillsbury reception. Ltr congrats from Wesley
Bigelow to Bkln CC given. Metropolitan prog for lively season out soon.
New Morphy CC, Zukertort CC estabd Bkln, already plan 2 team matches vs each 
other. Hastings Games Schiffers-Walbrodt Ruy W45 Blackburne-Mason Evans B47
Walbrodt-Albin French B39 Janowski-Schlechter QGD W38 Pollock-Schiffers 2N B44
Bardeleben-Schiffers Sic D61 Teichmann-Mason QGD W67 Pollock-Blackburne 
Philidor B70. Tnmt Prob 80-81. Solns Stone, EH Baldwin, Schaefer, Bahler,
Stafford, JH Walker (Worthington MA), RBB, MSB, WHC, C John, Engberg, Emil,
Die Zwilling (Bethlehem PA), AH Baldwin, HS Boice (New Brunswick NJ), ENC
(NY), Sahner, JSB Jr, Nelson Hald (Dannebrog NE), SBH (Crawfordsville IN),
Gansser, Dayton. Arthur E Swaffield, pres new Zukertort CC Bkln, invites chess
and checkers players to join

Sept 21, 1895 pg 15: New Rockville Centre CC, mostly due to noted player 
LU Shapter. Non-players may join [USE?]

Sept 22, 1895 pg 2: Pillsbury, who won world chp Hastings, arranging match
Bkln CC vs British CC

Sept 22, 1895 pg 14: Pillsbury left England, due NY Fri. Dinner arranged,
speakers invited Bkln Mayor Charles A Schieren, Rev Richard S Storrs, St
Clair Mckelway, Murat Halstead, William C De Witt, Edward M Shepard, Chauncey
M Depew, Seth Low, John W Griggs of Paterson, Franklin CC pres Dr Persifor
Fraser. Subscribe for gold watch to William Du Val. Pillsbury ltr to Elwell
given. Thx club, has been approached re world chp by Lasker, Hastings to
arrange. Regards to friends esp Foster Higgins. Pillsbury has no desire to
play St Ptbg but believe will be induced. Janowski vs Walbrodt 7 up for
800 mark side bet Berlin next month. 2 intl tnmts Nuremberg, Budapest already
planned next summer, but Bkln considering one, would need $8000. Metropolitan
League, cable, telegraph, telephone matches planned likely to mean busy season.
Ask club secs to send news. Final (tot 174) selection Hastings Games
Steinitz-Tarrasch Dutch B72 Blackburne-Albin e4 e5 Be2 W110 Bird-Mieses says
GP but looks Hungarian D70. Tnmt Prob 82-83. Solns JSB Jr, Engberg, AH Baldwin,
WHC, RHS, Bahler, Harris, Stafford, Emil, Stone, MSB, Sahner, Lilliestrale,
Dayton, MF Winchester (Dannebrog NE), JH Louden (Bloomington IN), Fannin,
Kedzie, Gansser, TK Wright, Merwin

Sept 22, 1895 pg 16: CCNY organizing CCC directed by Phillips 96; plan
occasional tnmts and may challenge other colleges

Sept 28, 1895 pg 11: Incoming passengers include Pillsbury

Sept 28, 1895 pg 12: Hoboken CCC winter quarters given

Sept 29, 1895 pg 6: Pillsbury returned; career will be watched w interest by
all chess lovers

Sept 29, 1895 pg 14: Pics Herbert E Dobell, Pillsbury. Dobell moving force 
behind Hastings, warmly praised for unwavering courtesy and kindness, command
all biz details; hope planned NY 1896 equally well managed. BCM notice on
death Italian ambassador to Constantinople Cavaliere T Catalani given; 
while in London mem St George CC, extremely popular and regular, frank and 
genial manner, died suddenly of appoplexy; native Catania a little over 50.
Q followed Hastings eagerly, skilled player can beat all but Empress Frederick
in family, learned from Prince Consort also enthusiast. Table of Hastings
results by opening (have NY Sun Sept 29). Usu Pope and hot-tempered opponent
story. Tarrasch said not over-eager to play St Ptbg. Tnmt Prob 81-82. Solns
Boice, AH Baldwin, Kurrotten Mixer (Buffalo NY), Stone, WG Blyth (Toronto),
Schaefer, Bahler, Dr CB Kuler [Keeler?] (New Cannan CT), JSB Jr, C John,
RBB, Stafford, RHS, Sahner, Emil, Engberg, Lilliestrale, EH Baldwin, 
GN Seeley (Kearney NE), Charles G Bragg (Hastings NE), Stephen, CL Carter
(Warrensburg MO), TK Wright, LH Walker (Islip NY), Louden, Gansser, Dayton.
Ltr from TC Bell (NY) wanting to form CC in Harlem. ltr from Fred C Whitecar
(Philad) founding new William Steinitz CC, officers Whitecar, George Garrett, 
Charles P Garde Jr, team capt James S Knox; meets at residences mems

Oct 1, 1895 pg 5: D Manuel Marquez Sterling, of Cuban parentage, is in NY and
wants matches vs top locals. Drew match game vs Hodges yesterday but was
beaten by Lipschutz. He is a young man of fine appearance

Oct 6, 1895 pg 14: Pillsbury statement to Trib. Thx all, rcvd many congrats,
does not claim to be chp anything or boast; has been urged to play St Ptbg,
will see if biz allows. Excerpt from widely pubd Lasker interview. Exhausted
and threw away wins, too much play for 4 wks but hard to limit w so many
entries, too soon to judge Pillsbury, would play match if Pillsbury backed,
Hastings trying to arrange Lasker vs Pillsbury or Tschigorin, need high stakes
to avoid too many challenges, Hastings, London, Lpool prob can raise $1000
purse. Doesn't play German tnmts because 9/wk 20/1 for small prizes, should
have fewer but larger. Defends describing self as English; treated well there
while in England always fighting someone, teachers and profs because wanted
to follow own thoughts. Tarrasch says in own col Frankfurt paper may not play
St Ptbg. Steinitz ltr given, says may only have great past behind him as opposed
to chess master Horrowitz [sic] he believed said had a great future behind him,
still rightful holder chp and wants to defend vs Lasker or Pillsbury; also
suggests possibility Pillsbury vs Steinitz match in US. Bkln continuous
winners AJ Souweine, J Morphy, VG Wicke; Helms and Tatum not enough different
opponents; most wins Dr JR Taber. AJ Souweine 105-44 J Morphy 88-46 H Helms 
42-22 JC Tatum 32-20 VG Wicke 73-47 Dr JR Taber 266-173 De Visser 45-30 
W Tabing 42-29 AE Swaffield 35-25 J Sabater 60-44 RA Breckenridge 96-71
SG Ruth 52-41 SH Cragg 42-36 RN Olly 98-89 ES Gilley 25-23 Dr LD Broughton Jr
49-46 R Colvell 80-75 Dr Behrendsohn 56-54. Bkln YMCA 6 bd corr match vs
Bethlehem PA CC; Bkln H Helms, Napier, CS Taber, DH Prentice, C Helms, JF 
Prentice vs Bethlehem: O Hesse, AY Hesse, P Albrecht, AE Meaker, CO Luckenbach,
CN Lochman; 5 of Bkln players played Continental tnmt as did O Hesse, now
playing team matches vs Lee MA, Edmore MI, Glens Falls NY, Worcester MA; 
has won 1st game vs 1st 2, likely to win 2 vs Glens Falls, Worcester just began.
Manhattan chp stdgs Baird 3.5-.5 Ettlinger 5.5-1.5 Fitch 1-1 Gedalia 1.5-2.5
Halliday 0-4 Jasnogrodsky 5-1 Patterson 2-2 Price .5-4.5 Simonson 1-1. Sketch
Mexican chp Sterling next wk. Plan to pub portraits tnmt prize winners; if think
have chance send pic. Tnmt Prob 86-87. Solns M Fay Stone (Columbus OH),
Lilliestrale, WG Blyth (Toronto), Harris, Keeler, RHS, Sahner, WHC, Bahler,
Emil, Van Cleef, Engberg, Schaefer, JSB Jr, Dr Halsey L Wood (NY), H Taylor
(Dover ME), Fannin, Louden, Henry Lavers (Boston MA), TK Wright, Charles G Magg
(Hastings NE), Seeley

Oct 9, 1895 pg 4: St Ptbg invites Pillsbury, expenses plus prizes $250, 150,
100, 50; cannot say whether will accept

Oct 12, 1895 pg 12: Showalter arrived from KY, will start match vs Lipschutz
7 up wk from Mon for $750 and prize donated Manhattan. Sterling will play
5 up $50/side match vs Jasnogrodsky, game 1 today

Oct 13, 1895 pg 17: CCNY tnmt begun end last collegiate yr nearly over, Phillips
96 and Moscowitz 96 tie for 1/2, will play match w Phillips gvg P+1 odds; 1st 
prize Gossip's Manual+Loewenthal's Morphy games+Mason's Principles, 2d a chess

Oct 13, 1895 pg 14: Pictures Manuel M Sterling, Lipschutz playing (can see
clock in back). Rev J Jespersen. Sterling daily at Manhattan last few wks,
many vs Hodges, Lipschutz, Jasnogrodsky et al, not always successful but made
good impression feel there is some chess in the Cuban from where he hails. B
Lima, Peru of Cuban parents 1872, age 16 pubd book of some lit merit Havana,
became clerk Banco Nacional de Mexico in Mexico where started chess, soon
became strong and gave blind exhibit, 1892 won Mexican chp in tnmt; ed mag
La Estrategio Moderna and El Arte de Philidor, and chess col in El Diario
del Hogas fe Mexico. Jespersen wel known problemist, b Copenhagen 1848, ed
Randers where father Judge, philology and theology at U Copenhagen, 1874 took
orders and preacher at Faarevejle, later Hjortlund, 1886 church rector
Svendborg. Learned chess at school but played little at university, not
til brother became ill and in asylum 2 yrs, met patient Captain Quade with whom
Jespersen's bro played chess, promised to study. Not knowing chess got
antiquarian Koch's Codex, studied, subscribed Skaktidende surprised different
style old and new probs. Rheumatic fever 1880 led to gout, still suffers,
chess probs as solace. Curious case of twin probs Jespersen and Dubbe,
Jespersen and Giuo de Rossi, both judged by Seghieri described. Lipschutz,
Showalter start 7 up match Oct 21, both confident. Pillsbury still unsure if
goes to St Ptbg. Dinner toasts for coming Pillsbury dinner given, by Dr Charles
Cuthbert Hall, Chauncey Depew, William C De Witt, Charles A Schieren, Colonel 
JB Meunson (The Ancient Game of Loaded Dice: Politics and Trial by Jury), Dr
Persifor Fraser to present gold watch. Article by Tarrasch on Hastings will
be pubd next Sunday. Solns Stafford, Lilliestrale, Blyth, JSB Jr, Schaefer,
AJ Kuh (NY), WHC, AH Baldwin, WJ Ferris, Engberg, EH Baldwin, TK Wright,
Gansser, Emil, MSB, Sahner, Down, Stone, Keeler, Seeley, FNC (Boston),
JL Billman (El Dorado, Q), C John, CJT, Boice, HDA (Crow Agency). Tnmt Prob 88-

Oct 14, 1895 pg 5: Match Game 1 Jasnogrodsky-Sterling QP W62 notes Jasnogrodsky

Oct 15, 1895 pg 12: Events of day has Bkln CC reception for Pillsbury

Oct 15, 1895 pg 6: Game 2 Sterling-Jasnogrodsky QP B25

Oct 16, 1895 pg 5: Pillsbury dinner. Chair Josiah T Marean, Mayor Schieren;
also at guest table J Seaver Page, William C De Witt, JB Wilkinson, Dr Persifor
Fraser, Murat Halstead, Rev Dr Charles Cuthbert Hall. Others include CW Archer,
Robert Colwell, CS Taber, H Cassell, Dr Thomas Wilde, WF Eno, A Martinez, 
CA Gilberg, S Lipschutz, Wesley Bigelow, A McLean, RA Davison, Joseph A Burr,
WM Martin, DG Leggett, Sidney Rosenfeld, Guy C Duval, JW Showalter, Harrington
Putnam, WE Napier, H Helms, Pomeroy Burton. Menu w Pillsbury positions. Marean
flowery words given, Pillsbury modest reply, Persifor Fraser presents watch. 
Depew sends regrets. Newnes cable re cable match read. Speeches Chess, CCs
and Masters by Rev Charles Cuthbert Hall; Intl Competitions by J Seaver Page;
Childish Game of Modern Whist by De Witt; Bkln by Schieren; The Ancient Game
of Loaded Dice by Wilkinson; The Games of Nations by Haltead

Oct 17, 1895 pg 5: Game 3 Jasnogrodsky-Sterling GP W58 mate 6; leads 3-0.
Pillsbury simul w Ladies CC at 4th ann food and health exhibiton Bkln, 7-0 vs
Mrs H Worrall, Mrs M Favor, Mrs MC Purcell, mrs Dr Schierer, WE Napier, 
Mrs MS Lane, E Purcell. Founder of US sec Ladies CC chair lunch. Marean cable
to Newnes great enthusiasm for cable match message. Sterling deposited $10
as brilliancy prize for Lipschutz vs Showalter; A Vasquez of Havana to judge

Oct 18, 1895 pg 2: Josiah T Marean, Dem candidate for Supreme Court judge,
placed in embarassing position by indiscreet speech at Pillsbury banquet.
Was in mood when playfulness and pyrotechnics have precedence to horse sense,
said eg Bkln despised as incarnation mediocrity celebrated for cemetery
and being end of Bkln Bridge, attacked for this since [USE?]

Oct 20, 1895 pg 17: Lipschutz vs Showalter starts tomorrow. Both practicing
including Game Showalter-Pillsbury QGD W51 Game Showalter+Sterling-Pillsbury+
Elwell QGD B31 mate 8. Newnes cable read w applause at Pillsbury dinner was
response to ltr given from Elwell, said Pillsbury proposal for cable match met 
little support England, felt Newnes might feel differently. Already ltrs support
from Pillsbury, Showalter, Hymes. Tarrasch on Hastings given. Before played
declared most important tnmt ever, winner should be acknowledged chp. Pillsbury
player of genius who admires and reveres teacher Steinitz, will take place of
honor if not 1st, makes fine impression indpdt of chess, amiable, sympathetic
while not modest, proud self-confidence. Tschigorin played best; was in bad
condition when lost to Janowski and ruined chances for 1st. Lasker shows for 1st
time strong player, all prev mean little; Steinitz old and still won prize but
lacks old exactness while eccentricities greater, wonder at his age he plays
so well. Schiffers did well, would do even better if had earnestness of
countryman Tschigorin. Bardeleben vs Blackburne was pure wood-pushing but
Bardeleben great early in tnmt; caused great indignation by leaving rather than
resigning, a new comparison chess and war ie flight from enemy. Schlechter
honorable for Vienna school, does not play for D despite so many, still very
young unlikely to become drawing master. Blackburne diminishing at 50 like
Anderssen, Steinitz. Walbrodt collapse at end. Burn most disappointing, has
not played since 89 no doubt cause. Janowski below expectations, indisposution
and slight ailments; great fault is cannot stand loss, showed temper at 
Hastings justifying rumors about Mieses match; could take lesson from Steinitz
who bore 4 consec losses w dignity and won sympathy all. Bird had some fine
games, remarkable num Ds. Gunsberg too engaged w journalism. Albin ingenious
but below ave strength this tnmt. Marco showed little things can affect, had
always done well, humorously said prob was dining at noon felt like boa
constrictor after. Should start at 9 or 10 AM. Mason on par w last 3 tnmts.
Pollock 2 remarkable wins vs Steinitz, Tarrasch. Mieses also too much
journalism, did well vs top players. Tinsley not as weak as score, dangerous.
Vergani not strong enough for master tnmt. My prob was sea air, every morning
took walk made drowsy; too late changed and won last 6 games. Tnmt Prob 90-91.
Solns JSB Jr, LG Woodruff (NY), Stafford, C John, RHS, Keeler, WJ Ferris, AH
Baldwin, Stone, MSB, Lilliestrale, Blyth, Engberg, Harris, EH Baldwin, Bahler,
Gansser, George Martin (NY), Sahner, WHC, C John, Kuh, Hahn, Joseph R Carlton
(Bordentown NJ), Schaefer, PJ Zopfl (Bkln), Van Cleef, Knowlton Mixer (Buffalo)
Halsey L Wood (NY), Harris, Seeley, Jeffers, Dayton, Louden, AF Hanile MD
(Wellington OH), CL Carter, JL Billman (El Dorado OH), Hald and Winchester 
(Dannebrog NE)

Oct 20, 1895 pg 18: Harvard tnmt to choose intercollege in prog, 30 entries

Oct 20, 1895 pg 19: New CC orgd Columbia, officers Arthur M Price, Limburger,
AR Lesinsky

Oct 20, 1895 pg 20: Proposal to merge Bkln chess, whist clubs. Pillsbury made
mem whist club, Pillsbury and Showalter both visited. Showalter vs Lipschutz
starts tomorrow

Oct 21, 1895 pg 8: Pillsbury reception Metropolitan CC great success, 120
came. Club chp A Arnheim conducted amateur band, Pieczonka piano, Miss Morse
songs, Ed Hymes recitation. Dr OP Honegger introd Pillsbury, witty speeches
by Delmar, Hanham, Hymes, Elwell, Duval, Dr Drescher; Drescher gave life
size crayon of Honegger to club. dancing. Final Game 5 Jasnogrodsky-Sterling
QP W43; should mention Sterling indisposed all last wk and could not play best.
Lipschutz vs Showalter starts today

Oct 22, 1895 pg 3: 7 up match Game 1 Lipschutz-Showalter QGD adj 51. Cttee
named to select 8 players for cable match

Oct 24, 1895 pg 9: Game 1 Lipschutz-Showalter QGD W64 3:55, 3:57. Bkln 
challenge for cable match given, 8/side Nov 14 to allow Pillsbury to go to St 

Oct 27, 1895 pg 14: Game 2 Showalter-Lipschutz QGD W47; both games well played.
Showalter analysis of games 1 and 2. Metro Chess League mtg last night, likely
same 6 teams will compete. Sterling left for Europe, gave reporter Game
Sterling-Lipschutz Ruy D57. Cable match postponed til Jan, cannot get English
team together before Pillsbury leaves. Marean credit to club, knows how to
get things done. Tschigorin cable to ask Cassel to find whether Pillsbury will
play St Ptbg; chess reporter Cassel forwarded to Pillsbury in Boston; Pillsbury
due back here today or tomorrow. Tnmt Prob 92-93. Solns Sahner (New Brighton),
JSB Jr, C Sears (Harpster OH), Lilliestrale, EH Baldwin, Lorande G Woodruff,
Stone, Blyth, Stafford, Harris, Emil, Jessie Anthony Mixer (Buffalo), Keeler,
Bahler, RHS, C John, Van Cleef, AH Baldwin, Engberg, DSE (NY), Kuh, Ferris,
Julia Warth (NY), DGE (NY), Seeley, Jeffers, De Munn, BB Rice, Loudon, Billman,
Will S Scott (Carlisle KY), AFM (Wellington OH), RBB. Steinitz to play in 
exclusive circle Paris beginning Nov 14 on way to St Ptbg

Oct 27, 1895 pg 18: New Bryn Mawr CC to hold fortnightly mtgs. Harvard tnmt
prelims done, 10 left to choose intercollege reps

Oct 27, 1895 pg 19: Labourdonnais CC tnmt open to any in Columbia U, top
2 will rep in intercollege 

Oct 28, 1895 pg 12: Events of day has Lipschutz vs Showalter match

Oct 29, 1895 pg 5: Brief description Game 3 Lipschutz-Showalter Ruy W50;
Lipschutz leads 2-1

Oct 29, 1895 pg 11: Metropolitan Chess League mtg. Manhattan proposals for
strict rules on who could play leagu matches defeated, did rule must be
from within 10 miles of a club in league, exception if played last yr. League
officers Julius Livingston, De Visser, Dr OP Honegger, GA Barth. Pillsbury
will sail for St Ptbg Nov 20, will be entertained dinner Berlin on way

Oct 31, 1895 pg 5: Uninteresting Game 4 Showalter-Lipschutz QGD D34. Pillsbury
in Philad, Game Pillsbury-DS Robinson Ruy W25 brilliant Game Kemeny-Pillsbury
Evans W35

Nov 3, 1895 pg 16: Pics Lipschutz, Showalter (latter in fav attitude at bd).
Bad wk for Showalter; Showalter description of games this wk. Game 5
Lipschutz-Showalter Ruy W51 2:36, 3:05. Pillsbury simul Philad 11-2-2 chess
5-1-1 checkers 4 hrs; chess losses to S Warren Bampton, FW Doerr; draws vs
JP Morgan, M Morgan. Game Pillbury-Herm G Voigt QP W35. List unsound tnmt
probs. Genial Manhattan ex-pres A Foster Higgins great chess lover, can be
seen playing daily; position and combo from Higgins win vs Jasnogrodsky.
Prob 94 S Lehner tnmt Prob 95. Solns Engberg, Charles J Tuttle (Hoosick Falls),
Stone, Knowlton Mixer (Buffalo), MSB, Blyth, Lilliestrale, Stafford, RBB,
Schaefer, Bahler, Woodruff, AH Baldwin, Harris, Emil, AG Kuh, WJ Ferris, C John,
Van Cleef, WHC, SL (Irivington-on-Hudson NY), George Martin, Keeler, Gansser,
Billman, Louden, William Rufus Pratt (Tabor IA), CL Carter, BS Drake (Tabor IA),
William S Scott (Carlisle KY)

Nov 3, 1895 pg 18: CCNY 1st prize match Phillips 96 beats Moscowitz gvg P+1

Nov 6, 1895 pg 12: Bkln Ladies CC hosts Pillsbury at res Mrs Virginia Titcomb,
chair Florence Grey. Rcvd scarf pin 3 gold and silver bands, these colors
British Ladies CC; Pillsbury said would wear pin in Russia

Nov 7, 1895 pg 10: Breakfast given to Pillsbury by Bkln Ladies CC at home
Mrs Titcomb was prepared by ladies wo help servants; she also bore most of
expenses including handsome pin given to Pillsbury

Nov 10, 1895 pg 15: Dull wk NY chess. No play in Showalter vs Lipschutz,
Showalter trying to kill cold interfered w 1st series, in hiding preparing
for 2d. Lipschutz practicing frequently Manhattan. Was planning to give 
portrait group of Manhattan spectators, did not get good enough print. Cafe
Blvd tnmt prizes awarded, feast by JH Rosenfeld, WC Mairson called on
CB Kohler to distribute prizes $40, 20, 15, 12, 8, 5 to J Finn, L Guensberg,
WE Napier, O Roething, A Langleben, HE [AE?] Swaffield resp. Plan another tnmt
this or next season. Visit to Manhattan found Pillsbury, Hanham looking at
proposed Wochenschach winning line for Tinsley vs Pillsbury; German analysts
missed line given. Last night Pillsbury simul 14 bds consult each bd, report
tomorrow. Cables between British CC sec Byrne, Marean; British want only
native players, US all res. Bkln YMCA continuous tnmt winners Napier (age 14)
41-9 O Lagerquist 31-11 DH Prentice 137-76 CG Griswold 37-29 JF Prentice 50-48.
Solns Stone, AH Baldwin, Bahler, Van Cleef, Ferris, RBB, Engberg, RHS, Sahner,
Charles O Stevens (Cambridge MA), Blythe, Lilliestrale, WHC, Stafford, John,
Billman, EH Baldwin, Louden, CL Carter, Bryant S Drake (Tabor IA), Hald, Pratt,
C Elliott (Ontario OH), Fannin, Gansser, Stephens. Prob 96 H Bayersdorfer
97 tnmt prob

Nov 10, 1895 pg 18 cont: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia tnmt starts Nov 7 2RR

Nov 11, 1895 pg 2: Pillsbury 4-4-6 simul Bkln CC vs 35 players, over 70
spectators 3:30 Bkln CC. Beat Morphy+Jones+Ingalls, Maltzan+Guensberg, Dahl+
Cragg+Rahme, Spowers+Behr; lost to Teller+Napier, Bradford+Taber, Langleben+
Finn, Barrett+Souweine; drew Mrs Worrall+W Frere, Dr Russell+Prentice, 
Dow+Alexander+Behrendsohn+Marshall, Tatum+Ruth+Bowman, Murray+green+Wicks,
Roething+Ross+Levy. Games Pillsbury-Napier+Teller Ruy 3..Bc5 B37 Pillsbury-
Langleben+Finn Vienna B38 Pillsbury-Tatum+Ruth+Bowman Falkbeer Ctr D31

Nov 12, 1895 pg 4: Game 6 Showalter-Lipschutz QGD W50 3:15, 2:50. 2 game
playoff for Manhattan chp Game 1 DG Baird-Jasnogrodsky Scotch B36++

Nov 12, 1895 pg 7: Death senor D Juan Sabater, mem Manhattan and Bkln CC,
well known and much esteemed metro chess, liberal supporter of chess

Nov 14, 1895 pg 10: Showalter took off day vs Lipschutz due to indisposition,
resumes tomorrow; each gets 4 off days

Nov 16, 1895 pg 8: Elizabeth CCC files articles incorp. Officers
Dr George W Bailey, Ralph W Pope, A Conger

Nov 17, 1895 pg 17: Manhattan decides to resign from Metro League after defeat
of proposal to forbid club mems playing against club. Argue not cowardice; 
Lipschutz, Hodges, Showalter were going to play for Manhattan (tho Trib believes
not true for Showalter). Don't believe cowardice but bad decision, bad for 
chess. Bigelow claims club was never enthusiatic for league, league pres
Julius Livingston says Bigelow and Dahl great supporters when proposed.
Bkln YMCA boy chp Napier who has made such progress this season left for
Chicago to study music there this winter; promising and popular little expert.
Showalter comments on match game 6. Game 7 Lipschutz-Showalter Petroff adj 48.
Manhattan chp playoff Game 2 Jasnogrodsky-DG Baird QGD 2..Nf6 B42; game 3 Wed;
both games beautifully contested. Pillsbury leaves for St Ptbg Wed w best wishes
all. Prob 98 Dr Conrad Bayer 99 tnmt prob. Solns Gansser, Sahner, EH Baldwin,
Stone, Bahler, Rudolph Johnson, WHC, RHS, Ferris, RBB, Engberg, Lilliestrale,
Keeler, AH Baldwin, JSB Jr, Stafford, Knowlton Mixer, Seeley, Fannin,
James Jones (Jacksonville FL), Tuttle, Stephen, Charles G Bragg (Hastings NE),
HP Larsen (Tyndall SD), MK (Paris TX), JP (Washington DC) thx photo, CGS
(Cambridge MA). Asks those who made certain probs for photos

Nov 17, 1895 pg 19: Columbia tnmt rapid prog. Leaders Limburger 97 Law
4.5-.5 Price 97 Law 3; 2 top will rep intercollege tnmt. Stevens Inst CC
orgd for yr, officers AJ Wood 96, EE Burnet 96, Arthur H Miller 97. Tnmt 
will be arranged among mems different classes for chp

Nov 18, 1895 pg 10: De Visser comments on Manhattan wdal from league. Very
disappointed, Feels waste of time to play wo Manhattan. Voted againt Manhattan
proposals since felt detrimental to league. Manhattan would have been better
to ask adjournment, confer w club mems. Honegger can scarcely believe, as
club mem feels should not have taken step wo consulting mems. Admire
Livingston's pluck saying don't disqualify Philad mems or would have not team;
believed we had reached happy compromise. Hope reconsider. Cornelius Hymes
of Newark says great disappointment to chess in general, Manhattan should

Nov 23, 1895 pg 12: Brilliant Game 9 Lipschutz-Showalter Petroff B34; 
Showalter leads 3-2-4

Nov 24, 1895 pg 16: Much discussion Manhattan wdal from league. Many mems
agree, equally many agree w De Visser's argument (Trib last Mon) that directors
to blame delegates should have asked for adjournment to report to club. DG
Baird won 3d playoff game vs Jasnogrodsky to win Manhattan chp 4th time. David
Graham Baird ~40, lawyer, won 2d prize minor tnmt 5th Amer Congress 1880,
played 6th Amer congress NY 89, 1 of Manhattan founders, ardent chess supporter,
plays almost all team matches including cable match, brother of JW Baird who
returned from Europe yesterday. Playoff Game 3 DG Baird-Jasnogrodsky Ruy W69.
Pillsbury left for St Ptbg, presented w gold chain for gold watch given at
dinner by William Du Val for Bkln CC w extra money which came in. Number of
ladies present but mood somber due to that of Pillsbury who said 7th ann death
of mother which had led him to study chess and pain not ceased. Will talk
to Newnes in London on cable match details. Suggests display bds overhead for
public viewing. Hopes for intl matches also vs Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia,
France. 4-blind simul Hamilton Club Games Pillsbury-Turner GP D49 Pillsbury-
Welles Vienna 2..Bc5 f5 BxN W20 mate 3 Pillsbury-Ingalls French B64 Pillsbury-
Raymond French W25. Showalter takes lead in match vs Lipschutz; have not pubd
games 7 and 8 so Game 7 Lipschutz-Showalter Petroff D76 Game 8 Showalter-
Lipschutz QGD W41. Showalter comments on games 7-9. Prob 100 Dr Arthur H
Baldwin (Norwalk CT) 101 tnmt prob. Solns Emil, Ferris, JSB Jr, Johnson,
Lilliestrale, Engberg, Bahler, John, Schaefer, Fannin,, James Jones 
(Jacksonville FL), CJT, Stephens. Notes to RHS, LGW (NY), CBL (NY) photo rcvd.
Ltr from Florence Grey on progress Ladies CC, not all superior women play
chess but all who play chess are superior, want corr w all female US players,
cable match next Apr on challenge Mrs Rhoda Bowles of London, Steinitz
and Pillsbury warm support

Nov 24, 1895 pg 18: Harvard tnmt nearly done. EE Southard 97 8.5-.5 
JW Peck 96, AW Ryder 97, T Spalding LS 5-2 w 2 left. HL Lewis will play Southard
for college chp; if Southard wins Lewis will play 2d place in tnmt for 2d 
intercollege rep

Nov 24, 1895 pg 19: Labourdonnais CC tnmt nearly over, stdgs Limburger 97Law
6.5-2.5 Ross 96Arts 4-2 Price 97Law 5-3 Goldmark 4-4 Seward 2.5-4.5 Lesinsky
3-5 Giffen 0-4. Columbia in best shape for intercollege since Hymes left.
Bkln Poly CC which has been thriving for some yrs yet to be reorgd, will be
soon and will respond to challenge from Labourdonnais CC of Columbia

Nov 25, 1895 pg 9: Steinitz gvg chess exhibition here [Berlin?] before leaves
for St Ptbg

Nov 25, 1895 pg 10: Special mtg Metropolitan Chess League to consider
Manhattan resignation. Officers Julius Livingston, De Visser, OP Honegger, GA 
Barth and delegates JC Tatum, W Litzenberger, H Cassel from Bkln, SI, City
CCs present. Plan to continue league with or wo Manhattan, table ltr and
appoint cttee De Visser, Tatum, Honegger to negotiate w Manhattan on conditions
for re-entry

Nov 26, 1895 pg 10: Lipschutz ill, took off day vs Showalter

Nov 28, 1895 pg 10: Lipschutz still indisposed, took 2d off day vs Showalter

Dec 1, 1895 pg 2: Steinitz started for St Ptbg from Berlin Thurs. Complained
somewhat of treatment Berlin, had been told to co come give exhibition but
had not said other masters invited same time or would have stipulated terms
before accepting; satisfied with what rcvd and gratified by banquet in honor.
Thought chess not yet fashionable Berlin but expects splendid time St Ptbg
where czar takes active chess interest

Dec 1, 1895 pg 16: Waiting for developments on Manhattan wdal from league.
Lipschutz postponed games Mon and Wed, Showalter Fri; each has used 2 off days 
has 2 left. Hastings tnmt Game Pillsbury-Pollock Ruy W52 notes Pillsbury. Pic
Maroczy, who won Hastings amateur chp. B Szegedin 1870, ed U Zurich, engr
municipal water works Budapest. learned chess in Zurich, had knowledge of 
theory but little practice, 3d class Budapest CC on return. 1891 won class 3
prize in club tnmt, 1892 1st in class 2, 1893 1st in class 1. Excellent blind,
worked way up to 7 which has played w success num of times. Hungarian master
Dr S Jakobi realized talent, played and analyzed daily 1893. Bright future,
w Makovetz will continue tradition of Szen, Loewenthal, Kolisch in proposed 
Budapest tnmt w millennium exhibition. Game Owen-Maroczy Zukertort B41 notes
Chess Monthly. Prob 102 EN Frankenstein (London) 103 tnmt prob. Solns Engberg,
EH Baldwin, Ferris, RBB, Lilliestrale, John, Stafford, Bahler, John R Rudd
(Stamford CT), JH Bogardus (Stamford CT), William H Hely (Stamford CT),
Frank W Bogardus (Stamford CT), Joseph Greeney (Bay Ridge NY), Edward C Riker
(new Haven CT), AH Baldwin, JSB Jr, Emil, Schaefer, CJT, Jones, Stone. Notes to
ARP (NY), WHC. Bkln chp begins, entries Showalter, Delmar, H Helms, Rocamora,
JC Tatum, SG Ruth, AJ Souweine, JD Elwell, J Morphy, HM Barrett, JS Turner,
RA Breckinridge, Dr JR Taber, DJ Finlay. Should be close tho Showalter fav.
So far Showalter-Souweine, Showalter-Helms, Helms-Ruth, Delmar-Barrett,
Turner-Rocamora, Tatum-Barrett, Breckinridge/Tatum, Taber-Elwell, Elwell-Turner,
Ruth/Elwell, Morphy vs Finlay adj. Game Showalter-Helms QGD W41

Dec 1, 1895 pg 18: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia rcvd challenge to consulting
match vs CCNY in next 3 wks; will accept but offer instead 8 player team match
as vs Rutgers last yr; 15/1

Dec 2, 1895 pg 4: Brilliant Delmar 10-1 simul Metropolitan CC. Beat Scheuer,
Thumier, Lawrence, Feibel, Metzger, Kahn, Behrend, Pelz, Kuh, Levi; lost to
Pieczonka. Includes Games Delmar-Scheuer Ruy W25++ Delmar-Thumier 2N W31
Delmar-Lawrence Ponziani W22 Delmar-Pieczonka French B27 Delmar-Feibel 2N W35
Delmar-Levi Bishop O McDonnell Double GW23. Dr L Broughton Jr 3-0-1 simul
Ladies CC, followed by lunch and music

Dec 3, 1895 pg 9: Description Game 10 Showalter-Lipschutz QGD W51, leads 5-3-2.
JW Baird ref in place of bro DG Baird. Game 11 tomorrow

Dec 5, 1895 pg 11: Corr Game 1 Bkln-Chicago QGD W24 notes JD Elwell. Showalter
takes 3d off day vs Lipschutz

Dec 7, 1895 pg 8: Chess Novelties by Bird under books pubd

Dec 8, 1895 pg 14: Several well known Rutherford men orgd Rutherford Wheelmen
1885; 1887 Rutherford CC attached self to it. Rutherford CC antedated Wheelmen,
formed by Alfred Oakley (Rutherford's 1st mayor), EF Nexson, Freeholder
John E Coale, Henry H Copeland, AL Watson, JK Watson. 1889 fire destroyed club,
changed into Union Club a social club

Dec 8, 1895 pg 16: St Ptbg tnmt great event. Pic Lasker, Tschigorin, Pillsbury,
Steinitz together. Well matches. Steinitz old but in excellent trim, Pillsbury
young and studious, Lasker not strong physiqu but wonderfully correct play,
Tschigorin despite errors most brilliant. Only 1 Lipschutz vs Showalter game
this wk. Pic A Vorrath, DB Shipley, L Schmidt Jr, L Seckendorf, S Bachmann,
Dr JH Lurie, Julius Elson, Kelnner studying position at so-called dissecting
table Manhattan CC. Dr Lo Cohen, 1 of principle dissecters, among many missing;
pays well to spend time at this table. Steinitz in excellent form, 6-0-5 
Paris simul, many offhand, 3-0-1 alternating games vs Rosenthal and partner.
Game Chazeray-Steinitz Ruy B19 w notes. NY Game MM Sterling-Pillsbury Ruy B34.
Bkln chp stdgs Delmar 4-0 Elwell 1-2-1 Finlay 0-1-3 Helms 2-2 Morphy 1-0-1 
Rocamora 0-1 Ruth 1-1-1 Showalter 2-0 Souweine 1-3 Dr Taber 4-1 Tatum 3-0-1
Turner 2-3 [does not nearly add up] w adj games Rocamora vs Ruth, Morphy. WJ
Ferris analysis Bkln vs Chicago given. prob 104 FM Teed 105 tnmt prob.
Solns Stafford, JSB Jr, Engberg, Bahler, Lilliestrale, Keeler, AH Baldwin, EH
Baldwin, John, Gansser, Emil, RBB, Schaefer, CJT, Stone (Pecano LA), CJT,
Jones, AG Beer (Ashland OH), WHB (Athens GA)

Dec 8, 1895 from Chess Arch: Marriage Jean Grace to John Hewett Baird bro
Dr David Baird was best man

Dec 9, 1895 pg 9: S Langleben 8-6-2 at new Progressive CC. Beat Rosenthal,
Kirschner, Weissvogel, Walker, F Tobias, Borsodi, Levin, Berg; lost to
Beck, Newman, Goodman, Gunsberg, Rome, Gilbson; drew Goldberg, Goldinger
including Games Langleben-Rosenthal KGD W25++ Langleben-Newman Evans B26++
Langleben-Weissvogel Evans w32 Langleben-Goldberg Danish dec 3..d6 D52
Langleben-Walker French W23. Intercollege players to be chosen from C: Arthur
M Price 97, I Ross 96, Albert R Lesinsky 96, GO Seward 98, Irving Giffin 99.
H: Charles H Dunn 96, Charles L Barnard 97, Edward P Fay 96, Henry S Johnson 96,
Harold Lewis 96, John W Peck? 96, Arthur W Ryder 97, Elmer E Southard 97,
Thorndyke Spalding 92, Farwell E Whayer [Thayer?] 99. Y: Leo Arnstein 96,
Fred A Lehlbach 98, Stuart Holt 99, William L Mather 96, David B McCalmont 97,
William M Murdoch 98. P: W Marston 98, EB Seymour Jr 98, AR Elmer 98,
RP Elmer 99, WW Young

Dec 10, 1895 pg 2: Finish adj Game 11 Lipschutz-Showalter Vienna W95; 
Showalter leads 5-4-2 Showalter invoked 50 move rule move 65

Dec 11, 1895 pg 14: St Ptbg tnmt was to begin last Sun, postponed since Lasker
arrived late and needed time to rcuperate from journey

Dec 12, 1895 pg 12: Bkln chp tnmt Game John Morphy-Showalter 2N W40; stdgs
Barrett .5-4.5 Breckenridge 1-4 Delmar 5-0 Elwell 1.5-2.5 Finlay 1.5-2.5
Helms 2-2 Morphy 2.5-.5 Rocamora 0-1 Ruth 1.5-1.5 Showalter 2-1 Souweine 1-4
Dr Taber 4-1 Tatum 3.5-.5 Turner 2-3

Dec 14, 1895 pg 5: St Ptbg rd 1 game descriptions, results. Game 12
Showalter-Lipschutz QGD D77. Showalter declined earlier D, leads 5-4-3

Dec 15, 1895 pg 16: All look to St Ptbg. Staats-Ztg corr interview Steinitz
in Berlin given. Intros as having played Steinitz in skat, as innocent of chess
as little girl ought to be. Steinitz remembers from German Press Club, glad to
see. Proud of Paris fee rcvd 1500 francs, highest ever for master. Patronage
US and Cuba top rank, in Europe Russia, then France, Germany, England, last
Austria. Blames on Rothschild; tho chess principal hobby subsidizes just 50
cents/day, other rich Austrians follow his example. When Steinitz celebrated
25th ann of title. Mr Emmett, commissioner of military dept in St Paul MN
he had never met, subscribed $250 writing that pleasure derived from games worth
$25/day; Rothschild $25 to testimonial thought $1/yr. Steinitz 39-1-1 Berlin
simul [s?]. Showalter analysis games 10-12. Bkln results Delmar beats
Souweine and Morphy, Morphy upsets Showalter. Morphy dangerous should get high
position. Tatum lost to Helms and Rocamora. Stdgs Barrett .5-5.5 Breckinridge
1-4 Delmar 6-0 Elwell 2.5-3.5 Finlay 1.5-3.5 Helms 4-2 Morphy 2.5-1.5 Rocamora
1-1 Ruth 1.5-1.5 Showalter 2-1 Souweine 2-4 Dr Taber 4-1 Tatum 2.5-2.5 Turner
2-3. Game Morphy-Delmar GP B36. Intercollege teams C: AM Price 97Law I Ross 96
subs AR Lezinsky 96 GO Seward 98M. H Harold Lewis 96 Elmer E Southard 97 subs
JW Peck 96 AW Ryder 97. Y Leor Arnstein 96 WM Murdoch 98S subs S Holt 99
FA Lehlbach 98. P: W Marston 98 EB Seymour Jr 98 subs AR Elmer 98 RP Elmer 98.
Game sched given, Dec 26-Jan 1. Prob 106 Dr S Gold 107 tnmt prob. Solns
JSB Jr, Lilliestrale, AG Beer (Ashland OH), Bahler, Engberg, Richmond, Sahner,
Jones, Stone, Mervin. New West End CC formed, officers Hiland Flowers, MB Lewis,
ET Phillips, WA Kyte

Dec 15, 1895 pg 33: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia tnmt ends, ended in tie two
from 97 Law; 1 of these, Limburger, ineligible; Price will be rep. 2d rep Ross
96 Arts beating Lesinsky 96 Arts by .5. Stronger than last yr; Price much 
improved, Ross compares fav to last yr rep. Other teams candidates H: Charles
Hunter Dunn 96 Charles Lester Barnard 97 Edward Pickering Fay 96 Henry Sparks
Johnson 96 Harold Lewis 96 John Wild Peck 96 Arthur William Ryder 97 Elmer E
Southard 97 Thorndyke 2d yr Law Farwell E Thayer 99. Y: Leo Arnstein 96A
FA Lehlbach 98A Stuart Holt 99A William L Mather 96A David B McCalmont 97S
William M Murdoch 98S. P: W Marston 98 EB Seymour 98 AR Elmer 98 RP Elmer 99
WW Young. C: Arthur M Price 97L I Ross 96A Albert R Lesinsky 96A GO Seward,
Irving Griffen

Dec 16, 1895 pg 3: St Ptbg rd 2 brief descriptions, results, stdgs. Bkln CC
rapid transit tnmt; Showalter and Lipschutz drew rd 3 Showalter advanced by lot.
Rd 1: Tatum-Barrett, Richardson-Souweine, Showalter-Morphy, Lipschutz-Ascher,
Hymes-Ruth, Hodges-Davidson, Rocamora-Delmar, Frere-Hanham. Rd 2: Lipschutz-
Tatum, Richardson-Frere, Showalter-Rocamora, Hymes-Hodges. Rd 3: Showalter/
Lipschutz, Hymes-Hodges. Final: Lipschutz-Hymes. Includes Games 
Delmar-Rocamora Sic B31++ Hymes-Hodges Ruy W43 Showalter-Lipschutz Ruy D70
Hymes-Lipschutz Sic B57. William S Huntington simul City CC 11-1 beat
Hoffmann, Weigle, Lesser, Alb Widmer, Aug Widmer, White, Thutaler, Gross,
Engelmann, Knect, Achard; lost to Doyle. J Finn simul at new Progressive CC
9-3-3 beat Devoe, Levin, Rosen, Buchsbaum, F Tobias, Martin Adlermann, Kunen, 
Horvitz; lost to Shour, Greenbaum, Walker; drew Appel, Kirschner, Goldinger

Dec 17, 1895 pg 1: Intercollege teams Y: L Arnstein 96 W Murdock 98. H: H Lewis
96 EE Southard 97. C: AM Price 97 J Ross 96. P: W Marston 98 EB Seymour 98.
Dec 26-Jan 2, refs Loyd, Delmar

Dec 19, 1895 pg 11: St Ptbg day 3 game descriptions, CT

Dec 20, 1895 pg 5: St Ptbg day 4 game descriptions, stdgs

Dec 20, 1895 pg 11: Tilden effects sold at auction include chess table

Dec 21, 1895 pg 13: Over 15 hr Game 13 Lipschutz-Showalter Petroff B111;
Showalter leads 6-4-3

Dec 22, 1895 pg 3: Lasker ill, only St Ptbg game Pillsbury/Steinitz, Pillsbury
threw away win. Pillsbury 3.5-1.5 Lasker 3-1 Steinitz 1.5-3.5 Tschigorin 1-3

Dec 22, 1895 pg 16: FM Teed chooses winners 1st Trib prob tnmt. James
Patterson of Washington DC 1st, Rudolph Schuler of Orange NJ 2d. Pic
James Patterson. 3d X Hawkins (Springfield MO). 4th AH Gansser (Bay City MI).
5th CH Latting (Shortsville NY). Discussion winning probs. Hon mens later.
James Patterson says nothing notable in his chess career, always liked probs,
composed his 1st in 1858, neglected for yrs; only other tnmt NY Clipper
tnmt of 1867 rcvd 1st place. Chess interest revived few yrs ago, became mem
Washington CC now mem exec cttee. Pic Corporal Augustus H Gansser. Age 21,
when age 16 confined to home circle due to relative's illness learned chess
from Staunton's Handbook, several yrs til played OTB; chess grown rapidly
here now 3 CCs Bay City, 1st ever prob tnmt, enjoys probs and solns, have
made nearly 100 probs tho adheres to no convention, pres YMCA chess assoc.
From game descriptions quality of Lasker's wins somewhat best. Dr Benjamin
Marshall of San Francisco, mem Manhattan CC, returned from Europe w Miss
Nora Farnsworth of San Jose; both frequent visitors Manhattan CC last wk.
Miss Farnsworth is strong player, complains bitterly of lack of opportunities
to play in CA; rarely visits clubs and rarely meets female players. Sidney
Rosenfeld of "The Senator" fame happened in, introd by Hanham and played
Game Sidney Rosenfeld-Nora Farnsworth KGA Muzio W21. Charles A Gilberg left
for Havana. Little prog Bkln tnmt. delmar drew Breckinridge; Showalter not
playing to save self for Lipschutz til after match, stdgs Barrett 1.5-6.5
Breckinridge 2.5-5.5 Delmar 6.5-.5 Elwell 2.5-4.5 Finlay 1.5-4.5 Helms 4.5-2.5
Morphy 2.5-1.5 Rocamora 3-1 Ruth 4-2 Showalter 2-1 Souweine 2.5-5.5 Taber 4.5-
1.5 Tatum 3.5-2.5 Turner 2-4. Game Delmar-Breckinridge Center Ctr D41. Solns
JSB Jr, Engberg, Lilliestrale, Richmond, Wehle, Van Cleef, Ferris, AH Baldwin,
Bahler, Schaefer, Stafford, EH Baldwin, Sahner, Beer. Note to WFF. Prob 108
Charles Nugent 109 AC Challenger

Dec 23, 1895 pg 12: Haverford CC officers SK Brecht 96, J Hunsecker 96, 
WK Alsop 96; will have tnmt after holidays. Bowdoin CC officers Earle H Lyford
96, JE Odiorne 98; HN Gardner 98 was declared winner of last tnmt

Dec 23, 1895 pg 8: Metropolitan CC rapid transit tnmt, sec Graswinkel (says
Grassurnkel) timer. Rd 1: Raubitschek-Honegger, Roche-Feibel, Drescher-Lebwohl,
Hays-Dinkelspiel, Pieczonka-Tanenbaum, Leipziger-Lipschutz, Metzger-Behrend,
Dalheim-Wolff. Rd 2: Raubitschek-Roche, Hays/Metzger, Kuh-Dalheim, Leipziger-
Pieczonka. Rd 3: Raubitschek/Leipziger, Kuh-Metzger. Rd 4: M Leipziger-AJ Kuh.
15 sec/move. Lasker ill, did not play Tschigorin; don't know if scored against
as in tnmt or play later as in matchIntercollege starts Thurs

Dec 24, 1895 pg 12: No Lipschutz vs Showalter gam; resumes tomorrow

Dec 24, 1895 pg 14: St Ptbg results, stdgs

Dec 26, 1895 pg 6: Tschigorin ill, Pillsbury-Lasker regains lead; stdgs and
brief game description

Dec 26, 1895 pg 10: Showalter vs Lipschutz postponed since pres Bigelow would
not allow it to be played at Manhattan. Intercollege begins today(cbe88)

Dec 27, 1895 pg 10: Intercollege players, rd 1 results, brief game descriptions

Dec 27, 1895 pg 12: St Ptbg rd 1 Game Lasker-Pillsbury Petroff B33 notes
Daily News Game Steinitz-Tschigorin QP B38 notes Daily News

Dec 28, 1895 pg 7: Intercollege rd 2 brief descriptions, results

Dec 28, 1895 pg 12: Final Game 14 Showalter-Lipschutz QGD W25, wins 7-4-3, 
game by game results

Dec 29, 1895 pg 2: Lasker writes Brighton CC rcvd very well St Ptbg, St Ptbg
CC finest in world, climate to unhealthy all but Tschigorin have influenza

Dec 29, 1895 pg 4: All at Manhattan armed w newspaper to play St Ptbg games.
Pillsbury now fav, Lasker's health already broken down as some expected.
Showalter win vs Lipschutz mental, more enterprising (pic Showalter),
Showalter improved since prev match, considers Lipschutz 1 of best defensive 
players in world. St Ptbg Games Steinitz-Pillsbury Petroff W60 5:45 w notes
Tschigorin-Lasker Evans B26 3:00 w notes. Teed gives hon men in prob tnmt to
JS Boyd Jr, Rudolph Schuler, CB Lilliestrale, X Hawkins, James Patterson,
Robert H Seymour (in no order). Prob 110 Einsiedler von Tyrnau 111 FM Teed.
Solns AH Baldwin, Alexander Beer (Ashland OH), RBB, Bahler, James Hamilton
(NY), Stafford, JSB Jr, Sahner, Alvin H Baldwin (Bridgeport CT), Stone,
Jones, Merritt Mernin (new Milford CT). JSB Jr opinions on prob tnmt

Dec 29, 1895 pg 12: Intercollege rd 3 results, stdgs

Dec 30, 1895 pg 3: Steinitz beats Tschigorin to finish 7th series St
Ptbg. Little interest of general public St Ptbg in chess til this tnmt;
all excited w tnmt, Pillsbury great favorite. Applause when Pillsbury selected
Russian defence, believed compliment. Pillsbury languid ease while playing
astounds spectators. Lasker nervous, mixed w spectors only moments before
going to watch other game. Steinitz showed nerves by incessant smoking, 
Tschigorin could hardly sit still. Game Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W32 w notes
Tschigorin-Pillsbury Petroff B26 w notes

Dec 31, 1895 pg 10: Intercollege rd 4 results, stdgs

Jan 1, 1896 pg 12: Events of day has intercollege chess reception

Jan 1, 1896 pg 9: Intercollege rd 5 results, team and individ stdgs

Jan 2, 1896 pg 4: St Ptbg results, stdgs. Harvard wins intercollege. Final
rd results, team stdgs

Jan 3, 1896 pg 6: St Ptbg results, stdgs end 3 rds (1st half)

Jan 4, 1896 pg 12: St Ptbg Games Pillsbury-Tschigorin QGD W57 Steinitz-Lasker
QGD B39 Pillsbury-Steinitz QGD D54

Jan 5, 1896 pg 16: Chess season active. St Ptbg absorbs all. Tarrasch in 
Frankfurt General Anzeiger praises Pillsbury for entering, says if had been
Lasker would have stayed out and challenged winner to match. Felt Tschigorin
would win; Steinitz too old, Pillsbury not yet his =, Lasker's games do not
show great tactics and power of Tschigorin (based on Hastings analysis).
Successful intercollege tnmt, Harvard won but Columbia also did well w Ross
best score 4-0-2; pic Isidorus Ross. Ask tnmt prize winners to send addresses
so can mail prizes. Prob 112 HL Vercoe. Solns Porter Stafford (Erie PA), Ferris,
RBB, AH Baldwin, Bahler, JSB Jr, Van Cleef, Engberg, EH Baldwin, CEM (NY), 
EBR (Bkln)

Jan 5, 1896 pg 8: Pillsbury practice play in St Ptbg Games Pillsbury-Count
von Zehn Ponziani W24 Count Von Zehn-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 B21. Death of
Pillsbury's instructor Jonathon Hall, taught him rudiments, problemist;
died home Boston, taught many how to play special interest Pillsbury

Jan 5, 1896 pg 25: Danish K very devoted to Q, during her illness barely 
went out, would play chess et al w her daily

Jan 6, 1896 pg 4: YMCA CC CC pres Thomas Flint

Jan 6, 1896 pg 8: Tschigorin indisposed, takes 2d off day. Lasker wins, tied
at 6.5-3.5. St Ptbg rooms very crowded, Steinitz esp complains about crush due
to his exteme nervousness. Steinitz suffere loss of prestige thru dispute w
Lasker. Lasker did not notice time for adj, made move OTB which should have 
sealed. Steinitz rose, w sarcastic smile pointed at clock, left table. Caused
sensation w crowd who wagered heavily on game. Cttee asked Steinitz to return
and move so Lasker could seal; he at 1st refused to budge saying not his fault
if Lasker made mistake. After unpleasant wrangle returned to table protesting,
made move, Lasker sealed. Lasker won, Steinitz backers take his side refuse to
pay, still unsettled to annoyance of club. G Koehler 14-0-2 Progressive CC
simul; beat Kunen, Edelstein, Seidl, Schuster, Hammond, Rosen, Winter, Nussbaum,
F Tobias, Rubin, Goodman, Martin, Berg, Beck; drew Goldinger, Horvitz

Jan 8, 1896 pg 8: On horrid behavior Gustav Vorrath, landlord who tries
to evict people in snow for small amounts owed

Jan 9, 1896 pg 5: Game delayed by Tschigorin indisposition played, Tschigorin
beats Steinitz due to early blunder. Stdgs. St Ptbg Games Tschigorin-Steinitz
Evans B62 notes Gunsberg Pillsbury-Lasker Ruy W46 notes Gunsberg

Jan 10, 1896 pg 2: St Ptbg game 11 results, stdgs

Jan 12, 1896 pg 15: Belleville CC orgd Mon; Theodore Sanford, William Wyllie,
FE Heydon by-laws cttee

Jan 12, 1896 pg 18: 2 pics Lasker, Tschigorin, Steinitz, Pillsbury. St Ptbg
stdgs Lasker, Pillsbury 6.5 Steinitz 5.5 Tschigorin 3.5. Steinitz position
improved. Games (all w notes London Daily News) Steinitz-Pillsbury Petroff D37
Tschigorin-Lasker GP B47. Prob 113 CH Wheeler. Solns JSB Jr, Engberg, RHS,
Richmond, Bahler, J Wilson McCleery (Erie PA), Schaefer, Stafford, Sahner,
AH Baldwin, Keeler, RBB, EH Baldwin, Van Cleef, Beeg

Jan 12, 1896 pg 1: St Ptbg results, CT

Jan 13, 1896 pg 5: Corr match ends Rutgers-Lafayette 1-0-1

Jan 13, 1896 pg 10: St Ptbg results, stdgs 4 full rds. Game Steinitz-Tschigorin
QGA W34 w notes Game Lasker-Pillsbury Petroff D31 w notes. Showalter 9-3-2
Bkln CC, beat R Ulrich, GJ Murray, Helms+Miss Whitney, J Rose, E Pascual, W
Southwick, CS Taber, G Northrop, J Morphy; lost to Marshall+Dow, Frere+Mrs 
Worrall, Dr Taber; drew Dr Dalton, R Colwell. Delmar 10-4-2 Progressive CC;
beat Thompson, Eigel, Lefkowitz, Ross, Newman, Kunen, Horwitz, Nussbaum, Appel,
Schiller; lost to Goldberg, Gunzberg, Goodman, Martin; drew Goldinger, Gross.
Manhattan ann mtg, officers Wesley Bigelow, Chauncey H Hatheway, Dr Gustave
Simonson, Ellert W Dahl, George Holl; cttee Charles A Gilberg, Colonel WF Morse,
JS Curry, Max Frankel, R Beramji, A Foster Higgins. Ltr read signed Simonson
why Manhattan resigned from league, given; found hurt rather than helped 
friendly relations between CCs due to unclear rules which introd resolutions
to fix, not adopted so resigned to avoid serious breach between CCs

Jan 13, 1896 pg 15: In college news, Stevens CC will begin tnmt in wk or 2,
tnmt cttee WC Morris 96, MV Ruggles 97, WH Miller 98, R King 99

Jan 15, 1896 pg 13: St Ptbg results, stdgs. Lasker leads by 2.

Jan 17, 1896 pg 5: St Ptbg 14 rd stdgs. Games Tschigorin-Pillsbury Petroff B32
notes Gunsberg Lasker-Steinitz Ruy D32 notes Gunsberg Pillsbury-Lasker QGD B30
w notes

Jan 18, 1896 pg 10: Pillsbury's Bad Venture. Pic Pillsbury. Showalter said few
days ago mystery to him that Pillsbury did not win certain games vs Steinitz,
added had heard had gone into some kind of wild partnership w Steinitz, 
Pillsbury putting up large sum money for copyright of games which could not be
copyrighted. Trib reporter asked marean what it meant. Came originally from 1
of Pillsbury's friends, never meant to intimate anything wrong or disagreeable.
Steinitz has no head for biz, Pillsbury cannot afford to lose much money, but
Steinitz persuaded Pillsbury to venture foolish on its face, surmise collapse
disheartened Pillsbury. Buy exclusive rights to pub game reports from St Ptbg 
CC outside of St Ptbg. Impossible to keep out of habds other people. Lost
about $600. Pillsbury "standing on own feet" as far as money St Ptbg. Does not
know whether will be reception when returns if comes home defeated

Jan 19, 1896 pg 15: CC orgd Glen Ridge, met res George Zabriskie

Jan 19, 1896 pg 19: Tnmt interest within St Ptbg decreased because of matters
which made things unpleasant; adverse comments in papers. St Ptbg sold rights
to Novoe Vremya, other papers held mtg to annul sale allow to pub, charge
nepotism since 2 relatives and eds Novoe Vremya on cttee; tnmt cttee said no
and attacked in papers, ridiculed players as well in try to spoil contest.
Betting also prob, Tschigorin backed for huge amounts by Englishman S S-n
who comes to club in nervous stateand makes Tschigorin nervous, Tschigorin 
will retire if backer not kept away from him. Pillsbury and Steinitz much 
annoyed collapse of copyright plan; club tried to secure but great 
disappointment when English and US papers came w games and news which was not
even in St Ptbg papers. Started charging fees to mems, reporter found 
pencilling and Novoe Vremya protested, lively scene. Pillsbury has kept out
of wrangles and is much liked. Steinitz had 1 w Lasker, and so had Tschigorin. 
Tschigorin took Pillsbury for sleigh ride on Neva pulled by reindeer, enjoyed 
hugely. Pillsbury said enjoys Russian and would try to induce Tschigorin to
play similar tnmt Warsaw which Lasker and Steinitz announced willing to play.
Delegation of French amateurs arrived St Ptbg came to negotiate w players, but
high and mighty men who rule club would not disclose real purpose. Steinitz
blunder in won Game Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans W26 w notes. Prob 114 W Meredith.
Solns Keeler, EH Baldwin, Beer, Van Cleef, Bahler, Emil, Stafford, RBB, 
Schaefer, AH Baldwin, Engberg, Sahner, Richmond, Stone. Ltr from X Hawkins. 
Notes to ASO (Germantown PA)

Jan 20, 1896 pg 3: St Ptbg rd 15 results, stdgs. Delmar 1st loss in Bkln chp
Game Delmar-Rocamora GP B36

Jan 20, 1896 pg 5: Bkln Poly CC of last yr formally reorgd, pres
WH Doerflinger; plan matches vs neighboring colleges

Jan 20, 1896 pg 12: Belleville CC officers George S Conover, Theodore Sanford,
Frederick E Heydon.

Jan 20, 1896 pg 13: Wesleyan CCC reorgd. Winter tnmt in prog 10 entries.
Rcvd challenge from Tufts, now playing 6 corr games. Corr match
Rutgers-Lafayette 1-0-1

Jan 22, 1896 pg 16: St Ptbg results, stdgs; Lasker almost clinches 1st

Jan 24, 1896 pg 5: St Ptbg rd 17 game descriptions, stdgs; Lasker clinches 1st

Jan 25, 1896 pg 13: St Ptbg Games Pillsbury-Tschigorin QGD B38 w notes
Steinitz-Lasker QGD W31 w notes Pillsbury-Steinitz QGD B44 w notes

Jan 26, 1896 pg 18: Belleville CC mtg res William Wylie; 3 new mems

Jan 26, 1896 pg 19: Ltr from St Ptbg corr. Pillsbury losses, gives no excuses,
only rumors which are unreliable and will not report. Appearance has changed
greatly, as if all energy has left him; no doubt climate as well as private
troubles. Huge Pillsbury furor at 1st, cannot imagine widespread interest at
beginning tnmt. Story from German paper which is real but fake names; Tschigorin
troubles blamed on losing sympathy people after deal w Novoe Vremya; also 
stories about being backed esp by girl students none can be repeated even if 
true. Little chance Warsaw tnmt, Steinitz and Pillsbury to go home immediately;
1000 rubles promised insufficient. Nothing disclosed on Paris biz. Metropolitan
7 (Delmar 1 Halpern 0 Raubitschek 1 Dr Honegger .5 Feibel 1 Meyer 1 Pieczonka
1 Deen .5 Kahn 0 Goetze 1)-Newark CC 3 (E Hymes 0 Sternberg 1 Dr Nadler 0 
M Hymes .5 Lissner 0 Habig 0 Lillie 0 Benner .5 Horster 1 Driscoll 0);
Metropolitan W all bds. Prob 115 FM Teed (NY). Solns JSB Jr, EH Baldwin,
Van Cleef, Sahner, Stafford, Bahler, Beer, Emil, Gardner, AH Baldwin, Wehle,
Engberg, Keeler. Ltr from James Patterson, notes cannot make 2er nowadays wo
using some known theme consciously or unconsciously

Jan 27, 1896 pg 4: St Ptbg Game Lasker-Tschigorin Ruy W30 w notes. Articles
signed for cable match Mar 13-14, 8 bds, trophy value $800 donated Newnes

Jan 27, 1896 pg 11: Recently orgd Polytechnic CC officers CC Putnam Jr, JP 
Carlin, PO Moore; challenges rcvd Lafayette, Lehigh, others will follow

Jan 27, 1896 pg 13: Brown ann tnmt final GM Bliss 97-Brown 98

Jan 28, 1896 pg 5: St Ptbg tnmt final rd. Rd by rd results. Lasker $490
Steinitz $370 Pillsbury $295 Tschigorin $235 and travel expenses to 1st 3 $900
hotel et al $650 sundries $100 total spent $3040

Jan 29, 1896 pg 6: St Ptbg ends Lasker 11.5 Steinitz 9.5 Pillsbury 8 Tschigorin
7. Pillsbury beat Lasker 3.5-2.5, Steinitz-Pillsbury 5-1, Tschigorin-Steintz

Feb 1, 1896 pg 3: St Ptbg Game Tschigorin-Pillsbury Ruy 3..g6 W45 w notes
Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W47 w notes

Feb 2, 1896 pg 15: St Ptbg over, Pillsbury disappointment esp 2d half. Table
scores by rd. By opening QGD 2-6-4 Ruy 5-0-3 Petroff 2-2-2 Evans 1-2-1 QP 1-1
4N 0-1 GP 0-1 QGA 1-0 2N 0-0-1. Game Steinitz-Pillsbury Petroff W64 w notes
Tschigorin-Lasker 2N D37 w notes. Showalter wd Bkln chp, called to KY; by no
means sure would win given Delmar fine score; likely will cancel Showalter
games. Stdgs Barrett 1.5-8.5 Breckenridge 3.5-6.5 Delmar 8.5-1.5 Elwell 4.5-4.5
Finlay 2.5-7.5 Helms 7.5-2.5 Morphy 6-3 Rocamora 5-1 Ruth 5.5-4.5 Showalter 3-1
Souweine 7.5-5.5 Taber 4.5-7.5 Tatum 5.5-4.5 Turner 2-9. Negotiations for
Philad match 7 up $750/side Showalter vs Kemeny. Vienna master tnmt current
stdgs Schwarz 5.5 Schlechter, Marco, Zinkl 4 Englisch 3.5 Albin 3 Halprin, Weiss
2.5 Mandelbaum 2 Max Judd 1.5 Horwitz .5 Feuzl 0.  Prob 116 J Mieses (Leipzig). 
Teed responses to comments Patterson, Hawkins.  Solns AH Baldwin, JSB Jr, RBB, 
Keeler, Bahler, Emil, RCW, Richmond, Engberg, EH Baldwin, Stafford, Stone, 

Feb 3, 1896 pg 4: St Ptbg Games Lasker-Pillsbury QGD D50 w notes Steinitz-
Tschigorin QGD B43 w notes. Bkln CC rapid transit hdcp 30 sec/move tnmt.
Rd 1: Delmar-Watson gvg R+P+2 Souweine-Tabing gvg R+P+1 Finlay-Barrett
Helms-Swaffield gvg P+2 Morphy-Chinnock gvg P+1 Pascual-Murray rcvg N
Dow-Ulrich Marshall-Hausleiter gvg P+1+D. Rd 2: Delmar-Souweine gvg D
Morphy-Finlay gvg D Dow-Pascual rcvg P+1 Helms-Marshall gvg P+2. Rd 3:
Delmar-Dow gvg R+P+1+D Morphy-Helms rcvg D. Final: Delmar-John Morphy gvg P+1.
Hodges 9-6-1 Progressive CC simul; beat Newman, Appel, Goldman, Hammond,
Eigel, Berg, Lerner, Horwitz, Martin; lost to Goodman, Cappelowitsch,
Goldinger, Borsodi, Schoenbaum, Winter; drew Greenbaum

Feb 8, 1896 pg 15: St Ptbg Games Pillsbury-Steinitz QGD B100 w notes Lasker-
Tschigorin QP W55 w notes Pillsbury-Lasker Ruy D50 Tschigorin-Steinitz Evans
D114 56 given

Feb 9, 1896 pg 19: 4 St Ptbg games pubd yesterday making 34 of the 36. While
St Ptbg on little attention to local chess. Withdrawal of Manhattan seems
to have stopped Metro Leauge this season. Cable match Mar 13-14 looked
forward to. Showalter vs Kemeny was sched to begin Feb 15, postponed due to
Showalter illness. Vienna master tnmt Games A Zinkl-Max Weiss Petroff W23
notes Hoffer. City CC rapid transit hdcp Wed for Lincoln's bday. Prob 117
FM Teed 118 Frank Healey. Solns Engberg, Ferris, JSB Jr, GBM (NY), RCW (NY),
Stone. FM Teed response/corrections to JSB Jr

Feb 10, 1896 pg 4: British CC mtg re cable match. Lasker+Pillsbury win 1st
consulting game vs Tschigorin+Steinitz. Charkow (Russia) CC asked Steinitz,
Schiffers to play match 12 games for 1200 rubles split 800 winner 400 loser.
Pillsbury will visit Moscow and Vienna before US return. German papers
confirm that Tschigorin intended to wd from tnmt due to treatment rcvd from
Russian count who had wagered 5000 rubles on Tschigorin winning. Bkln chp
stdgs Barrett 1.5-9.5 Breckenridge 3.5-6.5 Delmar 8.5-1.5 Elwell 4.5-6.5
Finlay 3.5-7.5 Helms 8.5-2.5 Morphy 9-3 Rocamora 7-2 Ruth 5.5-4.5 Showalter 3-1
ret Souweine 7.5-5.5 Taber 4.5-7.5 Tatum 5.5-4.5 Turner 2-10. Helms 10-1-5
Progressive CC simul; beat Winter, Greenberg, Appel, Borsodi, Rosenfeld, 
Kirschner, Kunen, Kempfner, Hammond, Martin; lost to Eigel; drew Greenbaum,
Ross, Goldinger, Friedman, Wernberg. 18th ann NYSCA tnmt Feb 22

Feb 10, 1896 pg 14: Yale hdcp tnmt in prog, should stir more interest and
improve intercollege performance. Bowdoin tnmt at its close; Syford 96 and
Gardiner 98 will play for college chp

Feb 13, 1896 pg 13: St Ptbg Games Steinitz-Lasker QGD D44 w notes Pillsbury-
Tschigorin QGD D42 w notes. City CC rapid transit hdcp for Lincoln's bday 
yesterday, winners Charles Lawrence, Otto Roething, G Engelmann, EE Knecht

Feb 16, 1896 pg 19: NYSCA mtg next Sat, chp and general tnmt, soln tnmt for
prob by Emil Hoffmann. For chp and $35, 15, 10, 5; general tnmt $20, 15,
10, 6, 4. Much discussion Kemeny vs Showalter, Showalter heavy fav, starts
Feb 24. Cable match Mar 13-14, arrangements almost complete. British CC
selection cttee for cable team, included lists from provincial CCs. Nuremberg
Game J Mieses-J Ochquist Center Ctr W7. Shortest corr game on record Game
NN (Charkow)-B Janowitsch (Boston) Alapin's O B9++. Bardeleben played series
vs Burn in London including Game Burn-Bardeleben 2N B32. London excerpt
Steinitz now has claim 1st challenge to Lasker tho open to others. After 
Hastings, Hastings cttee wanted to arrange Lasker vs Pillsbury but could not
over head of Steinitz, now situation is clear; Hastings would offer liberal
terms. Hastings pres H Chapman called mtg, will invite Lasker and Steinitz
offering 100L winner 50 loser, min stakes 100L. prob 119 E Norlin (Stockholm).
Solns JSB Jr, RCW, Engberg, Van Cleef, Lilliestrale, Schaefer, John C Percy 
(NY), AH Baldwin, Bahler, Casino (Atlantic City NJ), Stafford, Ferris, Beer,
Richmond, GG Ingersoll (San Francisco). Note to JCP (NY)

Feb 17, 1896 pg 5: Last yrs chp, young and popular X Hermann Helms, takes
lead in Bkln chp. Beat Rocamora, then Game Delmar-Helms QP B59. Helms can only
be caught by Rocamora, but .5 fewer losses w 1 game left vs Rocamora 2. 4
games played by Sowalter cancelled. Stdgs Barrett 1.5-10.5 Breckinridge 3.5-6.5
Delmar 8.5-3.5 Elwell 4.5-6.5 Finlay 3.5-7.5 Helms 9.5-1.5 Morphy 8-4
Rocamora 8-2 Ruth 5.5-4.5 Souweine 7.5-4.5 Taber 4.5-6.5 Tatum 6.5-4.5 Turner
2-10. Edward Hymes 7-2-5 Bkln CC simul; beat WBB Ingalls, Dr E Ball+P Deck,
R Ulrich, AH Levy, SH Cragg, W Southwick, PF Monzer; lost to AJ Souweine,
CE Chinnock; drew S Greenberg, JJ [FJ?] Marshall+RP Dow, E Pasenral [Pascual?],
EW Engberg+R Jonson, R Watson+G Northrop

Feb 17, 1896 pg 14: CCNY challenged Labourdonnais CC of Columbia for 2/side
match, will prob not accept as most mems hard at work

Feb 18, 1896 pg 12: St Ptbg CC has offered large purse for Lasker vs Steinitz
in May; Steinitz has already accepted

Feb 19, 1896 pg 12: German CA 10th ann congress Nuremberg July w Bavarian
Expo, 3000 marks = $750 prizes, on special invite Tarrasch Steinitz, Lasker,
Tschigorin, Pillsbuty will all play

Feb 21, 1896 pg 5: London chess season at ht; Pillsbury in great demand.
Inner Temple event featured consultation, blind, simul by Blackburne and
Teichmann, unfinished adjud Pillsbury; Lord Chief Justice took great interest
in Pillsbury. Pillsbury simul Ladies CC, gvg N most bds. Moscow CC has offered
purse 3000 rubles winner 1500 loser for Lasker vs Steinitz May. Cable match
causing greatest excitement. British team to be chosen from Atkins, Bird,
Blackburne, Blake, Burn, FP Carr, Donisthorpe. EM Jackson, EO Jones, Locock,
FW Lord, DY Mills, Dr SF Smith, Tinsley, Trenchard; US from DG Baird, Barry,
Burille, Delmar, Helms, Hodges, Hymes, SP Johnston, Labatt, Pillsbury,
Shipley, Showalter. Lasker adjud, Rothschild ref (Newnes declined); Hoffer
umpire for US. Lasker 19 simul Moscow, lost just 1. Vienna master tnmt scores
Englisch 7.5 Marco 6.5 Schlechter 6 Schwarz, Zinkl 5.5 Weiss, Albin, Judd,
Halprin 4.5 Mandelbaum 4

Feb 22, 1896 pg 12: NYSCA chp tnmt today; pre-entries Chp: Blackmar, Delmar, 
DG Baird, Hodges, E Hymes, Jasnogrodsky, JC Tatum, Hanham, JS Ryan, JW Baird.
Free-for-all: O Roething, L Widmer, C Limbeck, CA Lawrence, O Lagerquist,
J Wilkinson, H Stubbs, FH Yeaton, JHA Fitch, J Finn, S Langleben, W 
Litzenberger, L Gunsberg, A Pieczonka (says Pieczorka), WE Napier, AM Price,
AE Swaffield, C Helms, AJ Souweine

Feb 23, 1896 pg 19: NYSCA mtg great success, ended too late to report today.
Chess season usu ends Mar, different this yr. Showalter vs Kemeny starts
tomorrow Philad, 6-8- wks. Rd 2 Newakrk vs metropolitan Mar 4. Cable match
Mar 13-14. Schiffers vs Steinitz Charkow March. All eyes on Lasker vs Steinitz;
largest ever purse 4500 rubles = $2250. German CA tnmt Nuremberg July, then
to Budapest to celebrate Hungarian monarchy millennial. Rice will umpire
cable match for British. Deed of trust for cup given, would accept any
reasonable changes (challenge rights, etc.) Showalter hopes to play European
tnmts this fall. NYSCA mtg local summer event. London Standard analysis final
Steinitz vs Lasker game St Ptbg. Prob 120 John F Tracy (Bridgton ME). Solns
Engberg, RCW, Richmond, RBB, Stafford, AH Baldwin, Stone. Calls scholars
mate what we call Fool's Mate

Feb 24, 1896 pg 3: NYSCA chp report. 16 in chp, 28 general, soln tnmt Emil
Hoffman sui-mate. Chp tnmt ended tie Jasnogrodsky, Hanham 3.5-.5; playoff
Game Jasnogrodsky-Hanham Ruy W47 to win chp. General tnmt Otto Roething 4-0
AJ Souweine, L Gunsberg 3.5 remaing split by SG Ruth, P Lipschuts, LD Broughton,
J Finn, H Stubbs 3. Midsummer mtg fixed Rochester. Chp: Rd 1: Clapp-Baird,
Hodges-Blackmar, Lipschutz-Hale, Hanham-Rocamora, Orchard-Young, Hymes-Halpern,
Jasnogrodsky-Koehler, Delmar-Simonson. Rd 2: Baird-Hodges, Orchard-Blackmar,
Hymes-Hale, Jasnogrodsky-Halpern, Koehler-Simonson, Lipschutz/Hanham, Clapp-
Delmar, Rocamora/Young. Rd 3: Hanham-Hymes, Jasnogrodsky-Hale, Koehler-Clapp,
Halpern/Simonson, Blackmar/Rocamora, Young/Lipschutz, Baird-Orchard, Delmar/
Hodges. Rd 4: Baird-Clapp, Hanham-Lipschutz, Jasnogrodsky/Hymes, Orchard-
Koehler. Overall Baird 3-1 Blackmar .5-2.5 Clapp 2-2 Delmar 1.5-1.5 Hale 0-3
Halpern .5-2.5 Hanham 3.5-.5 Hodges 1.5-1.5 Hymes 2.5-1.5 Jasnogrodsky 3.5-.5
Koehler 2-2 Lipschutz 2-2 Orchard 3-1 Rocamora 1-2 Simonson .5-2.5 Young 1-2.
General tnmt rd score summaries only, Amory 1-2 Broughton 3-1 Finn 3-1 
Fitch 2-1 Frere 1-2 Goodman 2-1 Gunsberg 3.5-.5 C Helms 0-3 Lagerquist 2-1
Langleben 1.5-1.5 Laughton 0-3 Lawrence 0-3 P Lipschutz 3-1 Litzenberger .5-2.5
Martin .5-2.5 Marshall 1.5-1.5 Meyer 2-1 Pieczonka 1-2 Roething 4-0 Ruth 3-1
Souweine 3.5-.5 Stern 1-2 Stubbs 3-1 Widmer 0-3 Wilkinson 2-1 Yeaton .5-2.5

Feb 24, 1896 pg 12: Polytechnic CC recently revived, tnmt started. Boys HS CC
orgd, officers MF Lichtenstein, WF Howell

Feb 24, 1896 pg 13: Governor Griggs as presiding officer NJCA opens 11th ann
tnmt Paterson. Chp prize solid gold medal donated Griggs, says chp, w pendant
chess bs. Griggs entered the open tnmt, beat Schecher and Lillie, then had to
wd due to important engagement. Chp tnmt not completed; Sternberg (Newark) 3-0
will play winner C Hymes, Benner for 1st at Newark CC. Open tnmt won by TA Voss
4-0 followed by C Jaffe, RA Craig. Minor tnmt won w clean score by JG Carson
followed by TF Wheaton, R Cue. C Hymes was 93 chp, Sternberg 94; last yr
chp Stopfer lost to Hymes rd 2. Ref Dr Cook (Hoboken).

Feb 25, 1896 pg 9: NJCA elects officers WC Alpers (Bayonne), TK Wheeler
(Elizabeth), Cornelius Hymes (Newark), JS Shapter (Bayonne); cttee RW Pope,
George C Thum (Elizabeth), EL Massett (Wakefield), TWC Crane (Lyons Farms),
H Stapfer (Paterson), George O Osborn, JH Hopkin (Jersey City), JS Shapter
(Bayonne), A Veralte [Vorrath?] (Hoboken), Robert Goodbody, JH White 
(Paterson), L Sternberg, CA Lillie, L Bernstein (Newark), Eugene B Cook
(Hoboken); exec cttee WC Alpers, JS Shapter, Nathaniel Hymes, FWC Crane, 
EL Massett. Next tnmt Bayonne Washington's bday

Feb 26, 1896 pg 1: 2 men, 1 said to be of noble Bohemian descent, ask 
Cafe Manhattan owner Stampfer for private room. After 3 hrs, 1 of them said
to be Baron Eugene von Ottenkron said he was going away would not be seen
for some time, gave Stampfer a package. The other player, Otto Erlanger, refused
to say anything. Yesterday Stampfer rcvd ltr telling him to open package
contained watch worth $3 and a few lovesick ltrs from a woman. Also lines
saying von Ottenkron and Erlanger quarrel over Clara, played chess to settle w
loser to commit suicide. Stampfer said more he thought the more was impressed
either both idiots of 1st water or were playing game of bluff on the girl.
Had heard nothing more from either

Feb 27, 1896 pg 4: Metropolitan CC rapid transit tnmt won by young Raubitschek.
Rd 1: Raubitschek-Marx, Pieczonka-Grasswinkel, Dr Honegger-Hays, Feibel-
Dinkenspiel, Kahn-Koch, Deen-Darius, Leipziger-Meyer, Davidson-Goetze. Rd 2:
Kahn-Pieczonka, Raubitschek-Deen, Leipziger-Dr Honegger, Davidson-Feibel. Rd 3:
Leipziger-Kahn, Raubitschek-Davidson. Final: Raubitschek-Leipziger

Feb 27, 1896 pg 5: Possible suicide of young Austrian noble who played chess
w rival for hand of pretty woman, loser to commit suicide, was chief topic
Cafe Manhattan where game played. Proprietor believes that Freiherr von
Ottenkron will turn up alive; left package w plain gold ring, small black
metal watch, thin platinum+gold chain, silver match box and 13 ltrs signed
Clara; friends of Ottenkron looking for Muhlbach and Clara

Feb 28, 1896 pg 12: Chess duel said to have taken place at Cafe Manhattan Feb 
24, loser bound to commit suicide, reminiscent of more serious affair Leipzig
1882 (duel to death by poison cigar)

Feb 28, 1896 pg 14: Baird, Delmar, Hodges, Hymes et al have promised to be
present for 1st practice games for cable match tomorrow Bkln CC

Mar 1, 1896 pg 18: Belleville (NJ) CC began series of games for club chp

Mar 1, 1896 pg 19: Lasker, Steinitz asked to postpone match from May to Sept
due to coronation; both agree. Chess enthusiast named Bostandjogio subscribed
5000 rubles. Steinitz ltr to Hastings given; thx for invite but promised
Moscow. Steinitz writes adopted daughter Hedwig that match definite. Treated
well St Ptbg, gave valet to accompany to Riga. Showalter vs Kemeny games
disappointing so far. Showalter lost X both games; played beautifully after
in 1st game, in 2d Kemeny played weakly to allow D. Women's CC of NY recently
incorpd, officers Miss Eliza Campbell Foot, Mrs Winthrop Parker, Miss Emily
Somers Haines, Miss Sophie Downer; cttee Mrs Benjamin C Webster, Mrs William
Hamilton Stockwell, Foot, Parker, Mrs William Gordon Verplanck, Miss Mina G
Waterbury, Mrs William Minavar, Downer, Haines. Hanham frequent visitor, plays
simuls. Started 1893. Changed name to Women's CC Jan 4, 1896 and incorpd; 1st
incorporated women's CC in US. Metropolitan prs Honegger rcvd ltr from former
mem Breul, fond memories club, now mem Providence CC and unexpectedly won RICA
chp Washington bday. St Ptbg Games Tschigorin+Steinitz-Lasker+Pillsbury Vienna
B52 Lasker+Pillsbury-Steinitz+Tschigorin Evans W31. Prob 121 Kohtz+Kockelkorn.
Solns Stafford, Van Cleef, RCW, Engberg, Richmond, Beer, Master Irwin Hahn
(Coxsackie NY), Church, JSB Jr, RBB, AH Baldwin, B Arthur (NY), Stone

Mar 2, 1896 pg 11: 3 games left in Bkln chp. Hermann Helms beat JD Elwell to 
win chp. Rocamora has adj games left vs Breckinridge, Ruth; Ruth vs Finlay; rest
done. Stdgs Barrett 1.5-10.5 Breckenridge 3.5-7.5 Delmar 8.5-3.5 Elwell 4.5-7.5
Finlay 3.5-7.5 Helms 10.5-1.5 Morphy 8-4 Rocamora 8-2 Ruth 5.5-4.5 Souweine
7.5-4.5 Taber 4.5-7.5 Tatum 7.5-4.5 Turner 2-10. Game Helms-Elwell QP W30 
Game Hodges-E Hymes Ruy W36. Maud Adams of John Drew's company and Viola Allen 
of Empire Theatre played game 4 nights/wk, moves by messenger boys; reached
perpetual check which each feel is win for them. Game Maud Adams-Viola Allen
1.g3 D34. Pillsbury arrived, happy to be back, not discouraged, may have more
to say on St Ptb other time. Elsewhere on pg: Polytechnic tnmt nearly over,
tie for 1st Putnam 96/Carlin 97/Moore 98. Bkln Boys HS CC has 25 mems, will
hold tnmt to select top 8 to compete in tnmts

Mar 2, 1896 pg 14: GW Walcott of Boston CC 8-2-2 vs Harvard, losing to 
intercollege reps Ryder, Southard. Prev intercollege tnmts managed by cttee on
deed of gift, in future by cttee 1 from each school; Columbia rep W Schillaber.
Stevens Inst CC tnmt class chps J Baderhausen 96, AB Miller 97, GW Bates 98,
GH Jennings 99; will play each other for school chp

Mar 3, 1896 pg 7: Kemeny wins, trails Showalter 2-1-1

Mar 4, 1896 pg 5: New Haven CC challenges Harvard CC to corr match, would be
3d ann Harvard vs Yale. Reply awaited w interest, Harvard faculty must decide
whether chess included in games which Harvard refuses to play Yale

Mar 7, 1896 pg 12: State chp N Jasnogrodsky starts 5 game up match vs
A Ettlinger at Manhattan today

Mar 7, 1896 pg 16: Chess tnmt of Staten Island whist club ends, winners 
WD Howden, WP Preble Jr, J Eberhard Faber, NB Day, JE Bonner

Mar 8, 1896 pg 20: Cable match next Fri. Last yr fiasco, only 1 finished, this
yr lessons learned. English notation, 8 bds not 10. Last yr club match, this
yr natl; show Zukertort wrong saying British 20 yrs ahead. 1000s will watch.
Description fine arrangements Bkln and wire connections. Player sketches. 
HE Atkins b Leicester 1872, learned chess at 12, wrangler of Cambridge,
varsity chess chp, at present master King's School Canterbury. Bird b 1831
famous player (half century) and writer. Blackburne b Manchester 1842, well
known checkers as youth, famous chess since 1862, announced mate 17 blind,
none more popular England. JH Blake b Farnborough, Hants 1857, learned chess at
early age from father, won many Counties CA tnmts, sec Southampton CC. Burn b
1848 Hull, learned chess Lpool CC age 16, now pres CC; lived some time in
Chicago but in England since Hastings tnmt. Wordsworth Donisthorp b 1847, 1st
honors Cambridge, called to bar 1875, 1 of British CC founders, author
Principles of Plutology, Serfdom, Wagedom and Freedom and other social-econ
works. EM Jackson mem London Metropolitan League CC, capt of club important
interclub matches. EO Jones b London 1861, ed St Godolphin in Hammersmith,
entered Civil Service 1878, winner of Counties CA and other prizes. CD Locock
mem British CC, 1/2 Hereford 85, British Amateur chp 87, played intl tnmts
Bradford 88 and Manchester 90 and natl master tntm London 92. FW Lord b London
1856, active > 20 yrs London chess, ruling spirit Metropolitan CC. Daniel
Yarnton Mills from Gloucestershire, b 1849, started serious chess 1878, 1885
Scottish CA chp and many prizes since; associat Institute of Actuaries at
Manchester. HW Trenchard b 1857 county of Dorset, grad U London 1877 w honors
logic and mental science, called to bar 1890; past 13 yrs played all 1st class
matches for N London, eminent linguist from English point of view. S Tinsley 1
of best London, won prize Manchester 1890, great ingenuity attack and defence.
Little known here about EP Carr, Dr SF Smith; 1st class London amateurs. US
team: David graham Baird b 1854, grad CCNY, learned chess from Hoyle at end
Morphy furor. John Finnaro Barry b 1873, learned chess 1890 in school Burille
and Pillsbury; youngest on team but thorough knowledge theory; connected w
law courts Boston in clerical capacity, chp Boston CC for num yrs. Constant
Ferdinand Burille b Boston 1866, learned chess 1884, considered best New 
England thru 1891, engaged mercantile biz Boston. Delmar b NY 1841, taught chess
1857, played continuously since; connected many yrs w large NY bank, married w 5
children, rapid and brilliant style. Hermann Helms b 1870, learned chess
1887 at school in Halifax NS, past 2 yr Bkln chp, sound and ingenious. Hodges
b Nashville 1861, 1st important match vs Judd 1889, 1 of leading US players,
actively engaged in biz Staten Island. Edward Hymes b Florence SC 1871, grad
head of class Columbia 1891 and School of Mines 92, prize fellow math. 1895
grad Columbia Law, since law practice and mngr 1 of largest law offices NY.
Age 13 beat NJ checker chp in set match, since then chp Columbia and Newark
CC. Sidney P Johnston b Chicago 1869, grad Northwestern 1891, since Mar 93 ed 
The American Artisan; author The Furnace Work Manual and several mag stories.
Played chess since age 10, won many tnmts and matches in Chicago. Judge Leon
L Labatt b New Orleans 1855, grad law U LA 1878, practiced law since, elected
NO judge on Democratic ticket 1892, splendid local record, bold style. Pillsbury
b Somerville (says 1892), learned chess age 16, famous since Hastings win.
Showalter b Minerva KY 1860, learned chess age 8, perhaps most enthusiastic
player in world, always plays, sportsman in all senses.  Description trophy.
London tnmt to select candidates between Donisthorpe, Jacobs, Jones, Jackson,
Dr Smith, Trenchard, Mills; winner sure of place. Pics Blake, Locock, Burn,
Newnes, Bird, Mills, Atkins, Tinsley, Rothschild, Lord, Blackburne, Donisthorp,
Rice, Hoffer, Trenchard, Johnston, Hymes, Marean, Burille, Delmar, Baird, Jones,
Helms, Pillsbury, Labatt, Barry, Hodges, Showalter. Showalter leads Kemeny
2-1-1, game 5 sched yesterday. Hastings brilliancy prizes Steinitz vs 
Bardeleben, Tarrasch vs Walbrodt. Bkln chp results Breckinridge-Rocamora, Ruth-
Finlay; Rocamora vs Ruth only remaining. Barrett 1.5-10.5 Breckenridge 4.5 
Delmar 8.5 Elwell 4.5 Finlay 3.5 Helms 10.5 Morphy 8 Rocamora 8 (1) Ruth 6.5 (1)
Souweine 7.5 Taber 4.5 Tatum 7.5 Turner 2. Progressive CC renovating rooms,
planning season. Pres Mairson of Progressive CC challenged winners after
Metropolitan vs Newark to 12/side; Metropolitan will prob accept. Chp tnmt
open to mems only planned, Delmar, Hodges, Helms, Langleben, Koehler bros
expected to enter. Solns JSB Jr, Engberg, Bahler, Schaefer, Stafford, Gansser.
James Patterson of Navy Dept in Washington forwards 2 games from corr match
which ended in 2-2 tie; corr Games Washington-Richmond Ruy W50 mate 18 notes
Richmond+Washington (credit due to Capt Patrick O'Farrell for win) Game 
Richmond-Washington Vienna Steinitz G B51 (conducted for Washington by FA 
Cooley, James Patterson, JS Martin Jr, EP Hanna). Prob 122 RB Wormald (London)

Mar 9, 1896 pg 4: Young Newark chp E Hymes 14-2 Progressive CC simul. Beat
Goodman, Appel, Schiller, F Tobins, Michaelman. Engel, Schuster, Romm,
Goldman, Martin, Lopez, Vega, Adler, Schusheim; lost to Goldberg, Newman. 
Included Game Hymes-Schusheim Philidor W9++

Mar 9, 1896 pg 14: Stevens Inst CC elects Profs Webb, Wood, Lawton hon mems.
Columbia U hdcp tnmt begun; Ross, Price, Limburger did not enter. Odds N, R.
Class 1: Goldmark 2-1 Hinrichs 3-1. Class 2: Parker 4-0 Ball 3-1 Moffat 1-2.
Class 3: Alsberg 0-1 Giffen 1-2 Gilpin 1-1 Walker 1-1 Hirshberg 0-3 Morse 0-4
Paddock 1-2

Mar 10, 1896 pg 1: Kemeny wins, trails Showalter 3-2-1

Mar 12, 1896 pg 14: Bkln chp ends w Rocamora-Ruth. Final scores H Helms 10.5-1.5
SR Rocamora 9 Delmar 8.5 J Morphy 8 AJ Souweine, JC Tatum 7.5 SG Ruth 6.5 RA
Breckenridge, JD Elwell, DJ Finlay 4.5 JS Turner 2 HM Barrett 1.5

Mar 13, 1896 pg 3: Description Showalter win, leads Kemeny 4-2-1, next game

Mar 13, 1896 pg 13: Arrangements complete for cable match. Platform for players,
display bds. Invites sent to all social, political, sports, CCs. Great effort.
British team Blackburne, Bird, Burn, Tinsley, Mills, Locock, Atkins, Jackson
or Jones. US team Pillsbury, Showalter, Hodges, Hymes, Barry, Burille, Delmar,
DG Baird

Mar 14, 1896 pg 15: Prob most ever US spectators for chess event. Majority 
there for patriotism only, tho many club mems interested in games. Pairings.
Elwell arrangements and team capt, scorers Napier, RR Williams, C Hymes,
HN Thompson; scorers JC Tatum, SH Cragg; display bd operators De Visser, AE
Swaffield, J Skinner; assts Marshall, RE Bonn. All games unfinished. Brief
game descriptions, scores end day 1. Great enthusiasm London. EM Jackson
takes place indisposed Jones. Prais esp Showalter, Jackson play. Spectators
include Lord Chief Justice

Mar 15, 1896 pg 6: Very close cable match particularly interesting contest,
can play 3000 miles away as tho at same table

Mar 15, 1896 pg 17: Great excitement as US wins cable match. Over 1000
spectators again. After match speeches by Pillsbury, Marean, Barry, Rice. Game
descriptions. Games Pillsbury-Blackburne QGA B66 Burn-Showalter QGD B64 mate 8
Burille-Bird d4 e6 e4 b6 W48 Tinsley-Barry QGD B67 Hymes-Locock Ruy D41
Mills-Hodges Ruy D40 Delmar-Atkins QP D41 Jackson-DG Baird GP W33. Great
enthusiasm London when Jackson won, young man played 1st in public Oxford few
yrs ago, since won St George chp. Took defeat in sportsmanlike fashion

Mar 15, 1896 pg 18: Belleville CC leases rooms

Mar 15, 1896 pg 19: Cable match great victory reported elsewhere this paper.
Progressive CC challenged Metropolitan CC which was too busy, but will have
match next fall. State chp Jasnogrodsky split 1st 2 games of 5 game up match
vs Ettlinger. Game 6 Kemeny-Showalter Petroff W27 1:40, 1:55. Showalter won
game 7, leads 4-2-1. Prob 122 J Vesely (Prague). Solns AS Richmond 
(Middletown CT), JSB Jr, RBB, Bahler, EW Engberg, RH Corson (Jersey City),
Porter Stafford (Erie), FM Teed. Eleck Emil (NY), Dr AH Baldwin

Mar 16, 1896 pg 16: Princeton CC will soon hold tnmt w valuable prizes.
George F Bates 98 wins Stevens Inst chess chp. Columbia hdcp in prog led by
Parker 96 of 2d class

Mar 19, 1896 pg 7: Showalter vs Kemeny game 9 adj (game description pg 6)

Mar 20, 1896 pg 8: Showalter wins, 70 moves over 9 hrs, leads Kemeny 5-3-1

Mar 22, 1896 pg 18: Jersey City CC will entertain Paterson CC Sat. Belleville
CC met at res William Conover

Mar 22, 1896 pg 19: US wins 1st cable match 4.5-3.5. Bkln CC criticized for
acting wo consent other CCs and selection method. On 1st, usu 1 CC must take
initiative or nothing done. Idea concocted Elwell supported by Marean who 
declared willingness to pay all expenses (over $500). team selection different.
Would like whole US but hard in country this size. Bkln did best it could,
asked clubs to forward names. Labatt and Johnston unable to play, Franklin
refused to assist. Elwell excellent arrangements. No transmission errors.
In future must realize needs 2 days. Lasker joke on Steinitz at Riga, buried
head in hands and took bd at simul; Steinitz discovered, lifted K from bd and
went on to amusement all. Steinitz left St Ptbg Jan 28 for Riga engagement,
played odds and offhand, gave 2 simuls 29-0-1 and 12-1-2 vs picked team lost to
Dr Mandelbaum. Was to play games vs MA Ascharin of Riga, latter ill so played 
3 strong consulting and won as B. Left for match vs Schiffers; in Rostoff not
Charkoff as 1st announced. Prob 124 Ottmar Nemo (Vienna). Solns Engberg, 
Richmond, Keeler, JSB Jrm George Gedney (NY), Bahler, Stafford, AH Baldwin,
Frederick J Holm (Fordham NY)m Emil, SA Barbour (Heela MT), WRM (NY), RHC
(Jersey City). St Francis Xavier College quadrangular tnmt in prog including
Game Tovibund-Farley Ruy 3..g6 B46; stdgs Murths 2.5-.5 Farley 2-1 Tovibond 
1.5-1.5 Creerdon 0-3. Natl master tnmt planned either London or Brighton

Mar 22, 1896 pg 29: K and Q Denmark play chess evenings, age 78

Mar 23, 1896 pg 5: Mtg Metropolitan Chess League, decide to accept Manhattan
resignation, replace w Progressive, mtg Apr 25 to arrange sched for Sept.
City CC rapid transit hdcp Rd 1: Rd 1: Aug Widmer (class 5)-Beyer (3) rcvg
P+1, Simpson (1)-Hague (5) gvg R, Lawrence (2)-Doyle (2), Huntington (1)-
Stapfer (1), Albert Widmer (2)-V Taube (3) gvg P+1. Rd 2: Lawrence (2)-Albert
Widmer (2), Simpson (1)-Aug Widmer (5) gvg R, Roething (1)-Huntington (1).
Rd 3: Roething (1)-Lawrence (2) gvg P+1. Final: Otto Roethin (1)-L Simpson
(1); 3d prize Charles A Lawrence. Game Roething-Huntington Sic W19. Quad tnmt
between 4 young Bkln players, stdgs to date Napier 3-0 C Helms 3-1 Hesse 1-3 
Swaffield 0-3

Mar 23, 1896 pg 14: Columbia hdcp tnmt leader Parker 96 (class 2) 9-1.
1: Goldmark 4-4 Hinrichs 3-5. 2: Baxter 0-3 Parker 9-1 Ball 6-1 Walker 5-1.
3: Alsberg 0-1 Giffin 4-4 Gilpin 2-5 Hirschberg 4-8 Morse 3-6 Paddock 4-4

Mar 24, 1896 pg 7: Description game 10 D, Showalter leads Kemeny 5-3-2

Mar 24, 1896 pg 12: Jasnogrodsky win and D, leads Ettlinger 3-1-2

Mar 27, 1896 pg 5: Metropolitan CC rapid transit tnmt. Rd 1: Kuh-Lebnohl, 
Feibel-Metzger, Dr Roche-Loeser, Raubitschek-Darius, Kahn-Hags, Tanenbaum-
Dalheim. Rd 2: Roche-Kuh, Kahn-Raubitschek, Feibel-Tanenbaum. Rd 3: Feibel-
Roche. Final: J Feibel/Kahn, then J Feibel-Kahn

Mar 29, 1896 pg 14: Rostow match, 12 games, 400 rubles winner 200 loser plus
15 rubles/win 5/loss 10/draw, Game 1 Schiffers-Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 B40 w notes
Game 2 Steinitz-Schiffers GP W41 w notes. London papers on cable match say
leading players out of practice, conditions too exciting for good chess;
comments on individ games given. Kemeny vs Showalter game 11 sched yesterday.
Jasnogrodsky leads Ettlinger 3-1-2. Corr games Metropolitan vs Albany moves 
1-12, 1-11; Metropolitan vs Providence moves 1-17, 1-16. 1st rd 
Zukertort CC 6 (GP Northrup 1 AE Swaffield 1 WM Fairbanks 0 EW Engberg 0
WL Oswald 0 CB Lilliestrale 1 R Johnson 1 W Tiedemann 1 A Johnson 1)-Evans CC 3
(JC Dennis [Dennes?] 0 Leon Hirsh 0 WS Steward 1 E Schofield 1 JF Dowley 1
WH Paskley 0 D Blank 0 AG Tartars 0 CW Evans 0). 100/side N vs S London May 9.
50/side Ladies CC-Metropolitan 25.5-24.5. Prob 125 CA Bull (Twickenham). Solns
CJT, Bahler, Stafford, AH Baldwin, Emil, Engberg, Van Cleef, FG Halm 
(Fordham NY), Richmond, JSB Jr, SA Barbour (Heila MT)

Mar 29, 1896 pg 15: Article on suicide law mentions how would affect chess
game suicide alleged in Trib few wks ago

Mar 30, 1896 pg 8: Labourdonnais CC of Columbia tnmt almost done. Stdgs 1:
Goldmark 5-4 Hinrichs 3-5 2: Parker 9-1 Baxter 0-5 Walker 6-3 Ball 6-2. 3:
Giffin 4-5 Gilpin 2-5 Hirschberg 4-5 Morse 3-8 Paddock 5-4

Mar 31, 1896 pg 2: US chp game 12 Showalter vs Kemeny adj 48 moves 6 hrs

Apr 1, 1896 pg 9: Brief description game 12 D, Showalter leads Kemeny 6-3-3

Apr 2, 1896 pg 2: Showalter vs Kemeny US chp game 13 adj

Apr 3, 1896 pg 6: Description game 13 won by Kemeny, trails Showalter 6-4-3

Apr 4, 1896 pg 6: Life like cards - no like chess, I move once/yr

Apr 5, 1896 pg 22: Those who don't know Russians would scarcely believe that
despite melancholy nature have humorous veins. Good cartoon of 4 St Ptbg 
players [as jockeys?]. Steinitz loses games 3,4 to Schiffers, wins game 5.
Daily News notes public hero-worshipers, Schiffers can make good fight, 
Steinitz leads 3-2. Description game 3. Game 4 Steinitz-Schiffers GP B24
w notes. 24th ann match Oxford 4 (Lawton 1 Churchill 1 Cooper 0 Robbins 0
Fraser .5 Jenkins 1 Ward .5)-Cambridge 3 (Naish 0 Varley 0 Quin 1 Crawley 1
Parker .5 Battersby 0 Sumner .5). Table gvg what says are all prev reults 
but cuts off after 1881. Bkln cont tnmt final stdgs Marshall 54-10 Napier 89-20
Souweine 85-37 J Morphy 27-15 CE Chinnock 33-20 H Helms 54-34 RA Breckinridge
62-42 VG Wicke 117-80 Dr JR Taber 226-160 JC Tatum 46-33 GP Northrup 203-156
A Hausleiter 43-33 A Simis 171-136 AE Swaffield 39-32 AJ Pierce 76-63 H Behn
71-62 R Colwell 43-32 AT Hesse 26-23 ES Gilley 166-152 W Tabing 97-87 JHF
Bowman 39-36 RP Dow 165-154 JJ Spowers 102-98. $50/side match boy chp WE
Napier vs director S Ruth soon, Napier makin great progress; jr quadrangular
tnmt stdgs Napier 7-0 C Helms 3-4 AT Hesse, AE Swaffield 1-4. NJ chp ends,
winner L Sternberg (Newark) rcvg gold medal presented by Gov Griggs, followed
by N Hymes, A Vorrath. Showalter leads Kemeny 6-4-3. Jasnogrodsky leads
Ettlinger 3-1-3. Vienna tnmt stdgs Englisch 10 Schlechter 9.5 Marco, Weiss 9
Schwarz 8.5 Halpern, Judd 7 Albin 6.5 Zinkl 6. Prob 126 H v Gottschall (Leipzig)
correspondence held over due to error in prev prob diagram

Apr 7, 1896 pg 5: Description game 15, Showalter wins game and match
Showalter-Kemeny 7-4-4. Schiffers leads Steinitz 4-3 after Game 7 Schiffers-
Steinitz 4N Double Ruy W29 w notes. Jasnogrodsky leads Ettlinger 4-2-3. Game
by game Showalter vs Kemeny results

Apr 9, 1896 pg 4: Game 3 Schiffers-Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 W57 w notes Game 5
Schiffers-Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 B42 w notes Game 6 Steinitz-Schiffers French
B36 w notes

Apr 12, 1896 pg 20: Schiffers shown to be strong player, no news since leading
Steinitz 4-3. London Daily News says unwise to reject Hastings match offer,
Schiffers match may make Lasker match doubtful. All eyes on Bkln for Napier
vs Ruth 5 up $50/side. Napier b 1881, learned chess in Portland ME. Pic Napier.
Joined Bkln CC 1893, has beaten Showalter, Helms, Tatum, Morphy, Souweine in
simuls and drawn Pillsbury, Richardson, Elwell. Ties 4 others for 2d in general
tnmt NYSCA 1895, won Bkln YMCA tnmt July 1895, 3d at Cafe Blvd tnmt, 2d
Bkln continuous tnmt last quarter 1895. Game Napier-H Helms Ruy W26. Manhattan
hdcp winners by % Stark (young player Columbia College) .806 Stephens .763
Fitch/Hanham/Hodges .694 Dewey .650 Coleman .639. Barry challenges Showalter
7 up $750/side for US chp. Pillsbury willing to meet Showalter for $1500/side.
Worcester wins 1st of 2 corr games vs Bkln YMCA; Bkln leading other game. Bd 1
Game WV Naish (Cambridge)-E Lawton (Oxford) French B36 w notes. Jasnogrodsky-
Ettlinger 5-2-3, wins $800 stakes; game by game results. Pillsbury Natl Corr
CA orgd Chicago, officers edward T Runge, OD Brigham, EB Escott, Charles A
Nourse, AH Gansser.Divides US into 8 secs, sec winners compete for district
chp, district winners play for natl chp; trophies property if defend 3 yrs.
Jasnogrodsky 9-2-2 Staten Island simu;; beat Roenig, Hagedorn, Miller, Siemer,
Frank, McQuaide, Schwarz, Litzenberger, Schweikert; lost to Ryan, Stevens; drew
Schumann, Brenzinger. Prob 127 Ph Klett. Solns Engberg, F Huntington (NY), 
Emil Hoffman (NY), A Maguray (NY), AG Heaton (Washington DC), Bahler, CJT,
JSB Jr, Richmond, AH Baldwin, RBB, Frederick J Halm (Fordham NY), CB Kuen
(New Cannan CT), EH Baldwin, Van Cleef.

Apr 13, 1896 pg 3: Game 1 Napier-Ruth Petroff W49 notes Napier. NY City CC
officers Charles A Lawrence, Enil Hoffmann, Max Beyer, Albert Widmer, Harry
White; cttee PJ Doyle, William S Huntington, Dr OF Jentz, A Reitzer, H 
Schneider, WS Thumier

Apr 13, 1896 pg 13: Boys HS to play remtch vs Caxton since last match was
tie. HS team pres Lichtenstein, sec Howell, Giese, Reidel, Duncan, Zirn,
Fischer, Corinski, Henser, Murray, Escher, Hamlin, Dunbar, Atwater, Creamer,
German, Carruthers

Apr 13, 1896 pg 16: Pton hdcp tnmt won by WW Young 96 9-0. Columbia tnmt
very close, 3 players Walker, Ball, Parker, all class 2, tie for 1st and will
play off. CCNY ann tnmt ends, ~20 in 4 classes odds P+1, P+2, R. Winners
H Phillips 96 (class 1) lost 2.5, M Greenbaum 96 (2) lost 3.5,. Phillips lost 
games to Kempner 96 and Moschowitz 96 drew Lagerwell 99. Match vs St Francis
Xavier College began Fri, CCNY reps H Phillips 96, M Greenbaum 96, E 
Moschowitz 96

Apr 19, 1896 pg 22: NY chess season near end. Napier vs Ruth (game 2 last night)
and Origressive CC chp to have started last night; rumors of coming Showalter
vs Barry match. London master tnmt w Bird, Fenton, Lee, Loman, Muller, Rolland,
Teichmann, Van Lennop et al next wk. Great Nuremberg tnmt starts July 20;
proposed to make 1/day and announce games only each day as successfully tried
Hastings. Also Budapest tnmt but no prog yet. After 16 rds Vienna stdgs
Englisch, Schlechter 11 Marco, Weiss 10.5 Schwarz 10 Halprin, Albin 7.5 Judd,
Zinkl 7. Steinitz leads Schiffers 5.5-4.5. After Kemeny match, Showalter
started series w Voigt; won Game 1 Voigt-Showalter Petroff W25 w notes; had
to leave 2d and 3d unfinished when Showalter summoned to KY. Showalter 7-0-11
Franklin CC simul; beat AL Barclay, LC Landuth, AC Lowe, William Tuttle,
M Livingston, H Wistar, E Stark; drew Bampton, Shipley, ES Maguire, Otto P Smith
O Bilgram, DS Robinson, H Pusey, JW Young, Voigt, L Newman, F Dueeney. Games
vs Tuttle, Voigt adjud by Reichhelm as won by Philad but played out w results
given. Dr JR Taber 7-3 simul Zukertort CC; beat EW Engberg, CB Lillistrale,
W Tiedemann, WL Oswald, G Teidemann, ED Hackstoff, R Johnson; lost to CA Dartus 
[Tartas?], A Johnson, GP Northrup. Team corr matched (2 unfinished) Bkln YMCA 4
(H Helms - WE Napier 1 CS Taber - DH Prentice 1 C Helms 1 JF Prentice 1)-
Bethlehem CC 0 (O Hesse - AY Hesse 0 P Albrecht - EA Meaker 0 CO Luckenbach 0
CN Lochman 0). Prob 128 V Marin (Barcelona). Solns Engberg, JSB Jr, Bahler,
Richmond, FE Parker (Brookline MA), Fannin, Van Cleef

Apr 20, 1896 pg 14: Ruth ties score w Game 2 Ruth-Napier Ruy W59. John F Barry
of Boston Bkln CC simul 12-1-1 vs 21 in all; beat JC Tatum, FJ Marshall, RP
Dow, C Helms, AY Hesse, EW Engberg+CB Lilliestrale, A Johnson+R Johnson,
R Ulrich, JH Watson+GP Northrop, WH Hagen, BC Selover Jr+CM Lindsay,
Mrs H Worrall+W Frere; lost to WE Napier+AE Swaffield; drew SH Cragg+G Rhame.
1st chp Progressive CC tnmt begins, entries Delmar, Goodman, Ginsberg, 
Gunzberg, Halpern, Langleben, Rosenbaum, Ross, Schoenbaum, Terker. 1st results
Ginsberg-Delmar, Gunzberg-Terker, Halpern-Ross

Apr 20, 1896 pg 16: Challenge CCNY CC to St Francis Xavier accepted for 3 rds
3/side. CCNY won 1st rd, and in 2d won 2 and drew 1

Apr 26, 1896 pg 21: Steinitz-Schiffers 6-4-2. Gives moves 1-16 game 11. 
Steinitz now using 3..Bc5 vs Ruy, more praise than his other opening attemps.
City of London-St George 9.5-5.5. N vs S London May 9, Lord Mayor, Lord Chief
Justice, Newnes and other high society will come. Simpson's natl master tnmt
starts Thurs. DY Mills leads annd Scottish chp, other entries D Forsyth, GB
Fraser, P Sandeman, Sheriff Spenns. Metropolitcan Chess League exec cttee mtg
last night, many plans discussed. Otto Roething 13-1-1 City CC simul, beat
TM Tobani/Tobain, E Heinicke, G Stephen/Stephan, H Schneider, ED Lesser, P/F 
Vega, H White, Augustus Widmer, L Argond, CA Lawrence, M Beyer, M Schulz, V 
Achard; lost to Al Widmer; drew GA Limbeck. City CC Game Roething-Henry N odds 
KGA W18.  Lehigh 9 (Badgley 1 Dannelis 1 Thompson 2 Moritz 2 Wilson 2 Plez 1)-
Lafayette 3 (Singer 1 Crobaugh 1 Craig 0 Schrier 0 Brinker 0 Herr 1). 
Progressive CC chp stdgs after 1 rd Max Ginsberg, D Goodman, L Gunsberg, J 
Halpern, L Langleben 1 Delmar, Schoenbaum, Ross, Rosenbaum, Terker 0; 2 rds/wk. 
Dr OF Jentz donated prizes for City CC hdcp Wed; instead of calling time will 
use electric clock w alarm. Prob 129 BG Laws (London). Solns Engberg, JSB Jr,
OW Smith (Bkln), WH Waterman (Newark), AH Baldwin, SA Barbour (Hecla MT)

Apr 27, 1896 pg 13: Scottish chp ends DY Mills 5-0 GB Fraser 4-1. Metropolitan
League will call another mtg May 9 since Newark, Staten Island not present;
Progressive CC admitted as mem. Rd 2 Progressive CC chp Delmar-Schoenbaum,
Gunsberg-Ginsberg, Rosenbaum-Terker, Langleben-Ross, Halpern vs Goodman adj

Apr 27, 1896 pg 16: Lehigh and Lafayette have been playing chess, Lehigh 
winning majority. Lafayette chp Singer playing series vs Lehigh chp Badgley,
Singer leads so far

May 2, 1896 pg 15: Engagement Miss Laura Robinson, daughter Mr+Mrs Winslow
Robinson of Stapleton, to chess chp AB Hodges of Snug Harbor

May 3, 1896 pg 16: Ladies Social CC guests of Mrs Charles M Whitney, Hermann
Helms 12-1-1 vs 19 mems

May 3, 1896 pg 32: Showalter says will be ready to play Barry for $2000 and US 
chp May 9. Showalter greatest fighter of chess world, matches vs Lasker, 
Halpern, Hodges, entered all available tnmts, all league matches, and all
who wanted offhand. Many believe will need to be at best to beat Barry. City
CC rapid transit hdcp won by Huntington, Argand, Martin; successful use of 
electric alarm clock. After 3 rds Progressive CC chp Goodman 3 Gunsberg,
Langleben 2 Delmar, Ginsberg, Halpern, Rosenbaum 1 Ross, Schoenbaum, Terker 0.
Pillsbury refutation to Steinitz latest Ruy defence given. Game 9 Schiffers-
Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 B27 notes Gunsberg. Mieses, Bardeleben, Walbrodt triangular
tnmt in prog at Berlin Schachgesellschaft founded by Walbrodt, now 180? mems
Germany's largest. Lasker 20-2-6 public simul London including 4 women. Simpson
master tnmt rd 1 Teichmann-Muller, Van Vliet-Ingoldsby, Mortimer-Bird, Dr Farron
-Rolland, Fenton/Cresswell, Lee-Loman; rd 2 Fenton-Mortimer, Bird-Loman. Game
OC Muller-R Teichmann Ruy 3..g6 B39 w notes. Surrey-Kent 52.5-36.5. House of
Commons 7/side govt vs opposition match planned. Chess only game allowed, Lord 
Randolph Curchill was 1 of best now Horace Plunkett who started tnmt; best
opposition Parnell. Farwell left for England after spending some time in US.
Prob 130 AF Mackenzie. Solns JSB Jr, Engberg, Richmond, Bahler, AH Baldwin,
SA Barbour (Hecla MT)

May 4, 1896 pg 14: Game 4 Ruth-Napier QGD B32; Napier leads 3-1

May 4, 1896 pg 16: Columbia 3-way tie played off Parker 96 Arts beat Walker 
98 Law 2 of 3 to win prize chess set

May 7, 1896 pg 14: Game 5 Napier-Ruth Ponziani W42; Napier leads 4-1

May 10, 1896 pg 15: Steinitz enjoyed Russia, gave many exhibitions and simuls 
Moscow, St Ptbg, Rostow, Dorpol, Riga, went to Berlin and Magdeburg en route 
London, due Utrecht this wk; expected NY end of month. Deposited FF for Lasker
match. Moscow CC plays 2000 rubles winner 1000 loser and expenses, prob play
for side-bet $1000-$2000. Game 8 Steinitz-Schiffers French W58 Game 10 Steinitz-
Schiffers French D51 Game 11 Schiffers-Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 B55. Game by game
result table. London mtg chair Lasker to estab Divan CA for masters, arrange
matches. London master tnmt latest stdgs Bird 1 Teichmann 2 Van Vliet 3 Fenton 
1.5 Lee 1 Mortimer 1 Dr Farrow 1 Muller 2 Creswell .5 Loman, Ingoldsby, Rolland
0. Metropolitan League exec cttee mtg yesterday, decide to drop team matches
and arrange indicid tnmts and telegraph matches vs SF, Chicago, NO, Boston,
Philad, Canada, Mexico; full report tomorrow. Metropolitan CC Memorial Day only
for players unaffiliated w any CC. 27 entries George W Dwinell, ON Burke,
PH Christensen, Francis Skinner, OH Sherpich, Ernest W Tyler, WF Engelhardt,
Paul E Kunst, James Hamilton, Walter D Cronkricht, George William Van Dyke 2d,
GW Dorland, ET Perrine, James L Hyland, David H Eisner, WG Lannigan, Jacob
Heller, JT Robinson, JJ Robinson, BS Payne, William L Fagan, Edward D Stryker,
Dr AH Baldwin, William Murphy, Charles A Will, Eichard Allen, HL Dickerson.
Napiers leads Ruth 4-1, match extended to 7 up. Prob 131 T Taverner. Solns
Engberg, EH Baldwin, CJT, Bahler, Church, AH Baldwin, JSB Jr, Robert R Peebles
(Stamford CT), SA Barbour (Hecla MT), JCT. Note to JP (Albany)

May 11, 1896 pg 7: Exec cttee Metropolitan Chess League mtg, Dr OP Honegger
chair. Accept resignations De Visser and Barth, Charles Litzenberger temp
sec. Discuss tnmt arrangement for season, appoint Honegger and Helms to
prepare sched for discussion. Game 6 Napier vs Ruth adjourned Bkln CC

May 12, 1896 pg 4: Manhattan dinner for treas Dr George Holl on eve his
departure for Europe. Franklin challenges Manhattan to return match May 30
at Franklin CC 14/side. Last yr telegraph plagued by errors, this will be
more interesting and strengthen cordial relations

May 15, 1896 pg 14: Article on Japanese chess, ie Shogi

May 16, 1896 pg 3: Steinitz sails for NY

May 17, 1896 pg 7: Game 1 Barry-Showalter Petroff D30

May 17, 1896 pg 19: Belleville CC rooms secured

May 17, 1896 pg 21: Showalter arrives NY w Mrs Showalter, picture of health,
ready for Barry. Great baseball lover, played a lot while in West. Barry
studied hard, knows it is great opportunity, confident. Pics Showalter, Barry. 
Manhattan sending team to Franklin to try to regain laurels lost last Memorial
Day. Steinitz due NY Fri, only short stay, many engagements planned in Europe
before Lasker match Sept. City CC rapid transit hdcp this Wed. Ruth got D and
win game 7 vs Napier. Ettlinger split 2 w Napier, who has risen much in 
Ettlinger's estimation. Evans vs Zukertort rematch tomorrow. Triangular tnmt
stdgs Bardeleben-Mieses 2-1 Bardeleben-Walbrodt 2-1 Walbrodt-Mieses 2-1 [I think
tho some inconsistencies]. London master tnmt stdgs Teichmann 5-0 Van Vliet 3-0
Loman 5.5-2.5 Lee 2.5-1.5 Dr Farrow 2.5-2.5 Muller 3-3 Fenton 2-2 Mortimer,
Rolland 2-4 Cresswell 1.5-4.5 Bird 1-4 Ingoldsby 0-2, including Game Loman-Bird
Dutch B41 notes Standard Mortimer-Van Vliet GP W17 notes Standard Bird-
Teichmann Ruy B62 notes The Field. Vienna master tnmt final stdgs Weiss 15.5
Schlechter 15.5 Englisch 15 Marco 14 Schwarz 13 Halprin 11.5 Judd 11 Zinkl 9.5
Albin 9 Mandelbaum, Horwitz 7.5 Fenzl 3. 2RR tnmt Englisch, Marco, Schlechter, 
Weiss arranged by Rothschild. City of London vs Masters match May 15; 1st 
master team since 1874 when won 9-3 gvg N each bd to Bermondsey. Metropolitan
cont tnmt stdgd Dr OP Honegger 44.5-12 AJ Kuh 28-25 Morris Meyer 37.5-13 
J Tsibel [Feibel?] 29.5-21 JH Kahn 27.5-17.5 Robert Raubitschek 17.5-20.5 
JC Loetze 13.5-18.5 M Dinkelspiel 13-63 ML Metzger 32.5-33.5 LR Deen 10.5-14.5
Dr FH Roche 17.5-6.5, winners Honegger, Morris Meyer. Progressive CC chp tnmt
stdgs Delmar 3-2 Ginsberg 2-2 Goodman 3-1 Gunzberg 2-2 Halpern 2.5-1.5 
Langleben 4-1 Rosenbaum 3-1 Ross 0-4 Schoenbaum 0-4 Tesker 1.5-2.5. Prob 132
F Schruefer (Bamberg). Solns AH Baldwin, Bahler, Richmond, Van Cleef, Fannin
(says Dr HW Ferris, Hackett, Ark). Ltr from X Hawkins (Springfield MO) claims
cook and laments lack of intersts in probs in US

May 18, 1896 pg 3: Napier leads Ruth 5-2-1. Game 6 Napier-Ruth QGD D72 
Game 7 Ruth-Napier Petroff B19 Game 8 Ruth-Napier QGD B40. Delmar 7-3
Metropolitan CC simul; beat Dr OP Honegger, A Piecefield, A Marx, M Strauss,
Charles Darius, BM Behrend, Harry Hirsch; lost to J Feibel, AJ Kuh, M Leipziger

May 18, 1896 pg 16: Tufts vs Wesleying corr game in prog, 1 move/day 3 at
once tied 1-1 w 2 about to end, Wesleyan played by college chps Tirrell,

May 19, 1896 pg 8: Game 2 Showalter-Barry Dutch D31 2:09, 1:59. $600 match
arranged Jasnogrodsky vs CF Burille; latter ex-Boston now mem Bkln CC

May 21, 1896 pg 14: Napier leads 6-2-1 after Game Napier-Ruth Petroff W26

May 22, 1896 pg 7: Barry wins game 3 vs Showalter, leads 1-0-2

May 23, 1896 pg 9: Steinitz back in NY, Lasker match to start Oct 12 Moscow,
Russian purse of 5000 rubles $250 side bet may go up to $2000/side. Looks
well. May play Nuremberg tnmt before match

May 24, 1896 pg 14: Steinitz glad to be home, length of stay depends on whether
plays Nuremberg July 21. Barry leads Showalter 1-0-2; Game 3 Barry-Showalter
Petroff W65. Showalter came back to NY Wed, planned to cancel yesterday's game.
Napier leads 6-2 another game sched yesterday. Napier won Bkln jr tnmt
Napier 11-1 AE Swaffield 4.5-6.5 C Helms 4-8 AY Hesse 3.5-7.5. De Visser led
getting strong team for Franklin match Sat in Philad; Showalter, Lipschutz, 
Hodges, Delmar, Jasnogrodsky, DG Baird, De Visser, Hanham, Halpern, Ettlinger,
Simonson, Isaacson, L Schmidt Jr, H Davidson. Return match same score 1st
Zukertort CC 6 (GP Northrup 1 AE Swaffield 1 WM Fairbank 1 EW Engberg 1 WL
Oswald 0 CB Lilliestrale 1 R Johnson 0 A Johnson 0 G Tiedemann 1)-Evans CC 3
(JC Dennes 0 Leon Hirsch 0 WS Stewart 0 E Schofield 0 JF Dowsley 1 WH Pashley 0
D Blank 1 AG Gartars ` CW Evans 0). City CC rapid transit hdcp Rd 1: Otto
Roething (class 1)-A Ettlinger (1), W Meyer (1)-H White (3), H Schneider (4)-
WW Lowitz (3), F Martin (2)-E Heinicke (4), H Otten (2)-M Beyer (3),
WS Huntington (1)-Alb Widmer (2), F Koerber (3)-T Tobani (4), L Argon (2)-
A Bohm (1). Rd 2: Huntington-Otten, Argond-Meyer, Martin-Schneider, Roething-
Koerber. Rd 3: Argond-Martin, Roething-Huntington. Final: Roething/Argond
split prize. H Otten won soln tnmt. Madrid Game MM Sterling-Amateur Scotch W12++
Prob 123 WA Shinkman. Solns EH Baldwin, AH Baldwin, Van Cleef, HH St Clair Jr
(NY), Percy E Rayomond (New Canaan CT), Frederick J Halm (Fordham NY), RBB,
WJ Ferris, JC Pevey (Chatham NY), Church, Engberg, WS See (New Canaan CT),
JSB Jr, Bahler, Gansser. AD Davies wants to join or form West Side CC

May 25, 1896 pg 1: Great intl tnmt Nuremberg July 20, 7 prizes top $500, 375,
200; expect all top Europe hope for leading US

May 25, 1896 pg 13: Game 10 Ruth-Napier QGD Chigorin D49; Napier leads 6-2-2

May 26, 1896 pg 10: Game 4 Showalter-Barry Petroff W28 1:50, 1:54; tied 1-1-2

May 29, 1896 pg 7: Showalter leads 2-1-2 after Game 5 Barry-Showalter Petroff
B54. Nuremberg prizes increased to $750, 500, 375, 250

May 30, 1896 pg 4: 14 bd Manhattan vs Franklin match today Philad. Manhattan
team to be selected from Lipschutz, De Visser, Simonson, DG Baird, Ettlinger,
Halpern, Jasnogrodsky, Hanham, Delmar, Rocamora, Vorrath, Davidson, Ferguson,
Clapp, Maltzahn, Dahl; Showalter planned to play but sched for game 6 vs Barry.
Other absentees Pillsbury, Hodges, JW Baird, L Schmidt Jr, Isaacson, Schroer

May 31, 1896 pg 15: Til last yr only holiday event Washington bday. Last yr
Memorial day Manhattan vs Franklin and chess fest Lincoln's bday. 3 events
yesterday; Showalter vs Barry game 6, Manhattan vs Franklin, 16 entry tnmt
Metropolitan open only to those not mem any CC. Showalter leads Barry 2-1-2.
Napier-Ruth 7-2-2; table results. Game 11 Napier-Ruth Petroff W25. Steinitz
would be pleased to hear from backers for Lasker match. Teichmann still leads
Simpson's tnmt tho beaten by outsider Creswell. Triangular tnmt Games
Bardeleben-Walbrodt Scotch W52 Walbrodt-Bardeleben French D37 Mieses-Bardeleben
French B37. Prob 137 JS Boyd Jr (NY). Solns JSB Jr, Schaefer, TW Benedict Jr
(New Canaan CT), Engberg, ENC (NY), Harold S Demerest (New Canaan CT), WHC,
AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, MCH (Chicopee MA), Van Cleef, Halm, RBB, Fannin,
JA McC (Bkln), DM (Albany NY)

June 1, 1896 pg 5: Despite absences and play in Philad, Manhattan 7.5 (Lipschutz
1 Halpern .5 Delmar 1 Hanham 0 Jasnogrodsky 1 Rocamora .5 Maltzahn 0 Davidson .5
Baird 0 Ettlinger 0 Simonson .5 Ryan 1 De Visser .5 Vorrath 1)-Frenklin 6.5
(Wilson 0 Reichhelm .5 Shipley 0 Kemeny 1 Bampton 0 DS Robinson .5 Kaiser 1
AK Robinson .5 Voigt 1 Newman 1 Elson .5 JP Morgan 0 M Morgan .5 White 0). Tnmt
for non-mems any CC Paul F Knus 1.5 WL Fagan .5 Francis Skinner 2.5 Otto
Sherpick 0 ED Stryker 1 EB Barnes 2.5 HL Dickerson 2 Charles A Well 0 WG Lanigan
4 WF Engelhardt 2 ON Burke 1 James Hamilton 1 William Hasselmann 4 GW Dorland 
2.5 Jacob Heller 3.5 Richard Allen 3 - Final rds Heller 5.5 Lanigan, Hasselmann 
5 Allen 4 Dorland 3.5. Games Heller-Lanigan Scotch W23 Barnes-Hasselmann
Falkbeer Ctr B28 Dorland-Sherpich QGD W50. Divan master tnmt stdgs Bird 3-5
Cresswell 3.5-5.5 Dr Farrow 3-3 Fenton 4.5-4.5 Ingoldsby 0-8 Lee 7-2 Loman
6-3 Mortimer 3-6 Muller 5-4 Rolland 3-6 Teichmann 7-1 Van Vliet 5-2. City
of London 4 (TF Lawrence .5 Dr Smith 1 TL Physick 0 GEH Bellingham 0 W Wagner
.5 Dr Ballard 0 AE Tietjen 1 HH Cole 1)/Divan Master Assoc 4 (Lasker .5
Gunsberg 0 Teichmann 1 Mason 1 Van Vliet .5 Tinsley 1 A Guest 0 RF Fenton 0).
Game Gunsberg-Dr Smith French B27 notes Daily News. Tschigorin enters Nuremberg
tnmt. Tarrasch willing to capt German cable team vs US if expenses not too high.
After tnmt of non mems CCs, Raubitschek 7-1 Metropolitan simul; beat WH Lessner,
Feibel, Hamilton, Allen, Charles A Well, Perine, Lanigan; lost to Thomas.
Showalter leads Barry 2-1-3 after Game 6 Showalter-Barry QGD D62

June 2, 1896 pg 2: Game 7 Barry-Showalter Petroff B38; Showalter leads 3-1-3

June 4, 1896 pg 2: Showalter leads 4-1-3 after Game 8 Showalter-Barry QGD W46

June 7, 1896 pg 14: Nuremberg prog rcvd. Nuremberg CC and German CA could not
agree, now Nuremberg CC sole charge tnmt. German CA small prizes, these
comparable to Hastings. Pillsbury, Showalter will enter, Tschigorin has
entered, Steinitz and Lasker likely. July 20-Aug 9, 6/wk, $750, 500, 375, 250,
150, 100. 30/2 15/1. 9 AM til end, break 1-4. Simpson tnmt hard fought, 
Teichmann drew Ingoldsby has 8.5 w 1 to play vs Van Vliet, Lee 8 w 1 to play
vs Ingoldsby, Van Vliet 6 w 3 to play, Loman 6 w 1 to play. Tarrasch wrote
reminding Pillsbury of promise to play Nuremberg, sent greetings to Showalter
whose play Tarrasch admires, hopes both enter. Bkln continuous tnmt 2/3 done,
leaders Marshall 30-8 GW Jones 19-6 P Richardson 29-10 AJ Souweine 46-18
JC Tatum 33-16 WE Napier 67-39 AY Hesse 47-28 De Visser 40-25 H Helms 16-10
AE Swaffield 69-45 Dr LA Ball 86-65 ES Gilley 90-69 A Simis Jr 18-14 SH Cragg
72-59 RP Dow 165-136 GP Northrop 34-29 W Behrendsohn 22-19 Dr JR Taber 98-90
W Southwick 34-32 Dr LD Broughton 14-13 AJ Pierce 53-51. Manhattan directors
esp De Visser worked hard to get strong team, beat Franklin Memorial Day
match. Showalter leads Barry 4-1; returned to Boston Fri after couple days NY.
Progressive CC chp stdgs Delmar 4-3 Ginsberg 2-3 Goodman 4-1 Gunsberg 3-4 
Halpern 3.5-1.5 Langleben 4-2 Rosenbaum 5-1 Ross .5-5.5 Schoenbaum 1-5
Terker 3-4. Plans to arrange series practice games Steinitz vs Pillsbury,
$40 to winner $10 loser each game, in various clubs. Jasnogrodsky, Burille
to start 7 up match $300/side. Hermann Helms and boy player Napier left for
3 wks in Nova Scotia. Prob 135 CA Gilberg (Bkln). Solns Engberg, RBB, Fannin,
CJT, Richmond

June 8, 1896 pg 12: Progressive CC new rooms open w Steinitz 10-1-5 5 hr simul;
beat Hallstaube, Schoenbaum, Ross, Terker, Greenbaum, Rosenbaum, Gunzberg,
Newman, Igel, Martin; lost to Schoenberg; drew Langleben, Goodman, Goldberg,
Finn, Max Ginsberg. Game Steinitz-Langleben 2N D24 Steinitz-Martin Vienna W18.
Game 9 Barry-Showalter QP D57

June 9, 1896 pg 13: Text Marean ltr to Tarrasch sending EFs to Nuremberg from
club for Pillsbury and Showalter

June 10, 1896 pg 2: Description Showalter win 91 moves, 12 hrs; leads Barry

June 11, 1896 pg 5: Prince Regent Bavaria donates 3000 marks, silver cup of
rare German thalers, and silver salver as 1st prize coming intl tnmt

June 12, 1896 pg 14: Ltr from Rosentahl to Marean given re proposed cable match 
vs France. Rosenthal has seen French ambassador who promises to help securing 
use of wires.

June 14, 1896 pg 7: Divan tnmt Games R Loman-E Creswell QP W29 Creswell-
Teichmann Ruy W57; Creswell hitherto little known amateur. Game Janowski-Goetz
moves 17-W33. Metropolitan chp tnmt Game Leipziger-Feibel Ruy W71 mate 5.
Prob 136 C Weiss (Copenhagen). Solns Engberg, DS Demerit (New Canaan CT), EH
Baldwin, WS See, RBB, TW Benedict Jr (New Canaan CT), JA McCreery (Bkln),
Petrowitch Q Parjonetskei (New Canaan CT), BF Wood (Mt Vernon NY), MRS 
(Middletown NY), AH Baldwin, Jacob Aushagenblitz Jr (New Canaan CT), Van Cleef,
Richmond, CJT, Schaefer, Barbour. Note to GG Ing.

June 16, 1896 pg 7: Showalter vs Barry game 12 adjourned

June 18, 1896 pg 4: Game 12 12 Showalter-Berry QGD W64; Showalter leads 6-2-4

June 19, 1896 pg 12: Pillsbury resigns from Manhattan CC, understood that
action of directors wrt case he brought before them caused

June 21, 1896 pg 8: Showalter-Barry 7-2-4, wins $2000 stakes. Game 13
Barry-Showalter Petroff B37. Game by game result table

June 21, 1896 pg 30: Nuremberg CC tnmt cttee circular claims German CA sec-gen
Max Lange acted in high-handed manner, led to club arranging tnmt on own.
Prince Regent gift valuable silver cup and salver made of rare thaler helped
assure success, prizes 3000 marks+princes gift, 2000, 1500, 1000, 600, 300, 200;
best game 300, best vs winners 100 total 9000 ~$2250. Rosenthal, Tarrasch both
want cable matches vs US, St Ptbg and Vienna also favor. Teichmann won Divan
tnmt, other winners not known yet. Vienna master tnmt Game Englisch-Kaufmann
QGD W42 notes Ranken from BCM. Corr match Providence-Metropolitan 1-0-1.
Progressive chp tnmt stdgs Delmar 4-3 Ginsberg 2-4 Goodman 5-1 Gunzberg 3-4
Halpern 4.5-1.5 Langleben 4-2 Rosenbaum 5-2 Rpss .5-5.5 Schoenbaum 1-5 Terker
3-4. Showalter leads Barry 6-2-4. Game 10 Showalter-Barry QGD W91. Barry off
day Wed, game 13 sched yesterday. Jasnogrodsky vs Burille 5 up $300/side to
begin as soon as Jasnogrodsky puts up stakes. Steinitz, Pillsbury, Showalter to
play Nuremberg. Steinitz leaves in ~wk, others July 4. Steinitz would like to 
rcv backing in usu way, feels Lasker playing better than when 1st beat Steinitz
but not up to Steinitz best play. 1st ever female prize winner French tnmt,
Cercle Philidor Paris winners Doderisse, Mme de Lippens. Regence ann tnmt 
winners Janowski, Goetz/Riviere.. Prob 137 Joseph Pospisil (Prague). Solns
Richmond, MRS (Middletown NY), Sam S Wakeman (New Canaan CT), RBB, Schaefer,
AH Baldwin, Benedict, Charles M Hoyt (New Canaan CT), Gardner, WHC, EH
Baldwin, See, JSB Jr, Engberg, Harry H St Clair (NY), Barbour, Fannin.
Hawkins ltr approving JSB prob. Note to Charles H keeler MD (New Canaan CT)

June 25, 1896 pg 7: Another fight at Manhattan CCOver charge that club mem
John D Elwell wrongfully opened a ltr. Ltr from J Mona Lesser, chair Boston
CC match cttee, rcvd Elwell's office and opened. Discovered addressed to 
Manhattan CC, so sent on. Elwell is confidant or adviser to Showalter. NY
wanted Showalter to play vs Philad, but he was under engagement w Boston;
Lesser ltr on this subject reached Elwell. Elwell acussed of inducing 
Showalter not to play for NY, he asserts this charge trumped up as revenge.
Bd of directors Roostam Beranyi [Beramji?], James S Curry, Max Fraenkel,
Charles a Gilberg, A Foster Higgins, William F Morse. Met till 11 o'clock,
announced had nothing to say on matter and nobody's biz anyway. Had no choice
but to accept Pillsbury's resignation since couched in no uncertain terms;
Pillsbury umbrella taken and he says insulting message sent to him by club
servant, resigned when not disciplined. Elwell matter may not end, suits of 
libel and other dreadful things promised

June 25, 1896 pg 7: Hodges marries Lara Irene Robinson daughter
of Winslow Robinson of Stapleton LI, number chess players present

June 25, 1896 pg 14: Events of day has exhibition Newnes Trophy at Bkln CC

June 26, 1896 pg 13: Gathering at Bkln CC, look at Newnes cup and discuss
Nuremberg tnmt. All winning US team present w officers Marean, De Visser, Duval.
Also local players Marshall, Souweine, JJ Spencer, Walter Frere, HAC Dahl,
George F Murray, S Berendsohn, JHF Bowman, SG Ruth, Dr LD Broughton Jr,
JT Metcalf, RR Williams. Prominent visitors Mrs Harriett Worrall and Thomas
Frere friends of Morphy, H Cassel of NY, Mrs Showalter chp female player of US
who was 5-2 rcvg N from Lasker and in 1893 3-0-1 vs IN chp CO Jackson. Won
match 5-3 vs Manhattan director Richard Buz, has won single games vs L Schmidt
Jr and Jasnogrodsky. Leads Mrs Worrall 3-0-1 match for women's US chp in 
prog. Had never seen chess set before met husband. Showalter sails for Nuremberg
next wk, Mrs Showalter will prob return to KY

(note: what is there in text June 27, 1896 pg 13 really June 26)

June 28, 1896 pg 19: Exhibition game at Bkln receprion for Newnes trophy
Game Mrs Showalter-Mrs Worrall 1.e4 b6 B59 Game Showalter+Barry-Pillsbury+Hymes
Ruy unfinished 34. Duval poem given on winning trophy. Nuremberg likely
entries given; new prizes added by Adolf Roegner of Leipzig rare Gustavus
Selenus book and valuable set Dresden porcelain chess men. Vienna quad tnmt
stdgs Weiss, Schlechter 3.5 Marco, Englisch 2.5. Divan tnmt Game Teichmann-
Loman QGD W32 notes The Standard. Masters vs City of London Game Lawrence-
Lasker Ruy D43notes Hereford Times. Offhand Game Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W41.
NYSCA midsummer mtg Ontario Beach July 28-31; challenge cup and hdcp, plans 
to arrange triangular match boy players Napier, Sussman of Boston, Karpinski
of Buffalo. Manhattan Game Barry-Schroter (a Munich artist) Pirc W39.
Metropolitan CC 2d ann celebration included music by Prof Pieczonka+daughter;
chp tnmt leaders Raubitschek 8-1 Honegger 8.5-1.5 Feibel 6.5-2.5 Leipziger 6-2
Kahn 5.5?-4.5 Deen 6-5. Prob 138 EW Engberg (Bkln). Solns JS Boyd Jr,
SR Morgan (Middletown NY), EHL (NY), BF Wood (Mt vernon NY), EA Cook (NY), RBB,
EH Baldwin, WH Church, Harold S Demeritt (New Canaan CT), Benedict, Perce E
Raymond (New Canaan), Charles M Hoyt (New Canaan), Engberg, CJT, Sam S Wakeman
(New Canaan), Richmond, Schaefer, Fannin. Note to NL (Owensboro KY)

July 3, 1896 pg 13: Trouble in the Chess Club. Pres Marean resigned from Bkln 
CC because of article written by LD Broughton Jr paper June 29. Marean called
for Broughton's resignation from club directory, on refusal resigned himself
being unwilling to serve on bd directors w Broughton. Mem mtg Tues to take

July 5, 1896 pg 15: Reporting on chess quarrels generally only bad for game,
unless to get club to mend ways. Bkln different. Pres Marean and his lieut
Elwell have done more for chess than any dozen other clubs together. Sent
Pillsbury to Hastings, orgd cable matches as well as winning league trophy.
Ltr by a director pubd, Marean asked for directors resignation; hope club
special mtg gives director just desserts. Steinitz left for Europe w adopted
daughter Miss Hedwig Steinitz Thurs, Pillsbury yesterday, Showalter Wed; all
will play Nuremberg. Barry at Metropolitan beat Meyer, Behrend, Honegger,
Darius (says 5 games), drew Feibel, lost Game Barry-Raubitschek Ruy B34.
Hastings Game Blackburne+Pillsbury-Schiffers+Tschigorin QGD Chigorin W48 notes
Pollock. Prob 139 Emil Hoffmann (NY). Solns RBB, George M Towler (Newark),
Richmond, Benedict, JSB Jr, Wakeman, Church, FM Teed who writes praising
Engberg prob saying Engberg is our elevator man, SR Morgan, Demeritt, EH
Baldwin (Passaic NY), Edward A Cook (Madison), Fannin, Barbour

July 5, 1896 pg 16: Interview Pillsbury before leaving for Nuremberg. Strong
field but going foot-free unharassed by journalistic cares and in excellent
health; interested in how Showalter will do. Both reps Bkln CC, expect club to
expel Broughton do not see how Marean can continue as pres w Broughton
director; if Broughton not dealt w summarily will resign from org as will
others on US team. Marean ideal pres. US players stand by Marean and Elwell.
Hope to meet w Rosenthal re cable match vs France, meet reps Austria, Germany,
Russia at Nuremberg

July 6, 1896 pg 4: Bkln Boys HS CC formed this spring

July 8, 1896 pg 12: 1 of liveliest ever mtgs Bkln CC, room crowded and hot.
Called by Marean as result of articles written by Broughton in Std Union
June 27 and NY Herald June 29. Charged Elwell, who is not an officer, of
conducting affairs wo consulting exec cttee. Speeches bitter. Pillsbury et al
said would resign unless Broughton ousted. Marean nominated Richard Williams
chair pro tem. Rollin C Breckinridge read charges against Broughton. Elwell
read speech claiming to have discovered Pillsbury, and had raised club to
present status after finding it in a hole. Said could not talk to exec cttee
with Broughton, Dow, De Visser, Eno; respects De Visser and Eno but severe
diffs in mental constitution. Accused Eno of saying would rather lose for club
w De Visser than win w Showalter, and that De Visser tried to suppress Newnes
cable at Pillsbury dinner had to wrestle from him. No respect at all for 
Dow and Broughton. Asks for expulsion Broughton. De Visser said unqualified
falsehood that tried to suppress cable. Eno said he did not want Showalter as
club rep since not then club mem. Club mems asked for articles to be read,
De Visser read them, Geroge Murray expressed views of many saying What do 
these amount to? Broughton said had right to object when acted wo exec cttee;
1st learned of some intl matches when read in papers. Motion to expel Broughton
lost 28-14; motion to refer to cttee to consider lost 21-19. Broughton saying
having won victory would resign; after said not sure. Elwell said his men
would caucus w Marean to decide whether to resign; had ltr from Pillsbury,
Showalter, Burille, Barry would do what caucus decided; said Hodges and Hymes
would prob as well. Treas already resigned. Elwell said too soon to say if
would form a new club

July 9, 1896 pg 12: Showalter left, will play Nuremberg tnmt July 20

July 12, 1896 pg 14: 28 voted in favor Broughton, 14 on losing side have left
Bkln CC to form new club. Will doom Bkln CC to obscurity, and has lost most
liberal patron. New club will rise greater than any prev. Time to turn to
Nuremberg. Albin, who is very popular in Vienna, ingenious player; did not
do well Vienna master tnmt but sparkling games including Game Albin-Halprin
French W41 notes The Standard. Simpson tnmt Game Muller-Teichmann Ruy B38
notes Wescher Schach. Prob 140 Richard E Scruig [Schurig?]. Solns JSB Jr,
Engberg, Jacob Anshagenblitz Jr (New Canaan), Petrovitch Q Porjonstakei
(New Canaan), AH Baldwin, WHC, EH Baldwin, Demeritt, Richmond, Morgan,
Benedict, Wakeman, McCreery, EA Cook (Madison WI), Barbour. Note to ESH
(Webster NY)

July 19, 1896 pg 14: Great field for Nuremberg tnmt, will give daily reports,
Mieses engaged to cable games. W Steinitz, Lasker, Pillsbury, Showalter,
Tschigorin et al playing, cannot guess winner. Endgame M Troitzky. Nuremberg
CC Game Kurschner-Tarrasch Ruy B36. Australian chp tnmt Game Wallace-Hodgson
QGD W31 w notes. Prob 141 C Clerck (Wesel, Germany). Solns Benedict, Church,
JSB Jr, Demerist, Morgan, Bahler (W Hurley NY), Wakeman, AH Baldwin, Richmond,
Schaefer, Engberg, David R Lyman (Charlotteville VA), Fannin, CJT 

July 20, 1896 pg 3: Full pairings of Berger system for Nuremberg tnmt

July 20, 1896 pg 4: Elwell says if Pillsbury and Showalter carry off honors
Nuremberd and interest in chess keeps up will likely org new CC. a greater
NYCC w HQ in NY and Bkln. No definite decision yet. Day if leave Bkln will
take w Duval, Pillsbury, Helms, Showalter, Hodges, Barry, Hymes, Burille.
Directors meet Mon to consider resignations Marean and Duval of 1 side, Eno
and De Visser of other faction; also to consider rep for Ontario Beach tnmt.
US jr chp there; club has 15 yr old wonder Napier and 18 yr old Marshall. De
Visser, Eno will prob enter sr chp. Broughton faction not placating other side, 
acting sec RP Dow said celebrate 10th ann July 29, professional gang has not
helped the club and would not hurt if left, think they are bluffing, Marean
will stay. Pillsbury would be cutting off source of revenue if leaves and would
depend entirely on Ajeeb which he has bought

July 21, 1896 pg 9: Nuremberg rd 1 game descriptions, results

July 21, 1896 pg 14: Bkln CC directors meet, accept resignation of Dr
LD Broughton Jr as director. Broughton wrote articles about John D Elwell
which split the club into 2 factions. Cttee JC Tatum, William Duval was
appointed to consider resignation of pres Josiah T Marean, sec De Visser,
and director WF Eno; will now try to persuade these to wd resignations.
Treas Duval wd his resignation last night. Tatum appointed cttee of 1 to
make arrangements for state meet Ontario Beach. He will ask Phillip Richardson
to rep Bkln CC, but it is understood Richardson does not want to go. JHF
Bowman elected director to replace Broughton

July 22, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg rd 2 game descriptions, results, stdgs

July 23, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg rd 3 game descriptions, results, stdgs

July 24, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg rd 4 game descriptions, results

July 25, 1896 pg 9: Nurmberg rd 5 game descriptions, results, stdgs

July 26, 1896 pg 11: Nuremberg rd 6 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Mention
Cardeli's Dictionary of the Openings

July 26, 1896 pg 14: Pillsbury, Showalter start far below form Nuremberg. NYSCA
tnmt Ontario Beach next wk. Staats-Ztg cup entries Delmar for Metropolitan,
Lipschutz for Manhattan, Hodges for Staten Island, Luce for Rochester. Also
class tnmt, jr chp w Napier, Marshall, Sussman (Boston), Karpinski (Oswego);
Tues-Fri. Vienna quadrangular tnmt Game Englisch-Weiss Ruy W35 notes The Field.
Prob 142 R L'Hermet (Magdeburg). Solns FM Teed, Elias H Baldwin (Passaic NJ),
Benedict, Demeritt, Wakeman, Bahler, AH Baldwin, St Clair, McCreery, WA Groat
(Canastota NY), Barbour, Fannin

July 27, 1896 pg 7: Nuremberg stdgs; Pillsbury, Showalter doing badly. None
can explain, tho Showalter not used to chess in morning. Rd 7 today

July 28, 1896 pg 5: Nuremberg rd 7 game descriptions, results, stdgs

July 29, 1896 pg 4: NYSCA tnmt begins, 30 players. Hodges has not come as
expected to be Staten Island rep; Lipschutz (Manhattan) fav others in Staats-Ztg
Delmar (Metropolitan), Tatum (Bkln), Congdon (Syracuse). Napier, Sussman did not
appear; Marshall will play Karpinski for jr chp. 1st class: FH Wilcox (Buffalo),
D Stuart (Philad), HH Schieffelin (Geneva PA), Bampton (Philad), WE Scripture
(Rome), Shipley (Philad), Hanham (NY), H McGuire [ES Maguire?] (Philad).
2d class: AW Orvis (Gouverneur), CP Weeks (Rochester), GN Cheney (Syracuse),
CW Watkeyes (Rochester), AM Telson (Gouverneur), F Searle (Rome), B Hook
(Rochester), A McMartin (Johnstown), FA Dixon (Oswego), DW Waller (Seneca Falls)
3d class: HD Wright (Gloversville), P Scripture (Rome), HF Boehm (Buffalo),
WS Hear (Buffalo), JV Baker (Gouverneur), JV Culver (Rochester). Results
Cup: Lipschutz-Delmar, Congdon/Tatum. Class 1: Bampton-Scripture, Shipley-
Schieffelin, Hanham-Stuart, Wilcox/McGuire. Class 2: Watkeyes-McMartin,
Hook-Felson, Weeks-Waller, Searle-Orvis, Dixon vs Cheney adj. Class 3:
Boehm-Culver, Baker-Shear, Wright-Scripture.

July 29, 1896 pg 5: Nuremberg rd 8 game descriptions, reuslts, stdgs

July 30, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg rd 9 game descriptions, results. stdgs. Game
Blackburne-Teichmann 2N D36. NYSCA mtg great success. Cup: Tatum-Delmar,
Lipschutz-Congdon; Lipschutz-Tatum, Delmar-Congdon. Class 1: Stuart-Maguire,
Wilcox-Schieffelin, Bampton-Harlan, Scripture vs Shipley adj; Schieffelin-
Maguire, Bampton-Stuart, Shipley-Harlan, Wilcox vs Scripture adj; Schieffelin-
Scripture, Harlam-Wilcox, Shipley-Stuart, Bampton-Maguire. Class 2: Weeks-
Searle, Cheney-Orvis, Watkeyes-Waller, Felson-Dixon, Hook-McMartin, Dixon
wins adj game vs Cheney from rd 1; McMartin vs Dixon other rd 3 adj; Felson-
Cheney, Dixon/Waller other rd 4 adj. Class 3: P Scripture-Shear, Boehm-Wright,
Culver/Baker; Boehm-Scripture, Shear-Culver, Wright-Baker; Scripture-Culver,
Boehm-Baker, Shea-Wright. Game Lipschutz-Delmar Vienna W75 60 given. Marshall,
Karpinski each win 1 game

July 31, 1896 pg 3: Nuremberg rd 10 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Games
Steinitz-Schallopp QGD W47 Albin-Schiffers Zukertort B31 Charousek-Showalter
KGD W55 Janowski-Marco Ruy W29 Porges-Lasker Ruy B33. NYSCA tnmt report.
Lipschutz clinches cup for Manhattan. Bampton, Shipley, Hanham win $30, 15,
10 class 1; HF Boehm (Buffalo), HD Wright (Gloversville) win $15, 8 class 2;
2d class unfinished. NYSCA pres rcvs solid silver loving-cup presented on
behalf assoc by Gen Congdon of Syracuse. Cup: Tatum-Congdon, Lipschutz/Delmar;
Lipschutz-Congdon, Delmar-Tatum; Lipschutz-Tatum, Delmar-Congdon. Final stdgs
Lipschutz 5.5-.5 Delmar 3.5 Tatum 2.5 Congdon .5. Class 1: Wilcox-Stuart, 
Hanham-Schieffelin, Scripture/Maguire, Shipley/Bampton; Hanham-Scripture,
Bampton-Wilcox, Schieffelin-Stuart, Maguire/Shipley, Shipley-Scripture (adj rd 
2); Hanham-Maguire, Shipley-Wilcox, Stuart-Scripture, Schieffelin-Bampton.
Final stdgs Bampton 6-1 Shiple 5.5 Hanham 5 Schieffelin 3.5 Wilcox 3 Stuart 2.5
Maguire 1.5 Scripture 1. Class 2:Searle-Felson, Watkeyes-Hook, Cheney-McMartin,
Weeks-Dixon, Orvis-Waller; Searle-Hook, Felson-McMartin, Dixon-Watkeyes,
Weeks-Orvis, Cheney vs Waller adj, Felson-Orvis (adj rd 3), Watkeyes-Weeks
(adj rd 3), Weeks/Hook (adj rd 4), Felson-Cheney (adj rd 4). Class 3: Baker-
P Scripture, Wright-Culver, Boehm-Shear final stdgs Boehm 5-0 Wright 4 Baker 2.5
P Scripture 2 Shear 1 Culver .5

Aug 1, 1896 pg 5: Nuremberg rd 11 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Game
Tschigorin-Winawer Vienna W35 notes Daily News. Game Showalter-Tarrasch QGA
D30. Janowski vs Pillsbury position, feels Janowski could have won Lasa's 
brilliancy if saw line. NYSCA tnmt ends, all close except cup. 2d class winners 
F Searle (Rome), CW Watkeyes, CP Weeks (Rochester). Marshall-Karpinski 3.5-2.5
for jr chp after tied at 5. 2d class stdgs Searle 7 Watkeyes/Weeks 6.5 Hook 6
Dixon 4.5 Felson 4 Cheney 3.5 Orvis 2.5 Waller 3 McMartin 1.5

Aug 2, 1896 pg 5: Nuremberg rd 12 game descriptions, results, stdgs

Aug 2, 1896 pg 17: Nuremberg tnmt closely contested. Games Schlechter-Pillsbury
Ruy D41 Teichmann-Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 B47 Lasker-Schiffers QP W49 mate 6
Schallopp-Walbrodt Ruy B35. Prob 143 V Mieses (Leipzig). Solns JSB Jr, Benedict,
AH Baldwin, EWE (Bkln), McCreery, Bahler, WHC, Morgan, St Clair, Demerite,
CJT, Wakeman, Alain C White (NY), RW Burns (Yankton [SD?], Barbour, Fannin, 
RL Coursen (NY), ARM (Bailey Island ME)

Aug 3, 1896 pg 3: 9 left w theoretical chance Nuremberg. Games Tarrasch-Maroczy 
QP D59 notes The Field Steinitz-Lasker French B44 notes Daily News Maroczy-
Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5 B26 notes Daily News

Aug 4, 1896 pg 3: Nuremberg rd 13 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Schallopp
called the stenographer. Game Blackburne-Maroczy Sic D39 Teichmann-Schallopp
QGD B59 Tarrasch-Schiffers QGD Chigorin W59 Showalter-Winawer QGD 2..Nf6 B49

Aug 5, 1896 pg 4: Nuremberg rd 14 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Game
Lasker-Walbrodt Ruy D30 Marco-Tarrasch QP B32 Schallopp-Tschigorin Ruy B41
Showalter-Blackburne QGA B50

Aug 5, 1896 pg 11: Prospect Park YMCA mtg, CCC chair is CH Carleton

Aug 6, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg rd 15 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Game
Schlechter-Janowski Ruy B36 Albin-Charousek 2N W33 notes The Standard
Pillsbury-Blackburne QGA B54 Schlechter-Lasker Scotch D21 Steinitz-Blackburne
GP moves 1-24 Tschigorin-Charousek 2N W35 notes The Standard Pillsbury-Tarrasch
QGA 1-22 Janowski-Schallopp QGA W17

Aug 7, 1896 pg 4: Nuremberg rd 16 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Games
Schlechter-Winawer Ruy W30 Janowski-Tarrasch Ruy B68 Walbrodt-Steinitz Ruy 
3..Bc5 D44 Porges-Tschigorin GP B42 Charousek-Steinitz KGA Bishop G B40
Winawer-Porges Ruy W37 Blackburne-Tarrasch GP W46 Maroczy-Pillsbury 4N W33
Pillsbury-Marco QGD W22 Steinitz-Blackburne GP W39 Tarrasch-Teichmann QGD W43
Walbrodt-Winawer Ruy W52

Aug 8, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg rd 17 game descriptions, results, stdgs. Charousek
called Franco-Hungarian. Games Schallopp-Albin French B26 Schallopp-Showalter
Petroff W50 Charousek-Blackburne Evans W42 

Aug 9, 1896 pg 8: Penultimate rd Nuremberg game descriptions, results, stdgs.
Lasker clinches 1st. Pic Lasker; will be 28 Dec. Game Pillsbury-Tarrasch QGA
W60. Game Albin-Janowski Ruy D66 Steinitz-Showalter KGA Kieseritzky G W32 
Pillsbury-Lasker French W50 Pillsbury-Tschigorin QGD W50. Prob 144 W Droysen
(Danzig). Solns RBB, Fred R Stevens (Walden NY), McCreery, Alain C White
(Litchfield CT), Engberg, St Clair, Bahler, Schaefer, CJT, EH Baldwin, AH 
Baldwin, Richmond, Wakeman, Barbour, T Lyman (Charlottesville VA), MCH (Chicopee

Aug 10, 1896 pg 3: Final Nuremberg rd today; Maroczy .5 ahead of Pillsbury,
Steinitz, Tarrasch for 2d w Showalter left to play; Steinitz vs Pillsbury, 
Tarrasch vs Albin. Game Porges-Walbrodt French B46 Lasker-Tschigorin QGA W53
Marco-Blackburne Center Ctr W86 Walbrodt-Maroczy French D45 Albin-Steinitz
Ruy 3..Bc5 W49

Aug 11, 1896 pg 4: Final rd game descriptions, results, stdgs. Games Maroczy-
Winawer Sic 2.Nf3 e6 d4 Qf6 W57 Schlechter-Teichmann Center Ctr W29 Walbrodt-
Janowski Ruy B58

Aug 12, 1896 pg 3: Nuremberg ends; final tnmt CT

Aug 16, 1896 pg 12: Nuremberg ends, Lasker shows again 2d to none. Maroczy
shows star of 1st order. Pillsbury great comeback despite being in no
condition to play at start. Tarrasch shows strength. Janowski plenty of genius,
needs a little more caution/ Daily exertions hard for Steinitz but should make
good stand vs Lasker. Walbrodt, Schlechter fell off after good start. Blackburne
prize for best vs winners, played some excellent chess. Games Pillsbury-Albin
Ruy W42 Teichmann-Showalter Vienna B22 Steinitz-Marco QGD W33 Janowski-Lasker
Ruy W71 Porges-Pillsbury Ruy D53 Showalter-Tschigorin QGD W29 Maroczy-Janowski
GP W48 Schiffers-Pillsbury Evans dec W42 Winawer-Steinitz Center Game W20
Charousek-Pillsbury Falkbeer Ctr D52 Blackburne-Schiffers French W34 Steinitz-
Janowski QGD B42 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W53 Prob 145 AG Fellows (Wolverhampton)
Solns Alain C White, Bahler, RBB, CJT, AH Baldwin, Lyman, Engberg, Richmond,
Fred R Stevens (Walden NY), St Clair, Wakeman, Fannin

Aug 16, 1896 pg 16: Belleville (NJ) CC officers FE Heydon, Martin McMahon,
Frank Sandford

Aug 18, 1896 pg 8: Nuremberg tnmt Games Tarrasch-Schlechter QGD D38 Teichmann-
Janowski GP B39 Blackburne-Winawer Sic W28 on time Lasker-Albin Dutch W45
Schallopp-Maroczy French B34 Teichmann-Lasker Ruy W49

Aug 19, 1896 pg 5: Game Tschigorin-Albin Albin Ctr W62 Teichmann-Pillsbury GP 
B56 Blackburne-Albin Falkbeer Ctr B40 Maroczy-Marco GP D37 Charousek-Porges
Scotch W36 mate 5 Winawer-Lasker Ruy B43

Aug 22, 1896 pg 8: Books of wk lists Hastings tnmt book

Aug 23, 1896 pg 8: Thx Mieses for reports from Nuremberg, only 4 errors in all
games despite cipher. Formal cable challenge given, propose increase to
10/side. Showalter, Barry, Burille have said will not play wo Marean pres;
where will players and money come from? Budapest start Sept 14, not Oct 1 as
prev. Games Janowski-Tschigorin QGD B64 Albin-Teichmann 2N W41 Lasker-Schallopp
QP W43 Tarrasch-Steinitz Ruy W52 Maroczy-Lasker GP D23 Winawer-Pillsbury Center
Game B47 Schallopp-Schiffers Sic B37 Blackburne-Walbrodt 4N W50 Tschigorin-
Tarrasch GP B49 Steinitz-Tschigorin QGD W33 Albin-Winawer GP B22 Tarrasch-
Charousek Pirc W17 Schiffers-Maroczy French D24 Pillsbury+Blackburne-Steinitz+
Schiffers Ruy 3..Bc5 (called Steinitz D) W51. Prob E Pradignat. Solns Church,
White, St Clair, Bahler, EH Baldwin, Engberg, Stevens, Schaefer, Wakeman,
WS Allison (Bayonne NJ), George L Parmly (E Orange NJ), AH Baldwin, James
Creery [McCreery?] (Bkln), CJT). TC ltr on Engberg prob

Aug 25, 1896 pg 11: Bkln CC cttee will not meet before next month to take
action on British challenge to cable match

Aug 26, 1896 pg 13: Ltr from Newnes regrets Marean resignation. Marean thinks
Bkln will not be able to play, and nothing could induce him to accept pres.
Other faction thinks can get team; pillsbury has said will not play, feel
confident can get Hodges, Hymes, Delmar, Baird from old teamand think Showalter,
Barry can be induced from patriotism; can choose such as De Visser, Teed,
Shipley, Hanham.

Aug 28, 1896 pg 12: Showalter returned from Europe Wed, left for Georgetown KY
yesterday. Saw at beginning contests could not do self justice since caould
never play good chess in morning. Enjoyed trip, said Pillsbury's achievements
commented favorably by all leading European papers

Aug 30, 1896 pg 8: Showalter couple days in NY, now back to Georgetown KY.
Enjoyed trip, could not play chess in morning. Still US chp, eager to play all,
now eager to play Pillsbury for any amount. Some would prefer to see them play
foreign players; feel winner Pillsbury vs Showalter should play winner Lasker
vs Steinitz. Mrs Showalter has been invited to intl women's tnmt, would like
to but prob cannot, too bad excellent chance for 1st. Table of Nuremberg
restricted to prize winners given. Openings Ruy 12-17-15 QGD 12-6-3 French 
5-5-6 GP 3-6-5 2N 4-4-1 QG 4-2-2 QP 4-2-1 Sic 3-0-4 KGD 2-0-3 4N 3-0-2 Vienna
1-1-3 Center Ctr 3-0-2 Center Game 1-2-1 Petroff 3-1 Falkbeer 1-2 Bishop Gambit
1-2 Scotch 0-0-2 Scotch Gambit 2-0 Zukertort 1-0-1 Evans 1-0 Evans dec 1-0 
Kieseritzky 1-0 K Fianchetto 1-0 Dutch 1-0. Game Pillxbury-Schallopp QGD W48.
Berlin will hold intl tnmt 1898. Tschigorin wants intl tnmt Russia, 1st class
prize winners, limit 10 or 12. Maroczy confident Budapest inlt tnmt, emperor
donated trophy, believes K Hungary will also. Nuremberg Games Lasker-Marco
QGD W38 Pillsbury-Walbrodt Ruy W61 Lasker-Tarrasch Ruy W41 notes London Times
Schallopp-Blackburne Falkbeer Ctr B20++ Charousek-Lasker KGA Bishop G W36. 
Prob 147 GB Valle (Spezia) 148 EW Engberg (Bkln). Solns Wakeman, Richmond,
Stevens, EH Baldwin, St Clair, Engberg, Allison, AC White, AH Baldwin, Lyman,
Bahler, Parmley, RBB, Church, Morgan, CJT, Schaefer, Barbour

Sept 3, 1896 pg 12: Message from Mieses says Budapest tnmt to definitely
start Oct 1

Sept 6, 1896 pg 17: Budapest tnmt starts Oct 1. Entries not known; guess since
Steinitz vs Lasker postponed til Nov will play, Maroczy, Tarrasch, Tschigorin.
Comments from the Field on Nuremberg players. Lasker shows superiority. 
Maroczy shows strength; said of all opponents feared Steinitz and Teichmann
most tho could not say why. Lost just 1 and should have won at least 3 he drew.
Pillsbury lucky in some games but showed class while severely ill. Tarrasch
takes more care over game than any but Steinitz plays for correctness not
opponent, less classical style and more imagination might suit better. Janowski
opposite, w Charousek most enterprising, improved, could have done even better.
Steinitz still wonderful endurance, grasp complex situation, opening fads; each
win must be wrenched from him, formidable if abandons fads. Schlechter plays
fast and easily, walked around while playing complex game vs Tarrasch, regret
of Vienna school, needs more concentration. Walbrodt powerful defender, if
dependent on chess would be less careless. Schiffers considers tnmt agreeable
holiday, makes most of it, fond of chess indpdt of result only wants to play
good games. Tschigorin impatient, sacs and wins or loses on own terms, low
position here a surprise. Blackburne started well but fell off. Charousek
justified inclusion, all but 1 agreed genius, exceptional theory, confidence
and pluck, aggressive. Marco strong enough to have done better. Albin
erratic and dangerous, ideal for lovers "chessy" games. Winawer passe, out of
practice openings and uses time there needed later, w unlimited time still
dangerous. Showalter stronger than score, morning play problem. Porges has
not played since Dresden 5 yrs ago, in poor health at start wanted to retire,
improved later. Schallopp much below strength, out of practice. Teichmann
started in bad health and did not recover, staying in Germany few wks to recup.
Not much new theory; Charousek new var in Falkbeer Ctr, Steinitz 3..Bc5 in
Ruy found wanting, GP and 2N fashionable, Ruy and QG remain primary. Overall
Lasker and Pillsbury 4.5-4.5 head to head. Games Janowski-Pillsbury Ruy D55
Walbrodt-Albin French W51. Prob 149 H Leprettel (Marseilles). Solns Morgan,
St Clair, William Koch (Bkln), Stevens, Richmond, AC White, EH Baldwin,
Bahler, AH Baldwin, Engberg, Charles Haberle (Paterson NJ), Wakeman, FM Teed,
Fannin, Barbour, McCreery. Ltr from William G Davies (Paul Smith's NY)

Sept 13, 1896 pg 15: Bkln CC will prob accept cable challenge, will leave to
directory elected next month. Steinitz undergoing Kneipp cure Woerfshofen,
Bavaria, confident, would like stakes increased and solicits backers. New apps
daily Manhattan and Metropolitan. Metropolitan chp near end; ended tie 
Dr Honegger, Raubitschek, Feibel; 1st playoff rd each won 1, 2d rd in prog.
Newark owes Metropolitan illuminated score sheet for winning home-and-home 
match. Mr and Mrs Delmar silver wedding, many callers including Dr OP
Honegger and Mrs Honegger, many presents mostly silver rcvd. Tarrasch vs
Maroczy match discussed, doubt will come off; Maroczy vs Pillsbury or even
Lasker would be more interesting. Tarrasch annotating Nuremberg games for tnmt
book. Tschigorin plans to org St Ptbg tnmt limited to 1st class prize winners;
would be interesting but fair to young? Would have excluded Maroczy, Janowski
et al. Blackburne said Nuremberg tnmt had fine chess but ave not quite up to
Hastings. Little friction except last day when Albin vs Tarrasch  adj before
30 moves and oddly rules said nothing on it. Blackburne feels Lasker deserved
high place but got lucky, Maroczy no fluke, Pillsbury bore self well tho
suffered physically, Janowski fine style tho sometimes overconfident. Chess
during carnival seems anomaly but played at Hastings, Marco unexpected visit
played several conslting games including Game Blackburne+H Chapman-Marco+Dobell
GP W32. Prob 150 Frank Healey 151 E Bertrand. Solns George L Parmly (E Orange),
White, St Clair, WHC, RBB, Morgan, Bahler, Haberle, Stevens, EH Baldwin,
Wakeman, Engberg, Allison, Fannin, Schaefer, Teed

Sept 20, 1896 pg 16: Budapest tnmt postponed from Oct 1 til Mon after. Lasker,
Steinitz, Pillsbury will play, others unsure. Tarrasch, Tschigorin had 
promised to play, Charousek, Maroczy and many Vienna reps likely; Janowski,
Teichmann, prob Burn. 50 florins/win, no other prize except emperor's trophy
$800 for 1st. Through Tribune's efforts, Pillsbury willing to play Showalter
$1000/side, likely soon after Pillsbury return. Metropolitan chp tie played
off, Feibel, Honegger, Raubitschek. City CC rapid transit hdcp Wed, novel
lines, all play all 3 rds, prizes for winning team and top individ, teams
drawn by lot. Hungarian corr tnmt Charousek 1st, Maroczy 2d included corr
Game Charousek (Budapest)-Mayer (Temesvar) Evans dec W40 w notes Game Brody-
Spitz Ruy W42++ w notes. Prob 152 CA Gilberg. Ltr from TC (Springfield MO)
on probs. Prob 153 TC. Solns RBB, Parmly, White, Engberg, Halm, Wakeman,
EH Baldwin, Barbour

Sept 27, 1896 pg 16: Bkln CC ann mtg Oct 3, as sent out by sec Helms. Prev yrs
would bring no comment, changed this yr with resignation most of officers
including pres Marean. Well informed feel former harmony can be restoreed and
can raise funds to continue cable match. London Times comments given, how
challenge reached Bkln when divided by internal dissension arising from desire
some to promote cycle cable matches w Austria, France, Russia, Germany et
al to be played in turn by US. Manhattan gen mtg Oct 8, also important; select
nominating cttee for officers, and discuss bd action in suspending mem of club;
such has not occurred for many yrs. Rumor plans to amalgamate City and 
Metropolitan CCs, though no official approach either side; 1 enthusiast and mem
both has studied and feels good for both. Neither prosperous tho both active
and harmonious. City has some 40 and excellent lib, Met has liberal 
supporters and enthusiasm; difficulty is 1st step and which name of joint club;
suggest City and Metropolitan CC; would be glad to take ltrs from both clubs.
City Rapid transit hdcp team tnmt Rd 1: Team B 3 (Weichert 0 Roething 1 Lesser 1
A Widmer 0 Tobani 1)-Team A 2 (Limbeck 1 Martin 0 Heinicke 0 Schneider 1
Schweitzer 0), Team C 5 (Argoud 1 Alb Widmer 1 WS Huntington 1 Terker 1 Otten 1)
-Team D 0 (White 0 Badenhausen 0 Goldberg 0 Lawrence 0 F Huntington 0). Rd 2:
Team C 5 (Argoud 1 Alb Widmer 1 WS Huntington 1 Terker 1 Otten 1)-Team A 0
(Limbeck 0 Martin 0 Heinicke 0 Schweitzer 0), Team D 3 (White 1 Badenhausen 0
Goldberg 0 Lawrence 1 F Huntington 1)-Team B 2 (Weichert 0 Roething 1 Lesser 1
Aug Widmer 0 Tobani 0). Rd 3: Team A 4 (Limbeck 1 Martin 1 Heinicke 1 Schneider
0 Schweitzer 1)-Team D 1 (White 0 Badenhausen 0 Goldberg 0 Lawrence 1 F
Huntington 0), Team C 4 (Argoud 1 Alb Widmer 0 WS Huntington 1 Terker 1 Otten 1)
winners Team C and individ O Roething 3 wins vs best opponents. Pall Mall 
Gazette says great chess growth among women, Ladies CC 2d yr 100 mems, many
more women at chess mtgs. Several English ladies at Nuremberg tnmt, played
masters when these not more seriously occupied, not all 1 sided. Game
Miss Field-Showalter 4N W44 w notes. Prob 154 Emil Hoffmann. Ltr on probs
from TC. Prob 155 James Rayner (Leeds). Ltr from JJW (NY). John Goodwin
(Mt Vernon) wants opponent

Sept 28, 1896 pg 7: Metropolitan CC rapid transit tnmt. Rd 1: Delmar-Metzger,
Kahn-Sherman, Pelz-Rosenbaum, Raubitschek-Behrend, Vogel-Frank, Dr Honegger-
Hirsch, Pieczonka-Drescher, Wolff bye. Rd 2: Delmar-Vogel, Pelz-Pieczonka,
Raubitschek-Kahn, Dr Honegger-Wolff. Rd 3: Delmar-Pelz, Dr Honegger-Raubitschek.
Final: Dr Honegger-Delmar

Sept 30, 1896 pg 11: Budapest tnmt prog rcvd. 6 prizes; Emperor's statuette
or its value 2500 kronen, 2000, 1500, 1000, 600, 400; cttee Maroczy,
Isidor Kalnoki, Arthur Havasi hopes to increase as donations expected eg
Albert Rothschild. Starts Sun, will announce full sched day 1 30/2 15/1 5/wk.
Likely entries given

Oct 4, 1896 pg 8: Bkln CC election. "Peace party" prevailed and elected ticket,
officers Josiah T Marean, Richard R Williams, WH Hagen, SH Chadwick, William
Du Val; cttee Dr John C Tatum, SH Cragg, RA Breckenridge, R Colwell, SI Rush,
Frederick Rose. New bd expected to accept British cable challenge

Oct 4, 1896 pg 30: Much interest in Belleville CC tnmt; McMahon leads w
Klein close 2d

Oct 4, 1896 pg 31: Budapest tnmt starts tomorrow, prob wo Steinitz, Lasker.
List expected entries. Steinitz entered on condition Lasker played; Lasker 
said needed couple months rest before Steinitz match, exhausted self Nuremberg.
Steinitz felt would be good practice, but declined when Lasker did. Mieses will
again report for Trib. Bkln CC mtg yesterday; if ended early enough report
elsewhere, otherwise tomorrow w Budapest sched. Pillsbury natl corr tnmt Game
AE Swaffield (Bkln)-JE Raymond (TX) Center Game W18 mate 13. Prob 156 B Hulsen
(Beelitz). Solns Engberg, Bahler, EH Baldwin, Richmond, Halm, RBB, Schaefer,

Oct 5, 1896 pg 7: Budapest tnmt begins. Pillsbury, Janowski, Tarrasch, 
Walbrodt, Albin, Marco, Schlechter, Alapin, Tschigorin, Von Popiel, Winawer,
Charousek, Maroczy. Missing only Lasker, Steinitz. Popiel only player may be
unknown in US; from Krakow, 1889 Breslau split 6th w Lipke in Haupttnmt won
by Lasker. Alapin strong Russian amateur, late yrs traveling in Europe, great
analyst, split 7th Manchester 1890 w Scheve, Tinsley. Noa Hungarian justice,
played London 83, Hamburg 85, Frankfurt 87, Dresden 92. Others well known.
Full sched. Play starts tomorrow

Oct 6, 1896 pg 4: Budapest rd 1 game descriptions, results

Oct 7, 1896 pg 4: Budapest rd 2 game descriptions, results, stdgs

Oct 8, 1896 pg 7: Budapest rd 3 game descriptions, results, stdgs

Oct 9, 1896 pg 3: Budapest unf results, stdgs

Oct 10, 1896 pg 4: Budapest rd 4 game descriptions, stdgs. B pieces scored 4-0-2

Oct 10, 1896 pg 10: Elwell expelled from Manhattan CC for inadvertently
opening ltr intended for club pres Bigelow. Ltr written by JM Lesser saying
Showalter could not go to Philad for Manhattan match vs Franklin Decoration
Day. Elwell charged w substituting 1 of his own envelopes in sending to 
Bigelow. Lesser wrote that had mistakenly sent to Elwell. Elwell said addressed
to him but expelled anyway, Elwell says caused by jealousy against Bkln CC.
Says will contest expulsion in court

Oct 11, 1896 pg 10: Budapest tnmt rd 5 results, stdgs

Oct 11, 1896 pg 17: 2 important local chess mtgs last wk. Bkln, where Marean
agreed to be pres as long as perfect harmony. Will accept cable challenge,
cttee formed includes Elwell. Meanwhile Elwell expelled from Manhattan which
he has been mem 15 yrs; mems only at mtg and no statement; Elwell plans to
fight in court. Elwell statement to Trib given, simple mistake rectified
quickly; directors acted as accusers, prosecutors, judges. Clear malice. 
To give mems some reason dragged in ltr from Philad lawyer named Shipley
who accused me of telling him in confidence I had kept Showalter off Manhattan
team; charge never made to my face whatever may amount to and presented as
crime. Jealous of being overtaken by Bkln, but cannot formulate Bkln success
as charge against me. Prob 157 Joseph Plachutta (Trient). Solns Bahler, AH
Baldwin, WHC, Parmly, St Clair, Richmond, CE Lindmark (Bkln), Schaefer,
Engberg, Lyman, Barbour, Morgan. Notes to TC, CEL

Oct 12, 1896 pg 8: Budapest rd 1-5 results. Bye day, masters visited natl
expo. Impromptu consulting game Pillsbury+Maroczy beat Winawer+Tarrasch

Oct 12, 1896 pg 10: Game Napier-Marshall Center Ctr W47; Napier leads 2-0;
lines by both players given

Oct 13, 1896 pg 7: Budapest rd 6 results, stdgs

Oct 14, 1896 pg 7: Budapest rd 7 results, stdgs

Oct 15, 1896 pg 7: Budapest rd 8 game descriptions, results, stdgs; tomorrow
finish adj games

Oct 16, 1896 pg 8: Budapest adj game results, stdgs after 8 complete rds

Oct 17, 1896 pg 5: Budapest rd 9 results and brief game descriptions, stdgs

Oct 18, 1896 pg 2: Budapest rd 10 results, stdgs

Oct 18, 1896 pg 15: Speculation on Budapest results, most likely order 
Tschigorin, Pillsbury, Winawer. Napier leads Marshall 3-0-1 after Game 4
Napier-Marshall French D75 stalemate. Pollock died Bristol, lived final yrs
til illness in US. B 1859 Cheltenham, ed Clifton College, took med qualification
Ireland, learned much of chess Dublin CC. Came to US for NY 1889, brilliant
Game Weiss-Pollock Ruy B27 mate 2. After NY 1889 turned to journalism,
played some brilliant games hastings 95. Budapest tnmt Games Pillsbury-Albin
French B34 Walbrodt-Maroczy French B36. Prob 158 W Engelhart (Gera). Solns RBB,
Parmly, Engberg, Schaefer, Bahler, AH Baldwin, Richmond, EH Baldwin, WHC,
ELO (Nyack NY), Fannin, Barbour

Oct 19, 1896 pg 3: Budapest adj game results, stdgs. Bkln CC rapid transit 
hdcp. Rd 1: Watson-Richardson rcv R+P+2+D, Elwell-Rhome gvg N+D, Marshall-
Souweine, Swaffield-Helms rcvg P+1, Napier-Frere, Cragg-De Visser rcvg R+P+1,
Chadwick-Murray rcvg P+2, Northrop-Ruth rcvg P+2. Rd 2: Marshall-Cragg gvg
R+P+1+D, Napier-Elwell, Watson-Swaffield rcvg R+P+1+D, Northrop-Chadwick gvg
P+1. Rd 3: Marshall-Napier rcvg P+1, Northrop-Watson R odds. Final:
Marshall-Northrop odds P+2+D. Marshall called boy. Pillsbury rcvs Nuremberg
brilliancy prize for win vs Lasker

Oct 20, 1896 pg 3: Budapest rd 11 game reports, results, stdgs. 1st game
of 3 up consulting match Game Metropolitan (Dr OP Honegger+J Feibel+R 
Raubitschek)-City (WS Huntington+C Nugent+O Roething) Ruy D47

Oct 21, 1896 pg 3: Budapest penultimate rd game descriptions, results, stdgs.
3 way tie Tschigorin, Charousek, Pillsbury

Oct 22, 1896 pg 7: Budapest final rd game descriptions, results, stdgs, CT.
Tschigorin, Charousek tie for 1st, will have 2 games up playoff

Oct 24, 1896 pg 10: Game 6 Napier-Marshall Pirc W35++ Napier leads 4-0-2

Oct 25, 1896 pg 15: Pics Budapest prize-winners Tschigorin, Charousek,
Schlechter, Janowski, Pillsbury, Winawer, Walbrodt, Tarrasch. Tschigorin has
never won clear 1st in intl tnmt. Charousek another youngster emerging as
top player. Schlechter, Walbrodt also very young. Greatest surprise Tarrasch
unplaced, rcvd only best vs winners. Showalter thx Trib for bringing about 
prob match vs Pillsbury, will challenge Showalter for US chp $2000/side; hope
there will be match winner vs Lasker/Steinitz winner. Budapest Games 
Schlechter-Tarrasch Bishop O D46 Tschigorin-Popiel Evans dec W50 Tarrasch-
Maroczy QGD B47 Albin-Winawer GP B48 Janowski-Noa QGD W41 Pillsbury-Maroczy
QGD W47. City CC good idea consulting match vs Metropolitan, game 1 very
interesting. Generally conceded Napier will win 7 up vs Marshall, only 
question how quickly; the boys play well. Manhattan chp tnmt and Metropolitan
hdcp will begin. Solns Howell, Lindmark, Bahler, Richmond, ELO (Nyack), EH
Baldwin (Rutherford NJ), RBB, Parmly, WHC, Engberg, Barbour. Prob 159 
CE Lindmark (Bkln) ded EW Engberg

Oct 26, 1896 pg 3: Budapest tnmt Games Tschigorin-Marco GP W56 Janowski-
Tschigorin QGD B43 Marco-Pillsbury Petroff B49 Winawer-Popiel French 2.Nc3 d5
Qf3 W55 Albin-Schlechter QGD W42 Marco-Janowski Ruy D70 Tschigorin-Walbrodt 
Falkbeer Ctr W25 Walbrodt-Noa French W54 Charousek-Popiel Scotch W26
Schlechter-Maroczy QGD D21

Oct 26, 1896 pg 10: Game 7 Marshall-Napier 2N B34; Napier leads 5-0-2

Oct 27, 1896 pg 7: Charousek loses playoff game 2, trails Tschigorin 2-0

Oct 28, 1896 pg 3: Charousek wins, trails Tschigorin 2-1 in playoff w 1 left.
Budapest tnmt Games Charousek-Schlechter KGA Bishop G D43 Charousek-Tschigorin
KGA Bishop G W25

Oct 29, 1896 pg 10: Tschigorin wins final playoff game, beats Charousek 3-1
to take 1st prize Budapest. Budapest Games Maroczy-Albin QGD W43 Marco-Tarrasch
Ruy W40

Nov 1, 1896: (no col, crowded out and appeared Monday)

Nov 2, 1896 pg 4: Pics Steinitz, Lasker. Match was supposed to begin yesterday
(Oct 20 Russian calendar) but St Ptbg paper says both expected to arrive that
date. Moscow will pay all travel and expenses plus 2000 rules winner 1000 loser.
10 games up. Steinitz will report for Trib. Match records both players. Prob
161 Otto Wurzburg 162 Phil Richardson. Solns Lilliestrale, Bahler, Engberg, 
RBB, AH Baldwin, John A Dean, Barbour.  (not in column) GH Walcott of Boston CC 
6.5-1.5 vs 8 mems Harvard CC. Columbia chances for winning intercollege not as 
bright as last yr; Ross left college and Price unable to play this yr. Rapid 
transit tnmt 30 sec/move held, some promising material. Rutgers CC orgd, cttee
to arrange tnmt, pres Meyer 97

Nov 3, 1896 pg 2: Steinitz sends word that Russian officials have taken chess
code planned to use to send games vs Lasker and will keep til thru examination.
Match begins today, 10 games up M, W, F. Due to absence code Steinitz has been
requested to sendresults of games only til officials give back code. Budapest
tnmt Game Tarrasch-Walbrodt Falkbeer Ctr W41++. Rothschild offers purse for
5 game match Pillsbury vs Englisch; 1st 2 games drawn

Nov 3, 1896 pg 10: Justice MacLean of Supreme Court issues writ to Manhattan 
CC, must immediately reinstate John D Elwell w full rights. Has been mem 15
yrs. Club action improper, not founded on evidence supported thru charges,
instigated thru malice. Had been charged w mail tampering for opening ltr
tho ltr addressed to Elwell

Nov 5, 1896 pg 6: Lasker too ill to play game 1, claimed off day. Pillsbury
vs Englisch game 3 of 5 in Vienna also drawn. Game 10 drawn, Napier leads
Marshall 6-1-3

Nov 8, 1896 pg 14: Manhattan treas George Holl dies Germany where had gone to
restore health; resigned as mem 2 months ago. Very conscientious, much 
esteemed, liked to accompany moves w little songs and German tunes; had been
given dinner prev to departure. No news on Laksker vs Steinitz. Since Prussian
censors confiscated code Steinitz planned to use for reports sent only
few lines on game 1, won by Lasker. Budapest Games Tschigorin-Schlechter Ruy
B53 Maroczy-Tschigorin Dutch B53 Albin-Popiel French W24 mate 1 Walbrodt-
Janowski Ruy W29 Janowski-Winawer Ruy W23 Tschigorin-Tarrasch Ruy W51
Pillsbury-Walbrodt QGD W42 Tarrasch-Janowski Vienna W32 Winawer-Tarrasch 
Bishop O W88 Marco-Walbrodt Ruy D33 Game 1 Charousek-Tschigorin KGA Bishop G B19
Popiel-Pillsbury Bishop O B62. Miss ET Haines writes Womens CC of NY orgd 1893,
incorpd 95, grown each yr. Had teacher once/mo played simul while suggesting
moves. Pillsbury came and played consultiing game. Moves into new rooms Nov 3.
Prob 163 N Maximow (St Ptbg). Solns RBB, Bahler, Engberg, Lilliestrale,
Barbour (says Hackett, Ark), EH Baldwin, HC Bailey (New Brighton SI), JGS 
(Jacksonville FL), Parmly, Howell, AL Livingston (NY), Fannin, BF Yanney 
(Alliance OH)

Nov 9, 1896 pg 4: Yale chess tnmt well under way, new rooms fresh impetus.
Columbia rapid transit tnmt won by Murtha-Goldmark; each had prev beaten 7
men 30 sec/move. Princeton preparing for tnmt to select intercollege reps,
interest on increase, 11 entered so far

Nov 9, 1896 pg 10: Final Game 11 Marshall-Napier Dutch B38. Napier wins
7-1-3. Marshall age 18, Napier 15 amazing young talent. Game by game results.
Total 573 moves/side Marshall 29 hr 50 min, Napier 26 hrs 30 min

Nov 10, 1896 pg 7: Steinitz requests off day, chp game 2 Wed

Nov 11, 1896 pg 6: Pillsbury in London on way back to US. Will not challenge
Showalter or play for any title, but will play for at least $1000 anytime 
after next 2 months. Feels next cable match will be much more interesting w 2
extra players/side, feels time for intl tnmt in US. Proposes 2RR, 18 players,
foreign players rcv expenses, in Boston and Philad. Sails for NY Sat, plans 2
months rest at home

Nov 13, 1896 pg 6: Steinitz loses, trails Lasker 2-0

Nov 15, 1896 pg 14: Manhattan hdcp tnmt began yesterday. Bkln chp entries
Helms, Tatum, Napier, Marshall, Swaffield. Pillsbury will not challenge
Showalter but would play match for at least $1000/side. Intl women's tnmt
London next summer, prizes $300, 250, 200, 150, 75. Lasker leads Steinitz
2-0, game 3 sched Fri result not known. Pillsbury natl corr assoc pres ET
Runge appoints tnmt cttee for tnmts which start Dec 1; overall cttee chair
MI CA pres AH Gansser, asst Bkln CC sec SH Chadwick. Cttee has 1 mem from
each division: Dr ST King (Bkln, East), ER Blanchard (Boston, New England),
FA Hill (St Paul, North), Nelson Hald (Dannebrog NE, Midland), JSD Hopkins
(Parrott CO, West), A Anderson (Killarney FL, Atlantic), LR Walden (Austin TX,
South), EJ Napier (Chicago, Central). Play for division chp, winners for
natl chp, 1000 mems. Budapest tnmt Game 2 Tschigorin-Charousek 2N W31 notes
Mieses Game 3 Charousek-Tschigorin QGD W57 Game 4 Tschigorin-Charousek 2N W47.
Prob 164 EB Cook (Hoboken) 165 FM Tedd. Solns Howell, Ho Hong (Hartford CT),
Parmly, James Jones, James F Royster (Raleigh NC), Engberg, Bahler, WHC,
EH Baldwin, HO Bailey (New Brighton), RBB, Schaefer, FM Teed; ltr from Teed

Nov 15, 1896 pg 11 image 23: Belleville CC disbanding, Theodore Sandford and
Frank Beasley appointed cttee to wind up affairs

Nov 16, 1896 pg 4: Harvard CC-Boston CC 6.5-2.5

Nov 18, 1896 pg 1: Steinitz takes another off day, did not feel well; game 4

Nov 20, 1896 pg 7: Lasker wins game 4 leads Steinitz 4-1 [sic]; description game

Nov 22, 1896 pg 8: Pillsbury arrives NY, greeted by friends. Was sick Nuremberg,
relapse at Budapest. In Vienna found Englisch to be splendid player, believes
best Viennese including Weiss; no other city could put up a better team of 10
than Vienna. British CC trying to arrange dates for cable match as feb 12-13

Nov 22, 1896 pg 22: Some prev cable errors; game 5 drawn, Lasker leads Steinitz
4-0-1. Vienna 6 player tnmt in prog, after 1st rd Janowski 3 Schlechter, 
Winawer, Mieses 2 Albin 1 (Marco is 6th player listed) w game Schlechter vs
Winawer adj. Budapest tnmt has 600 florins left, will use to pub tnmt book.
City chp tnmt entries L Argoud, J Finn, WS Huntington, A Nugent, A Reitzer,
J Roetting, L Simpson, J Stirling, Al Widmer; will also have hdcp tnmt. Steinitz
comments on Game 1 Steinitz-Lasker GP B45. Prob 166 EW Engberg (Bkln). Solns
AH Baldwin, Howell, RBB, Bahler, WHC, John C Perry (Chatham NY), Parmly,
William C Tompkins (NY), James Jones, Schaefer, Royster, Yanney, John A Drau
(NY), Ho Kong (Hartford CT), Bailey, DE McKoon (NY), Engberg, ELO, EH Baldwin,
J Harvey Brower (Yonkers). Loyd comment in Leslie's Wkly prob on useless
pieces, did not include WK since unnecessary. Note to SJS (NY)

Nov 23, 1896 pg 4: Yale chess tnmt success, in final rd. Columbia tnmt nears
end, Columbia chances do not appear much better. Phillips who has won 11 
consec disqualified from intercollege tnmt as City College grad. Leading scores
Phillips 11-0 Parker 99 9-3 Seward 8-3 Parker 00 9-4 Murtha 2-1

Nov 25, 1896 pg 4: Metropolitan CC will play rapid transit hdcp sudden death
tnmt for Thanksgiving day, prize = a fat turkey

Nov 26, 1896 pg 1: Steinitz too ill to play adji game 6, Lasker wins to lead
5-0-1 and agrees to postopone play for a wk. Lasker outplaying Steinitz thruout

Nov 28, 1896 pg 10: Pillsbury reception at City CC, will play vs Charles Nugent+
Otto Roething. Pillsbury simul Bkln Sat, following wk Metropolitan 

Nov 29, 1896 pg 8: Rooms crowded for City CC reception for Pillsbury. Descrip
Game-Pillsbury-Charles Nugent+Otto Roethin+PJ Doyle KGA Bishop G W25

Nov 29, 1896 pg 20: Cable match defence most important event of winter season,
set for Lincoln's bday Feb 12-13. Description Bkln setting. Last yr 3000
spectators, too many for room, unforgettable Barry win to clinch. US to select
10 from Pillsbury, Showalter, Burille, Barry, Hymes, Hodges, Teed, Helms,
Delmar, Bampton, Labatt, Johnston, Baird, perhaps 2 others. British select
from Atkins, Blackburne, Blake, Burn, Carr, Donisthorp, Jackon, Jones,
Lawrence, Lee, Locock, Lord, Mills, Smith, Trenchard. Rosenthal ltr t0o Bkln CC
given saying French interested in cable match

Nov 30, 1896 pg 2: Lasker leads 5-0 and Steinitz ill, little hope for vet,
friends hope respectable showing. Game 4 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W66. Vienna tnmt
final stdgs Janowski 3.5-1.5 Schlechter 3 Mieses, Winawer 2.5 Marco 2 Albin 1.5
prizes 300, 200, 325/2, 128, 100 kronen. Prob 167 CA Gilberg (Bkln). Solns 
St Clair, FCB (New Haven), Parmly, Bailey, Jones, Royster, John C Perry
(Chatham NY), William C Tompkins (NY), McCreery, EH Baldwin, RBB, Harry Brower
(Yonkers), WHC, Bahler, Howell, AH Baldwin, WP Pratt (Chatham NY), JA Dean
(NY), Fannin, Richmond, RW Burns (Yankton SD)

Nov 30, 1896 pg 4: Stevens CC elects officers AR Weichert 97, EF Bates 98,
FA Welles 98, Charles Mott 97. Tnmt to select reps for ann mtg, tnmt cttee
AB Miller 97, EF Bates 98, RG Decker 98, JC Percy 00

Dec 3, 1896 pg 5: Womens CC of NY met Tues

Dec 5, 1896 pg 12: Pillsbury simul vs all comers Bkln CC tonight, expect 25-30
bds. Pillsbury in great form. Trying to assemble best ever opposing team;
Tatum, Ruth, Napier, Souweine, Marshall, Frere, Dr Taber, Swaffield,
Colwell, Sterling, Breckinridge, Chadwick of Bkln; Ettlinger, Roething, 
Nugent, Hoffmann, Huntington of City; Dr Honegger, Raubitschek, Feibel of
Metropolitan, Koehler bros and Langleben of Cosmopolitan. Expect Teed, Helms,
Burille, Delmar, Hodges, Hymes to be present. Starts 8 PM Bkln CC

Dec 6, 1896 pg 15: No word from Moscow, last known Lasker leads 5-0-1. St Ptbg
CC negotiating for Lasker vs Tschigorin in St Ptbg. British CC does not like
Feb 12 cable date, too early in season esp since want tnmt to choose team.
Metropolitan invites all from any CC for rapid transit tnmts each day
except Sat this wk. Intercollege Dec 28-Jan 2 at Col Grammar. Col select
from John Erskine, Miles R Moffatt, George R Jacobus, John C Knapp, Ernest
O Lemcke, Gordon Parker, Asa W Parker Jr (Mines), George O Seward (Mines),
Alfred L Krocker (Philosophy), Arthur M Price (Law). Harvard from WC Arensberg
00, CL Barnard 97, CH Dunn (Medicine), EP Fay (Law), HC Ffoulke 98, AW Ryder 97,
EE Southard 97, FE Thayer 99. Yale from FA Lehlbach 99, CH Robbins 99, S Gillman
99, LA Cook 00, CE Andrews 00, WM Murdoch 97S. Pton from Henry L Bassett 98,
Milton B Morehouse 98, Edmund B Seymour 98, John A Ely 99 Science, Harry
T Brandt 00, William W Young 99 Science, FW Jarvis 00 Science, GW Gordon 99,
Walter L Johnson 97. Yr by yr team records. Prob 168 Robert Braune (Rostock).
Solns Engberg, Bahler, FM Teed, John C percey (Chatham NY), FC Bishop MD
(New Haven CT), Parmly, Brower, AH Baldwin, Fannin, Otto Gansser (Bay City MI),
CEL (Bkln)

Dec 6, 1896 pg 23: A number of mems of defunct Belleville CC met at res
Frank Beasley, formed CCC. Cttee Conover, Tolhurst to draft bylaws

Dec 7, 1896 pg 4: Harvard intercollege reps will be WC Arensberg, CL Barnard,
WB Cutting, CH Dunn, HC Ffoulke, J Hewins, AW Ryder, EE Southard, FE Thayer.
Yale has arranged for Hanham to coach team for intercollege tnmt. CCNY ann
hdcp tnmt in prog, about 20 entries, leaders SC Sugarman 97 7-1 SF Kleinberger
99 7-2 CJ Lagerwald 00 4.5-2.5. Johns Hopkins CC orgd, includes strong
players, plan matches vs other CCs

Dec 7, 1896 pg 10: Draw, Lasker leads Steinitz 5-0-2

Dec 9, 1896 pg 12: D, Lasker leads Steinitz 5-0-3, 1st 8 moves given

Dec 13, 1896 pg 4: Pillsbury will visit Staten Island CC Thurs

Dec 13, 1896 pg 19: Ds Sat, Mon, Wed, Lasker wins Fri to lead Steinitz
6-0-4. Finnish problemist Johannes Oehquist forced mate 5 game 2 where Lasker
announced mate 6. Janowski-Winawer 5-2 including Game 1 Janowski-Winawer Ruy 
W26 Game 2 Winawer-Janowski Center Game B31 Game 5 Janowski-Winawer Ruy W30
Game 6 Winawer-Janowski Ruy 3..g6 B58 Game 7 Janowski-Winawer Ruy W35. Solns
Howell, Schaefer, WHC, F Harvey Brower (Yonkers), Engberg, William Tompkins
(NY), FC Bishop MD (New Haven), John C Percy (Chatham), RBB, McCreery, Dean,
Jones, Bahler, AH Baldwin. Notes to JAM (Bkln), CEL. Prob 169 Augustus H
Gausser [Gansser?] (Bay City MI) 

Dec 14, 1896 pg 4: Yale intercollege reps FA Lehlbach 98, WM Murdoch 98S,
LA Cook 00 and HC Robbins 99 subs; this was order 1st 4 in tnmt. Harvard
reps Albert W Ryder 97, Elmer E Southard 97; subs Walter C Arensberg 00 and
James Hewins Jr 98; Harvard team beat a team from Andover, which was 1st 
team orgd in a prep school. Phillips of Columbia, 97 law, has played more than
20 games lost just 1

Dec 14, 1896 pg 10: Ltr from British CC sec Gregory W Byrne to Bkln CC sec
Stanley H Chadwick, officially accepts Feb 12-13 cable dates

Dec 15, 1896 pg 10: Pton intercollege team will be WW Young 99 (Bordentown NJ),
Edmund B Seymour Jr 98 (Germantown PA), subs JA Ely Jr 99 (NYC), GW Gordon 99

Dec 18, 1896 pg 4: Lasker wins, leads Steinitz 7-0-4

Dec 19, 1896 pg 4: Lasker indisposed, postpones game 12 til Mon

Dec 20, 1896 pg 5: Steinitz throws away win in Game 8 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy D56.
Pillsbury much in demand local CCs this wk, has also been coaching Columbia
reps. 15-0-1 Staten Island simul, drew Kennedy; next Tues visits Metropolitan
CC for consulting games. Intercollege teams C: AW Parker Jr 99, George W
Seward 98 subs G Parker 00, AM Price 97. H Arthur W Ryder 97, EE Southard 97
subs WC Arensberg 00, James Hewins 98. Y: FA Lehlbach 98, Wm M Murdoch 98 subs
LA Cook 00, HC Robbins 99. P: EB Seymour 98, Wm W Young 99 subs JA Ely 99,
FW Jarvis 00. Full sched given Dec 28-Jan 2. Game 7 Steinitz-Lasker QGD D63.
Prob 170 J Pierce (London). Solns Howell, WP Pratt (Chatham NY), RBB, Van Cleef,
James F Rayster (Raleigh NC), Frederic Courtney Bishop MD (New Haven), Bahler,
EH Baldwin, Percy, Brower, Tompkins, J Schall (Yonkers), Engberg, WH Stockwell
(Bridgeport CT), Parmly, Fannin

Dec 20, 1896 pg 20: Article on Bkln Cricket Club mentions that captain
Herman Helms is also captain of CC

Dec 21, 1896 pg 4: Columbia intercollege reps Asa W Parker 99, George O Seward
98 Mines, subs G Parker 00 and AM Price 97 Law; have been coached by Pillsbury

Dec 22, 1896 pg 3: Lasker still too ill to play, game 12 now sched Wed

Dec 24, 1896 pg 10: CC formed at Yonkers YMCA, officers JH Brower, J Schall,
J Baum; planning tnmt

Dec 25, 1896 pg 6: Steinitz wins, trails Lasker 7-1-4

Dec 27, 1896 pg 5: Steinitz wins another, trails Lasker 7-2-4. Showalter
expected NY Jan 1, match vs Pillsbury sched Jan 18 Bkln. 2d rapid transit
tnmt for non-mems any CC won by Hasselman; 3d sched next Wed. 5th ann
intercollege starts tomorrow. Prob 171 Joseph Smith. Solns Howell, AH Baldwin,
Bahler, EH Baldwin (Hasbrouck Hts NJ), Jack Schall (Yonkers), James Jones,
J Van Zanet Wyckoff (Bayonne), Fannin. Note to CWR (NY)

Dec 27, 1896 pg 38: Mary Anderson's hobby is chess (proquest C10)

Dec 27, 1896 pg A5: Westfield CCC orgd, started series which will cont this wk

Dec 29, 1896 pg 12: 5th intercollege tnmt begins. Rd 1 Parker (C)-Ryder (H),
Seymour (P)-Lehlbach (Y), Price (C)-Young (P), Southard (H) vs Murdoch (Y)
adjourned for adjud

Dec 30, 1896 pg 3: Intercollege rd 2 results, stdgs; Delmar adjud win for
Southard vs Murdoch

Dec 31, 1896 pg 5: Bklns strongest female player Mrs Harriett Worrall has
begun training for London Ladies tnmt for $300 1st prize donated Newnes

Dec 31, 1896 pg 12: Intercollege rd 3 results, team and individ stdgs

Jan 1, 1897: D, Lasker leads Steinitz 8-2-5

NY Tribune Jan 1, 1897 pg 7: Intercollege rd 4, team and individ stdgs

NY Tribune Jan 2, 1897 pg 7: Intercollege results, team and individ stdgs.
Harvard clinches 1st w 1 rd left

Salt Lake Herald Jan 3, 1897 pg 2: Final intercollege scores H: Southard 6
Ryder 4. P: Seymour 3 Young 2.5. C: Price 3.5 Parker 1. Y: Murdock 2.5 Lehlbach

NY Tribune Jan 3, 1897 pg 7: Intercollege results, final stdgs. (see SLH above)

NY Tribune Jan 3, 1897 pg 17: Lasker wins, leads Steinitz 9-2-5. Harvard won
intercollege chp; at time of writing other 3 all close for 2d; final rd
report elsewhere. Tnmt including 19 non-mems of clubs played at Metropolitan
CC Jan 1, final rds sched last night. Mrs Henrietta [could this be real full
name?] Worrell training for ladies tnmt London. Showalter left for Georgetown
KY, sched to play Pillsbury Jan 18. Ltr rcvd from Steinitz given, dated dec
17. Why am I beaten so badly? 1st, Lasker greatest living, perhaps ever. Chess 
master has no more right to be ill than a general on a battle field. Breakdown
chiefly as uss due to sleeplessness and nervous exhaustion, aggravated by
curious causes which may interest the Kneipp Society in NY. Left Wortshofen
feeling nearly well. Cannot get cold air and water in Russia, windows sealed
and rooms overheated, water pipes by heating ovens. Could not get ice. Reaction
as never had before, 1 day I fainted and if friend had not arrived might have
gone off. Believe I have had best of majority of games til gross blunders
after few hrs when broke up; Lasker could get up and get exercise in another
room but I could not due to bad knee which got worse. Game 11 Steinitz-Lasker
QGD B64. Prob 172 CE Lindmark (Bkln). Solns CE Lindmark (Bkln), JH Brower
(Yonkers), Rev Louis H Baker (W Hurley NY), Dr AH Baldwin (Norwalk CT),,
EW Engberg (Bkln), Edwin H Baldwin (Hasbrouch Heights, NJ), J Van Zandt Wyckoff
(Bayonne NJ), William Tompkins (NY), J George Schaefer (Wapinger Falls NY),
Dr H Fanning (Hackett, Ark). Notes to JI (Jacksonville FL), FCB (New Haven)

NY Tribune Jan 10, 1897 pg 14: Lasker, Steinitz agree to postpone chp match
another wk w score 9-2-5. As expected Harvard won 3d consec intercollege,
Southard clean score. British CC London tnmt as practice for cable match
Feb 12-13. Plans for 50-100 bd match arranged by Bkln and Metropolitan CCs.
L Gunsberg won 3d rapid transit for non-mems Metropolitan CC; 4th sched
next Wed. NYSCA mtg yesterday to arrange Washington bday tnmt.. Boston player
John F Barry married Miss Elizabeth Mary Morris in Dorchester. Bkln chp stdgs
to date Helms 3-0 Napier 2-0 Tatum 1-1 Breckinridge 1-2 Ruth, Marshall 0-2.
New Manhattan officers Gilberg, CH Hathaway, R Beramji, G Simonson, P Stevens
Jr; cttee Curry, Morse, Higgins, Amory, Smith, Dahl. Ann hdcp starts Jan 16,
record num players; proposed team matches pending vs several out-os-town CCs;
20th ann this yr will have special celebration ann dinner and steps to promote
chess. Game 13 Steinitz-Lasker QGD W38 comments from The Standard. Prob 173
V Marin (Barcelona). Solns H William Giese (Bkln), CN Rungsted (NY), James Jones
(Jacksonville FL), EW Engberg (Bkln), GL Parmly (E Orange NJ). James Jones prob
too easy

Jan 11, 1897 pg 3: Stevens ann tnmt within 10 days; prizes to class chps and
special prize college chp. Officers AE Weichert 97, GH Bates 98, FA Welles 98

NY Tribune Jan 11, 1897 pg 7: Game 14 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W72 Game 15
Steinitz-Lasker QGD D33

Jan 13, 1897 pg 11: Showalter arrived NY, in excellent health, almost ready
for match vs Pillsbury Jan 25. Leaving for Philad to practice Franklin CC

NY Tribune Jan 16, 1897 pg 9: Lasker wins, beats Steinitz 10-2-5. Game by
game results w openings. As in many games Steinitz OK until time trouble

NY Tribune Jan 17, 1897 pg 8: Lasker beat Steinitz as expected. Mieses writes
that Berlin tnmt starts tomorrow, entries Walbrodt, Bardeleben, Metger, Mieses,
Winawer, Janowski, Schlecter, Charousek, Cohn. Berger about to issue 2d ed
chess annual, asks for info and details on player, problemists, CCs so even
more complete than 1891 ed; all should support, his only trustworthy book of
type. Manhattan hdcp started yesterday, entries Delmar, Hanham, Jasnogrodsky,
Davidson, Schmidt, Sournin, Ascher, Carry, Fitch, Paterson, Stevens, H
Rosenfeld, S Rosenfeldi, Beram jr [Beramji?], Doob, Wood, Amory, Dorbarly,
Redmond, Rubins. Game 16 Lasker-Steinitz Ruy W42. Prob 174 Conrad Bayer. Solns
SB Howell (Painted Post NY), Edwin H Baldwin, JH Brower, Rev Lous H Bahler,
EW Engberg, William Tompkins (NY), CN Rungstead, James Jones, Dr AH Baldwin
(Norwalk), Dr HW Farrier [Fannin?] (Hackett, Ark)

Jan 18, 1897 pg 9: Penn has arranged match vs Lehigh and corr match vs
Lafayette. Brown CC elects officers RK Hyde 98, JB Tingley 99, HS Capron 00;
cttee Hyde, JEW Piddock 97, TJ Burrage 98, Tingley, CB Lester 00

NY Tribune Jan 18, 1897 pg 10: Hoffer ltr given, accepts position US umpire
in London

NY Tribune Jan 22, 1897 pg 12: Staten Island CC elects officers Gustav A Barth,
AB Hodges, HC Hagadorn, W Litzenberger; cttee WF Ryan, Charles Reattig
[Raettig?], librarian Dr CL La Moutte

NY Tribune Jan 24, 1897 pg 5: Much talk of coming Pillsbury vs Showalter match,
prob start Sat or Mon; Pillsbury studying in NY, Showalter at Rankin CC Philad.
otto Roething won ann City hdcp 10 followed by Huntingdon/Doyle 6.5. City CC
team vs Staten Island selected; Huntington, Roething, Finn, Limbeck, Nugent,
Widmer, Lawrence, Argoud, Beyer, Hoffmann. Lasker vs Tschigorin match set 
4000 roubles/side for world chp St Ptbg. British CC cable match practice Game
Jacobs-Trenchard Ponziani W32. Counties CA tnmt Llandudno final stdgs
Bellingham 8-1 Burn 7.5 Sherrard 6 Gunston, Macdonnell 5 Jones 4.5 Bateman 4
Owen 3 Skipworth 2 Rutherford 0. Llandudno Game Jones-Burn Ruy W26. Prob 175
J Rayner (London). Solns SB Howell, CN Rungsted, Rev Louis H Bahler, EW Engberg,
Dr AH Baldwin, Master Irwin D Hahn (Coxsackie NY), HDD (NY)

Jan 24, 1897 from Chess Arch: Hanham (says Manahan) 9-2-2 simul at CC in 
Westfield res Rev Rufus S Green; lost to Moorhouse, Stewart; drew 
Rev NW Cadelll, Dr Green [Caldwell?]

NY Tribune Jan 25, 1897 pg 7: Obit Frederick Wehle. Wool merchant, born 
Prague 1842. Father left following revolution of 1848, settled in Madison IN,
to NY 1857. Grad Free Acad now CCNY. Went W on own account 1860s, took a
hand at cigar-jobbing, returned to NY 1876 work w father in wool biz, assoc
til father died 1881 then alone. Unmarried, lived ~10 yrs w mother, 2 sisters,
brother Theodore. Many yrs director Manhattan CC

Jan 25, 1897 pg 9: Roething 12-0-2 Cosmopolitan CC simul; beat Lebensohn,
Jas Heller, H Heller, Kaufmann, Sachs, Ruilmann, karow, Beyer, Muensterberg,
Rome, Rinker, Beck; drew Hammond, Hecht. Interscholastic tnmt Condon, Cutler,
Col Grammar, De La Salle, Sachs, Harvard starts Jan 27, 2/school 60 games in
all. Showalter, Pillsbury to sign articles today for match starts Sat Bkln.
Game 17 Steinitz-Lasker QGD B59

NY Tribune Jan 26, 1897 pg 4: 19th ann NYSCA tnmt Feb 22, all invited. Master
and general tnmt prizes listed. Any res or paying mem CC in state eligible.
Showalter arrived NY yesterday, will sign articles for Pillsbury match today

NY Tribune Jan 29, 1897 pg 10: Bkln CC pres JT Marean issues 800 invites to
cable match including Pres Cleveland, pres-elect McKinley, Richard Olney,
Thomas B Reed, VP Stevenson, VP-elect Hobart, Sens Hill, Murphy, TC Platt;
govs all states, many foreign ministers including Sir Julian Pauncefote,
Judges of US and NY Supreme Court, heads of municipal govt depts NY and Bkln,
college pres, pres social and CCs, prominent press mems, many prvate citizens.
Cable match Feb 12-13

NY Tribune Jan 30, 1897 pg 22: Pic Bkln Dime Bank where cable match will be

NY Tribune Jan 31, 1897 pg 5: Pillsbury vs Showalter match about to start.
Both in best health. Preparations for cable match complete. US team Pillsbury,
Showalter, Barry, Burille, Teed, Hodges, Hymes, Helms, Delmar, McCutcheon;
British team not announced yet. City beat Staten Island 5.5-2.5 and 5-3.
Paterson won 1st rd vs Metropolitan 6.5-2.5 (NJ called the Mosquito State).
Metropolitan school tnmt stdgs after 3 rds Col Grammar 4.5-1.5 Sachs 4
Harvard 3.5 Condon 3 De La Salle 2 Cutler 1; individs Libaire, Faulk 3-0
Frankel 2.5 Von Taube 2 Stokes, Engels 1.5 McLean 1-1 Christensen, Helmann,
Briggs 1 Hunt .5 Hermans 0-1 Poor 0. Prob 170 BG Laws. Solns EW Engberg, 
Rev Louis H Bahler, Dr AH Baldwin, CN Rungsted, J George Schaefer (Wappingers
Falls NY), J Harvey Brower (Yonkers), William Tompkins (NY), Dr HW Fannin,
JA McCreery (Bkln), James Jones. Notes to FEM (Alexandria SD), FR (Meriden NH),
JVW (Bayonne), JSS Bayonne)

NY Tribune Jan 31, 1897 pg 19: Bkln CC puts out banner advertising cable match
w pic Lincoln (played on bday), US+British flags, chess figures. For Newnes
$1000 cup won last Spring 4.5-3.5, need to win 3 consec to keep. This yr
10/side. Manager John D Elwell. US team given, all Bkln CC mems except
McCutcheon of Pittsburg who has rep as corr player. Dropped DG Baird from last
yr, added Helms, Teed, McCutcheon. Teed problemist but was among top US, beat
Steinitz at Manhattan hotel; Helms is Bkln chp. Boxes at Academy reserved
for incited guests, admission 25 cents. Over 3000 came last yr. Perpendicular 
display bd by each.  Gov Black, who is chess player, plans to attend or send 
rep. Gov Griggs of NJ is mem Paterson CC, attended last, expected this time.
Rothschild ref, Lasker adjud, umpires Hoffer and Rice. Perfect harmony now
reigns in Bkln CC, Marean elected and agreed to serve despite prev resignation

Feb 6, 1897 pg 6: British cable team Blackburne, Bellingham, Blake, HH Cole,
EM Jackson, H Jacobs, T Lawrence, Locock, Mills, Atkins; Feb 12

NY Tribune Feb 7, 1897 pg 6: Showalter, Pillsbury articles signed. 7 games up
total stake $2000, if 6-6 extend to 10. Stakes already deposited w Bkln CC
pres Josiah T Marean, who is also ref. Showalter 2d William T Ryan of Staten
Island, Pillsbury 2d John D Elwell of Bkln. Played at Hamilton Club, start
Wed, will have immense display bd

Feb 7, 1897 pg 7: Westfield CC elects Dr Green pres, Dr AH Schofield sec/treas

NY Tribune Feb 7, 1897 pg 2 image 14: Cable match attracting attention.
Extra players good for British, team 1 intl player Blackburne and amateurs
Bellingham, Blake, Cole, Jackson, Jacobs, Lawrence, Mills, Atkins. From prev
team left off Bird, Burn, Tinsley, Lee; Burn said to have refused to play. US
stronger on paper but all strong opponents and in practice. Arrangements Bkln
similar to last yr. Pillsbury vs Showalter articles signed. Scholastic tnmt
stdgs Col Gram, Harvard 9-5 Sachs 8.5 De La Salle 7.5 Condon, Cutler 4; individ
Falk 6-1 Frankel 5.5 Libaire 5 Engels, Hunt 4 Christensen, Stokes 3.5 Helmann 
2.5 McLean 2-4 Von Taube, Poor, Briggs 2 Homans 0-1; finishes Tues. 5 game
up match Metropolitan CC Toething leads Langleben 2-0. Manhattan hdcp tnmt
Games Schmidt-Jasnogrodsky Center Ctr W27 Schmidt-Orchard Ruy W27 mate 5.
Prob 177 JC [HJC?] Andrews (London). Solns James Jones, Dr AH Baldwin,
EW Engberg, SB Howell (Painted Post NY), Rev Louis H Bahler, JV Wyckoff,
WHC (Bkln), William Tompkins (NY), Harry H St Clair jr (NY), CN Rungsted,
HS Duryea (NY). Notes to APP (Bkln), JTW (NY), JSS (Bayonne) obliged for prog

NY Tribune Feb 11, 1897 pg 4: Staten Island Cricket+Baseball Club will have
winter chess (and other) tnmt

NY Tribune Feb 12, 1897 pg 10: 2d cable match starts today, Rice to call
turn of tossed coin for W on bd 1, 20/1. Barry last of US team to arrive, team
attended theater party (also in events of day pg 12)

Salt Lake Herald Feb 12, 1897 pg 7: Steinitz suddenly ill w nervous disease,
removed to Dr Morosoff's institute (NY Tribune pg 7)

Feb 12, 1897 pg 12: Events of day has cable match

NY Tribune Feb 13, 1897 pg 10: Cable match report. GB draws 1st blood. View
likely results as sure wins GB: Jacobs, Jackson, Atkins. US: Showalter, Barry.
Slight edg GB: Cole. US: Pillsbury, Hodges, Delmar. Likely draw: Mills vs Hymes.
Pillsbury says in doubt but thinks will pull thru. Audiece includes ex-mayor
Charles A Schieren, HW Maxwell, WG Law, SB Chittenden; box had wives of 
Burille, Barry, Hymes. Game descriptions. McCutcheon was disappointment, showed
lack of practice, but he is so pleasant and genial that audience applauded when
he resigned (tipped clock). All games given thru adj including bd 10
McCutcheon-Jacobs Center Ctr B27. Report from London says consensus this yr
much more exciting than last, audience disappointed w poor show McCutcheon
thought cable had made mistake. Showalter play much admired. Some British
thought Pillsbury cannot cope w Blackburne's peculiar style but towards end
Pillsbury chances better. Helms downfall caused sensation

NY Tribune Feb 13, 1897 pg 12: Events of day has cable match

Feb 14, 1897 pg 2: Lasker, in Berlin, says he is convinced Steinitz is 
mentally depressed, felt change taking place during match. Believe good
rest will restore his former helath and force

NY Tribune Feb 14, 1897 pg 5: British win cable match 5.5-4.5. Even mems Bkln
CC admit some should not have been on team, at other time team selection method
will be discussed. Game descriptions. Helms nervous, led to error and loss.
Note if 8 instead of 10 US would have again won 4.5-3.5. All game scores
given (have elsewhere). Prob 178 Dr S Gold (NY). Solns James Jones, William
Tompkins, EW Engberg, Rev Louis H Bahler, Dr AH Baldwin, CN Rungsted, WHA,
James T White (NY), JV Wyckoff, J George Schaefer, CF Robinson (Meriden NH)

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1897 pg 2: Much discussion of US defeat, feel with a little 
more steadiness might have drawn and a better team won. Last yr Bkln severely
criticized for team selection, felt then too severe but suggest now cooperate
w Manhattan and Franklin on selection; also help Bkln defray heavy ann cost.
Manhattan hdcp stdgs Amory 8-9 Ascher 4.5-2.5 Beramji 1-8 Davidson 6-2 Delmar
4-5 Docharty 4-7 Doob 4.5-8.5 Fitch 5.5-4.5 Hanham 8-2 Jasnogrodsky 12.5-2.5
Orchard 5.5-6.5 Paterson 1-3 Redmond 1-11 H Rosenfeld 10-2 S Rosenfeld 5-9 
Schmidt 10.5-3.5 Sournin 11.5-1.5 Stevens 3.5-5.5 Wood 4-6 Rubino 0-10.
L Schmidt vs Russian youth Sournin key position Sournin escape w stalemate 
given. Vienna tnmt Game Janowski-Marco QGD W26 w notes St Ptbg CC Game
Tschigorin-Lasker Evans B57 47 given

Feb 21, 1897 pg 7: Rev Rufus S Green entertained Westfield CC at res, good games

NY Tribune Feb 21, 1897 pg 5 image 15: Golden Bridge NY CC Valentine reception
at home EB Brady; reception cttee Misses Cornelia Brady, Mabel F Keyser, Millie
Keyser, Hortense Brady, Charlotte Chase, ushers Monmouth Buckbee, Howard Teed,
Preston Brown, Leonard Teed. Franklin Hart of NY impersonations and songs,
Miss Vida Miller piano. Presnet Mr and Mrs Nelson, Miss Ella Merritt, Miss Lyon,
Mr Haight of Bedford, Deputy County Clerk CF Decker, Charles Brown, the Misses
Vous, Mr+Mrs George Teed, Mr+Mrs Turner, Miss Julia Teed, Miss Healey, 
James Ferris, George Teed jr of Somers, Miss Gussie Travis of White Plains,
Mr Howe of S Salem, Mr Amos and Miss Reynolds of Croton Lake, Miss Maud Ferris
of Sound Beach, Mr+Mrs John Hunt of Cross River, George Todd+Mrs Todd

Feb 22, 1897 pg 1: Report Steinitz death w brief bio won match chp world 1866

NY Tribune Feb 22, 1897 pg 12: Events of day has NYSCA mtg

NY Tribune Feb 23, 1897 pg 7: NYSCA ann winter tnmt winners master class
Delmar, Lipschutz/Hodges/DG Baird. General class Napier, AE Ford, S Langleben/
J Finn, J Heller/SG Ruth. Napier just 16, won Bkln jr chp 7-1 over Marshall.
Bis mtg chair HJ Rogers motions condolence for George U Farnsworth (NYSCA VP)
and Steinitz. Officers HJ Rogers, W Bigelow, DF Searle, OP Honegger, Hodges,
EW Dahl, SG Ruth, E Hoffman, De Visser

NY Tribune Feb 24, 1897 pg 10: NJSCA tnmt did not end til after midnight Mon,
still had several score players. 16 entries chp sec for 5 trophies, sec Shapter
record show winners B Herstein (Elizabeth) 3.5-.5 N Hymes (Newark), C Jaffe
(Paterson), H Stapler (Paterson) 3 JV Nourse (Elizabeth) 2.5; held in Bergen Pt

Salt Lake Herald Feb 24, 1897 pg 8: Steinitz not dead, remains in asylum (NY
Tribune pg 12, St Paul Globe pg 1)

NY Tribune Feb 26, 1897 pg 6: Steinitz death report wrong, alive but incurable
ulceration of brain; death rumor from swooning and long unconscious; since
then condition worse, forgotten chess, intervals between delirium writes
what imagines is essay on philosophy and discussing date return to NY. Lasker
has written papers to raise funds for Steinitz family

Salt Lake Herald Feb 28, 1897 pg 1: Steinitz improving, now hopes for recovery
(SF Call Mar 1 pg 3, NY Trib pg 2)

NY Tribune Feb 28, 1897 pg 14: Fine talent for Washington bday tnmt, Delmar
victory popular, dashing brilliant style at best in this type tnmt; ex-chps
Hodges, Lipschutz, DG Baird split 2-4. Napier wins general tnmt over such strong
players as Langleben, Feibel, Phillips, Frere; destined for greatness, will
be master soon, serious student. Steinitz reported recovering, hope old saying
that man reported dead gets new lease on life applies. Hanham asked to table
motion condolence for Steinitz since just reported was told had been confirmed
so wd objection, interesting to know how thought confirmed. NJ chp results
as reported Feb 24,  also Class B: winners M Berjer (Hoboken), AJ Pavler (Jersey
City)/TH Hatfield (Hoboken)/JH White (Paterson)/GE Thum (Elizabeth). Class C:
LG Kempf (Newark)/O Horster (Newark), AN Carson (E Orange)/William Schefer
(Newark)/H Schleckser (Newark). Class D: GA Brown (Elizabeth)/S Greenberg
(says Greenberberg) (Newark), CH Kyte (Fanwood)/JA Craig (Paterson)/CA
Liliere? (Newark); 64 entries in all most ever for NJ Washington bday tnmt.
Vienna Game Fleissig-Schlechter Polish B20++ among finest on record. Match
Staten Island CC 5.5 (Ryan 1 Litzenberger .5 Raetig [Raettig?] 1 Barth 0
Salvage 0 Witepsky 1 Meurer 1 La Montte 1)-Staten Island Whist Club 2.5 
(Howden 0 Preble .5 Day 0 Faber 1 Carroll 1 Anable 0 Durbrow 0 Kennedy 0).
Prob 179 W Meredith (Collingswood). Solns Rev Louis H Bahler, Dr AH Baldwin,
SB Howell, EW Engberg, RBB (Phillipsburg NJ), JL Peet (NY), HS Duryea (NY),
Mrs Cora F Ball (Worcester MA), JV Wyckoff (Bayonne), CN Rungsted, WJ Follett
(Bkln), J George Schaefer, HW Fannin, CFR (Meriden NH) Trib has no time for
4ers, William Tompkins, HJ Fish (Chatham NY), GA Cochran (Concord NH),
Courtenay Lemon (NY)

Feb 28, 1897 pg B5: W Pt cadets cannot keep chess implements

(missing March-Aug 1897)

Mar 1, 1897 pg 10: 1st games Rockville Center CC tonight; daily til winner
of handsome prize determined

Mar 2, 1897 pg 10: Showalter claims 2d of 3 off days vs Pillsbury, Pillsbury
leads 3-0-2

Mar 4, 1897 pg 9: Game 6 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy 1-12

Mar 6, 1897 pg 2: Showalter wins, trails Pillsbury 3-2-2. Players descrip game

Mar 7, 1897 pg 14: Another change Steinitz condition, this time for worse; not
critical at present but bad. English reports cable match given. Was shown to
mem cable team who wants mngmt Bkln CC to explain why cable congrats signed
Marean and Pillsbury; latter was not capt of team sees no reason to sign
Pillsbury wo rest of team. British paper boasts of fighting w amateurs vs
Amer picked team, another comments fortunate US chose Teed bd 9 who is strong
but out of practice, McCutcheon who has a corr rep but at least 20 better in
OTB play in US; bd by bd descrips. Manhattan hdcp stdgs Amory 8-10 Ascher 7.5-
4.5 Beramji 1-11 Delmar 7-5 Docharty 5-8 Doob 4.5-9.5 Fitch 5.5-5.5 Hanham 8-3
Jasnogrodsky 13.5-2.5 Orchard 5.5-?.5 Redmont 1-11 H Rosenfeld 14-2 S Rosenfeld
5-11 Schmidt 10.5-4.5 Sournin 12.5-2.5 Steven 6.5-6.5 Wood 5-7 Rubino 0-13. 
Game 7 Pillsbury-Showalter Ruy B33 mate 4 notes Pillsbury+Showalter Game
Sournin-Jasnogrodsky QGA B43. Rd 2 Staten Island Whist Club 4 (Henden .5
Preble 1 Day 0 Faber 1 Kenedy 0 Durbrow 0 Gnable 1 Carroll 1)/SICC 4 (Raettig .5
Litzenberger 0 Eidam 1 Barth 0 La Motte 1 Menser 1 Wietepalsey 0 Salvage .5);
SICC won 1st rd 5.5-2.5 so wins match. Prob 180 V Tuzar (Prague). Solns
EW Engberg (Bkln), WJ Follett (NY), Rev Louis H Bahler (W Hurley NY), HS Duryea
(NY), James Jones (Jacksonville FL), Amateur (NY), CN Rungsled (NY). FAD
(Oswego) and others Tribune has best of reasons for not taking any notice of
affair in question

Mar 8, 1897 pg 3: Penn CC makes Dr J William White, Dr GH Hallett hon mems.
Bampton (says Brompton) will give simul Mar 26

Mar 9, 1897 pg 8: Game 8 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy moves 1-12 Showalter won to
tie 3-3-2

Mar 11, 1897 pg 7: Game 9 Pillsbury-Showalter moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+

Mar 12, 1897 pg 4: Game 9 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W47 notes Pillsbury+Showalter.
Game 8 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy W23 mate 5 notes Pillsbury+Showalter

Mar 13, 1897 pg 3: Game 10 Showalter-Pillsbury Ponziani moves 1-12 notes

Mar 14, 1897 pg 2: Pillsbury vs Showalter tied 4-4-2. Game 10 Showalter-
Pillsbury Ponziani W67 notes Showalter+Pillsbury. London Game Pillsbury+Chapman-
Bird+Allen KGA Bishop G D45 notes Bird. Prob 181 A Stabenow (Berlin). Solns
HS Duryea (NY), William Tompkins (NY), Amateur (NY), CN Ringsted (NY),
WJ Follett (Bkln), James Jones (Jacksonville FL), JA McCreery (Bkln), SB Howell
(Painted Post NY), Rev Louis H Bahler (W Hurley NY), EW Engberg (Bkln),
Dr HW Fannin (Hackett, Ark), Dr AH Baldwin (Norwalk), JL Hanchett (Westfield MA)
notes to Hanchett to write wo Will Lyons (Newport KY)

Mar 14, 1897 pg A10: Delmar simul Bkln CC last night. Starting series simuls;
hope for Edward Hymes next Sat, Hodges 4 blind Mar 27

Mar 15, 1897 pg 3: Harvard CC ann mtg officers FE Thayer 97, HC Ffoulke 98,
WC Arensberg 00, PW Long 98. Lehigh CC accept challenge from Penn for May 1
match, now selecting 6 player team. City College hdcp tnmt winners
SC Sugarman 97/CJ Lagerwald 00/SFN Kleinberger 99; will play off. Scratch 
tnmt for college chp entries SC Sugarman 97, J Reminitsky 97, ST Stern 97, 
AS Solon 98, SFN Kleinberger 99, CJ Lagerwald 00

Mar 16, 1897 pg 3: Game 11 Pillsbury-Showalter moves 1-12. Both confident
winning match, great interest, giant display bd

Mar 16, 1897 pg 4: Steinitz released from asylum. Corr Std talked to him,
found only slight nervous excitement. Ascribes breakdown to stress match 
if had been among friends would never have been committed, blames Amer
consul for not getting earlier release. Leaving for Vienna

Mar 17, 1897 pg 3: Game 11 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W66 notes Pillsbury and 
Showalter Pillsbury leads 5-4-2

Mar 18, 1897 pg 3: Game 12 Showalter-Pillsbury moves 1-12 notes Showalter+

Mar 19, 1897 pg 4: Game 12 Showalter-Pillsbury Ponziani W58 notes Showalter+
Pillsbury; tied 5-5-2

Mar 20, 1897 pg 2: Pillsbury 1st off day due cold, next game Mon

Mar 21, 1897 pg 2: Pillsbury vs Showalter tied 5-5-2; each 4-1 w W pieces;
most had thought Showalter could not make strong stand. Pillsbury off-day Fri.
Delmar 9-5-1 Bkln CC beat HL Dickerson, AJ Souweine, W Holloway Jr, JH Watson,
H Lavers, JP Zerega, FW Koch, W Frere, JJ Spowers; lost to W Southwick,
BC Selover Jr, CP Sterling, FJ Marshall, SH Chadwick; drew J Morphy. Helms
9-1-2 Bkln CC beat Chadwick, Wright, Blakey, Hausleiter, Keogh, Chinnock,
Lavers, Dickerson, Belden; lost to Marshall; drew Stein, Souweine. Roething
9-1-2 SICC beat Barth, Hagedorn, La Monttee, Schweikert, S Salvage, Frank,
George Salvage, Meeder,Witepsky; lost to Brenzinger; drew Litzenberger, Raettig.
Metropolitan CC hdcp won by club chp Feibel, stdgs Feibel 12-0 Raubitschek 10
Honegger 9 Leipziger 8.5 Lipschutz 6 Kahn, Davis, Pelz 5 Drescher, Metzger 4.5 
Goetze 4 Kirsch 3 Pompex 1. Metropolitan rapid transit tnmt Rd 1: Marshall-
Raubitschek, Pieczonka-Kahn, Pelz-Haas, Ross-Will, Hirsch-Simonson. Rd 2:
Marshall-Ross, Pelz-Pieczonka, Hirsch bye. rd 3: Marshall-Hirsch. Final rd:
Marshall/Pelz split prize. Corr Game Metropolitan-Albany Ruy W31. Metropolitan
CC resolves to arrange testimonial to benefit Steinitz. Prob 182 A Abela 
(Malaga). Solns EW Engberg (Bkln), Amateur (NY), WJ Follett (NY), JA McCreery
(Bkln), WHC (Bkln), Dr AH Baldwin (Norwalk CT), Rev Louis H Bahler, H Friberg
(Lynn MA), HS Duryea (NY), SB Howell (Painted Post NY), James Jones
(Jacksonville FL), CP Rungsted (NY), Dr HW Fannin (Hackett, Ark)

Mar 21, 1897 pg A9: Belleville CCC mtg res EA Talhurst. Series for silver cup
Frank Beasley leads 69%, George L Conover 67%

Mar 23, 1897 pg 7: Game 13 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+
Showalter; interesting that comments are made on adj game

Mar 24, 1897 pg 5: Game 13 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD B33 notes Pillsbury+Showalter

Mar 25, 1897 pg 3: Game 14 Showalter-Pillsbury moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+
Showalter; Pillsbury won to tie 6-6-2

Mar 26, 1897 pg 4: Game 14 Showalter-Pillsbury Ponziani B60 notes Showalter+
Pillsbury; spectators include Edward Hymes. Yale chp finals John Calhoun Pickett
of Northampton MA (freshman) easily beat WM Murdoch 98

Mar 27, 1897 pg 3: Score tied 6-6-2. Game 15 Pillsbury-Showalter moves 1-12
notes Pillsbury+Showalter

Mar 28, 1897 pg 8: Pillsbury vs Showalter tied 6-6-3; was 7 up but rules say
if 6-6 extends til 10 up. Game 15 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD D47 notes Pillsbury+
Showalter. Manhattan hdcp stdgs Amory 8-10 Ascher 10-6 Beramji 3-13 Delmar
10.5-5.5 Docharty 6-11 Doob 4.5-11.5 Fitch 6.5-6.5 Hanham 11.5-6.5 Jasnogrodsky
14.5-3.5 Orchard 7.5-6.5 Redmond 1-13 H Rosenfeld 14.5-3.5 S Rosenfeld 7-11
Schmidt 10.5-4.5 Sournin 13.5-3.5 Stevens 10.5-6.5 Wood 8-10 Rubino 0-15;
Jasnogrodsky, Rosenfeld split 1/2 Sournin 3d rest must wait wk or 2. Rapid
transit tnmt City CC won by Huntington who beat Argoud, White, Doyle; Doyle
2d Hein 3d. Game Tschigorin-Kotrc Falkbeer Ctr W32. Prob 183 AC White (NY).
Solns CN Rungsted, James Jones, JA McCreery, EW Engberg, SB Howell, 
Hyman Stein (Bkln), Amateur, Red Rook (Concord NH), Rev Louis Bahler,
WJ Follett, HS Duryea, N Tompkins (NY), WHC (Bkln), Dr AH Baldwin, HP Daniels
(NY), Courtenay Lemon (NY), J George Schaefer (Wappinger's Falls), 
Dr HW Fannin, HC (Santa Barbara CA)

Mar 28, 1897 pg A9: Westfield tnmt of IOS which was to have ended this wk res
Fred Taggert, will cont due tie between Taggert, Nafie, Dr AS Green entertained
Westfield CC at his res

Mar 29, 1897 pg 4: Princeton hdcp tnmt won by Tullock 98 in playoff vs Hale 98.
City College CC accepts challenge from Bkln Poly, also negotiating for match
vs St Francis Xavier CC; City reps SC Sugarman, J Remenitsky, SW Stern

Mar 30, 1897 pg 3: Game 16 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy moves 1-12 notes Showalter
and Pillsbury; Pillsbury eventually won to lead 7-6-3

Apr 1, 1897 pg 7: Game 17 Pillsbury-Showalter moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+
Showalter. Same pg Henniker-Heaton trying to arrange interparliament match;
chess his fav diversion

Apr 2, 1897 pg 4: Game 17 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD B91 notes Showalter+Pillsbury

Apr 3, 1897 pg 6: Parliament ches grp met re interparliament, proposed Lord
Warkworth and Lord Folkestone as special advisors. Challenge sent to Speaker
Reed is 7/side, house to meet. Note signed Richard C Shannon, Richmond Pearson

Apr 4, 1897 pg 2: Steinitz threatens to sue US consul Moscow

Apr 4, 1897 pg 5: Pearson accepts Henniker-Heaton challenge for interparliament
match. House players training, likely team Pearson (NC), Shannon (NY), Wheeler
(AL), De Armond (MO), Swanson (VA), Cousins (IA), Henderson (IA); subs may be
Foote (NY), Beach (OH), Parker (NJ), Meyer (LA), Williams (MS)

Apr 4, 1897 pg 21: Pillsbury vs Showalter tied 7-7-3. Tschigorin, Schiffers
playing 7 up match. Manhattan hdcp finishes, Jasnogrodsky and Delmar beat
H Rosenfeld and Schmidt in playoffs. Jasnogrodsky, H Rosenfeld 14.5-3.5
Sournin 13.5-3.5 Delmar, Schmidt 11.5-5.5 Ascher 12-6 Hanham 12.5-6.5 Orchard,
Stevens 10.5-6.5 Fitch 8.5-8.5 Amory 8-10 Wood 8-11 S Rosenfeld 7-11 Docharty
6-12 Doob 5-13 Beramji 4.5-13.5 Redmond 1-16 Rubino 0-17. Manhattan rcvs
challenge for match at Franklin CC Decoration Day. Manhattan plans 3 bd 3
consulting telephone or telegraph match vs Boston. Poem by Dr Benjamin Marshall
in honor Steinitz given. Franklin CC Game Maguire-Voigt P+1 odds Nimzovitch D 
B22. FB Walker sends scores Washington-Bkln 1-0-1 corr match; FB Walker and
EP Hanna did most of work for Washington in Games Bkln-Washington QGD D43
Game Washington-Bkln Ruy W35. Prob 184 GJ Slater. Solns EW Engberg,
J George Schaefer, Courtenay Lemon, WHC (Bkln), Amateur (NY), CN Runsted,
WJ Follett, Rev Louis H Bahler, Dr AH Baldwin, Red Rook (Concord MA), 
Dr HW Fannin, Santa Barbara CA

Apr 5, 1897 pg 4: Tschigorin wins game 1 of 7 up match vs Schiffers. Lasker
never sent ltr accepting Tschigorin challenge for 2 cable games, now unlikely;
Lasker in Riviera said would play no serious chess 6 months and future chp
matches at least 1000L/side. Lasker 2 simuls each of Birmingham, Hereford,
Brighton overall 143-2-7. 20th ann Manhattan CC dinner ~100, speakers include
CA Gilberg, Col JB Wilkinson, Col WF Morse, William M De Visser,
Prof Rice, Rev Dr R benjamin follwed by entertainment. Lasa will soon pub
History and Literature of the Game of Chess

Apr 5, 1897 pg 10: 16 yr old Napier wins Bkln CC chp, final opponent
RC Breckinridge. Total score 8 wins

Apr 6, 1897 pg 3: Game 18 Showalter-Pillsbury moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+

Apr 7, 1897 pg 3: Game 18 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy B40++ notes Showalter+
Pillsbury, Pillsbury leads 8-7-3

Apr 7, 1897 pg 7: House of Commons interparliament team Arthur Strauss partner
Cornish mining firm A Strauss+Co rep Camorne div Cornwall, Horace Curzon 
Plunkett south div Dublin County, Atherley-Jones author Miners Manual NW div
Durham, John Howard Parnell bro late Charles Stewart Parnell mem S Meath plus 1
to be chosen later

Apr 8, 1897 pg 4: Showalter takes 3d and last off day, game 19 postponed til

Apr 10, 1897 pg 7: Game 19 Pillsbury-Showalter Ruy moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+

Apr 11, 1897 pg 5: 4 mems British interparliament team chosen; descrips as
in Apr 7. 5th mem prob CE wilson.  John Shaw+Sons mem Stafford or FF Wilson. 
Managers prob Sir HE Maxwell (Bart), Vicary Gibbs, JH Heaton. Hope soon after
Easter. Heaton 1st wrote Speaker Reed who is greatly interested. All hope
good influence on relations

Apr 11, 1897 pg 8 image 20: Bkln CC cont tnmt won by new mem Harry Zirn .836,
new mem Hyman Stein, SH Cragg

Apr 11, 1897 pg 21: Showalter vs Pillsbury 8-8-3. Game 19 Pillsbury-Showalter
Ruy B72 notes Pillsbury+Showalter. City CC elects officers WW Yowitz, 
CA Lawrence, JP Badenhausen, E Hoffmann, H White; cttee OF Jentz, PJ Doyle,
M Beyer, WS Huntington, H Schneider, H iralfy; librarian A Reitzer. Prob 185
Thomas Breede (Liban, Russia). Solns Jame Kilduff (NY), Red Rook, Rev Louis H
Bahler, HP Daniels, James Jones, W Frazier Jones (Jacksonville FL),
Courtenay Lemon, Joseph Bradley (Bkln), JA McCreery, HS Duryea, WJ Follett, 
EW Engberg, Amateur, Dr HW Fannin

Apr 12, 1897 pg 4: CCNY played match vs Bkln Poly last Fri. CCNY team
SW Stern 97, SC Sugarman 97, GW Dorland 97, FN Kleinberger 99, CJ Lagerwald 00

Apr 12, 1897 pg 12: Game 1 Schiffers-Tschigorin Scotch B34. 1st rd of 4 rd
hdcp tnmt Metropolitan CC Schroeder-Will, Deen-Klein, Tannenbaum-Goetze,
Raubitschek-Metzger, Dalheim-Davis, Pieczonka-Drescher, Kahn/Hirsch, Honegger 
bye; 2d rd next Sat

Apr 13, 1897 pg 3: Game 20 Showalter-Pillsbury moves 1-12 notes Showalter+
Pillsbury; Pillsbury won to win 9-8-3 cannot lose match. Steinitz 17-2-3
simul Vienna, shows can still play. Oxford 4 (EGS Churchill 1 E Lawton 1
EA jenkin .5 G Fraser 0 AHW George 0 GH Stokes 1 R Hancock .5)-Cambridge 3
(FA Crowley 0 WF Nash 0 R Battersby .5 CEC Tattersall 1 LM Lean 1 AL Steiner 0
A Fotheringham .5); yr by yr results. Tschigorin leads Schiffers 2-0-1. German
emperor will prob give prize intl tnmt Berlin. Same pg Steinitz 17-2-3 
simul Vienna

Apr 13, 1897 pg 6: Tolstoi latest hobby chess, tables marked out as chess bds,
pets named chess pieces

Apr 14, 1897 pg 3: Game 20 Showalter-Pillsbury AP B47 notes Pillsbury+Showalter.
Interparliament match arrangements. Ltrs given. English proposal consulting
games not much favored by US

Apr 15, 1897 pg 3: Game 21 Pillsbury-Showalter moves 1-12 notes Pillsbury+Showalter

Apr 16, 1897 pg 4: Final Game 21 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W40 notes Pillsbury+
Showalter. Game result table; Pillsbury wins 10-8-3

Apr 17, 1897 pg 10: Hdcp tnmt will be held Staten Island CC Thurs

Apr 18, 1897 pg 19: Pillsbury beats Showalter for US chp and $2000 stakes.
Review of match. Showalter lost but enhanced rep. Birmingham simul Game
Lasker-Daniel Scotch W25 w notes. St George mtg to arrange natl master tnmt
for Qs Jubilee. Prob 186 N Maximow (St Ptbg). Solns James Jones (Jacksonville),
Rev Louis Bahler, H Friberg, JA McCreery, Amateur, HP Daniels, HS Duryea,
Red Rook, James Kilduff (NY), Santa Barbara, Dr HW Fannin

Apr 19, 1897 pg 4: Brown tnmt ends w win George M Bliss 97-Harold S Capron 00

Apr 19, 1897 pg 12: Metropolitan CC rd 2 of 4 rd hdcp played, stdgs Drescher 0-1
Will 0-2 Goetze 0-1 Deen 2-0 Kahn .5-.5 Davis 1-1 Raubitschek 2-0 Metzger 1-1
Dalheim 1-1 Hirsch .5-1.5 Klein 0-2 Tanenbaum 1-0 Schroeter 1-1 Pieczonka 1-0
Honegger 1-0

Apr 21, 1897 pg 6: Girl asks if suitor saw, father says asked to play chess
please stay away very absorbing

Apr 22, 1897 pg 6: Interparliament arrangements being made. British umps prob
chess experts Baron Hengelmuller of Austrian delegation, De Wollant of Russian
Legation; Ambassador Hay US rep London. British players Strauss, Plunkett,
Parnell, Atherley Jones, FW Wilson or Charles Shaw; assistants Lord Folkestone
and Sir Herbert Maxwell, Althusen and McKenna, J Henniker Heaton and Lord 
Balcarres, Seton Karr and Lord Warkworth, Bromley Davenport and Dalbiac

Apr 25, 1897 pg 10: Summer events include interparliament match; British
proposing consulting on each bd should object too much time and lose interest.
Manhattan vs Franklin decoration Day. Intl women's tnmt June 27. Berlin tnmt
July and Aug. NYSCA mtg 1000 Islands. Vienna Game Schlechter-Steinitz KGA
Bishop G W35 Game Steinitz-Schlechter KGA Kieseritzky W31. Tschigorin leads
Schiffers 4-0-2; Game 5 Schiffers-Tschigorin Scotch D49. Showalter 9-4-2
simul Bkln. Cosmopolitan CC chp tnmt stdgs end 1st rd Parker 6.5-1.5 Roething,
koehler 6-2 Nugent 5-3 Kneff 4.5-3.5 Widmer 4-4 Schoenbaum 5-3 Neumann 2-6.
Prob 187 J Jespersen (Svendborg). Solns Courtenay Lemon, Dr AH Baldwin,
Joseph Jones (Jacksonville FL), SB Howell, H Friberg, Harry C Martin (Bkln),
J George Schaefer, Rev Louis Bahler, JA McCreery, HP Daniels (NY), EW Engberg.
Note to JLH (Westfield MA)

Apr 28, 1897 pg 5: Womens CC NY ends for season. Remarkable org. Estimated not
1000 women in US know 1st elements of chess, far less any ability. Yet NY
Womens CC. Only incorpd Women's CC US. Mem not large but growing. 
Incorporators Mrs Winthrop Parker, Miss Emily Somers Haines, Miss Jean L Nesbit,
Miss Eliza Campbell Foot, Miss Sophie Downer. Handsome club room, 7 chess
tables usu all in use at mtgs. Chess code as used Manhattan on wall. Number
challenge games, well contested. Hanham visits once a month, simuls vs all
present. Officers Miss Eliza Campbell Foot, Mrs Winthrop Parker, 
Miss Emily Somers Haines, Miss Sophie Downer; cttee 
Mrs William Hamilton Stockwell, Mrs Benjamin Webster, 
Mrs William Gordon Verplanck, Miss Sophie Downer, Miss Mina G Waterbury.
Restarts 1st Tues Nov

May 1, 1897 pg 5: Mrs Harriet Worrall of Bkln will be only US player London
women's tnmt June

May 2, 1897 pg 10: Showalter says return match vs Pillsbury likely tho depends
on whether Pillsbury can get match vs Lasker. Lasker last in Paris, will go to
Nice as guest Russian enthusiast w cottage on Riviera. Plans in London for 
Steinitz testimonial; Steinitz in Vienna. City CC hdcp stdgs Argoud 2-1
Badenhausen 0-0 Cochrane 2-3 Doyle 1-0 Hein 2-0 F Huntington 1-3 WS Huntington
4-0 Lawrence 3-0 Linbeck 4-0 Lowitz .5-4.5 Schneider 1-6 Von Taube 1.5-2.5
White 0-1 Widmer 3-1. Cosmopolitan chp stdgs Koehler 9-2 Roething 8-2 Nugent 
6.5-3.5 Terker 6.5-4.5 Widmer 5-5 Kneff 5-6 Schoenbaum 3-7 Newman 3-8. Rd 3
Metropolitan stdgs Raubitschek 3-0 Honegger, Deen, Davis, Metzger, Schroeter
2-1 Drescher, Goetze, Dahlheim, Tanenbaum, Pieczonka 1-1 Kahn .5-1.5 Hirsch
.5-2.5 Will, Klein 0-3. 5th mem British interparliament team FW Wilson MP mid 
div Norfolk, author Our Natl Debt, pres UK Newspaper Society 1894. British
suggest May 6 or May 11. 1 of 2 corr Game Brussels CC-Lille CC Evans dec W68+
w notes. Prob 188 M Ehrenstein (Budapest). Solns Edwin H Baldwin (Hasbrouck Hts
NJ), Amateur, Red Rook, Dr AH Baldwin, H Friberg, Rev Louis H Bahler,
SB Howell, Henry Steinberg (NY), James Jones, FR Stevens (Hoboken),
J George Schaefer, EW Engberg, Courtenay Lemon, Isaac Lewis Peet (NY),
HS Lambert (Asheville NC), C (Santa Barbara CA). Charles E Shaw is British
reserve. Henniker Heaton suggests 15/1, no consulting, rectify transmit err
if possible, arrange by strength, break after 2:30. Prominent MP promises
beautiful trophy, prob magnificent chess bd.

May 2, 1897 pg 13 image 47: 1850 cartoon reprod involving appointing Catholics
to dioceses, shows John Bull chess w Pope telling Pope made wrong move w B
attacking Q

May 8, 1897 pg 7: Arthur Walter of London Times writes Henniker Heaton offering
handsome trophy for interparliament match

May 9, 1897 pg 8: Steinitz telegraph from Hamburg, sailing due NY May 20.
Bkln CC challenges British CC to cable match. Tschigorin leads Schiffers 5-1-2
Game 8 Tschigorin-Schiffers French W54. Cosmopolitan chp stdgs Koehler, Roething
10 Nugent 8.5 Terker 6.5 Widmer, Kneff 5 Schoenbaum 4 Newman 3. Death German 
expert Dr Carl Schmidt in Dresden. Prob 189 Pedro Riera (Barcelona). Solns
Courtenay Lemon, Dr AH Baldwin, Amateur, Red Rook, Rev Louis H Bahler, 
EW Engberg, James Jones, HS Duryea, Isaac Lewis Peet (NY), C (Santa Barbara).
Farmer's Voice soln tnmt starts June 19, details to chess ed Rev Leander Turney

May 12, 1897 pg 6: Pearson in Asheville, in absence Shannon and Handy of 
interparliament team request to JD Elwell who is in Washington to arrange for
Pillsbury to come coach. Date set May 17 but may postpone to allow practice.
While in Washington expect Pillsbury to give blind exhibit to benefit Ladies
Intl tnmt London

May 15, 1897 pg 5: Harriet Worrall leaving for Ladies Intl tnmt London.
Has beaten Delmar, Mackenzie, Frankenberg, Doyle. 1st prize $300, Rothschild
donates $100 brilliancy prize

May 18, 1897 pg 2: Mtg congressional chess players. Team will be chosen from
Shannon (NY), Shafroth (CO), Bodine (MO), Plowman (AL), Cousins (IA),
Henderson (IA), Handy (DE), De Armond (MO), Wheeler (AL), Pearson (NC),
De Graffenreid (TX), Beach (OH), Parker (NJ), Bennett (NY), Foote (NY), Swanson
(VA), Spalding (MI), Reed (ME), Weymouth (MA). Ambassadors Hay, Pauncefote umps.
Speaker Reed lively interest

May 19, 1897 pg 7: Tschigorin leads Schiffers 6-1-3. Janowski challenges
Charousek or Maroczy to 7 up match, both say willing to play

May 20, 1897 pg 12: Drawing Steinitz. Arriving from Hamburg. Celebrated 60th
bday on bd, was presented w piece of silver plate and chess bd

May 23, 1897 pg 8: All ready for interparliament match May 31-June 1, paired
by lot. US will choose 5 (almost surely 1st 5) from Shannon, Shafroth, Bodine,
Handy, Pearson, Plowman, De Graffenreid

May 24, 1897 pg 3: Interparliament match 5/side plus possible consulting game.
Pillsbury coaching US. US team Pearson (NC), De Graffenreid (TX), Bodine (MO),
Handy (DE) and 1 more; British Plunkett, Heaton, Strauss plus 2. Cable
arrangements. 5 hrs/day, 15/1, est 1 min transmit moves. Sir Julian Pauncefote
ref here, prob US Ambassador John Hay in London

May 24, 1897 pg 8: Death German prob composer Fred Dubbe age 52. Steinitz
arrived NY, looks pic of health, plans to pub account Moscow experience. 
Interparliament match Tues, wed next wk. Manhattan vs Franklin match Decoration
Day. JW Baird starts ann European trip Tues. Final Metropolitan hdcp stdgs
Honegger, raubitschek 4-0 Kahn 3.5-.5 Davis, Metzger 3-1 Pieczonka, Drescher,
Deen 2-2 Hirsch 1.5-2.5 Dahlheim, Schroeter, Goetze, Will, Tannenbaum 1-3 Klein
0-4. Cosmopolitan CC chp in prog stdgs Koehler 12-2 Roething 11-2 Nugent 8.5-4.5
Widmer, Kneff 8-6 Schoenbaum 4-11 Newman 3-12. City CC hdcp stdgs Argoud 8.5-2.5
badenhausen 1-1 Cochrane 2-7 Doyle 4.5-1.5 Hein 3-2 S Huntington 1-4 
WS Huntington 5-2 Lawrence 5.5-.5 Limbeck 5-2 Lowitz .5-4.5 Schneider 1-7 
Von Taube 3.5-6.5 White .5-4.5 Widmer 4-1. Burn wins Lpool CC chp clean score
including Game Burn-Owen d4 b6 W36 w notes. Mrs Worrall sails for London Ladies
tnmt; has been practicing vs Teed, Richardson, Frere, Eno, De Visser at Bkln CC.
NYSCA mtg 1000 Islands Aug 2-7; Staats-Ztg cup, gen tnmt, NY vs PA each assoc
donates $50 for individ winners most games. Prob 190 Courtenay Lemon (NY). Solns
EW Engberg, Amateur, Courtenay Lemon, Richard Brown (Trenton), JA McCreery,
Red Rook, Rev Louis H Bahler, James Kilduff, James Jones, J George Schaefer,
Edwin H Baldwin (Hackensack), Dr AH Baldwin, SB Howell. Notes to RGG
(Fort Apache AZ), C (Santa Barbara)

May 24, 1897 pg 10: Pton CC officers W Marston 98, C Herndon 99. CCNY CC will
play St Francis Xavier June 11-12 4/side; CCNY team SC Sugarman 97, IW Stern 97,
CJ Lagerwald 00, SFN Kleinberger 99

May 26, 1897 pg 6: Tschigorin-Schiffers 7-1-6

May 28, 1897 pg 3: Women's intl tnmt entries and subs given. Mrs Showalter
selected but could not play. Pillsbury ref. Miss Eschwege German parentage but
b England; gives supposed country each

May 29, 1897 pg 2: Interparliament match Mon, teams and refs given

May 29, 1897 pg 7: Berlin intl tnmt sched Aug to start 1st wk Sept

May 30, 1897 pg 6: Interparliament match will be pleasant episode, perhaps 
someday followed by reigning sovereigns vs other heads of state

May 31, 1897 pg 5: Interparliament match today, British fav. Manhattan vs
Franklin ann match 14 bd telegraph. London cttee decides to accept 20 rather
than 16 to ladies tnmt. Berlin tnmt now Sept, Steinitz and Pillsbury will
enter. Tschigorin-Schiffers 7-1-6. 2 top Vienna CCs amalgamate. Death 
Earl of Dartrey better known chess circles as Lord cremorne, b 1817, many yrs
assoc St George CC pres club at time death, above ave player played all top
masters including Morphy; 2 games vs Blackburne level 1-1, entertained players
London 1883. Lasker enthusiastically rcvd Milan including Game Count
Castelbarco-Lasker 2N B26. Jasnogrodsky leads Roething 2-0, 7 up match.
R Raubitschek 9-1-1 Metropolitan CC simul. Dr OP Honegger won Metropolitan
rapid transit tnmt. Koehler won Cosmopolitan CC chp followed by Roething, 
Nugent, Widmer. City hdcp leaders Argoud, Hill, Lawrence, WS Huntington, 
Limbeck. Prob 191 H Jacobs (London). Solns EW Engberg, Amateur, J George 
Schaefer, Harry Hall St Clair Jr (NY), SBW (Faribault MN). Interparliament
arrangements, British viewed as fav due more practice

June 1, 1897 pg 7: Interparliament match report. 1-1 so far. No great
attention on US side tho occasion for graceful amenities. Small num
spectators in room, moves repeated in adjoining room. Plunkett-Pearson.
Shafroth played carefully seemed absorbed, Bodine and Plowman played easily wo
excitement, Handy played fast. Bodine-Strauss. Pearson resignation, Plunkett
request for friendly game back within minute. Elwell manager, Pillsbury asst.
Sitting in for Brit players and making moves Lord Westmeath (Brit attache),
M Knagenheim (Netherlands attache), Dubose (Spanish attache), Vogel (swiss
attache), Routkowski (Russian attache). Greeting cables given. Game
Plunkett-Pearson Falkbeer Ctr W16 Game Shafroth-Parnell French moves 1-24
Game Strauss-Bodine Ruy B25 Game Plowman-Atherley-Jones Ruy moves 1-21 Game
Wilson-Handy GP moves 1-35. Friendly Game Pearson-Plunkett 2N B18. Report
from London. Descrip. Players quiet, biz-like; stampede to room whenever
division bell tho never overcrowded, pipes cigars and occasional long tumblers
w nothing stronger than soda or milk. Other side gloomy silent automaton 
making moves. Remarkably fast. Parnell like bro, complained of not feeling well
but played very deliberately. Atherley-Jones son of late writer, chartist,
poet, agitator who once went to jail 2 yrs; small w reddish hair. Plunkett small
genetle voice+manner, bro Lord Dunsany, started Irish ag scheme, has written for
Pall Mall Gazette, lived long time Wyoming where has large interests. Strauss
liberal Unionist, partner leading firm tin merchants, bold speculator metal
exchange. Wilson family tenant-farmers for generations, half country squire
half journalist, pioneer daily journalism E Anglia, proprietor Star and Morning
Leader; ~50 white beard mischievous eye sly dry humor. Henniker Heaton well
known career known as mem for postal reform loves chess and gvg dinner parties
was in 7th heaven over match. 14 bd match Franklin leads Manhattan 2-0-5 w 7
for Steinitz to adjud. Schmidt/Voigt, Reich [Reichhelm?]-Jasnogrodsky, 

June 2, 1897 pg 7: Interparliament match drawn thx Shafroth win. Had to make 1st
6 moves 13 min. Several mins cheers when won. 40 sec move back and forth.
Atherley-Jones 2 sec over time, waived. Balfour watching, Shafroth also ardent
bimetallist cable. Handy subbed for Plowman in consulting game. Game Shafroth-
Parnell move 24-W59 Game Plowman-Atherley-Jones 31-B39 Wilson-Handy 36-D54
Game Plunkett+Shaw+Wilson-Pearson+Bodine+Handy 4N Double Ruy adj 35. Intense
interest London. Whispers that Atherley-Jones too slow. Jones showed excitement,
Wilson under control, Parnell concentrated anxiety reminiscent bro. Ceaseless
coming+going, Balfour looked on. Parnell says uphill from bad move at start.
Discussed match after

June 4, 1897 pg 1: Pillsbury simul Washington 27-0-3 chess 4-1-1 checkers.
Baron von Hengelmuller has written decision on consulting game but will not
give out til hears from British; few doubt goes against US

June 4, 1897 pg 6: Shafroth had not played chess for 17 yrs, Bodine playing
moves of fellow lodger vs Shafroth story. Now said if Handy and Plowman had
played carefully US would have won 4 of 5

June 6, 1897 pg 2 image 14: Interparliament match success. Waived penalty
for Atherley-Jones time FF; some say US would not have accepted generosity if
reversed. Manhattan vs franklin not a success, Manhattan said would be last
by telegraph, all sorts of disturbances. 6.5-6.5 depends on Steinitz decision
Elson vs Halpern; position given. Prob 192 BG Laws. Solns Amateur, C (Oakmount
PA), Red Rook, EW Engberg, CH Johnson (Grand Rapids MI)

June 7, 1897 pg 4: Pillsbury 6-0-2 blind Bkln CC. Beat Marshall, DG Wright,
RS Otto, Dr ST King, CE Hotchkiss, JJ De Long; drew SH Chadwick, DB Thompson

June 13, 1897 pg 24: Steinitz still has not decided Elson vs Halpern,
Franklin vs Manhattan 6.5-6.5. Steinitz simul vs all comers Cosmopolitan CC 
Thurs. New Amer Chess Mag pubd W Borsodi of NY ed Charles Devide excellent.
London Metropolitan CC makes Lord Russell of Killowen, Lord Chief Justice
England, pres; always chess admirer, was a promoter Steinitz vs Anderssen.
Teichmann-Cole 5-0 including Game 5 HH Cole-R Teichmann QGD B39. Lvg chess
Pragu field 2500 meters, 5000 spectators, 300 men and 20 horses pieces; 
Tschigorin and Schiffers arranging similar St Ptbg. Prob 193 Veniel Cisar
(Pilsen, Austria). Solns EW Engberg, Dr AH Baldwin, C (Oakmont PA), Rev
Louis H Bahler, Amateur, Edwin H Baldwin, J George Schaefer, James Jones,
OHL (Waco TX)

June 18, 1897 pg 12: Cosmopolitan CC entertainment for Steinitz, ~50
present, prog in charge of Begso Fox, Albert J Fox, Ernest Richter. Steinitz
18 simul; at midnight 7-0-1 and still playing.Flashlight photo of players
w taken w Steinitz in prominent place

June 20, 1897 pg 15: Much interest Ladies tnmt. Great strides past 10-12 yrs
esp Europe. Composers Mrs and Miss Baird, players Thorold, Lady Thomas, Miss
Field, Mrs Showalter, Mrs Worrall. Pity Mrs Showalter could not play, Lasker
called strongest woman he knew. Steinitz adjuds Elson-Halpern, Lipschutz/Young
gvg Franklin 8-6 win. Steinitz 15-0-3 simul Cosmopolitan, present include
Pillsbury, Lipschutz, Hodges, Helms et al; beat Newman, Widmer, Martin, Simon,
Rome, Steinberg, Clay, Talbot, Rhaner, Cochrane, Kaufman, Powers, Spinnradt
[Spinrad?], Schiller, Terker; drew Lesser, Hammond, Voran. Prague lvg chess
(composed by Dobrusky?) 1895 Game Center Game W32++ 1897 Game Center Game W31++.
Prob 194 OC Budde (Christiania). Solns AH Baldwin, LEC (Newark), Schaefer,
Bahler, Edwin H Baldwin, TW Benedict Jr (New Canaan CT), Petrovitch Q
Porjonetskei (New Canaan CT), Amateur, Engberg, Peet, James Jones

June 22, 1897 pg 5: Womens intl tnmt starts today London. Mrs Harriet Worrall
US rep. Patronesses include Princess Charles of Denmark, (Princess Maud of
Wales), patrons include Lord Russell of Killowen (Lord Chief Justice England),
Lord Mayor London; Lady Newnes pres tnmt cttee

June 24, 1897 pg 5: Opening London Ladies tnmt. 9 countries, $1100 for 6
prizes top 2 donated Newnes, Pillsbury. Entry list, rd 1 results, stdgs after
rd 2

June 25, 1897 pg 5: Womens tnmt rd 3 results, stdgs after rd 4

June 26, 1897 pg 3: Womens tnmt rd 6 stdgs

June 28, 1897 pg 3: 6 rds women's tnmt so far, leaders Miss Rudge 6-0 Mrs Fagan
5-0 Gooding 5. Finn, Worrall 3.5 and 2.5 resp but w unf games on hand so above
eschwege rest all lost at least 2. Young Xs Marshall of Bkln, Sournin of
Manhattan 7 up for $100 purse, Marshall leads 1-0. Metropolitan CC new
officers Otto Drescher, Julius C Goetze, J Feibel, JR Deen; dinner for retiring
pres Dr OP Honegger was given fine silver table-piece. NYSCA tnmt to start Aug 3
not Aug 2; Staats-Ztg, state, general. Game C Rosenkrantz-Tschigorin Evans B28+
w notes. Game Prof Berger-SR Wolf QP W29 w notes. Prob 195 H Le Jeune. Solns
Amateur, Engberg, C, Bahler, LEC (Newark), Schaefer, James Jones

June 29, 1897 pg 3: London women's tnmt stdgs rd 10; Finn retires due illness

June 30, 1897 pg 10: Women's tnmt stdgs after 12 rds; Rudge still clean score

July 1, 1897 pg 8: Womens tnmt stdgs 14 rds

July 2, 1897 pg 7: Women's tnmt rd 15-16 results, stdgs

July 3, 1897 pg 2: Women's tnmt stdgs rd 17 (unf games played off)

July 3, 1897 pg 6: If nothing to be said against women's intl tnmt also little
to be said in favor, game takes no note sex, should enter lists as players
not women and if cannot hold own high level moves do not deserve to be
cabled across Atlantic

July 4, 1897 pg 18: Miss Rudge wins ladies tnmt, shows high class; had won minor
tnmt vs mixed opponents. Mrs Worrall did well. Tnmt did well, likely to be
repeated. Jasnogrodsky leads Roething 4-1?-4. Marshall leads Sournin 3-0-1 $50/
side. Bkln CC may ask Napier to play for Staats-Ztg cup. Metropolitan CC sec
ltr re Steinitz entertainment given. City CC new rooms. Hastings Game 
Bird+Dobell-Gunsberg+Locock From Gambit B9. Prob 196 V Cisar (Pilzen, Austria).
Solns George M Botty (NY), Bahler, Schaefer, C, JR Stevens (Waldon), 
CE Le Massena (Newark), Amateur, Engberg. Note to JMD (Danbury CT)

July 4, 1897 pg 4: Womens tnmt final stdgs. Brilliancy prize not yet decided

July 5, 1897 pg 3: Error cabling winners ladies tnmt; Mrs Worrall and Miss Field
each lost 1 game credited to them correct order Rudge, Fagan, Thorold, Worrall,
Bonnefin, Thomas/Barry

July 10, 1897 pg 8: Books of wk include Amer Chess Code revised ed

July 11, 1897 pg 16: Contd interest womens tnmt. Public chess novelty for
women, fear pub play prob prevented more strong entries. Winner Miss
Mary Rudge steady player, odd not mentioned more at start. Talk of
arranging greater NY tnmt at City CC Oct on order intl tnmt won by Steinitz.
Marshall leads Sournin 5-0, latter seems to feel straub hard games. NYSCA mtg
Aug 2-7 1 of most important so far, can reach b y train. Drawing Mary Rudge.
Special fares. Prob 197 J Paul Taylor. Solns Leopold Friedlander (NY),
Joseph Bradley (Bkln), Engberg, Bahler, Edwin H Baldwin, Francis La Flesche
(Washington DC), LEC, C, Amateur, George M Botty (NY), CH Johnson
(grand Rapids MI). Note to ECI (Williamsport).

July 15, 1897 pg 12: Yonkers amateur tnmt for chp Lowerre and Park Hill
won by comedian Jefferson de Angelis who also played 3 blind won 2

July 18, 1897 pg 8 image 18: Chess at rest lately. Berlin collecting money for
tnmt prizes, may have to postpone. No more word on proposed master tnmt to be
orgd City CC fall or possible Manhattan 20th ann jubilee fest. Manhattan pubd
Amer chess code, identical w British. NYSCA mtg 1000 Islands to be memorable.
Prob 198 KA Makowsky. Solns Botty, EH Baldwin, C, James Jones, Bahler,
HL Lambers (Asheville NC), FR Stevens (Hoboken), LEC, Engberg, Amateur,
Leopold Friedlander (NY), AH Baldwin, Schaefer, A Maguray (NY). Notes to
Leopold Friedlander, EB Wall (Denver)

July 19, 1897 pg 3: Discussion Chinese chess

July 25, 1897 pg 9 image 19: NYSCA mtg to have 7th ann Staats-Ztg cup so far
Manhattan 3 (Hanham, Showalter, Lipschutz), Kemeny for City, Hodges for
Staten Island, Delmar for Metropolitan; must win 3 consec or 5 in all.
Steinitz for SI this yr, Lipschutz for Manhattan, Napier for Bkln, perhaps
Pillsbury for some club. NY vs PA, general tnmt. Cup tnmt starts 2d, others 3d.
2d num Amer Chess Mag improves on issue 1. Womens tnmt Game Miss Rudge-
Lady Thomas Center Ctr W54 w notes. Jasnogrodsky-Roething 7-3-4. Prob 199
M Lissner (NY). Solns Engberg, C, James Jones, LEC, AH Baldwin, Amateur,
Bahler, Francis La Flesche (Washington DC), EH Baldwin, Friedlander

July 26, 1897 pg 12: Benjamin Simon age 14 kills self tho Sat played chess
at which was expert

July 28, 1897 pg 3: NYSCA tnmt Murray Hill will have largest attendance any
US event for yrs. Steinitz, Pillsbury, Lipschutz to play for challenge cup.
NY interstate team Delmar, De Visser, Hodges, Hanham, Baird, Hymes, Vorrath;
PA team Shipley, Stuart, Morgan, Bampton, McCutcheon, Lutton, Young; class
tnmt many strong entries. Starts Aug 2-3 lasts wk. 

July 28, 1897 pg 12: Large gathering chess players Staten Island, Steinitz
25 simul wo losing a game

July 29, 1897 pg 3: Berlin tnmt starts Sept 12, enter by Aug 26, prizes
2000, 1500, 1000, 600 marks and prob others

Aug 1, 1897 pg 4 image 14: NYSCA mtg this wk, drawing Staats-Ztg cup for which
Steinitz, Pillsbury, Lipschutz, Napier will play and perhaps some reps upstate.
Large mtg expected. Berlin tnmt to start Sept 12, prizes 2000, 1500, 1000, 600
marks. Bird, Lee tied 2-2 in little London match. Southern Counties CA tnmt
Southampton starts Fri. Steinitz 2-0 blind Metropolitan, 19-0-2 simul
Progressive CC Newark, 24-0-1 Staten Island CC simul. City of London Game
WJ Evans-Blackburne QGA W40 light notes. Prob 200 Rudolph L'Hermet. Solns
Amateur, Friedlander, AH Baldwin, WHC (Bkln), LEC, Engberg, Lindmark, 
La Flesche, EH Baldwin, Bahler, James Jones, Schaefer, C. Note to LF (Newark)

Aug 2, 1897 pg 10: J Henniker Heaton and Horace Plunkett congrat telegraph cos
for speed and accuracy in interparliament match

Aug 4, 1897 pg 4: NYSCA tnmt cont. Some delay announcing NY players due hope
Steinitz, Lipschutz would enter decided not so not interfere w cup. DG Baird,
Vorrath did not arrive in time. NY: Pillsbury, Schieffelin, De Visser,
Hodges, Hanham, Ruth, Delmar. PA: Shipley, Kemeny, McCutcheon, Bampton,
Stuart, Young, Newman. Gen tnmt Class 1: LC karpinski, HJ Rogers, WE Scripture,
DF Searle, JD Elwell. Class 2: CP Weeks, A McMartin, DW Waller, C Watson, 
FA Watson, AW Orvis, HF Boehm, FA Dixon, AM Wright, CA Tanner. Class 3:
HD Wright, A Barber, JV Baker, SW Close, L Sackett, JA Wood, A Pieczonka,
W Borsodi. Cup tnmt Lipschutz-Napier, Steinitz vs Lipschutz adj. PA W all
Shipley/Pillsbury, Schieffelin-Newman, Kemeny/De Visser, Hodges-McCutcheon,
Bampton vs Hanham adj, Stuart-Ruth, Delmar-Young. Class 1: Scripture vs
Karpinski adj, Searle vs Rogers adj, Elwell bye. Class 2: Waller/Watson,
Weeks-McMartin, Wright-Tanner, Boehm-C Watson, Dixon-Orvis. Class 3: Wright-
Barber, Close-Wood, Pieczonka-Sackett, Baker-Borsodi. Game Napier-Lipschutz
Sic B33 Game Shipley-Pillsbury Scotch D46 Game Kemeny-De Visser Sic D34

Aug 5, 1897 pg 3: NYSCA tnmt. Only Pillsbury won for NY rd 3. Lipschutz drew
Steinitz in cup game. PA vs NY rd 2 Schieffelin/Shipley, De Visser/Newman,
Hodges-Kemeny, Hanham/McCutcheon, Bampton-Ruth, Stuart-Delmar, Pillsbury-Young.
1st class rd 2 Elwell/Karpinski, Searle-Scripture, Rogers bye. 2d class
Wright/Boehm, McMartin-Orvis, Waller-Tanner, Weeks-Dixon, Watson vs Watson adj.
3d class Wright-Sackett, Pieczonka-Borsodi, Barber-Close, Wood-Baker. Rd 3
PA had W all Shipley-De Visser, Newman-Hodges, Kemeny-Hanham, McCutcheon-Ruth,
Bampton-Delmar, Pillsbury-Stuart, Young-Schieffelin. Class 1 rd 3 Rogers vs
Elwell adj, Karpinski-Searle, Scripture bye. Class 2 F Watson vs Orvis adj,
Dixon-Wright, Boehm-Tanner, Weeks-Waller, Watson-McMartin. Class 3 Wright/Close,
Borsodi-Sackett, Wood-Barber, Baker/Pieczonka. Cup game Napier vs Steinitz adj.
Stdgs all include Class 1 Elwell, Karpinski 1.5-.5 Searle 2-1 Scripture 0-1
Rogers 0-0 [Searle 0-1?]. Class 2 Boehm 2.5-.5 Dixon 2-1 McMartin 1-2
Orvis 0-2 Tanner 0-3 Waller 1.5-1.5 C Watson 0-1 FT Watson 1.5-1.5 Weeks 3-0
AM Wright 1.5-1.5. Class 3 Baker 1.5-1.5 Barber, Borsodi 1-2 Close 1.5-1.5
Pieczonka 2.5-.5 Sackett 0-3 Wood 1-2 D Wright 2.5-.5 [?]. Game Kemeny-Hanham
Philidor W27 Game Lipschutz-Steinitz Ruy 3..g6 D58 Game Pillsbury-Young QGD W28

Aug 6, 1897 pg 3: NYSCA tnmt cont. Surprise Napier-Steinitz to show place 
deserved as well as popular; Lipschutz wins for 2d time vs Napier. NY leads
PA 18-17 individ leaders Pillsbury 4.5 Hodges 4 Hanham, Kemeny 3.5. Rd 4:
Hodges-Shipley, Hanham-Newman, Kemeny-Ruth, McCutcheon-Delmar, Pillsbury-
Bampton, Schieffelin-Stuart, Young/De Visser NY W all bds. Rd 5 (PA W)
Hanham-Shipley, Newman-Ruth, Kemeny-Delmar, Pillsbury-McCutcheon, Bampton-
Schieffelin, De Visser-Stuart, Hodges-Young. Cup: Lipschutz 2.5-.5 Steinitz
1.5-1.5 Napier 1-2. NY (all played 5) Pillsbury 4.5 Hodges 4 Hanham 3.5
De Visser, Schieffelin 2.5 Delmar 1 Ruth 0. PA: Kemeny 3.5 Bampton 3 Newman,
McCutcheon 2.5 Shipley, Stuart 2 Young 1.5. Tnmt Game Napier-Steinitz Ruy 3..Bc5
W63 Game Lipschutz-Napier Ruy W33. Soln tnmt for gold pin donated Emil Hoffman
of 3er by M Lissner won by Pillsbury

Aug 7, 1897 pg 9: NY-PA 25.5-23.5; individ winners Pillsbury 6.5 Hodges 6
Kemeny, De Visser 4.5. Steinitz-Lipschutz to tie for Staats-Ztg Cup 2.5-1.5;
will need playeoff. PA vs NY rd 6 (NY W all) Shipley-Ruth, Delmar-Newman,
Pillsbury-Kemeny, McCutcheon-Schieffelin, De Visser-Bampton, Hanham/Young,
Hodges-Stuart. Final rd Shipley-Delmar, Pillsbury-Newman, Kemeny-Schieffelin,
De Visser-McCutcheon, Hodges-Bampton, Stuart-Hanham (calls opening triangular
game), Young-Ruth. NY: Pillsbury 6.5 Hodges 6 De Visser 4.5 Hanham 4
Schieffelin 2.5 Delmar 2 Ruth 0. PA: Kemeny 4.5 Shipley 4 McCutcheon 3.5 
Bampton, Stuart, Young 3 Newman 2.5. Class 1: Elwell/Rogers, Scripture vs
Searle adj, Karpinski bye. Class 2: F Watson-Tanner, Weeks-C Watson, Wright-
Orvis, Waller-Boehm. Class 3: HD Wright-A Pieczonka in tiebreak to win 1st.
Steinitz vs Lipschutz playoff, 1st game here rest NY. Game Steinitz-Lipschutz
QGD W34 Game Pillsbury-Kemeny QGD W47

Aug 8, 1897 pg 5: Steinitz, Lipschutz D 2d cup playoff game, tnmt cttee decides
will play 3 more at SICC Aug 11 and 25, Manhattan Aug 18 if still tied assoc
will hold trophy. Gen tnmt Class 1: Winners Rogers, Karpinski, Elwell; Rogers
also won Farnsworth Challenge Cup. Class 2: Winners Weeks, Waller/Dixon. Class
3: Winners Wright, Pieczonka, Wood; Pieczonka (says Preezonka) wins challenge
cup donated HD Wright. Playoff Game 2 Steinitz-Lipschutz QGD D67

Aug 8, 1897 pg 13: NYSCA mtg 1 of most interesting, Trib reports elsewhere.
NY beats PA, individ winners Pillsbury, Hodges, De Visser/Kemeny, Hanham/
Shipley. Cup contest interesting. Great success. Prob 201 Moller (Ahlten). 
Solns Engberg, CE Lindmark (Bkln), Amateur, Friedlander, AH Baldwin, La Flesche,
Bahler, James Jones, WA Bryham (Bloomfield NJ)

Aug 10, 1897 pg 12: Adj contest for Staats-Ztg Cup tomorrow Staen Island CC;
Steinitz for Staten Island vs Lipschutz for Manhattan

Aug 11, 1897 pg 3: Steinitz, Lipschutz to play off Staats-Ztg cup tie today.
It is said Lipschutz has never beaten Steinitz, score of a prev 12 game match
Steinitz-Lipschutz 11.5-.5

Aug 15, 1897 pg 2: Berlin tnmt expected to rival Nuremberg and Budapest, 
Sept 12 prizes 400L to 5L and brilliancy donated Rothschild

Aug 15, 1897 pg 12 image 22: Due misunderstanding no game for Staats-Ztg Cup.
Manhattan claims on technicality, cannot decide til bd meets. Berlin tnmt
Sept 13 prizes 2000, 1500, 1000, 600, 400, 200 marks and 300 brilliancy
donated Rothschild 30/2 15/1. Also Haupttnmt prizes 900 marks. Enter to
Albert Heyde (Berlin) 40 marks EF, 10 Haupttnmt. Game by violinist and
mem Manhattan vs strong mem Manchester CC Game WC Palmer-A Brodsky French B24
notes Field. Prob 202 HE Eddis

Aug 19, 1897 pg 2: Directors Manhattan meet re Staats-Ztg cup dispute, will
leave to NYSCA. Gilberg rcvd ltr from NYSCA pres Prof Howard Rogers of Albany
that would confer ~Sept 1. Directors appoint cttee chair Morse to confer w reps
other CCs re Steinitz testimonial

Aug 22, 1897 pg 12 image 22: Little in chess world except arrangements Berlin
tnmt; locally differences re Staats-Ztg Cup. Lasker studying Heidelberg for
PhD, unlikely to play Berlin; Pillsbury has not said whether will play; 
Steinitz requests cttee pay half expenses. No decision re Staats-Ztg til pres
Rogers calls mtg ~sept 1, issue whether 1 or 3 games decides. Steinitz 6-0 
simul Metropolitan CC, beat Lesser, Honegger, Will, Gisberg, Ross, Donohue.
Lee vs Bird extended to 7 up, Lee leads 6-4-2. Prob 203 W Finlayson. Solns
Amateur, Bahler, Engberg, Lindmark, James Jones, JW Green (Cockburn NY),
F Raumann (NY), Charles Dean (Bainbridge PA), A Wicke (NY), HW Keppish (Bkln),
Louis Dermal (NY), Theodore V Burgh (Sprint Valley OH), EH Baldwin, 
Friedlander, Schaefer. Regence chp brilliancy prize Game Sittenfeld-Janowski
Zukertort B34 w notes. Corrected Prob 201 Moller (Ahlten). Notes to WAB 
(Bloomfield NJ), EHB (Hackensack)

Aug 29, 1897 pg 12 image 22: Bkln CC starts 1898 cable match arrangements;
ltr sent by sec Stanley H Chadwick to major CCs given trying to bridge
differences and field top team. Steinitz 5-0-1 Metropolitan CC simul; beat
Goetze, Honegger, Metzger, Will, Hirsch; drew Donohue. Lee-Bird 7-4-2.
Mexico leading players Manuel Marquez-Sterling/Antonia Escontria 4-4-4 $200/
side. Match Game Bird-Lee Bird's W44+. Prob 204 Rev J Jespersen. Solns
Schaefer, C, Kennebunkport ME, Engberg, Lindmark, HS Lambert (Asheville NC),
James Jones, Amateur, Courtenay Lemon, Bahler, Theodore Mueller (NY), N Clark
(Plainfield NJ), Friedlander. Notes to CJ (Holyoke MA). Showalter b KY 1860,
1883 R player by own confession, key position from corr game Showalter-
prof JE Logan (strong Louisville amateur)

Sept 4, 1897 pg 1: No Americans at Berlin tnmt, also none of Lasker, 
Tarrasch, Maroczy, Pillsbury, Steinitz

Sept 5, 1897 pg 18: Metropolitan arranging testimonial for Steinitz; Honegger
circular given. London papers say Berlin tnmt starting Sept 13 disappointing
no US entries, Lasker, Tarrasch, Maroczy not yet entered; Blackburne, Burn,
Bird, Teichmann will play. In addition to intl tnmts Vienna, Leipzig, Cologne
next yr, intl tnmt planned in The Hague w financial support cabinet minister
Van Houten; planned at Netherlands CA mtg Utrecht winners R Loman, D
Blejkmans. Game Schlechter-J Thiring (mem Vienna CC) Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier
W35++ notes London Standard. 3d issue Amer Chess Mag rcvd, great coverage
NYSCA tnmt. Steinitz 7-0-1 Metropolitan simul, beat Honegger, Metzger,
Van Raake, Will, Seckendorf, Klein, Pieczonka; drew Hein. Prob 205 IMK 
(Lupton). Solns Stevens, EH Baldwin (Hackensack), Leopold Friedlander (NY),
Engberg, CG Lindmark (Bkln), AH Baldwin, W Clark (Plainfield NJ), MS Walters
(NY). Notes to CL, EAC (Silver Bay), RW Litileo (NY)

Sept 5, 1897 pg 4: Manhattan victory in Staats-Ztg cup dispute. NYSCA managers
mtg, present Howard J Rogers, Hodges, Stephen G Ruth, Dr OP Honegger, Emil
Hoffman, De Visser, EW Dahl. Cttee came from Staten Island, but issue turned
from Manhattan conduct on technical point so did not testify. Manhattan managers
realized would be beaten on issue of non-compliance w agreement of Aug 7,
cleverly raised issue of lack of authority to order contest at all. Ruling
given, cttee exceeded authority to order playoff when rules governing said
must be decided at tnmt; contest considered tie for yr and cup held by NYSCA.
Clever political victory, chess world may see differently. Cttee of 3 will be
appointed to revise rules

Sept 7, 1897 pg 5: Womens CC season opens Nov 2 (Sept 8 pg 5)

Sept 11, 1897 pg 5: Mrs Harriet Worrall, only US rep London Women's tnmt,
back in Bkln. Speaks highly of reception England, feels Ladies CC fine org.
Prizes presented by Lady Newnes, speeches George Newnes, Hon Atherley-Jones
MP, Hon Horace Plunkett, Blackburne et al. Miss Forbes-Sharp of Scotland rcvd
prize for prettiest mate. Rothschild brilliancy prize likely to Miss Gooding;
award to be made by Pillsbury and Lasker. Entertained at Newnes res. Mrs
Worrall won 4th prize, upheld US fame

Sept 12, 1897 pg 24: Berlin tnmt opens today, after discussion whether to form
new German CA. Alapin, Albin, Bird, Blackburne, Burn, Caro, Charousek, Janowski,
Lee, Marco, Mason, Metger, Popiel, Schiffers, Schlechter, Schottlander, 
Suchting, Teichmann, Tschigorin, Winawer, Zinkl; reserves Heinrichsen, Dr 
Lewitt. NYSCA declares Staats-Ztg cup draw, cttee De Visser, GA Barth, Dr OP
Honegger will draft new rules, and cttee Edward Hymes, SG Ruth, A Ettlinger to
consider whether NYSCA should adopt Amer chess code. Metropolitan reception for
Steinitz testimonial Oct 14. Paris Game M Weissmann-Baron Rothschild KGA B29++
notes The Standard. Prob 206 AF Mackenzie. Solns EH Baldwin, WHC, C (Oaknut PA),
AH Baldwin, Engberg, Lindmark, Leopold Freidlander (NY), W Clark (Plainfield 
NJ), WDL Robbins (NY), CH (Chicopee MA), C Dionisio Pudain (Schenectady NY).
Advise LT (NY) to write WH Lyons (Newport KY)

Sept 13, 1897 pg 7: Berlin tnmt begins; names and cities given. Compared to
Sept 12 includes Bardeleben, Cohn, Englisch, Walbrodt but not Bird, Lee, Mason, 
Popiel, Schottlander. 1 rd all but Sunday

Sept 14, 1897 pg 7: Berlin tnmt rd 1 results

Sept 15, 1897 pg 7: Berlin tnmt rd 2 results, stdgs

Sept 16, 1897 pg 7: Berlin tnmt rd 3 results, stdgs; Bardeleben wd because in
ill health and cannot stand strain

Sept 17, 1897 pg 3: Berlin rd 4 results, stdgs

Sept 18, 1897 pg 7: Berlin rd 5 results, stdgs

Sept 19, 1897 pg 24: Berlin rd 6 results, stdgs. Famous pianist Prof A
Pieczonka will play at Steinitz testimonial Oct 16. Steinitz 6-0-2 Metropolitan
simul, drew Honegger and Donohue. Southern Counties Chess Union mtg Southampton
in prog, winner main tnmt holds Newnes Amateur challenge cup for yr; tnmt
Game HE Atkins-WH Gunston 4N W19 w notes. Prob 207 G Chocholous (Prague).
Solns Freidlander, Engberg, WHC, Lindmark, AH Baldwin, Bahler, Jones, HS Lawbeck
(Asheville NC)

Sept 21, 1897 pg 7: Berlin rd 7 results, stdgs

Sept 22, 1897 pg 7: Some corrections prev scores. Berlin tnmt rd 8 results, 

Sept 23, 1897 pg 3: Berlin rd 9 results, stdgs

Sept 24, 1897 pg 3: Berlin rd 10 results, stdgs

Sept 25, 1897 pg 4: Berlin rd 11 results, stdgs

Sept 26, 1897 pg 28: Berliners taking great interest in tnmt, many spectators,
Berliner Turf Club donated 500 marks to prize fund. Very close. Rd 12 results,
stdgs. Game Metger+Schiffers+Teichmann-Charousek+Marco+Suechting Ruy 3..Bc5 D20
tnmt Games Blackburne-Cohn French W31 Zinkl-Alapin QGD B51 Charousek-Marco
GP D46 Marco-Cohn Ruy W43 Tschigorin-Schiffers Evans dec D48 Walbrodt-Charousek
Ruy W42 Suechting-Schlechter Evans dec D46. Managers of Steinitz reception say
nearly $500 already disposed of; Oct 16 at Opera House. Metropolitan series
rapid transit tnmt Sat evenings. Fri Steinitz usual entertainment, blind or 
simul. Prob 208 Carslake W Wood. Solns Harry P Gambert [Lambert?] (NY),
E Dionisio Pildains (NY), Friedlander, F Lufbery (Rahway), EH Baldwin (Atlantic
City), Parmly, AH Baldwin, W Frazier Jones (Jacksonville FL), James Jones,
Clark, Robbins, Schaefer

Sept 28, 1897 pg 3: Englisch wd Berlin due to ill health, all unplayed scored
against. Rd 13 results, stdgs

Sept 29, 1897 pg 4: Berlin rd 14 results, stdgs. Cttee adds 120 mark 7th prize

Sept 30, 1897 pg 7: Berlin rd 15 results, stdgs

Oct 1, 1897 pg 4: Berlin rd 16 results, stdgs

Oct 2, 1897 pg 4: Berlin rd 17 results, stdgs

Oct 3, 1897 pg 8 image 28: Berlin rd 18 results, stdgs. Still undecided 1 rd 
to go. Prob 209 Sigmund Gold (NY). Solns Lufbery, Engberg, Lindmark, 
Friedlander, EH Baldwin, Louis E Hinrichs (Bkln), Schaefer, James Jones, 
Robbins, Lambert, AH Baldwin, RI Litheo (NY), OH Gansser. Knights CC opened.
Berlin tnmt Games Englisch-Albin Ruy W65 Burn-Winawer Vienna W32 Tschigorin-
Albin 2N W18 Winawer-Suechting Center Game W45 Charousek-Suechting QP W50
Janowski-Winawe Ruy W48 Burn-Albin Vienna D60 Blackburne-Tschigorin QP W25
Tschigorin-Zinkl French 1.Qe2 W35 Charousek-Burn French B31 Metger-Alapin
Rug D21 Caro-Tschigorin Zukertort D72 Winawer-Teichmann Ruy D56

Oct 5, 1897 pg 3: Berlin final rd, stdgs. Pic Rudolph Charousek. Age 24, b
Prague, moved to Budapest age 5 considered full Hungarian. In college too
poor to sudied Handbuch, copied instead. Westminster Gazette 1896 called
Charousek most promising since Morphy and Kolisch, this opinion shared at
Nuremberg by all but Lasker. Europeans feel Charousek is strongest opponent
for Lasker and likely next chp match. 2d place Walbrodt just 2 yrs older,
3 yrs younger than Lasker

Oct 6, 1897 pg 3: Berlin tnmt full CT

Oct 10, 1897 pg 23: Berlin tnmt brings forward Charousek as aspirant for chp
honors; did not lose a game last 14 rds. B Prague 1873, ed Budapest where
parents resided since age 5. Few chess mtgs wo sensational incidents, Berlin
no exception. Englisch wrote cttee had been advised to take poisonous drug to
hurt tnmt chances, went home and FFd remainder. Lasker raked management and
expressed harsh opinions of cttee. Steinitz testimonial Oct 16. Bkln CC ann mtg,
officers Winiston H Hagen, RR Williams, Herman Behr, JH Blakey, Stanley H
Chadwick; cttee JT Marean, George W Jones, A Simis Jr, SH Cragg, JP Messiter.
Manhattan chp tnmt and class tnmt w substantial prizes announced. Berlin tnmt
Games Janowski-Albin Ruy W45 Schlechter-Marco Bishop O B39 Tschigorin-Janowski
Ruy B21 Charousek-Englisch KGA Bishop G D30 Marco-Winawer e4 f6 W61. Prob 240
HDO Bernard. Solns Harry P Lambert (NY), Engberg, F Lufbery (Rahway NJ),
EH Baldwin (Atlantic City), A Maguary (NY), James Kilduff (NY), James Jones,
AH Baldwin, RW Lithco (NY), Schaefer, William Mailcar (Chicago), Thomas Kelley
(NY), Walter Grayson (Newark), Rudolph Sinks (San Diego CA), Charles A Reed
(Bkln), GL Parmly (E Orange)

Oct 11, 1897 pg 10: Harvard CC rcvs challenge from UC Berkeley, 3 players
by telegraph, SF paper volunteers telegraph fees; exec cttee considering
favorably. Williams CC officers Clarke 98, Lehman 99, Vrooman 99, Sherry 99

Oct 17, 1897 pg 2: Steinitz testimonial concert last night, arranged by 
Metropolitan CC, filled w prominent players. After good prog music and lit,
Steinitz spoke of benefits of chess and his 28 yr chp. Speeches by Metropolitan
pres Otto Drescher, Edward Hymes. Present include Gilberg, Judge J Mona Lesser
(says Monahesser) of Boston CC, Dr OP Honegger, J Feibel, De Visser, Philip
Richardson, L Sternberg (Newark), H Helms et al. Artists who volunteered
service Frederick Walton, Elvina the juvenile dancer, Louis Schmidt, Miss
Lillian Jerome, Miss Lillian Julian, the Allison sisters, Frederick Niblo

Oct 17, 1897 pg 8 image 20: Charousek victory popular in foreign papers,
extraordinary genius and more brilliancy than Lasker. Seems little chance
of them mtg until next Apr for greatest of all tnmts Vienna. Vienna prize
fund already 10000 gulden ~$5000, plan 12 prizes w 1st 4000 gulden, 2RR.
Likely 2 German tnmts and 1 Dutch as well. US chess quiet. Nothing heard of
proposed City CC tnmt, Manhattan will do nothing of intl nature tho club chp
soon; Bkln preparingfor cable match. Intercollege and NYSCA only interesting
events of season. Harlem YMCA chess evening success, Gilbert excellent address
on chess, Colonel Morse brief exctract from Lasker chess lectures delivered 
on Gordon [?], De Visser presented game from Manhattan vs Franklin, simuls
by De Visser, Hanham, Davidson, Jasnogrodsky, Halpin [Halpern?], Rocamora.
Berlin tnmt Games Charousek-Janowski KGD W64 Walbrodt-Caro Ruy 3..Nd4 D52
Winawer-Schlechter Ruy B50 Schlechter-Burn French B36 Janowski-Zinkl French W37
Blackburne-Marco Falkbeer Ctr W23 Burn-Janowski QGD B31 Teichmann-Suechting
Evans dec D33 Tschigorin-Winawer Vienna steinitz G W50. Prob 211 OH Gansser
(Bay City). Solns Engberg, Lindmark, Lambert, Bahler, EH Baldwin, James Jones,
Robbins, CAR (Bkln). Trib only publishes direct mates

Oct 18, 1897 pg 10: 1st mtg Pton CC, large attendance including new mems.
Tnmt to choose intercollege reps soon

Oct 19, 1897 pg 8: RF Foster who has pubd thru Brentanos books on chess, dice,
dominoes et al adds poker to list

Oct 24, 1897 pg 20: Great activity London CCs summarized; E vs W Sussex 93
bds, Blackburne blind, Gunsberg and Teichmann simuls, mtg 200 club secs, 25
bd Womens CC vs Metropolitan (Womens CC will play ~50 matches this season) all
in 1 wk. Meanwhile chess dead in NY; usu chp and hdcp tnmt of interest only to
competitors. Promising Metropolitan League defunct, can't it be revived? 
Steinitz reception was great success socially and financially, sec Feibel thinks
$500 will be left towards testimonial funds. death Englisch who resigned from
Berlin tnmt due to health. Vienna tnmt now has 30000 guldens in hand, needs
only fix date. Berlin tnmt Games Suechting-Englisch Ruy D66 Teichmann-Blackburne
Ruy B65 Metger-Tschigorin KGA Bishop G W30 Teichmann-Alapin Vienna B62 
Walbrodt-Suechting 4N B41 Tschigorin-Marco French 2.Qe2 W49 Walbrodt-Schlechter
Ruy W38 Burn-Tschigorin QGD Chigorin B27 Winawer-Walbrodt French B57 
Albin-Suechting 2N->GP B53 mate 1 Suechting-Metger Ruy B32 Charousek-Schiffers
Sic W48. Prob 212 N Maximov (St Ptbg). Solns Bahler, Schaefer, WHC, Jones,
Lambert, AH Baldwin

Oct 31, 1897 pg 16: Bkln Chess League orgd at home WH Clay. Present BC Selover
Jr (Bishops CC), H Helms (YMCA CCC Central Branch), J Maddus (YMCA 9th St),
H Dilthey Jr (Pillsbury Amateur CC), William Westholm (Columbus CC), FL Dowling
(Steinitz CC), RA Keogh (Dutch Arms CC), FO Lacey (Bkln HS CC), C Griswold
(Exchange CC), Dr LD Broughton Jr (Evans CC), RR Morse (Knights CC), AW Meisel
(Polytechnic CC). Officers WH Clay (Steinitz), Selover, Dilthey, General
SF Kneeland (Steinitz CC). Will hold ann club tnmt. Elsewhere Simeon B 
Chittenden hosts Society of Colonial Dames of CT event

Oct 31, 1897 pg 20: Manhattan chp looks to be most interesting of recent yrs.
Present chp L Schmidt the violinist, Jasnogrodsky, Hanham, NY chp Delmar,
Rocamora, DG Baird, G Koehler. Also special tnmt for classes 3-4, entries
A Docharty, J Johnson, JS Wood, HE Taylor, G Loeb, CH Hatheway, J Wachtel,
H Rubino, WN Amory, H Smith, FH Yeaton, RA Mead, HL Hepburn, WEM Gill, AH
Bierwith, J Doob. Metropolitan sec Feibel says each Sun will hold rapid
transit tnmt, all invited esp if not mem any CC. Plan to address why chess
dull in NY while booming overseas delicately in 1 of next 2 cols. Bkln sec
SH Chadwick recently turned to composition, gives Chadwick self-mate 4 prob.
Berlin tnmt Games Charousek-Tschigorin QGD 3..b6 W47 Walbrodt-Blackburne
Center Ctr W50 Charousek-Caro Ruy 3..g6 W60 Charousek-Alapin QGD 3..b6 W30
Burn-Marco QGD W31 Janowski-Marco Ruy D40 Schlechter-Tschigorin Ruy W35
Cohn-Schlechter GP D74 Alapin-Burn French D46 Blackburne-Janowski 2N 51
Prob 213 LK Istomin. Solns Lambert, Engberg, Lindmark, AH Baldwin, Schaefer,
Bahler, EH Baldwin, WHC, Mrs WB Gilbert, James Jones, C (Santa Barbara CA),

Nov 1, 1897 pg 10: Pton tnmt for chp and intercollege reps starts Nov 2, ~15 
entries. CCNY CC officers Charles H Buerger 98, Charles J Lagerwall 00, Alex
Solon 98; will start tnmt Fri to select 6 man team to challenge other colleges

Nov 2, 1897 pg 5: 1st mtg Womens CC this afternoon

Nov 5, 1897 pg 7: Death Dr Charles Hudson Avery, 1 of best known doctors in 
city, invalid past 13 yrs. More on him. Excellent chess player, special interest
chess probs, while ill worked out Trib chess probs and soln pubd under name 

Nov 6, 1897 pg 7: Walbrodt wins game vs Janowski (pg 6)

Nov 7, 1897 pg 20: Like Showalter in US, Janowsi willing to play anyone for any
prize in Europe. Challenged Lasker, Maroczy, Charousek, finally got match vs
Walbrodt 6 games 1000 marks/side; Walbrodt leads 1-0-2. Marco writes from Vienna
that Charousek visited on way from Berlin to Budapest, played series consulting
games and match Charousek+Fahndrich vs Marco+Schlechter. Vienna accepts 
telegraph challenge from St Ptbg. Berlin tnmt Games Schiffers-Walbrodt French
W41 Albin-Metger French D63 Metger-Caro QGD B50 Albin-Charousek 2N B62 Cohn-
Englisch Zukertort W45 Alapin-Tschigorin Alapins O D79 Albin-Schlechter 2N B50
Charousek-Cohn Falkbeer Ctr W29 Winawer-Charousek Center Game B19 Albin-
Blackburne Evans dec B17 Alapin-Marco Alapin's O W38 mate 4 Burn-Schiffers QGD
W45. Only Manhattan chp games for wk Baird-Jasnogrodsky, Rocamora-Hanham. 
Staten Island CC opens season w rapid transit tnmt, soln contest, WS Huntington
simul. Next Wed 1st City rapid transit, Metropolitan rapid transit each Sunday
of season starting today. Amer Chess Mag now ed Dr LD Broughton Jr, issue 5 
at hand, excellent as usu. Prob 214 Courtenay Lemon (NY). Solns Engberg,
Lindmark, AH Baldwin, Bahler, Schaefer, James Jones, EH Baldwin, HPL (NY),
CAR (Bkln)

Nov 8, 1897 pg 10: La Bourdonnais CC of Columbia tnmt begins, 24 entries in 2
secs. Club officers Jacobus, Seward, Parker

Nov 11, 1897 pg 1: Walbrodt wins, leads Janowski 2-0-2

Nov 13, 1897 pg 1: Janowski wins, trails Walbrodt 2-1-2

Nov 13, 1897 pg 4: Usu John C Bullitt Jr suicide ltr

Nov 14, 1897 pg pg 8 image 20: Berlin tnmt Games Cohn-Schlechter GP D74 Walbrodt
-Blackburne Center Ctr W50 Charousek-Alapin QGD W30 Burn-Marco QGD W31
Alapin-Burn French D46 Marco-Zinkl French W34 Janowski-Walbrodt Ruy D36
Caro-Suechting Petroff W54 Alapin-Schiffers Sic 2.d4 cd 3.QxP B37 Zinkl-
Charousek 2N B46 Cohn-Albin 2N W42 Zinkl-Metger Ruy 3..B-N5 W25 Blackburne-Burn
French D39 Schiffers-Winawer 4N Double Ruy W30. Prob 215 HH Davis. Solns
Engberg, Lindmark, Bahler, EH Baldwin, Schaefer, Peet, James Jones, Lambert

Nov 15, 1897 pg 9: Amherst CC orgd, communications rcvd fro other colleges re
intercollege tnmt spurred formation

Nov 17, 1897 pg 8: Game 2 Walbrodt-Janowski Ruy W45

Nov 18, 1897 pg 7: Walbrodt vs Janowski agreement said if tied after 6 would 
play 3 extra; Janowski wins 1st extra game

Nov 18, 1897 pg 10: Columbia CC and other orgs come under jurisdiction
Columbia University Union by act of University Council

Nov 20, 1897 pg 7: Janowski wins game 8, Walbrodt declines to play final game
9 of match

Nov 21, 1897 pg 8 image 20: Janowski comes back from down 2-0-2 w 2 to play,
beats Walbrodt 4-2-2. Game 3 Janowski-Walbrodt QGD D54 notes The Field. Vienna
tnmt w 6000 kronen ~$1500 1st prize starts May, 8 wks. Only prize winners prev
intl tnmts allowed, 20 player limit, 2RR. Manhattan chp stdgs DG Baird 2.5-.5
Delmar 1.5-2.5 Ettlinger 2-1 Hanham 0-3 Jasnogrodski 1.5-2.5 G Koehler 1-1
Rocamora 1.5-1.5 L Schmidt 1-0. Plan to arrange similar tnmt Bkln CC. Bkln
vs Metropolitan rapid transit tomorrow. Metropolitan tnmt started, 20 entries,
7 prizes; also rapid transit tnmt each Sat of season. Death Conrad Bayer,
Lennep. Berlin tnmt Games Janowski-Marco Ruy D40 Charousek-Caro Ruy 3..g6
W60 Charousek-Tschigorin QGD W47 Walbrodt-Alapin KGD 2..Nf6 W44 Schlechter-
Tschigorin Ruy W35 Metger-Janowski Scotch B40 Teichmann-Burn French W31.
Prob 216 Robin H Legge. Solns Isaac Louis Peet (Yonkers), Mrs WB Gilbert,
Lambert, Bahler, EH Baldwin, SL (Irvington NY), James Jones, Engberg, Lindmark,
AH Baldwin, Schaefer, JW Brotherton (Dover NJ), WJ Fowler (Parkville LI)

Nov 21, 1897 pg 5, image 25: Great increase enthusiasm Women's CC of NY past
yr; 9 new mems, 2 new hon mems. Book pubd w certificates of incorporation,
constitution, bylaws, mem list; each mem given copy. Teachers pf chess will be
provided during season. Great success. Directors Mrs Benjamin C Webster, Mrs
William Hamilton Stockwell, Mrs Daniel Moran, Mrs William Gordon Ver Planck,
Miss Eliza Campbell Foote, Miss Emily Somers Haines, Mrs Winthrop Parker,
Miss Sophie Downer, Mrs William Minaver Ver Planck; officers Foote, Paker, 
Haines, Downer. Chess season 1st Tues Nov-last Tues Apr

Nov 23, 1897 pg 5: Womens CC mtg today

Nov 26, 1897 pg 2: Showalter to coach Yale for intercollege, play Pillsbury
after holidays

Nov 28, 1897 pg 20: Trib correspondent suggests corr tnmt, good idea, will
take names and addresses, hope to start Jan, open to rules suggestions.
Manhattan chp stdgs Baird 4.5-1.5 Delmar 1.5-5.5 Ettlinger 4-2 Hanham 0-4
Jasnogrodsky 1.5-2.5 Koehler 1-3 Rocamora 3.5-.5 Schmidt 3-0; tnmt Games
Schmidt-Hanham Vienna W25 Jasnogrodsky-Koehler QP W41 Ettlinger-Baird KGD B23
Baird-Schmidt Ruy 3..B-N5 B72 (touch move violation) Baird-Ettlinger French
W27. Universities holding tnmts to select intercollege reps. Newark vs
Cosmopolitan rapid transit next Fri; similar last Mon Bkln/Metropolitan 12.5-
12.5. Game 4 Walbrodt-Janowski Ruy W35 Game 5 Janowski-Walbrodt QGD W43.
Prob 217 Otto Fuss. Solns Engberg, Lindmark, Jones, Mrs WB Gilbert, Lambert,
AH Baldwin, Schaefer, Peet, WHC, Frey, Bahler, WDL Robbins, JW Brotherton
(Dover NJ). Ltr from HS Duryea (NY) given proposing Trib corr tnmt, says
other papers eg Literary Digest have held successfully

Nov 29, 1897 pg 4: Yale declined 2 game corr match vs Columbia due to match
vs Harvard which took 18 mos ending in tie. Pton also declined, Harvard not
yet heard from. Columbia is willing to admit Penn to intercollege tnmt

Dec 4, 1897 pg 8: Books of wk include Chess A Manual for Beginners by
RF Foster

Dec 5, 1897 pg A4: Article on DA-elect Josiah T Marean mentions was pres 
Bkln CC, enthusiastic player

Dec 5, 1897 pg 45: Chess col moves to supplement, goes to press sooner than
rest of paper; ltrs after Wed cannot be processed until following Sunday.
Much approval Duryea's idea for corr tnmt; Harry P Lambert, Courtenay Lemon 
(who adds news Harlem CC orgd) enter as well as HS Duryea. Manhattan chp
stdgs Baird 5.5-3.5 Delmar 1.5-6.5 Ettlinger 4.5-2.5 Hanham 1-4 Jasnogrodsky
2.5-.2.5 Koehler 2-3 Rocamora 5-2 Scmidt 4-2. Ex-Consul Max Judd visited
Rome, split 2 games vs strong Italian player F Ceccarini including Game
Max Judd-Ceccarini Ruy W30 w notes. London Daily News comments on Game 6
Walbrodt-Janowski Sic B18. Vol 6 Amer Chess Mag excellent. Prob 218 K Kondelik.
Solns Engberg, Lindmark, EH Baldwin, HS Duryea (NY), Lambert, F Lufberg 
(Rahway), Bahler, Schaefer, Lilliestrale, Friedlander, C (Santa Barbara),
Sam Steven (NY), Isaac LP (Dunwoodie NY), GHB (Atlantic City NJ) Trib will
try to mend matters

Dec 6, 1897 pg 1: Announced NJ Gov John W Griggs to be Atty-Gen mentions
for yrs on Paterson CC team

Dec 12, 1897 pg 48: Trib corr tnmt promises to be successful. Need rules 1
game or 2, num moves/wk; up to competitors, solicit opinions. Movement to
arrange monster team match Bkln jrs vs NY jrs, all under 18. Marco writes
that Vienna tnmt arranged May-June next yr, limit 20; full prog Jan, top 2
prizes 3000 and 2000 gulden. Rocamora leads Manhattan chp 5-1-2, lost only
to Schmidt, drew Baird, Ettlinger; beat Delmar, Hanham twice, Koehler, Schmidt. 
Next Baird 5.5, beat Delmar, Ettlinger twice, Jasnogrodsky, Schmidt; drew
Rocamora. Ettlinger 4.5 beat Delmar (2), Hanham, Koehler, drew Rocamora. Schmidt
4 beat Baird, Hanham, Koehler, Rocamora. Koehler 3 Delmar, Jasnogrodsky 2.5
Hanham 2. Manhattan chp Games Koehler-Delmar GP W47 Rocamora-Schmidt Ruy 3..B-N5
W52 Rocamora-Ettlinger Vienna D31. Rapid transit match 5/side Bkln vs
Manhattan planned Fri, will prob report next wk. Trib corr tnmt entries
HS Duryea (NY), Harry P Lambert (NY), Courtenay Lemon (NY), Reginald Jordan
(NY), Albert Woeltge (Stamford CT); hope to start Jan. Final match Game 8
Walbrodt-Janowski Sic B14 notes The Field (e6 vs closed)

Dec 18, 1897 pg 11: Phillips 99Law 96 CCNY simul Columbia, 5-0-1 beating
KG Falk, FW Ellers, AS Meyer, NW Ross, GG Hopkins Jr; drew L Meyer

Dec 19, 1897 pg 45: Plan to limit entries intl tnmts generally approved, but
if had been strict in prev tnmts Lasker, Walbrodt, Pillsbury, Maroczy,
Charousek et al would never have chance. Vienna tnmt next. Gives 21 who
might very well enter, who would throw out; Marco, Schlechter, Charousek,
Maroczy, Weiss, Berger, Tarrasch, Walbrodt, Bardeleben, Mieses, Blackburne,
Gunsberg, Lipke, Mason, Tschigorin, Schiffers, Alapin, Janowski, Teichmann,
Steinitz, Pillsbury; also debars others eg Showalter from proving selves
even tho could beat most of above; all comers 1RR better. Ltrs on corr tnmt
proposed rules from Albert Woeltge (Stamford CT), HS Duryea (NYC). New entries
rcvd from HS Burroughs (Bkln), JT Wright (Hulmeville PA), J George Schaefer
(Wappinger's Falls NY). Little prog Manhattan chp tnmt, stdgs Baird 5.5-3.5
Delmar 2.5-7.5 Ettlinger 5.5-5.5 Hanham 3-4 Jasnogrodsky 3.5-4.5 Kohler 3-4
Rocamora 6-2 Schmidt 5-3. Manhattan tnmt Games Ettlinger-Kohler Scotch B53
Hanham-Baird Bishop O W21 Schmidt-Rocamora Vienna W29. Match all play all
on other team Manhattan-Bkln 13-12; Bkln team De Visser, Helms, Marshall,
Napier, Richardson; Manhattan Delmar, Jasnogrodsky, Kohler, Rocamora, Smith
w Delmar being replaced by Hanham after 2 rds. Prob 220 Johannes Kaden. Solns
Bahler (Schenectady), HS Duryea and Harry P Lambert (NY), Schaefer, AH Baldwin,
Engberg, Lindmark, EH Baldwin, F Luftbery (Rahway NJ)

Dec 25, 1897 pg 4: 6th ann intercollege over vacation, arrangements EA Caswell
Y66. Must win cup 10 times to keep; Col 2 and Harv 3. Harv team EE Southard
and J Hewins Jr 98, subs FE Thayer 99 and PW Long 98. Southard H rep last 2,
6-0 last yr, leading college player. Hewins 5-1 in 94 tnmt. Harvard has
practice w mems Boston CC, Columbia and Yale coached by Pillsbury and
Showalter resp

Dec 26, 1897 pg 39: 5th ann intercollege starts tomorrow. C: Arthur S Meyer
George O Seward subs KG Falk R Jacobus. H: James Hewins Jr Elmer E Southard subs
PW Long FE Thayer. Y: Louis A Cook William M Murdoch subs H Logan JC Pickett.
P: David T Dana William W Young subs ED Carter CH Hale. Directors Edward W 
Libaire, Joseph M Proskauer. Ref: Delmar, H Helms. Full sched Dec 27-Jan 1.
New Harlem CC formed, officers H Oram Smith, MP Marks, Courtenay Lemon. Some
new entries for corr tnmt, will print rules Jan 2. HS Burroughs of Bkln suggests
2 games/pair, played simul 6 moves/wk. New entries James Jones (Jacksonville 
FL), Philip Schroer (Jersey City), Edmund Arthur Dodge (NYC). Ltr from
Syracuse re holday tnmt, provisional cttee AW Orvis (Gouverneur), Curtis P
Weeks (Ovid NY), George N Cheney (Syracus), in Syracuse Tues-Wed. Janowski,
Charousek plan match in Berlin or Vienna, plan Charousek vs Burn in London;
also amateur chp HE Atkins vs Charousek. Vienna vs St Ptbg telegraph match
has begun. Prob 221 Kohtz+Kockelkorn. Solns Engberg, Lindmark, Friedlander,
Lambert, Lufbery, James Jones, Peet, James W Brotherton (Dover NJ), HL
Fairchild (Nichols CT). Mote to William Koch (NY)

Dec 27, 1897 pg 2: Intercollege tnmt starts today. Rd 1 pairings Arthur 
S Meyer (C) vs James Hewins (H), Louis A Cook (Y) vs David T Dana (P), George
O Seward (C) vs William W Young (P), william M Murdoch vs Elmer E Southard
(H), 2-6 and 8-10

Dec 27, 1897 pg 10: Events of day has intercollege tnmt

Dec 28, 1897 pg 12: Events of day has intl chess tnmt (also Dec 27 pg 10)

Dec 28, 1897 pg 2: Intercollege tnmt 1 of most popular chess events. Rd 1

Dec 29, 1897 pg 7: Intercollege rd 2 results, team and individ stdgs

Dec 29, 1897 pg 12: Events of day has intercollege tnmt

Dec 30, 1897 pg 12: Intercollege results

Dec 31, 1897 pg 12: Intercollege rd 4 results, team and individ stdgs

Jan 1, 1898 pg 2: Intercollege rd 5 results, team and individ stdgs. Harvard
clinches 4th consec yr

Jan 8, 1898 pg 4: Manhattan ann mtg. $700 on hand, 200 mems. Officers Gilberg,
CH Hatheway, R Beramji, G Simonson, AT Docharty; cttee JS Curry, EW Dahl,
R Ferguson, WF Morse, Hector Rosenfeld, H Oram Smith

Jan 9, 1898 pg 45: Prob 222 Courtney Lemon (NY). Solns A Magaray and Harry P
Lambert (NY), Fred Thirring (Bkln), Richard Banks (NY), James Jones, Ignatz
Deissig (Bkln), Lilliestrale, HH Valentine (Bkln), Bahler, AH Baldwin,
WA Casler (Cape Vincent NY), F Lufbery. 6th intercollege most interesting
and successful yet; Southard, Meyer, Cook, Murdoch, Hewins, Young would 
honor any club, play serious chess. Games Murdoch (Y)-Southard (H) Petroff B31
Young (P)-Meyer (C) 1.a3 B50 Murdoch (Y)-Meyer (C) Ruy B39 Hewins (H)-Young (P)
French D19 Southard (H)-Meyer (C) GP W28 Hewins (H)-Seward (C) Center Ctr W25
Young (P)-Cook (Y) French W41. Full CT H: Southard 6 Hewins 4 C: Meyer 4.5 
Seward 2 Y: Cook 3 Murdoch 1.5 P: Young 3 Dana 0. Scores each yr. New Trib
corr tnmt entries past 2 wks George J Hafstroem (Newark), William Koch (NY),
Bernard D Foster (Utica NY), D Frederick Barnett (Newark), DF Stillman 
(Natl Niantic Bank, Westerly TI). James Jones (Jacksonville FL) wds, too busy.
Now 19 entries. Suggest 5 player secs, 2RR in each, winners to play final sec.
JW Baird returns from ann European trip, Manhattan Game JW Baird-Bierwith+
Docharty Ponziani W52. Metropolitan ann hdcp stdgs Ulman 2.5-1.5 Honegger 4-0
JC Metzger 2.5-2.5 Donohue 1-0 Gunzberg 3-1 Will 4-1 Drescher 1-1 Schroter 1-3
Laubenheimer 2-2 Raubitschek 2-1 Peterson 0-3 Dr Taby 0-3 ML Metzger 1.5-2.5
Dobriner 1-4 Van Raalte 1.5-1.5. 1st long distance telephone match 
City of London-Yokshire CA 5.5-2.5, much interest, success. Moves 1-2 and 1-4
Vienna vs St Ptbg telegraph games 

Jan 12, 1898 pg 4: Bkln CC will offer Mar 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 as cable match
dates; prefer latter. Selected Pillsbury, Showalter, Barry, Hodges, Hymes for 
team; these will meet Jan 19 to select other 5, will ask 36 CC to send rep
to help select. Will not consider Boston CC proposition to form new league til
after cable match

Jan 16, 1898 pg 43: Prob 223 AF Mackenzie. Cable match will be in Mar, not
Feb. Pillsbury, Showalter, Barry, Hodges, Hymes, Delmar will play and choose
remaining 4. 36 Amer CCs asked to cooperate w selection. Boston proposal
for league came too late for this yrs, regulations need only minor changes.
Manhattan chp stdgs Baird 8-4 Delmar 3.5-9.5 Ettlinger 7-7 Hanham 4.5-6.5
Jasnogrodsky 5.5-5.5 Koehler 4.5-4.5 Rocamora 8-4 Schmidt 6-6. Tnmt Game
G koehler-Jasnogrodsky Center Ctr W46 notes Koehler. On suggestion Engberg,
holding solns 2 wks before pub. Note to EAC (Kinderhook NY). Henry J Hahn
(Coxsackie NY) and Ignatz Deissig (Bkln) enter corr tnmt; entries closed.
Will give secs next Sunday, start tnmt

Jan 22, 1898 pg 5: Death Charles A Gilberg. Pic Gilberg. Last night
dinner w Mrs TJ Owen, widow former biz partner, then Bkln CC, came home 
after midnight, died in sleep. In poor health some time but not considered 
serious. Believe ruptured blodd vessel. B Camden NJ 1835, ed CCNY, soon after
grad dry goods importing biz; at time death managing partner import firm
JT Owen+Co. Took interest in chess age 20, noted problemist, 1st prob Clipper
1861. Valuable chess lib. 1 of eds Amer Chess Nuts, pubd Book of 5th Amer
Chess Congress. 1868 pres old Bkln CC, 1888 pres present Bkln CC 6 terms.
Great admirer Pillsbury, 1 of most active sending him to Europe. Mem Oxford
Club of Bkln, Maritime Exchange, NY Museum of Natural History, hon mem New
Orleans CC. Leaves widow and 1 daughter, Mrs William M De Visser of Bkln.

Jan 23, 1898 pg 4: Article on new atty-gen John W Griggs, for yrs on 
Paterson CC team

Jan 23, 1898 pg 45: Vienna prog not rcvd, June-July, 2RR, prizes $1200, 800,
500, 300, 200, 160, 140, 120, 100 plus 3 Rothschild brilliancy prizes $80,
60, 40 and 3 Leopold Trebitsch prizes $60, 40, 20 best vs winners; will
accept 20. Corr tnmt Sec 1: William Koch (NY), Reginald Jordan (NY), Albert
Woeltge (Stamford CT), DF Stillman (Westerly RI). Sec 2: Bernard D Foster
(Sing Sing NY), HS Duryea (NY), Coiurtenay Lemon (NY), Ignatz Deissig (Bkln).
Sec 3: J George Schaefer (Wappinger's Falls NY), Henry P Lambert (NY), HS
Burroughs (Bkln), George J Hafstroem (Newark). Sec 4: D frederick Burnett
(Newark), Philip Schroer (Jersey City), JT Wright (Hulmeville, Bucks County PA),
Edmond Arthur Dodge (NY). 2 others want to join, if get 2 new will add a sec.
Addresses given for players. 1 of those wanting to join is Charles A Will (NY),
who arranged a tnmt which is almost finished included mate 12 Game EW Libaire-
JH Brower KGA Bishop G W18 mate 12; stdgs of tnmt EW Libaire 6-0 F Sweeney 5-0
W Koch 8-1 CA Wiel 7-2 AS Meyer 6-2 CA Schroeder 4-2 AF Davis 4-2 J Dobriner
4-4 J Schall 3-8 JH Brown 2-9 WL Fagan 1-10 C Schroeter 0-11; last 4 retired
and unfinished scored against them. Pillsbury, Showalter to play another match
on same terms as prev, begin play afternoon instead of late evening, parts
in various cities. Mtg club presidents to select cable match team, approve
Bkln selection 6 players [see Jan 16] to choose rest after clubs submit list
of names. Boston proposal for chess league considered, found too late for
this yr. Metropolitan ann hdcp stdgs Honegger 6-0 Ullman 4.5-2.5 JF Metzger 3.5-
3.5 Donohue 2-0 Gunzberg 4-1 Will 7-1 Drescher 3-4 Schroder 3-2 Laubenheimer
4.5-3.5 Raubitschek 6-1 Dr Taby 4-4 ML Metzger 4.5-3.5 Van Raalte 6-2 Kahn 2-3.
Bkln chp stdgs Chadwick 3-6 Clarke 3-5 Elwell 4.5-6.5 Frere 4-3 Marshall 7-0
Messiter 0-7 McMahon 4.5-4.5 Napier 7-1 Otto 0-8 Pierson 0-4 Ruth 7.5-.5
Everett 2.5-.5. Manhattan chp stdgs Baird 8.5-5.5 Delmar 4-10 Ettlinger 7-7
Hanham 4.5-7.5 Jasnogrodsky 6.5-5.5 Koehler 7.5-4.5 Rocamora 8-5 Schmidt 6-8
[error in that Baird has 1 game left]. Prob 224 GB Valle. Solns Reginald 
Jordan (NY), WHC, EH Baldwin, Schaefer, WL Fairchild (Nichols CT), AB Frey,
AH Baldwin, HS Duryea, Engberg, Lindmark, Deissig, Bahler, Peet, Lambert,
WA Casker (Cape Vincent NY), James Jones, Charles F Robinson (Meridan NH)

Jan 24, 1898 pg 8: Dr Wallace, author of The Bookman, indoor hobby is chess

Jan 29, 1898 pg wk: Books of wk inckudes Grand Tactics by Franklin K Young

Jan 29, 1898 pg 9: Boston CC reception for Harvard chp Southard, pres Soden
presented w silver medal inscribed re intercollege success (given). CC orgd
Cornell, officers JS Hills 99, A Stamford 99; cttee NE Otterson 99, CL
Riley 99; plans for match vs local talent. Williams CC holding tnmt for cup
presented by a friend

Jan 30, 1898 pg 42: Pic new Manhattan CC rooms. Fortnight before housewarming.
4 rooms, around oblong center which can be shut off, kitchen, chess rooms one
for more social, one quiet room w no smoking for serious play, mtg room/library.
Finest rooms, only comparable British CC. Different career than other clubs,
not just for celebrated players; open to all, strong and weak players, rich
and poor, young and old (mems age 16-90) famous players and men of affairs who
are weak OTB. Poor men who think only of chess on good terms w exquisites
and men of substance. 17 nations; US, England, Ireland, Germany, France,
Austria, Scotland (Spence), Spain (Martinez), Hungary (Lipschutz), Bohemia
(Steinitz), Russia (Brodsky), Poland (Jasnogrodsky), Holland (Van Gelden),
Denmark (Gedalia), Norway (Dahl), Canada (Ascher), India (Beramji, the Parsee);
these foreigners keenest enthusiasts. Late afternoon for casual players, many 
white haired and portly or beardless youths, call selves duffers. Finest US
players here most notably Showalter, Steinitz, Delmar, Beramji [???], Lipschutz.
Steinitz needs no intro, Delmar 1 of US top 25 yrs bold and dashing play, 
Showalter of modern school of curious openings and tricks, Beramji not governed
by books original and unique based on no system more like Persian and Indian
chess curious to watch, Lipschutz perhaps deepest cautious game club's best
analyst. Each room lit by skylight. Description walls, includes pics Morphy,
Steinitz, Zukertort, Mackenzie, old groups notable US players. Tiled fireplace.
Much credit success to recently deceased Charles A Gilberg, Wesley Bigelow,
Colonel William F Morse, Chauncey H Hatheway. Current officers Hatheway,
Gustave Simonson, Augustus Docharty, Roostiam Beramji; cttee Oram Smith,
Ellert W Dahl, Hector Rosnefeld, Robert W Ferguson, 1 vacancy. Prominent 
players can be divided into 1st rank, 2d rank, no great chess fame but
prominent NYers. 1st class besides 5 above DG Baird, JW Baird, EW Dahl, De
Visser, H Davidson, Delmar, A Ettlinger, Hanham, Hodges, Dr CB Isaacson,
Jasnogrodsky, G Koehler, JL McCutcheon, JE Orchard, SR Rocamora, Louis Schmidt
Jr, NP Stripley [Shipley?], A Vossath [Vorrath], Alexander Schroeter. 2d class
too long to list, includes Dr Raphael Benjamin, Wesley Bigelow, LD Cohn,
Dr L Cohn, JS Curry, M Fraenkel, RW Ferguson, C Gedalia, A Foster Higgins,
CH Hatheway, William Travers Jerome, Colonel William F Morse, Colonel
ACM Pennington USA, Sidney Rosenfeld, EM Stoehr, JB Wilkinson,, FH Yeaton,
Irving E Doob. Few of men of prominence are RJ Cross, Dr FE D'Oench, 
JHA Fitch, RH Gattling, Dr EW Hoeber, Granville Kane, Dr JH Lurie, Benno Loewy,
A Martinez, Robert Amory Parker, Mark W Potter, RC Taylor, Dr W Seward Webb,
John Jay White, William Howland Amory, W Bayard Cutting, IL Rice. No space
to tell of club's triumphs, early days downtown (satrted Cafe Logeling 1877),
matches. 1897 brought out Amer Chess Code, now standard authority

Jan 30, 1898 pg 43: Death Gilberg; pres Manhattan CC, delighted in assisting
chess in all ways. Excellent player and problemist, loved by friends, loved
to show lib w 2d most chess books in country. 3-4 yrs ago Trib printed minute
description Gilberg lib, grown since. In corr w intl chess community; 4 days ago
sent data by request on Amer chess problemist; supplied Berger w data on NY
CCs which had been unable to get. Generous, gave heartily to many chess
enterprises. Noted organizer; charter mem Bkln, Manhattan, NYSCA, Amer
Problemists Assoc. Frequent prob judge. Leaves widow and daughter married to
De Visser. Funeral drew many chess community. Manhattan CC new rooms (more
pics). Pic Showalter. Manhattan chp ends except for 3 game playoff for 1st
Baird, Koehler 9-5 Rocamora 8.5 Jasnogrodsky 8 Ettlinger 7 Schmidt 6 Hanham 4.5
Delmar 4 including Games G Koehler-Rocamora Petroff W31 G Koehler-L Schmidt
GP W49+ w notes. Prob 225 George Zerkal. Solns Schaefer, Lambert, WHC, Duryeas,
Mrs WB Gilbert, EH Baldwin, Deissig, Frey, AH Baldwin, Lindmark, Engberg,
James Jones. WE Allstrom (Long Branch NJ) and Howard Slocum (Long Branch NJ)
join corr tnmt in sec w William Ray (W Coxsackie NY) and Charles A Will (NY)

Feb 5, 1898 pg 11: Cornell CC officers DF Cameron 00, NE Otterson 9; cttee
A Stnford 99 CL Riley 99, Cameron, JS Hills 98, HW Swanitz 00, Otterson

Feb 6, 1898 pg 21 image 45: St Ptbg vs Vienna moves 1-13, 1-13. Chess active
England, simuls and blinds by masters daily, Surrey-Kent 42.5-38.5. Jan 24-27
Hastings chess fest starring Blackburne, Bird, Gunsberg, Janowski. Burn won
Llandudno tnmt including Game Burn-A Dod QGD W49. Game Colonel Veriguine
(Moscow)-Dadian Petroff B24. Franklin Jr chp won by Bampton, expect will give
him place on cable team. 3d ann NY interscholastic tnmt began last wk, 2 each
from Col Gram, Sachs, Cutler, Hamilton, De La Salle. Pamphlet Rice Gambit
ed Rice+Lipschutz pubd, believes proves KG sound. Baird, Koehler playing off
for Manhattan chp; Baird had big early lead game 1 but Koehler later equalized.
Hanham 8-4 Cosmopolitan simul, beat Hammond, Spinnrath [Spinrad?], Ossermann,
Heller, Kaufmann, Ruzika, Zucker, Martin; lost to Miller, Tannenwood, Winter,
Rubin. Bishops CC (Bkln) chp stdgs Tyler 8-0 Selover 7-0 Barnett 6-6 Tolles 0-6
Worcester 0-6 Savage 2-2 Early 0-4 Perpall 1-3. Prob 226 Max Karstedt. Solns
EAC (Kinderhook NY), Duryea, AH Baldwin, Lambert, EH Baldwin, Peet, Mrs WB
Gilbert, Bahler. Note to ILP re corr tnmt, HSD who has issues on corr tnmt 

Feb 8, 1898 pg 3: Only interscholastic game completed Brown-Wertheimer 1st win
for Cutler; team stdgs

Feb 10, 1898 pg 14: Unusually large crowd for interscholastic game Libaire
of De La Salle vs Engels of Col Grammar; Libaire wins 15 moves. Stdgs
Hamilton 5-1 Col Gram 4.5-3.5 De La Salle 5-3 Sacks 1.5-3.5 Cutler 1-6

Feb 11, 1898 pg 10: Large crowd for opening rd 2d half interscholastic tnmt,
3 games adj, records Hamilton 6-1 De La salle 5-3 Col Grammar 4.5-3.5
Sachs 1.5-3.5 Cutler 1-7

Feb 12, 1898 pg 11: Interscholastic 7th rd interesting; Libaire of De La Salle
took individ lead; team stdgs

Feb 13, 1898 pg 3: Steinitz (called proprietor of chess syndicate) offices
destroyed by fire

Feb 13, 1898 pg 5: English cable team Atkins, Bellingham, Blackburne, Burn, 
Caro, Jackson, Jacobs, Locock Mills, Trenchard; reserves Cole, Wainwright.
Hoffer ump in London, Prof Isaac L Rice in NY, Rothschild ump, Lasker to adjud,
Mar 19

Feb 13, 1898 pg 8: 4 adjd games finished, interscholastic stdgs Hamilton 8-2
De La Salle 6-3 Colum Gram 5.5-3.5 Sachs 2.5-6.5 Xutler 2-6

Feb 13, 1898 pg 43: NYSCA arranging Washington bday tnmt. Masters, general tnmts
enter to EW Dahl (Manhattan). NJCA mtg Jersey City. Hastings fest Jan 24-27
great success; Gunsberg+Amateur-Bird+Amateur, Blackburne+Amateur-Bird+Amateur,
Bird+Amateur-Janowski+Amateur, Janowski+Amateur-Blackburne+Amateur;
Game Gunsberg+Dobell-Bird+Jenour Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier W38 notes The Field
Bird+Trenchard-Blackburne+Chapman Nimzovich D 2..e5 B33. Manhattan chp playoff
Game 1 Koehler-Baird GP D60 2:50, 2:58. Showalter, Pillsbury did not start
match Mon as planned, now say tomorrow. Prob 227 Th Breede. Solns Schaefer,
Benedict, Victor von Sturgenski (Hoboken), Duryea, John Cook (Washington DC),
Peet, JW Hooley (Wappinger's Falls NY), EH Baldwin, Engberg, Lindmark, Lambert,
Ulysses meyer (St Louis), Frey, James Jones, EH Hough (Collinsville CT)

Feb 15, 1898 pg 12: Considerable interest given close interscholastic race,
stdgs Hamilton 8-2 De La Salle 6-3 Sachs 2.5-6.5 Col Grammar 6.5-3.5 Cutler 2-10

Feb 17, 1898 pg 14: Intercollege rd 9 results. Harry Libaire of De La Salle
will win individ honors. Team stdgs Hamilton 9-2 De La Salle 6-4 Col Gram
7.5-5.5 Sachs 5.5-7.5 Cutler 3-12

Feb 18, 1898 pg 10: Pillsbury vs Showalter US chp articles signed, starts 
Feb 25. Pillsbury practicing past wks vs Elwell, Helms, Napier; Showalter vs
Steinitz. Stakeholder Stanley H Chadwick, $2000/side 7 up 3 off days

Feb 18, 1898 pg 16: Interscholastic stdgs Hamilton 9-3 De La Salle 8-4 Col
Gram 8.5-5.5 Sachs 5.5-8.5 Butler 3-13

Feb 19, 1898 pg 7: Final interscholastic rd played, some adj games remain.
Team stdgs Hamilton 10.5-3.5 De La Salle 9-4 Col Gram 8.5-6.5 Sachs 6-10
Cutler 3-10; Libaire has practically won individ honors

Feb 19, 1898 pg 10: Prize chess set donated for CCNY hdcp tnmt

Feb 20, 1898 image 43: All ready for NJCA and NYSCA tnmts. NY enter EW Dahl,
NJ to Edmund A Bailey (Jersey City). Manhattan playoff Game 2 Baird-Koehler
4N D23 Game 3 Koehler-Baird GP D29. NYSCA 20th ann mtg Washington bday,
masters, general, soln tnmts. Masters prizes $30, 15, 10, 5 general $20, 15,
10, 6, 4; Dr Gold will award a prize to soln tnmt winner. Napier beats
Ruth, Bkln chp stdgs Marshall, Napier 10-1 Ruth 9.5-1.5 McMahon 5.5-6.5
Frere 5-4 Everett 4.5-3.5 Elwell 4.5-6.5 Chadwick 4-6 Clarke 4-7; Marshall,
Napier 2 game up playoff. Game Ruth-Napier QGD W29. 21 enter Manhattan ann hdcp;
Ascher, Bierwith, Bostwick, Doob, Hanham, Hurley, Johnstone, Jasnogrodsky, 
Paterson, Peterson, Rosenfeld, Rubino, Rosenstein, Stoehr, Schonfeld, Salter,
Spinrad, Smith, Sawville, Wood, Yeaton. All enthusiastic; Englishman w German
name Stoehr perhaps pluckiest of lot; playing 2 matches rcvg P+2 from Rocamora
and even vs dramatic author Sidney Rosenfeld, negotiating for match vs
Jasnogrodsky rcvg N. Showalter sched for simul yesterday vs 10 strong players
Cosmopolitan, next Sat Pillsbury simul City. 1st rd Cosmopolitan vs Staten
Island Fri. Cosmopolitan Lincoln bday rapid transit hdcp 17 entries, winners
O Roething/J Finn/HW Hammond; soln tnmt won by L Gunsberg. Bishops CC chp
hard fight 2 fine young players, stdgs BC Selover Jr 10-0 EW Tyler 10-1
SH Barnett 8-6 CC Perpall 1.5-7.5 H Tolles 3.5-7.5 C worcester 1-6 E Savage 2-5
J Early 0-7. Tyler, Selover play bds 1-2 in Bkln Chess League, neither has yet
lost a game. Prob 228 Otto Wurzburg. Solns Mrs WB Gilbert, Engberg, Lindmark,
John Cook (Washington), EH Baldwin (Hammonton NJ), AH Baldwin, Frey, Lambert, 
Peet, Schaefer, James Jones. HE Allstrom of Long Branch NJ informs us Ray of
W Coxsackie has retired from corr tnmt, would like someone to take place,
any reader want to fill?

Feb 22, 1898 pg 4: NYSCA entries rcvd by EW Dahl Victor Igel, Arthur Souweine,
Courtenay Lemon, A McMartin, Delmar, DG Baird, JW Baird, Hanham, Jasnogrodsky,
Orchard, Louis Schmidt, J Finn, Otto Roething, GAT Limbeck, Hodges, Showalter,
Halpern, Albert Pulvermacher, Gustave Koehler, Leo Gunzberg, HM Phillips,
Marshall; many entries expected this morning

Feb 23, 1898 pg 9: US cable team selected by Bkln CC pres Hagen and 6 already
chosen mems. DG Baird, Barry, Delmar, JA Galbreath (NO), Hodges, E Hymes,
Pillsbury, AK Robinson (Philad), Showalter, FK Young (Boston), Hanham,
Louis Schmidt (NY)

Feb 23, 1898 pg 10: NYSCA tnmt; bad weather kept many away. 14 masters, 20
amateurs. Condolence to widow and relatives ex-pres Gilberg. Officers HJ Rogers,
Wesley Bigelow, OP Honegger, DS Searle, Dr LD Broughton Jr, Dr EW Dahl; cttee
SG Ruth, De Visser, GAT Limbeck. Master tnmt entries Delmar, Hanham, Orchard,
Louis Schmidt, Roething, DG Baird, Jasnogrodsky, Hodges, Showalter, Gus Koehler.
JW Baird, Marshall, Rocamora, Halpern. General tnmt V Igel, Arthur Souweine,
Courtney Lemon, A McMartin, J Finn, George AT Limbeck, A Pulvermacher, 
HM Phillips, Leo Gunzberg, S Pinkham, H Zirn, CP Weeks, M Liepziger, Dr
Jacob Heller, F Yeaton, F Martin, Henry Kahrs, HL Dickerson, William Zeckendorf,
EM Stoeht. Masters tnmt: Rd 1: Delmar-Roething, Showalter/Orchard, Koehler-
Schmidt, Rocamora-Hodges, Hanham-Marshall, JW Baird/DG Baird, Jasnogrodsky/
Halpern. Rd 2: Delmar-Orchard, Koehler-Halpern, Roething-Rocamora, Schmidt/
Hanham, Hodges-JW Baird, Marshall-Showalter, DG Baird/Jasnogrodsky. Rd 3:
Delmar-DG Baird, Koehler-Orchard, Rocamora-Halpern, Roething-Hanham, JW Baird/
Schmidt, Showalter-Hodges, Marshall-Jasnogrodsky. Rd 4: Koehler/Marshall,
Hanham-Rocamora, Roething-Delmar. Winners Koehler, Delmar/Roething, Hanham/
Marshall. General tnmt: Rd 1: Limbeck/Stoehr, Finn-Yeaton, Heller/Souweine,
Kahrs-Weeks, Igel-Martin, Leipziger/Lemon, Gunzberg-McMartin, Pulvermacher-
Zeckendorf, Phillips-Pinkham, Zirn-Dickerson. Rd 2: Phillips-Limbeck, Zirn-
Yeaton, Stoehrs-Heller, Finn-Kahrs, Souweine-Martin, Weeks-Leipziger, McMartin-
Igel, Lemon-Zeckendorf, Pinkham-Gunzberg, Pulvermacher-Dickerson. Rd 3:
Souweine-Limbeck, Weeks-Yeaton, Heller-Igel, Lemon-Kahrs, Gunzberg-Martin,
Pulvermacher-Leipziger, McMartin/Phillips, Finn-Zeckendorf, Pinkham-Stoehr,
Dickerson-Finn [my guess is Zirn-Zeckendorf]. Rd 4: Weeks-Souweine, Zirn-Lemon,
Phillips-Pulvermacher. Winners Zirn, Phillips, Weeks/Pulvermacher, Souweine/

Feb 26, 1898 pg 4: Showalter vs Pillsbury starts. Stanley H Chadwick ref and
stakeholder, each deposited share of $2000 stakes. Pillsbury backers mostly
Bkln and Washington includes several congressmen from interparliament match,
Showalter mostly Pittsburg, Baltimore, Boston. Enormous US flag in room, both
natives for US chp. Showalter surprise w French D; says it's his 1st offense
and in times like these incumbent on all patriotic chess players to head off
Spanish attack. Game 1 Pillsbury-Showalter French B61 4:15, 4:05

Feb 27, 1898 pg 8: Cosmopolitan 7.5 (G Koehler - Widmer 1 Siff 1 Finn 1
Roething .5 B Koehler 1 Sobernheim 1 Hanham 1 Nugent 1)-Staten Island .5
(Hodges - Broughton 0 E Brenzinger 0 Lockwood 0 F Brenzinger .5 S Savage 0
G Savage 0 Litzenberger 0 Barth 0)

Feb 27, 1898 pg 21 image 45: US cable team chosen. Many strong candidates for
4 remaining places. Gives team (see Feb 23); Hanham and Schmidt are reserves.
Decided improvement on last yr. Baird playing Gustavus Koehler for Manhattan
chp. Galbreath unknown quantity, late Mackenzie was impressed w him and Hodges
strongly recd. No doubt re AK Robinson, well known to NY players. One voice
on Boston's Young, veritable old soldier of game, undisputed strength.
Reserves Hanham in constant practice and has beaten best, Schmidt most studious
mem Manhattan CC. NYSCA tnmt featured strong masters; Koehler played very
well to win as did Delmar. Delmar beaten by Roething in final rd gvg title
to Koehler. Young Marshall win vs Showalter gave him prize. Tnmt Games 
Orchard-Delmar French B53 Marshall-Showalter QGD W32 Showalter-Hodges Ponziani
W36 Delmar-DG Baird QP W31. General tnmt full report in paper Wed. St Ptbg
vs Vienna moves 1-16, 1-15. Prob 229 M Lissner (NY). Solns Benedict, Engberg,
Lindmark, Ulysses Myer (St Louis), Bahler, James Jones, Schaefer, LH Walker
(Ilion NY), Henry J Hahn (Coxsackie), WH Church (Bkln), Isaac Lewis Peet,
AH Baldwin, AB Frey, JW Hooley, , EH Baldwin, H Lister (Hamilton, Ont),
W Nichols Ainsworth (NY). Note to AAW (Stamford)

Mar 1, 1898 pg 14: Large crowd for Game 2 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy B32 notes
Pillsbury+Showalter, tied 1-1

Mar 3, 1898 pg 9: Showalter claims 1t off day vs Pillsbury. 

Mar 3, 1898 pg 9: Intercollege cable challenge sent. 1st suggested by NY chess 
writer, saw intercollege tnmt manager Caswell who requested Amer Chess Mag ed
Dr LD Broughton inquire whether students willing to play. Colleges said yes,
Manhattan agreed to manage and pay expenses if played there. Proposed rules code
sent w challenge

Mar 5, 1898 pg 1: Oxford excited of prospect of univ cable match, pres EQ
Spencer-Churchill and sec AH George both favor, cannot act til arrives in mail

Mar 5, 1898 pg 4: Description Game 3 Pillsbury-Showalter Grench W42 w notes

Mar 6, 1898 pg 49: Prob 230 N Maximov. Pillsbury vs Showalter well under way.
Vienna prog pubd; full reaction London Daily News given; most cannot take off
for 2 months or endure strain, limit 20 rds or become endurance match, prizes
smaller than expenses. University cable challenge sent, all agree would be
popular event. Staten Island W on all bds for 1st rd Cosmopolitan 7.5 
(G Koehler adj Widmer 1 Siff 1 Finn 1 Roething .5 B Koehler 1 Sobernheim 1
Hanham 1 Nugent 1)-Staten Island .5 (Hodges adj Broughton 0 Brenzinger 0
Lockwood 0 F Roething .5 S Salvage 0 A Salvage 0 Litzenberger 0 Barth 0).
Pillsbury 15-2-1 City CC simul; beat Kemenyi, Cochrane, Cornelis, Taby, Ziegler,
Martin (2 games), Harris, Lawrence, Stokes, Florian, Kahrs, Limbeck, Beyer; 
lost to Nabokoff, Ullman; drew Friedman. Solns David C keller (New Dorp, SI),
Miss Fay Stone (Pecano LA), JM Hooley (Wappinger's Falls), AH Baldwin, Schaefer,
James Jones, Engberg, Lindmark, Lufbery, Lambert, Mrs SE Haskell (Bkln),
EH Baldwin (Vineland NJ), , Bahler, Coultaus, Edward Thomas (NY). Trib corr tnmt
Game William Koch (NY)-Albert Woeltge Scotch W12. Note to WK (NY) you were
right not to allow takeback, JDH (Shelbinn MO)

Mar 8, 1898 pg 7: description Game 4 Showalter-Pillsbury QP D50

Mar 10, 1898 pg 1: Cecil Tattersall of Cambridge CC says will make every
effort to arrange 8/side university cable match, sure Oxford will agree

Mar 10, 1898 pg 5: Description Game 5 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W54 3:31, 3:58
notes Pillsbury+Showalter; Pillsbury leads 3-1-1

Mar 12, 1898 pg 10: Univ cable seems assured. Cambridge agrees to all
conditions but prefers 8 bds to 6, Oxford will prob accept in day or 2
19 entries Amherst tnmt, 3 winners will rep vs Williams next term

Mar 12, 1898 pg 16: Large crowd disappointed when Showalter takes off day
vs Pillsbury; 2d of his 3 off days

Mar 13, 1898 pg 44: 3d ann 10/side cable match Fri-Sat. Both sides stronger
than last yr, esp US; most here think US will win by odd game but British
equally confident since Burn has promised to play. Interesting positions
reach in St Ptbg-Vienna moves 1-21, 1-17. Corr chess becoming popular 
worldwide; 2 game corr match Game 1 Orel-Riga QGD B30 w notes Game 2
Riga-Orel Petroff W35 w notes. Trib corr tnmt results Lambert-Schaefer 12 moves,
Koch-Woeltge 13 moves, Foster-Duryea 2 games 12 moves each; Woeltge retires
from tnmt games scored against. Pillsbury vs Showalter on sched except
Showalter off day last wk; at col time Pillsbury leads 2-1-1. Bkln CC new
chp as Marshall wins playoff vs Napier; Marshall much improved, beat Showalter
in Washington bday tnmt. Intl CC formed Davos, Switzerland; tnmt w 7 Swiss,
4 Germans, 4 English, 3 Russians; winners El Jaschoff (Russia), Dr Karsten
(Kiel), Pasternack (Zurich), Toman (Lode), Fahrni (Bern), Dr von Rohden 
(Berlin). Netherlands CA celebrates 25th ann w tnmt Gravenhagen; Q and Q Regent
donate 3 prizes 1 bronze and 2 silver medals. Italian CA formed, Count de G
Sonnino pres; clubs of Catania, Genoa, Livorno, Naples, Palermo, Spezia, 
Turin, Treviso join assoc. Prob 231 J Siedenschur. Solns EAC (Kinderhook NY),
H Ryder (Carmel NY), Fay Stone, Mrs SE Haskell, EI Smith (Barnard College),
AJ Dore (NY), Rev Ino S Whitman (Metuchen NJ), James Jones, Robbins, EH
Baldwin, Hooley, Engberg, Lambert, Schaefer, Church, Coultaus, Oswald Thomas
(NY), Lindmark. Notes to CBC (Bkln), ABF (Palatine Bridge), EHW (Newark).

Mar 13, 1898 pg 44-45: Preparations complete for cable match Mar 18-19.
Each side won once by odd game. This yr Bkln has cooperation other leading
CCs, unlike last yr; new men Young (Boston), Robinson (Philad), Galbreath
(NO). British best ever team w Burn, Caro, Trenchard better than men replaced.
Pillsbury heads US team. Showalter in good form bd 2. Bd 3 Barry shares 2-0 w
Showalter cable matches. Ex-TN and 1-time NY chp Hodges, Hymes ex-chp Columbia,
Delmar ex-chp NY, Manhattan chp DG Baird, AK Robinson ex-chp Franklin,
Young author Minor, Grand Tactics books, NO X Galbreath. For GB Blackburne
considered best native, leader British chess for generation. Pics Mills, 
Trenchard, Caro, Rice (umpire), Newnes, Delmar, Hymes, Showalter, Hoffer
(umpire), Young, Lasker (adjudicator), Pillsbury. Burn played 1st yr declined
last yr in good form Berlin and winner recent Welsh tnmt, young Bellingham
winner Welsh tnmt 1897, Jacobs, Trenchard, Horatio Caro young X fine showing
Berlin 7-4-8, Atkins amateur chp England, Mills Scottish chp, Locock, 
Jackson. Subs Hanham and Schmidt for US, HH Cole and Wainwright for GB. Start
10 AM (3 PM England), break 2-3, end 7 PM (midnight) day 1; same hrs next
day then adjud Lasker. Rothschild ref, Rice and Hoffer umpires. Newnes trophy
cost $1000. All bd results prev cable matches

Mar 15, 1898 pg 5: Description Game 6 Showalter-Pillsbury QP D30 notes
Pillsbury+Showalter; Pillsbury leads 3-1-2. 7 up match Burn vs Janowski off,
had thought would begin today but could not agree to terms

Mar 16, 1898 pg 4: University cable match arrived England. Both schools
announce willingness, propose Apr 22

Mar 17, 1898 pg 5: Description Game 7 Pillsbury-Showalter French W34 notes
Pillsbury+Showalter. Pillsbury leads 4-1-2. Game 8 Mon, tomorrow cable match

Mar 18, 1898 pg 14: Events of day has cable match

Mar 19, 1898 pg 8: Day 1 cable match report. Looks bad for US. Well-known
expert says 2 lost games, no clear win. Delmar, Young worst shape. Pillsbury,
Hodges good games while others favor English. Game by game appraisals. All
game scores; num moves by bd 35, 38, 39, 35, 37, 41, 36, 35, 32, 35.
About 300 present London including all prominent players, exchange greetings
brought loud cheers

Mar 20, 1898 pg 5: English win cable match 5.5-4.5. US would have won on 8 bds;
British played 1st match 8 bds 2 yrs ago on conditions 10 bds in future, US
won 8 bd match lost both 10 bds. Review table all 3 matches. Games
Pillsbury-Blackburne QGD D82 Burn-Showalter QGD B58 Barry-Caro QP W42
Atkins-Hymes French 2.Qe2 D37 Hodges-Bellingham Ruy W85 Mills-Delmar French W47
Baird-Locock 2N D68 Jackson-Young French W35 Robinson-Jacobs Dutch B62
Trenchard-Galbreath QP W59

Mar 20, 1898 image 49: Report cable match elsewhere in paper. Next big event
university cable match next month, sure to be popular as are college sports
in general. US will play at Manhattan. Metropolitan has edge in 2 corr games vs
Washington; moves 1-29 and 1-28 given. Ig Deissig of Bkln forwards 2 games he
won in corr tnmt vs S Duryea, who retired from contest. C Lemon of NY also
retired, all games will be scored against these 2. A Woeltge writes he is not
retiring, still playing other 2 in his sec. Hoboken-Evans CC 5-1; return
match NY Tues. Edward Hymes 11-2-1 simul City CC. Prob 232 W Buchmann. Solns
Call, Stone, LH Walter (NY), AH Baldwin, AB Frey, MRs WB Gilbert (Bridgeport
CT), Mrs SE Haskell, David C Keller (New Dorp, Staten Island), Peet, 
Charles A Smith (Syracuse), Bernard Foster (Sing Sing NY), Leach, Schaefer,
Edward Thomas (NY), CE Lindmark, CB Coultaus (Bkln), AH Baldwin, John H Palmer
(Jersey City), Engberg, William HC (Bkln), Harry P Lambert (NY). Notes to
BDF (Sing Sing), CAS (Bkln), Mrs J McK (Bkln)

Mar 22, 1898 pg 4: Description Game 8 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy W42 note
Pillsbury+Showalter; Pillsbury leads 4-2-2

Mar 24, 1898 pg 5: Game 9 Pillsbury-Showalter QGD W48; Pillsbury leads 5-2-2

Mar 26, 1898 pg 4: Ltr from Oxford sec Arthur HW George given accepting cable
challenge, wants Apr 20, wants no more than 5 yrs from matriculate, hope 1st
of series, St George CC will arrange English side

Mar 26,  1898 pg 8: 29th ann match Cambridge-Oxford 4-3. Enthusiastic about
univ cable match which will be played at British CC

Mar 26, 1898 pg 10: Description Game 10 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy B32 notes
Pillsbury+Showalter copyright P+S. Pillsbury leads 6-2-2

Mar 27, 1898 pg 12: Mtg to select US univ cable team for match Apr 20 or 22
and discuss English proposals on eligibility rules which would limit to 5 yrs
after matriculation. Southard writes will not attend but will abide by
any decision. Seymour of Pton, Jacobus of Col, Murdoch and Yale will prob attend

Mar 27, 1898 image 47: English win cable match, US does not have 10 players
strong enough. Should start league as proposed by Boston CC at once, special
tnmts w prizes. Top players eg Pillsbury, Showalter, Barry, Hodges (Hymes 
would not have time due to biz) should be asked to tour and scout new talent.
Showalter beautiful game vs Burn, Hodges good job vs Bellingham. Barry lucky,
but pretty winning combo. Hymes tough, careful fight to draw. Baird thought
would win but package deal to D his and Pillsbury game. British accept 
university cable challenge, want Apr 20 and shorter eligibility than US, will 
meet tonight Manhattan to see if acceptable. Prob 233 WA Shinkman. Solns Stone,
EH Baldwin, JM Hooley (Wappinger's Falls), James Jones (Jacksonville FL),
EH Baldwin, John Hirn (Bkln), AH Baldwin, Schaefer, Charles Leach (Stony Point),
Mrs WB Gilbert (Bridgeport CT), Lambert, Church, CB Coultaus (Bkln), B Stronge
(Albany), Ellen Josephine Jeans (Manhattan), AJ Dore (Manhattan), Lindmark,
Bernard Foster (Sing Sing), Engberg, Emil O Johanson (Bkln)

Mar 28, 1898 pg 4: Mtg re British univ cable match proposal to be ineligible
after 5 yrs from matriculation. Present CR Jacobus (C), EB Seymour (P), WM
Murdoch (Y); EE Southard (H) sent word could not come would abide decision
of other 3. Long discussion, accepted both limit and British date Apr 20. 
Team selection; decided Southard (H), AS Meyer (C), Murdoch (Y), Seymour (P)
would play and these would select 2 more. Played in 1 day, then adjud. Pres
St George CC where British play selected as US rep. US side to play Manhattan.

Mar 31, 1898 pg 10: Description Game 11 Pillsbury-Showalter French B51 3:28,
3:15 - copyright Pillsbury+Showalter. Pillsbury leads 6-3-2. Next game tomorrow

Apr 2, 1898 pg 4: Final game description; Pillsbury-Showalter 7-3-2

Apr 3, 1898 pg 7 image 19: Bkln vs Cosmopolitan team match, Apr 5 and later
date, 15 bds, Pillsbury ref. Death of famous player, problemist, writer Dr
Emilio Orsini; pubd Rivista; lawyer and player of great ingenuity. Death
Paul von Frankenberg-Proschlitz, son-in-law of NY banker Henry Bischoff;
well known player Breslau where died few wks ago; will left 600 marks to defunct
NYCC where he used to visit frequently last stay here during NY 1889 tnmt.
Albin touring Holland, seems to have given up idea of US visit. Walbrodt
visited Nuremberg CC, little match 3-0-1 vs well known amateur M Kurschner.
St Ptbg-Vienna moves 1-27, 1-22

Apr 3, 1898 pg 11: Final Game 12 Showalter-Pillsbury Ruy B25 1:20?, 1:13
notes and copyright Pillsbury+Showalter. Game by game summary. W, B each 
won 5.

Apr 3, 1898 pg 18 image 42: English admiral Malcolm kept diary while in
command St Helena. Providing material for partial defence of emperor,
showing treated unnecessarily harshly. Ed is Malcolm's son (Colonel Malcolm).
Interesting details of personal life, often played chess w Napoleon

Apr 3, 1898 pg 21 image 45: Headline upside-down. Prob 234 E Stielties. 
Showalter poor form in match vs Showalter disappointing; he has nothing to say
except he "can't play chess a bit." Friends know better as cable win vs Burn
shows, 1 of greatest living analysts. University cable match settled, US
consents to date and 5 yr from matriculation rule. Great interest. Manhattan
will pay cable expense and entertain players, St George manages London end. 
Trib corr tnmt Games Reginald Jordan-DF Stillman GP W20 WE Allstrom (Long
Branch NJ)-Howard Slocum 3N 3..f6? W25 Slocum-Allstrom 2N B26 Phillip Schroer-
Dr JT Wright  French B21++ notes Wright. Jr match Manhattan vs Bkln Apr 20-21?,
not over age 19, if wish to play contact Courtenay Lemon. Harlem CC hdcp
stdgs Adamson 4-11 Buerger 9-3 Dalton 6-5 A Meyer 4.5-1.5 L Meyer 6.5-1.5
Harris 5.5-7.5 Hevla 11-2 H Igel 3-7 V Igel 6-2 Knust 3-9 Lemon 5.5-4.5
Fleming 8-4 Hall 2-5 Palme 3-4 Smith 0-5 Smith 4-9. Solns Stone, EAC,
JS Brandt (Brandt PA), Hooley, Frey, Bahler, Haskell, James Jones, Coultaus,
Frey, , Wallace Call, Fairchild, Peet, Schaefer, Robbins, AH Baldwin, Charles
Leach (Stony Point), Emil O Johanson (Bkln), Lambert, T Hegeman (Bkln)

Apr 4, 1898 pg 12: DG Baird telegraphed entry to Vienna tnmt.  Death
Charles Moehle in Cinc, won 3d prize 5th Amer congress, played NY 1889
tnmt. Was mem Manhattan when met Cafe Logeling

Apr 7, 1898 pg 9: Bkln 9 (Richardson 1 Napier 0 Helms .5 Marshall 0 De Visser 1
Ruth 0 Swaffield 1 Morphy 1 Frere 1 Elwell .5 Taber 1 Breckenridge 1 
Chinnock 1 Chadwick 0)-Cosmopolitan 5 (Koehler 0 Hanham 1 Roething .5 Finn 1
Nugent 0 Kneff 1 Widmer 0 Terker 0 Taubenhaus 0 Newman .5 Fischman 0 Winter 0
Schoenbaum 0 Tannenwood 1) opening bd 7 called Langerstatt

Apr 9, 1898 pg 4: Manhattan CC will mail ltr, US ready for university cable
match. News that Oxford and Cambridge consider match off a surprise sine
US accepted alterations rules and date (to Apr 20 as suggested)

Apr 9, 1898, pg 8: Under Stevens Inst, says chess tnmt w NYCC not until
after vacation

Apr 10, 1898 pg 24: Chess players less upset by war sounds than any other 
group, Baden tnmt 1870s could hear cannon fire. Prob of cabling games. 1st
considered when Gunsberg and H Cassel came from England for Tschigorin vs
Gunsberg Havana. Together w WW Morgan Jr of London, came up w code 1-2 words/
game but many errors were made. Cassel more elaborate code success; 1 word
gives 1st 16 moves, opening name, short description character of game and how
won or lost; wo code 16 moves ~60 words plus 10 word description would cost 
$10; 190 Nuremberg games would cost $1900. Cassel code described in detail.
Pairing table allows knowing all oponents w just which Berger rd. Pic
Hartwig Cassel. Cassel b Konitz, W Prussia 1850, ed Real Gymnasium Landsberg
same school as Lasker 15 yrs later. Learned chess at school, became strong
player while in Berlin. ~20 yrs ago moved to Scotland, mem Glasgow CC, played
in E vs W matches. 1881 to Yorkshire, succeeded DY Mills chess ed leading 
paper. Orgd many events Bradford including prelims for Bradford 1887 intl tnmt.
1889 came w Gunsberg to help report on Havana match vs Tschigorin, stayed as
chess ed Staats-Ztg. 1st to suggest cable match (Manhattan vs British CC) and 
university cable match, persuaded Ottendorfer to donate Staats-Ztg cup to 
NYSCA; most effective ed at popularizing chess in US. Pillsbury won match
vs Showalter to retain US chp; Showalter below form, Pillsbury offers chance to
redeem self w another match in fall. Both plan to play Vienna tnmt. Bkln beat
Cosmopolitan 9-5. Death expert Charles H Moehle in Cincinnati, once 1 of best 
NY, 2d to Mackenzie 5th Amer congress [sic]. Prob 235 N Maximov. Solns Fay 
Stone (Pecano LA), John Hein (Bkln), JW Hooley (Wappinger's Falls NY), Henry
J Hahn (Coxsackie NY), CF Fredell (Titusville PA), James Jones (Jacksonville
FL), EH Baldwin, CE Lindmark (Bkln), Isaac Lewis Peet, Mrs SE Haskell (Bkln),
AJ Dore (Bkln), Engberg, AH Baldwin, Call, Leach, Church, Emil O Johanson and
CH Coultau (Bkln), Schaefer, Harry P Lambert (NY), AB Frey), John S Whitman
(Metuchen NJ), Bahler. Corr tnmt report; Lambert of NY should forward address
to HS Burroughs (Bkln) to start game. Corr Games Schaefer-Lambert GP B23
Dodge-Wright GP B24 notes Wright, Wright-Schroer Ruy W23 nnotes Wright
Wright-Burnett QGD W23 notes Wright Slocum-Will Bishop O B12 Will-Ray Vienna 
W13 (names not given) KGA Bishop G W17.

Apr 16, 1898 pg 4: Cornell CC will hold tnmt for university chp, pair 
by lot and best of 3 or best of 5 to eliminate

Apr 17, 1898 pg 45: No university cable match this yr, English will be
ready next yr. Some questions on eligibility, now plenty of time to work out.
Manhattan hdcp stdgs Ascher 8.5-1.5 Bierwith 8.5-3.5 Bostwick 6-6 Delmar 7.5-.5
Docharty 4-7 Doob 5.5-4.5 V Ettlinger 4-5 Patterson 4-3 Hanham 11-4 Rubino
3.5-5.5 Rosenstein 5-6 Salter 1.5-6.5 Spinrad 1-6 H Sauvalle 5.5-6.5
JS Sauvalle 7-4 Smith 2.5-8.5 Wood 1.5-5.5 Yeaton 4.5-6.5. Metropolitan hdcp
prize winners L Gunzberg 14-1 Dr OP Honegger 13 M Will 12 Van Raalte 10.5
ML Metzger 9.5 P Ullman 8.5; R Raubitschek who led all along resigned from
tnmt and club just before end. Spat leads to 2 clubs calling self Harlem CC;
have rcvd list officers from both but will defer pub til difficulty settled
and peace restored. Bkln vs Metropolitan return match Thurs. Cambridge 4
(CEC Tattersall 1 L McLean 1 HG Softlaw 0 A Frotheringham 0 AW Foster .5
RS Makower .5 HR Cullen 1)-Oxford 3 (EG Spencer-Churchill 0 EHW George 0 
AFL Hulbert 1 AH Currie 1 F Soddy .5 FA Babcock .5 LT Dodd 0); bds 3, 4, 5
adjud Hoffer. Games CEC Tattersall-EG Spencer-Churchill French W40+ w notes
Game EHW George-L McLean From Gambit -> KGA B20 w notes. Prob 236 R L'Hermet
(Magdeburg). Solns Laura A Morse (Missoula MT), Kenneth E Halstead (Bkln),
Coultaus, HW Lister (Hamilton, Ont), Robbins, EAC, EH Baldwin, Leach, Call,
Hooley, Schaefer, Haskell, Dore, Ino S Weand (Pottstown PA), Lindmark, 
Engberg, Peet, Charles A Sackett (Bkln). Ltr from Knights CC pres AW Meisel
on why resigned from Bkln Chess League. After 4 matches proposed 2 new
players who had never been rated, cttee accepted and played 4 matches w them
and had good chance for trophy. Protest by Caxton, Exchange, Boys HS that
new mems were non-\-resident and above class limit. There is no res clause.
Cttee ruled ineligible and must replay all matches they were in; unfair and
even cttee said 1 clearly eligible and had passed other under misapprehension.

Apr 20, 1898 pg 9: CC suit in court again. John D Elwell vs Manhattan CC;
Elwell was dismissed and wants reinstatement. Justice took case from jury
because he said Q of law and not of fact; whether club has right to dismiss
and whether exercised powers in legal manner. Reserved his decision

Apr 24, 1898 pg 45: Vienna tnmt extends time limit for entries to allow
Pillsbury, Showalter, Lasker to enter. Accepted so far Burn, Blackburne, Lipke,
Tarrasch, Walbrodt, Alapin, Schiffers, Tschigorin, Charousek, Maroczy, Janowski.
Steinitz leaves next wk, Pillsbury and Showalter depends on biz. Manhattan
ann dinner chir Col William F Morse, toastmaster JB Wilkinson, speeches Morse,
Ettlinger, Dr Raphael Benjamin, General Kneeland, Richard Le Gallienne, Rev
Dr Green, Prof Rice, William Borsodi. 1st rd Bkln Jrs vs Manhattan Jrs last
night, 15/side Bkln led by Napier, Manhattan bs Mayer of Columbia, must be
under 19. Showalter simul City; scores both next Sun. Prague Game 
JV Stefanydes-F Horak Zukertort W27 mate 7 notes London Times Game
Amateur-Dr Kvicala KGA Bishop G W28. Trib corr tnmt Game Reginald Jordan-William
Koch GP W21. Solns Bahler, Henry E McGowan (Bkln), Frey, Peet, EH Baldwin
(Norwalk), Coultaus, Haskell, J Helms (Bkln), Leach, Church, Jones, B Strong
(Albany), SH Gardiner (Bkln), George Pendegast Jr (Yonkers), Charles A Sackett
(Bkln), JS Weand (Pottstown PA), Victor von Starzenski (Hoboken),
Frederick L Ferris (Portland ME). Prob 237 W Gleave

Apr 30, 1898 pg 11: Due unusually large num entries Pton tnmt extending 
deadline; largest entry in several yrs

May 1, 1898 pg 8 image 20: Still unknown whether Lasker will play Vienna,
will have Steinitz, Showalter, DG Baird, prob Pillsbury; Blackburne, Burn, 
Mason, Caro; Tarrasch, Walbrodt, Lipke; Tschigorin, Schiffers, Alapin; Janowski;
Charousek, Maroczy; Marco, Schlechter. 5 additional apps for last place or
2 if Pillsbury cannot get away. Europeans still expect Lasker to play. 2RR, true
test. 2d rd Bkln vs Cosmopolitan same as 1st, Bkln won 9-5 including Richardson
win by FF vs absent Kohler. Boy players NY expected to be beaten by Bkln but 
ended tie Bkln 7.5 (Napier 1 Selover Jr .5 Tyler 0 Heuser 0 Riedel 1 Howell 0
Giese .5 Somers 1 Lain 1 Meisel 0 Morse 0 Heim 1 Tyberica .5 Martin 0 Storey 1)/
NY 7.5 (AS Meyer 0 Lemon .5 Meyer 1 Tannenwood 1 Libaire 0 Sewall 1 Falk .5
Barshell 0 Ullman 0 Buerger 1 Sinsheimer 1 Briggs 0 Stern .5 Rosenfeld 1 Levy 
0). Showalter 15-1-2 City CC simul; beat Lawrence, Cochrane, Martin, Borsodi,
Barnes, Luks, Schoenbaum, Shropshire, Blehr, Dusenberg, Hernandez, Rosenbaum,
Brown, Sterling; lost to Nabakoff; drew Doyle, Friedman. War in Harlem CC over,
now incorporated and serene, officers Dr William R Inge Dalton; directors
Wilfred H Fleming, Herman Igel Jr, Charles Buerger, Harry P Lambert, Courtenay
Lemon. Match CCNY vs Stevens Inst of Hoboken May 5-7, 3/side play each on other
team. Prob 238 N Maximoo [Maximov?]. St Ptbg vs Vienna moves 1-30, 1-25. Solns
AJ Dore (NY), Harry P Lambert (NY), Wallace Call (Stony Point NY), WDL Robbins
(NY), J George Schaefer (Wappinger's Falls NY), James Jones (Jacksonville FL),
Rev Louis H Bahler (Schenectady), CB Coultas (Bkln), WH Church (Bkln), Charles
Leach (Stony Point), Henry E McGowin (Bkln), Mrs SE Haskell (Bkln), Isaac
Lewis Post (Dunwoodie, Yonkers), Kenneth B Halstead (Bkln), EH Baldwin,
BS (Albany NY)

May 8 1898 pg 9: 2d rd 15/side boy players NY-Bkln 9-6; since rd was tie
NY wins 16.5-13.5`

May 8, 1898 pg 49: Viena cttee again extends deadline for Pillsbury, must
say by May 12. Lasker will not play due to length and plans to take doctor
degree Heidelberg this summer. Mason 1st on reserve list. Vienna almost sure
to win 1 game vs St Ptbg, other looks like D; moves 1-32 and 1-27 given.
1st rd team match CCNY-Stevens 2-1; other 2 rds Thurs and Fri will be reported
next wk. 1st rd Games Buerger-Batts Scotch W45 Meyer-Percy Evans W42 
Simsheimer-Stevens 4N B10. NY vs Bkln Jr team match rd 2 (1st rd draw) postponed
til yesterday, will give result next wk. Manhattan hdcp stdgs Ascher 11.5-1.5 
Bierwith 9.5-3.5 Bostwick 8.5-7.5 Delmar 9.5-1.5 Docharty 5-11 Doob 7.5-5.5 
V Ettlinger 6-5 Patterson 5-6 Hanham 13-6 Rosenfeld 8.5-4.5 Rubino 4-8
Rosenstein 6-7 Salter 5.5-7.5 Stoehr 4.5-7.5 Spinrad 3-9 H Sauvalle 6-8 
JS Sauvalle 7.5-4.5 Smith 2.5-10.5 Wood 3-9 Yeaton 7-8. Evans CC continuous tnmt
winners C Sterling, L Meyer, EL Livingston, S Ettlinger. Prob 239 BG Laws
(London). Solns AH Baldwin, Lambert, AJ Dore, James Jones

May 10, 1898 pg 6: Justice McAdam of Supreme Court hands down decision
denying Elwell petition, said was legal for Manhattan to expel him. Was 
expelled for wrongfully opening sealed ltr addressed to club pres, destroyed
original envelope and substituted one of his own making it appear ltr was
addressed to to him. Refused to reply to summuns from bd of directors. Judge
finds was in accordance w rules

May 15, 1898 pg 49: Some London writers trying to spoil Vienna tnmt, saying
for chess loafers not chess masters; such loafers are 20 best in world except
Lasker. June 1-July 23. Pillsbury leaves Tues, Baird bros and Showalter left
yesterday. NY boys won match by winning 2d rd Manhattan 9 (A Meyer 1 Lemon .5
L Meyer 1 Stetton 0 Libaire 0 Sewall 0 Falk .5 Solow 0 Ullman 1 Buerger 1
Sinsheimer 1 Sunderland .5 Stern 1 Rosenfeld 1 Levy .5)-Bkln 6 (Napier 0 
Selover .5 Tyler 0 Henser 1 Riedel 1 Howell 1 Heim .5 Hinrichs 0 Meisel 0 
Tyberia 0 Bouck 0 Rand .5 Storey 0 Tolles 0 Lieder .5); H Helms ref both.
CCNY 6.5 Buerger 2, Meyer 2.5 Sinsheimer 2 - Stevens 2.5 Percy 1 Bates .5
Stevens 1. Rd 3 given next wk, rd 2 Games Percy-Buerger 2N W26 Stevens-Meyer
QP Stonewall B31 Bates-Sinsheimer Ruy B35. Trib corr tnmt Games I Deissig-
Bernard Foster French W18 notes Deissig Game Charles A Will-WE Allstrom
Vienna W35 Game Allstrom Will Ruy W31; these tie for 1st in sec and have begun
playoff. Game William Koch-DF Stillman QGD D21. Prob 240 Max Kuerschner. Solns
Schaefer, Hooley, Peet, Frey, Bahler, Lambert, McGowan, EH Baldwin, Henry
Saint Cler (NY), Leach, Call, WP Boker (Syracuse), Laura A Morse (Missoula).
Manhattan hdcp stdgs Ascher 11.5-1.5 Bierwith 13.5-3.5 Bostwick 9.5-7.5 Delmar 
11.5-1.5 Docharty 5-12 Doob 6.5-6.5 V Ettlinger 8-6 Patterson 6-9 Hanham 13-6 
Rosenfeld 9.5-4.5 Rubino 5-9 Rosenstein 6-8 Salter 5.5-8.5 Stoehr 4.5-7.5 
Spinrad 3-9 H Sauvalle 6-8 JS Sauvalle 7.5-6.5 Smith 2.5-10.5 Wood 2-10 
Yeaton 8-8. 

May 21, 1898 pg 6: Amherst chess tnmt nearly complete, match vs Williams

May 22, 1898 pg 49: 5 US players en route to Vienna; Steinitz, Pillsbury, 
Showalter, DG Baird, JW Baird; 4 will play tnmt 38 rds June 1-July 23. Vienna
tnmt cttee decides not to accept Mason; Viennese Schwarz instead, so Marco,
Schlechter, Halprin, Schwarz (Austria), Maroczy, Charousek (Hungary), Alapin,
Tschigorin, Schiffers (Russia), Tarrasch, Lipke, Walbrodt (Germany), Janowski
(France), Blackburne, Burn, Caro (England), Steinitz, Pillsbury, Showalter,
DG Baird (US). 5 from Manhattan to go to Bkln, play rapid transit match vs
each mem Bkln team, planned for this Thurs; 8th ann Staten Island celebration
Fri, both covered next Sunday. Spring tnmt for Bryn Mawr Challenge Chess Cup
5 entries 1 from each class, winner Miss Edith Houghton 01 who secures trophy
for her class 2d time; officers Miss Isabel Lord, Miss Edith Houghton, Miss
Lotta Emery. 3d rd CCNY vs Stevens Games Buerger-Stevens Scotch 3..d6 W56
Bates-Meyer QGD D31 Sinsheimer-Percy French 3..g6 W44. Solns Jones, Dore, 
Nagrom (Middletown NJ), Schaefer, Bahler, Lambert, Hooley, Robbins, Leach,
EH Baldwin, Call, McGowan, Peet, Haskell, B Strong, JM Sinsheimer (NY),
GW (Newark). Note to WB (Aitken NY). Prob 241 J Meyer (Berlin)

May 29, 1898 pg 45: Vienna tnmt opens Tues, 2RR, 38 rds. Game St Ptbg-Vienna
Evans B33 notes London Times; moves 1-30 other game. 11th German CA congress
Cologne, plan intl tnmt; prizes $250, 185, 125, 75, 50, 25 and best gane,
limit 18 entries, prob 15/1 3 games/2 days; also 3 minor tnmts, ~3 wks.
Death Wayte at home age 69, many yrs was strongest English amateur. When
retired from Eton 1873 devoted leisure time to lit pursuits and chess, daily
at St George, 7 time winner Loewenthal Cup, from 1866 regular at Counties
CA mtgs winning 1st twice and 2d others; practical player and analyst, many
valuable chess articles. Manhattan wins rapid transit match vs Bkln again,
overall wins 28.5-21.5. Gives rd by rd each playing each other side Manhattan:
Delmar 4.5-.5 Hodges 4 Koehler, Rocamora 3 Schmidt 1. Bkln: Napier 3.5 
Richardson 2 De Visser, Marshall 1.5 Helms 1. 8 ann Staten Island celebration
May 20, Hodges 12-1 simul lost to Ryan, young Harlem player Courtenay Lemon
won soln contest of probs by GA Barth (1 of these is prob 242). Trib corr tnmt
Harry P lambert and J George Schaefer claim games vs George J Hofstroem who
did not answer ltrs, also Game DF Burnett (Newark)-Dr JT Wright (Hulmeville PA)
Ruy B25 notes Wright. Manhattan hdcp stdgs Ascher 14.5-1.5 Bierwith 13.5-4.5 
Bostwick 10.5-8.5 Delmar 15.5-1.5 Docharty 5-13 Doob 7.5-8.5 V Ettlinger 9-7 
Patterson 6-9 Hanham 13-6 Rosenfeld 10.5-4.5 Rubino 4.5-11.5 Rosenstein 6-8 
Salter 5.5-9.5 Stoehr 4.5-7.5 Spinrad 3-11 H Sauvalle 6-9 JS Sauvalle 9.5-7.5 
Smith 2.5-11.5 Wood 5.5-11.5 Yeaton 8-9. Solns Hahnm Frey, Lambert, Schaefer,
Leach, Nagrom (Middletown NY), Call, EH Baldwin, Church, Hooley, Rev A Mason,
Bahler, Robbins, Haskell, Strong, Peet. Tho says prob 242 appended does not

May 31, 1898 pg 6: Usu get Harry Chapman's blanket strap and tray for chess

June 1, 1898 pg 9: Vienna tnmt pairing numbers; Charousek ill, place taken by
Trenchard of London

June 2, 1898 pg 10: Vienna tnmt rd 1 results, stdgs

June 4, 1898 pg 8: Vienna rd 2 results, stdgs

June 5, 1898 pg 8: Vienna rd 3 results, stdgs, pairings next wk (games
Wed, Fri, Sat). Only Pillsbury, Showalter clean scores

June 5, 1898 pg 16: Swiss CA ann tnmt begins today Basel, chess growing thx
Schweizer Scachbund. Dutch ann mtg July The Hague, several London players and
Albin who is touring Holland plan to play. NYSCA success last yr brought offers
from other summer resorts, esp good from Lake Keuka, also Lakewood. Trib
corr tnmt Games Dr JT Wright-EA Dodge Ruy W42 DF Burnett-Philip Schroer QGD B23
Schroer-Burnett Vienna W25; Wright won all 6 games his sec and anxious for 
final. Solns FG Herter (NY), Jones, Frey, Lambert, Laura A Morse (Missoula MT) .
Prob 242 GA Barth

June 7, 1898 pg 4: Vienna rd 4 results, stdgs

June 8, 1898 pg 10: Vienna rd 5 results, stdgs

June 9, 1898 pg 9: Vienna rd 6 results, stdg

June 10, 1898 pg 6: Vienna adj game results, stdgs

June 11, 1898 pg 3: Vienna rd 7 results, stdgs

June 12, 1898 pg 7: Vienna rd 8 results, stdgs

June 12, 1898 pg 20: Developments of wk Vienna. Most thought Baird out of 
league. Vienna Games Steinitz-Tschigorin QGD Chigorin W41 Janowski-DG Baird 
Ruy W30 . Played by signal between 2 men-of-war on English Channel Game
HMS Arrogant-HMS Mars QGD W31 notes London Field. Trib corr tnmt Games
DF Stillman (Westerly RI)-Reginald Jordan (NYC) GP W40 Albert Woeltge (Stamford
CT)-Reginald Jordan QGD B32. Pillsbury CC of Bkln cont tnmt ends, I Deissig
98.5-12.5 J Heine 92.5-30.5 JA Coultaus 34-14 EH Wagner 52.5-38.5 CH Dilthey
Jr 53-43 JA Pickard 63-53 EP Ostrander 43-55 G Stellwagen 37-52 M Leopold
15-21 EH Von Name 31.5-59.5 E Henshel 36-62 T Maurer 15-30 HJ Scheidt 3-15
S Baldwin 8.5-51.5 JH Colberg 1-8 Vollmer 1-12 Epping 1.5-35.5; E Henschel
succeeds M Leopold who resigned as treas. Prob 243 H Gray. Solns Peet, Haskell,
Jones, Hooley, Nagroy (Middletown NY), Robbins, Schaefer, Call, Frey, Leach,
EH Baldwin, AH Baldwin, Lambert. Description contents Apr-May Amer Chess Mag
issue, superb, pub William Borsodi

June 13, 1898 pg 8: Vienna rd 9-13 pairings

June 14, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 9 results, stdgs. Schwarz retires, by rules all
games he played cancelled

June 15, 1898 pg 5: Vienna rd 10 results, stdgs

June 16, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 11 results, stdgs 

June 17, 1898 pg 6: Vienna tnmt adj game results, stdgs

June 18, 1898 pg 4: Vienna rd 12 results, stdgs

June 19, 1898 pg 5: Vienna rd 13 results, stdgs, pairings next wk

June 19, 1898 pg 16: Summary Vienna results of wk; Schwarz wd due to illness.
Disappointing wks for Steinitz, Showalter, Baird. Games Pillsbury-Schwarz French
W19 Walbrodt-Burn KGA Kieseritzky W27 Tschigorin-Walbrodt French 2.Qe2 W31
Lipke-Pillsbury 4N B50 Schiffers-Trenchard Ruy 3..f5 D82 Marco-Maroczy 4N D35
Blackburne-Lipke GP D60 Schlechter-Halprin Bishop O B39 Tarrasch-Burn QGD D29
Pillsbury-Caro Caro-Kann W30 Showalter-Schwarz French W40. Prob 244 Taverner.
Solns AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Jones, Lambert, Call, Frey, Leach, Bahler, Hooley,
Haskell, Schaefer, Peet, Robbins, Thomas Hegeman (NY), Hahn, Strong. Trib
corr tnmt Games Foster-I Deissig e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Nc4 NxP [?] B25 Burnett-Dodge
Petroff 26 Dodge-Bennett GP W27

June 20, 1898 pg 3: Unfinished Vienna tnmt game Steinitz/Burn; full stdgs

June 21, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 14 results, stdgs

June 22, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 15 results, stdgs

June 23, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 16 results, stdgs

June 25, 1898 pg 9: Vienna rd 17 results, stdgs

June 26, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 18 results, stdgs 

June 26, 1898 pg 4 image 16: Vienna tnmt long, tight race Pillsbury vs Tarrasch.
Good wk for US players. Games Halprin-Burn QP B55 Trenchard-Walbrodt QP
Stonewall B68 Blackburne-Halprin KGD 2..Nf6 D45 Blackburne-Pillsbury Falkbeer 
Ctr B41 Maroczy-Schlechter Bird's D35 Schiffers-Marco Evans B44 Blackburne-
Schlechter KGA Bishop G W55 Marco-Janowski Ruy B34 Baird-Alapin Ruy 3..B-N5 B59.
No definite word on masters tnmt during Omaha Expo. William Borsodi of NY,
ed Amer Chess Mag, will take trip to St Louis, and together w Judd will
try to stir Omaha chess circles to work. Death problemist James Rayner.
Prob 245 late James Rayner (Leeds). Solns EH Baldwin, Leach, James Jones,
Call, Robbins, Peet, Schaefer, Hooley, Bahler, Lambert, Haskell, Rev A Mason
(NY). Trib corr tnmt Game Charles A Will-WE Allstrom Vienna W35 notes Will

June 28, 1898 pg 5: Vienna rd 19 results, stdgs

June 29, 1898 pg 5: Vienna rd 20 results, stdgs. No play today

July 2, 1898 pg 6: After 2 days rest Vienna rd 21 results, stdgs

July 3, 1898 pg 14: Vienna tnmt report. Games Blackburne-Steinitz Ruy D48 
Schiffers-Schwarz French W35 Walbrodt-Baird KGD D50 Alapin-Caro Alapin O D38
Burn-Trenchard QGD W49++Schlechter-Tschigorin Ruy D41 Caro-Tarrasch Zukertort
B87 Schwarz-Janowski Sic B26 Maroczy-Blackburne Petroff W33 Tschigorin-Burn
French W39. 1st issue 2d vol Amer Chess Mag rcvd, good as usu. Prob 241
EB Cook. Note to PMM (Charleston SC) will give sketch players after tnmt

July 3, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 22 results, stdgs (proquest pg 7)

July 5, 1898 pg 10: 1 pt added to all scores today for Schwarz wd. Vienna
rd 23 results, stdgs

July 6, 1898 pg 8: Vienna rd 24 results, stdgs

July 7, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 25 results, stdgs

July 9, 1898 pg 16: Vienna rd 26 results, stdgs

July 10, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 27 results, stdgs

July 10, 1898 pg 14: Pillsbury improves position relative to Tarrasch this wk.
Baird doing better, Showalter again disappointing, Steinitz about even. Tnmt
Games Walbrodt-Schlechter KGA Bishop G B28 Tschigorin-Lipke B38 Pillsbury-
Tschigorin QGD B57 Caro-Walbrodt Zukertort B32 Baird-Burn French B31 
Schlechter-Showalter French W43 Schwarz-Tarrasch Sic B53 Maroczy-Janowski 2N
D48 Tschigorin-Trenchard Falkbeer Ctr W37 Marco-Blackburne Ruy 3..f5 D16 
Halprin-Schiffers QP D71. Prob 247 OF Reed. Solns Bahler, EH Baldwin, Jones,
Schaefer, Leach, Robbins, AH Baldwin, Lambert, Mason, RC (Bkln), Strong,
Peet, Haskell, Alain C White (Manhattan). Trib corr tnmt Game HP Lambert-
HS Burroughs Petroff W35. HS Burroughs claims both games vs J Hafstroem who
has not replied for month. 4th of July tnmt Dobbs Ferry winners Delmar/Koehler 
4.5-1.5 Hanham/Phillips/Zirn 3-3 Behr 2-4.

July 12, 1898 pg 8: Vienna rd 28 results, stdgs

July 13, 1898 pg 9: Vienna rd 29 results, stdgs

July 14, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 30 results, stdgs; tomorrow adj games

July 16, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 31 results, stdgs

July 17, 1898 pg 5: Vienna rd 32 results, stdgs, remaining rd pairings

July 17, 1898 pg 18: Vienna tnmt wk summary, ever more exciting. Games 
Tschigorin-Caro Vienna W36 Baird-Pillsbury Ruy B34 Baird notation error in
sealing move Game Schiffers-Showalter W70 on time Lipke-Baird Vienna W35 
Showalter-Caro Ruy W30 Tarrasch-Schlechter 4N Double Ruy W38 Showalter-Janowski
Ruy B42 Janowski-Tschigorin Ruy W52 Showalter-Tarrasch Ruy B29 Steinitz-Lipke
Zukertort W58. Cosmopolitan chp final stdgs Otto Roething 9-0 Ch Nugent, 
P Koch 7 H Kahrs, J Taubenhaus 4.5 S Newman 4 Dr Rusicka 3.5 S Heyman 2.5
J Finn 2 C Kaufmann 1. Prob 248 S Loyd. Solns Lambert, Leach, Call, Jones,
Peet, Strong, Rev A Mason, Schaefer, Mrs SEH. Dr AH Scofield (Ryan IA)
wants corr games, Western players preferred, ~5th class player. Trib corr
tnmt Game William Koch-DF Stillman Ruy B35

July 19, 1898 pg 14: Vienna rd 33 results, stdgs

July 20, 1898 pg 12: Vienna rd 34 results, stdgs

July 21, 1898 pg 12:  Vienna rd 35 results, stdgs

July 23, 1898 pg 6: Vienna rd 36 results, stdg

July 24, 1898 pg 15: Vienna rd 37 results, stdgs

July 24, 1898 pg 16: Vienna tnmt summary. Games Halprin-Burn QP B55 Steinitz-
Alapin Ruy 3..B-N5 D57 Steinitz-Burn French D64 Tarrasch-Trenchard Vienna D52
Blackburne-Tschigorin GP D72 Baird-Caro GP B41 Walbrodt-Steinitz Ruy W70
Maroczy-Walbrodt KGD B60. Prob 249 EB Cook. Solns Peet, Robbins (1000 Islands
Park), Jacob Anshagenblitz Jr (New Canaan CT), Leach, L Porjonstakel (New Canaan
CT), Call, EH Baldwin (Pittsfield MA), Rev A Mason, Bahler, AH Baldwin, Jones,
Mrs SEH, BS (Albany), Benedict.

July 26, 1898 pg 8: Vienna final rd results, stdgs; Pillsbury and Tarrasch will
play off for 1st

July 28, 1898 pg 7: Tarrasch wins Vienna playoff game 1 vs Pillsbury

July 29, 1898 pg 9: Pillsbury wins game 2 to even score in 4 game playoff match
vs Tarrasch for 1st in Vienna tnmt

July 30, 1898 pg 7: Tarrasch wins, leads playoff vs Pillsbury 2-1

July 31, 1898 pg 5: Bismarck's mother called great chess player

July 31, 1898 pg 9: Tarrasch wins Vienna playoff vs Pillsbury by D game 4,
2.5-1.5; gets $1500 to Pillsbury $1000

July 31, 1898 pg 17: Vienna tnmt over except playoff for 1st. Cologne tnmt
starts tomorrow. Reports say Lasker plans to enter. Pillsbury will not play,
but strong field. NYSCA mtg Aug 8 Lake Keuka. Vienna tnmt Games Pillsbury-
Schlechter Ruy D45 Steinitz-Walbrodt Vienna W31 Walbrodt-Pillsbury Ruy B32
Janowski-Showalter Ruy W50 Janowski-Pillsbury Falkbeer Ctr W51++ Tarrasch-
Pillsbury Ruy W41 Alapin-Schiffers Sic 2.c3 W44 Janowski-Tarrasch 4N Double Ruy
W54 Steinitz-Halprin QGD W57 Trenchard-Blackburne Benoni->Sic D30 Marco-Caro
Petroff D33 Schlechter-Schiffers QGD W41 Blackburne-Burn English D67. Prob 250
TM Brown. Solns Lambert, Benedict, Schaefer, Call, Frey, Bahler, Mason,
Demeritt, Fooley, AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, Leach, Strong, Haskell, Peet,
SHC (Richfield Springs)

Aug 2, 1898 pg 10: Cologne tnmt starts, 15/1, 8 prizes total $850. Entry 
list, rd 1 results

Aug 3, 1898 pg 8: Cologne rd 2 results, stdgs

Aug 4, 1898 pg 3: Cologne rd 3 results, stdgs

Aug 5, 1898 pg 6: Cologne rd 4 results, stdgs

Aug 6, 1898 pg 8: Cologne tnmt rd 5 results, stdgs

Aug 7, 1898 pg 8: Cologne rd 6 results, stdgs

Aug 7, 1898 pg 16: Vienna special prizes best vs winners to Blackburne, 
Walbrodt, Halprin 10, 7.5, 4 vs winners. Vienna tnmt Games Lipke-Showalter
French W45 Pillsbury-Trenchard QGD W26 Showalter-Trenchard Ruy 3..f5 W37
Maroczy-Caro Ruy W65 Alapin-Pillsbury Alapin's O D41 Burn-Pillsbury QGD D84
Tarrasch-Janowski Sic W65 Tarrasch-Alapin GP D23 Baird-Showalter French W47
Pillsbury-Walbrodt QGD W38 Schiffers-Tschigorin QGD B55 Schlechter-Burn
QGD W61 Janowski-Schiffers QGD W65 Blackburne-Baird QP W48 Schiffers-Tarrasch
Ruy B56 Marco-Showalter Ruy W30. Small but prominent field 11th German CA tnmt
Cologne. Charousek seems to have recovered from illness. Unknown Cohn doing
well. 2d ann NY vs PA match, Staats-Ztg cup et al Lake Keuka this wk. Prob 251
TM Brown. Note to RJ (NY). SG Ruth simul Dutch Arms CC Bkln, 7-2 beat
BC Selover Jr, C Bell, TM Stanley, ET Newman, William Jennings, J Mynerberg,
WW Downing; lost to Messrs Prentiss+Forbes, CS Howell

Aug 9, 1898 pg 4: NYSCA midsummer mtg begins. Cup entries Lipschutz for
Manhattan, Marshall for Bkln, best of 5 games; Lipschutz won game 1. 2d ann
NY vs PA; teams not complete expect PA Bampton, Young, Stuart, Newman, Kemeny
and NY Lipschutz, Marshall, Hanham, Delmar, Koehler, Rogers, Souweine to have 
places. 1st prize 1st class is Farnsworth cup won last yr by Howard J Rogers
(Albany); 3d class prize is Wright Cup last yr A Pieczonka (NYC). Cup Game 1
Lipschutz-Marshall Petroff W27. Cologne rd 7 results, stdg

Aug 10, 1898 pg 4: NYSCA mtg smaller than usu but full of interest. PA team
McCutheon, Bampton, D Stuart, Voigt, JW Young, Kemeny, OC Powers (Philad);
NY Delmar, Koehler, Souweine, E Levy, Lipschutz, Marshall. General tnmt 
3 classes. Class 1: HJ Rogers (Albany), WJ Ferris (Newcastle DE), CP Weeks
(Avon), DF Searle (Rome), Judge WE Scripture (Rome), Judge JA Sittser (Auburn).
Class 2: JD Wright (Albany), DP Rhoades (Syracuse), A McMartin (Johnstown),
DW Waller (Seneca Falls). Class 3: W Borsodi (NY), W Scripture (Rome). 1st and
3d class 2RR, 3d cladd best to 6 games. Lipschutz leads Marshall 2-0 for
Staats-Ztg cup. Cup Game 2 Marshall-Lipschutz QGD B38. Winners by 1st adj rd
1 NY vs PA Delmar, Stuart, Voigt, Hanham. Cologne rd 8 results, stdgs

Aug 11, 1898 pg 2 image 14: NY vs PA rd 1-3 results, 1st 2d, 3d class results;
have in NY Times. Cologne rd 9 results, stdgs. Pillsbury home, left immediately
after Vienna playoff. Intends no serious chess for a time, deal w biz interests.
Respects Tarrasch prowess but feels confident could beat in match, 16 should
be max num in 2RR. Feels chess quality higher than prev tnmts. Felt well early
in tnmt and played well, fatigued at end. Feels satisfied

Aug 11, 1898 pg 5 (text): text is actually what is on pg 14

Aug 12, 1898 pg 10: NYSCA NY vs PA report same as NY Timr. 1st class w some
adj left Rogers 7-2 Weeks 6-2 Feris 5-2 Searle 5-1; Scripture, Sittzer wd
after few games and unplayed scored against. 2d class ends winners DW Waller
(Seneca Falls) 5.5-.5 DP Rhoades (Syracuse) 4.5 A McMartin (Johnstown) 3.
3d class won by Borsodi, W Scripture of Rome 2d = Wright Cup. NY vs PA Games
Souweine-Voigt French D54 Delmar-McCutcheon QP W40. Cologne tnmt postponed for 

Aug 13, 1898 pg 8: Same report NYSCA as NY Times plus Lipschuts wins final
game for Staats-Ztg cup vs Marshall, 4th win for Manhattan. Game Lipschutz-
Marshall Vienna W49. Cologne rd 10 results, stdgs

Aug 14, 1898 pg 9: After 10 rds Cologne, leader is almost unknown player Cohn.
Burn .5 back, then Charousek; rundown leaders anmd their games played. Cologne
Games Charousek-Schallopp Bishop O W34 Charousek-Schlechter GP D33 Schallopp-
Janowski Sic B32 Janowski-Fritz Philidor W34. NYSCA mtg Keuka Lake ends.
Lipschutz wins Staats-Ztg cup for Manhattan, Lipschutz also wins 1st prize in
interstate match followed by Bampton/Voigt, Kemeny/Hanham/Stuart. PA won as
expected given absence many top NY players, 30-19 very lopsided. Includes
Games Bampton-Delmar Ruy W57 Hanham-Bampton Center Ctr W47 Kemeny-Lipschutz
Ruy B58 Kemeny-Delmar Philidor W23 Kemeny-Souweine French W20 Koehler-Kemeny
2N B70. Trib corr tnmt results Schroer wins 2 vs Dodge, Stilman 2 vs Woelige;
corr Games Dodge-Schroer GP B36 Schroer-Dodge KGA W45 Woeltge-Stillman QGD B34
Stillman-Woeltge Ruy W35. Will give overall score when sent by entries Sept 15.
Prob 252 Wells T Banning. Solns T Winfield Benedict (New Canaan CT), James
Jones, JA McCreery (Bkln), B Stronge (Albany NY), Osaac Lewis Peet (Dunwoodie,
Yonkers), Wallace Call, EH Baldwin (N Adams MA), Bahler, HS Demeritt (New 
Canaan CT), Charles Leach (Stony Point SI), Schaefer, Rev A Mason (NY), Church,
JW Hooley (Wappinger's Falls NY), AB Frey (Palatine Bridge NY), JOP (Derby CT).
Interstate final rd results. PA: Bampton, Voigt 5-2 Stuart, Kemeny 4.5 Young,
McCutcheon 4 Bowers 3 = 30. NY: Lipschutz 5.5 Hanham 4.5 Koehler 3 Delmar 2
Marshall, Souweine 1.5 Levy 1 = 19

Aug 16, 1898 pg 7: Cologne rd 11 results, stdgs

Aug 17, 1898 pg 4: Cologne rd 12 results, stdgs

Aug 18, 1898 pg 6: Cologne rd 13 results, stdgs

Aug 19, 1898 pg 4: Cologne rd 14 results, stdgs

Aug 20, 1898 pg 4: Cologne final rd 15 results, stdgs, prizes

Aug 21, 1898 pg 15: Burn wins Cologne tnmt. 1st time wins intl tnmt but long
leading player. Well known in US, lived in NY and Chicago. Style not daring.
Cohn, Berlin bookseller, ties w Charousek and Tschigorin for 2d. Charousek
still affected by illness, Tschigorin brilliant but erratic. Good to see
Steinitz place. Followed by draw master Schlechter, Showalter who friends
expected to do better, final prize Berger.  Games Schiffers-Charousek 3N 3..Bc5
B32 Schlechter-Janowski QGD W28 Pillsbury-Steinitz Ruy W32 Maroczy-Pillsbury 
Petroff B50 Lipke-Tarrasch Ruy D32 Caro-Alapin Zukertort B21 Tarrasch-Marco
Petroff W34 Steinitz-Blackburne 2N D93. Prob 253 GE Carpenter. Solns
FR Mathewson (Newport RI), AH Baldwin, EH Baldwin, H Savery Demarest (New Canaan
CT), Joseph Poor (Haverhill ME), Isaac P Howe (Derby CT), Bahler, Benedict,
Hooley, Frey, Mason, Leach, Church, FH (NY), R Chase (Franconia NH), Call, Peet,
Dr AM Rice (New Haven CT), McCreery, Jones, DFS (NY), SEH (Bkln). To FR 
Mathewson too late to enter current tnmt, will arrange 2d in month or so.
DF Stillman sends correction to last wk game

Aug 28, 1898 pg 24: Got many Vienna tnmt games, not so for Cologne. Discussion
individ games below. Report that on Tarrasch return from Vienna announced
intent to stay out all future tnmts, be strictly physician, latest victory
satisfied his ambition and doubted could improve on it. Rcvd splendid
silver cup from Nuremberg CC, analyzed a tnmt game. Cologne tnmt Games
Heinrichsen-Showalter English W44 Fritz-Steinitz Vienna W55 Albin-Charousek
Ruy B54 Berger-Schiffers QP B24 mate 3 Janowski-Albin Ruy B59 Janowski-Steinitz
KGA Bishop G B35 Burn-Steinitz QGD W72. Prob 254 A Bolus. Solns Schaefer, 
Hooley, Fr Matthewson (Newport RI), Leach, EH Baldwin (N Adams MA), HS Demerett
(New Canaan CT), Frey, Bahler, Church, Call, Mason, Benedict, McCreery, Peet,
Jones, Mrs SEH (Bkln), DCK (New Dorp SI), AAQ (Orange), LEH (Syracuse), GA
Parker (NY) Tarrasch only match vs 1 of 4 great rivals draw vs Tschigorin,
CP (Bkln)

Sept 4, 1898 pg 14: Busy summer w 2 intl tnmts Europe, NYSCA mtg, but more 
coming locally. Plans to org 7th Amer congress. Must win cable match or trophy
permanently to English, no action so far; Manhattan, Boston, Franklin willing
to help Bkln. Cologne tnmt Games Charousek-Heinrichsen Vienna W37 Cohn-Schiffers
French B50 Popiel-Janowski Sic W46++ Heinrichsen-Burn French B34 Schlechter-
Steinitz Vienna W24. Prob 255 HFW Lane. Solns Mrs SE Haskell (Bkln), Rev 
A Mason (NY), William H Church (Bkln), J George Schaefer (Wanpinger's Falls),
Isaac P Howe (Derby CT), TW Benedict Jr (New Canaan CT), DE Hill (Syracuse),
WDL Robbins (NY), Charles Leach (Stony Point), Wallace Call (Stony Point), 
HN Packard (Saratoga Springs), JW Hooley (Wappinger's Falls), AB Frey (Palatine
Bridge), HS Demeritt (New Canaan CT), Isaac Lewis Peet (Dunwoodie, Yonkers),
James Jones (Jacksonville FL). Notes to LH Adams (Canaan CT), Ch Teller (NY),
JJB (Philad), GE Gattie (Danville) Steinitz gambit sound but not advisable
for weak player, TV (Rutherford NJ). Address NY CCs given

Sept 11, 1898 pg 16: Mtg tomorrow Bkln CC on whether to issue cable challenge.
Decide whether to leave to a league which has to be orgd 1st or run like last
yr. Jasnogrodsky estabd Montreal, doing well all ways; little match arranged
vs Marshall who is visiting Montreal. German papers say Tarrasch will abandon
serious chess, Canadian papers says has challenged Lasker for $5000 and world
chp. Mieses said to have challenged Burn to match London. Cologne tnmt Games
Schallopp-Burn Ruy B35 Janowski-Burn Ruy B21 Janoski-Cohn QGD B69 Steinitz-
Schiffers QGD W52 Charousek-Popiel Caro-Kann (says irreg) W55 Burn-Cohn Benoni
W30 Showalter-Cohn Ruy W44 showalter-Steinitz Ruy W54. Prob 256 JC Warner. Solns
Leach, Harold S Demeritt, Bahler, Robbins, Schaefer, EH Baldwin, HN Packard
(Saratoga NY), Frey, HM Lister (Hamilton, Ont), Mason, Call, Peet, Jones,
Haskell, Benedict, WE Hayward (Pana IL)

Sept 13, 1898 pg 4: Bkln will issue cable match challenge, also ask Amer CCs
to meet help select team. Given terms of deed had no alternative but to 
accept responsibility to challenge, but willing to share arrangements

Sept 25, 1898 pg C19: Usu Morphy+the devil, from Amer Chess Mag

(note: I cannot find chess columns either Sept 18, Sept 25, or any day 
which might have the missing problem 257 despite looking at every page
for these days on the website)

Sept 26, 1898 pg 5: No official announcement but clear London tnmt will succeed.
Capt Beaumont subscribed $250 immediately. newnes pres, Hoffer sec. Planned
to submit proposal at Southern Counties CU mtg Salisbury last wk, which had
tnmts, engaged Blackburne and Steinitz for blind and simuls. No news yet
from Janowski, will get official communication from NY tomorrow and has been
asked to telegraph answer. Pillsbury as already announced in Philad,
playing series vs local players including Game Shipley-Pillsbury QGD D56
Voigt-Pillsbury Ruy D72. Jasnogrodsky leads Marshall 3-2 in 4 game up match;
Game 5 Jasnogrodsky-Marshall QP W74. Charousek, Schallopp, Schlechter left
Cologne on Rhein steamer where played Games Schallopp-Charousek 2N B24 w
notesCharousek-Schlechter GP W33 w notes

Sept 30, 1898 pg 4: Janowski to leave Paris Oct for NY match vs Showalter

Oct 2, 1898 pg 30: Bkln CC calls mtg club reps Oct 14 to consider forming
chess league to manage cable matches as 1st suggested Boston CC last yr.
Pic Janowski who leaves for NY Oct 22 arrives Oct 30-31. Will play 7 game 
match vs Showalter, then tour US and Canada. 1 of most brilliant and popular
players Europe. Polish extraction, res Paris ~10 yrs. Played small matches
and made livingteaching amateurs who found him courteous, liberal, instructive.
Many try in vain to describe his style; he does best by saying "like Mary 
Stuart, my play is beautiful but unfortunate [USE!]; esp interesting games.
Southern Counties CU mtg Salisbury; 11 class 1 entries JH Blake, Bellingham,
M Blieden (London), FH Elwell (Southampton), WH Gunston (Cambridge), R Loman,
A Rumboll (Bath), CH Sherrard (Kent), AL Stevenson (Ashford), W Ward (London),
BD Wilmot (Birmingham). 13 class 2 Mrs Fagan, Lady Thomas, Miss Finn, Colonel
Law, F Melhuish, RFB Jones, FA Joyce, J Osborne, A Schomberg, BM Smith,
GA Thomas, Rev Mr Walsh, E Woodrow. 14 class 3 Mrs Chapman, Miss Eyre, Miss 
Hooke, Rev A Law, Rev E Gates, H Bembridge, G Grible, C Chapman, F Rawlins,
J Sutton, C Tracey, F Tracey, W Watson. 6 in womens tnmt Miss Prothero,
Mrs Bowles, Mrs Sidney, Mrs Mayo, Miss Schomberg, Mrs Rumboll. Lates has
class 1 leaders Bellingham, Gunston, Blake, Elwell; Mrs Fagan class 2. Women's
tnmt winners Miss Prothero, Mrs Sidney/Mrs Mayo. Several consulting games
involving Mr Chapman, Blackburne blind exhibit. Tnmt Games Bellingham-Gunston
4N B33 A Rumboll-Gunston French B61 Loman-W Ward GP D51 Miss Finn-Mrs Fagan
Ruy B45. Prob 258 H Braun (Augsburg). Notes to JAC (Women's CC still exists),
AB Walters (NY) Showalter in Philad, LB Ainsworth (Bkln). DF Stillman of 
Westerly RI finishes 1st Trib corr tnmt 4-1-1

Oct 5, 1898 pg 2: Bkln Poly CC officers chosen, fall tnmt planned w prizes

Oct 8, 1898 pg 9: CCNY CC resumed regular mtgs

Oct 9, 1898 pg 16: Mtgs various CCs past wk. Bkln election pleasant, Dist Atty
Josiah T Marean again accepted pres, other officers Richard R Williams, J 
Herbert Watson, RP Messiter, Stanley H Chadwick; cttee SH Craig [Cragg?],
Dr J Russel Taber, HI McMahon, JJ Hains, JW Blakey, HM Barrett. Pillsbury CC
officers Charles H Dilthey Jr, EH Wagner, E Henschel, Elmer H Van Mann; cttee
I Deissig, RP Ostrander, JA Coultaus; Dilthey is rep to Bkln Chess League. 
Manhattan nominating cttee is LD Cohen, De Visser, Davidson, Northrop, Amory.
Marshall vs Jasnogrodsky match Montreal ended draw 3.5-3.5; played at
Jasnogrodsky's Divan. Cosmopolitan CC mems Max Gunsberg, Julius Finn, to
play living chess at Windsor Theater on Bowery, state chp Gus H Koehler ref.
Newnes subscribed $1000 towards London prize fund, anonymous amateur $500,
Capt Beaumont $250 Horace Chapman $125; mtg this wk to arrange. Edinburgh CC
led by DY Mills won 1st game of corr match vs Glasgow; Game Edinburgh-Glasgow 
Bishop O W47 notes Mills. prob 259 L Bachmann. Solns Call, Hooley, Frey,
AH Baldwin, Leach, HA Packard (Saratoga), Robbins, Peet, Everett P Ketchum
(NY), Jones, Mason, EH Baldwin, Schaefer

Oct 15, 1898 pg 5: Mtg at Bkln CC to form Amer Chess League to conduct cable
matches; reps at mtg J Mona Lesser (Boston), Colonel WF Morse (Manhattan),
WP Shipley (Franklin), Courtenay Lemon (Harlem), RP Williams, SH Chadwick,
SH Cragg from Bkln. Cttee named including many of above and SP Johnston
(Chicago), P O'Farrell (Washington)

Oct 16, 1898 pg 2: Harlem tnmt plan tnmt various events including chess

Oct 16, 1898 pg 17: Bkln CC mtg on cable match seemed to ignore idea of league
to run matches, but did revive the idea of such a league. Showalter wrote 
Manhattan, said would be ready to play Janowski Nov 1; seems definitely on;
club will engage Janowski for other events as well. Bkln CC arranging cable
match. Bishops CC of Bkln officers EW Tyler, WF Dunbar, G Heuser, CC Perfall
[Perpall?], FC Tolles, EC Worcester. All ready for living chess game Thurs,
Ginsberg and Finn conduct, Koehler ref, Dr H Siff in charge timing. Nearly
$2500, half of what's needed, already raised for London tnmt next yr;
circular to send clubs for mtg London out. Game 2 Vienna-St Ptbg moves 1-32
given; resumed recently, Vienna won 1st. Cologne Haupt-tnmt won by O Pavelka;
Game O Pavelka-Prof Exner Center Game B31 w comments Westminster Gazette. Prob
260 Philip H Williams. Solns Bahler, Packard, L Willis (NY), AC Slater (Bkln),
O Walters (NY), RS Betram (Washington DC), William Stegner (Bkln), Leach 

Oct 21, 1898 pg 7: Living chess Game Max Ginsberg-Julius Finn French D30;
refer to ref as "Gus" H Koehler; Dr H Siff pres Cosmopolitan Club introd

Oct 22, 1898 pg 7: EP Hanna of Washington CC writes that club thx Trib
for pub of games from Vienna and Cologne

Oct 23, 1898 pg 20: London tnmt financial success assured, fully subscribed,
much discussion wheter 1RR or 2RR. Some prefer 2RR limit 16, others 1RR up to 
30. Prev to Vienna tnmt Trib suggested scheme to admit up to 40 in secs of 10,
top 3 each sec to play in final sec for prizes. Janowski writes NY friend will
be ready to sail to NY on appointed day, should arrive Sat or Sun. Showalter
expected Nov 1, will give time to settle. Janowski will give exhibition Staten 
Island as soon as gets permission from Manhattan which has 1st claim by 
contract. Small but strong field for Manhattan chp; co-chps Koehler, DG Baird,
ex-chps Hodges, Schmidt, Bkln chp Marshall, Hanham, prob Delmar, Ettlinger, and
new man Muller von der Werra; set to start tonight. Living chess rather novel,
if repeat should use larger hall, rumored that man known for chess enterprise
plans to arrange in Madison Sq Garden near future. Steinitz returned to NY this
wk. Corr Games Lpool-St George Birmingham Scotch B27 notes The Field Birmingham
St George-Lpool Petroff W46 notes The Field. Prob 261 C Pater

Oct 24, 1898 pg 5: WW Fisher, who won U Penn chess tnmt last spring, was beaten
by university chp JS Francis, who retains chp 3d consec yr

Oct 29, 1898 pg 12: Death George Stanfield in rooms Fulton CC, alleged poolroom

Oct 30, 1898 pg 14: Janowski will prob arrive NY today, guest of Manhattan.
Nothing heard from Showalter this wk; unclear when match begins. Tomorrow
Janowski at Bkln CC, Tues Cosmopolitan and City, Wed Metropolitan and Harlem,
Fri Staten Island. Manhattan chp tnmt this wk Games Ettlinger-Baird Scotch B53
Rocamora-Ettlinger Ruy W37 V.d. Werra-Koehler 4N B25 Delmar-Baird QGD B56.
Cosmopolitan CC mem only hdcp tnmt starts Nov 9, 1st $35 donated Cosmopolitan
Cafe proprietor Stark, other prizes $15, 10, 5, special prizes best vs winners
and best game by tnmt ctte chair Ch Nugent; ~20 entries including all club 
cracks. Newnes says London tnmt planned as 16-20 player 2RR. Harry H Lambert
draws HS Burroughs Trib corr tnmt, wins sec 5-0-1 including Game Burroughs-
Lambert 2N D74; Reginald Johnson won 2 d game vs William Koch in sec 1. Prob
262 AC Challenger. Solns Mason, EH Baldwin, Leach, Bahler, Call, Packard, AH
Baldwin, WDLR (NY), Hooley, Haskell, Frey, RBB who finds prob 261 wonderful

Oct 31, 1898 pg 1: Janowski arrives US after rough trip, came close to iceberg.
Will play match vs Showalter, then plans tour US and Canada. Polish extraction,
past 10 yrs Paris as leading French player. Dashing and brilliant play.
Visited Manhattan yesterday, modest and quiet manners made many friends.
Gives other noted passengers on ship Eugene de Bocande (agent of line), Prof
Charles E Dana and wife, Jaques Bare (tenor), Legrand Howland, Count Gerard
de Lancey Prouleroy

Oct 31, 1898 pg 6: Janowski arrived for match vs Showalter Manhattan

Nov 4, 1898 pg 8: On Republican 15th Dist candidate Nathaniel A Elsberg
(w photo); among orgs mem Manhattan CC

Nov 6, 1898 pg 14: Showalter will arrive today or tomorrow; Janowski used
time to acquaint self w US clubs and players. Visited Bkln, Cosmopolitan,
City, Harlem made excellent impression and many friends. Will not give
exhibitions any other CC til done w Showalter match at Manhattan, 3-4 games/wk,
if wins will try to arrange other matches here or elsewhere. Salisbury (England)
mtg Game Bellingham+Gunston-Chapman+Blackburne Q's Indian B32 notes The Field.
Prob 263 CV Berry. Solns Frey, Schaefer, Bahler, Leach, Robbins, Call, Peet,
HNP (Saratoga)

Nov 8, 1898 pg 7: Showalter arrived NY, saw Janowski Manhattan, said cannot
start match before Mon. Manhattan directors will engage Janowski for simul.
Agreed on match terms, 7 games up, $750/side, 7 games/fortnight, 30/2 15/1

Nov 12, 1898 pg 5: Womens CC of NY 1st mtg season; ann mtg Nov 15

Nov 13, 1898 pg 9: Large crowd for Janowski simul Manhattan; said he had never
played such a strong team in London, Hastings, Paris, Vienna, 12-5-11; beat
Rocamora, Orchard, Wood, Ullman, Bierwith, Frankel, Stoehr, Westfield, Green,
Yeaton, Zeckendorf, Stokes; lost to Ruth, Green, Herbert Rosenfeld, JH Sauvelle,
Marshall; drew A Ettlinger, V Ettlinger, De Visser, Hanham, Dr Sauvelle, 
Macaulay, Hector Rosenfeld, Koehler, Von der Werra, Bostwick, Dahl; over 900
moves in 4:20. Showalter vs Janowski begins next Fri. Vienna-St Ptbg telegraph
game moves 1-35. Manhattan chp tnmt in prog Game MOA de Werra-Gustave Koehler
4N B25 mate 4 notes Koehler. Prob 264 Pion Noir. Solns AH Baldwin, Frey, Leach,
Mason, HNP (Saratoga), Robbins, EH Baldwin, Bahler, Hooley, Haskell, Peet, 
BG Parker (Gouverneur, NY)

Nov 13, 1898 pg 41: Usual Pope and irascible opponent story

Nov 14, 1898 pg 4: Hodges 1-2-1 blind simul Bkln CC, all games complex.
Beat HW Barry (Boston); lost to Mrs Worrall+Walter Frere, GF Massa; drew 
FJ Marshall. Game Hodges-JW Barry Ruy W25. Manhattan tnmt stdgs Baird 6.5-.5
Delmar 2-5 Ettlinger 0-5 Hanham .5-2.5 Hodges 2-2 Koehler 2-0 Marshall 1.5-1.5
Roestond? 4.5-.5 Schmidt 2-3 VD Werra 3-4. Newnes pres proposed intl tnmt
London May, secs Junius L Cope and Walter Russell, WH Trenchard treas. Plan
2RR major, also minor tnmt. Lasker exhibits London and provs, will play London
tnmt and believes Tarrasch will come despite statements to contrary

Nov 14, 1898 pg 8: Amherst CC will hold tnmt winter tnmt, top 3 to face
Williams in spring

Nov 17, 1898 pg 3: Showalter, Janowski to sign articles for 7 game up match
today, start tomorrow. $750/side 7 games/fortnight, Hanham and B Koehler 2ds
for Showalter, Janowski rep; if tie 6-6 becomes 10 up, draw if 9-9

Nov 19, 1898 pg 4: Game 1 Showalter-Janowski QGD B32

Nov 20, 1898 pg 15: Large crowd for Showalter vs Janowski game 1. Manhattan
chp stdgs Baird 6.5-.5 Delmar 2-5 Ettlinger 0-6 Hnahm .5-4.5 Hodges 2-3
Koehler 3-1 Marshall 5.5-1.5 Rocamora 4.5-.5 Schmidt 2-3 Werra 4-5. Not
expected leaders. Marshall beat Hodges and Koehler last wk. Lasker will play
London tnmt; now touring London and provinces gvg illustrated lectures and
simuls. London Women's Club simul Game Lasker-Mrs Anderson Sic W22 w notes. 
Prob 265 WH Grundy. Solns Fairchild, AH and EH Baldwin, Frey, Leach, Robbins,
Haskell, Peet, Cyrus A Peake (Yonkers), Call, Packard, BG Parker, Hooley.
Note to Mahlon Pitney (Morristown NJ) corr tnmt nearly over cannot accept

Nov 21, 1898 pg 2: Showalter took off day vs Janowski, game  tomorrow

Nov 21, 1898 pg 8: Intercollege tnmt NY over Xmas, 2 player teams, trophy
inscrip Intercollege Challenge Chess Cup

Nov 23, 1898 pg 4: Description Game 2 Janowski-Showalter 4N W62

Nov 25, 1898 pg 3: Description Game 3 Showalter-Janowski QGD D46; Janowski
leads 2-0-1, game 4 tomorrow

Nov 27, 1898 pg 15: Description all games Janowski vs Showalter so far. Game 4
Janowski-Showalter Ruy W38. Janowski leads 3-0-1, game 4 tomorrow. Pillsbury
started US tour under auspices Amer Chess Mag. Norwalk CT Fri, yesterday Bkln,
this wk at various small CCs Bkln. Vienna vs St Ptbg telegraph game moves 1-36.
15 Pton students in 2 sec, 2 winners each sec play off for 3 prizes. Sec 1:
J Chidester 99, Charles S Herndon 99, JG Wilson 01, DV Hutchings 01, 
FP McDermott 02, AJ Pilgram 02, GA Rupley 02, Walter Phillips 02. Sec 2: 
J Ely 99, AS Weston 99, KS von Krug 01, FF Shallenberg 02, R Ely 02, J Dodd 02,
JR Hunt 02. Schallopp, Schottlander recently played series at watering place
including Game Schallopp-Schottlander Vienna D48 notes Westminster Gazette
Schallopp-Schottlander Petroff W42 notes Westminster Gazette. Prob 266
Philip H Williams. Solns Isaac Lewis Peet (University Heights NY), Robbins,
Fairchild, Bahler, AH Baldwin, Hooley, Mason, Leach, Cyrus A Peake (Yonkers),
GW Jones (NY), EH Baldwin (Bethlehem PA), BG Parker, HNP

Nov 27, 1898 image 28: Cases of momentary brain failure, what Scots call dwams,
hapen primarily to most skilled players and men of greatest cleverness

Nov 28, 1898 pg : Large list entries for Pton CC tnmt, 2 top scores will be
chosen w Young 99 and Dana 01 as intercollege reps. Negotiations in prog for
Penn vs Cornell match this term

Nov 29, 1898 pg 4: Showalter takes 2d of 3 off days vs Janowski, game 5 now
sched tomorrow

Dec 1, 1898 pg 4: Brief description Game 5 Showalter-Janowski QGD. Janowski
leads 3-0-2, game 6 tomorrow

Dec 3, 1898 pg 4: Description Game 6 Janowski-Showalter Vienna B47. Janowski
leads 3-1-2, 7th game tomorrow. Tonight Pillsbury exhibition Bkln CC

Dec 4, 1898 pg 16: Showalter picking up while Janowski falling off, very
interesting games. Very gentlemany; after game 5 Janowski said sorry you didn't
win you played better than I did, and all know "our Jack" equally gentleman.
Wonderful Showalter win game 6; discussion Ettlinger ingenious but unsound
suggested combo. After Janowski vs Showalter match, Rocamora and Muller von der
Werra will play 5 up $150/side Manhattan. Following counts as draw since Woeltge
was allowed to change move earlier; Trib corr tnmt Game Reginald Jordan-
A Woeltge Ruy B57. Prob 267 A Corrias. Solns Bahler, Call, BG Parker,
John Street (Saratoga), AH Baldwin, Leach, Rev Arthur Mason (NY), Frey, EH
Baldwin, Peet (Yonkers), RS Farmers (NY), A Wheather head (Bkln), Fairchild

Dec 4, 1898 Ill Sup pg 13: Article on Ben Franklin mentions his chess

Dec 5, 1898 pg 5: Yale intercollege reps LH Cook 00 and AM Webb 01,
being coached daily by Marshall. Subs HA Logan 00 and HM Russell 02

Dec 5, 1898 pg 7: Description Game 7 Showalter-Janowski QGD; Janowski leads
3-2-2. Pillsbury simul Bkln CC 20-4-1 chess, 0-1-1 checkers. Chess beat
FM Brown, Mrs H Worrall+W Frere, MJ Thompson, FWC Lieder, C Schroeder,
CH Dilthey Jr, R Ulrich, AH Grosser, BD Ackley, AH Wechsler, FD Burns, 
FM Sharpe, HS Burroughs, GF Massa, Dr JB Kopf, HAC Dahl, SH Cragg, WH Clay,
DE Wyand, Dr LW Pearson+Miss E Warburton; lost to WBB Ingalls, G Russel,
J Heim, R Colwell; drew I Deissig. Showalter 11-1-1 Cosmopolitan; beat
Lebensohn, Stein, Gelman, Meyer, Lemon, Gerstner, Kirschner, Kornhut, Berow,
Koch, Hyman; lost to Zirn; drew Tadden

Dec 6, 1898 pg 16: Mtg Manhattan to form natl chess assoc. Officers Lesser
(Boston), Sipley, Capt O'Farrell, WF Morse (Manhattan), Stanley H Chadwick
(Bkln). Considered various plans, adopted one. Cultivate chess, arrange natl
and intl matches and tnmts, arrange US chp, cable matches; individ and 
club mems. Meet again today

Dec 7, 1898 pg 5: Womens CC of NY met yesterday

Dec 8, 1898 pg 4: Description Game 8 Janowski-Showalter Ruy D71. Janowski leads
3-2-3. Janowski will take 1st off day, be readyu for game 9 Sat

Dec 11, 1898 pg 18: Discussion plan likely to do great good for US chess.
Plans for US CA drafted by Lesser (Boston), Shipley (Philad), O'Farrell (DC),
Stanley H Chadwick (Bkln). Showalter start on rise, got 2 wins followed by D
vs Janowski who showed signs of fatigue and took 1st off day. Lasker touring
England, Scotland, Wales, lectures and exhibitions. Said will enter London tnmt
even tho 2RR if limit 16 1st class only. Bristol exhibition Game Lasker-Amateur
4N Double Ruy W37 w notes. Prob 268 Pion Noir. Solns AH Baldwin, AB Frey,
Rev A Mason, EH Baldwin, Wallace Call, BG Parker, Schaefer, Leach, Robbins,
Daniel A Brown (Montgomery NY). Reginald Jordan of NY says made same score as
Stillman in corr tnmt but cannot spare time and wants to let Stillman go on
and play final rds. Pillsbury began Amer Chess Mag tour Watertown NY 4-2 chess
1-0 checkers blind while playing whist; large crowd. Seneca Falls 6 in morning
10 afternoon won all but 1. sat sched Worcester, next wk Boston, Fall River,
Hartford, Springfield. Game 9 Showalter-Janowski QGD B23, Janowski leads 4-2-3.
Showalter rcvd telegram immediately after game that brother died, left for 12
days in west. Janowski will give exhibitions Bkln, Cosmopolitan, Staten Island
this wk. Brief description game 9

Dec 12, 1898 pg 9: Amherst CC prcticing for ann match vs Williams, 16 mems,
playing tnmt to choose team of 3. Dartmouth considering chess challenge
from Brown. Intercollege tnmt Dec 26-31, Harv team Southard+Arensberg w subs

Dec 17, 1898 pg 16: 1 hr match Columbia leads Penn 4-1 w 1 adj; 2d rd tonight.
Col: HM Phillips, AS Meyer, KG Falk, AW Parker, FH Sewall, JO Seward.
Penn: JS Francis, RB Griffith, HB Alexander, WW Fisher, IK Baxter, JPG

Dec 18, 1898 pg 14: Death Showalter's bro Judge John W Showalter postpones
Janowski match; Janowski gvg simuls local CCs. Yesterday Bkln CC, today
50 mems Bkln League; likely to spend some days Franklin CC and other NY CCs.
Return match 6/side Penn vs Columbia yesterday. Death Skipworth. St Ptbg
vs Vienna telegraph match still going on; moves 35-38 given. Manhattan chp
stdgs Baird 6.5-2.5 Delmar 2-8 Hanham 4-8 Hodges 8-2 Koehler 7.5-2.5
Ettlinger 0-9 Marshall 10.5-2.5 Schmidt 5.5-5.5 M vd Werra 5-8. Games
M vd Werra-Hanham French B43 Koehler-Marshall 4N W42 Delmar-Koehler English
B49 Baird-Hanham Center Ctr D47. Prob 269 PGLF (London). Solns BG Parker
(Gouverneur), Charles Leach (Stony Point), HL Fairchild (Nichols CT), GB Yard
(NY), Wallace Call, DL Robbins (NY), EH Baldwin (Bethlehem PA), AB Frey
(Palatine Bridge NY), MH Alling (New Haven), Rev A Mason (NY), Isaac Lewis
Peet (Dunwoodie, Yonkers NY), Count V Starzenski (Hoboken NJ), Cyrus A Peake
(Yonkers), Mrs SE Haskell (Bkln). Pillsbury left yesterday for start Western
trip Chicago, then Davenport, St Louis, Chicago, Macomb IL, Urbana OH, Lincoln
NE; return ~Jan 1. Played last wk Worcester, Fall River, Springfield. 
Worcester YMCA simul 17-2-1 chess, 7-1-6 checkers. Falls River 10-1 chess,
7-1-1 checkers, then 16-1-1 chess 7-2-5 checkers; then started blindfold 11:30
losing 1 consulting chess drew 1 consulting checkers. Team match (combining
2 rds given individ) Columbia 14 (Phillips 2 Meyer 1.5 Falk 2 Parker 1
Sewall 2 Seward .5)-Penn 10 (Francis 0 Griffith .5 Alexander 0 Fisher 0/Addleman
1 Baxter 0 Gallagher 1.5). Intercollege sched given, Dec 26-31, refs Delmar,
H Helms, director LD Broughton Jr. Pton team Alfred C Weston 99 (W Mt Vernon
ME), John A Ely Jr 99 (NYC); final rd scores Weston 3.5-1.5 Ely 3-2

Dec 19, 1892 pg 8: Pton prelim tnmt done, highest score Pilgram 02 5-1. Prelim
winners who will compete for chp and intercollege spots
Weston 99, Ely 99, Wilson 01, Ely 02, Pilgram 02, Young 02, Dana 01

Dec 19, 1898 pg 9: Janowski 17-5 simul beat HAC Dahle, MJ Thompson, FWC Lieder,
CH Cochrane, EE Cornwall, Dr FM Sharpe, ES Hawkins, W Southwick, HS Snow, 
C Kaufmann, R Colwell, FD Burns, CA Schroeder, AF Davis, J Hausleiter,
GF Massa, WM de Visser; lost to Mrs H Worrall+W Frere, WBB Ingalls, 
AH Grosser, CA Will, HS Burroughs

Dec 20, 1898 pg 4: University teams chosen. C: AS Meyer, KG Falk. H: EE 
Southard, FC Arensberg. Y: LA Cook, WA Webb. P: Alfred C Weston, John A Ely Jr.
Only Meyer, Southard, Cook played prev. Falk well known in NY for winning
interscholastic tnmt last yr

Dec 21, 1898 pg 4: Pillsbury 22-1-1 simul Davenport IA; players from Davenport,
Iowa City, Muscatine IAm Rock Island, Moline, Newbridge IL; 5 hrs; lost to
JD Metzger (Moline); drew JB Street (Cambridge)

Dec 22, 1898 pg 4: Pillsbury won 6-1-1 blind Davenport IA; lost to
WA Weld+Dr EM Sala; drew JV Stread (Cambridge IL). Janowski vs Showalter will
not resume before Jan 4; Showalter sked for longer leave, Janowski agreed to it

Dec 25, 1898 pg 4: Intercollege match this wk. Pics Arthur G Meyer (Col),
Charles FC Arensberg (H). Elmer E Southard (H). Since Hymes time, Harvard
dominates, mostly due to Southard who seems class above rest. Harvard fav,
Meyer of Col fine impression in debut last yr and said to have improved, 
Falk new to college chess but last yr won prize best interscholastic score.
Marshall coaching Yale, finds Cook and Webb promising. Pton Ely and Weston
new to intercollege, have good Pton rep. Showalter asks for delay, Janowski
grants til Jan 4. Metropolitan CC merges w Turn Verein CC after speeches
by veteran H Benecke, O Drescher last pres defunct club, J feibel last sec; 
Lipschutz, Steinitz joined new org; sat down to "Commers" in German style.
Marshall will play London, major if can else minor; for practice will play
friendly match vs Hanham. London tnmt excitement, Lasker entering, will pub
tnmt book to every subscriber $10. Lasker successful Scottish tours, eill
visit Moscow next month. British CC beat St George including bd 1 Game
Burn (British)-EM Jackson QGA D53 notes Pall Mall Gazette. Prob 270 Pion Noir.
Solns I Solveit (Satatoga NY), Fairchild, Schaefer, AH Baldwin, Robbins,
DC Keller (New dorp SI), EH Baldwin (Jersey City), BG Parker, Call, Peet,
TM Quick (Pougheepsie NY), Peake, TB Yard (NY), MH Alling (New Haven CT), Frey,
Daniel Gomery (NY), Mason, Mrs SE Haskell

Dec 26, 1898 pg 2: Vienna brilliancy prize winners Pillsbury, Lipke, Marco.
Prize Game Halprin-Pillsbury QP B38 w notes Game Lipke-Janowski Ruy W32 w notes
Game Marco-Burn French W28 w notes

Dec 26, 1898 pg 7: Ltr from Havana to Chicago Record notes great popularity
chess Havana; played at all clubs, several CCs some w players intl reps. Easy
to raise money to bring intl masters

Dec 26, 1898 pg 10: Events of day has intercollege tnmt. Same pg Pton
intercollege reps Weston 99, J Ely 99, R Ely 02, EJ Wilson 01. Weston won
Pton tnmt, other 3 tied for 2d; Wilson won playoff

Dec 27, 1898 pg 5: 7th ann intercollege tnmt begins. Games Falk (C)-Arensberg
(H) Petroff D32 Cook (Y)-Ely (P) QP Stonewall B36 Meyer (C)-Weston (P) Falkbeer
Ctr W16 Webb (Y)-Southard (H) Dutch B28

Dec 28, 1898 pg 2: Intercollege rd 2 Games Falk (C)-Cook (Y) Petroff W71++
Ely (P)-Arensberg (H) Petroff B42 Meyer (C)-Southard (H) KGD B46 by adjud
3:12, 2:56 Webb (Y)-Weston (P) QP B65 3:44, 2:07

Dec 28, 1898 pg 4: Events of day has intercollege (also Dec 30 pg 4)

Dec 29, 1898 pg 4: Intercollege rd 3 Games Falk (C)-Ely (P) Ruy W43 Cook (Y)-
Arensberg (H) QP W21 Meyer (C)-Webb (Y) KGD 2..Nf6 W47++ Weston (P)-Southard (H)
2N B44. C: Falk 2.5-.5 Meyer 2 H: Southard 3 Arensberg 1.5 P: Ely 1 Weston 1
Y: Cook 1 Webb 0

Dec 30, 1898 pg 2: Intercollege rd 4 Games Southard (H)-Falk (C) Ruy W27
Arensberg (H)-Meyer (C) Ruy W26 Weston (P)-Cook (Y) Petroff W33 Ely (P)-Webb (Y)
QGD B45++; team and individ stdgs

Dec 30, 1898 pg 4: Events of day has intercollege tnmt

Dec 31, 1898 pg 4: Intercollege rd 5 Games Webb (Y)-Falk (C) QP Stonewall B65++
Arensberg (H)-Weston (P) Vienna W65 Cook (Y)-Meyer (C) QP B46 Southard (H)-Ely
(P) French W38. Team and individ stdgs. Janowski vs all comers Cosmopolitan
CC tonight

Jan 1, 1899 pg 4: Intercollege final rd 6 Games Weston (P)-Falk (C) GP B29
Arensberg (H)-Webb (Y) Vienna D38 Southard (H)-Cook (Y) Vienna W35 Ely (P)-
Meyer (C) QGD B30. Full CT. H: Southard 6 Arensberg 4. C: Falk 4.5 Meyer 4.
P: Weston 2 Ely 1. Y: Webb 1.5 Cook 1. Records all players and all teams yr
by yr given

Jan 1, 1899 pg 14: AS Meyer (Columbia) statement re proposed university cable
match given. Propose 6 bds, Easter, natives only, eligibilities of intercollege
each side, 20/1, Lasker adjud, newnes US rep. Southard, Arensberg, Falk, 
Meyer and 1 each from