I initially decided to find scores of various important chess results from
the romantic era, to decide who was really the strongest player in the days
between LaBourdonnais and Anderssen. The time period widened a bit, as
I needed to find results from the strong players outside of this time period.
I ended up arbitrarily cutting off the time period, and trying to keep
track of results in the time period 1836-1863.

Perhaps someone can help me in collecting scores, and verifying
I have consciously decide to keep serious "friendly" results as well as
matches, since I believe these are important in judging relative strengths,
when the number of matches played (especially across national boundaries)
is so small. Many of these were played without game scores being kept, but
there is nevertheless some evidence for them. I do not claim to be a chess
historian; any help is graciously appreciated. I realize certain match scores 
are contradictory or incorrect, but cannot resolve the issues on my own.
Any comments/corrections can be sent to

Jerry Spinrad

The following sources were from a file graciously provided by Anders Thulin:

WCC Winter, ed World Chess Champions, 1981
TS Teplitz-Schonau tournament book, Bachmann, 1922
FK P Fenstra Kuiper, Hundert Jahre Schachzweikaempfe, 1967

Books I own

Oxford Companion , Hooper and Whyld, 1992
OECG: Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games, Levy and OConnell, 1981
Uncrowned Champions (Nekoronovannye Chempiony,Nejshtadt,Russian), Moscow 1975
Chess Players Chronicle = CPC
The Chess Player = TCP

QCH: Quarterly for Chess History

Web sources: 
Schach Datenbank: www.schach-datenbank.de
corsicoscacchi: corsicoscacchi.com/edo These pages seem to be often
unavailable; some, but not all, of the pages appear at

1831: McDonnell-W Fraser 3-1-1 (Chess Notes 1191 from WG Walker book)

1835: (Fisk said to have won slight majorty over Schlumberger 1st Amer Cong 402)
      (Lewis plays Labourdonnais)

1836: St. Amant - Walker 5-3-1 (Schach-Datenbank,corsicoscacchi,TS,FK)
      Boncourt made even games with Szen (Winter report on Diggle column
        from BCN, CN item 2002;chesscafe.com/text/board2.txt); called level
        match with honours easy Century British Chess pg 43)
      Szen - Labourdonnais 13-12 Szen given P + move (P+2?)
         (FK P+2,www.queen.it/web4you/noprofit/keres/txt/a38.html,
          Chess Monthly 1860 pg 45 Lab letter P+2)
      Szen - Calis 12-1 (Chess Monthly 1860 pg 45)
      St. Amant - Fraser 1-0-2 (corsicoscacchi.com/edo/staunt.htm)
          (Schach Datenbank as 2-1 overall,FK 0-1-2)
      Deschapelles - St Amant 1-1-1 Deschapelles gave P+2 (Oxford comp Des,
      see also mark_weeks.tripod.com/chw02b01/chw-2b01.htm, from Chess and 
      Chess-Players by George Walker)
      Mayet-Szen 3-2-1 (FK; almost certainly same as listed in 1838)
      (according to Golombek History of Chess, St Amant beat Fraser,
       Perigal,Popert,Walker, also in Century Brit Chess 55)
      (St Amant refuses Szen challenge)
      (Szen = Walker, Slous)
      (Labourdonnais better than St Amant giving P + move)
      (Paris vs Westminster 1834,1836: Alexandre, St Amant, Chamouillet,
      Boncourt vs McDonnell Lewis Walker others Paris 2-0 at chesscafe) 
      (Horwitz plays Bledow)
      (Deschapelles issues challenge to all English players at odds)
      (St Amant also said to have beaten Popert, Perigal no scores given
       Century British Chess pg 42)
      (proposed match on British ship in French harbor, Paris has named St
       Amant, Boncourt, Mouret as its 3 competitors)

1837: (Szen called stronger than any in Vienna, London, = St Amant: 
           Oxford companion; ? misquote  from The Philidorian Feb 1838,
           se Thulin post Remembrance of things pas dejanews.comm.chesshistory
           To get to this wonderful post, go to google groups and type in
           Pogogogef. I have suummarized it below under 1838)
      Labourdonnais-Church 40-5 (www.queen.it ... a38)
      Perigal lost 4 games without winning any to Clemence, Chamouillet
        (Chess monthly 1860 pg 44)
      (Labourdonnais plays many vs Bonfil giving N and wins most; Chess Monthly
       1860 pg 45)
      (Mayet plays Hanstein)

1838: Szen-Lasa 2-1  (4 Szen matches are at 
         www.corsicoscacchi.com/edo/szen.html, which I can sometimes access
         even when corsicoscacchi is unavailable)
      Szen/Bledow 1-1 (corsicoscacchi)
      Bilguer-Szen 1-0 (corsicoscacchi)
      Mayet-Szen 2-0-1 or 3-2-1 (3-2-1 corsicoscacchi 1839)
      These Szen matches are discussed at
      www.ballo.de/Partien/zettel9599.htm ie zettel 98 from ballo's website.
      Apparently the original source is  DSZ January 1847 page 13, and is also 
      discussed in SZ 90. Szen played matches at the Berlin club on
      April 16-17, 1839. Anders Thulin looked up Schachzeitung where these are
      given and it says 2-0-1 though due to old wording it is possible 
      someone misinterpreted it; this agrees with CPC 1856 pg 1. In addition, 
      another game is sometimes listed as Mayet-Szen but in SZ 90 this is given as Szen vs 
      Mr A)
      Oliver-Picquet: match 2-1 giving P+2, offhand 3-1 even and 1-0 P+2
        (book of 1st Amer congress 374)
      (Staunton long series with Evans, Oxford companion)
      (Staunton mortifying defeat by Alexandre, Oxford companion see ILN 
       Jan 19, 1856 21 game match mortifying defeat was in early sittings)
      (Bilguer plays Lasa)
      (Philidoran post describes chess as follows:
      best Russian = Baron Schilling, Prince Mysterski, Prince Labanof,Pogogogef
      M Petrof. Copenhagen has a chess professorship, filled by M Osterberger.
      strongest Vienna = Witholm, about equal to Szen of Pest. Szen never
      met German could beat him though visited berlin Dresden. Bourdonnais
      could beat Szen giving pawn though Szen beat all in London. Hamburg has
      strong players Smeichael,MM John, Popert; beat Berlin in correspondence.
      Rust of Leipzig supposed to be strong. Frankfort's best are Goldsmit,
      Shiereck, Ehrman. Silberschmidt is strong. Strongest Berlin Bledow
      (Beledow), Mendheim, Netto, Mayet, Hanstein, Sarbruck. No Dutch of
      eminence, best is M Kopman; Amsterdam won 3 matches vs Rotterdam,
      Antwerp, the Hague. Strongest Leyden M Oliphant, Utrecht M van Reede,.
      Antwerp D'Orville, Schauffer, A de Bie, Cocquiel, Solvyns, Wouters,
      Loix, Brussels Michaelis, Fetis, Destroope, Previnaire, De Mevius,
      Mosselman, de Berhr, Muller, Moyart. Ghent Mettepening, Lebeau.
      Spaniards Vigo, de Frias, Santa Maria, Hernandez. Italy Calvi Robello 
      and Lavagnino have visited. Rome Ciccolini, Ferrari Leati, Naples
      Cimilile. Modena Borsari. Bordeaux Foy beaten only by Amant Labourdonnais.
      Other Bordeaux Ristord, Boiteaux, Burnard, Moussey, Cart, Grangeneuve,
      Delasalle, Martinelli, Sasportas. Douay Guinggueret, Valenciennes
      de Barneville; thes clubs playing match. Paris: Bourdonnais 1st player
      in Europe, next 2 St Amant Boncourt, these 2 full as strong as Szen.
      Then Devinck Bonfil Chamouillet Calvi Azevedo Alexandre Lecrivain etc.
      And of course the retired Deschapelles.)

1839: Kieseritzky wins 100 game match vs Rousseau
        (chess timeline at misc.traveller.com/chess/history/1800-1899.html)
      Boncourt-Walker 2-0-1 (Winter CN 2002, from Diggle)
      (Bledow narrow win vs Szen is Szen's worst result, Oxford companion)
      (Bledow plays Lasa)
      (Lasa plays Mayet)  
      (Lasa plays Hanstein, Princeton page)
      (see Deschapelles column comments at end of file, written around 1839)
      (something about a match between Tartu and St Petersburg involving 
      Jaenisch and Kieseritzky mentioned at www.kirimale.ee.meedia/
      EestiEkspress26044001.htm if anyone can translate from Estonian I will
      add. page kirimale.ee/org/eesti_kirimale_kron.html perhaps says
      Petersburg won 1.5-.5)

(1840s: Petroff won match over Jaenisch Oxford companion)

1840: Staunton - Popert various scores: (10-5-6,10-9-6,8-3-2,2-2)
        (Schach-Datenbank gives overall 13-8;OECG 2-2;8-3-2 Mark Weeks,
         10-9-6 TS,8-3-2 WCC,10-5-6 FK; Century British Chess pg 50 says from
         intro to 3d series CPC won by 1 game)
      St Amant/Kieseritzky 1-1-1 (QCH Autumn 1999 pg 182 said only games btw) 
      Boncourt has won 3 more games than St Amant over ~35 
        (Fraser's chess magazine 1840) 
      Boncourt held own vs Kieseritzky (Winter CN 2002, from Diggle)
      Dubois played Tosi Wyvill Knight Brooke-Greville need italian from
      Luchini a bit inferior to Wyvill, equal to Knight
      Wyvill-Topi (leoncini.freeservers.com/topi.html)
      Oliver-Fuller N odds (Book 1st Amer Congress pg 374)
      Greene-Fuller 6-4 receiving N odds (Book of 1st Amer Cong pg 374)
      (Bilguer dies)

1841: Stanley-Staunton +3 =1 -2 Staunton gives P+2 (2-1 in OECG)
        (3-1-2 princeton.edu/~jamesw/stanbio.html,
         3-2-1 members.tripod.com/~Mark_Weeks,3-2-1 is WCC; same as "large
         majority" won by Stanley 1st Amer Congress 406?)
      Zytogorski-Staunton 6-0-1 Staunton gives P+2 (0-3 in OECG,1-2 Mark Weeks)
         Wayte article Britisch chess magazine 1882 see
         astercity.net/~vistula/ztogors.htm as 6-0 in 1843 also 6-0 in CPC 1856 
         pg 18,0-2-1 in WCC)
      Brown/Staunton 1-1 or 3-5-2, Staunton gives P+2 
         (OECG 1-1, 3-5-2 Mark Weeks.WCC)
      Rousseau-Schulten 7-4, 10-11 (FK; most only mention Rousseau winning; both
      given in book of 1st Amer Congress 416)
      Schulten wins match over Vezin (Book of 1st Amer Congress; Vezin wins
       first 4, Schulten nearly all of rest, but how many? Book 1st Amer 355)
      Oliver-Schulten 12-8, Schulten-Oliver 11-9 (Book of 1st Amer Cong 375)
      Oliver/Vezin 2-2 (Book 1st Amer Congress 376)
      (Staunton-Cochrane Staunton much better)
      (Hanstein plays Lasa)
      (Cochrane to India, returns briefly in 43)
      (Yorkshire Chess Association meeting organized by Shepherd and Robinson 
       also Brown, Cadman, Rhodes from Leeds; Rhodes best player Handbuch
       (Schlechter ed) pg 113)

1842: Bledow-Jaenisch (Oxford companion: Bledow played in a few matches,
        notably defeating Jaenisch in 1842)
      Hanstein - Jaenisch 4-1-1 (FK,Pope lists 5 game match, mentioned as 5-0
        in dejanews by CDunn3 Re Elo's Rating of Chessplayers)
      St Amant - Schulten (2 game match; 
        Jon Pope page on users.imag.net/~lon.jpope/1834m.html,don't know 
          result but St Amant listed as winner)
      Cochrane - St. Amant 6-4-1 (corsicoscacchi,FK)
      Deschapelles-St. Amant 3-2 (Russian book Uncrowned champions,
         queen.it.../keres under St Amant,FK)
      St. Amant-Schulten 11-1 (TS,FK; corsicoscachhi 11-1-1)
      Deschapelles-Schulten 2-1-2, P+2 (1841?) (www.queen.it...Deschapelles,FK)
      Kieseritzky/Calvi 7-7-1 (Schach-Datenbank) (1845 in Oxford Companion
        and leoncini.freeservers.com/calvi.html)
      Rousseau beats B. Oliver in match(www.chessindia.org/chess_history/
       actually 5.5-5.5 (NY 1857 tnmt book pg 377)
      Luchini loses close match with Brooke-Greville 1842/43 (leoncini)
      Oliver-Russell 3-2 N odds, Kielchen-Oliver 3-0 R odds, 
      Oliver-Isnard 15-12 N odds, Oliver-Thompson 5 game match alternating
        giving N,P,move. Oliver wins 5 game match with Vezin though Vezin
        won more overall (1st Amer Congress 376)

(excerpt from Buckle's diary, year unclear, from Life and Writings of Henry
Thomas Buckle: went and played 3 games with Mr Fonblanque, of which I won 2.
played match game with Tuckett, giving P+1, drawn, he is 9 to my 7)      
(42-46: Szen leads Hungary to decisive victory over Paris. teammates
Loewenthal, Grimme vs St Amant, Calvi, Devinck, LaRoche and Deschapelles who
refused to help after not getting opening he wanted)

1843: St Amant - Staunton 3-2-1  (as we all know)
      Staunton - St Amant 11-6-4 (alternate 10-7-4 comes from a typo in OECG
recording a game score incorrectly)  (WCC,TS)
      (odd note: chesscafe.com/text/skittles141.pdf indicates both players
       required to play P-K4 ???)
      Rousseau-Schulten 13-8         (FK; Book 1st Amer Congress 416)
      Staunton - Taverner 5-1        (WCC)
      Lasa-Buckle 2-1       (Lasa letter at chesscafe.com/kibitz49.txt)
      Bledow wins majority vs Buckle  (Lasa letter at chesscafe)
       (note that different version given in Century British Chess 62-3.
       Says Lasa won majority, but 3-2-1 Buckle in games published CPC,
       and that Buckle lost majority to Hanstein rather than Bledow. Date 1844?)
      Staunton-Cochrane: what happened? have various accounts eg
        14-4 WCC, +12 =7 -12 P+1 TS, +3 -3 P+1 and -3 =2 +1 even
      Buckle-Staunton 6-0-1  Staunton gives P+1 (also given as
        2-1 WCC , 2-0-1, 2-1 no odds Buckle 6-0-1 at chesscafe.com/text/
                             buckle1.txt, 6-1 web.inter.nl.net/hcc
                             /rekius/buckle.html; also in chess life
                             pictures 84 but Buckle said he played at
                             age 17 works out to ~ 1838; this says
                             Buckle told MacD he won 6-1 S published
                             only his 1 win)
      Staunton-Greville (3-0,5-1,4-1) Staunton gives P+2 
         (World Chess Champions 3-0 and 5-1,OECG 4-1;
            Weeks gives as 5-1 P+2,0-3 P+1)
      Oliver-Vezin 3-2 (Vezin wins "by very much" other visit, Amer Cong 356
       but Chess in Philadelphia has 2-2 in 1st then this 3-2 Oliver)
      Oliver-Hammond 3-1-1 N odds (1st Amer Cong 376)
      Oliver/Rousseau 5-5-1 (1st Amer Cpngress 377)
      (Buckle beat Kieseritzky, St Amant receiving P+1 and more; Cent Brit 
       Chess 62 says CPC vol 4 196 gives win vs Kies P+1, elsewhere states
       K gave him QB)
      (player named Laigle plays 4 blindfolded, wins; LT Mar 27 1843)

1844: Lasa-Staunton Lasa won majority (Oxford companion Lasa; note that
      TCP vol 1 page 56 says the two never played)
      Stanley beats Schulten twice 11-5,11-9 (TS both, FK second; 
        Schach Datenbank gives 13.5-11.5 and 11.5-5.5 consistent if draws 
        no count?, 1st Amer Cong 407 in Spirit of times as 11-9-5 Feb 3,1844)
      Staunton - H. Kennedy P+2 given as 3-1-1,7-2-2,3-0-1
         Mark Weeks 7-2-2,WCC 7-2-2,FK 3-0-1,OECG 3-1-1 but result 
         called uncertain)
      Staunton-Tuckett 4-1-1 Staunton gives P+2 (OECG; reverse scores in table
          Mark Weeks 7-1-1)
      Stanley-Vezin 11-7-3 (1st Amer Congress 357 and Chess in Philadelphia,
        Spirit of the Times Nov 23, 1844)
      (Williams played a match with Mongredien score unknown 3-3-1 in published games (CPC 1856 pg 126)
      (Hoffman plays Petroff)
      (Ghulam Kassim dies)

1845: Stanley-Rousseau 15-8-8         (OECG,TS,FK,1st Amer Cong 419)
      Bledow-Anderssen  4-0-1,5-0     (schachgeschichte,FK 4-0-1,TS WCC 5-0)
      Stanley-Schulten 15-13          (TS,FK)
      Staunton-Williams 3-0-1 P+2     (WCC)
      Staunton-Spreckley 3-1-1 P+2    (WCC)
      Bledow-Mongredien 7-4-1         (TS,FK)
      Mongredien/Mayet 3-3-1          (TS 3-3-1,FK 3-3,
          overall score 3-3-1 in Schach-Datenbank)
      Staunton-Mongredien 2-0-3      (WCC; weeks says thus is P+2)
      Lasa-Anderssen 4-2 (45/46)     
            (Diggle article chesscafe.com.text/baron.txt)
      (Schumoff plays Jaenisch)
      Mongredien-Hanneken 3-1-2      (TS,FK)
      Harrwitz regarded as equal of Kieseritzky (Oxford companion)
      (Morphy, age 8, said to have beaten General Winfield Scott in a
      2 game chess match; Amer. Natl Biograpphy entry on Morphy)
      (Vezin wins 1 game correspondence match w Stanlet Amer Cong 357)

1846: Kieseritzky-Horwitz 7-4-1       (Schach-datenbank)
      Staunton-Horwitz 14-7-3         (OECG WCC TS FK ...)
      Harrwitz-Horwitz 6-4-1 (6-5-1?) (6-5-1 Oxford Encyc,Teplitz-Schon,
                                       6-4-1 Feenstra Kuiper)
      Harrwitz,Staunton,Kieseritzky: triangular contest with Staunton giving
        rook odds other 2 blindfold; Harrwitz wins both games, Staunton
        beats Kieseritzky (Oxford companion)
      Harrwitz-Walker 5-3             (T-S,FK) (5-7 in Schach Datenbank)
      Stanley-Hammond 11-3-4         (TS,FK) (1st Amer Cong 379 5-2-2 from CPC)
      Harrwitz-Williams 3-0-2        (OECG,TS,FK)
      Staunton-Harrwitz: 7-0 even, 0-6-1 P+1, 4-3 P+2 (many sources)
      Schulten-Stanley 11-7-4       (TS,FK)
      E. Williams-H.A. Kennedy 4-2  (TS,FK)(know H.A from Schach Datenbank), 
         then Kennedy-Williams 4-3-2
         in series of games after (CPC 1856 pg 126)
      Lasa won more vs Loewenthal (??0-3-2,5-0-2??)  TS 0-3-2 FK 5-0-2
      Loewenthal-Hamppe 5-4        (TS,FK,OECG incomplete)
      Stanley-Vezin 5-4 (1st Amer Congress 409)
      Staunton-Hannah 5-2-1 N odds (Oxford Encyc, World Chess Champs)
      Dubois-Wyvill 55-26 even, 30-39 P+1 (leoncini.freeservers.com/dubois.html;
                       Oxford as Dubois won about 2/3 1845)
      Hammond-Isnard 19-6 5 games each even,P+1,P+2,N,R (1st Amer Cong 379)
      St Amant/Horwitz 1-1 (QCH Autumn 1999 pg 178)
      Tuckett - Walker 14 game match 7 games even, 7 Walker giving P+2.
       Walker won even 3/5-2-1 Tuckett won P+2 7-0-8 (Spirit of the Times
       Mar 14, 1846; 3/5 because blurred in the copy I read)
      (annual tnmts start in Ky include Raphael, Dudley, Beattie, Shaw,
      (Buckle plays Harrwitz)
      (Dufresne plays Harrwitz)
      (Schulten plays Horwitz)
      (Bledow dies)

1847  Loewe-Staunton 4-1-2 P+2           (WCC,TS,FK)
      Kieseritzky-Harrwitz 11-5-2  
      Buckle-Bird 9-7 P+move             (TS,FK;Cent Brit Chess says Bird won)
      Mayet-Goltz 14-9-1                 (FK)
      Hanstein-Mayet 12-5-1              (FK)
      Harrwitz-G. Medley 11-7 P+1        (FK;TS doesn't mention handicap)
      Staunton/Kenny rook odds 2-2      (WCC)
      Hammond-Vezin 4-3 (1st Amer Congress 357)
      (Randolph-Hammond by large majority; 1st Amer Congress 357, Chess in Phil)
      (Hammond had match with Thompson; 1st Amer Congress 408)
      Tilghman-Hammond 15-6 (Chess in Philadelphia)
      Kentucky "tournament" (QCH Winter 2000 315-321)
      Raphael - Dudley by about 5 games over 20-30
      Dudley - Beattie 11-1-1
      Dudley-Shaw 18-6-2
      Beattie - Turner (a majority of 5 games)
      Beattie / Raphael
      (Schulten plays Kieseritzky)
      (Eichborn called strongest opponent of Anderssen in Breslau, SZ 1847
      273-278 at snow.prohosting.com/~batgirl/problems.html)

1848  Buckle-Kieseritzky 3-2-3  (TS,FK)
      Anderssen/Harrwitz 5-5 (Anderssen won 1 more blindfold) (TS; others for
                             nonblind 5-5 OECG WCC FK)
      Staunton-(which) Medley 6-1-3 P+2    (WCC)
      Harrwitz-Mayet 5-2-2      (TS,FK; as 1847 in Schach-Datenbank))
      Dufresne plays Harrwitz)
      (London beats Rotterdam 2-0-1 correspondence: Horwitz, Slous, Medley,
      Walker, Perigal vs  ? at chesscafe)
      (London Times April 2, 1888 says 1st Simpson's handicap 40 years ago;
       Buckle won, with Bird and Medley most succesful juvenile. mean
       1849 tnmt or a real handicap tnmt?)
      (Williams scheduled to play match with CF Smith 4 even 4 P+1 CPC 1856 pg 127)

1849  Loewe-H. Kennedy 7-6-1    (Schach-Datenbank)
      G. Medley - Bird 4-2      (given as 7-4 overall in Schach-Datanbank;
                                 6-3-2 Cent British Chess 81)
      Harrwitz-Horwitz 7-6-2    (OECG,TS,FK)
      Dufresne-Leow 7.5-2.5 (Schach Datenbank)
      Calvi/Bonetti 8-8-4 (Bonetti also beat Lupi 10-1 and Parisi 3-1 year?)
                          bios at leoncini.freeservers.com; these wins given
                          to Discart instead of Bonetti in ebook on match)
      Calvi-Luppi 4-0     leoncini.freeservers.com/calvi.html
      Calvi/Parisi 1-1
      Calvi-Marchisio 2-0
      Calvi-Discart 10-5-2 
      Williams-Kenny 11-9-5 giving P+1 (CPC 1856 pg 127)
      London tnmt:  (e.g. Oxford Encyclopedia; Schach-Datenbank gives 1-0
         scores in finals rather than 2-0)
        Rd 1 Williams-Flower 2-0, G. Medley-Bird 2-1, Loewe-Simons 2-0,
             Buckle-Smith 2-0, Tuckett-Wise 2-0, J. Medley-Finch 2-0
        Rd 2: Buckle-Williams 2-0, G. Medley-Loewe 2.5-1.5, J.Medey-Tuckett 2-0
        Finals: Buckle-G.Medley 2-0 Buckle-J. Medley 2-0 G.Medley-J. Medley 2-0
      (Leandro Morro called best player in Mexico; 1st Amer Congress)

1850  Kieseritzky-Schulten 107-34-10 (FK)
      Stanley-Turner 11-5-1 (4-1-1?) (TS,FK 11-5-1,Schach-Datenbank)
      Stanley/Loewenthal 3-3 (TS,FK,Schach-Datenbank)
      Morphy-Loewenthal 2-0-1 
      Loewenthal-Rousseau 5-0 (Oxford companion, offhnd games;1st Amer Cong 394)
      Loewenthal-Dudley 11-5-4   (TS,FK) (11-7-4 in Albion, May 4, 1850)
      Hamppe-Falkbeer 16-15 (FK)
      Lasa-Schulten 4-1 (FK)
      Williams-Buckle 3-1 (Oxford Companion Williams article; CPC 1856 pg 127 unfinished match)
      Williams/Brien giving P+2 2-4,4-3 (CPC 1856 pg 127)
       (Cent Brit Chess 83 refers to Williams vs Brien match at P+1 from
        Williams' book; no year known)
      Williams-Sweet giving N 11-10 (CPC 1856 pg 127)
      G. Medley-Mongredien overall 9-6 Schach-Datenbank
      Loewentha-Turner (won 2 matches in NY; 1st Amer Congress 391)
        score given as 11-4-3/8 (hard to read draws) Albion Mar 9, 1850;
        is this really the Stanley - Turner?
      Loewenthal-Turner (7 matches in Kentucky, some 1st to 5 some 1st to 3,
        L wins 6 and loses 7th by odd game; 1st Amer Congress 392)
      Turner - Thompson 6-2 (Albion Mar 9, 1850)
      (Thompson wins majority of more than 100 games with Kieseritzky at P+1;
       1st American Congress 404)
      (Falkbeer plays Schurig)
      (Hanstein dies)
      (London beats Amsterdam telegraph match; Cent Brit Chess)
      Kings,Commoners,Knaves 51: Hamppe won majotiy but not large one from
      Jenay, beaten by Loewenthal ratio 4 to 5, got off better from Szen
      than in former combats

1851: Horwitz-Bird 7-3-4  (OECG,TS,FK,Scach-Datenbank)
      Kloos-Bruijn 2-0-3 (dutchbase.virtualave.net/matches.htm)
      Blijdenstein-Kloos 3-0-1 (same source as above)
      Williams-(which)Medley 4-0-0 (Oxford Companion and CPC 1856 pg 127; as 4-0-1 TCP 1852 pg 38)
      Buckle-Loewenthal 4-3 or 4-1-3 or 4-3-1 
       (4-1-3 chesscafe.com/text/buckle1.txt)
               (4-3 in Schach-Datenbank,OECG;FK,TS,Cent Brit Chess  4-3-1)
      Williams-Mongredien 4-0-0 (Oxford Companion and CPC 1856 pg 127; given as 4-0-1 in
            TCP 1852 page 38)
      Staunton-Williams 6-4-3 (Williams won match since given 3 games)
      Loewenthal-Williams 7-5-4 (TS,FK,Schach-Datenbank)
      Anderssen better than Loewenthal (5-1? 5-2? 5-2-1?) 
         (5-1 schachgeschichte.de,5-2-1 TS,5-2 FK))
      Buckle holds own vs Anderssen ~8-7 (www.chesscafe.com/text/kibitz06.htm,
         from city of London chess magazine)
      Lasa-Anderssen 10-5 (Oxford companion citing The Chess Player 29 Nov 1851,
        which actually lists this only as a current score of a match in 
      Staunton-Jaenisch 7-2-1 (WCC,TS,Schach-Datenbank;6-3-1 OECG;Albion Sept
       13 7-2-2)
      Kieseritzky-Buckle 2-1  (TS,FK,Uncrowned champs)
      Kieseritzky-Mayet 13-8-1 (Uncrowned champs)
      Kieseritzky-Szen 13-7   (Uncrowned champs)
      Kieseritzky-Loewnthal 9-8 (Uncrowned champs)
      Kieseritzky-Bird 8-2    (Uncrowned champs)
      Kieseritzky/Jaenisch 1-1-1 (Uncrowned champs)
      Kieseritzky-Anderssen 9-5-2 (ajedrez.tripod.com.ar/columnas/fa-007.htm) 
      Mongredien-Kieseritzky 2-1  (Uncrowned champs)
      Deacon-Loewe 7-2-1 (OECG,Schech-Datenbank)
      Great tnmt (eg OECG)
         Rd 1: Anderssen-Kieseritzky 2-0-1, Szen-Newham 2-0, Wyville-Lowe 2-0,
           Capt. H.Kennedy-Mayet 2-0, Horwitz-Bird 2.5-1.5, Staunton-Brodie 2-0,
           Mucklow-E. Kennedy 2-0, Williams-Loewenthal 2-0 (2-1 in CPC 1856 pg 127)
         Rd 2: Anderssen-Szen 4-2, Wyvill-Capt. Kennedy 4.5-3.5,
           Staunton-Horwitz 4-2-1 Williams-Mucklow 4-0 (2-0)
         Rd 3: Szen-Horwitz 4-0, Anderssen-Staunton 4-1, 
               Wyvill-Williams 4-3, Capt. Kennedy-Mucklow 4-0
         Finals: Anderssen-Wyvill 4-2-1, Szen-Capt. Kennedy 4-0-1
               Williams-Staunton 4-3-1
      (abortive) all-play-all
         Anderssen beats Meyerhofer, Kieseritzky, Ehrmann, Szabo, Horwitz,
         Loewe, Deacon, also draws Horwitz; Meyerhofer beats Harrwitz, Kieseritzky;
         Harrwitz beats Ehrmann, Kieseritzky beats Szabo

       (NOTE: I used to believe that the draw was Anderssen - Harrwitz rather than 
      Anderssen - Horwitz, which would make more sense to me as a tournament result.
      However, The Chessplayer gives both games as Anderssen - Horwitz, and since this
      is edited by Horwitz he should know! Strangely, these are not listed as games
      from the tournament. I leave my old note as is.)
      (schach-datenbank, Oxford encyclopedia) give a 
      different version, with an extra Anderssen-Horwitz draw rather than
      Anderssen drawing Harrwitz, and Anderssen-Horwitz as unplayed, I
      believe that the above results due to a forgotten source are the
      correct ones. See my post on rec.games.chess.misc on the
      London 1851 all-play-all. They make more sense as a tournament
      result (the extra Harrwitz games vs Ehrmann and Meyerhofer would be 
      necessary if Harrwitz drew Anderssen, since he could still tie Anderssen
      for first. On the other hand, Thulin has a quote from Schachzeitung
      which seems to speak of Harrwitz choosing not to play on after losing
      to Meyerhofer, which squares with the OECG/SDB account).
      Provincial tnmt:  (OECG)
        Quals Ranken-Robertson 2-0, Deacon-Gilby 2-1
        Rd 1: Boden-Angus 2-0,Ranken-Deacon 2-0,Brien-Trelawney2-0,
          Hodges-Wellman 2-0-1 (Schach-Datenbank gives as 2-1-1) 
        Rd 2: Boden-Brien 2.5-1.5, Ranken-Hodges 2.5-1.5
        Finals: Boden-Ranken 2-1 (3-0 Schach-Datenbank), Hodges-Brien 2.5-1.5
      (Loewenthal vs Anderssen has sometimes been called match though Sergeant
       feels sure not; Wayte wrote as 5-2 L, H. Delaire as 5-1 L, CPC
       gives 7 games not match 4-3 L; Cent Brit Chess 76) 
      (1851-52 Staunton, Loewenthal fall out over who won more in match;
      Oxford companion)
      (Wayte plays Williams)
      (Scumoff plays Jaenisch)
      (Mayet plays Anderssen, Staunton)
      (Mongredien plays Anderssen)
      (Stanley, Rousseau, Brian called only American players of note : TCP 1 pg 72)
      (tnmt intended for Berlin 1852 to invite many great players not in
      London eg Chessplayer 1 72; would be fun to track invitations intended)
      (Grimm, one of finest chessplayers of age, expected in England from
      exile in Turkey: Chessplayer 1 78)
      (Staunton, Kieseritzky expected in Berlin S to play And K to test Berlin
      players: Chessplayer 1 110)

1852: Stanley/St Amant 4-4 (TS,FK;2-2 in Schach Datenbank)
      Harrwitz-Williams 7-0-2 (TS,FK;OECG,Schach-Datenbank 7-0-3)
      Williams-Horwitz 5-3-9 (TS,FK,Schach-Datenbank)
      Cochrane-Bannerjee 13-9-3 (Oxford companion under Moheschunder)
      Loewenthal-Horwitz 4-1 (TS,FK) (CPC 1852)
      Brien/Wilkinson 3-2-1 even 1-4 P+1 2-3 P+2 (CPC 1852 pg 6)
      Worcestershire tnmt: Rd 1 Carden-J Pakington 3-0, Isaac-Lyttleton 3-1,
      Sheppard-Craddock 3-1, Walsh-JS Pakington 3-0 Rd 2: Sheppard - Isaac 3-1-1,
      Walsh-Carden 3-2a Final Sheppard-Walsh 3-1-1 CPC 1852
      Deacon-Mayet 5-2 (CPC 1852 pg 353)
      Wayte-Loewenthal 6-0 getting P+2, 3-1-1 getting exchange (CPC 1852 page 70)
      (Loewenthal wins match vs Wilkinson, who is called best Oxford player after Brien,
       giving P+2, loses giving N to Green; CPC 1852 pg 61)
      (Tassinari plays about 100 games with Discart: (leoncini))
      (Anderssen plays Dufresne)
      (Harrwitz played against many strong players in Vienna with great success,
      and is on way to Breslau: chessplayer vol 2 150)
      Harrwitz-Hamppe 4-1-2 (Kings,Commoners,Knaves 51)
      (Szen in Paris same page as above)
      (Loewenthal arrangin match vs Cronhelm: TCP vol 2 176; note
      Cronholm beat Loewenthal in simul  at P+1 page 88)
      (my notes, from where?, say Thompson won tnmt of 8 best NY club when
       St Amant in town; seem to remember 1st prize was full set Palamedes)

1853: Harrwitz-Szen 3-1-1 or 3-1-2 (FK, Quart Chess Hist 9, 127) 
      Williams-Buckle 3-1 (prob same as 1850)
      Harrwitz-Williams 7-2-3 (TS,FK,Schach Datenbank 1852;OECG 6-2-3)
      Harrwitz-Loewenthal 11-10-12 includes 2 Harrwitz losses by forfeit
         (OECG,Schach-Datenbank;TS 11-8-10 FK 11-10-10)
      Petroff-Urusov 2-0-2 (Oxford companion)
      Lasa-Staunton 5-4-4 (FK,OECG,TS,Scahach-Datenbank;WCC 5-4-3)
      Urusov-Schumoff 5-2 or 7-4 (OECG 5-2,Schach-Datenbank 7-4, CPC 1853
       7-4 result called a surprise not representative of skills; note that
       this is Prince Demetrios Urusov)
      Dufresne-Mayet 7-5 (TS,FK;7.5-5.5 Schach Datenbank; 1854 Oxford companion)
      Williams-Kipping 3-2 (Loewenthal book of 1862 tnmt)
      Loewenthal-Brien giving exchange 7-6 in 2 matches (Cent Brit chess 85;
       should look up osig in CPC 1853)
      Dufresne 1st, Lange 2d in 12 player Berlin chess club tournament (Wiener
       Zeitung, May 17, 1853; more in SZ 1853 165-66 (Thulin post in google
       groups) Mayet Lange Dufresne each lost just 3 others had no chance
       then Lange-Mayet 3-0, Dufresne - Lange (3-0?), Dufresne - Mayet 2-0)
      Marache vs Perrin 1st to win 6 match Marache ahead 5-4-1 (Albion
       Feb 19 and Feb 26)
      Montgomery - Thompson by 1 game (Chess in Philadelphia)
      NYCC tnmt: Stanley must win 5, others 3
        Rd 1: Mantin - Gallatin 3-1, Stanley - Perrin 5-0 (Albion Feb 26)
              Thompson vs Lloyd Marache vs Frazer (Albion Feb 19)
        Rd 2: Thompson - Mantin, Marache - Stanley 3-2 (Albion Apr 2)
      (Tassinari travels to Paris and London playing and often beating such players
      as Riviere, Budzinski, Sternfeld, Martin, Falkbeer, Boden, Lowe, Wilkinson,
      Cremore, Szabo: leoncini.freeservers.com/tassinari.html)
      (Staunton plays series with Brien at P+2 Cent Brit Chess 85)
      (Staunton calls Wayte the most learned provincial
      player in England; from CPC as reviewed by Hilbert in Chess Cafe)
      (Staunton plays Jaenisch)
      (Anderssen plays Dufresne)

1854: Jaenisch/Urusov 2-2 (Schach Datenbank)
      Urusov-Schumoff 12-9 (FK)
      Jaenisch-Schumoff 3-5-4? 4-2-2 ?? (OECG 8 game match 2 known draw 4 prob
         2-2 2 unknown; 5-7 ie 3-5-4 in FK,Schach Datenbank and same in 
         Miriling post )
      Falkbeer+Loewenthal+Riviere+kennedy-Wyvill+Staunton+HA Kennedy 1-0-2
      Brien - Loewenthal 7-3-1 L giving P+1 (CPC 1854 pg 193)
       Cent Brit Chess 91-2: Brien in past 2 yrs had had informal matches
       with Loewenthal at odds of X P+2 P+1, winning last at P+1 7-1)
      CF Smith wins a match vs V Green (CPC 1854 pg 197)
      Brien beats Green in match giving P+2 (CPC 1854 pg 243)
      little tournament at Kling's: 1st Janssens, 2d Marett, 3d Kenny,
        Hardy 4th; Wilson was only player to beat Janssens (CPC 1854 pg 250)
      Green beats Loewenthal in a match alternately give N, P+2, mostly
        due to P+2 games. another started alternating P+1, exchange (CPC
        1854 pg 257)
      V Green beats Loewe 4-3-8 receiving P+2 odds (CPC 1854 pg 266)
      Janssen beats Marett in a match (CPC 1854 pg 267)
      Kenny has a match with Janssens (CPC 1854 pg 325)
      Brien draws Wormald 2-2-3 giving P+2 (CPC 1854 pg 329; comment added
       that no doubt W improved so much since that would now be infeasible)
      Hodges and Drew playing a match (CPC 1854 pg 335)
      Green-Loewe 4-1 Loewe giving P+1 (CPC 1854 pg 348)
      Zytogorski-Janssens 6-4 (CPC 1854 pg 373)
      (Williams beats Green by odd game giving P+1 CPC 1856 pg 128)
      Szen-Hamppe (corsicoscacchi and Quart Chess Hist 9,127)
      Szen-Jenay (corsicoscacchi and Quart Chess Hist 9, 127)
      Szen/Falkbeer 9-9-2 (Quart Chess Hist 9, 127)
      Szen/Boden 0-0-2 (Quart Chess Hist 9, 127)
      Brien-Janssens 14-9 (Schach-Datenbank) (11-6-6 Century Brit Chess 91)
      (Thompson wins NY Club chp 1st Amer Congress 414)
      (Blackburne plays Gifford)
      (Brien had match vs Staunton P+2 WCC)
      Morphy wins 4 vs Meek (angelfire.com/games/SBChess/Morphy/Morhy.html)
      (reference is made in long diatribe to Harrwitz losing a match vs Hannah
       CPC 1854 pg 181)
      (Loewenthal match vs Zytogorski P+2 score unknwn, QCH Winter 2000 128)
      NY CC tnmt
        Rd 1 Perrin - Marache 3-1, Thompson - Anderson 3-0, Lloyd by odd game
         over O'Sullivan, Gallatin - Julien 3-0 (Albion Jan 7, 1854)
        Rd 2 pairings given Perrin - Thompson 3-1-1 (Albion Feb 4)
         Lloyd vs Gallatin 
         Albion of Mar 18 1854 says Lloyd won by successively beating
         O'Sullivan, Perrin, Gallatin

1855: Brien-Falkbeer 7-5-3 (FK,OECG,Schach-Datenbank,Cent Brit Chess 91)
      Falkbeer,Loewenthal,Riviere-Kennedy,Staunton,Wyvill 1-0-2 (OECG)
      Dubois-Riviere 21-3-8 or 22-8-3 
        (this and next matches leoncini.freeservers.com;
           Dubois wins about 2/3 of about 30 games, Oxford comp;FK 22-8-3 1856))
      Dubois-Seguin 4-0-2
      Dubois-Budzinsky 12-5-3
      Lecrivain-Dubois 4-1 
      Schulten-Riviere 7-5 (CPC 1856 pg 122)
      Perrin-Loyd 5-2-1 (NY Times Feb 22 1855 pg 8, Albion Mar 10, 1855)
      Brien-Staunton 3-1-1 P+2 (Century British Chess 89)
      Harrwitz/Loewenthal 0-0-1 match aband when Harrw goes to Paris (cent Brit
       Chess 91)
      Probably at this time: Zytogorski won a short match of Brien by the
       odd game, but in a pool or triangular duel between Brien,Falkbeer, and
       Zytogorski, Falkbeer was the winner 
         (www.astercity.net/~vistula/zytogors.htm from British Chess Mag 1882)
       final pool reported on CPC 1856 pg 46; results are Brien-Falkbeer, 
       Falkbeer-Brien,Brien draw Falkbeer,Falkbeer-Brien,Falkbeer-Zytogorski,
London tournament (schach DB)
Rd 1 Barnes-Simons 4-2,Zytogorski-Brien 5-4,Green-Kenny 4-3,Marett-Szabo 4.5-2.5
Rd 2: Zytogorski-Barnes 4-1, Green-Marett 4.5-3.5
Final: Zytogorski-Green 4-1
      Kipping/Soul 1-1 (top board Lpl Manch match Cent Brit Chess 95)
      (Zytogorski-Brien 4-3-2 same as tnmt or not Cent Brit Chess 91)
      (Perrin wins NY club chp; 1st Amer Congress 414)
      (Pollmacher plays Anderssen)

1856: Bird/Falkbeer 2-1 and 4-5-4 (Oxford Companion;2d match also in
        Schach-Datenbank; FK 7-7-3)
      Dubois-Kowsky 11-1-1 (leoncini.freeservers.com)
      Eliason-Leow 6-2-3 (Schach-Datenbank)
      Riviere-Laroche 3-2 (OECG)
      Harrwitz match with Riviere incomplete score given in OECG; partial
       score of 3-2 given Chess Monthly 1857 pg 64
      Staunton-Worrall with rook odds 8-4 and 5 unknown scores (OECG)
      Kenny-Szabo 5-4 (given as 4th! match between these 2 CPC 1856 pg 29)
      Szabo-Green 7-6-6 (given as 2d match between these CPC 1856 pg 29)
      Janssens-Green 7-3-3 (CPC 1856 pg 48) 5-1-1 (pg 121) and 4-2-3 (pg 121)
      Janssens-Kenny 15-9-5 (CPC 1856 pg 61) and 7-2-1 (CPC 1856 pg 121)
      Janssens-Szabo 5-3-1 (CPC 1856 pg 61)
      Kenny-Green 5-3 (CPC 1856 pg 61)
      Green-Zytogorski 7-6-2 at P+1 (presumably given by Zyto) (CPC 1856 pg 61)
      Szabo-Green 7-6-5 (given as 3d match between these two CPC 1856 pg 67)
      Janssens-Szabo 5-0-1? - J 5 equal 1 CPC 1856 pg 94 2d match between these)
      match Lvrpool,Mnchstr has Kipping-Soul 2-0,Pinder-Smith 3-0 (CPC 1856 120)
      4 Owen,Kipping matches O-K 11-6, K-O 11-4, O-K 11-7, K-O 6-3 (unfinished)
        (CPC 1856 pg 121)
      Riviere-Schulten 7-1 (CPC 1856 pg 122)
      Macgregor-Hannah 4-1 (CPC 1856 pg 155)
      Campbell-Kenny 7-3-1 (CPC 1856 pg 190, Campbell's maiden match)
      Hannah-Loewe 11-6-4 (Cent Brit Chess 94)
      Tournament at Kling's: 12 players, 1st round winners Baines Bloundell 
        Cooke Langdon Muller Sisson (CPC 1856 pg 94), 2d round Baines Bloundell 
        Sisson (pg 121) these divided prize 
       (note remark pg 121 Kling "clever but eccentric")
      Paris tnmt 1st Clerc 2d Tassinari 3d Martin, other players were Acloque,
        Riviere, Bornemann, Budzinski, Cerf, Coullierm de Bechenec, Desjardins,
        Mercier,Montigny,Pasquier,Pick,Preti (alphabetic after Martin) 
        (CPC 1856 pg 129)
      Paris tnmt 1st Lafitte receiving P+1,2d Lequesne,3d Lustro-Levi, others
        Acloque,Riviere,Budzinski,Clerc,Coullier,Dandre,de Bechenec,de Molliens,
        Desjardins,Garcia Grandas,Gauthier,Lamiral,Lanoe,Lecrivain,Lefranc,
        Montigny,Pasquier,Pfeiffer,Pothier,N-, and either Pick or Preti (1st 
        listed rd 1,2d rd 2) CPC 1856 pg 156
       (Chess monthly 1857 speaks of monster Paris tnmt includes Schulten,
        Rousseau, Thompson among 100 competitors)
      Ries' Divan handicap tnmt:  (CPC 1856 pg 141)
        Rd 1: Stewart-Barnes (B gives P+1) 3-2-1, Wilson-Green (Green gives P+1)
          3-1-1, Selfe-Boden (Boden gives P+2) 2-1 canceled Boden repaired to 
          give P+2 to Trelawney who had lost already Trelawney-Boden 3-2, 
          Burden-A Smith (Burden gives P+2) 3-0, Kenny (giving N)-Simpson 3-1,
          Lowe-Ries (Lowe gives N) 3-0, Rickards-Owen (even) 3-0-5, 
          Solomons-Trelawney (even) 3-1
        Rd 2: Wilson-Lowe (Lowe gives P+1) 3-0, Rickards-Trelawney (R gives P+1)
          3-0, Kenny-Stewart (played even, rules had Stewart at P+1) 3-2-2, 
          Solomons-Burden (even) 3-2-2
        Rd 3: Kenny-Rickards (even) 3-1-2, Wilson-Solomons (even) 3-2
        Final Kenny wins by default
      Berlin tnmt: (Schach Datenbank)
        Rd 1 Franz-Eliason 4-3,Leow-Bendix 4-2,Wiegelmann-Mayet 4-2,
        Wolff-Willberg 4.5-1.5
        Rd 2: Leow-Franz 3-2, Wolff-Wiegelmann 3-1
        Final Wolff-Leow 4.5-3.5
      London tournament: (Schach-Datenbank)
        Rd 1: Barnes-Bloundell 4-0,Brien-Green 7-6,Kenny-Crawshay 4-1,
        Falkbeer-Janssens 4-0,Zytogorski-Mueller 5-2 (4-1-1 CPC 1856 pg 119),
        Szabo-Winn 3-1
        Rd 2: Barnes-Kenny 4.5-0.5,Falkbeer-Brien default,Szabo/Zytogorski 2-2
        Final: Barnes-Falkbeer 3-2,Szabo-Barnes 3-2,Falkbeer-Szabo 3.5-2.5
        Playoff: Falkbeer-Barnes 1-0
      Marache wins NY  club chp among 8 top players (Chess Monthly 1857 pg 29)
       (Albion Apr 12 says Perrin and Marache will play in final. Final
        score Marache - Perrin 5-4-2 Albion July 26, Aug 2)
      Marache wins 16 player tnmt NY club (Chess Monthly 1857 pg 29 perhaps also
       Albio July 12, 1856 Marache wins 1 game tnmt at NYCC)
      Fiske wins 8 player tnmt NY club (Chess Monthly 1857 pg 30)
      Campbell-Kenney 9-5 (9-8 if count 3 game hdcp) (from CPC 1859 yr unclear)
      Wormald-Kenney 6-0 (same as above)
      (Eichborn and Hillel called Anderssen's strongest opponents at
       Breslau, SZ 1856 375 from snow.prohosting.com mentioned earlier)
      (Kolisch, age 19, holds own vs Hamppe and Jenay: obituary from Steinitz
      Intl chess mag May 1889, at 
      snow.prohosting.com/~batgrrrl/SteinitzKolisch.html )
      (CPC 1856 pg 20 says Buckle has won majority against Boden)
      (Bloundell has recently won match at rook odds vs Zytogorski, and at minor
       piece odds vs Green, Kenny, Szabo CPC 1856 pg 29)
      (Harris wins Richmond tnmt, J Bird wins Stamford Institution; 
       CPC 1856 pg 121)
      (Huddlesfield Wakefield match includes Watkinson-Shepherd 1-0-1; CPC 155)
      (note 2 Worrells playing each other CPC 1856 pg 29; Staunton opponent 
       may not be same as later player)
      (awaiting matches McDonnell club sec (kenny?) vs Campbell a new strong 
       player and Bloundell vs Langdon presently at lower grade; CPC 1856 155)
      (Tassinari dies obit CPC 1856 pg 189)
      (1st round Manchester tnmt pairings in Manchester Guardian Apr 25 1856,
      pairings Watkins-Lawson,Robson-Cohen,DuVal-Schlesinger,Hasche-Surtees,

1857: Morphy-Stanley 4-1 P+1 (Oxford Companion) (listed as 4-0-1 at FK,
        schach-bremen.de/rochade/1299/morphy.html and 1st Amer Congress 511)
      Thompson/Mead 1.5-1.5 (Schach-Datenbank, Chess Monthly 1857 pg 64)
      Morphy-Schulten 23-1 (FK)
      Perrin - T. Loyd 5-3 (Albion Apr 4 1857. Could be 6-3, since it is
       hard to read)
      Manchester tnmt: (Schach-Datenbank)
        Rd 1: Anderssen-Harrwitz, Loewenthal-Horwitz,Pindar-Brien,Boden-Soul
        Rd 2: Loewenthal-Anderssen, Boden-Pindar
        Final Loewnthal/Boden 0-0-1, then Boden retires
        (on page utenti.tripod.it/amalerba/scacchi/world_chess_championship,
         Boden's 1st round opponent listed as Hamel)
      Manchester Minor tnmt (Report on CA mtg Manchester)
        Rd 1: GW Medley-JA McDonnell (London), H Hughes (London)-T Jephcott 
         (Coventry), Kling-HH Rogers (Lpool), Rev Henry O'Donnell (Wigan)-
         Rev CF/CT Blackstone (Winchfield), GA Owen-Rev TP Kirkman (Warrington),
         Rev J Owen-Hague (Manchester), Cohen (Manchester)-E Jephcott 
         (Coventry), AM Francis (Manchester)- Thomas Simpson (Burslem)
        Rd 2: Kling-Hughes, GA Owen-Cohen, Rev J Owen-Medley, Francis-O'Donnell.
        Rd 3: Rev J Owen-Kling, AM Francis-GA Owen by FF. 
        Final Rev J Owen-Francis
        (Observer says Cohen is S Cohen)
        (Owen won 16 player minor tnmt: Loewenthal book of 1862 congress;
         Cent Brit Chess 98 calls principal opponents Kling, Medley)
        Harrwitz-Anderssen 3-0 informal games (Loewenthal book)
      New York tnmt: (Schach-Datenbank)
        Rd 1: Lichtenhein-Stanley 3-2,Perrin-Knott 4-3,Meek-Fuller 3-2,
        Morphy-Thompson 3-0,Raphael-Kennicott 3.5-2.5,Marache-Fiske 3-2,
        Montgomery-Allison 3-1,L. Paulsen-Calthrop 3-0
        Rd 2: Lichtenhein-Perrin 3-0,Morphy-Meek 3-0,Raphael-Marache 3.5-2.5,
        Paulsen-Montgomery 2-0
        Rd 3: Morphy-Lichtenhein 3.5-0.5,Paulsen-Raphael 2.5-0.5
        Final: Morphy-Paulsen 6-2,Lichtenhein-Raphael 3-0
      New York Minor Tournament  (OECG):
        Rd 1: Horner-Carples 3-0,Julien-Frere 3-0,Seebach-Stone 3-2-1,
          Miller-Dodge 3-2-1,Solomons-Tobias 3-0,Anderson-Higgins 3-0,
          Mantin-Mohle 3-2,Dunning-Feldner 3-2
        Rd 2:Horner-Julien 3-1,Seebach-Miller 3-1,Solomons-Anderson 3-0,
          Mantin-Dunning 3-0
        Rd 3: Horner-Seebach 3-1-1,Solomons-Mantin 3-0
        Final: Horner-Solomons 5-4-2,Seebach-Mantin 3-0
        Bonetti-Discart 11-9-1 leoncin.freeservers.com/bonetti.html
       New York Club tnmt:
        Rd 1: Loyd-Raphael, Perrin-Thompson, Fiske-Marache, Montgomery-Meade
         0-0-1 withdraw
        Rd 2: Montgomery-Loyd, Fiske-Perrin (Chess Monthly 1857 pg 124)
        Brookly Club Tnmt:
         Rd 1: Roberts-Weekes, Horner-Jee, Knott-Philip, Bartlett-Schuffner,
          Kind-Hines, Beukendorf-Mueller, Ayers-Schmidt, Frere-Clark
         Rd 2: Roberts-Frere, Knott-Horner, Kind-Bartlett, Ayers-Beukendorf
         Rd 3: Roberts-Knott, Kind-Ayers (Chess Monthly 1857 pg 160)
        Chess Monthly 1857, pg 383, has all scores of players vs Morphy in NY:
         M - Calthrop 1-0,M-Elkin 1-0,M-Fiske 3-0,M-Fuller 2-0,M-Hammond 7-1,
         M - Kennicott 1-0,M-Lichtenhein 4-0-3,M-Marache 3-0,M-Mead 1-0,
         M-Meek 5-0,M-Montgomery 1-0,M-Parry 1-0,M-Paulsen 8-1-3,M-F Perrin 
         1-0-2, M-Raphael 1-0,M-Solomons 2-0,M-Stanley 12-1,M-Thompson 8-0,
         M-Marache 3-0-2 P+1,M-F Perrin 6-2 P+2,M-Richardson 3-1 P+2,
         M-Julien 9-3-3 N odds,M-Mantin 1-0-1 N odss,M-F Perrin 6-5 N odds,
         M-Reif 7-1-1 N odds,M-Mantin 1-0 R odds,M-A Perrin 7-0 R odds,
         M-Paulsen 2-0 blind
        (WW Montgomery, not Philadelphian, beat Perrin in match winning all
          except 1 draw: Albion Apr 25, 1857)
         W. Montgomery - Perrin 5-4-1 (return match; Albion Apr 25, 1857)
        (Fiske wins NY club chp; 1st Amer Congress 414. Albion Feb 28 1857
         says this is 1 game tnmt among 8 strong players; 1st round winners
         are Loyd, Montgomery, Fiske, Perrin. Albion Mar 14, 1857 says
         Fiske beat marache in rd 1, Perrin rd 2, Montgomery rd 3)
        (Staunton playing match with amatur from Mexico, Chess Monthly 1857 128)
        (San Francisco player Grotjan also attended 1st American conference;
        other Cal players on board include Baillie,Franklin,Wheaton: from
        "chess in the old west" by Robert John McCrary, excalibur site
        mentioned at end under Lasa)
        (Schulten played with Perrin and Stanley successfully, but won only
         a single game of 24 with Morphy: 1st Amer Congress 414)

1858: Birmingham tnmt (OECG,Schach-Datenbank)
        Rd 1: Brien-Bird 2-1 (given as 1-1 resigned in 1862 tnmt book)
        Falkbeer-Ingleby 2-0 (2-0-3 1862 book) ,Loewenthal-Kipping2-0,
        Morphy default to Smith, Owen-Hampton 2-0, St Amant-Beetlestone 2-0,
        Salmon-Szabo 2-0, Staunton-Hughes 2-0
        Rd 2: Brien-Smith 2-0 (given as default 1862 tnmt book),
          Falkbeer-StAmant2-1, Owen-Salmon2-1,Loewenthal-Staunton 2-0
        Rd 3: Falkbeer-Brien 3-2 (2-1-3 1862 tnmt book), Loewenthal-Owen 2.5-.5
        Final: Loewenthal-Falkbeer 3-1-4 (3-1-3 Italian page)
        Boden won 8 player minor tnmt (Loewenthal book 1862 congress)
        Morphy-Loewenthal 9-3-2 (OECG,Schach-Datenbank) (FK,NY Times as 9-3-3)
        Morphy-Owen 5-0-2 P+1 (OECG,FK)
        Boden-Owen 7-3-2 (Oxford Companion; listed as 8-3 overall Schach-DB)
          (given as 2 matches 5-2-1 and 5-1 Cent Brit Chess 95 7-2-2 FK)
        Campbell-Barnes 7-6 (Cent Brit Chess 95)
        Morphy-Anderssen 7-2-2   (famous match eg Schch-DB)
          also 5-1 offhand: Life Maps of the Masters
        Morphy-Harrwitz 5-2-1 (OECG,Schach-DB)
        Anderssen-Harrwitz 3-1-3  (FK,schachgeschichte)
        Morphy-Barnes  19.5-7.5 www.chess.gr/tourn/fide_las/maintourn.htm
          note: I find this source unreliable but may be worth more 
          investigation for Morphy informal games; these also in NYT Oct 21
          19-7 FK)
        Morphy-Bird 10.5-1.5 same source as above
        Morphy-Lowe 6-0 same source as above
        Morphy-Medley 3-0 same source as above
        Morphy-Boden 5-0-1 same source as above (NY Times 5-1-3)
        Morphy easily beat Lecrivain in P+2 match (angelfire.com/ganes/SBChess/
        NY Times also gives Morphy-Hampton 2-0, Morphy-Kipping 2-0 (also in 1862
         tnmt book), Morphy-Mongredien 2-0, Morphy-Owen 4-1, 
         Morphy/de Riviere 0-0-1, Morphy/Barner - Staunton/Owen 2-0 
         NYT Oct 21, 1858)
      Morphy - Baucher 2-0 (NYT Nov 27)
      Morphy - Journoud 12-0 (NYT Nov 27)
      Morphy - Laroche 5-0-2 (NYT Nov 27)
      Morphy - Riviere 6-1-1 (NYT Nov 27)
      Anderssen/Lange 1/1?  (schachgeschichte)
      (consultation games vs Morphy: Journoud+Riviere-M 1-0,M-St Amant+
      Lequesne 2-0-2,M-St Am+amateur 3-0,Morphy-Duke Buns+Ct Isouard 5-0,
      M-Bruns+Isouard+Ct Casabianca 5-0-1,M-Pince Mourad+Ct Casab 1-0 NYT
      Nov 27)
      Perrin - Raphael 7-2 (Albion Oct 30, 1858)
      Great Pacific tnmt (www.chessdryad.com/articles/hilbert/index.htm)
        8 first class, 26 2d class (N players), 12 2d class (R players)
        Rd 1: Edward Jones-Justh 3-1, Selim Franklin-Sutro 3-0, John Shaw -
         Kalkman 3-0, Daniel S Roberts (prev Bkln) - Schleiden 3-1
        Rd 2: Franklin - Roberts 3-2 at least 2 draws, Jones - Shaw ???
        Final: Franklin - Jones ??? 
      7 player pool at Philidorian drop out after lose 7 Brien (to be last
        match, Campbell, Zytogorski, Falkbeer, Healey (problemist), Kenney,
        Muller, 1st 4 took prizes in that order (Cent Brit Chess 95)
        (QCH Winter 2000 133 reports from The Field that Zyto was leading
         undefeated, Brien 2d having lost only 1)
        (Franklin challenged to 21 game match by John Shaw for chp of West)
        Filiberti beats Thompson using Italian rules (leoncini)
        (Morphy 8 games blindfold loses only to Salmon, draws Avery, wins rest:
          Bird MS; other players Lyttleton,Kipling,Carr,Freeman,Willis:
          angelfire.com/games/SBChess/Morphy/blindfoldchess.html, says loss
          was to Kipping)
        (Morphy at regence blind played Baucher, Bierwith,Borneman,Guibert,
        Lequesne,Potier,Preti,Seguin; won 6 drew 2 angelfire site above)
        (Riviere plays Dubois)
        (Bird plays Riviere)
        (Franz plays Mayet)
        (Morphy says Boden best English player)
        (carmelo111.supereva.it/linder.htm?p quotes Dubois that in 1858
        he played many games with Turgenev ceding P+1, and the better player
        Count Kushelev-Bezborodko who even beat Dubois once)
        (Falkbeer article from knights and kings of chess, McDonnell, mentions
         that he played many a bout with Brien,Wormald,Campbell,Zytogorski,
         at www.astercity.net/~vistula/falkbeer.htm)
        (Brooklyn Eagle Mar 26 1858 tells of SF Pioneer Chess Club to
        have large tnmt next month)
        (Morphy simul beats Riviere Bird draw Loewenthal Boden loss to Barnes
        NYT May 14 1859)
        (Anderssen-Harrwitz 2-1-2,also beat Schontlin of NY a few games 
        NYT Jan 11 1859)

1859: Kolisch-Harrwitz 2-1-1 (Oxford companion)
      Kolisch-Barnes 8-1-1 10-1 or 12-1 (10-1 FK 1860,Oxford Companion no date, 
       12-1 in Steinitz obit of Kolisch Int chess mag 1889, 8-1-1 Cent Brit 
       Chess 107 as 1861)
      Petroff-Urusov 13-7-1 (FK,Oxford companion)
      Urusov-Schumoff 6-2-1 (FK)
      Anderssen-Suhle 27-13-8  (schachgeschichte,FK)
      Anderssen-Mayet 12-2  (schachgeschichte (2 matches 7-1,7-1 FK))
      Morphy-Mongredien 7-0-1 (OECG,Schach-DB,FK)
      Anderssen-Carstanjen 7-3-1 (schachgeschichte,FK)
      Anderssen-Dufresne 4-0 (FK)
      Campbell-Wormal 12-9 (OECG) (7-4-11 Cent Brit Chess 105 ends 1860)
       (7-5-14 Tribune Jan 14, 1877)
      Riviere-Journaoud 8-4-3 plus some unknown (Schach-DB;8-4-2 plus some
        unknown in OECG;7-2-1 1860 FK) Basterot gives as unfinished 9-4-2
        Basterot pg 304
      Morphy-Thompson 5-3-1 (N odds) (this and following 2 matches from
        www.queen.it/web4you/noprofit/keres/txt/a26.html N odds 5-3-0 listed
        at cmgm.stanford.edu/~main/MASTERS1.html;5-3-1 NYT Jun 18 1859)
      Morphy-Perrin 5-0-1 (source above)
      Morphy-Worrall 5-0-2 (source above)
      Morphy - Budzinski 7-0 (NYT Dec 13, also beat LaRoche Ennel?)
      Discart-Bonetti 11-7 and 18-10 leoncini.freeservers.com/bonetti.html
      Vienna tnmt 1. Hamppe 2. Jenay 3. Steinitz
      Bellotti-Gamurrini 2-1 (leoncini.freeservers.com/bellotti.html)
      Bellotti-Riviere 3-1 (leoncini)
      Montgomery-Perrin 4-1-1 (Chess in Philadelphia)
      Hammond-Ware 0-5-1 R odds,3-2 N odds,4-1 P+2,3-2 P+1,3-2 even
      T Loyd - Perrin 5-2-2 (Albion Apr 23, 1859)
      Hammond - Albion columnist (Perrin?) 3-1 making overall score even
          (Albion Apr 30, 1859)
      (according to carmelo111.supereva.it/linder.htm?p Shakhmatny Listok
      says Dubois among greatest players, no peer in Italy and in 1855 proved
      better than top players at Cafe de Regence)
      (Staunton plays match with Worral giving N odds; Mark_weeks site)
      (Morphy plays blindfold 2-0-6 LT Apr 21 1859 beat Jones and Maude 
      drew Mongredien Medley Slous Walker Jansen Greenaway; had ad over 
      Mongredien disad vs Slous Greenaway when these draws agred), 
      beats Knott (called 
      best in Brooklyn) and Marache 2 games Bkln Eagle June 17 1859;
      beats Lewis at N odds 1-1 N odds vs Tilghman N odds Nov 5 1859 beat
      Thomas 2 more games P+1 NYT Nov 4; more in Chess in Philadelphia
      (says Thomas won 2 games at N odds, M won 2 at P+2, then M won 2-0-1
      t N odds with agreement he must respond P-K4), Sept
      10 NYT won every game N odds vs Meek and R vs Puller, match with Perrin
      N odds some games in NYT May 20 May 17 May 13 1859) 
      (1858-9 16 player Boston tnmt 1st Amer Congress 382)
      (Brooklyn tnmt mentioned with players Albion Feb 19, 1859)
      (Schultz won recent NYCC tnmt Albion Feb 19, 1859)

      Kolisch Rosenthal 7-1 (Oxford companion; schach-db as 1864)
      Kolisch-Urusov given as 3-1 2 unknown 1862 OECG and 2-2 in Oxford 
      companion, 6-2 Kolisch at www.chess.gr/tourn/1999/fide_las/maintourn.htm
      but this could be mixed up with Kolisch-Schumov)

1860: Kolisch/Owen 4-4 (Oxford companion)
      Kolisch-Horwitz 3-1 (OECG,Schach-DB,FK)
      Kolisch-G. Medley 2-0-2 (OECG,Schach-DB)(4-0-3 in QCH 9)
      Riviere-Barnes 5-2 (FK,Ofxord comp Riviere)
      Harrwitz-Mongredien 7-0-1 (FK,OECG,Schach-DB)
      Suhle-Guretzky-Cornitz 6-1-3 (FK)
      Anderssen-Hirschfiled 14-10-5  (FK,schachgeschichte)
      Anderssen/Kolisch 5-5-1  (schachgeschichte,Schach-DB)
         (2-4 offhand: life maps of the masters)
      Anderssen-Journoud 3-1-1 (Chess Monthly 1860 192)
      Anderssen-Laroche 3-2 (Chess Monthly 1860 192)
      Anderssen/Riviere 2-2-1 (Chess Monthly 1860 192)
      Anderssen/Campbell 1-1 offhand (Cent Brit Chess 106)
      Harrwitz-Hamppe 3-0-1 (OECG)
      Harrwitz - Werner 3-1 (QCH 9)
      Kolisch-Maude N odds 4-3, even 3-0 (OECG(3-0 match is given at Schach-DB))
      Cambridge tnmt (OECG,Schach-DB)
        Rd 1: Horne-Puller 2-1, Kolisch-Geake 2-0,
              Stanley-Rainger 2-0, Zytogorski-Bateman 2-0
        Rd 2: Stanley-Horne 2-1, Kolisch-Zytogorski
        Final: Kolisch-Stanley 3-0
      Morphy beats K. Anderssen
      Hamppe 1st Steinitz 2d in Vienna championship 
        (Steinitz 2d at www.insight.demon.co.uk/Technical_
      Watkinson-Parratt 7-3-4 (Cent Brit Chess 106)
      Werner-Parratt 7-5-2 (Cent Brit Chess 106)
      Watkinson-Werner 1-0 unfinished (Cent Brit Chess 106)
      J. Gocher-Brien 7-3-3 (Cent Brit Chess 109; Chess Monthly 1860 383)
      Perrin - Horner 7-3-5 (Albion June 23, 1860)
      Western Congress (St Louis 1860) (Chess Monthly 1860 158, 192)
       Rd 1: Rowland-Belcher 2-1,Jenks-Jackson 2-0,Skinner-Moody 2-1-1,
        TM Brown-Tennison 2-1,JS Brown-Clayton 2-0,Buckingham-Tillson 2-0,
        Freleigh-Eames 2-1,Daenzer-Morning 2-0-1
       Rd 2: JS Brown-Skinner 2-1,TM Brown-Jenks 2-0-2,Rowland-Freleigh 2-1-4,
         Daenzer-Buckingham 2-0
       Rd 3: JS-Brown-Rowland (resigned), Daenzer-TM Brown 3-2-2
       Final: JS Brown-Daenzer 3-0 (JS brother of problemist TM)
      Philadelphia tnmt (Chess in Philadelphia)
       Rd 1: Montgomery-Hood 3-2 M giving R in 3 games N in 2, Reichhelm -
        Thomas 3-1-1 Thomas giving P+2, Lewis - Ash 3-0 Lewis giving N,
        Dwight - Helmuth 3-1, Stern - SW Walker 3-0, Walden - Downing 3-2,
        F Wells - Derrickson 3-2, Marston - Miles 3-1, Wilson - Cross 3-1,
        Whiteman - Houston 3-0, Duffee - Wurts 3-0, Young - Lesley 3-2-1,
        WL Walker - Natt 3-1-3, Overman - Borden 3-2, Macadam - Alvord 3-0,
        Patterson - Milliken 3-2
      Rd 2 Montgomery - Wilson 3-0 N odds, Lewis - Duffee 3-2 giving P+1,
        Macadam-Reichhelm 3-2 R giving P+1, Whiteman-Patterson 3-1,
        Overman - Young resigned, WL Walker - Walden resigned, Wells - Marsten
        3-1, Stern - Dwight I resigned
      Rd 3: Montgomery - Wells 3 - ? giving P+2, Overman - Macadam 3-?,
        Stern-Lewis 3-? L giving P+1, Walker - Whiteman 3-1
      Rd 4: Montgomery-Walker 3-1 giving P+1,Overman-Stern 3-?
      Finals: Montgomery-Overman 5-3 giving P+2, Stern-Walker 5-2-1
      Ware ahead of Hammond 9-6-8 Chess Monthly 1860 351
       NY - Brooklyn match scores (3 games each, rest not done; CM 1860 382):
         Lichtenhein/Perrin 1-1, Thompson/Marache 1-1, Loyd-Horner 2-1,
         Schultz-Rice 2-0,Michaelis-Endall 1-0-1,Barnett-Gallop 3-0
      Brooklyn Club Tnmt: B Rice playing Horner in final, Horner having
       beaten Perrin in prev round without allowing a game (Albion Apr 7, 1860)
      NY Club handicap: 
        Rd 1: Bernier - Hellboth 2-0 (Bernier gives N) Haws - J Thompson 2-1
         (Thompson gives N twice, R once) S Loyd - Klaber (Loyd gives N)
         Perrin - Schultz 2-1-1 Murray - Morrell 2-1 Mantin - Bluxome 2-1 
         Marache ahead Lieu Walsh 1-0 Anderson - Friedericks 2-1 (Albion
         Feb 25 1860)
        Rd 2
        Rd 3: Mantin - S Loyd 2-1 (Loyd gives N) Bernier - Perrin 2-1
         (Perrin gives N) (Albion Mar 24, 1860)
        Final: Bernier - Mantin 2-0 (Albion Mar 31, 1860)
      (DeVere,  aka Valerie Brown, says Bannerjee better than best Europeans,
       Oxford companion)
      (1st round pairings of a NY chess tnmt in NYT Dec 9 1859; 32 players
      includes Stanley,Pullen,Delmar,Leonard; same? as mentioned Chess Monthly
      1860 pg 31)
      (Morphy beats at N odds Thompson 3-1,Perrin 2-0,Lovel 2-0 Bkln Eagle
      Oct 22 1860; Chess Monthly gives Thompson 3-1 Perrin 3-0 Loyd 2-0,
      Michaelis R odds 2-0 Leonard R odds 0-0-1 CM 1860 351)
      (Perrin wins 16 player NY club tnmt, 2d underway Chess Monthly 1860 96)
      (Lichtenhein, Stanley plan match Chess Monthly 1860 96)
      (planned match DS Roberts vs Selim Franklin Chess Monthly 1860 222)
      (chess tnmt at St James, Next rd (not 1st) will be Kolish vs Deacon,
       Wormald vs Hannah,Burden vs Barthe or Muller; Chess Monthly 1860 288)
       (Schukill tnmt at Pottsville PA finished, free tnmt Morphy rooms to begin
        Chess Monthly 1860 pg 352)
      (QCH 9 gives following event: tnmt at Boulogne sur Mer and Cafe de la
       Regence in France; Dublin library Chess Club, Northumberland CC,
       Norfolk hdcp, Bradford (1st and 2d class), Worcestershire CC in
       Great Britain; two NYCC tnmts in US); matches Barnes - Campbell,
       Burden - Loewenthal, Kolisch - Worrall, Harrwitz - Laroche,
       Kolisch - Schroeder, Kolisch - Sabouroff, Kolisch - Fraser

1861: Anderssen-Kolisch 4-3-2  (FK,schachgeschichte,OECG,Schach-DB)
        (St Amant says in The Sport available at chess archeology that this
        was preceded by an informal encounter which they split 2-2); life maps
        of the masters gives 1-0 offhand; article also London Times Aug 9 1861)
      L. Paulsen-Kolisch 7-6-18 (OECG,Schach-DB)
      Lichtenheim-Montgomery 7-2-1 (FK,Schach-DB,Chess in Philadelphia)
      Watkinson-Thorold 7-4 (OECG)
      Anderssen-Dufresne 4-1 (dutchbase.virtualave.net/matches.htm)
      Anderssen-Dupre (same 2-0-1 source as above)
      Anderssen-Raland 3-0 (same source as above)
      Lange-Schnorl 5-2-6 (FK)
      Hammond - Ware 14-11-9 (Albion Feb 16, 1861)
      Bristol tnmt: (OECG,Schach-DB)
        Rd 1: Boden-Horwitz 1-0,L. Paulsen-Kolisch 1-0-2,Wayte-Hampton 1-0,
          Wilson-Stanley 1-0
        Rd 2: Boden-Wayte 1-0, Paulsen-Wilson 1-0
        Final: Paulsen-Boden 1-0
      16 player handicap tnmt had Bolt 1st, Pigott 2d (Loewenthal 1862 book_
      life maps of masters gives Paulsen-Kolisch 1-0-2 offhand,
        Paulsen-Blackburne 1-0 offhand
      Manchester tnmt: (OECG)
        Rd 1: Pindar-Birch 3-0,Kipping-Gouden 3-0,Horwitz-Stanley 3-1
        Rd 2: Pindar-Kipping 3-1-1
        Rd 3: Pindar-Horwitz 3-1-1, Francis-Birch 2-1
      Pindar-Blackburne 5-0; 5 mo later Blackburne-Pindar 5-1-2
         (www.geocities.com/siliconvalley/lab/7378/black.htm, same but
          3 months in Oxford Companion. Note that the legend of Blackburne 
          learning the moves inspired by Morphy is in contradiction with the
          legend of Blackburne playing Morphy as in the Hastings 1895 tnmt
          book. My guess is that both were put out by Blackburne, one of the
          really colorful characters of chess; the Blackburne Steinitz fight 
          is quite amusing and recommended reading)
      Pindar-Horwitz 3-0-1 (Cent Brit Chess 107)
      Falkbeer-Green 7-3 (Cent Brit Chess 115)
      NYCC tnmt 
       Rd 1 Barnett - Perrin, Loyd - Schultz, Horner - Marache, Leonard -
        J Thompson (Albion feb 9 1861) Leonard wins tnmt (Albion Feb 23)
      Morphy Room tnmt 32 players: Final Leonard - Marache 3-0-1 
       (Albion Feb 16,23)
      Anderssen plays Loewenthal at St James club, first winning 2-1 and
      Loewenthal victorious in a 2d encounter (chess archeology, from
      The Dial, London 1861 8/02)
      Steinitz 1st in Vienna championship with 30-1 score (Miriling post)
        (33-1 Cent Brit Chess 142,30-1-3 QCH Aut 99 pg 412))
      Leonard - Dwight 6-3-2 (Chess in Phil)
      other Leonard scores Montgomery-Leonard 8-4-2,Thomas-Leonard 6-3-2,
      Leonard-Lewis 3-2-1,Leonard/Elson 2-2,Leonard-Reichhelm 1-0,
      Johnson-Leonard 1-0,Leonard-Overman 2-0)
       (insight.demon.co.uk and chessindia 
         as in 1860)

1862: Kolisch-Schumov 6-2 (OECG,Schach-DB,FK)
      Petroff-Schumov 4-2 (oxford companion)
      Mackenzie-MacDonnell 4-7-2 and 6-3-1 (1st in Oxford companion,
        2d in OECG,Schach-DB; Ox comp says 1st as summer 1862, rematch as 6-3-2
        FK 6-3-2)
      Anderssen/L. Paulsen 3-3-2  (FK,OECG,schachgeschichte,Schach-DB,
       London Times Aug 8 1862)
      Steinitz-Dubois 5-3-1 (OECG,Schach-DB,FK; Miriling post calls this drawn 
      Paulsen/Dubois 2-2 (FK)
      Dubois-Bonetti 11-1-1 leoncini.freeservers.com/bonetti.html
      Dubois beats Green 5-0 and 5-0-1 at P+1 from leoncini.freeservers.com
      L. Paulsen won slight majority offhand games vs Mackenzie
        (McDonnell article at www.astercity.net/~vistula/paulsen.htm
         3-1 in life maps of masters)
      Paulsen experiments giving P+1 to Steinitz, loses 2-3 games easily
        (same McDonnell article above)
      Blackburne Manchester club champ over Pindar, Horwitz (Oxford companion)
      London tnmt (from Thulin from Gaige): 
            A   P   O   D   M    S    B    H    B    L    D    M    G    R     
Anderssen   x   1   0   1   1    1    1    1    1   WF    1   D1    1    1
Paulsen     0   x   1   0   1    1   D1    1   D1   WF   WF    1    1    1
Owen        1   0   x DWF   0   DW    1    1    0   WF   WF  DD1  DD1    1
Dubois      0   1 DLF   x  LF    0    1    1  DWF   WF   WF   D1    1   WF
MacDonnell  0   0   1  WF   x    1    0    0    1   WF    1    1    1    1
Steinitz    0   0  D0   1   0    x    1    1    0   WF   WF    1  DD1    1
Barnes      0  D0   0   0   1    0    x   D1    1    0   D1    1    1    1
Hannah      0   0   0   0   1    0   D0    x    1   WF   WF    1    1   WF
Blackburne  0  D0   1 DLF   0    1    0    0    x   WF    0 DDLF    1    0
Lowenthal  LF  LF  LF  LF  LF   LF    1   LF   LF    x   LF    1    1   WF
Deacon      0  LF  LF  LF   0   LF   D0   LF    1   WF    x    0    1    0
Mongredien D0   0 DD0  D0   0    0    0    0 DDWF    0    1    x    0    1
Green       0   0 DD0   0   0  DD0    0    0    0    0    0    1    x    1
Robey       0   0   0  LF   0    0    0   LF    1   LF    1    0    0    x

I note that the original table was not quite symmetric, and it was unclear
whether Anderssen drew a game vs Mongredien or not. According to a google 
post, the draw is correct (a 38 move bishop gambit).

      London handicap tournament: (OECG)
      Rules (Loewenthal 1862): division 1 = Anderssen, division 2 =
       Blackburne, Falkbeer, Deacon, Medley, class 2 div 1 = Cremorne, 
       V Green, Hannah, Mackenzie, class 2 div 2= Cole Puller Salter
       Schroder Solomons R Wilson Young, class 3 = Lyttleton Chinnery
       SJ Green Harris Heathcote jr Lamb Pearson Stockil. div 1  gives
       move to div 2, P+1 class 2 div 1, P+2 class 2 div 2, N class 3.
       div 2 gives move to class 2 div 1,P+1 class 2 div 2,P+2 class 3.
       class 2 div 1 gives move to class 2 div 2,P+1 class 3. class 2
       div 2 gives move to class 3
        Rd 1:
          Deacon-Cremmorne 2-1 (move to Crem),S. Green-Lyttleton 2-0-3,
          Hannah-Young 2-0 (move to Young),
          Falkbeer-Stockil 2-0 P+2 (Loewenthal; OECG as P+1 or 2?),
          Mackenzie-G. Medley 2-1 (move to Mac),
          Cole-Seltzer 2-0,
          Solomons-Blackburne 2-1 P+1 to S,Wilson-Heathcote 2-0(move to Heath),
          Andersson-Pearson 2-0 N odds,Lamb-Schroder2-1 (move to Lamb),
          V. Green-Chinnery 2-1-1 P+1,Harris-Puller 2-0 (move to Harris)
        Rd 2:
          Deacon-S. Green 2-0-3 P+1,Hannah-Falkbeer 2-0 (move to H),
          Mackenzie-Cole 2-0 (move to C)
          Solomons-Wilson 2-1,Anderssen-Lamb 2-1 N odds,
          V. Green-Harris 2-1 P+1
        Rd 3: 
          Deacon-Hannah 2-0-2 Hannah white in 3 games,Mackenzie-Solomons 2-1
          odds of move,Anderssen-V. Green 2-0 P+1
        Rd 4: Mackenzie-Anderssen 2-0 Anderssen gives P+1
        Final: Mackenzie-Deacon 2-0-2 Mackenzie white all games
        Games to determine remaining prizes: Hannah-V. Green 2-0,
          Hannah-Solomons 2-1-1,V. Green-Solomons 2-1-2 (last 2 should be
          move odds; look up)
      Dusseldorf tnmt (Schach-DB)(giving only upper right quadrant of CT)
        Lange-W.Paulsen,von Hanneken,Schultz,Lichtenscheidt,Kohtz
        Wuelfing loses to W. Paulsen,von-Hanneken beats Schultz,Hipp,Kohtz
        W. Paulsen beats Schultz
        von Hanneken loses to Schultz,draws Lichtenscheidt,Kohtz
        Schultz beats Lichtenscheidt
        Lichtenscheidt loses to Hipp, beats Kohtz
      West Yorkshire Chess Assoc tnmt Final Thorold - Cockayne (Albion
        June 14, 1862)
      Reichhelm-Elson 7-4-2 (Chess in Philadelphia; R also surmounts odds of
       P+1 from Montgomery)
      Green beats Burden in a match  (last game Albion July 5, 1862)
      (E Cross brother of noted musician Michael Cross wins Phil club tnmt,
       other entrants Abbott,Grugan,Hergesheimer,Holstein,Houston,Lewis,
       McCorkle,Walden,SW Walker,Warner,Wells; Chess in Philadelphia)
      Kolisch 1st in a St Petersburg tnmt 
      Steinitz wins London championship 7-0(schachgeschichte,
        www.insight.co.uk as in 1860)
      chess.gr/tourn/1999/fide_las/maintourn.htm says London 1st Deacon ???
        also give Kolisch-Urusov 3-1 given as 2-2 FK
      life maps of masters gives as offhand: Paulsen-Anderssen 4-0-1, 
        Anderssen-Steinitz 2-1, Kolisch-Anderssen 1-0, Anderssen/Blackburne 1-1,
        Paulsen-Kolisch 1-0-1 listed under Kolisch, not under Paulsen
      (NY Times obituary of JA Leonard claims he is inferior only to Morphy;
       obit Oct 5 1862; earlier article calls him James Leonard NY champion)
      (Brookly hdcp chess tnmt covered in Eagle; entrants Perrin,Rice,Raymond,
      Baxter,Lord,Thompson,van Wagner,Chadwick,Cooper,Badger,Findlay,Peek Nov
      15;more coverage Nov 18 Nov 20;Nov 24 Rice is 6-1 lost only to Cooper
      N odds,Perrin 3-3 all at N odds except to Rice who beat him even,Cooper
      beat Rice lost Perrin at N odds,Chadwick has won 6 of 8;Dec 15 Rice 1st
      Perrin 2d Capt RW Raymond 4h;
      (Anderssen wins London club tnmt? Sergeant heard of but could not verify;
       Century Brit Chess 120)
      (De Vere too stron for Anderssen at N odds, also beat MacDonnell at X;
       Cent Brit Chess 125)
1863: Steinitz-Green  7-0-2 (listed as 1864 in Schach-DB)
      Steinitz-Blackburne 7-1-2 (FK,Schach-DB)
        (Blackburne won 1 offhand, life maps of the masters)
      Steinitz-Mongredien 7-0 (FK,Schach-DB)
      Steinitz-Deacon 5-1-1 (Schach-DB,FK 5-1-0)
      Morphy-Riviere 9-3 (informal games, I am sure, but important since
        Morphy's last comparison vs European master; score is from
      Dusseldorf tnmt ct in OECG,Schach-DB
        Rd 1: Hengstenberg-Moehringer,Schwengers-Knorre,Lange-Schultz,
        Rossy-Lichtenscheidt 1.5-0.5,W. Paulsen-Schultz,Hoeing-con dem Busch
        Rd 2: Lange-Hengstenburg,Paulsen-Schwengers,Hoeing-Rossy
        Rd 3: Lange-Hoeing,Paulsen-Hoeing,Lange draws Paulsen
        Final: Lange-Paulsen 1-0-1
      Tonetti wins a quadruple round robin Muzio gambit tourney 6-2-4 ahead of 
      Discart-Bonetti 9-2-4 (from excerpt at chesscentral)
      Discart/Riviere 1-1 (pg 2 of ebook on Discar-Bonetti match, chesscentral)
      GB Fraser - Lumbley 7-0 (Lumbley was blind; Winter CN 3443)
      (Perrin won prize in Paulsen tnmt ended last week Bkln Eagle Aug 19)
      (There is an e-book on the Discart-Bonetti match of 1863, apparently
      won by Discart, book bby Nizzola, 15 game match)

(Forlico loses a match to Suhle in mid 19th century about 11.5-9.5; leoncini)
(Dubois at some point played a friendly king's gambit match with Anderssen;

other relevant tidbits: article on Deschapelles written ~ 1838
at mark_weeks.tripod.com/ chw02b01/chw-2b01.com mentions such players as Stein,
who declined a challenge from Deschapelles at the Hague. After his boastful 
story about German chess, the author regrets he never played Allgaier, 
Silberschmidt, or Witholm. Labourdonnais and Mouret called his main

carmelo... calls Jaenisch, Petrov, Shumov, Urusov, Mikhailov  famous
St Petersburg masters

note on Lasa, who is often discussed: 1888 discussion of San Francisco chess
by Gossip notes that club president, Dr Marshall, had achieved a 2-3 score
against Lasa: www.excaliburelectronics.com/history0499.html

article in Making of America avail on-line
speaks of a Mohesh Ghutuck, who would have given
Morphy a better game than any westerner; also players of the heroic sort 
include Anderssen, Mayet, Lange, Lasa, Dubois, centurini (Rome), St Amant,
Laroche, Lecrivain, Loewenthal, Kipping, Perigal, Owens, Mongredien
as opposed to Harrwitz, Slous, Horwitz, Szen, Bledow

1864 matches include (FK) Hirschfield/Kolisch 4-4,Kolisch-Rosenthal 7-1,
 Paulsen-Lange 5-2,Paulsen-Neumann 5-2-3,Steinitz-V Green 7-0-2)
in 1870 St Amant and Cochrane split 2 games (QCH 3 pg 181)