1897-99 only if not in newlibcongress file 
If no label Alta California

Nov 26, 1851: San Francisco CC formed, opens tomorrow; St Amant will start 15
game match vs an amateur

Nov 29, 1851: New CC opens. St Amant vs amateur match starts, 5 even 5 P+1
5 P+2. St Amant won the 2 odds games but lost even game, will cont each

Sacramento Union Sept 23, 1852: Ltr from Robt Hugunin, General Scott on 
prisoners of foreign birth captured battle of Qstown 1812, at time Gen Scott
was playing chess w brother Lieut Daniel Hugunin refused to separate those
born England to be shot for treason

Aug 15, 1853: Restrictions on West Point cadets include no chess

Dec 26, 1853: English vs French CC to have match in Hippodrome, castles on back 
real elephants

Sacramento Union Nov 27, 1855: Death Leonard Maelzel age 79 in Vienna
exhibited chess automaton et al [???]

Sacramento Union Nov 24, 1856: Mtg Thurs re forming Sacramento CC, write 
JM Ectef

Sacramento Union Dec 3, 1856: Mtg forms Sacramento CC, officers Dr BB Brown,
Joseph Mogridge, Dr TB Baillie, will complete org Fri mtg. No drinking, no
games except chess, backgammon, draughts; other rules given

Dec 24, 1856: Ltr signed PK+WS to San Francisco CC. Chess players of German
Club challenge CC to match, moves to be pubd in Evening Bulletin and 
Alta California

Dec 29, 1856: German CC challenged SF Pioneer CC, accepted, game starts
Pioneer CC 1.e4 (Sacramento Union Dec 30)

Dec 30, 1856: German CC responds 1..c5

Jan 1, 1857: 2.Nf3 Nc6

Jan 3, 1857: Moves 1-4

Jan 5, 1857: Much interest in our pub moves game, will pub all 3

Jan 6, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 1-5,1-1

Jan 12, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 1-8,1-4

Jan 13, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 1-9,1-5

Jan 17, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 12-13, 7-9

Jan 18, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 1-14, 1-9

Jan 19, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 13-14, 10

Jan 20, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 13-15, 10 (from california site 

Jan 21, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 15-16, 11

Jan 22, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 15-16, 11

Jan 23, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 15-17, 11-13

Jan 24, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 17-18, 13-14

Jan 27, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 20-21

Jan 29, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 20-22

Jan 30, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 20-25

Jan 31, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 25-26

Feb 2, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 23-28

Feb 4, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 39-W44

Feb 8, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC match ties 1-1 2 up match; game 1 just
ended game 2 just 14 moves. Game 3 Pioneer CC vs German CC Sic moves 1-7

Feb 9, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 7-9

Feb 10, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 7-10

Feb 12, 1857: Pioneer CC vs German CC moves 7-11

Feb 21, 1857: Game 3 Pioneer CC-German CC Scotch B42++ 

Feb 24, 1857: German CC beats Pioneer CC, created much pub interest, would be
glad to see chess spread

Sacramento Union Mar 4, 1857: Sacramento CC mtg elects P Vertimer pres, J Weston
sec/treas, rumors will try match vs SF

Sacramento Union Apr 20, 1857: Considerable perspiration over ILN prob 669,
want to know if Sacramento CC has found soln

Sacramento Union Apr 21, 1857: SF accepts Sacramento challenge, negotiating

Apr 22, 1857: Don't play chess w widow

Apr 22, 1857: Sacramento CC challenges SF Pioneer CC to match, prelims arranged
best 2 of 3 moves in Alta California, Sacramento Union. 2d game starts May 1.
Pioneer CC vs Sacramento moves 1-5

Sacramento Union Apr 23, 1857: ILN prob 669 which was mate in 3 actually can
be solved in 2

Sacramento Union Apr 27, 1857: SF Pioneer CC vs Sacramento CC will play 2
games at once, if not decisive a 3d. SF players Shaw, Grotjan; Sacramento
players Jackson, TB Baillie. Game Shaw (SF)-Jackson (Sac) Scotch moves 1-5

Apr 30, 1857: Wk ago pubd para re late chess match; facts are 1 match
between Pioneer CC and German CC won by latter, 3 private matches mems
Pioneer CC vs a mem of German CC 1 favd Pioneers 2 Germans

May 1, 1857: Ltr from S. Read para in paper re Pioneer CC and German CC,
real Q is which plays better, propose Germans select a chp for match of 21
games I will guarantee Pioneers will have player to meet him

Sacramento Union May 1, 1857: Game Shaw (Pioneer CC)-Jackson (Sac) Scotch moves
1-6. Prob soln by M Elias mem Sacramento CC. Maxims of a chess player. Play
w best players. No serious undertaking wo calculation. Don't be too eager to
take advantage every small error. Never rush. If can't mate aim for stalemate

May 3, 1857: Pioneer CC vs Sacramento CC playing 2 games at once, will play 3d
if not decisive. Shaw plays 1st Grotjan 2d for SF, Jackson and TB Baillie for
Sacramento. Pioneer CC vs Sacramento CC move 1-8 Scotch, 1-1 Sic (Sac Union
May 4)

Sacramento Union May 7, 1857: Game 2 TB Baillie (Sac)-Grotjan (Pioneer) Sic
moves 1-2

Sacramenot Union May 11, 1857: SF vs Sacramento moves 1-13, 1-3

May 14, 1857: Game 1 Jackson (Sacramento CC)-Shaw (Pioneer CC) moves 12-14
(Sac Union)

May 15, 1857: Game 1 Jackson (Sac)-Shaw (Pioneer) moves 12-14 (Sac Union May 16)

May 18, 1857: Game 1 Jackson (Sac)-Shaw (Pioneer) moves 12-14, Game 2
TB Baillie (Sac)-Grotjan (Pioneer) Sic moves 1-3

May 26, 1857: Game 1 Shaw (Pioneer)-Jackson (Sac) Scotch moves 1-17, Game 2
Baillie (Sac)-Grotjan (Pioneer) moves 1-4

May 27, 1857: Game 1 Shaw (Pioneer)-Jackson (Sacramento) moves 1-17, Game 2
Baillie (Sac)-Grotjan (Pioneer) moves 1-4

Sacramento Union June 26, 1857: Descrip Harrwitz winning 2 blind vs Lecrivain
and P, have elsewhere

July 24, 1857: Birmingham CA mtg this yr in Manchester at time Great Art
Treasures exhibition this summer, Anderssen considered best on continent
has agreed to come, won 1851 tnmt over Staunton whose executive duties
hurt play

Sacramento Union Sept 21, 1857: Natl chess convention NY Oct, KO tnmt for
US chp and form code of rules

Nov 19, 1857: NY congress ended Oct 12 orgs Amer CA on plan assocs GB, Ireland;
next mtg Philad

Nov 25, 1857: From Harpers Wkly on NY tnmt, have Harpers Oct 24

Sacramento Union Dec 2, 1857: Great excitement chess congress, Paulsen 4-0-1
blind, down to Paulsen vs Morphy who is 18 yr old wonder, great inc sale
chess men and books

Dec 12, 1857: Meek's poem from congress banquet, have in congress book

Dec 16, 1857: Pioneer CC ann mtg, officers Selim Franklin, Willard B Farwell,
JH Gardiner

Dec 17, 1857: Chess conference gives new life to SF chess. Tnmt at Mercantile
Lib, pairings Lapsley vs Bacon, Matthew vs Krauss, Miller vs Seymour,
Castle vs Stone, Hammond vs Tagliaboe, Brigham vs Goodwin, Webb vs Sullock,
Hunter vs Wallace, Cook vs Farley, Roberts vs Shaw, Matthews vs G Webb. 
Roberts ex-pres Bkln CC, competed in chess congress

Sacramento Union Dec 23, 1857: Morphy and Paulsen hot blood of South, phlegmatic
Teuton, one brilliant other sound. Paulsen feels could play 8 blind, some say
he plays better blind. Had only played 3 blind once before coming here, all
chess self-taught. Game descrips. Congress book to be ed Morphy and noted
Scandinavian scholar Fiske. Imperial photo taken Paulsen+Morphy playing.
Game Paulsen-Morphy 4N B28 2:55 1 of 3 blind others T Frere and Fuller Game
Paulsen-Raphael Sic W25 3:30 Raphael had to leave Paulsen wanted strong player
to finish Perrin came forward after 15 min analysis said no use game lost

California Farmer Dec 25, 1857: Congress prizes presented major Morphy,
Paulsen, Lichtenhein, Raphael minor Horner, Solomons, Seebach, Martin
special presentation to Paulsen for blind

Dec 27, 1857: Morphy wins 5th game vs Paulsen, Paulsen suffering severe
catarrh chose not to postpone. Convinced Morphy chess of highest order, do
not admire Paulsen less, will give testimonial. Morphy sac Stanley said 
belongs in asylum. Congress mems feel Morphy best lvg, will challenge any
Europe $1000-5000. Morphy ~20, pale face, dark hair, full brow, restless
eyes express highly nervous org. Doubt will ever play better than now geniuses
attain full power very early

Jan 24, 1858: No European invention can rival chess

Feb 7, 1858: Final match Game Paulsen-Morphy 4N B28 notes Louisville Journal

Feb 8, 1858: Writer Hippolyte Lucas noted for long nose playing chess while
had cold vs Louis Desnoyers, Desnoyers told him to blow nose, Lucas said blow
it yourself nearer to you

Feb 13, 1858: Pioneer CC working composing probs. Prob William R Wheaton

Feb 20, 1858: SF Pioneer CC arranging tnmt open to all in state

Mar 1, 1858: Various SF CCs complete arrangements for grand tnmt Mar 20,
cttee Selim Franklin, W Schlieden, DS Roberts, Wm R Wheaton, Geo Pen Johnston,
Willard B Farwell, Thomas Byrne, BF Voorhies, Edward Jones, Charles Mayne,
M Elias, RH Bacon. Also cttee of cooperation from around state; Sacramento:
A Despecher, Dr BB Brown, Dr TB Baillie, MM Harvey; Marysville: ES Osgood;
Martinez: Judge JD Carr; Nevada: TH Caswell; Downieville: John E Agar; 
Petaluma: P Kalkman; Oakland: Rodman Gibbons; San Francisco: John A Monroe,
Capt ED Keyes, AB Crittenden, JB Haggin, SC Simmons, Julius K Rose, John Shaw,
O Hoffman Burrows, Thos H Blythe, JH Gardiner, John B McMinn, Geo F Sharp,
Col ED Baker, Jos Mogridge, Otis V Sawyer, John M Freeman, Lloyd Tevis,
Chas J Hughes, JP Nourse, Thos D Johns, John S Ellis, AB Perkins. Open
to all, 3 classes, method of play as in NY 1857, 6 prizes plus best prob,
enter to William R Wheaton. Praise of chess. Discovery of N Amer turned on
matches skill Ferdinand of Spain

Mar 5, 1858: SF Pioneer CC preparing great tnmt open to all in state next mo

Mar 6, 1858: Poem A Chess Story, the usu

Mar 13, 1858: Chess tnmt starts 22d, promises to be brilliant, ladies
admitted accompanied by subscribers

Mar 14, 1858: Pacific tnmt starts Mar 22, chp tnmt and 2 classes minor tnmt
those who rcv at most N odds and others. 2 prizes chp, 2 each div minor, 1 best prob. Subscribers $2.50 free entry, ladies accompany subsciber free. Enter to
William R Wheaton by 20th. Mngmt cttee Wheaton, BF Voorhees, W Schleiden,
Chas Mayne, Willard B Farwell, Thos Byrne, M Elias, Selim Franklin, RH Bacon,
Edward Jones, Geo Pen Johnson, DS Roberts. Umpires DS Roberts, WB Farwell,
WR Wheaton. Prize cttee GP Johnson, Schleiden, Voorhees. Prob cttee Roberts,
Elias, John Shaw, Ed Jones, Charles Mayne. Arrangements: Wheaton, Schleiden,
Farwell, Byrne, Bacon. Cttee if Cooperation Sacramento: A Despecher, 
Dr BB Brown, Dr TB Baillie, MM Harvey, Dr Edw Autenreith; Marysville: ES Osgood;
Martinez: Judge JD Carr; Auburn: Josph A Nunes; Nevada: TH Caswell; Downieville:
John E Ager; Petaluma: P Kalkman; Oakland: Rodman Gibbons; San Francisco: 
John A Monroe, Capt ED Keyes, AP Crittenden, JB Haggin, SC Simmons, 
Julius K Rose, John Shaw, O Hoffman Burrows, Thos H Blythe, JH Gardiner, 
Jas B McMinn, Geo F Sharp, Col ED Baker, Jos Mogridge, Otis V Sawyer, 
Jno M Freeman, Lloyd Tevis, Chas J Hughes, JP Nourse, Thos D Johns, 
John S Ellis, AB Perkins, Col ED Baker. FF if 30 min late 3 FFs out (Mar 13+19+
22, California Farmer Mar 12)

Sacramento Union Mar 17, 1858: SF tnmt starts 22d, enter to Wm R Wheaton by

Mar 22, 1858: Much talked of tnmt starts today, hope 1st of many, 40-50
entries lasts ~2 wks, tix avail from mngmt cttee

Mar 23, 1858: Opening Pacific tnmt, chair Selim Franklin. Franklin speech
given. Praise chess. Chp tnmt initial pairing John Shaw vs Philip Kalpman,
Selim Franklin vs Chas Sutro, Edward Jones vs {gives Peck and Justh in 
different places}. 1st div 2d class pairings Theodore Kintrel vs Lewis Levinson,
WB Farwell vs WR Wheaton, Elias vs AF Scott, SC Simmons vs Albert Charter,
Leopold Hyam vs ED Baker, Geo Grotjan vs RH Bacon, Thos Byrne vs John S Ellis,
LB Mizner vs J Levinson, John McKee vs J Stamper, Geo Pen Johnston vs Struver,
CE Hawley vs Julius K Rose, JC Cattan vs R Gibbons, M Castle vs Matthews. 2d div
Class 2 pairings BF Voorhies vs Geo F Sharp, Otis V Sawyer vs EJ Muygridge,
Chas A Parsons vs EA McLemore, Geo Ladd vs James Fuller, Geo O Whitney vs
JH Gardiner, EL Ritter vs Jas B McMinn. Starts today conts daily til end
(Sac Union Mar 25)

Mar 24, 1858: Many present for tnmt, 1st rd will prob end this wk. Very
interesting Selim Franklin vs Chas Sutro game adj 32 moves 7:30-midnight

California Farmer Mar 26, 1858: Tnmt great success 20 tables occupied

Apr 3, 1858 pg 2: Chess tnmt progressing. 2d rd class 1 Selim Franklin leads
DS Roberts 2-1-2, Edmund Jones-John Shaw 3-2. Div 1 class 2 J Stevens-L Hyams
3-1, JS Ellis-R Gibbons 3-1, A Charter-M Elias 3-0, WB Farwell-J Levinson 3-0,
RH Bacon-JK Rose 3-0, Jas Fuller-CA Parsons 3-1-1. Gen mtg tnmt subscribers
tonight. Tnmt will be opened to public tix 50 cents

Apr 5, 1858: Great interest in tnmt which opened on 22d

Apr 10, 1858: Chess tnmt rd 3 ends Class 1: Selim Franklin-DS Roberts 3-2-3,
Edward Jones-John Shaw 3-2. Class 2 Div 1: WB Farwell-J McKee 3-2-1, RH Bacon-
L Levinson 3-0, A Charter-J Struver 3-0, John S Ellis bye. Class 2 div 2
JH Gardiner-Jas Fuller 3-1. Class 1 finals Frenklin vs Jones. Class 2 div 2 
pairings Ellis vs Charter, Farwell vs Bacon. Class 2 div 2 between JH Gardiner,
James Fuller, Geo F Sharpe. Many fine games, plan to pub 

Apr 13, 1858: Paulsen 7 blind Dubuque w complete success 3 evenings (Sac Union
Apr 14)

May 2, 1858: Chess tnmt prize dist. Chp winners Selim Franklin (gold watch),
Edward Jones (rosewood chess table). Class 2 div 1 John S Ellis (set), 
RH Bacon (gold specimen watch seal). Class 2 div 2 JH Gardiner, Geo F Sharpe
(both quartz specimen seal). Prob prize won by Wm R Wheaton (Staunton set).
Great success

May 5, 1858: Tournament great success, Selim Franklin won, games to be 
pubd as pamphlet

Sacramento Union June 4, 1858: Seward speech remembers chess automaton, felt
none blinded by it except those who wanted to be duped

June 7, 1858: Corr writes he is learning from a German says both Qs to keft
Ks, N cannot jump; advise to discard this person as tutor and get book

July 7, 1858: The Field gives Morphy challenge to Staunton, objects to notion
Staunton even chp London much less Europe, would be considered ridiculous on
continent; if cannot accept invite to Birmingham should forward to major CCs
England, France, Germany

July 9, 1858: Exchange tells us Boston YMCA deciding if chess OK; have not 
heard decided OK if no lager drunk or peanuts bet on result - Boston Post

July 27, 1858: Friars and monks in Manila excellent chess players

Sacramento Union Aug 17, 1858: Morphy arrives London to follow up challenge
to Staunton, already amazed London w powers, will attend Birmingham mtg

Aug 29, 1858: Staunton accepts Morphy challenge, begin Sept. Playing 100L/side
vs Loewenthal

Sacramento Union Aug 31, 1858: Usu Morphy incognito story. Bells Life Morphy
will play any 100-1000L 11 up in public no adjourn means chess+nothing but
will attend Birmingham

Sacramento Union Oct 6, 1858: Morphy leads Loewenthal 7-2-1; won game 9 3
sittings 19:30 and game 10 34 moves. When Morphy 1st challenged Staunton was
for 1000L to get Staunton to US, reduced to 500L by mutual consent. Morphy's
money posted noy Staunton's, feeling is Morphy beating Loewenthal will not 
make Stauntopn anxious for match

Oct 9, 1858: Paulsen won 9 out of 10 blind; uses to mock Vernon Smith "blind:
to subjects

Sacramento Union Oct 11, 1858: Morphy wins 7 of 8 blind Birmingham

Oct 11, 1858: Birmingham Journal descrip Morphy 8 blind. Staunton vs Morphy
11 up 500L/side starts Nov. Birmingham tnmt arrangements, chair Thomas Avery
in absence Lord Lyttelton. Officers Lord Lyttelton, Lord Cremorne, Sir
John Blunden. Rd 1 winners Staunton, Loewenthal, St Amant, Falkbeer, Salmon,
Owen; Bird counselled to leave so Brien wins. Rd 2 Brien resigns to Smith,
Owen-Salmon, Falkbeer-St Amant, Loewenthal vs Staunton. Morphy leads Loewenthal
8-3-3. Praise Morphy

Sacramento Union Oct 13, 1858: Morphy blind Birminghamand Birmingham tnmt as in
Oct 11 adds Birmingham CC-Worcester CC. Morphy leads Loewenthal 8-3-2, easy
handling makes unlikely Staunton will play. Praise Morphy. Loewenthal wins 1st
game vs Staunton. 

Oct 16, 1858: Morphy-Loewenthal 9-3-3 for $500. Loewenthal wins Birmingham tnmt
including 2-0 vs Staunton after Staunton savaged his play. Morphy 7-1 blind
astonishes England, now in Paris to play Harrwitz et al including Anderssen
believed best in world. Morphy 20, modest, unostentatious, cool, chess player
head to foot. Beat Boden, Bird, Barnes, Owen (gvg P+1), Loewenthal. Paulsen
said to have played 20 blind, surpasses all (Sac Union Oct 18)

Oct 20, 1858: Morphy winning renown England, just 1 of num instances Amer
intellectual achievements

Sacramento Union Oct 22, 1858: Descrip Morphy 8 blind Birmingham

Oct 27, 1858: Morphy lost 1st game to Harrwitz, descrip. Before playing 
Harrwitz who was in Valenciennes drew Riviere (bro of Zouave), 3-0 vs Journoud,
5-0-2 gvg P+2 to Lecrivain. Full score Morphy games so far, have elesehwere
(Sac Union Oct 27+29, Cal Farmer Oct 29)

Oct 28, 1858: CC orgd Downieville

Sacramento Union Nov 3, 1858: Chess booming NY since Morphy, NYCC rooms
crowded many apps for mem

Sacramento Union Nov 3, 1858: Morphy leads Harrwitz 4-2, matches vs Staunton
and Anderssen will convince all of superiority

Sacramento Union Nov 3, 1858: Morphy sensation Paris, :equesne sculpting bust,
crowd at theater looking at him, dines w Duke of Brunswick, many chess sets sold

Nov 8, 1858: Harrwitz requested postponement vs Morphy, was to resume 29th
(Sac Union Nov 10)

Nov 11, 1858: Chess match Abwrrewyrryd going on past 23 yrs ands w 1 of players
dying in lunatic asylum

Nov 13, 1858: NY Times Paris corr "Malakoff" reports Morphy leads Harrwitz
4-2, Harrwitz adjs complains of sickness. Morphy 6-0-2 blind Paris 10 hrs

Nov 15, 1858: Morphy-Harrwitz 5-2-1

Sacramanto Union Nov 15, 1858: CC formed Jackson, SB Allen pres

Nov 20, 1858: Wkly Alta California has chess prob and Morphy vs Harrwitz game

Nov 27, 1858: Wkly Alta California has chess prob made for SF tnmt

Nov 27, 1858: London Times descrip Morphy 8 blind Regence. Harrwitz resumes
match vs Morphy, D, trails 4-2-1, Harrwitz friends cont to back him Morphy's
would send millions to back (Sac Union Nov 17)

Sacramento Union Nov 30, 1858: Anderssen coming to play Morphy, until then
daily jousts Regence. Writes Staunton that not pro but friends willing to back

Dec 1, 1858: Morphy vs Harrwitz causing great excitement, telegraph messages
sent to the Rhine, Mery, Duke of Brunswick begging to come see. Regence mobbed
w all nationalities+tongues. Believe Morphy will win and be chp for none in
Europe can beat harrwitz. Harrwitz 27, Morphy 22, Morphy plays much faster
in fact faster than any he has yet met Europe

Sacramento Union Dec 4, 1858: Napoleon asks Morphy to come to Tuilleries give
blind exhibit before ladies of court, also consents to be beaten at R odds

Dec 5, 1858: Harrwitz resigns to Morphy due health, Morphy declines stakes.
Anderssen on way to Paris. Ltr from Morphy to Staunton, have elsewhere
(Sac Union Dec 4)

Dec 7, 1858: Shasta Chess+Lit vs Yreka CC corr games started, Wells Farge
brings move each trip

Dec 9, 1858: Anderssen coming to Paris ~18th, will stay fortnight, not sure
whether Morphy can stay til end yr

Dec 11, 1858: Morphy leads Harrwitz 2-1, Anderssen will come to play Morphy Xmas

Dec 12, 1858: Morphy showing Europe America not to be trifled with. After 
won NY tnmt English press damned w faint praise. Staunton braggadacio and

Sacramento Union Dec 17, 1858: Chess attribd to China, India, Persia. 

Sacramento Union Dec 17, 1858: Staunton reply ltr to Morphy declining match,
have elsewhere

Dec 18, 1858: Morphy wears laurels well, seems Europe only pays attention
to US if phenom or humbug

Dec 19, 1858: Morphy invited to 10th ann Leipzig CC, if goes will meet Anderssen
and Lange; other strong Germans include Mayet, Franz, Dufresne, Wilberg of
Berlin, Friedlander of Breslau, the Pollmachers, Vitzthum, Wigand of Leipzig,
Bozzel of Ansbach, Reczi of Pesth. Poem the 2 Pauls (Paolo Boi, Morphy) from
Chess Monthly; rather awfully constructed

Dec 22, 1858: Chess phenoms in Fayette County KY, boy+girl age 11+13, can
beat experts of area blind

Dec 23, 1858: Erratum - On outside in todays paper read Morphy on Chess instead
of Worms in Cheese - Sierra Democrat

Dec 25, 1858: NY vs Philad relegraph game drawn (Sac Union)

Dec 27, 1858: Rumored that St George CC requires Staunton to either accept 
Morphy challenge or FF chp England

Sacramento Union Dec 31, 1858: Morphy testimonial cttee selects testimonial
set, if funds warrant will strike medal Morphy to rcv in gold, subscribers $5
rcv bronze copy

Sacramento Union Dec 31, 1858: London Field deplores Staunton treatment of

Sacramento Union Dec 31, 1858: Morphy beating Duke of Brunswick, Count Isouard,
Princess Murat. Staunton scouts idea afraid to play Morphy says lit engagements
do not allow but general feeling is he is afraid, cease to be chp when do not
pick up gauntlet, if cannot beat Morphy fairly should not resort to dodges

Sacramento Union Jan 1, 1859: Record Morphy in Paris, believe will travel to
play Anderssen, cannot meet Lasa who is in Brazil. Lyttelton backs Morphy in
dispute w Staunton

Jan 1, 1859: Manchester tnmt Game Anderssen-Harrwitz Philidor W48 London CC
Game 17 Medley-Anderssen KGA W39 w notes London CC Game Medley-Morphy 
Ruy 3..Nge7 B39 w notes

Jan 6, 1859: New Cosmopolitan CC organizing mtg tonight

Jan 9, 1859: From Wkly Alta Prob 9 WK Bishop (Sacramento). 1st of best of 3
telegraph match, Philad: HF Montgomery, NG Thomas, P Randolph, Lewis Elkin,
S Lewis umpire JS Dunning. NY: Theo Lichtenhein, CD Mead, Jas Thompson,
DW Fiske, F Perrin umpire Prof Allen of Philad. Game 19 NY-Philad QGD D57
Game 20 Selim Franklin (blind)-4 Amateurs Victoria (Vancouver Island) KGA B?51

Jan 17, 1859: Prob 10 TJ Grotjan. Paris Game 21 Riviere-Morphy Evans B44 notes
London Field Versailles Game 22 Morphy (blind)-Chamouillet+Versailles Cercle
French W26 Birmingham Game 23 Boden-A 2N Fried Liver W40 w notes. Morphy will
winter in Europe; Anderssen coming to Paris Dec 12, after Anderssen Morphy
prob back to England. Richmond Dispatch on chess boom caused by Morphy and
praise of chess

Jan 23, 1859: Prob 11 Max Berolzheimer entered for CA tnmt. Birmingham Game 24
Kipping (Manchester)-Morphy Evans B30 Game 25 Morphy-Barnes Bishop O W37
Game 26 Bird-Morphy Philidor B29 w notes London CC Game 27 Morphy-Medley KGA
W23 w notes. Morphy in Paris from NY Times, signed Malakoff. Morphy to
winter Paris, Anderssen coming Dec 20-24, no word from Lasa. Morphy vs 
Anderssem will have no stake. Harrwitz sore, sayd does not play Morphy again
since not treated well. Staunton lost all friends England w garbled pub Morphy
ltr. Morphy plays all at odd, beaten included Polish Ludiski [Budzinsky] 7-0,
Laroche who Morphy calls best French, Riviere, Erkel story have elsewhere.
Record of Morphy in Paris have elsewhere excludes games in salons of beau monde
w dukes, princes et al not interesting to outside humanity (Sac Union Jan 17)

Jan 24, 1859: Philad vs NY moves 20-27; Philad won 2d game

Sacramento Union Jan 26, 1859: Morphy announces that except Harrwitz would 
play French only gvg P+1, for money if want. 2 contested, beat Laroche 3-0-3
and Budzinsky 5-1-1. Bell's Life ed Walker says dispute w Staunton settled
by British pub opinion in fav Morphy

Jan 30, 1859: Prob 12 W King (NY). Manchester Game 28 Boden-Kipping Ruy 3..Bc5 
W34 notes London Field London CC Game 29 Medley-Morphy Ruy B25 match Game 30
Morphy-Loewenthal French W25. Poem. On origin of chess transl from Sanskrit,
attribs to Persian astronomer Schatrenscha substitute for physical force.
Morphy's friends bet 10-1 vs Anderssen; Morphy leads 2-1-1 (Sac Union Feb 1)

Jan 30, 1859: Morphy confined to room Paris due illness, cannot start match
vs Anderssen who came to play him. 

Feb 6, 1859: Prob 13 Winchuk. Game 31 Schulten-Morphy Falkbee Ctr B22 mate 1
notes Porters Spirit including Falkbeer-Ledered correct opening name Game 32
Kling-Pack Evans B2 w notes. Morphy conquers all Europe. Cosmopolitan CC of SF
rooms opened, ~110 mems believe largest US; descrip excellent rooms

Feb 11, 1859: Morphy-Anderssen 7-2-2. Morphy offers Staunton P+1 for any stake
he chooses (Cal Farmer, Sac Union)

Feb 14, 1859: Lequesne sculpting marble bust Morphy to go w Labourdonnais,
Philidor at Regence

Feb 27, 1859: Prob 16 LD. Game Anderssen-Kieseritzky KGA Bishop G W20 mate 3 w
notes. Match Game 9 Morphy-Anderssen Sic W17 Game 11 Morphy-Anderssen 
French 2..g6 W35. 7 yr old at Cosmopolitan CC played remarkably strong game

Sacramento Union Mar 1, 1859: Great preparations for Morphy presentation. Chess
very popular NY, many small CCs

Mar 3, 1859: Anderssen arrived Paris Dec 12. Morphy in bed fever when arrived.
Since Harrwitz match had almost forsaken chess, Anderssen appearance aroused
what he called a perfect chess fever; Morphy had to be assisted to chair to
play. Anderssen brave+courtly opponent, high praise Morphy. Morphy says will
now play matches only gvg P+1. All rec as chp except Harrwitz who imitated
Morphy 8 blind but vs very weak opponents; he has not made games public tho
eds col in influential wkly paper; French made jokes about it as frog tries
to emulate ox

California Farmer Apr 15, 1859: Morphy leads Mongredien 4-0, 7 up match
(Sacramento Union Apr 16 spells Nongretin)

May 1, 1859: Prob 25 AN Crane (St Louis). London CC Game Maude-Mongredien P+1
odds e4 Nh6 W30 mate 1 notes ILN Game Quincy CC-Paulsen Evans B21 Game
St Amant+F de LA-Morphy GP B22 w notes. Bkln match Horner-Lieut Seebach 7-5
wins Morphy set. Bkln now 120 mems most US except for San Francisco 140
headed by old Bklnint Daniel S Roberts. Dr CC Moore wins Winona tnmt. Corr 
match for chess set value $15 Dr Langer of Davenport IA vs TM Brown of St Louis.
Suhle of Bonn 6-0-2 blind. Morphy conts to beat all Paris, 7-0-1 vs Mongredien,
100 players in 5 sec winners to play Morphy at odds appropriate for sec. Col
now says ed by cttee Cosmopolitan CC (Sac Union May 2)

Sacramento Union May 3, 1859: Morphy testimonial cttee purchases set from 
Tiffany's, John Van Buren to give address. Statement of ancient author had 
never heard of negro playing chess brings out fact that NY has well orgd 
negro CC w small lib, subscribes various chess pubs

May 8, 1859: Prob 26 TJG (SF) Notes to JPM (San Jose), AAM (SF), OB do not
have to announce check to Q. NY Game WJA Fuller-J Thompson KGA Allgaier W36
notes NY Clipper. Cosmopolitan CC tnmt starts, entries Class 1 Div 1: Shaw,
Siering, Sutro, Justh, Roberts, Schleiden, Jones. Div 2: Chater, Blumenthal,
Monroe, Wheaton, Meyer, Scott, Kinzel, Farwell, J Levinson, L Levinson, 
Struver, Vertimer, Bereolzheimer, Mizner, Byrne, Baker, Ellis, Moore. Class 2
Div 1: Kemp, Johns, Pincus, Bowman, Nourse, Rose, Tyler, Lupton, Swasey, 
Rosenbaum, Dewey. Div 2: Barrett, Whitney, Bartlett, Dow, Carlton, Hill,
Hudson, Ladd, Lupton, Labatt. 1RR in division. Class 1 div 2: Kinzel-{Farwell, 
Baker,Monroe,Struver}, Chater-{Blumenthal,Baker,Monroe}, Blumenthal-Baker,
Scott-{Kinzel,Blumenthal}, Farwell-Chater, Mizner-{Monroe,Blumenthal},
Levinson-Chater, Byrne-Ellis. Class 2 Div 1: Dawson-Bowman, Tyler-{Swasey,
Dawson}, Bowman-Swasey, WM Johns-Tyler. Class 2 Div 2: Whitney-{Barrett,Hill,
Ladd}, Ladd-Barrett. CC being orgd Sacramento

Sacramento Union May 14, 1859: Subscrip list Paris for Morphy dinner, all 
Paris players subscribe

Sacramento Union May 14, 1859: Poem The Chess Bd by E Bulwer Lytton aka
Owen Meredith (Sept 5, 1860)

May 15, 1859: Prob 27 ME (SF). Solns CB, Benicia, AA Mix, LEC and TWN
(Alvarado). Cosmopolitan CC tnmt Game J Levinson-WR Wheaton Bishop O D33
Game John A Monroe-Thomas Byrne Bishop O B16++ Game Byrne-Blumenthal Evans W22
Game LB Mizner-WB Farwell Bishop O W33

Sacramento Union May 16, 1859: Card playing on steamboats down by half,
place taken by chess

May 17, 1859: Morphy left Paris for England, before left given dinner,
Lequesne bust crowned w laurel, declared greatest ever (Sac Union May 18
adds dinner chair St Amant)

May 22, 1859: Prob 28 Conrad Bayer. Solns CB, Benicia, ME (Centreville).
Game Mongredien-Morphy Bishop O McDonnell Double G D25 notes London Era Game
Morphy-Mongredien Evans W22 notes London Field. Only Q cannot uncover check
by moving awat, like confirmed bachelor cannot discover mate. New bd each sq
marked in English notation. Blind youth Lumley made impression Manchester mtg 
1857 now touring CCs, made impression Norwich won all gvg odds, also visited
Ipswich. Morphy prolonged stay Paris for publishing English+French ed games
prevented from making planned visit (does not say where). No longer says ed
by Cosmopolitan CC cttee

May 25, 1859: Morphy not a passenger on the Africa as anticipated

May 26, 1859: Morphy expected NY end of wk, no public reception but will be
presented w gold+silver set prob by Van Buren or Fuller

May 29, 1859: Prob 29 Yram (NY). Notes to LRC (Sacramento), Caissa (Stockton),
ARN (Contra Costa), OL cannot by Staunton set in SF humbug cast iron dubbed
Morphy men insult to Paul disgrace to inventor. Soln AA Mix (SF). Game
Mongredien-Morphy Dutch B50 notes Era+Sunday Times Game Morphy-Mongredien
2N W29 notes Era. Dilaram story. Cosmopolitan CC tnmt results Div 1 Class 1:
Schleiden-{Siering,Sutro}, Justh-Schleiden, Roberts-{Justh,Siering}, Sutro-
Roberts, Shaw-{Schleiden,Sutro}. Class 1 div 2: Kinzel-{Farwell,Baker,Monroe,
Struver,Blumenthal,Mizner,Wheaton,J Levinson,Ellis,Meyer}; Chater-{Blumenthal,
Baker,Monroe,Ellis, Meyer,Struver,Mizner,Kinzel,Berolzhejmer,Wheaton}, Scott-
{Kinzel,Blumenthal,Ellis,Struver,Baker,Berolzheimer,Chater}, Farwell-{Chater,
Wheaton,Meyer,Scott,Struver}, Mizner-{Monroe,L Levinson,Blumenthal,Byrne,
Farwell,Scott,Wheaton,Meyer}; L Levinson-{Chater,Farwell,Berolzheimer,
Blumenthal,Kinzel,Baker}; Byrne-{Chater,Blumenthal,L Levinson,Monroe,Ellis,
Farwell,Kinzel,Meyer,Scott}; Baker-Farwell; J Levinson-{Byrne,Berolzheimer,
Meyer,Scott,Mizner,Blumenthal,Chater}; Berolzheimer-{Byrne,Struver,Kinzel,
Farwell,Blumenthal}; Blumenthal-{Baker,Meyer,Farwell,Vertimer,Struver}; Ellis-
Blumenthal; Struver-Byrne; Wheaton-{Struver,Blumenthal}; Meyer-Scott; Monroe-
Blumenthal. Class 2 Div 1: Dawson-Bowman, Tyler-{Swasey,Bowman,Dewey,Dawson,
Nourse}, Nourse-{Bowman,Dow,Swasey}, Dow-{Carlton,Tyler,Swasey,Dewey}; Dewey-
{Nourse,Dawson}, Bowman-{Dow,Kemp,Johns,Swasey,Dewey}; Swasey-{Dawson,Dewey,
Kemp}. Class 2 Div 2: Whitney-{Barrett,Ladd,Lupton,Labatt,Hill}; Ladd-{Lupton,
Labatt,Barrett,Bartlett}; Labatt-Lupton, Hoag-{Labatt,Bartlett}; Bartlett-
{Carlton,Whitney,Labatt}. Full stdgs

Sacramento Union May 30, 1859: Said if Morphy candidate for pres Phelan will
be brought out against him

Sacramento Union May 30, 1859: Morphy arrives England, accompanied by Riviere,
plans 8 blind London CC May 14

Sacramento Union May 30, 1859: Morphy arrives London en route US, spurs
greater chess activity than ever before. Will stay over a wk. Played Medley
gvg P+1, split 2 vs Loewenthal. Descrip 8 blind guests include Lord Arthur Hay,
Wyvill, T Worrall, Barnes, Boden, Riviere et al; Loewenthal teller. London CC
dinner for Morpy, over 40 present Mongredien chair. Morphy toasts to Mongredien,
George Walker. Toasts Medley, Riviere, Loewenthal

June 2, 1859: Morphy feted in London. 2-0-6 blind vs strong team 7 hrs. On
eve leavins for US.

June 5, 1859: Prob 30 Wankinoo. Notes to CB (Benicia), AL (SF). Cosmopolitan CC
tnmt Game John Shaw-Daniel S Roberts Scotch W50. Calculation of corr PM re
Sissa grains of wheat story. Morphy hats being displayed in Eastern cities.
Philad thinks they are P+1 stronger than NY

June 8, 1859: Morphy arrived NY, won every game played NYCC even stronger than
when left. Plans month NY then NO (Sac Union, Cal Farmer June 10)

June 9, 1859: Morphy arrived NY, rcvd by mems NYCC and M Isidor pres Union CC.
Playing some games w old friends. Yesterday Waterman was to present him w 
imitation laurel crown of velvet+silver, postponed til Tues at Morphy request.
Hope Morphy soes not allow excited friends to make him look silly. Very long
descrip testimonial set (June 14)

Sacramento Union June 10, 1859: Morphy speech England given. Thx all for 
pleasant memories; says if adversity in future will derive consolation from 
memories. [In my opinion, may be Morphy's nicest speech tho less well known 
than some, Someone should use poem he recites as close of a Morphy work, very 

June 12, 1859: Prob 31 SF Loyd (Florence NJ). Notes to AL (Stockton), RRC
(Sonora) Cosmopolitan CC tnmt slow prog will pub full report when done, AB
(Sacramento), CRS (San Jose) yes Miss Caty many fine players of your sex
could name beautiful family accomplished sisters res not 1000 miles from
Mare Island could play wo odds vs most Cosmopolitan players. Game Lasa-Mayet
Scotch W21 Game Col Charles D Mead-Morphy 1.h3 B26 w notes fav move Mead who
prefers to play B. Morphy returned to NY, being feted, plans month NY then NO.
If accepts St Louis invite would come ~June 1, Paulsen wants to be present; 
arrangement cttee Skinner, Kelly, Tausig, Holzinger, Brown. NYCC ann election,
officers Col Chas D Mead, CE Anderson, Robert J Dodge, James Thompson, 
WC Miller, Martin Mantin. Translation Handbuch in prep Philad. Poem delivered
NYCC festival 1856 thx ancient Indian for invention chess

Sacramento Union June 13, 1859: Morphy among the Germans. At Union CC rooms at 
a German public house. Appeared to be only Germans in room, door guarded to
prevent rush of crowd. 2-0 vs club pres Isidor, 209 vs Bereke [Bennecke?],
both Germans, gvg N to both; opponents seemd to play below usu level. Perfect
silence tho spectators mounted on chairs, would make pic for Hogarth. Morphy
looks very young, boyish, dark brown hair, dark eyes, very pale face indicates
delicate health, intellectual finely formed head; perhaps could be great general
or mathematician pity to waste on entertaining and innocent game. Very cool and
deliberate shows no emotion plans far ahead sometimes takes considerable time
others fast; modest, quiet, gentlemanly. Features esp chin Irish no doubt
original name Murphy. After he retired Germans went over moves. Before leaves
for NO will have pub dinner Boston w Edward Everett, Oliver Wendell Holmes
et al. Tiffany set superb. Telegrams from all over asking route home to
arrange receptions

Sacramento Union June 15, 1859: Morphy back US. Various presentations being
arranged. 3-0 vs Perrin gvg N. Will be presented w Tiffany set, beautiful
watch, also silver laurel wreath by Union Club. Morphy modest, quiet, free of
clap-trap. Staunton not included list of players in pyramid of names engraved
on bd; Morphy, McDonnell, Labourdonnais, Lopez, Philidor, Salaic [Salvio?],
Bilguer, Szen, Del Rio, Kieseritzky, Lasa, Anderssen, Loewenthal, Harrwitz,
Lange. Chessmen metal value ~$1000, bd worth ~$300. Corners inlaid gold, PM
in cypher; stds of nations he vanquished; names of cttee

June 15, 1859: Morphy going to Boston next wk guest Boston CC, pub dinner
w Everett, Winthrop, Agassiz and other literati

Sacramento Union June 17, 1859: Morphy Thru a Lady's Eye Glass. Go back yr or 
so to NYCC. Dense blue cigar smoke, ~dozen grps scattered over chess bds, 
silence only broken by whispers, none would notice Q Vic at door, no observation
but checkmate. Crowd in adjoining room, our ribbons get us seat near bd. Morphy
slender, boyish, smooth cheek, long chestnut hair thrown back from broad white
forehead, truly Amer fig of fragility would take for boy of 15. Large violet
eyes, long dark lashes, luminous wide grin. White slender fingers hover over
pieces faint flush cheeks as game complex. White haired vet thinks will
overwhelm Morphy interrupted by softly spoken checkmate, spectators cannot
restrain applause, defeated player pleads for another says pleasure to be
defeated by you start again, no weariness on brow, Morphy could play all
night - Philad Item

June 19, 1859: Prob 32 Conrad Bayer (Olmutz). Notes to LEC (Alvarado), HH
(Alvarado). NYCC Game Morphy-Perrin N odds Scotch W42 w notes

California Farmer June 24, 1859: Eclectic Club - Number of young men this
city form club w this title, 4 deps Library, Soiree, Music, Chess; growing

Sacramento Union June 24, 1859: ~1500 present NYU for Morphy ovation, 
set presented John Van Buren, watch by WJA Fuller. Morphy graceful reply.
Very pleasant. Next evening entertained Union CC, presented w beautiful silver
watch [?]. Following day left for Boston, guest Boston CC. Dinner in his honor 
31st, Oliver Wendell Holmes chair

June 25, 1859: Morphy presented w silver wreath, chess set, watch by Isidor of
Union CC, John Van Buren, WJA Fuller. Full text Morphy replies and Van Buren
speech, have elsewhere

June 26, 1859: Prob 33 TM Brown (St Louis). Chess Monthly May article on Scotch
given. Before this century only Lolli 1763 treats seriously, analysis prob
by del Rio little known outside Italy. 1824 used by London vs Ediburgh, 
Edinburgh won then played it as W also won. Was fav in GB before Evans. Start
w 1 of games in which Cochrane, Donaldson played. Game Edinb-London Scotch W54
Game Cochrane-Walker Scotch w 7.NxPf7 W14. NY trib descrip Morphy testimonial
set, by Tiffany, will cost $1000. French magician Houdin and Woronsky story.
Claim Houdin has original ad for automaton obtained from Dr Osloff's nephew;
long story of playing Empress Catherine

Sacramento Union June 27, 1859: Morphy dinner Revere House Boston, speeches 
by Oliver Wendell Holmmes, Morphy, Chief Justice Shaw, Harvard pres Walker,
Senator Wilson, Prof Agassiz, Longfellow, Anson Burlingame et al, ltr from
Edward Everett

June 29, 1859: Morphy to ed chess col Ledger

Sacramento Union July 2, 1859: MT French, sec Cincinnati CC, rcvd ltr from
Morphy which gives hope will visit en route to NO; if comes not unlikely Paulsen
would come to play match Cinc players feel Paulsen stronger opponent than
any in Europe

Sacramento Union July 4, 1859: Great event of wk Boston was Morphy reception,
Morphy himself modest event out of proportion chess players upset at being
excluded by cost, Morphy must have left perplexed at present less object of
envy than pity and comisseration

July 4, 1859: Prob 34 Author Unknown. Game Morphy-Perrin N odds Scotch W20++
notes Morphy Game Cochrane-Walker Scotch W25 mate 5. Ltr from Morphy accepting
position ed chess dept NY Ledger

July 7, 1859: Morphy in Boston, many testimonials. Played some of best at CC,
magnificent banquet chair Oliver Wendell Holmes, speeches Holmes, Morphy,
Chief Justice Shaw, Harvard pres Walker, Jared Sparks, Prof Agassiz, Judge
Parker, Senator Wilson, Prof Pierce, Prof Huntington, Mayor Lincoln,
Josiah Quincy Jr, Chas Hale of Advertiser; poems Prof J Rusell Lowell,
James T Fields, George W Pettes. All appropriate, sensible, witty; Morphy
modest and gentlemanly won over all; plans to practice law

Sacramento Union July 8, 1859: Morphy lost N odds game to Thompson 2:30

Sacramento Union July 9, 1859: Boston Courier on honors to Morphy. Not just 
because of incd chess interest, matter natl pride, also bearing wo touch 
of conceit or arrogance

July 10, 1859: Morphy Prob 35 EB Cook. Note to CB (Benicia). Enigma JA Potter
(Salem MA) Game Dr Horace Richardson-Harrwitz P+2 B19 mate 3 w notes Game
Morphy-Maurian R odds KGA Bishop G W23 mate 3. Headline Morphy beaten makes
for some silly editorial comments. Lost a game to a 1st rate player gvg N 
odds, absurd to make fuss over

July 14, 1859: Morphy will visit Philad next wk, then start for NO via
Cincinnati, St Louis et al. 2-0 vs HH Knott, 1-0 vs Marache gvg N to each Bkln
(Sacramento Union says Boston next wk)

July 17, 1859: Prob 36 from Palamede Enigma S Loyd (Florence NJ). Note to JJF
(SF) descrip N move. Berlin Game Franz-Mayet Bishop O B68 w notes. Morphy-
Thompson 5-3-1 gvg N. Thompson proprietor famous saloon Broadway. Amazing 
since rcvd N and played closed games. Reception at Athenaeum Club on 5th Ave
next wk then leaves for Philad (Sac Union July 18)

Sacramento Union July 18, 1859: Lady who called on Morphy at hotel and matched
him so handsomely at chess discovered to be wife of a wealthy Wall St
stock broker and 1 of best players in Country

July 21, 1859: Cosmopolitan CC mtg tonight to elect officers, discuss
propriety reorganizing

July 24, 1859: Prob 37 from CPC Enigma Jacob Elson (Philad). Game
Anderssen-Greenaway W?30 Game McDonnell-Labourdonnais Sic B37 Game Lewis-X
N odds Evans W20++. Charleston Courier prob tnmt, rules and prizes, judges
EA Balaguer, L Avery, J Palma. 

July 31, 1859: Prob 38 Wallenred (Russia) Enigma EJ Weller (Boston). 
Cosmopolitan tnmt Game Byrne-Farwell e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 h6 W35. Cosmopolitan CC
tnmt John Shaw Esq wins 1st div class 1, Geo W Tyler wins 1st div class 2.
Shaw wonn by 1 game 1RR. Tyler, GG Dow tie but Dow chooses not to playoff
so prize to Tyler. Club plans to abolish admission fee to encourage more to come

Sacramento Union Aug 1, 1859: Morphy still in NY being feted

Aug 6, 1859: Cincinnati fears Morphy will not visit; he is still in NY

Aug 7, 1859: Prob 39 Del Rio Enigma Author unknown. New star Kolisch, NY Express
says Hungarian parents but b Montevideo, age 21. Some chance will visit US.
2-1-1 vs Harrwitz, 5-5-4 vs Riviere; Le Sport calls him present chp of world.
Harrwitz declined challenge from Kolisch. Game Harrwitz-Kolisch Dutch B52 notes
believe Staunton

Aug 14, 1859: Prob 40 J Willcox Brown (Petersburg VA) Enigma S Loyd. Note to
CB (Benicia). Richmond VA Game Hon John M Botts-C (Bkln CC visitor) e4 e5 Qf3

Aug 18, 1859: Amherst vs William game baseball won by Amherst, chess contest
ended disastrously for Williams. Victors treated grandly on return (Sac 
Union Aug 31)

Aug 21, 1859: Prob 41 S Loyd Enigma Author Unknown. Game Vezin-Thompson
Sic 2.f4 W24++ w notes

Sacramento Union Aug 22, 1859: Sacramento players collecting subscrips for
suitable prizes tnmt during state fair, hope succeeds

Aug 24, 1859: Triumphs Morphy in Europe under new book

Sacramento Union Aug 24, 1859: Thompson, NY Broadway confectionary and 
restaurant man also great chess player, retired w ample fortune. Proprietor
nearby Taylor's Saloon offered him $4000/yr for 10 yrs to do so, has half
million salted away from 23 yrs industry, tact, doing the correct thing.
He and Morphy great cronies, play constantly, Morphy views him as about best US

Sacramento Union Aug 27, 1859: J Monroe's Science+Art of Chess out, valuable

Sacramento Union Aug 27, 1859: Morphy makes ed debut in Ledger. Gives intro,
col to be good prob, good game w elaborate note. Will not deal w readers ltrs,
too many and answers usu in any chess treatise

Aug 28, 1859: Prob 42 EB Cook Enigma Author Unknown. Game EJ Weller-X KGA 
Allgaier W18 mate 5. Morphy-James Thompson 5-3-1 N odds, may be greater than
Anderssen or Loewenthal matches. Seems to show can give N to any US except
Paulsen and perhaps HP Montgomery of Philad. Usu P+1 2d rate P+2 3 N 4th rate.
Not expected humiliation when NY arranged congress. Philad Sat Bulletin
asks where congress book is

Aug 29, 1859: Morphy visiting various watering spots of North, editing chess 
col NY Ledger

Sacramento Union Aug 31, 1859: Harvard, Yale, Brown regatta Worcester.  
Evening chess Brown beat both colleges, then neighborhood farmer's boy beat 
all 3 combine

Sept 1, 1859: Morphy to visit Philad Athenaeum soon

Sept 4, 1859: Prob 43 Damiano Enigma Dr CC Moore (Louisville KY) Game Bilguer-X
Scotch W20++. Westerners upset Morphy not visiting despite extensive 
arrangements Chicago, Cincinnati et al; remains in NY where contemplates
practicing law. Intro remarks from Ledger given, have elsewhere

Sept 11, 1859: Prob 44 J Chapman (Boston) Enigma S Loyd. 1 of 5 simul Game
Morphy-Boden Scotch D51 w notes Boden consided 2d to none England

Sacramento Union Sept 17, 1859: Temperance papers savage attacks on Judge Shaw
for attending Morphy testimonial at Revere house since defies liquor law, say
if ever again sanctions Fugitive Slave Law for need to obey rule of law
will point out hypocrisy

Sacramento Union Oct 1, 1859: Elliott working on Morphy portrait for Col Thorp
of Spirit of the Times

Sacramento Union Oct 10, 1859: Morphy won several games of chess NYCC gvg
Meek N and gvg WJA Fuller R

Nov 20, 1859: Book of 1st Amer Congress out, very interesting

Sacramento Union Nov 21, 1859: Morphy was to have left NY for No Sat

Nov 21, 1859: Morphy leaves NY Sat for NO prob stop day or 2 Philad, Baltimore,
Washington, Richmond, Charleston, Mobile. Uncertain whether will return to
live in NY or will practice law in New Orleans

Sacramento Union Nov 23, 1859: NYCC farewell to Morphy, many present. Morphy
did not play, conversed quietly w friends. Tomorrow dinner of intimate friends.
Sat prob leaves for NO, stop day or more Philad, Baltimore, Washington,
Richmond, Charleston. Will prob not return North til chess congress next Oct
Philad. Plans to start practice law NO

Sacramento Union Nov 30, 1859: 1st ever chess wkly starts NY, The Gambit ed 
Lichtenhein. Large amount chess lit, news, probs, endgames, games. Includes 2 
Morphy vs Thompson N odds, Stanley vs Perrin, 2 Harrwitz vs Campbellet al. Says 
Paulsen will prob not come to NY to play Morphy but if does Morphy will be able 
to give him P+1.  Post match Morphy contd to play Thompson N odds, Morphy 
leads 8-5

Dec 10, 1859: Friend Paulsen says will prob agree to play Morphy rcvg P+1
tho has prev refused. Loewenthal's book Morphy games in press. Staunton about
to issue supplement to Handbook. Amer Assoc mngmt cttee starting to discuss
new congress

Sacramento Union Dec 12, 1859: Morphy 4-0 blind Philad Acad Music to benefit
Mt Vernon Fund beat WG Thomas, BC Tilghman, Samuel Smyth, Samuel Tillen,
teller RH Jones, scorer Wells. Attendance smaller than expected perhaps due
unusual early hr. Lewis Elkin umpire

Dec 19, 1859: Morphy 4-0 blind Philad 3-4 hrs to benefit Mt Vernon Fund, house
was not crowded

Sacramento Union Dec 22, 1859: Morphy in Baltimore, visiting CCs winning all
games, en route to NO says has no intention of moving to NY

Sacramento Union Dec 23, 1859: List Amer triumphs includes Morphy

Jan 5, 1860: Morphy was in Memphis a few days ago

Jan 16, 1860: St Louis accepts telegraph challenge from Quincy, 1st was to be
last evening the 28th. Quincy team Morphy, Dudley, Tillson, Pearson, Rowland
same players who opposed Paulsen and Chicago CC. St Louis team JW Skinner,
TM Brown, TA Meyenberg, GA Jenks, Charles Daenger

Feb 6, 1860: Descrip Mercantile Lib chess room

Sacramento Union Feb 15, 1860: As compliment to his chess skill Dr TM Logan
presented w elaborate ivory set

Apr 24, 1860: Morpby to move w his mother to Paris (Sac Union Apr 25)

Sacramento Union July 17, 1860: Harvard accepts Yale best of 3 challenge to be
played Worcester regatta wk July

Sacramento Union July 31, 1860: Morphy after spending few wks NY wil leave to
make permanent home Paris

Sacramento Union Aug 2, 1860: Mysterious murder unknown man had sat down
played few games of chess asked after Sarah Judson who ran off w negro some
yrs ago she did not know murdered man

Sacramento Union Aug 16, 1860: Article on Japanese chess mentions chess
origins stories Sissa grains of wheat, philosopher Xerxes

Sacramento Union Sept 4, 1860: Harvard, Yale, Brown regatta 3d day had
billiards and chess matches

Oct 23, 1860: 3 most famous Amer players Morphy, Paulsen, Judge Meek all in NY
and frequently visit CCs in company

Sacramento Union Oct 23, 1860: Morphy games gvg old opponent James Thompson N
show skill has not deteriorated

Nov 2, 1860: Morphy and Paulsen both in NY. On 12th both at CC; Morphy-
James Thompson 2-0 gvg N, Paulsen-Lichtenhein. Point of ettiquette keeps from
playing each other, Morphy will only play gvg P+1 which Paulsen will not
accept. Paulsen will prob give 10 blind simul

Nov 9, 1860: Excitement re possible Paulsen vs Morphy, Paulsen friends confident
would do better than Europeans. Morphy provoked great deal feeling when said
would only play gvg odds. All attempts to resolve failed, Morphy made many 
enemies. Gave as reasons Paulsen scored only 1 of 12 vs him NY 1857 and that
had publicly declared will only play even if beaten at odds. Prob also
influenced painful slowness Paulsen. Above all emphasizes not chess pro will
not let interfere with graver duties. Leaves for NO this wk. Has played
infrequently in NY but strength if anything incd; gvg N 3-1 vs Thompson
2-0 vs Perrin 2-0 vs S Loyd (Sac Union Nov 10)

Sacramento Union Dec 5, 1860: Said to be no calculatin in Morphy's moves, said 
1st impression almost always correct, cannot impart skill to others. Same w 
other matters when asked how many ltrs George Washington replied 16 
immediately; said sees combo by kind of focal reflection

Dec 8, 1860: Ltr from WB Farwell on steamer Sonora says time devoted to chess,
whist, reading

Apr 19, 1861: Match in prog Bkln CC pres Perrin vs 19 yr old WAJ Leonard who
has been making sensation NY; Leonard leads 2-1 if conts to prog may topple
Morphy (Sac Union Apr 17)

Apr 30, 1861: Our chess cols this wk will contain sensation. When Morphy in
Europe Staunton declined to meet him. Now Kolisch ready to play Morphy for
$5000 in England or will come to NY - Wilkes Spirit (CA Farmer May 3)

Sacramento Union July 19, 1861: Mention (Ben) Franklin loved chess

Sacramento Union July 23, 1861: Civil war maneuvers transl to chess moves

Sacramento Union Nov 2, 1861: Paulsen wins BCA congress, final vs Boden.
Paulsen vs Kolisch arranged, 9 up, 20/2:30. Kolisch has challenged Morphy

Sacramento Union Nov 27, 1861: London Star descrip Paulsen 10 blind London.
Had small bet vs Mackenzie on game otherwise no stake. 1-2-7 12 hrs took only
water . Beat Mackenzie; lost to Campbell, Sabouroff; drew Maude, Howard (St
James), Barnes, Burden, Robey, Lamb, Wormald

Sacramento Union Dec 23, 1861: Chess interest reviving. Paulsen leads Kolisch 
6-5-11. Paulsen Schach Club formed NY, mostly Germans. Much interest 
James A Leonard blind simul, prob best US except Morphy. Played 7,8,10 blind
now to play OTB 10 consulting simul vs 2 each bd Morphy Chess Rooms

June 4, 1862: Vienna tnmt winner Steinitz chosen to rep Vienna at London 

Sacramento Union Aug 8, 1862: Public sittings London tnmt close, remaining
matches at CC, prob tnmt will not end some time. 

Sacramento Union Aug 18, 1862: Chess universal among Anglo-Saxons, always for
money, often ended w violence

Sacramento Union Sept 19, 1862: London congress ends, unclear if Paulsen
stronger than Anderssen et al. Winners Anderssen 12-1 1 by FF Paulsen 11 1
by FF Owen 10 3 by FF Macdonnell 9 2 by FF. Paulsen vs Anderssen 5 up arranged
ended 3-3-2 Anderssen had to return home. Mtg chair Lord Lyttelton on chess
rules, several important changesm will be pubd soon w congress book ed
Loewenthal+Medley (says Smedley)

Sacramento Union Nov 19, 1862: Morphy in Havana, leaves for Cadiz Oct 30

Nov 23, 1862: Morphy electrifying Havana. Best player Cuba is dark skinned 
negro, father from Africa, often beats his master who rcvs only N from Morphy.
Morphy will play him N odds game. So far only 1 blind at res 
Charles Sedano, will play 10 blind same place Tues. Can converse w grp while 
playing (Sac Union Nov 21)

Sacramento Union Dec 17, 1862: Tnmt Bkln includes Perrin and Rice, Badger and
Cooper, Baxter and Thompson

Mar 26, 1863: Morphy in Paris, declines challenge to play match vs Kolisch

June 14, 1863: Louisville Journal says Morphy deteriorated since became rebel,
being beaten at chess Paris, if stays yr longer we will challenge him and
play w our back to bd dictating articles against rebellion

Sacramento Union June 29, 1863: Cornhill for May has article on study+practice 
of chess

Sacramento Union Sept 28, 1863: Morphy plans return to US soon

Dec 1, 1863: Morphy in Paris

Sacramento Union Dec 19, 1863: Article Music+Chess in the 18th Century
from NY Eve Post. George Allen, Prof of Greek and bibliophile has had Life of
Philidor printed. Beautiful appearance. Grew from series mag articles. Tho
known for chess was primarily musician. Name came from grandfather being called
a 2d Philidor.  Age 6 started in chapel of Louis XV, b14 had written 5 motettes
performed 1st for king age 11. Showed chess talent in chorus, was asked to
be sub for player won soon became best in chorus. Became nominal music
teacher, genuine composer, thorough chess disciple. Beat Rousseau at Regence.
Produced opera w Rousseau. Went to Holland w music enterprise which failed,
became famous in Polish draughts met many famous and useful friends including
Prince of Waldeck. Went to England primarily as chess players, met Janssen,
Stamma et al. 1748 returned to Holland, wrote celebrated Analysis of Chess.
Went to German Royal Court, then London again, after 9 yrs returned to Paris.
Had successes comic opera. Married 1760, domestic happiness except death 2
infants. Til 1774 mornings composing afternoon chess. Brought to London for
chess where lived simply, occasional blind exhibits, lvg 4 mos London 8 mos
Paris. Revolution 1792 kept in England til death 1795. Lasa examination of
Philidor's games for those who are chess fans

Sacramento Union Feb 10, 1864: Telegraph game Paulsen CC (FE Brenzinger+
W Johnson+E Chamier) vs Philad (Whiteman+Reichler [Reichhelm?]+Thomas)
adj 2d time

May 9, 1864: Hindoo player London can play 3 blind while ... have elsewhere
(Sacramento Union Jan 5)

Aug 5, 1864: Virginia City CA fire; Dr Minneer was playing chess w friend
immediately next to building where fire started barely escaped w life

Oct 20, 1864: Article on Devil's Canon in CA by Henry B Auchinschloss from
Continental Monthly mentions sitting to play chess drinking coffee made w
geyser water (similar May 8 1870)

Jan 1, 1865: Morphy settled down to law practice NO. Presume still indulges
passion for chess but next to impossible to find worthy opponent

Mar 12, 1865: Morphy settled in IL, now a loyal man, works in collection of
claims in US and state courts

June 20, 1865: Chess is the rage at General Sherman's HQ

June 28, 1865: Williams College has 3 CCs

Sacramento Union Aug 24, 1865: Morphy arrived NY from NO. Was secessionist
while war lasted but accepts things as they are. Frequents NYCC rooms winner
nearly all games even gvg great odds. Below that JP Benjamin arrives in Paris
seems to have prepared beforehand against such possibility abundant means

Sept 9, 1865: Long contd Phoenix Club of Hong Kong challenge cup tnmt won by 
OH Burrows; came back from down 4-2-1 to beat final opponent Hagan 5-4.
OH Burrows ex-San Francisco was mem Society of CA Pioneers, helped found
Pioneer CC was VP til left for China 1858

Sacramento Union Sept 22, 1865: No European invention can rival chess

Sacramento Union Mar 26, 1866: Usu Randolph and Jefferson story (Alta
California Apr 1)

Oct 19, 1866: Chess can be too exciting for some nerves. Ivan the Terrible died 
of apoplectic fit while playing, Lord Harvey said none indifferent to win or
loss rare for qarm-tempered to become strong. Olaus Magnus Archbishop Upsala
felt brought out character, recd as test suitor. Some cannot sleep after hard
game, others feverish agitation near decisive move. Scaevola discovered losing
move as traveled to country. Carrera recd taking medicines before play. Leonardo
di Cutri poisoned age 46. Spanish noble fled after beating Philip II. Ferrand
Count of Flanders story. Chess game led to King Canute putting Count Ulf to
death. Italian priest ringing bell when won then house burns story. Pres
Nicolai said to be best chess player France visited by stranger who beat him,
would not play 2d ga,e or tell his name.

Sacramento Union Dec 25, 1866: Routledge's Every Boys Annual has chess

Sacramento Union Feb 5, 1867: Daniel Webster did not like indoor games 
including chess (Alta California Feb 10)

Apr 28, 1867: Great French interest in chess tnmt during expo. Devinck,
Counsellor General Dept of Seine to rep France, Morphy who French call handsome
young man who plays blindfolded will rep US. All admire Morphy

Sacramento Union May 21, 1867: Frithiof's Saga includes chess

June 17, 1867: Usu drinking chess story w billiard table this time 4 Englishmen
in Paris

Apr 11, 1868: Steinitz-Morphy 1-0-3 Paris

Sacramento Union May 12, 1868: On the Judd divorce trial from New Haven
Register; Mrs Henry R Tift daughter of Mrs Judd used to sometimes play chess
w Dr Judd (not her father) Dr Judd was at time Baptist preacher

May 31, 1868: Telegraph game Springfield-Worcester 3 nights 91 moves

June 17, 1868: Mercantile Lib chess toom has 20 tables

Sacramento Union Oct 31, 1868: Mention Mercantile Lib CC

Feb 5, 1869: Grand tnmt in prog NY, includes Mackenzie, Delmar, Dr Barnett,
LR Diel, J Lissner, M Spinier, E Schaeffer, Dr P Schweitzer, James Mason,
IA Douglass, H Banecte, CH Stanley; 6 prizes

Apr 24, 1869: Napoleon is a good chess player but excites him too much, very
angry when beaten

Sacramento Union Oct 5, 1869: Article new speaking automaton mentions Kempelen
inventor chess automaton b Presburg 1734 died Vienna 1804 (Oct 22)

Sacramento Union Dec 23, 1869: NYCC tnmt progressing, 116 games played,
leaders Ware (pres Boston CC), Dr Barnett, B Lissner, J Thompson

California Farmer Jan 13, 1870: 10 yr long chess game ends, players in NY,

Jan 22, 1870: On clerical elopement case from NY Trib. Cleric named Cook
pastor Mamaroneck, at one point Miss Johnson (who seems to have run off with)
asked Cook to send his son Baldwin to play chess w her

Mar 25, 1870: Ltr to ed. Saw in Alta few wks ago some of leading SF players
were about to play corr game vs Chicago, regret nothing further, knows many
players would be glad if Alta promoted chess. Feels SF would not disgrace 
itself vs Chicago or even NY will help image CA

Apr 10, 1870: London CC disbands after 63 yr existence (Apr 25)

Apr 17, 1870: NY vs Williamsburg to play conversation [consulting?] match.
Williamsburg CC to have lvg chess entertainment

Apr 27, 1870: Baden tnmt starts July 15

Sacramento Union June 10, 1870: Baden tnmt 3d wk July, brilliant prog valuable 
prizes (Alta California)

July 9, 1870: Death very wealthy Count Koucheleff. Kept a chess player, could
not understand why always won when $5/game lost when $100/game. Wild

Aug 21, 1870: Chess players cont intl tnmt as if world at peace

Sacramento Union Sept 7, 1870: Chess tnmt held Baden despite war, winners

Sacramento Union Nov 14, 1870: Anderssen wins 1st prize $1000 Baden over
Paulsen, Steinitz, Rosenthal et al

Nov 22, 1870: Project afoot to hold natl tnmt NY (Sacramento Union)

Dec 11, 1870: Siamese twin Chang struck w paralysis while playing chess;
Eng fine

Sacramento Union Jan 14, 1871: On tyrants of Paraguay by Charles A Washburn,
Minister to Paraguay 1861-1868, mentions playing chess w old Postmaster-General
Don Juan J Acuna almost every day

Jan 15, 1871: Morphy practicing law NO, practically abandoned chess

Mar 8, 1871: Played deaf+dumb boy Charles Smith age 13 res El Dorado County

Jan 13, 1872: ~30 met to org Mechanics Inst CC. Exec cttee AL De Laguna,
PL Webb, J Browning, William Stout, WJ Stoddart. Tnmt planned

Sacramento Union Mar 8, 1872: Morphy practicing law NO

Sacramento Union Mar 9, 1872: Reminiscences of automata, transl from French.
Story of Mouret pretending illness to get money Maelzel owed him, have
elsewhere. Schlumberger discovered in Baltimore but many papers said this
was impossible. Story of person shouting fire causing noises from machine
pushed automaton behind screen, have elsewhere

Mar 27, 1872: Leipzig tnmt soon, favs Anderssen, Paulsen, question of best
Europe between Anderssen, Kolisch, Paulsen, Steinitz, Zukertort

Sept 11, 1872: London tnmt ends. Zukertort 10 blind simul, series telegraph
matches largest scale ever vs Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham,
Hull 20 games but not finished. Consultation games involving tnmt winner
Steinitz et al

Sacramento Union Dec 23, 1872: Death St Amant. After fall Louis Philippe
was commander natl guard Tuilleries saved from destruction. Later days
res Algiers

Sacramento Union Mar 8, 1873: Rosenthal won 26 of 28 simul Paris

Sacramento Union Mar 24, 1873: Morphy returned from Europe disgusted w chess,
severed all chess connections. No lawyer or even merchant, doing nothing.
Once in a while shows power, at private seance saw him beat 16 of best NO
in 2:45. Poor but not willing to live off talent, refuses lucrative offers,
morbidly sensitive to misjudgement, some do not live on bread alone

Sacramento Union Apr 15, 1873: 2 MT players will play chess game for $1000

Sacramento Union Apr 28, 1873: Overtures made to Morphy to get to come to
Vienna tnmt

Sacramento Union June 4, 1873: Ensor wins 1st over 20 competitors Canadian
tnmt Toronto

Sacramento Union June 23, 1873: Vienna tnmt for $2000 in gold starts July 20

Sacramento Union Aug 30, 1873: Vienna tnmt winners Steinitz, Blackburne,
Anderssen, Rosenthal

Sacramento Union Oct 14, 1873: $10000/side match Dick Pearce vs Gallagher
of Austin NV 6 wks from next Xmas, $5000/side FF put up (Oct 16)

Sacramento Union Oct 31, 1873: On daily life SP Chase at one time chess portion
of every evening

Los Angeles Herald Dec 28, 1873: San Bernardino CC wants match vs Los Angeles

Jan 10, 1874: Mechanics CC ann mtg, officers WP Stout, L Summerfield,
J Browning, W Freer, WW Smith. Will start tnmt soon 3 classes 1 prize each

Sacramento Union Apr 4, 1874: Death Ernest Morphy, uncle of Paul and noted
player, at res Qincy IL age 68

Apr 13, 1874: Murder of JG Corbett mentions Corbett was playing chess w girl
who lived w Fitzpatrick family

Sacramento Union May 12, 1874: Preacher playing chess in Salem gun in his
pocket went off during chess game, frightened opponent

Sacramento Union July 7, 1874: 3d natl congress starts today Chicago

Sacramento Union Aug 13, 1874: John [?] Wormald succeeds late Staunton as chess
ed ILN

Sacramento Union Aug 24, 1874: Maid in Beecher trial testifies Stanton would
play chess vs Susan B Anthony til 2-3 AM

Sacramento Union Oct 22, 1874: 200L from royal county funds to widow
Howard Staunton eminent chess player and Shakespeare scholar

Sacramento Union Dec 5, 1874: Mrs JW Gilbert of Hartford to play corr game vs
Miss Rudge of England reputed best lady Europe

Sacramento Union Dec 21, 1874: Mtg to form CC at Sacramento Lib did not
draw enough to justify

Dec 23, 1874: Morphy will play Centennial tnmt

Sacramento Union Mar 20, 1875: Rosenthal 23-1-3 simul Paris lost to Hungarian
Kakowski, limited to 1 min/move

Sacramento Union Apr 24, 1875: Chess game started 1859 ends, Dr Brenzinger of
Pforzheim beaten by FA Brenzinger of NY

Los Angeles Herald Sept 17, 1875: Corr asks bd directors LA lib whether anything
in bylaws prevents playing chess Sundays

Sacramento Union Oct 16, 1875: Mundy of Seneca Falls can play 24 blind
while listening to music and holding animated conversation

Sacramento Union Dec 4, 1875: Buffalo Globe Nov contents include chess col
ed GH Thornton; prob 11 TDS Moore, tnmt prob 2 S Fleischmann, KGD, interesting
chess items

Dec 5, 1875: Death LE Ritter, hero of "Black Monk" conspiracy, while playing
chess w old partner Henry Hentsch, age 75, noted banker

Dec 8, 1875: Article Mind of Morphy, have eg Indiana Sentinel Nov 18 in readex

Sacramento Union Dec 18, 1875: Poem A Game of Chess from Hartford Times, the usu

Sacramento Union Jan 5, 1876: Buffalo Globe Dec has chess col ed George H 
Thornton (Feb 28, Mar 25)

Jan 23, 1876: Will be intl tnmt at Centennial

Jan 27, 1876: Can subscribe to Centennial tnmt book to Philad CC treas
Emerson Bennett. Philad CC donates $250 as nucleus

Los Angeles Herald Mar 21, 1876: Intl tnmt starts today NY, players Bird,
Mackenzie, Mason, OR Barrett (Bkln), Pevien ([Perrin?] (Philad), Brenzinger
(New London) and experts New London, Hartford, Providence, Boston. Play best
2 of 3 w each opponent as in Vienna tnmt

California Journal Mar 23, 1876: Chess has become popular last 10 yrs US

Apr 11, 1876: Over 2200 books pubd on chess

Los Angeles Herald May 10, 1876: US vs England cable game planned

Sacramento Union Sept 2, 1876: Centennial tnmt winners

Dec 10, 1876: Governor Villagrana of Lower California arrested while playing 
chess (Sacramento Union Dec 11)

California Farmer Dec 14, 1876: Boston Wkly Globe article has chess col

Feb 24, 1877: Lord Lytton won lvg chess hame Mooltan, India vs Col Millet.
Moroccan emperor once executed captured pieces

Mar 17, 1877: Lvg chess played Woonsocket

Apr 17, 1877: Morphy in a NO asylum

Sacramento Union May 26, 1877: Baltimore Gazette reiterates Morphy insanity,
says NY Sun which testified otherwise bulldozed

Sacramento Union June 30, 1877: Chess automaton Psycho conts to be great
success London, secret not discovered

Nov 5, 1877: Grevy is a fine chess player

Sacramento Union Feb 9, 1878: Chess invented by Palamedes 5th century AD;
dice invented by same author 1293 [??]

Sacramento Union July 23, 1878: Paris tnmt leaders Wickaver, Seukert [sic]
(Los Angeles Herald)

Sept 16, 1878: Story involves comment made by Bazaine while playing chess;
he is called hero of Sainte Marguerite, ex-Marshal

Sacramento Union Oct 26, 1878: Usu Makart chatterbox story

Jan 25, 1879: Lvg chess Sewickley PA; Oriental despot once executed captured

Feb 18, 1879: Lvg chess Cincinnati Opera House next Wed

Pacific Rural Press Mar 8, 1879: Descrip lvg chess game in East

Sacramento Union Mar 22, 1879: Death Anderssen in Breslau

Sacramento Union Apr 17, 1879: Lvg chess NY Acad Music, Mackenzie beats Delmar
45 min (Los Angeles Herald Apr 19)

Los Angeles Herald Apr 26, 1879: All end in same boz quote attribd Grevy

May 22, 1879: Morphy in asylum. Imagines self great lawyer surrounded by
clients settling immense estate by father. Hates chess, denies ever knowing it

Livermore Herald July 2, 1879: CC will be started in Livermore next fall, 
4 or 5 adepts here

Oct 29, 1879: Will be lvg chess game at carnival (Oct 31 descrip)

Sacramento Union Jan 10, 1880: Seattle has a CC

Jan 27, 1880: NY 1880 final stdgs; Mackenzie, Grundy will play off (Sac Union)

Feb 1, 1880: Mackenzie beats Grundy in playoff for US chp

Feb 21, 1880: Little style in chess little 6 by 9 man can beat twice size
disturbs balance of nature

Mar 21, 1880: Royal Middy has lvg chess (also other days, descrip scene Apr 23
1 char named Fanchetto)

Sacramento Union Apr 8, 1880: Usu Chinese Rip Van Winkle

May 5, 1880: Death Monroe Ashbury, 1 of most prominent citizens age 65. Orphaned
but taken in by father's friend General Ringgold. Builder. Prominent in
Mercantile Lib could be found there playing chess passionately fond. More on

June 25, 1880: Garfield likes chess

July 12, 1880: Chess rcvs much attention in Amer Hoyle

Sacramento Union Feb 21, 1881: Lvg chess in Royal Middy (also other days)

Sacramento Union Mar 12, 1881: Deciding French natl tnmt Game Rosenthal-Clerc
Sic W58+

Sacramento Union Mar 19, 1881: Nationaltidende prob tnmt, judges SA Sorensen
(Copenhagen), F Soborg (Aalborg)

Sacramento Union Apr 30, 1881: Match Game 5 Judd-Mackenzie 1.c3 B45

Sacramento Union June 11, 1881: Granada story as poem by CP Cranch from Harpers

Sacramento Union July 16, 1881: St George vs City of London Game Gunsberg-
Dr Ballar KGA Allgaier-Thorold W21

Sacramento Union Aug 6, 1881: 1 of 10 blind Bury St Edmunds Game Blackburne-
Ford French W27++

Sacramento Union Aug 30, 1881: Berlin tnmt Mason-Blackburne, W Paulsen-Zukertort

Sacramento Union Sept 2, 1881: Berlin tnmt Blackburne-Schultz (Luneberg), 

Sacramento Union Sept 3, 1881: Berlin tnmt Mason/Berger

Sacramento Union Nov 4, 1881: Article Chess Crazy, see newlibcongress Nov 23

Sacramento Union Nov 28, 1881: Death Schumoff, many yrs chp Russia

Sacramento Union Dec 7, 1881: Blackburne simul see newlibcongress

Sacramento Union Jan 12, 1882 pg 4: Nevada City CC devoting 2 evenings/wk
to chess tnmt

Sacramento Union Feb 2, 1882 pg 2: Nevada City CC still booms, each mem
claims to be best, mems threaten soon to take conceit out of the Grass Valley

Sacramento Union Feb 11, 1882 pg 2: The Works of Oliver Goldsmith out includes
Vida's Game of Chess

Sacramento Union Feb 27, 1882 pg 2: Vienna CC will celebrate 25th ann w intl
tnmt starts May 10, 6 prizes $40 to $1000 EF $20

Sacramento Union May 22, 1882: Mackenzie, Mason D in Vienna tnmt

Sacramento Union June 5, 1882: Vienna tnmt stdgs

Sacramento Union June 27, 1882: Steinitz, Winawer split 1/2 Vienna tnmt

Sacramento Union July 29, 1882: Usu Mason learning chess story

Sacramento Union Aug 29, 1882: Poem A Game of Chess, the usual, by Charles
S Greene in the Californian

Sacramento Union Oct 7, 1882: Morphy response to being asked for bio,
have elsewhere

Sacramento Record Union Oct 7, 1882 pg 6: Story Novitzky luring Savitch by
chess to steal money, have elsewhere

Sacramento Union Oct 14, 1882: Lvg chess Heighington, have elsewhere (Sac
Un Mar 3 1883)

Sacramento Union Nov 3, 1882: Melville and De Long arctic story have elsewhere

Nov 22, 1882: Steinitz wins 5th chp game vs Martinez

Nov 24, 1882: Steinitz wins game 6 vs Martinez

Sacramento Union Jan 29, 1883 pg 4: Misuses of technical terms includes laws
of chess use piece at 1 point where man (= piece or P) intended

Sacramento Union Feb 3, 1883 pg 4: Positive comparison whist vs chess in
that value chess piece constant, power varies whist

Sacramento Union Mar 8, 1883: Manhattan sending Mackenzie to London tnmt

Sacramento Record May 5, 1883 pg 1: Dateline NY. Blind chess player in
Pittsford, Monroe county, playing 8 corr games at once; 1 vs CA res

Sacramento Union June 12, 1883: Zukertort beats Blackburne, clinches 300L
1st place London tnmt

Sacramento Union June 20, 1883: Steinitz beats Mason, clinches 2d in London

June 20, 1883: London tnmt Steinitz-Mason, Mackenzie/Englisch

Livermore Herald July 12, 1883: Nearly a dozen in Social Club have obtained
considerable proficiency chess

Sacramento Union July 31, 1883 pg 2: Winawer (called Wina) wins 1st Nuremberg -
pg 4 adds winners "Wina", "Blackburg", Mason (Natl Republican pg 1)

July 31, 1883: Jewish Chronicle notes London tnmt had Jews win 1st, 2d, 5th
(Englisch), best vs winners (Rosenthal)

Los Angeles Herald Nov 21, 1883: Zukertort blind simul see newlibcongress Nov 12

Jan 23, 1884: Murderer Schenck plays chess in cell, writes sentimental poetry

Jan 25, 1884: Zukertort 27-1-1 simul Toronto, lost to Storck (Jan 26,
Sacramento Union Jan 26 Stark, Los Angeles Herald Feb 1)

Sacramento Union Apr 2, 1884 pg 2: Zukertort in Pittsburg, plans to visit
every leading city to SF, then to China, India

Apr 12, 1884: Walter L Campbell, Repub cand for Mayor Youngstown OH, blind
since age 5, grad Harvard Law, strong chess, ed daily paper many yrs

Apr 17, 1884: Lvg chess a strong point of Royal Middy

Sacramento Union July 2, 1884: List passengers thru Sacramento includes 

Sacramento Union July 4, 1884 pg 4: Zukertort played 7 local players at
Mercantile Lib Wed, won 6 lost to JF Welsh

July 6, 1884: Zukertort to play 12 blind Tues vs JD Redding, E Yerworth,
Dr Benj Marshall, JW Jefferson, JF Welsh, Jules Holstein, L Van Vliet,
Selim Franklin, Herman Heynemann, Theodore F Payne, Fritz Peipers, J Critcher

July 9, 1884: Zukertort 12 blind, introd Redding, red LM Kellogg, teller 
Joseph Tippett. Would ask for game if up clear piece or obvious win. Started 8,
1 AM beat EP Critcher 26 moves, soon after lost to JD Redding, beat H Heynemann.
Still playing vs E Yerworth, B Marshall, L Van Vliet, S Franklin, J Holstein,
Fritz Pipers, A Waldstein, BO Oakley, J Welch (Sac Union July 10)

July 18, 1884: Morphy dies NO just age 47, mind ruined some yrs

July 18, 1884: Zukertort 12 simul Mechanics Inst Wed, won 10

Sacramento Union July 22, 1884: Zukertort playing series 5 games vs Redding,
accepting Redding's Evans each game betting $5 each game; Zukertort leads 2-0

July 26, 1884: J Fenimoroe Webb who conducted Zukertort reception pubs 
expenses; collected $304.50, rcvd $50 from exhibition, paid Zukertort $354.50
including $250 salary rest for expenses

Aug 12, 1884: Chess oldest game in use, invented 5000 yrs ago India, improved
as traveled to China then thru Persia to Europe. Before 16th Century 15 writers
7 Asiatic

Aug 18, 1884: Greely Arctic expedition played chess (Sac Union Aug 18)

Sacramento Union Nov 28, 1884: Steinitz wins 21 simul games Manhattan

Dec 18, 1884: Brentano's chess dept is largest in country

Dec 19, 1884: Steinitz still on triumphal tour, has reached Baltimore

Jan 10, 1885: Poem The Lessons in Chess

Feb 3, 1885: Tennyson accepts presidency BCA

Feb 18, 1885: Steinitz showing Baltimore experts how little they know about 

Mar 19, 1885: Steinitz puzzling Boston players

June 15, 1885: Massillon would gather Oratorians, Jesuits for chess urge never
to engage in other form warfare

July 9, 1885: Timurlane loved chess enlarged num pieces

July 30, 1885: Zukertort 40-0 simul Berlin

Aug 1, 1885: Series of chess and checkers games Mechanics Inst for oil painting
of Tamba value $100. Players Hansom, Heynemann, Redding, Ott, Reiss, Van Vliet,
Peipers, Lynch, Halwegan, Scott, Peck. Heynemann 7-0 w 3 to play

Sac Union Aug 13, 1885: Chess bd by W Braddock, black sqs each diagram reg
opening move 5

Argonaut Jan 2, 1886: (from CA Chess History site as are following Argonauts)
Prob 196 Mrs TB Rowland 197 Eugene A (San Fran). Solns Jas Harvey,
(Nanaimo, BC), W (Tombstone, AT), U Hartnell (Salinas City). Notes to
GWT (Alameda), FB Phelps. Rotterdam Game 96 CEA Dupre-Zukertort Evans B29
notes Leeds Mercury. Usu Makart chatterbox story. Bkln Chess Chron 1st soln
tnmt, write JB+EM Munoz. KD Peterson's problemist group pic in artists hands,
at least 25 including Loyd, Shinkman, Wheeler, H+E Bettman, Peiper, Lyons et al.
Jan BCM will have photo grp British problemists Healey, Campbell, Grimshaw,
CW of Sunbury, Rev A Cyril Pearson, Chancellor, Frankenstein, Laws, Plancl.
Look at "minor" rule great match in last Intl; Gentleman, forsooth!

Argonaut Jan 9, 1886: Prob 198 FB Phelps (Sandwich IL) 199 AF Mackenzie. Solns
H'y Dobinson (E Oakland), Jas Harvey (Nanaimo, BC), CLT (Brownsville CA),
Eugene A, U Hartnell (Salinas City), W (Tombstone, AT), Jno Y Somavia
(Santa Clara CA). Manhattan Game X-Steinitz P+1 odds French B36 mate 5 notes
NY telegram. Col starts 3d yr thx probs Shinkman, AF Mackenzie, FB Phelps, 
CH Wheeler, JJ Hanauer, H+E Bettmann, George J Slater, J Jespersen,
Fritz Peipers

Sacramento Union Jan 11, 1886: Steinitz vs Zukertort world chp match starts

Jan 12, 1886: Even chances in betting on match in NY, at St George London
small odds on Zukertort

Jan 12, 1886: Steinitz vs Zukertort starts, Charles F Buck ref and stakeholder,
umps Thomas Frere, Adolphe Mohle, unexpectedly large attendance, giant
display bd; adj dinner advantage Steinitz (Sac Union Jan 12)

LA Herald Jan 14, 1886: Zukertort wins game 2 vs Steinitz (Sac Union)

Sacramento Union Jan 15, 1886: Match drawing chess celebs to NY from Philad,
Boston, St Louis, NO great excitement

Argonaut Jan 16, 1886: Prob 200 WA Shinkman 201 CH Wheeler. H'y Dobinson 
(Oakland), James harvey (Nanaimo BC). Notes to W (Tombstone). French natl
corr tnmt Game Courel (Lisieux)-Zani (Besancon) French B24 notes Strategie.
Steinitz vs Zukertort 1-1. Rcvd Kings County Gazette of Flatbush IL w good
new col. ND Cowan of Mexico City to pub Chess Blunders. Steinitz says would
rather die US than live England, prob many English players preder he would. 

Jan 16, 1886: Zukertort wins game 3, larger attendance, leads 2-1 (LA Herald,
Sac Union)

Jan 19, 1886: Editors Dana, Reed, Ottendorfer, Pulitzer and players Mackenzie,
Eugene [Delmar?], Hanham, Loyd, Lyon [Lyons?] present for game 4 won by

Sacramento Union Jan 19, 1886: Great interest game 4 won by Zukertort leads 3-1
(LA Herald)

Jan 23, 1886: Zukertort wins game 5, next game St Louis Feb 3

Argonaut Jan 23, 1886: Prob 202 WA Shinkman 203 Geo J Slater. Solns H'y
Dobinson, W, James Harvey. Notes to JH (Nanaimo), EHC (Chois, Mex), CLT
(Marysville). Zukertort leads Steinitz 4-1 contrary to Eastern prophecies.
Match 1 Game 99 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD B46 notes Mackenzie Match 2 Game 100
Steinitz-Zukertort Scotch B46 notes Mackenzie. Death Falkbeer after few wks
illness, age 60, res London 1856-64, transl Lange's Morphy book, author
sketches transl Brentano's Chess Monthly. Chp match brings old players out
of retirement eg WJA Fuller, Eugene Brenzinger, Dr JP Barnett. 1st issue
Wanderer pubd Milwaukee 2 pg col ed KD Peterson. Intl Jan excellent. NYCC
officers S Loyd, Dr OF Jentz, A Vorrath, C Schubert, PJ Doyle; cttee 
Herbert H Walker, EJ Kaltenback, S Ellsworth, James Burkes, C Angresius,
JHA Fitch. New CC Bergen Point NJ, officers LL Spring, WC Alpers. Chess col
starts Bkln Union ed capt Mackenzie

Argonaut Jan 30, 1886: Prob 204 T Taverner 205 J Jespersen. Solns Jas Harvey,
H'y Dobinson. Match 3 Game 101 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD W47 notes Mackenzie
Match 4 Game 103 Steiitz-Zukertort Ruy B39 notes Mackenzie Match 5 Game 103
Zukertort-Steinitz QGD W32 notes Mackenzie

Feb 4, 1886: Zukertort translates to sugar tart

Feb 4, 1886: Zukertort vs Steinitz resumes St Louis, ~100 present, SM Joseph
of Harmonic Club scorer. Present include Indianapolis CC sec WH Ripley, 
D McAfee of Quincy IL, F Hoehlke of Leadville CO. Steinitz won 60 moves
(Sac Union, LA Herald)

Feb 6, 1886: Steinitz wins game vs Zukertort, best so far (LA Herald)

Argonaut Feb 6, 1886: Prob 206 Bk (San Louis Obispo CA) 207 Fritz Peipers
(SF). Solns U Hartnell, Robert Syer (San Jose), H'y Dobinson, W, James Harvey,
FW Richardson (San Bernardino). Notes to CE Dennis, JYS (Santa Clara). 
Counties CA tnmt Game 104 Pollock-Mason Birds W31 notes Potter from tnmt book.
Steinitz wins 1st St Louis game, trails Zukertort 4-2. Sheffield+Rotherham 
Indpdt Budget 3d soln tnmt. st Ptbg CC challenges new British CC 100 guinea/
side corr match. J Ward of NYCC visiting San Francisco

Feb 9, 1886: NY Post broadly intimates Zukertort vs Steinitz is hippodrome,
based on number mistakes even poor player would not make (Sac Union)

Sacramento Union Feb 9, 1886: Both players tired, 22 move D Steinitz vs

Feb 11, 1886: Steinitz feels well, recovered from insomnia in NY, wins game
match tied 4-4, will resume New Orleans 2 wks (Sac Union, LA Herald)

Argonaut Feb 13, 1886: Prob 208 GJ Slater 209 FW Martindale (Willows CA).
Solns Robert Syer, CLT, JY Somavia, H'y Dobinson, W, James Harvey. Steinitz vs
Zukertort tied 4-4-1, will move to NO. Match 6 Game 105 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy 
W61 notes Mackenzie. FW Martindale noted problemist has not contribd to any
chess mag for some time welcome back

Argonaut Feb 20, 1886: Prob 210 FB Phelps 211 John J Hanauer (Dayton OH).
Solns U Hartnell, JY Somavia, CLT, Eugene A, W, CH Wheeler, FB Phelps. Match 7
Game 106 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD B35 notes Mackenzie Match 8 Game 107 Steinitz-
Zukertort Ruy D22 notes Mackenzie Match 9 Game 108 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD B38
notes Mackenzie

Sacramento Union Feb 27, 1886 pg 1: Zukertort, Steinitz D 21 moves

Argonaut Feb 27, 1886: Prob 212 JB Halkett (Ottawa) 213 Geo J Slater. Solns
U Hartnell (Salinas City), CH Wheeler (Forest Hill IL), E Haun MD (Napa City),
Robert Syer (San Jose), JY Somovia (Santa Clara), CLT (Brownsville), Bk 
(San Luis Obispo), W (Tombstone). Simul Game 109 James Rayner-X Center Ctr W24++
notes Leeds Mercury. NJ 2d ann mtg, institute rotating CH Waterbury Cup winners
names inscribed Feb 22, called by our old friend Ralph W Pope pres Elizabeth CC
which hosted. Auburn Citizen 2d soln tnmt prize list. Chess col started 
Denver Times ed Denver CC sec EM Cornell. AM Hodges moves col from
Nashville Union to Nashville American

Mar 2, 1886: Steinitz wins tho on move 16 Steinitz seemed very disconcerted
and restless. Zukertort 1:25, Steinitz 2:39. Zukertort insomnia last night

Sacramento Union Mar 3, 1886: Steinitz beats Zukertort again

Mar 4, 1886: Steinitz wins 1 of best games series S 2:39 Z 1:35 44 moves
(LA Herald)

Sacramento Union Mar 5, 1886: Zukertort resigns 44 moves

Argonaut Mar 6, 1886: Prob 214 WE Perry (Yarmouth NS) ded CF Stubbs (St John)
215 Bk (San Luis Obispo CA). Solns James harvey, U Hartnell, JY Somavia,
Robert Syer, H'y Dobinson, Bk, W, CH Wheeler. Steinitz leads Zukertort 6-4-2. 
JE Tippett who has conducted col so wel moving to Boston will give up col to
regret all

Mar 7, 1886: Zukertort wins 86 moves, ~30 present Z 3:50 S 4:55 regarded as best
(Sac Union Mar 8)

Mar 13, 1886: Steinitz vs Zukertort game 14 dull D

Mar 16, 1886: Game 15 D 49 moves Z 1:12 S 2:14 (Sac Union, LA Herald)

LA Herald Mar 18, 1886:  Zukertort not looking well, says did not sleep a
minute last night. Only few club mems present. Move 39 unsound, oversight.
Game 16 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W49 notes Mackenzie says tho blunder move 39
game was lost 

Sacramento Union Mar 19, 1886: Steinitz beats Zukertort Wed

LA Herald Mar 20, 1886: Steinitz vs Zukertort D 27 moves Z 1:35 S 2:35, more
spectators than could easily accomodate, great interest (Alta California)

Mar 23, 1886: Steinitz wins leads 8-5-5 40 moves S 2:10 Z 1:15; Steinitz cannot
lose match (LA Herald)

Sacramento Record Mar 24, 1886 pg 1: Steinitz beats Zukertort again Mon NO
(also pg 2)

Sacramento Union Mar 25, 1886: Steinitz wins game 19 needs 1 more (LA Herald)

Mar 30, 1886: Steinitz wins game and match 18 moves 30 min each (Sac Union)

Apr 8, 1886: Zukertort will arrive here Sat

Argonaut Apr 10, 1886: Game 10 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy D21 Game 11 
Zukertort-Steinitz 4N Double Ruy B42 Game 12 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W44 
Game 13 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD W86 Game 14 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy D48
Game 15 Zukertort-Steinitz QGD D49

Apr 11, 1886: Zukertort arrives from New Orleans, registered at the Palace

Argonaut Apr 17, 1886: Game 16 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W49 Game 17 Zukertort-
Steinitz QGD D52 Game 18 Steinitz-Zukertort Ruy W40 Game 19 Zukertort-Steinitz
QGD B29 final Game 20 Steinitz-Zukertort Vienna Steinitz G W19

Apr 26, 1886: On Morphy. Steinitz says level of play below current, those who
played Morphy feel could still give any P+1. Review Morphy all known

May 1, 1886: Zukertort and party of 3 leave for East today via Chicago,
Milwaukee, St Paul

Sausalito News June 3, 1886: Chess origin lost in antiquity, Chinese mandarin
Han Sing said to invent to amuse soldiers winter quarters 174 BC, also claimed

June 24, 1886: Julius Van Vleet wins game 2 vs Joseph D Redding, tied 1-1

July 13, 1886: Redding vs L Van Vliet game 4 declared off by ref, game 5 D,
game 6 won by Van Vliet. Tied 2-2 resumes Mon

Sacramento Union July 13, 1886: Great tnmt starts London players from France,
England, Germany, US

Sacramento Union July 14, 1886: London tnmt rd 1 results

July 15, 1886: London cable US players did not do so well tho holding own,
Lipschutz has lead

Sacramento Union July 16, 1886: London tnmt rd 3 results, leaders

July 19, 1886: Chess match by cable NY vs London has been arranged

July 21, 1886: London tnmt results (Sac Union)

LA Herald July 22, 1886: London tnmt results

July 23, 1886: London tnmt results

July 25, 1886: London tnmt Mason-Mackenzie, Blackburne/Mason (Sac Union July 26)

July 30, 1886: London tnmt Blackburne/Burn rcvd 1, 2; Taubenhaus/Gunsberg
3/4 (Sac Union)

Aug 2, 1886: Chess origins; Hindoo astrologer 5000 yrs ago, siege of Troy,
Brahmin to teach K (Sac Union July 18 1885)

Sept 26, 1886: NY mtg to promote intl tnmt spring, cttees chosen, $5000 prizes
including $1000 1st

Dec 13, 1886: Story beating automaton by blowing smoke in whiskers, have

Sacramento Union Dec 29, 1886: Testimony insanity hearing notes incident when
Ross of London playing ship's surgeon woman knocked over bd when did not
satisfy her whim

Feb 12, 1887: Steinitz arranging intl tnmt NY in a few mos

Feb 20, 1887: On Steinitz from Fortnightly Review. Secret is industry, plays
every game as if important match, watches rivals styles and how treat vars
will work yrs to find flaw. Cautious. After writing ltr reads over twice,
puts halfway into post box and wds. Causes dissension everywhere; protested
Paris 1867, Baden 1870, Vienna 1873, London 1883. Honestly believes theories
fights w tenacity worthy better cause, Morphy his bete noir. Anderssen said
Kolisch highwayman, Steinitz pickpocket

Feb 22, 1887: L Van Vleit wins, leads JH Jefferson 3-0

Sacramento Union Mar 2, 1887: Jefferson beats Van Vleet move 7, trails 3-1

Sacramento Union Mar 8, 1887: Jefferson wins game 5 vs Van Vliet

Mar 16, 1887: Fascination w blindfold 12-20 games tho has not incd scientific

Mar 28, 1887: LM Van Vliet wins game vs JH Jefferson, leads 4-3-1. Van Vliet
cannot lose, tie if 4-4. Next game Apr 3

July 23, 1887: Frankfurt tnmt results (LA Herald says Berlin, Sac Union)

July 24, 1887: Frankfurt tnmt results

July 25, 1887: Frankfurt tnmt results (LA Herald)

LA Herald Aug 4, 1887: Mackenzie wins Frankfurt tnmt w 15, 21 entries,
Zukertort near bottom  (Alta California)

Aug 19, 1887: New intl telegraph chess code a curiosity, Mackenzie vs
Tarrasch in 29 "words" given Gegopepo cadinapi ...

Sacramento Union Nov 9, 1887: Wamted books on Mormonism and chess books,
Gammel's old book store, also other days

Dec 10, 1887: Gunsberg, Burn 8-1 will play off for 1st in BCA followed by
Blackburne, Zukertort

Dec 11, 1887: Caxton's chess book 1st printed England

Dec 31, 1887: Bd made for K of Spain and played on by many royals valued $5000
comes before Supreme Court this yr. Venetian inlaid. General Wiseman bought
bd at Tiffany's. Deacon John T Howard saw bd declared was his. Tiffany
released from dispute, between Howard and Wiseman

Sausalito News Apr 12, 1888: Grand tnmt between British [and German?] players
at Cologne next 3 mos

Apr 15, 1888: Late Kaiser strong player, Lasa who was = Steinitz or Blackburne
in younger days could give just P+2. Rarely played after 1870 but could always
beat Bismarck and Moltke, once drew both consulting. Took great interest
Berlin tnmt, when younger sudied 4ers and 5ers

Apr 22, 1888: The engrossment of chess by James Payne in ILN. Caliph Bagdad,
Charles I, elector Saxony, Count Flanders. Don John toom for lvg chess

June 10, 1888: Checkmate from K is dying

June 13, 1888: Game of chess for $50 and intl chp won by Joseph D Redding vs
Australian chp GHD Gossip

Sacramento Union June 13, 1888: Australian chp GHD Gossip beaten by 
Joseph D Redding after several hrs hard play 

June 21, 1888: Death Zukertort (LA Herald, Sac Union)

Sacramento Union June 25, 1888: Zukertort death was cerebral hemorrhage

Sausalito News June 29, 1888: Mackenzie bio from Henry Sedley in Harpers.
B Ross-shire, ed Aberdeen, studied in Rouen and Stettin 1853-55, 56 entered
British army went to Cape of Good Hope, India, returned England as lieut 1858,
1861 sold commission. Started chess practice 1853, 1862 won London hdcp,
came to US 1863 Union army 63-65. Tnmt results all known; became world chp
Frankfurt 87 success not a flash result long effort

July 22, 1888: Amer congress elects pres J Spencer Turner, treas F Rose.
Starts Jan, 1st prize $1000 list players badly misspelled (LA Herald)

Aug 20, 1888: Bradford tnmt full stdgs (LA Herald, Sac Union)

Sept 30, 1888: Morphy as example both wonderful genius and degenerate to idiocy

Sausalito News Oct 5, 1888: Chess for working class successful English

Oct 14, 1888: Book by TC Evans "Of Many Men" includes Morphy

Sacramento Union Oct 26, 1888: Mtg to org CCW club tonight,city has some
expert chess players

Sacramento Union Oct 29, 1888: Mtg forms Sacramento CC, officers
JC Bainbridge, Ed D Tesreau; room cttee Miss RR Patton, Ed R Marcus, 20 enrol,
mem donates num chess books

Nov 7, 1888: Chess as example of something which once learned is not forgotten

Sacramento Union Nov 23, 1888: CCW club mtg, much interest

Sacramento Union Nov 24, 1888: Nov Wide Awake has Harlan H Ballard story Ye
Knightly Game of Chess

Sacramento Union Dec 7, 1888: CCW mtg, elect officers Prof JC Bainbridge,
GW Railton, Ed D Tesreau; cttee HO Gregory, LF Griffin, ER Marcus. Many
games played, Morphy games analyzed, large membership

Jan 13, 1889: Caxton's chess among earliest printed in English, at Bruges 1474

Jan 13, 1889: Empress Victoria consoloes self in widowhood w chess, usu
travels w set, tho Empress has studied believe mother would win if maintains
skill she had in 40s

Jan 25, 1889: Story of earlier career president elect's priv sec mentions
a Major JB Mulky of Bloomington IN who was expert in chess

Sacramento Union Jan 26, 1889: Joke Ark man sees Ajeeb wants use to shuck corn

Jan 27, 1889: Usual Mme Lavroffsky story (Sac Union Jan 1)

Feb 17, 1889: Jan issue The Studio has portrait late Dante Gabriel Rossetti
playing chess w mother reprod from photo

Mar 10, 1889: Story Olaf the Pious shooting chess piece off head of boy
have elsewhere

Mar 26, 1889: NY tnmt opens, large attendance

Sacramento Union Mar 26, 1889: NY tnmt opens 21 entries includes worlds best

Mar 28, 1889: NY tnmt results

Mar 29, 1889: NY tnmt results

Sacramento Union May 4, 1889: Eden Musee never beaten Ds some plays any 10 cents

May 5, 1889: Poem An Ancient Chess King by Jean Ingelow

Sausalito News May 10, 1889: No games played NY tnmt last wk

May 23, 1889: Chess returning to popularity NY congress draws best of world

May 27, 1889: All play chess Strobeck, taught schools, exam/tnmt annually
6 best feted. Introd by defrocked priest. Great Elector presented bd. Said
Frederick the Great also played there not authenticated

June 21, 1889: Trip from Hong Kong to SF had 8 player tnmt won by Fairbanks 6-1

June 23, 1889: Dadian's 300 franc prize for best game of Havana match to
Steinitz for game 8 (LA Herald)

Sacramento Union June 29, 1889 pg 7: Pair met playing corr chess, married
by Macdonnell, played chess after wedding breakfast. Quote from Lord Lytton
poem on chesss 

July 28, 1889: Usu Moltke+Pasha story

Sacramento Union Sept 7, 1889: Modern Chess Inst out, detailed+thorough

Sacramento Record-Union Oct 21, 1889 pg 1: Archbishop Potter B of Bombay
forgetting vespers due chess punished self 2 mos wo chess story have elsewhere

Oct 27, 1889: Late Kolisch 1 of best tho wd from tnmt play after Paris 1867. 
B Presburg 1837, recd as leading master before age 21. Won many vs Harrwitz
Paris, close match vs Anderssen, 18 consec Ds in Paulsen match. Absurd stories
rcvd title due chess and that challenged Morphy after 1867 win. Never played
serious games after 1867 tnmt. Says story challenge came from ltr after 1867
tnmt asking to play a few games, Morphy said would be pleased to at P+1

Sacramento Union Nov 10, 1889: Englisch won 30 simul games Vienna CC

Dec 13, 1889: US wins corr match vs Canada 31.5-19.5 (LA Herald)

Dec 29, 1889: Young prof asks how to mate in 1, reply ask papa?

Sacramento Union Jan 9, 1890: Tschigorin vs Gunsberg Game 4 13 move 1 hr draw

Jan 23, 1890: NO CCW building destroyed by fire, loss $60000

Sacramento Union Feb 6, 1890: US chp tnmt starts St Louis

Feb 12, 1890: Game 20 adj 50 moves

SF Call Apr 2, 1890: German emperor likes chess

SF Call Apr 11, 1890: CC orgd Honolulu, 50 charter mems

May 17, 1890: Chess was an official Japanese game til 1867 revolution, then
declined, now being revived. Of Hindoo origin

SF Call May 21, 1890: Sec asked to find terms bringing Ajeeb to fair

SF Call May 25, 1890: Article on automata has drawing Turk

Sacramento Union June 7, 1890: Illus Amer June 7 has chess

SF Call July 15, 1890: Steinitz will deposit $1500 for chp matches between
Tschigorin and Gunsberg by cable

SF Call July 27, 1890 pg 12: Who that saw grand living chess tnmt few yrs
ago will forget name of orginator Louise H Webb? Picture and article on
her, she is also a writer

Aug 13, 1890: Ajeeb will be at Mechanics Inst Fair Sept

Sept 20, 1890: Ajeeb will arrive Mon

Sept 23, 1890: Ajeeb had good run of visitors at fair

Sacramento Union Oct 19, 1890: Mackenzie dying of consumption Manchester

LA Herald Nov 7, 1890: Committal Fred Elder for vagrancy, was brilliant newsman,
grad Amherst and law school, became infatuated w chess drifted down
sacrificed all for game

Nov 16, 1890: Article Chess and Great Men from NY Sun, have NY Sun Oct 19

SF Call Dec 10, 1890: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 1 D (Sac Union)

Dec 12, 1890: Steinitz wins game 2 chp match vs Gunsberg (LA Herald)

LA Herald Dec 14, 1890: Chp match game 3 D (SF Call, Sac Union)

Dec 14, 1890: Century Dictionary vol has entry Opening (chess)

Dec 16, 1890: Gunsberg wins game 4

SF Call Dec 17, 1890: Steinitz vs Gunsberg started few days ago w 25 move D

Dec 19, 1890: Gunsberg beat Steinitz again

SF Call Dec 21, 1890 pg 3: WA Hume and Edward R Quarles of Tredegar AL wrote
Pres Gage suggesting living chess by best players in country (re Chicago
World Fair)

Dec 21, 1890: Steinitz wins, tied 2-2-2 vs Gunsberg (Sac Union, SF Call)

SF Call Dec 23, 1890: Steinitz wins todays game (LA Herald, Alta California)

Sausalito News Dec 26, 1890: Gunsberg again beats Steinitz

Dec 28, 1890: D, Steinitz leads Gunsberg 3-2-3 (Sac Union, SF Call)

LA Herald Dec 28, 1890: Steinitz vs Gunsberg 3-3-3

SF Call Dec 28, 1890: Suicide Walter Grimshaw, cut throat w razor, no reason
given (Sac Union)

SF Call Dec 31, 1890: Steinitz vs Gunsberg game 9 D 7 hrs

Jan 3, 1891: Steinitz wins, leads Gunsberg 4-2-4 (SF Call, Sac Union)

Jan 4, 1891: Steinitz, Gunsberg D again (LA Herald, SF Call)

SF Call Jan 8, 1891: Steinitz wins game

SF Call Jan 11, 1891: Game 14 D

Sacramento Union Jan 11, 1891: Premier de Freycinet elected mem French
Acad, excellent speaker and conversationalist, fluent English, 1 of best
chess players France

Sacramento Union Jan 13, 1891 pg 3: St Paul's Church Fete of Nations will have
living chess game, complete reproduction game played St Leonard's Concert Hall
London said to be great success. Governor Markham plans to attend

Sacramento Union Jan 14, 1891 pg 6: Living chess was decided novelty and
handsome spectacle but the problem was rather brief

SF Cal Jan 16, 1891: Gunsberg wins Game 16 (LA Herald)

Sausalito News Jan 16, 1891: Lvg chess will be played Royal Concert Hall
St Leonards

Sacramento Union Jan 17, 1891: Another full house for lvg chess

Jan 22, 1891: Steinitz beats Gunsberg (Sac Union)

Jan 23, 1891: Steinitz wins, clinches chp 6-4-9 (LA Herald, SF Call)

Sacramento Union Jan 28, 1891: Mme Steen performance has N tour (LA Herald 
Feb 11)

Jan 31, 1891: Lecture on memory mentions Zukertort

SF Call Feb 2, 1891 pg 8: Lilian Baird age 9 youngest chess composer, 1st prob
while age 7 printed in ~20 cols England, Germany, US

SF Call Feb 17, 1891 pg 3: Showalter arrives SF on 1st visit to CA, will combine
biz and pleasure. About a month at Mechanics Inst, will give daily eshibits.
Some match games vs best players eg Redding, Lovegrove, Dr Marshall. Most
preprossessing, ~30, pleasing address and appearance. Has played game since
boy but only studied past 5-6 yrs. 1st public appearance NY 1889, 9th of 20.
Won USCA tnmt over Lipschutz and Pollock last yr; will play again Lexington
with Pollock, very strong Max Judd, Lipschutz et al. Hon mem every CC in US and
active of Manhattan, believes self to be youngest public chess player in US.
Steinitz certainly best in world. No new openings, really revivals or slight
variations, sometimes w new evaluations; game itself progresses

SF Call Mar 11, 1891 pg 2: Interview w Showalter. Leaves at end of wk to go
home to KY. En route will visit LA for wk play experts there, then to St Louis
for 2 wks match vs Max Judd who challenges his title of US chp. Thx for kind
reception here, unfortunately caught severe cold left him unable to accept
much of offered hospitality. Feels SF players much stronger than Boston, Philad,
Chicago, Pittsburg; only stronger are NY, St Louis, Bkln, New Orleans; SF
strongest of its size. Feels Joseph D Redding may be strongest met here but
only played twice; Showalter 1-0 w 1 unfinished. Didn't leave sooner because
wants 3 of 5 match vs Redding. Walter Lovegrove is best young player he met,
in yr or 2 will match any, brilliant prospects. Dr Marshall strong. Manson, Ott,
Heineman 1st class would be strong additions to any CC. Picture. After Judd
match USCA tnmt Lexington Aug 4. Game Lovegrove-Showalter Vienna Steinitz G B24.
Position of unfinished game Showalter-Redding W to play and win. Ending won
by Showalter given

SF Call Mar 15, 1891: Whist congress mention Eugene S Elliott of Milwaukee
very strong chess and whist

Mar 17, 1891: Knights of Pythias mtg Sacramento Apr 17 will have lvg chess
(Apr 5)

Mar 29, 1891: F Steinitz translated Jokai story under his personal supervision

LA Herald Apr 15, 1891: Death Mackenzie, health failing some time

SF Call Apr 15, 1891: Mackenzie obit w pic, most exact copy Fort Worth Gaz
May 3, 1890

SF Call May 6, 1891: Lvg chess+checkers Washington PA YMCA

SF Call May 23, 1891: Tschigorin 40, b near St Ptbg

SF Call May 28, 1891: Young NY ladies make 10-15000/yr teaching chess

SF Call May 29, 1891 pg 6: Boston girl playing chess w her husband suddenly saw
he would take her Q; seizing Q she ran w it out the door and seated self on
steps, refusing to give up

Sacramento Union July 4, 1891: Sissa grains of wheat story

SF Call July 24, 1891 pg 3: Moses Oppenheimer of NY tells story about how
Freiherr Marschall von Bieberstein while mem Reichstag 1878 got into an
ambarassing situation as result of activity trying to pass usury law regarding
Jews.  Met Baron many times, both mems Mannheim CC. Info on this is directly
from Louis Altheimer, well-to-do Hebrew residing Mannheim living on proceeds
fortune amassed as youth in US. Specialized in lending to mems officers of
army and other officials. Charged 12%/yr, only lent to good risks. Baron's
father was still alive and owned moderate estate, Baron Marschall was young
prosecuting attorney living on own modest salary, managed well until trouble w
young woman, had to hush up scandal for 5000 marks, borrowed from Altheimer
who extended note several times wo probs. In advocating anti-usury bill gave
vehement speech against blood-sucking usurers esp Jews, was main force behind
law's passage which allows almost arbitrary prison and hard labor and fines
for any loan > 6%. When note came up again Altheimer said no longer felt safe
lending money. Baron asks to reconsider, Altheimer points out has been
accomodated thus far by much-abused Hebrew usurer no doubt 1 of his Christian
friends will lend him. Note paid, later became diplomatic rep grand Duke
of Badebm Under Sec State filling Herbert Bismarck's place. From NY Sun

SF Call Aug 8, 1891: Showalter wins playoff vs Pollock for USCA chp (LA Herald)

SF Call Aug 20, 1891: Death Paulsen, 2d to Morphy NY 1857, many feel best
except Morphy

LA Herald Aug 20, 1891: Death L Paulsen

Sacramento Union Oct 19, 1891L Lvg chess Portland successful

LA Herald Nov 1, 1891: Chess from chaturanga, mentioned 200 BC, to Persia,
Arabia, Spain, W Europe. Teach K, Palamedes (Nov 11)

SF Call Nov 11, 1891 pg 2: SF Chess+Whist orgd, officers Joseph D Redding,
PJ Tormey, HJ Summerhayes, MF Clafling, AS Baker; cttee SA Foster, GS Simons,
R Kindrick

SF Call Nov 28, 1891: 280 CCs US

SF Call Dec 14, 1891 pg 3: Drawings players at Mechanics Inst. No organization
of chess there but hugely enjoy selves in quiet way no heed money or fame while
play. Great players include Munson, violinist JD Redding, Walter Lovegrove,
Dr Marshall, J Waldstein. When Zukertort here 10-1-1 blind loss due false
move D was vs Waldstein who plays almost every day. Might mention Ord, Chase,
Capt Scott. Asks reporter whether he knows Van Vliet, now located in NY but
played here well known in chess annals. W Mercantile lib and new chess and
whist club may be a coming chess boom

SF Call Dec 14, 1891: Chess played by Chinese 174 BC

SF Call Dec 23, 1891 pg 8: Death Louise H Webb aka Mrs CC Webb w drawing,
was originator of lvg chess in SF

LA Herald Feb 14, 1892: Drawing Showalter. Recently beat Max Judd St Louis.
B Minerva KY, Began playing ~8 yrs ago, won USCA tnmt several times. 1st tnmt
Cincinnati 1888 won chp beating Judd et al

SF Call Mar 11, 1892 pg 7: Mtg Mechanics CCW club at res Dr Marshall to org open
tnmt, free to all, later this month for cash prizes. Dr Marshall chair, Dr WR
Lovegrove, R Kendrick, Dr AL Scholl, G Miller, TD Condon, NJ Manson, Max Levy
present. Exec cttee Lovegrove, Manson, Kendricks to arrange. Open to all on
Pacific Coast; write sec NJ Manson

SF Call Mar 20, 1892 pg 13: During crisis waiting for telegram w nothing to do,
British cabinet mems Foster and Lord Granville played chess

SF Call Mar 21, 1892: NY-New Orleans 6.5-3.5 telegraph match (Sac Union)

LA Herald Apr 12, 1892 from Chess Arch: Drawing Showalter who beat Judd, b
Minerva KY, 6 ft 180 lb, started chess ~8 yrs ago, won several USCA tnmts,
1st tnmt 1888 Cincinnati beat Judd et al

Sacramento Unions Apr 26, 1892 pg 5: Answer to Q, US chess chp is Showalter
won 3 consec, write NYCC for his address

Sacramento Union May 2, 1892: Maoris take to chess, excellent players

SF Call May 18, 1892: $5000 Tarrasch vs Tschigorin Berlin soon (Sac Union)

SF Call May 29, 1892: Death Mrs Steinitz at Upper Montclair, native England

Sausalito News June 17, 1892: Papyrus w chess prob from time Ramses the Great
offered to British Museum

SF Call June 25, 1892: Drawing Lipschutz, US chp by consent Steinitz. B
Hungary ~29 yrs ago, learned chess while printer's apprentice age 13. When
came to US 5 yrs later was X, played w success NY. Did well London 1886, lost
set match to Mackenzie. Disciple of modern chess school

SF Call June 26, 1892 pg 13: Semi-heathen India mother of chess, natives are
greatest chess players in world sometimes play 48 hrs straight wo sleep or
food drinking just pure water

SF Call July 17, 1892: Lasker 24, looks younger, beardless, specatled eyes
cool and calculating

SF Call July 19, 1892: German CA Dresden, 18 in intl tnmt (LA Herald, Sac Union)

SF Call July 28, 1892: Blackckbure takes loss to Lasker hard because just 24

SF Call Aug 7, 1892: CC - HRB, City. Address Bailiff Ezra Washburn of Supreme
Court regarding CC and its HQ

SF Call Aug 27, 1892: Chess from sheikh, checkmate K dead, matador, exchequeur

SF Call Sept 6, 1892 pg 4: Intl Modern+Retrospective Exhibition of Woman's Art
in Paris has exhibition on history of chess w contributions by old French

SF Call Oct 10, 1892: Friestine Monastery Brittany chess bd plays automatically

SF Call Oct 24, 1892: Lasker looks very much like Rudyard Kipling

SF Call Nov 12, 1892 et al: Ads for intl contest baby show+lvg chess Dec 10-18

Sacramento Union Nov 26, 1892: Poe praises whist says chess frivolous

SF Call Nov 27, 1892 pg 9: Living chess at Mechanics Inst Dec 10-18 assoc w
World's Intl Candle Contest+Baby Show. Game each evening under auspices
Mechanics Inst CC. Moves by some of SF best players R Kendrick, Dr WR Lovegrove,
AS Howe, MG Eyre. Playing for silver cup donated manager McNeill to rep city
chp. Chess ancient, ascibed to Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Jews,
Persians, Hindoos, Chinese et al; Japhet, Shem, King Solomon, Xerxes et al.
Best authorities say India 5000 yrs ago. Some writers say William the Conqueror,
John and Edward I played but no positive proofMany chess books

SF Call Nov 28, 1892 pg 4: Prince Dadian of Russian royal family is X player

SF Call Dec 11, 1892 pg 7: Description of baby show and living chess. Players
were George Miller, W Bordwell. Not finished, Miller will prob win (up a
piece). Tonight's game Miller vs V Quiraga

SF Call Dec 13, 1892 pg 7: Tomorrow night's living chess carefully rehearsed
game. Games so far scientific contests and progress necessarily slow. Played

SF Call Dec 15, 1892 pg 2: Living chess games between L Scholl, S Peixotto,
Dr West. Each won 1 game (headline says Dr Scholl and S Peixotto each win 1)

SF Call Dec 17, 1892 pg 7: Yesterday's living chess closely contested,
unfinished, continues tomorrow

SF Call Dec 18, 1892 pg 2: More people saw baby show and lvg chess than
any day before. Today last day

LA Herald Jan 16, 1893: Rousseau worked to master chess could not

SF Call Jan 22, 1893: Comedian Stevens devoted to serious music and chess

Sacramento Record Jan 25, 1893 pg 8: Many papers have been commenting that no
woman has ever excelled in chess, seems odd

SF Call Feb 8, 1893: Pres-elect Grover Cleveland will give gold medal to 
winner intl tnmt NY Man and June. Dr Mintz of Manhattan will arrange,
begin preparing program. Attempt to have tnmt Chicago with Columbian expo
unsuccessful (LA Herald)

SF Call Feb 10, 1893 pg 8: Resolution to close chess room in N Oakland free
reading room. Became nuisance. Men came and played all day, requested privilege
of smoking, final straw when 1 group sat there morning til night finally asked
to be provided w deck of cards. Passes.

Sacramento Record Feb 13, 1893 pg 2: Chess from Arabic Sheikh, came west via
Persia became shah, checkmate K dead same root matador, exchequeur related

Sacramento Record Feb 24, 1893 pg 8: Chess was very popular in middle ages,
great gambling game 

SF Call Mar 6, 1893 pg 7: U CA CC formed, Parkhurst 96 pres, 17 mems, plans
intercollege events in future

Sausalito News Mar 17, 1893: Whist, checker+chess club formed, Mrs LE Bundy pres

SF Call Apr 3, 1893: Lasker vs Showalter starts Wed Kokomo 10 up for $2000 purse
and US chp (Sac Union)

Sacramento Union Apr 11, 1893: Storm of opposition Vienna to Judd appointment 
since Jewish. Foolish - 1 of best chess players can take conceit out of Vienna
CC w eyes shut. Seriously, when country raises question religion, time to stand
by the official. Of course if Austrian govr opposes different matter

SF Call Apr 15, 1893: Lasker wins game 1 vs Showalter

Pacific Rural Press Apr 15, 1893: Thief pretending to play chess w Allah, have

SF Call Apr 18, 1893: Showalter wins game 2 vs Lasker w new var

SF Call Apr 19, 1893L Lasker vs Showalter game 3 D (Sac Union)

Sacramento Union Apr 20, 1893: Death Dufresne age 64. Lasker wins game 4 vs

SF Call Apr 25, 1893: Lasker wins vs Showalter

SF Call Apr 26, 1893: Lasker wins game 6 vs Showalter

Sacramento Union Apr 28, 1893L Lasker-Showalter 6-2-2 for US chp and $1000
purse, just 23 but no peer in chess world

SF Call May 6, 1893: Sissa story and calculation

SF Call June 18, 1893: Checkmated for aince story

SF Call June 19, 1893: Monde Illustre corr tnmt winners Berger 51 Blake 45 
(Sac Union, LA Herald)

Sacramento Union June 30, 1893 pg 5: Romance for July has story Chess and
Hypnotism by Raymond Allen

SF Call July 17, 1893: Mrs WJ Baird 1 of best problemists+analysts

Sacramento Union Aug 1, 1893: On Chinese chess

SF Call Aug 22, 1893 pg 4: Lasker (spelled Lascar repeatedly) coming to SF
for 2-3 wks early Nov. Cttee arranging reception. Unclear if he is best in
world; Steinitz thinks not but Lasker has beaten all he faced, playing in spring
for $5000 and chp. SF has perhaps 200 or fewer players, top include Walter
Lovegrove, Joseph D Redding, Dr Benjamin Marshall, AN Manson and half-dozen
others. All now in practice, Mechanics Inst crowded all day

SF Call Aug 24, 1893 pg 7: Chess Revival. Most Players Wear Beards. Dense
crowd tobacco smoke, big crowd of well-dressed men, not so well dressed, and
shabbily dressed. Drawings of Washburn, Oakley, Allen, Miller. Great revival
on news Lasker visit. Mechanics Inst only chessroom in city, can see all players
here. Complete silence. As soon as done rplaced at bd, only other noise
occasional piece falling. Morning only 2 at table, afternoon each has
spectators, more at top players. Won't find longtime local chp Jon Redding,
has given up game for law. Largest group around Dr Walter Lovegrove who won
last city chp. Also Dr Benjamin Marshall who has retired from medicine and
taken hearty interest in chess. AN Manson, A Heinemann, Capt Scott also among
best. List top players completed by Miller, Hendricks, Howe, Walstein, Levy;
all players of recognized ability worldwide.When Dr Marshall visits NY makes
self known at Manhattan CC and greeted as brother, same w Dr Lovegrove in Paris,
London, Berlin. Invention stories Hindoo astronomer, Palamedes, Brahmin
teaching despot. Can tell intellectual character. Strong faces; some stronger
but none weak, no low foreheads or narrow chins. 3/4 have beards, is this
a sign of intellectuality; not 1 clean shaven except for youths; significant
or coincidence? All seem to be American. Play and never speak. Do they ever
tire? Intensely excited, become exhausted after, absorbing work; this is chess
in SF

Sacramento Union Nov 16, 1893: Tarrasch/Tschigorin 9-9-4

LA Herald Dec 4, 1893 from Chess Arch: US chp S Lipschutz res LA past 2 mos, has
given several exhibits. B Ungvar Hungary July 4, 1863. Age 13 apprentice 
printer where learned chess basics. Age 18 to NY. Drawing Lipschutz. During
visits Steinitz+Zukertort joined Manhattan, entered hdcp tnmt rcvg P+1 from
Mackenzie left Q en prise resigned move 4 but still won 3d prize, joined NYCC
won chp tnmt lost only 1 to weaker player included Delmar, Loyd, Burke et al.
BCA 1886, Manhattan chp 1887, NY state chp 89, 1892 won US chp 7-1-7 vs
Showalter. Only LA player to make any stand has been Pierce of Athletic club who
won a couple of games. Next Sat will play 12 blind simul Athletic club, 3-1
bet will win 12 games. NY 1889 tnmt Game Lipschutz-Tschigorin Vienna W28++ w 

LA Herald Dec 10, 1893 from Chess Arch: Lipschutz 13-0-2 Athletic Club simul
drew CW Waterman, CF Pierce 3 hrs; beat C Miller, H Jones-Bateman, HJ Hastings,
ZY White, JB Smith, FC Howes , HR Sparrevohn, JB Parazette, Col IR Dunkelberger,
A Brey, PA Martin, RL Cuzner (gives only 14 names)

SF Call Dec 17, 1893: Mrs WJ Baird wins medal Sussex 3er prob tnmt 3d consec yr

SF Call Dec 31, 1893 pg 12: Story The Chess Problem w mate in 4 diagram,
by Adeline E Knapp

SF Call Jan 8, 1894: Chess article in Standard Dictionary by Steinitz

SF Call Jan 14, 1894: Ruskin plays chess in evenings

Sacramento Union Jan 19, 1894: Lit Digest starts chess dept

SF Call Jan 21, 1894: Chess allowed House of Commons

SF Call Feb 5, 1894: Accept OV Lange's offer to teach chess Holmes Library

SF Call Feb 18, 1894: Morphy edited chess col Ledger for a time

SF Call Feb 25, 1894: Morphy's set now owned Ny merchant, sold w efects, descrip

SF Call Mar 13, 1894: Steinitz vs Lasker starts Thurs

SF Call Mar 17, 1894: Lasker wins Game 1 vs Steinitz (Sac Union)

Sacramento Union Mar 22, 1894: Steinitz vs Lasker game 3 adj. Showalter wins
US chp game 11 leads by 2

Sacramento Union Mar 23, 1894: Lasker wins, leads Steinitz 2-1

SF Call Mar 25, 1894: Steinitz wins tied 2-2 vs Lasker

SF Call Apr 7, 1894: Lasker wins leads Steinitz 4-2-2, moves to Philad

Sacramento Union Apr 9, 1894: Showalter wins, leads Hodges 6-5-4

Sacramento Union Apr 28, 1894: Old bartender remembers drink Paul Morphy

SF Call Apr 29, 1894: POWs in Libby Prison had CC

Sausalito News May 11, 1894: Steinitz in NY being treated for insomnia (SF Call
May 21)

SF Call May 23, 1894: Lasker vs Steinitz game 18 adj

SF Call May 27, 1894: Lasker-Steinitz 10-5-4

SF Call July 21, 1894: Steinitz favors chess for workingmen

Sacramento Union July 28, 1894: Frank Leslie's Aug has Chess+Chess Players
by Gossip

SF Call Aug 2, 1894: Gentleman seeks lady partner for chess, novices accepted
(also other days)

SF Call Aug 5, 1894: Nuremberg match starts Tarrasch vs 19 yr old Walbrodt

SF Call Aug 13, 1894: Chess from India but similar to ancient Chinese game

SF Call Sept 25, 1894: Albin wins game 1 vs Showalter

Sausalito News Sept 28, 1894: Chess of military origin, known India before
Christian era

SF Call Sept 29, 1894: Showalter wins tied 1-1 vs Albin

SF Call Oct 9, 1894: NY tnmt starts Oct 20 includes Steinitz, Albin, Pillsbury,
Taubenhaus, Hanham, Delmar, Baird et al

SF Call Oct 15, 1894: Positive review mason's Principles

SF Call Oct 19, 1894: Showalter wins, leads Albin 6-2

SF Call Nov 6, 1894: Mrs Showalter vs Mrs Worrall, only officials watch

SF Call Nov 11, 1894: There is no Ladies CC on Post St SF

SF Call Nov 16, 1894: NY tnmt final stdgs (Sac Union)

SF Call Nov 18, 1894 pg 11: Conspiracy to deliver Napoleon from captivity St
Helena involved smuggling messages by inserting notes inside chess men. On
history of set. Family who possesses now will try to determine whether secret
discovered by Sir Hudson Lowe and/or Napoleon. Article by Baroness Althea

SF Call Nov 25, 1894: Note to JDA (Berkeley) K vs K is D

SF Call Dec 3, 1894: Showalter 8-4-5 Bkln CC simul

SF Call Dec 5, 1894: NY player AA Ettlinger playing Havana matvh vs AC Vasquez,
trails 3-2-1

SF Call Dec 16, 1894: British CC accepts Manhattan cable match challenge. 
5 bds, excitement for match in England. Active mems only elected prior to 
July 1, 1894. Many mems British CC want match best England vs best
US. Newnes discussing details with mems

SF Call Dec 21, 1894: D, Showalter leads Albin 8-6-7 (Sac Union)

SF Call Dec 27, 1894: Manhattan challenges British CC 5 bds, NY press will
pay cable expenses

LA Herald Dec 27, 1894 from Chess Arch: Only 5 games left S CA corr tnmt; if
GF Pierce wins unf game vs Sheldon will tie A Johnston of Santa Ana for 1st.
Leaders A Johnston (Santa Ana) 10-1 GF Pierce (LA) 9-1 CC Waterman (LA) 8-2.
Johnston closed game, Pierce open. Waterman favs Hamppe-Allgaier. Game
CW Waterman-Walter Bennett Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier W28 mate 7. Athletic 
club hdcp tnmt for chp won by GF Pierce (class 1) 9-0-2 other good scores
CA Miller, H Jones-Bateman, RL Cuzner, L Morris, H Kerckhoff. Decisive 
Game H Jones-Bateman-CF Pierce P+2 B43++. Arranging KO tnmt Feb 22 for chp
Southern CA, chp Lipschutz will ref, entries already Candler, Piffer,
Waterman, Pierce, Cuzner, Johnson, Jones, Bateman. Some think Lipschutz will
make Lasker look for laurels. YMCA considering attempting revenge vs Athletic
club for Sept loss. Endgame Caudler [Candler?]-Morris; Morris [sic] Lipschutz
shook head and smiled

SF Call Dec 29, 1894: Descrip Morphy home from Picayune, Ladies Guild Grace
Church had tea there, no quainter and more delightful place

SF Call Jan 2, 1895: British CC accepts cable challenge w some changes

LA Herald Jan 6, 1895 from Chess Arch: Chess tnmt for AZ chp starts Feb 4
Phoenix CC, 2RR, winner becomes challenger for chp, if defend for yr rcv
chp medal; 2 prizes plus best attack and best defence. Likely entries include
OF Bennett (ex-Athletic club), RL Butts (Tucson), GL Workman (Maricopa),
G Rodgers (Gila Bend). Game W Bennett (Phoenix)-WY White (LA) Evans W28
mate 5 w notes. A Johnston of Santa Ana, corr tnmt leader, visited and had
excellent OTB record; only Pierce held own w him. Johnston old school, likes
open game, brilliant; surprised Lipschutz who underestimated him Johnston won
game; Pierce entered and introd to surprise both; after this Lipschutz won all
other games played. Johnston says chess developing rapidly, losing some of snap
and originality before books widely known, new school Steinitz and Farrish
[Tarrasch?] plays for position not attack, in corr tnmt many showed remarkable
strength openings could not cont brilliant style when out of book. Recalls
playing chp tnmt Cincinnati [Cleveland] 1871 vs Mackenzie, Ware, Max Judd,
Charles Lewis [?] et al none thought of playing to Q a P in endgame. Rob [sic]
Mackenzie, disheveled hair about ears, trousers tucked in cowhide boots, cob
pipe wreaths of smoke, 20 moves/hr never more or less. Frank [Fred] Elder
city ed Detroit Free Press busies of all, brilliant combos. Preston Ware, 
brilliant+impulsive+enthusiastic fire of 19 [?], poor Ware temptation of cup
too much long since filled drunkard's grave. Max Judd combo wit, humor,
generosity carried him to prime minister [sic] court of Vienna; Mackenzie 
finally won by .5 4 of us tied for 2d [sic]. Game A Johnston-CF Pierce
Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier B17 w notes; Johnston evened matters next game. Many
battles daily YMCA, Lipschutz calls in occasionally last wk won all but 1 D.
YMCA challenged Athletic club. Candler, Peipher [Peipers], Sheldon, Cook
will play for YMCA. Prob Fritz Peipers (LA)

SF Call Jan 7, 1895: British CC vs Manhattan cable arrangements (Sac Union)

LA Herald Jan 13, 1895 from Chess Arch: Communicate w chess ed. Directory has
Athletic Club, YMCA. Ltrs from William B Smith, EBS, G Johnston (Santa Ana).
Solns Burt, Sheldon, Pierce, Hayes, Stewart, Guidry. Prob. Lipschutz reaction
to article in NY Recorder saying Showalter chp US beat Albin. Showalter just
blowing own bugle, like Showalter of old who always forgot scores if against
him, easily beaten by Lasker for US chp then undaunted challenged Hodges and
last; now beating Albin who is hardly up-to-date again claims chp. Showalter
fine player, excellent analyst, not a chp. Unclear what bases on. Match vs
Lasker called for chp tho not entitled in any way. Recalls 1st encounter w
great player Manhattan hdcp 1884, played Mackenzie, tall and squarely built,
prominent Roman nose, martial bearing, would glare so fiercely at opposing
piece I used to think he felt was in actual battle, very spirited games; I
was so nonplused by rigid bearing that I blundered Q move 4. Mackenzie always
played wo glasses but put on to record move, seldom smoked while playing but
indulged inordinate num small beers and would puff out cheeks when game
amiss made me imagine full of cuss words tho I never heard him use profanity.
Same tnmt met Zukertort, short w enormous head hat 7 and 7/8, brilliant and
fascinating, moved w erratic nervousness, cigarette fiend as many as 20/hr,
disliked all popular brands rolled own; told some ladies when playing Steinitz
NO when they saw him rolling cigarette would know game won; lady tipped off
Steinitz who observed really true tho in later game forgot rolled and lighted
worried Steinitz who allowed D inwon game. Zukertort hurt by nerves, drank
strong black coffee as opiate but did not affect much, when opponent very slow
would pace. Soon after was sent by Manhattan as rep London tnmt, met top
masters. Bird brilliant at age 70, white hair+beard  but jolly, most erratic
player ever met, bizarre oprnings; Loewenthal called Bird best bad player 
ever met. Blackburne who English idolize and continentals scorn, calm, chronic
catarrh, pipe which never stays lit, rep individuality will remember when
Lasker+Steinitz forgotten. Have seen so absorbed forgets is own move. 
Blackburne telling donkey your move set in Australia. Steinitz unforgettable,
short, stout, prominent forehead, long carefully trimmed red beard, chronic
rheumatism, needs canes, largely led to Lasker loss. Founder modern school
falling in fav since lost to Lasker. I have no style, no 2 games alike, like
bishop gambit offhand, Vienna matches, never play tedious French; many have not
learned To win by modesty, lose w grace, And abide the rules in every case.
Manhattan vs NO Game Lipschutz-SL McCalla QP->QGD W37 notes Lipschutz+McCalla.
Corr match in prog HJ Rose (Ontario, ex-chp Toronto) vs Livingstone Stone
(Boston CC now res Bayard CA); was 1 of strong Boston players in time Morphy
and Staunton still keeps up w modern play, made handsome donation to corr tnmt.
1858 Game L Stone-WLC Evans W34. S Cook, owner Grandview Hotel Pasadena,
dropped in for a few games. JP Hayes of Monrovia came for semi-monthly bout
YMCA, very strong player few of boys can cope w him. S CA corr chp complete,
CF Pierce and A Johnston tie, 2 game playoff will illus each move w 
Shakespeare quote. Athletic club still wait on YMCA challenge. Arrangements
almost complete for sweepstakes tnmt Washington bday, nearly all top S CA
plan to enter. Signed Kings Bishop

LA Herald Jan 20, 1895 from Chess Arch: Prob 1 AL Bert (LA). S CA corr tnmt
ends, tie Arthur Johnston (Santa Ana), CF Pierce (LA) 10-1 CW Waterman 9-2.
Special prizes most brilliant Hamppe-Allgaier, Cunningham awarded by judge
S Lipschutz to CF Pierce, Walter Bennett (Phoenix), and best game to 
CF Carrier (Santa Barbara); was Carrier's only win. Several players noted
rep; vet Johnston 2 natl tnmts did well each, Waterman 1st and 2d places 2 KS
tnmts also honors state, natl, intl corr tnmts. WE Lester (Santa Monica) was
unable to finish corr tnmt, 1-0-1 corr games vs Steinitz, also played other
chps. Bennett well known analyst. 29 gambits; 13 Hamppe-Allgaier, 8 Evans,
3 Muzio, 3 Cunningham; open games rule. Full CT A Johnston, CF Pierce 10-1
CW Waterman 9 W Bennett 8 GH Gould 7.5 DF Sheldon 6 WY White 4.5 RB Howell 4
CF Carrier 3 WE Lester 0 EC Andrews 0 N Jones 0; last 3 wd; Lester had beaten
Carrier lost to Pierce; Andrews lost to {Johnston,Pierce,Waterman,Bennett,
Howell}; Jones lost to {Bennett,Gould,Howell}. Best Game 1 CF Carrier-RB Howell
KGA Muzio W41 w notes. Briliancy prize Game 2 CF Pierce-Walter Bennett
Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier W35 mate 16 w notes Brilliancy prize Game 3 
Walter Bennett-DF Sheldon KGA Cunningham W26 mate 7 w notes. CC orgd Pomona,
meets mems res, includes Mrs HA Ross, Dr Braune, Dr Charlesworth et al.
Claremont college has challenged this club. H Jones-Bateman of Athletic club
club went, lost game to Mrs HA Ross who is Q of S CA chess; also lost 3-2
wo HJ Ross of Ontario ex-chp Toronto. SBE (San Fran) correction analysis of 
EBS in Johnston vs Pierce game pubd 13th

SF Call Jan 21, 1895: Austrian chp Albin good writer. Player since 24, beat
Tarrasch Dresden

LA Herald Jan 27, 1895 from Chess Arch: Prob 2 S Berinoff his 1st prob. Corr 
tnmt Game 4 CF Pierce-Robert Howell Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier W20 mate 9 w notes
Game 5 C Waterman-EC Andrews Vienna Hamppe-Allgaier W11 mate 11. San Fran
plans to challenge LA to telegraph match. LA stronger than ever before, of
course Lipschutz best, Candler and Peipers of YMCA, Pierce and Waterman of
Athletic club strong. Peipers noted problemist; opponents feel his deafness
helps ignore distraction, played several tnmts always good score. Candler known
chess X from Seattle to San Diego, owns trophies various tnmts and matches,
habitual goodnature never affected. Pierce noted San Francisco and Oakland
player num yrs, winner almost every tnmt in the city, recent match beat 
Thompson who was 2d in San Fran tnmt 7-3. CW Waterman 1st and 2d in KS state
tnmts, prizes in corr tnmts. YMCA rcvd challenge from Monrovia CC for team
match; found this was only 1 player proposed playing each in turn. AZ state
tnmt starts Feb 4, will pub games and stdgs. San Francisco tnmt near end,
winner Lovegrove (class 1), 2d Thompson (ex-LA), Showalter beat Albin, 25 games.
AJ (Santa Ana) proposed line in Pierce vs Bennett game 2. Lipschutz rcvd 
invite from Wesley Bigelow of Manhattan to play cable match Mar 1, has not
decided whether to play

LA Herald Feb 3, 1895 from Chess Arch: Prob 3 Reichhelm. Solns Pierce, Candler,
Johnson, Grey. Match 16 Game 6 Showalter-Albin French D61 w notes. No word
yet from SF re challenge, feeling will try to avoid w LA so strong. 
WR Spencer visited, said many at Mechanics Inst eager to play but Lipschutz
presence deters. YMCA discussing 10/side 20 games vs Athletic club. Lipschutz
pneumonia, unless improves soon will not play cable match, Max Lipschutz
best US. LA good cadre problemists led by Greenwood of Athletic club,
Peipers of YMCA, Benioff

LA Herald Feb 10, 1895 from Chess Arch: LA Series Prob 4 Fritz peipers.
Ending Peipers-X by promotion to BN; Pierce, Greenwood, Bateman could not find
rule against it but felt not legal; AL Bert showed Prob from Mackenzie mate wo
moving (remove just taken ep). On prob solving. 52 London Times prob 13 key P
move, 12 N, 12 B, 6 R 1 sq, 2 other R, 6 K, 1 Q. Evergreen Game 7 Anderssen-
Dufresne Evans W24++ notes Steinitz. Account AZ tnmt from Walter Bennett.
Entries Hambrook, Nicholson, Jessop, Malloy, Chalmers, Wickersham, Collins,
Crane, Fenton Smith, Bennett; Hambrook and Nicholson early lead Bennett doing
worse than expected. Game Nicholson-Bennett French W37. Notes to EEH, 
C Wilson, AG (San Fran), A, L, E. Monrovia has CC of 1 player. Santa Ana to
front local chess circles. Miss Jean La Blanche of Santa Monica was at 1 time
styled Q of chess. San Diego organizing CC, plan challenge LA. LA chp match
CF Pierce vs LS Candler soon. Thompson, 2d place SF tnmt, ex-LA. Lasker
recovering from typhoid. SF abandons telegraph challenge to LA for now.
Albin challenges Showalter to rematch $500. Harvard easily won intercollege.
Manhattan offers cable dates Mar 2 or Mar 9. Janowski vs Mieses 5-5-2, quality
commonplace. What of proposed Washington bday tnmt? CA Buck, biz mngr 
San Bernardino Sat Review, will come play Athletic club today. Lovegrove 
contemplates challenge to Lipschutz; can get 3-1 bet if wants. Several new
solvers this wk

SF Call Feb 22, 1895: Dr Victor J Stearns is a leading mem Olympic Club, when
he is not playing chess there devotes time to his practice. Was leading double

LA Herald Feb 25, 1895 from Chess Arch: AZ tnmt 1st 2 rds end, winners
RG Hambrook 15-1 Frank Nicholson 12.5 Dr HJ Jessop 10. 2 rd hdcp now in prog,
great interest, plan to form AZ CA. Only loss Game Jessop-Hambrook ? W56++
Game Mallory-Bennett Scotch B30++. Farewell to S Lipschutz on planned
departure LA; 14-1 simul lost only to A Johnston. Soln tnmt for Prob AL Bert
ltrs SL too hard for entries Cooke, Scammon, Whitmore, Griffiths, Richardson,
Johnson, Kerckhoff, Connor. Lipschutz 14-1 simul beat Gregory Budd (Minneap),
CA Buck, JA Whitmore, FW Richardson (San Bernandino), TJ Cooke, GES Cannovan,
A Griffith, A Greenwood, CF Pierce, WY White, RS Crozner, HH Kerchoff,
WAH Connor; lost to A Johnston (Santa Ana)

SF Call Mar 5, 1895: More on Dr Stearns, peculiar man, used to come daily
to play chess

SF Call Mar 7, 1895: London press fav comments on Steinitz proposal for cable
matches vs 5 British masters

SF Call Mar 9, 1895: Teichmann-Mieses 4-1-1

SF Call Mar 10, 1895: Cable match report w lights turned out see Omaha Bee

SF Call Mar 12, 1895 pg 6: Cable chess game makes one wish for old days of
blindfold masters, says Charles McCormick. Game has made strides since Morphy
day, however. Remembers when was down in New Orleans 1870, even then Morphy
was familiar street figure. Was said his mind was weakening but if so showed
no sign. Sat at table w Morphy, Judge Alexander Walker, Jack Wharton (famous US
marshall) et al. Talk was general but now and then Morphy would say to self
check as tho thinking about chess prob. Always perfectly dressed and old school
manners, was still master of chess bd

SF Call Mar 30, 1895: Plans to form Amer Ladies CC, Mrs Florence Grey acting
corr sec Brit Ladies CC has been in NY 4 wks

SF Call Apr 30, 1895: Game 2 Blackburne vs Bardeleben D

SF Call May 8, 1895: Ruskin 77 still plays chess (May 8 1896)

SF Call May 10, 1895: Cant play chess Sunday, let B win (Sausalito News Aug 24)

SF Call May 11, 1895: Bardeleben wins, trails Blackburne 3-2-2

SF Call May 12, 1895: Blackburne rant against chess, mental alcohol have 

SF Call May 16, 1895 pg 4: Intl match Victoria vs SF, Victoria likely team Chief
Justice Davie, Thomas Piper, JT Hume w consulting cttee William Marchant, Dr
Hands, B Williams. Piper lost just 1 game in recent Victoria tnmts, has beaten
best players on the coast

SF Call May 23, 1895: John G White of Cleveland chess lib ~5000 vols

SF Call May 28, 1895: SF vs Victoria match postponed due cable break

SF Call June 11, 1895 pg 4: Arrangements for SF vs Victoria telegraph match Fri

SF Call June 14, 1895 pg 8: Vancouver vs SF 2 game telegraph match tomorrow.
Vancouver cttee Bd 1: Hoffar (capt)+Dr Bell-Irving+Hooper+Crickmay. Bd 2 Keith

SF Call June 15, 1895 pg 9: 2d intl match SF vs Victoria begun. SF has won game
both bds

SF Call June 16, 1895 pg 6: Telegraph match Game 1 Rodney Kendrick+Dane+Walter
Franklin (SF)-Hoffar+FC Crickmay+Hooper+Dr Bell Irving French W32 5 hrs light
notes Game 2 Keith+M Smith+Proctor+Grant (V)-Dr Lovegrove+A Howe+V Quiroga+
Samuels Scotch B45 ~7 hrs notes O Samuels

SF Call June 17, 1895 pg 6: Chess interview w Joseph (Joe) Redding w drawing.
Blindfold chess not so hard; Zukertort played 16 blind here at Irving Hall.
Harry Grey asked how. Photographic vs panoramic memory. Young man who was 1 of
16 players against him asked Zukertort if he was playing well. Replied that his
1st 12 move were book and good, 13th original and bad. Morphy career recalled w
odd note that Anderssen was man who wrote treatise that Evans gambit bad, Morphy
played Evans vs him, Anderssen asked if attempt to insult, Morphy won. Anderssen
who was immense reached across table, picked up Morphy hugged him and exclaimed
By Jupiter how did you do it? Zukertort had photographic not panoramic memory;
t is politician who can learn lots then forget even campaign promise
[interesting given Redding's experience w politics].  pg 7 notes picture of
Redding is by Nankivell

SF Call June 21, 1895:  Story of chess lover who wanted to know whether
Tschigorin willing to play Lasker, could get in touch directly thru United Press

SF Call June 29, 1895 pg 7: Big double chess tnmt will open today Mechanics Inst

SF Call June 29, 1895 pg 9: Recent telegraph matches vs Victoria, Vancouver spur
interest. Matches vs Seattle, Chicago contemplated; Victoria would not accept
rematch at present. Tnmt starts today, 2 classes play separately. 1st class
Quiroga, Samuels, Franklin, Thompson, Maritn, Palmer, Harding. 2d class
Fairweather, Nevill, Cole, Durkin, Johnson, Hirsch, Lazarus, Denton, Asman,
Newman, Thomas, Torres, Spalding. Judges Dr Benjamin Marshall, TL Lyons,
Joseph Sullivan, Joseph Waldstein, Heinemann. Dr Lovegrove divides into classes.
Sec GO Johnson prime mover. Noted player and problemist Joseph Ney Babson has
been visiting Mechanics Inst; over 1000 probs includes mate 1866 w conditions.
Dr W Lovegrove won recent tnmt. Game Dr Lovegrove-X N odds Ruy W22 mate 2 notes
Walter S Franklin [Relation to Selim?]

Sausalito News June 29, 1895: Chess ancient, originated in east

SF Call July 6, 1895: See newlibcongress file

SF Call July 13, 1895: See newlibcongress file

SF Call July 20, 1895: See newlibcongress file

SF Call July 28, 1895: See newlibcongress

SF Call Aug 2, 1895: See newlibcongress

SF Call Aug 3, 1895: See newlibcongress

SF Call Aug 4, 1895: See newlibcongress

SF Call Aug 6, 1895: Hastings rd 1 results

SF Call Aug 8, 1895: Hastings rd 3 results

SF Call Aug 10, 1895: See newlibcongress

SF Call Aug 17, 1895: Hastings rd 9 results, stdgs

SF Call Aug 27, 1895: Hastings rd 16 results, stdgs

Sacramento Union Aug 29, 1895: Hastings rd 18 results

SF Call Aug 31, 1895: Hastings rd 19 results, stdgs

SF Call Sept 3, 1895: Hastings final rd results

SF Call Sept 4, 1895: Hastings final rd results, winners scores (Sac Union)

SF Call Sept 8, 1895: Pillsbury victory Hastings was commented on
courteously England but no more. Now saying time control has ruined chess,
Blackburne would have won wo clocks

SF Call Oct 12, 1895: Drawings top 6 Hastings from ILN

SF Call Oct 18, 1895: See newlibcongress

SF Call Oct 31, 1895: D, Lipschutz leads Showalter 2-1-1

SF Call Nov 9, 1895: See newlibcongress, local tnmt and Seattle visitor

SF Call Nov 16, 1895: See newlibcongress, local tnmt and games

SF Call Nov 25, 1895: Steinitz exhibits Berlin en route St Ptbg (Sac Union)

SF Call Dec 1, 1895: See newlibcongress, Steinitz upset treatment Berlin

SF Call Dec 3, 1895: Pope strong, usu opponent 32 yrs Father Giella (Sac Union
Dec 21, Dec 20)

Sausalito News Dec 7, 1895: Dr Benj Marshall left SF several mos ago for long
trip Europe, entertained Steinitz, Lasker, Lee at dinner. Says all masters
much interested in Pillsbury whos status unfixed. Just possible he [Marshall?]
will be at St Ptbg tnmt

SF Call Dec 14, 1895: St Ptbg rd 1 results. D, Showalter leads Lipschutz 5-4-3

SF Call Dec 20, 1895: St Ptbg game 4 results, stdgs

SF Call Dec 24, 1895: St Ptbg adj result, stdgs

Sacramento Union Jan 2, 1896: St Ptbg game 8 results

Sacramento Union Jan 3, 1896: St Ptbg rd 3 sitting 3 results

SF Call Jan 7, 1896: Pillsbury wonderful control of habits; meat only once/day,
no dink stronger than milk, abstemious use tobacco, always sleeps at least 7
hrs. Advocates use bicycle for health

LA Herald Jan 7, 1896: Lasker, Pillsbury tied

Sacramento Union Jan 9, 1896: St Ptbg results, stdgs after 10 games

SF Call Jan 10, 1896: St Ptbg results, stdgs

LA Herald Jan 12, 1896: James Stewart Fairbairn, journalist, critic, chess 
devotee, enjoying S CA winter; more on him over 70 1 of oldest mems ed staff
London Times

Sacramento Union Jan 13, 1896: St Ptbg rd 12 results (LA Herald, SF Call Jan 14)

SF Call Jan 15, 1896: St Ptbg rd 13 results, stdgs

SF Call Jan 20, 1896: St Ptbg rd 15 results, stdgs (Sac Union, LA Herald)

SF Call Jan 21, 1896 pg 6: Mrs Nellie Marshall Showalter is 1 of best female
chess players, will play in Apr intl match between women of England, America

SF Call Jan 22, 1896: St Ptbg rd 16 results, stdgs

SF Call Jan 24, 1896: St Ptbg rd 17 results, stdgs (Sac Union)

SF Call Jan 26, 1896: On Nellie Showalter, w drawing, see newlibcongress

SF Call Jan 27, 1896: Cable match dates Mar 13-14 (LA Herald)

SF Call Jan 28, 1896: St Ptbg final results, stdgs

SF Call Jan 30, 1896: Czr very interested Pillsbury showing St Ptbg tnmt

Sacramento Union Jan 30, 1896: Longest chess game 5-6 yrs players in England,

Sacramento Union Feb 3, 1896: When one considers the possibilities of chess
it seems strange we never hear of it being played in Philad

SF Call Feb 4, 1896 pg 11: Morphy ruled chess world 1854-60, died age 35 w
diseased brain. 1st to play chess blind, 6-8. Next to accomplish was Zukertort
who played 16 blind in presence Q Victoria, Prince of Wales et al. Now outdone
by US boy Pillsbury

SF Call Feb 9, 1896: 32 player Mechanics Inst tnmt see newlibcongress

LA Herald Feb 15, 1896: Mtg tonight re organizing CC as annex to Pickwick Club,
promoters Orban, Stoutenberg, Ward, kernaghan, Lockwood, Gruendike, Hurdig,
Edmonson, Thomas

SF Call Mar 5, 1896: Ruskin 77, still plays chess

Sausalito News Mar 7, 1896: Showalter vs Kemeny US chp game 2 D 44 moves 6 hrs

SF Call Mar 8, 1896: Showalter wins game 5 39 moves 5 hrs leads Kemeny 3-1-1

SF Call Mar 8, 1896: Chess from China traceable to 2000-3000 BC (Sac Union
Oct 22 3000 BC)

LA Herald Mar 8, 1896: On poor pay for pro chess from NY Sun have there

LA Herald Mar 13, 1896: British cable team chosen Atkins, Bird, Blackburne,
Burn, Jackson, Jones, Locock, Mills, Tinsley

LA Herald Mar 14, 1896: Cable match pairings, none finished, resumes tomorrow.
Little British interest, only ~100 present for start. Rothschild ref London

SF Call Mar 14, 1896 pg 1: Cable match report from London. EM Jackson takes
place of indisposed Jones. Believed in London US stronger. Game reports. Over
1500 spectators Bkln (Sacramento Rec Union pg 1)

SF Call Mar 15, 1896 pg 2: US wins 4.5-3.5. Over 1000 spectators cheered as
never before at chess match. Game descriptions. EM Jackson who won 1st for GB
in good style very young. British took defeat in good spirit (Richmond Times
pg 6) 

SF Call Mar 15, 1896 pg 14: Pope said to be great lover of chess

LA Herald Mar 15, 1896: US-GB 3-2-3; result table. Larger crowd London, present
Newnes, Gunsberg, Llewellyn Atherly-Jones MP. Bird mistake tried to correct
but had to left stand. Happy Blackburne won tho Pillsbury very popular London.
Looked last night like GB would win

Sacramento Union Mar 21, 1896: (Theater) Maude Adams, Viola Allen great players

SF Call Mar 29, 1896: Mrs Showalter said to best female US, age 24, taught 
chess by husband

LA Herald Apr 2, 1896: Steinitz loses game 3 and 4 to Schiffers, leads 3-2

SF Call Apr 5, 1896: Showalter leads Kemeny 6-4-4 for US chp (Sac Union)

LA Herald Apr 15, 1896: Pickwick club issues invites for whist, chess, pool,
billiards tnmts Fri

SF Call Apr 17, 1896: Life like game cards. More like chess move once/yr
(Aug 2)

Sacramento Union Apr 26, 1896: Hastings tnmt book in press, descrip

SF Call Apr 28, 1896: SF tnmt, see newlibcongress

SF Call May 10, 1896: Clarence Hawkes, Blind Poet of New England, plays chess

LA Herald May 12, 1896: Checkmate from shah mat ie K is dead

SF Call May 14, 1896 pg 8: Petition given applying to Mechanics Inst for ann
chess trophy. Praise of chess etc. Signed Richard Ott, Joseph Ainsa, Joseph
Waldstein, Alfred S Isaacs. Noted problemist Fritz Peipers visiting SF. Used
to live in SF but moved to Los Angeles for health which he says has greatly
improved there

SF Call May 17, 1896 pg 4: Vienna master tnmt prizes M Weiss 12 wins 7 draws,
Schlechter 10 wins 11 draws, Englisch 12 wins 6 draws, Marco 11 wins 6 draws,
G Schwarz 11 wins 4 draws (Sac Rec Un pg 12)

SF Call May 19, 1896: Showalter vs Barry game D

SF Call May 25, 1896: Nuremberg tnmt prizes, starts July 20 (Sac Union)

LA Herald June 14, 1896: Herman Mohr, well-known composer German choruses,
died suddenly while playing chess at Young Maennerchor Philad, age 64 

SF Call June 22, 1896: Socialist Reichstag mem Lutgenen playing fellow
Socialist Osthues's wife for kisses

SF Call July 21, 1896: Nuremberg rd 1 results

SF Call July 22, 1896: Nuremberg rd 2 results

SF Call July 23, 1896: Nuremberg rd 3 results

SF Call July 24, 1896: Nuremberg rd 4 results

SF Call July 25, 1896 Nuremberg rd 5 results

SF Call July 26, 1896: Nuremberg rd 6 results, leaders

SF Call July 28, 1896: Nuremberg rd 7 results

SF Call July 29, 1896: Nuremberg rd 8 results

SF Call Aug 1, 1896: Nuremberg rd 11 results

SF Call Aug 2, 1896: On NB Trist of NO CCW famous for whist

Sacramento Record Union Aug 5, 1896 pg 3: Mrs Robert R Patton of Virginia City
offers free library donation 10 bound vols of chess games and probs of
her late husband, ex-Sacramento; accepts w thx

SF Call Aug 5, 1896: Nuremberg rd 14 results

SF Call Aug 7, 1896: Nuremberg rd 16 results

SF Call Aug 8, 1896: Nuremberg rd 17 results

SF Call Aug 9, 1896: Nuremberg rd 18 results, Lasker clinches 1st

Sacramento Union Aug 9, 1896: Wants to form CC Sacramento told SF has CC, 
strongest US org is NYSCA

SF Call Aug 9, 1896: Whist mentions Superior Chess+Whist

SF Call Aug 12, 1896: Nuremberg tnmt winners (Aug 13)

SF Call Aug 30, 1896: Quote Poe chess and whist, have elsewhere

SF Call Sept 20, 1896: Few yrs ago Vallejo formed chess+whist club

SF Call Oct 6, 1896: Alapin wd leads to new Budapest pairings; rd 1 results

SF Call Oct 11, 1896 pg 18: We note that the erstwhile chess "chp" Thompson
wd from Mechanics Inst tnmt in prog, only reason given that in 1st game w
young "green" player he was at least not getting the best of the play.
Confident no whist player so unsportsmanlike

SF Call Oct 15, 1896: Budapest rd 8 results, stdgs

SF Call Oct 16, 1896: Budapest unf results, stdgs

SF Calls Oct 17, 1896: Budapest rd 9 results, stdgs

SF Call Oct 20, 1896 pg 5: Stanford CC flourishing, officers C Serpas 99,
CJ Dulley 97, B Block 98. Corr game started (2 moves) vs Pomona, chess tnmt
planned, hope to arrange game vs Berkeley

Sacramento Union Oct 22, 1896: More chess lit than any other game

SF Call Nov 8, 1896: Lasker wins game 1 vs Steinitz

SF Call Nov 11, 1896: Pillsbury interview see newlibcongress

SF Call Nov 13, 1896: Lasker wins leads Steinitz 2-0

SF Call Nov 16, 1896: Lasker wins leads Steinitz 3-0

SF Call Nov 20, 1896: Lasker, Steinitz each win 1, Lasker leads 4-1 (Sac Union)

SF Call Nov 20, 1896: Hobbies of celebs has chess for Sir George Newnes

LA Herald Dec 7, 1896: D, Lasker leads Steinitz 5-0-2. Pillsbury simul may
have broken record in terms num and strength opponents. 26 bds Philad both
single and consulting teams included natl reps eg Orachard of Atlanta ex-chp 

SF Call Dec 7, 1896: Steinitz health improves, Ds game 7

SF Call Dec 13, 1896: Lasker wins, leads Steinitz 6-0-4

LA Herald Dec 13, 1896: Lasker wins, leads Steinitz 6-0-4. Janowski-Winawer 5-2.
British CC accepts Feb 12-13 cable match dates

SF Call Dec 25, 1896: Steinitz wins, trails Lasker 7-1-4

SF Call Dec 27, 1896 pg 8: Victoria challenges Mechanics Inst to 1 bd match
Jan 1 10/1. Accepted. Will be played under management Director EH Cole,
players to be appointed during wk

LA Herald Dec 31, 1896: Lasker wins adj game 14, leads Steinitz 8-2-4 (SF Call)

Sac Union Dec 31, 1896: Prog at Clunie Opera House has blind N tour

SF Call Dec 31, 1896 pg 8: Mechanics Inst team for match vs Victoria New Years
night Rodney Kendrick, Walter Franklin, Oscar Samuels, Valentine Huber

Marysville Appeal Jan 1, 1897: Events of yr has US wins cable match

SF Call Jan 1, 1897 pg 2: D, Lasker leads Steinitz  8-2-5

Wkly Calistogian Jan 1,  1897: Seem restless moving from window to rocker to
sofa; trying to work out mate in 2

Sacramento Union Jan 2, 1897: Harvard clinches intercollege win (SF Call)

SF Call Jan 2, 1897 pg 8: Mechanics Inst vs Victoria BC telegraph game for
Pacific Coast chp started. SF players Capt R Hendricks, WS Franklin, 
Oscar Samuels, H Epstein. Vivtoria players TW Piper, WC Chapman, Ben Williams,
Dr Hands. Game SF-Victoria Ruy 1-6. SF spectators include Dr Adelberg,
Palmer, Waldstein, Sullivan, AJ Kuh (NY), JN Reed (NO), Senor Quiraga. Last yr
teams tied 1-1-1. Franklin won club chp 1895, Samuels in 1896

SF Call Feb 12, 1897: Steinitz

SF Call Feb 14, 1897: Steinitz

Sacramento Union Feb 28, 1897: Steinitz

SF Call Mar 1, 1897: Steinitz

Sausalito News Apr 17, 1897: Steinitz threatens to bring action vs US Consul
Moscow for detention in asylum

Apr 17, 1897: cbess

LA Herald Feb 6, 1898 from Chess Arch: Interview Mrs Showalter. Makes no
claim to be world chp but never really beaten at fair and sq game. Feels chess
as profession for women possible. Must have intelligence and common sense, 
any who have can play. Did not learn to play til married. Have nice stock farm,
chess when tired outdoors or weather bad. Many women say hard on nerves, never
found it so. 1st big game beat husband who played blind. I can generally beat
him rcvg P+2. Drawing Pillsbury. Very disappointed (greatest disappointment
ever) could not go to London ladies tnmt, could not leave baby. Had led
Mrs Worrall 3-2-1 interrupted due sickness at home. I am slow player 15 or 20/1;
at this rate beat Reil Buz ex-Manhattan director now German army 5-3;
beat Lasker 5 games rcvg N, won single games even vs Jasnogrodsky, violinist
and player Louis Schmidt. Recs chess for intelligent women. Would like to play 
any woman match, does not play for money. Drawings JW Showalter, Pillsbury

Sacramento Union Feb 13, 1898: Steinitz

Feb 20, 1898: morphy

Feb 24, 1898: P-K4

Sausalito News Feb 26, 1898: Cable match Mar 18-19, British team given, umps
Rice, Hoffer, Rothschild ref, Lasker adjudicator

Mar 6, 1898: P-K4

LA Herald Mar 13, 1898: New books include RB Swinton's Chess for Beginners

Mar 13, 1898: P-K4

LA Herald Mar 19, 1898: GB has strong cable team, match started, GB will prob 

LA Herald Mar 29, 1898: Cards prob from chess which used to have 4 players 4 Ks

Apr 17, 1898: P-K4

May 9, 1898: P-K4

May 23, 1898: P-K4

May 29, 1898: P-K4

June 12, 1898: P-K4

June 20, 1898: P-K4

June 26, 1898: P-K4

SF Call July 6, 1898: Steinitz

SF Call July 21, 1896:

Sept 25, 1898: Morphy

Oct 9, 1898: Morphy

Oct 31, 1898: Morphy

Nov 11, 1898: Morphy

SF Call June 22, 1899: Steinitz

Sept 9, 1899: Morphy

Oct 14, 1899: Morphy

Nov 8, 1899: ohess

Alta California gap Mar-Apr 1859 (also missing Feb 13+20)

thru 1896