Doctoral Students Supervised

Some publications of students (while they were under my supervision) that are not coauthored by me are listed by the student. In addition, first employment is listed and is updated in some cases.

Jungsoon Yoo (graduated Dec. 1991). Assistant Professor (now Professor), Department of Computer Science, Middle Tennessee State University. Dissertation: Concept Formation Over Explanations and Problem-Solving Experiences.

Hua Yang (graduated Dec. 1992). Project Manager/Research Associate, Department of Computer Science, UCLA Dissertation: Learning Abstract and Macro Operators in AI Planning.

Rajeev Saraf (graduated August 1994). Indian Institute of Technology, New Dehli Dissertation: Adaptive Traffic Control Using Neural Networks. Co-advised with Mark Abkowitz (Civil Engineering).

Julio Ortega (graduated Dec. 1995). IBM Almaden Labs Dissertation: Making the Most of What You've Got: Using Models and Data to Improve Prediction Accuracy.
Other pubs:

Stefanos Manganaris (graduated Dec. 1997). IBM Almaden Labs Dissertation: Supervised Classification with Temporal Data.
Other pubs:

Kirsten Whitley (graduated May 2000). Department of Defense Dissertation: Empirical Research of Visual Programming Languages: An Experiment Testing the Comprehensibility of LabView
Other pubs:

Doug Talbert (graduated May 2001). Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics Program, Vanderbilt University (now Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science, Tennessee Tech University). Dissertation: Empirical Analysis of KD-Tree Variants in Support of Nearest-Neighbor Search

Lewis Frey (graduated May 2003). Research Fellow in Department of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (now faculty at University of Utah). Dissertation: Augmented Naive Bayesian Model of Classification Learning.

Membership on many doctoral committees at Vanderbilt in CS, EE, CE, BME, Psychology, Education,

Two Georgia Tech (computer science) Ph.D. committees (Hong Shinn, 1989; Joel Martin, 1992)

One CMU (computer science) Ph.D. committee (Xuemei Wang, 1996),

the `opponent' at a Ph.D. dissertation defense at the University of Stockholm (Sweden: Fredrik Kilander, 1994), and a member of Ph.D. committees at the

Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain: Javier Bejar, 1995),

Louis Pasteur University (France: Alain Ketterlin, 1995), and

Katholieke University (Belgium; Hendrik Blockeel, 1998)

Masters Students Supervised

Phillip Chan -- graduated 1988, Doctoral program, Columbia University

Meungsook Jung -- graduated, 1990, Doctoral Program, South Korea

Ling Xu -- graduated, Dec. 1991, Dollar General Corp., Nashville, TN

Robert Evans -- graduated, Dec. 1991; Donnelly and Sons, Gallatin, TN

Krishnamoorthy Srinivasan -- graduated, May 1992; McKinsey and Co., Cambridge, MA

Kun Huang -- graduated, May 1993; Microsoft, Seattle, WA

Jing Lin -- graduated, Dec. 1995; Burlington Coat, VT
Thesis: A Comparative Study of Default Strategies for a Decision List Learner

Todd Smith -- graduated, May 1996; U.S. Army

Biao Ye -- graduated, May 1996

A reader on several other Masters student committees in CS and EE.

Douglas H. Fisher