Since 2002 I have lived on campus as part of Vanderbilt's faculty-in-residence program; My wife, Patricia, and I currently live in McGill Hall.

I believe that my primary role as a faculty member in residence is to participate in student-organized and student-led activities; I listen and I often ask questions and comment; I regularly lead McGill Hours (see below) and participate in the McGill Hours of other faculty. I serve on student organization and selection committees; I participate in many on-campus seminars, panels, discussions, and other events such as Take-Back-the-Night. Patricia and I also host open houses, brunches, and dinners for students and staff at the faculty dorm apartment. Occasionally we receive impromptu visits from students. I've enjoyed hiking, movies, and the Nashville Symphony with students.

McGill Hours that I have led, together with some material to initiate discussion:

The Theological Implications of Artificial Intelligence (Fall, 2005)

A reflection on Shirley Chismolm's views on women (Spring, 2006)

Personal Archetypes (Fall, 2006)

Panel facilitator: Global Climate Change (Spring, 2007)

Contribution to McGill Spring Showcase on Misinformation (Spring, 2008)

Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability (Fall, 2009)

Are Equal Rights Enough? (Spring, 2011)

Diversity, collective intelligence, and a custom of letter writing (Spring, 2012)

Massively Open Online Courses: Implications for Education, Technology, and Culture (Spring, 2013). This McGill Hour inspired me to write an editorial for the Hustler, Vanderbilt's student newspaper (also online More bang for your buck ). As an aside, this most recent article makes a glancing reference to furloughed dining workers, which I wrote about in an earlier letter to the editor entitled "Let's Talk Family" in the paper and as Students leading the way online.