AAAI 2011 Spring Symposium on
Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Design

March 21 to 23, 2011 at Stanford University, California

Virtual Participation Instructions

We will be using Second Life as the venue for virtual participation in the AAAI Symposium on AI and Sustainable Design. We are grateful to the Stockholm School of Economics for allowing us to use their island. You are welcome to wander around the island and thank them yourselves. Our host is Robin Teigland. Many thanks, Robin! We also thank AAAI for allowing us to proceed with a virtual capability. In this particular case, virtual participation is intended solely for those who cannot or would not attend physically. We will be writing up our experience for AAAI.

For each presentation, we intend that the slides, voice and text chat will be available in Second Life. So that virtual participants can observe the presentations we intend that all slides from all presenters be available in Second Life.

Other avatars you see at our location in Second Life may be other virtual participants, so please introduce yourselves. Physically present symposium participants probably will not be in Second Life during presentations, though they are welcome to explore beforehand and during coffee breaks.

The program (in Second Life and the Symposium Web site) shows the times for each presentation. The times are given in USA Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

To use Second Life, download the Second Life browser from and follow instructions for creating a free account and your avatar. Please get comfortable with moving around Second Life several days before the Symposium, particularly if you have never used Second Life before. We will not be able to provide technical support for using Second Life, but there are numerous web sites that can help you resolve any difficulties that you have. We suggest a few below.

You will login using the Second Life browser to participate in the Symposium. You can login to Second Life and teleport directly to the Symposium using the following SLURL:

You can communicate with other avatars in Second Life using the local chat window and typing your text message, or you can use voice chat. Please always use a headset when communicating through voice in Second Life. Otherwise there will be an echo for all virtual participants.

Below are some links on how to use SL as well as answers to many technical questions. Additionally, most questions can be answered through Web search.


The Second Life site has some Symposium material up now, but it is still under construction. The Symposium Web site at should give the latest update on the Symposium, including updates on the virtual capability.