Research Summary

Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems

Intelligent Learning Environments and Cognitive Psychology

Intelligent Manufacturing

Database Mining - Knowledge Discovery


  My primary research is in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Psychology, and their application to the development, analysis, and evaluation of Intelligent Systems. The primary focus areas are in qualitative and model-based reasoning, diagnosis and design, data mining, and the development of intelligent learning environments.

A primary focus of my reasearch in qualitative and model-based reasoning is in developing formal hybrid schemes for analyzing mixed continuous and discrete behavior of physical systems. Qualitative modeling and multi-level reasoning techniques are being applied to the diagnosis and design of complex continuous systems and embedded systems.

Working with faculty in the Center for Intelligent Systems and the U.S.-Japan Center for Technology Management, I am designing and developing decision and evaluation tools for Intelligent Manufacturing and Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing. I have also worked on decision-theoretic planning systems for robots operating in uncertain environments.

Working as part of a Cognition and Technology group (CTGV) at the Learning Technology Center in the School of Education, I am involved in developing multi-media systems and computer-based learning environments for high school math and science education as part of the Adventures of Jasper Woodbury series. In other projects I have developed methods for assessing expertise in troubleshooting and design of CMOS digital circuits. Currently, I am working with others in assessing student understanding of AC circuit concepts, and am cataloging misconceptions that arise in the understanding and troubleshooting of AC systems.

I am also working on research projects in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery from Databases.

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