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The next generation of intelligent and flexible manufacturing systems must be effective and efficient in manufacturing products in small batches, even down to lot sizes of one unit. In order to achieve this object, it is necessary to move factory control from the more rigid centralizeed and hierarchical manufacturing computer control architectures (MCCA) to fully decentralized, heterarchical architectures which can reconfigure dynamically depending on production requirements. In addition to taking advantage of the decentralized nature of the manufacturing process, a truly decentralized control system is more extensible and fault tolerant than a centralized or a hierarchical one. However, this comes with the price of designing the rules of interaction and cooperation among the agents comprising such a control systemt that ensure a satisfactory performance of the underlying manufacturing system.

We are working on various projects related to planning in uncertain domains; and scheduling of tasks in heterarchical manufacturing environment.More details of this work can be found in the Center for Intelligent Systems webpages.

There is also work on parametric design for mutable optimization problems, and in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing.

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